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Thread: Trump: Illusion, Mist and Bought?

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    Quote Originally posted by Aianawa View Post

    Julian Assange is not a US American citizen. The USA has no jurisdiction over him, unless a US shill country ─ read: a NATO ally ─ were to arrest him and then extradite him to the USA, in which case he would be a political prisoner.

    Of course, the US government is arrogant enough to assume that they do have jurisdiction, because in their depraved mind, they've already annexed the whole world as US territory. And they're getting there fast too, with all those wars they're waging and sovereign nations they're invading.

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    No sweat here...Trump will pardon him for anything and everything. It's another one of those 'we've got to get this subversive' and then when we get 'em, the next step is, 'uhh, what do we do now?'

    Unless, of course, in the International court system they decide something is not quite kosher with our symbol of truth, courage and last but not least, beauty...

    Wikileaks was searching for documents that had ethical significance. Wikileaks apparently misunderstood that ethics are universal and should be universally applied...not just the left and more specifically Clinton. Come on, this is a sham...
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