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Thread: Trump: Illusion, Mist and Bought?

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    Jeez, people seriously think Hillary's running some kind of coup behind the scenes?

    Dear Lord, help them for they know not what they do.

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    Quote Originally posted by Aragorn View Post
    Yeah, the mainstream media haven't been publishing a lot of fake news anymore lately, so the alternative media have taken over from them. Alternative fake news has always been so much more entertaining than mainstream fake news, because there's no limit to where one's imagination can take one when one is devoid of discernment and factual knowledge. And being a prejudiced knee-jerker helps a great deal too.

    I don't know what source Mr. MENSA™ was quoting from ─ I can wager a few guesses ─ but this particular snippet below says it all...

    Whatever the source, you can clearly see the degree of right-wing bias, utter cluelessness and denial regarding the reality behind the QAnon phenomenon in that article. So much for Mr. MENSA™'s reliable news sources.

    not to mention...... HRC.... a socialist?????????????????????

    and... having just had her theivin' ass handed to her in the general she makes the same mistake again in trump's 1st yr????????

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