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Thread: The History of New Zealand... and more...

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    Dinosaur bones?

    I watched a New Zealand history thing the other night...It was about the Maoris and who were the 1st indigenous...Light skinned and blonde residents are quite proud of the fact that they followed this route to New Zealand apparently before, even long before the Polynesians..

    The Route (which is backed up by genetic tracing) was: Iran -> pushed out of Iran and went to Peru -> pushed out of Peru and traveled to Easter Island -> pushed off the Island, made a pit stop at a waypoint and then landed in New Zealand. Got pushed around by the later Maoris when they showed up but now are treated (can't remember) I just know the light skin is the 1st word out of the mouths of any descendant...interesting, but jacked up because that is the way of most indigenous folks (including my own)...
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