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Thread: Define the New Age

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    new age:
    forever young:
    To extend the life of some humans life(s) to unlimited limitations to higher realms and dimensions
    with the benefit after 3000 hours of non-stop-meditation and rock'n-roll and other paranormal activities.
    Was started at the Woodstock 1969 festival.

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    New Age => a restlessness to see or identify change.

    I remind that everything is in a dynamic equilibrium and that change is as inevitable as it is constant. That is only to say that the current age and the new age are only what we make of them, and not that they somehow make or shape who we are.

    That is a reminder that I feel is more for me in my current predicament.

    Dissatisfaction of the current moment is not a motive to see a change to a "New Age" no more than it is to see a return to an "Old Age". Indeed it is only motive to self-growth to a position more satisfactory.

    That is the most meaningful notion of "New Age" that I can identify, especially considering that "forever young" is really just maintaining the current moment to be as satisfying as a flowering bud on a clear and bright spring morning.

    Indeed nobody would feel the need to terraform (change) a world like that by constantly running millions of internal combustion engines. You need a motivator like money or religion for that. Perhaps a religion where everything ends in fire.

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    Quote Originally posted by scibuster View Post
    new age:
    forever young:
    To extend the life of some humans life(s) to unlimited limitations to higher realms and dimensions
    with the benefit after 3000 hours of non-stop-meditation and rock'n-roll and other paranormal activities.
    Was started at the Woodstock 1969 festival.
    The last real day of t the old Age was the last day of World War II. On that day as people celebrated there was a consciousness put out by the greater proportion of people of Earth at that time (I was born in 1939, so was very young in 1945) to ask for peace in our land and there be no more wars of any kind, for us to live in. It was so close to unaminous, even amongst the defeated nations, that this was to be a goal to live for.

    The eminent role of gift to ourselves, was to on opening up to life again, this resolution remains in force, regardless of those who seem to believe in other ideals. Thus the overwhelming, link to all this was to open our life to new belief in a better life ahead. We begin in not to know, but what is often eminent to us, is the very fact that happenings such as Woodstock did occur, and life did change, but it was only part of the change. For example I did my finall year at High School in 1955, I was at Teachers' College in 1956, 57 and I remember listening to the radio in the common room - no such thing as TV everywhere in those days (we got our first black/white TV in 1961) and I was so upset because the music was now Elvis and The Beatles and so on which was so different to the late 40', early 50's music which I so enjoyed, it was like a horror story to me at first, how could we listen to such trash (would you believe)? Nowadays, I often think the same thing about to-days music, it has changed like you wouldn't believe.

    I was a psychic when I was born and life in those days did not even mention such a thing as a clairvoyant, not in Australia anyway. I was telling people when I was three years old, you are going to die soon, until my mother was so horrified and gave me such beatings to stop me, that I put all my abilities away, and didn't later even know I had them until I began to study in the early 1980's about the use of my abilities, which I began, when at a Rebirth 7 day seminar with the founder of Rebirthing, 7 people kept hanging around me constantly trying to find out what it was that I could do, then they took my under their wing, trying to get closer to what it was, and I had never seen anyone like them before, but I came back home flying, because I had finally found out where I belonged. During hypnosis and in a Rebirth I opened my third eye, but didn't know what it was, it was just a nuisance because, no matter how much I sqwezed my eyes shut I could still everything around me, even in a darkened room and I couldn't get rid of it - no one was able to tell me what had happened - so yess in that short a time we have been opened to paranormal activities, and yet when I went to visit Seth, with the lady who channelled hm in Sydney, he had to teach me how to communicate with my Ivan via the alphabet and a pendulum, and he told me I should have learnt everything in my childhood - so many are now not stopped from using their abilities at long last and yet the ages gone by, we were not able to be accepted to learn from the Above until we were able to see, hear and feel, and to some extent this is still the case, so to really enter yourself into the New Age, knowledge is not the first criteria, it is to see, feel and hear, and to learn the dissemination of Truths.

    Most definitely to remove our own fences or limitation is also one of the first things to realise. When I first began to become aware, I knew I had to change, my life was such a mess, and I had little to idea of what talents I had, so I went to Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology and Handwriting ananlysis to gain some ideas of what else might be a part of myself I had not yet recognised. Because I had no idea of any real direction of talents I opened my self to no limitations especially in feelings, which I had severely repressed until then, saying such a stupid thing as I now open myself up to all sorts of feelings - good and bad - be very careful of what you say and think, because I was suddenly inundated with a dearth of every kind of feeling, but now feeling is one of my main talents, especially with my hands.

    Talk about going to Higher realms I refuse to call them dimensions, one of the Gods asked me how far did I think I could go up, so I just took off with the Goddess of Light and knowledge to light my way and I met those in Region after region who had never been visited by any one before, and I asked them to give me their energies, so that I could transform and transmute them in my own body and make them available to those here to change our world - and they did. Just recently, I asked Ivan to grab hold of me and to use my Mars in Capricorn in the House of Sagitarius and my Venus in Pisces, which were apparently quite unusual in the year I was born, and we just went up and up, till we reached into the Beyond and found some more Gods, those Highest here had never met before or knew of - one of them was the Aten, whom was the God that Akenaten found and began to worship and she offered to help us go into the changes now, for the New Age is going to take us into a Pathway no one has ever attempted to go on before and as such, even to the Gods here was unchartered territory, so - people indeed unlimited possibility.

    But forever young? Well when you are nearly 77 as I am, I don't know? These later years of mine have been far more rewarding, wisdom wise than the rest of my life. And guess what? When you look into the indigenous populations of older times, the elders were the ones who held all the secrets, the talents, who looked after the young and taught the songs, dance and skills to and quite frankly, I don't want to be in the forever here, or forever young my young days were atrocious, having found the Beyond and been accepted to go on to there, I would rather my forever be there really I would!!!!
    You are what you are, no more, no less. The fact is, that all is not what it seems to be, some may be great, some may be small, but to your own want to be free, I say, you never were not free. It is what your own Self, gave yourself to be in, that's what makes you what you are. Loving kindness be upon you and yours.

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