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Thread: UFOtv presents: The Knowledge of the Forever Time 4 - The Magi Of Triangulum

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    UFOtv presents: The Knowledge of the Forever Time 4 - The Magi Of Triangulum


    "What if we could hear the voices of those who died over 500 million years ago and they told you our world is going to end? What if these ancient memories could tell us why we are here? What is our purpose? And what happens when we die?

    The truth about our Ancient Alien past has become clear as we dig deeper into "The Knowledge of the Forever Time." Hidden dormant within our human DNA is eternal memory and the gene for immortality. The key to unlocking our immortality can be found in the Prometheus Stones of Triangulum. These stones form the foundation of the world's most sacred sites and hold the memory of our extraterrestrial heritage. They are data collecting devices that retain the genetic memory of all who touch them. Contained within their memory is the knowledge of eternity and the voices of all who have come before us. Because in an eternal universe, memory never dies. Once we unlock our eternal memory, the mystery of the Stargates will be revealed and the Magi of Triangulum will return."


    1 hour 7 minutes


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