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Thread: UFOtv presents: Cold Fusion: Fire From Water

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    UFOtv presents: Cold Fusion: Fire From Water


    "Despite the "war on cold fusion" waged by scientists and the media, Cold Fusion is becoming a practical reality and will become the greatest energy revolution in history. This film examines the controversy following the discovery of Cold Fusion, a process by which abundant energy can be generated from simple materials.

    Presented by James Doohan, ("Scotty" on "Star Trek") with Sir Arthur C. Clark (author of "2001 A Space Odyssey" and the inventor of the communications satellite)."


    1 hour 9 minutes


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    Very interesting video. But it's at least 15 years old.

    Presumably all the potential breakthroughs mentioned came to nothing simply because the results were erroneous or not reproducible - which seem unlikely given the status and broad selection of those carrying out the research.

    Neither do I believe TPTB shut them down. There's just too much data now out there so any number of serious amateur physicist all over the can carry on this work.

    So what happened? A follow-up video is urgently required. Perhaps Mr S Greer could tell us what's going on...?


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    I wouldn't expect S.G. to release information to the public as his goals apparently are capitalizing on "inventors" who did not catch on to the $$$ generation subject (one can research that plea for "inventors" to come forth and present their material to S.G.).

    One other point which is seldom discussed, but was presented to me when having duplicated some "over-unity" systems.. the WMD function (weapons of mass destruction).

    The derailing in this field as far as my experience having come head to head with the "mitigators" (the controllers who squash forward movement), is that it is not about the $$ that such would make (which we all obviously focus on), or how much of the existing energy infra-structure distribution chain would be affected (from energy discoverer, upstream distribution, end fuel sales), but the military chain is where the derailing comes from.

    A device capable of releasing many times "over unity" puts the device into atomic bomb status. There was only one contemporary Hollywood flick - dealing with "Cold Fusion", called CHAIN REACTION with actors Keanu Reeves, Morgan Freeman, Rachel Weisz, Fred Ward. Two researchers in a green alternative energy project are put on the run when they are framed, eventually being vindicated.

    I was "mitigated" after having published results during my old workshops of the late 1980's early 1990's to just "stop". (or else). Not from the energy (oil gas wind solar), but from the military who wanted all such over-unity devices stopped because they could become weapons of mass destruction by the device putting out ALL the potential energy, relatively instantaneously. We all think (do we?) that such free energy devices, or cold fusion devices will continually safely produce levels of energy which will be clean and long life. A fuel that keeps going and going and going.

    A weapon produces massive amounts of energy instantaneously.. All the actual devices which can produce "infinite amounts of free energy" put them into a military spotlight, the WMD use category. And the developers and researchers are then mitigated.

    -- a note on the movie "Chain Reaction".. the wiki article is overly misleading as to the "reaction" taking place. What is accurate is the observation that Eddie (Keanu Reeves) observed while lathing some key parts for the reaction chamber.. (watch that part of the movie closely to understand what is happening and why).. Such was noted by Pons and Fleishman (originally observed but not publicly published so as to maintain "financial proprietary business interests"), and it was discussed before Pons and Fleishman presented their material IN MY workshops before they hit the scene..

    Stanley Meyer's water fuel cell used a similar concept albeit also not published for financial reasons to maintain a state of "proprietary keys". Stan was murdered as was the attempt on "Eddie" (above) in the movie.

    It is called military MITIGATION. To prevent WMD development, nothing more imho.. but heck, I may be wrong who is behind the sabotage of FREE ENERGY.. It really is cold fusion, low temp fusion, not just hydrogen fuel cell liberation

    PS - someone please publish a link that folks can use to watch Chain Reaction.
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