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Thread: FULL Documentary (BANNED by the McCanns): Overturned - Truth of the Lie - Gonçalo Amaral

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    FULL Documentary (BANNED by the McCanns): Overturned - Truth of the Lie - Gonçalo Amaral


    Sorry no description in Spanish with English subtitles.
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    What a thought provoking look at the strange disappearance of little Maddie. The parents throwing themselves into a position not unlike a worship position - at her bed - is unusual to say the least. I have seen many people encased in grief but never have I seen a grief stricken person take a worship style stance. Having learned about the elite level paedophile rings and how they operate - in my capacity as a Child Abuse Whistleblower I am not convinced their behaviour is consistent with a truly grieving parent.

    The next steps of the local Police are consistent with searching for a missing Child but such an overwhelming presence of authority figures - felt a little too much like a psy op - the likes of which are seen all over the internet. Later on the political involvement seems a little too much like protection for the parents instead of a focus on Maddie. Whether the parents are guilty or not - the focus should have been on Maddie. Shouldn't it?

    It has been speculated by many people that little Maddie was an elite ritual sacrifice. That thought makes me feel physically ill. Who knows? Someone does and the truth will fizz up to the surface as it always does.

    The fact that the Children were left alone is of deep concern. A rational thinking person would have to ask; Who leaves Children alone? Who leaves Children unattended for any reason??? The father makes a visit to check on the Children and 'senses' a stranger. Did he turn on all the lights and have a thorough search through the apartment? No mention of that and then he leaves??????

    One of the other parents checks on the Children. His daughter is ill and he checks on her and then ... leaves????? In a foreign country, an ill Child ... and returning to dinner is more important. Leaving the Children alone - develops into a pattern.

    When Mrs McCann discovers Maddie is missing - did she think to use a phone to contact the others???? Did she scream? The open window would have permitted those outside to hear her. I am completely at a loss as to her action of leaving the apartment. She discovers Maddie missing and leaves the other Children????? Again - leaving the Children - it is a pattern. Can someone explain that to me please???

    'We let her down.' What does that actually mean? It is a very non emotional statement. It does not include the name of their Child. It is very non emotional - might be just me but that is my immediate thought. Then a journalist makes a public statement about a suspect. She - the journalist makes her opinions very public via the mainstream media - which most people know to be tightly controlled. I found her comments offensive as she is not an expert. It appears that the suspect was more than willing to assist Police and I note that his appearance was brief - appeared to follow Police protocol and then he was not mentioned again.

    Mr McCann states to the media; 'Tomorrow we want to visit the Shrine of Fatima.' Why not state;'Tomorrow we ARE going to ...??? My literacy skills and critical thinking processes see a deeper meaning to the public statement made by Mr McCann. Why did he need to read the words? Did he write them or did someone write a script for him??? As soon as I saw the parents with the Pope my suspicions went to high alert.

    The reporter mentioning monies donated by the author of Harry Potter - a series of movies about magic and death and Children. Why not mention the financial donations without any names??? Again - high alert for me.

    Eddie & Keela - they indicate as they are trained to do. They are never wrong. As a former operational Police officer I have seen an unrehearsed and completely impromptu demonstration with a Police Dog. There was a group of us watching - we were all blown away. I have complete faith in Eddie & Keela and the indications they made - and - independent to each other. No one can poke any holes in that - can they???

    I could go on but I want to give thanks for the chance to view this documentary. I feel it has been made with honour and authenticity. Maddie - wherever you are Little One - you are not forgotten and justice will be served - eventually.

    Much Peace - Amanda

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