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Thread: Apollo 11 HAM radio UFO transmissions — Evidence?

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    Apollo 11 HAM radio UFO transmissions — Evidence?

    After searching for the missing tapes i came across this video below.Start it at 6 mins exactly.What do you think.There have been many reports of them seeing ufo crafts on the moon and they lost the recordings could this be a bit of proof.

    Published on Dec 28, 2013
    For years rumors have circulated that Apollo 11 encountered two other craft when it landed on the moon. Here are those missing two minutes on the lunar surface.

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    Sound quality and voices not the same as before and after. Sounds to me like a crude fake. Not sure hams on the ground had equipment with sufficient gain to hear direct communications from the moon.

    In any case, contentious communications would not be left on an unencrypted FM channel now would they?


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