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    Manly P. Hall

    Excerpt from chapter 1, page 15-16 -

    True Freemasonry is esoteric; it is not a thing of this world. All that we have here is a link, a doorway, through which the student may pass into the unknown. Freemasonry has nothing to do with things of form save that it realizes form is molded by and manifests the life it contains. Consequently the student is seeking so to mold his life that the form will glorify the God whose temple he is slowly building as he awakens one by one the workmen within himself and directs them to carry out the plan that has been given him out of heaven.

    So far as it is possible to discover, ancient Freemasonry and the beautiful cosmic allegories that it teaches, perpetuated through hundreds of lodges and ancient mysteries, forms the oldest of the Mystery Schools and its preservation through the ages has not depended upon itself as an exoteric
    body of partly evolved individuals but upon a concealed brotherhood, the exoteric side of Freemasonry. All the great mystery Schools have hierarchies upon the spiritual planes of Nature which are expressing themselves in this world through creeds and organizations. The true student seeks to lift himself from the exoteric body upward spiritually until he joins the esoteric group which, without a lodge on the physical plane of Nature, is far greater than all the lodges of which it is the central fire. The spiritual instructors of humanity are forced to labor in the
    concrete world with things comprehensible to the concrete mind, and there man begins to comprehend the meaning of the allegories and symbols which surround his exoteric work as soon as he prepares himself to receive them. The true Mason realizes that the work of the Mystery Schools in the world is of an inclusive rather than an exclusive nature, and that the only lodge which is broad enough to express his ideals is one whose dome is the heavens, whose pillars are the corners of creation, whose checker-board floor is composed of the crossing currents of human emotion and whose altar is the human heart. Creeds cannot bind the true seeker for truth. Realizing the unity of all truth, the Mason also realizes that the hierarchies laboring with him have given him in his varying degrees the mystic spiritual rituals of all the Mystery Schools in the world, and if he would fill his place in the plan he must not enter this sacred study for what he can get out of it but that he may learn how to serve.
    I used to have a reoccurring dream for years. It was always the same until the last time I had it a few years ago. It would always begin with me standing in the foyer of the same building. I would begin by taking in the scene, a couch/sofa a few metres in front of me, the foyer opened up to a bigger room with two stairs to the right of me, about five metres away, and there was a flight of stairs to the right of the couch in front of me. I could sense the building was huge, a labyrinth of living places for a community of people but I never saw anyone else and I never saw much past the two stairs, into the larger room. The building was dim, I could see clearly but there wasn't much light. When I took the scene in, each time I looked to the flight of stairs last and as soon as I did that and desired to go up them I would teleport to the landing at the top of the stairs. Always I would be standing facing a door to another room. The energy inside that room was very powerful, I could feel it was completely packed with treasures, precious and exquisite treasures. My mind always conjured the same image from that energy, a room full of priceless antiques. I knew the door was always locked, I never even touched the door knob because the energy of it being locked was so powerful. At that point I would feel great heartbreak because I wanted to take them all out and put them around the building where I clearly felt they belonged, but I couldn't because they had been locked away.

    The last time I had that dream it was different. When I was standing in the foyer, facing the couch, there was a man sitting on it. We didn't say anything to each other, not even telepathically, he seemed to be just letting me know he was there. Next, as usual, I teleport to the landing in front of the room, only this time the door was not only unlocked but completely open and for the first time I could see inside this small room. I was stunned. There was nothing at all in that room and its only distinguishing feature was the Masonic black and white checkered floor. I was so stunned I woke up straight away and I was left confused about it at first and it left me questioning, what in the world am I dreaming about Mason stuff for? It was after this that I began experiencing training in the mystery schools and after a while I came to understand the reoccurring dream more fully.

    I know that Mr Hall became an honorary 33rd degree Mason later in his life and I don't know what that was about but when I was introduced to this book by a friend, I recognised this man knew what he was talking about. These dreams and my mystery school experiences began long before I laid eyes on this book. I don't do any rituals or anything like that and I'm not into symbols beyond what is used in the mystery schools in order for me to understand what's going on (being given a key, for example) but for anyone who's interested in true Freemasonry, this book is informative and refreshing.

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