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Thread: UFOtv presents: Dead Whisper: In Search Of Ghosts And The Supernatural

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    UFOtv presents: Dead Whisper: In Search Of Ghosts And The Supernatural


    "Manteno Insane Asylum at Manteno State Hospital in Manteno, IL. has long been abandoned but the haunting screams and voices of those long since past can still be felt, seen and even recorded using special EVP technology. Manteno Insane Asylum is now the home of many tortured souls, tormented by their suffering as doctors conducted terrible experiments on patients, included Thorazine and electric shock treatments on those believed to be insane. Many inhumane experiments were conducted at Manteno Insane Asylum on unsuspecting people in the name of science. Psychic and physical traces of their suffering still remains today and EVP communication is shockingly strong, and you will see it first hand.

    Next the team investigates an old base of operations for mobster Al Capone and the Hells Angels, for evidence of death and human suffering, and the psychic remains of tortured souls. During the final phase of this program the team investigates all of the EVP – Electronic Voice Phenomena Recordings harvested from their investigations of the long since dead.

    This is Dead Whisper. FEATURING Psychic Robbie Thomas and EVP Specialist Mike Esposito (The Sally House Movie), Filmmaker Ronald James (Dead Whisper & The Bigger Question Series), Researcher, Author and Dead Whisper Film Collaborator Chris O'Brien, and Mike McDowell, Michelle Huff and Chris Moheca (Indiana Ghost Trackers). A Ronald James Film.


    1 hour 7 minutes


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