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Thread: Trump Warning of Financial Collapse

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    In Alaska they showed us spruce tips which emerge in spring and serve the same purpose as pine tea. They're quite good.

    I've been harvesting and using the garlic mustard which is all over. I actually have a lot of wild edibles but I'm still learning. I don't know them all yet, or their uses. Thanks for mentioning them, bsbray.

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    We are already in a financial meltdown . . . . . how many on this forum barely lives paycheck to paycheck?

    A reason why I started this thread.

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    Quote Originally posted by lcam88 View Post

    I say hydroponics because it's just more productive to take control of plant growth. I'm not saying that plants growing in perlite being fed water with plant food directly to the roots is going to be equal than natural grown, but certainly when you depend on food produced by your own growing efforts the radically changed environment is a factor that works against you. Taking control of this makes sense. To me anyway. I'd rather be prepared for 3 months of no rain than have to declare my efforts to be insufficient.

    I think this is going to become a big problem even here in Brazil.

    That said, no agrotoxics, and perhaps it makes sense to seek more organic and natural sources of plant food. Perhaps use something more like dirt, rather than perlite. There are so many ways to tweek the growing environment to produce something less like conventional hydroponics and more natural.

    PS I like the pine needle tea idea.
    The idea of hydroponics is great until you put your hands over them to feel their energy. Because of my many allergies, which were endemic when I hasd leukaemia, I was taught by some one to use a pendulum over all foods and tablets, or you can use the muscle testing tecnique (we have a thread on it here I think way back before most of you joined). But also because I use energies for healing, I p[ut my hands over all food or the pendulum, to test before I buy, because of my sensitivity (look up dowsing on the net) and you will find that many of the hydroponically grown foods have little to to no energy coming off them. Soil is necessary at least some of it, not perlie exclusively. They look wonderful, and full of everything needed, but there is little to no life force going through them and that is what we need to live on, same as withered, old root vegies, lost their life force.
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    Very good and concise observations Cearna!

    Clearly it makes sense to refine boilerplate growing techniques; the earth connection...

    My suggestion of seriously looking at hydroponics is only because earthly climates are less predictable, more hostile.

    It didn't have to be that way but it seems that is what humanity has caused. The way back is going to be harder and more costly than the way we got to this point.

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    I wonder whether Trump knows what is being planned. Is it really a depression or a constructed financial collapse? I wonder whether this is connected - should Trump be commenting on something he knows is happening behind the scenes - to the Obama & Dunford situation. I could not imagine anything worse than a financial collapse - and - the military assuming power in lieu of the Prime Minister/President. Things that certainly make you think deeply. Hmmmm....

    Much Peace - Amanda

    NB: Just found an article that might be relevant to the comments of Trump
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    Let's think ahead to what would happen after an economic collapse, which a lot of us already seem to see as inevitable at this point. The last big economic collapse, the Great Depression, ended with a major industrial boom (largely resulting from WW2, unfortunately) that really revolutionized American lifestyle with mass-produced vehicles, televisions, and all kinds of modern conveniences like never before. Washing machines and dryers, microwaves, the interstate highway system, massive public works projects... Before the Great Depression, most Americans never experienced this type of thing, and were still farmers or wage laborers who earned very little and still lived very simple lives, riding horses and using outhouses and all the rest.

    So look at the position we are in today, where there is a massive potential for amazing new technology but we don't have the industry or the political climate to make a lot of this stuff happen, like hyperloop transportation, "free energy" cold fusion or magnetic motors that you can just install in your basement and never have to pay electric bills again, and a revolution in agriculture away from monocultures and chemical fertilizers and pesticides and to more sustainable, local and healthy systems for producing food. We wouldn't be able to imagine all of the changes that are possible right now, just like the people riding horses and using outhouses could not imagine how we are living already today.

    If and when we go into this next major depression, it might be frightening at first, but if history is any indication, that anxiety will transform itself into a determined work ethic that will fuel the next industrial/technological revolution on a mass scale. The only thing we have to really worry about is that history also shows us that these industrial revolutions also usually come on the tail of a massive war, and that warfare first jump starts all of that production. Like Ben Fulford is always saying, we need to skip the massive war and just focus immediately on public works projects that benefit everyone.

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    Just like the UK Our elected officials are, to a person, utterly corrupt and completely devoid of any love or respect for the country which pays them. To them, everything is about getting and keeping power.The masses mean nothing to them.

    Nothing and i mean nothing will change until some sort of intervention.
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    I agree that the underlying fact that things won't change in that the same individuals behind the scenes who make the real decisions will be the one who ultimate choose who will fill the role.

    I believe it is all "image management" at this point (and maybe always was), and what will actually SEEM different to the "intended audience" (us rabble) is this:

    If Clinton is put in the position, it is to promote the idea that the electoral process (and therefore the government and American Democracy) is counter to the will of the people and/or hopelessly corrupted, which will be an "outrage" to even democrats and anyone else clinging to their (easily proven to be delusional) beliefs about what we're told about how things are.

    If Trump wins, it strengthens the current paradigm, it proves that inserting Bernie into the mix in the spirit of "choice" and democracy and the delusion that "anyone can be president" are all legitimate beliefs to have and continue to cling to...but the idealism of trying to go outside box is futile. Oh well, it is what it is...democracy "works", it's the "best we got, you don't like it leave" mentality gains even more strength.

    And I'm beginning to think to that the "deciders" may not even have a static choice yet, that it's not as pre-planned as some like to believe...that they can make real time decisions right up to election day (or like in the case of Gore v. Bush even AFTER election day) to see which option would be more favorable to them.

    That's my crazy conspiracy theory at the moment, makes more sense to me than to believe any of the players in the beyond-obviously-rigged game are acting independently entirely in their own (in Hillary's case, as is often projected) or the country's (as people like to project on the Bern and even the Donald) best interest.
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    Maybe the ptb's status quo won't have to be changed if they allow a financial crash to occur before the elections... Just a theory.

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