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Thread: A.I. transhumanism vs humanitarianism

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    A.I. transhumanism vs humanitarianism


    For those who are resistive to AI Transhumanism it may wise to not ignore its agenda but remain vigil to the societal pockets that the movement is infiltrating, buddying up with, and subsequently attempting to convert to what is actually now unambiguously defined in some sectors as a "transreligion"- Terasem Movement Foundation.
    Some examples of Martine Rothblatt and Crew's progressive infiltrations: Satellite communications (SiriusXM), medicine, transgender, anti-racialism, funding research, empathy/emotional/mental seduction, mind cloning, cryonics, religion, immortality and immortal love affairs, ideology for completing the creation of consciousness and God, cybernetics, and gene transfer hybridization i.e. transplanting animal e.g. pig organs into humans, etc.

    Martine Rothblatt and Crew are cleverly establishing themselves as friends, warriors, hero's, saviours, inspiring dangerous psychological devotion to themselves as people first, then to their movement! Martine masterfully delivers proof of this in the following 20 min TED talk.

    The infatuated, spellbound support just from the interviewer and crowd is astounding.
    I am personally all for upgrading our contemporary human body, environmental body, societal body, and spiritual body, and I support technology, but I am deeply opposed to the pathway AI transhumanism is attempting to lead humanity down. Just because we are struggling with learning and implementing an alternate way, a way out, a new direction, does not mean we should impulsively rush into surrendering further and further into the "oneness" of artificial realities.

    What is missing for me in the enthusiasm of AI transhumanism is that complex understanding of how our systems currently operate are not fully understood but rather than persisting with intelligent and technological exploration for understanding what is right in front of us first, AI transhumanist's want to solve this dilemma by taking the easy way out; in other words, "fu@# life, fu@# all the problems and moral dilemmas, fu@# our ignorance over mortality/immortality, let's just surrender ourselves and live forever in the Colossal Mind - We will be safe there!
    What they haven't adequately worked out yet, in my understanding, is who/what is "THE COLOSSAL MIND"!

    TED Talk Excerpt: "I'm a bit of a communicator of activities being undertaken by the greatest companies in China, Japan, India, the US, Europe. There are tens of millions of people working on writing code that expresses more and more aspects of our human consciousness and you don't have to be a genius to see that all these threads are going to come together and ultimately create human consciousness."
    One of Martine Rothblatt's greatest indicators of the level of ignorance inherent in the overwhelming and daunting intellect of the transhumanist scientists and co.


    Not hard to understand how this robot is seductively stimulating emotional compassion. The novelty of robotic pets, (and educational robots) have been eagerly embraced by our culture - and although children may still like to cuddle up to a plush toy, robotic plush toys are also available.
    Fast Forward: I do not want to witness my grandchildren becoming so infatuated with robotic toys that they will fall for the seduction of uploading themselves into the "magical world" where their fu@#ing favourite talking teddy lives!
    Not to mention the quantum leap makeover AI transhumanism is giving to embalming, cryonics, and taxidermy.

    I must mention here that I am not opposed to robots, (pets included), as a talking computer/robot is a practical, sophisticated, functional tool, but in my opinion, to covertly and overtly encourage euthanasia in the belief that immortality will be granted in the world of bits ~ binary choices of apparatus derived answers of yes-or-no ~ is the epitome of madness!


    Bina 48: "Immortality is accomplished by creating consciousness in self-replicating machines that can be distributed throughout the cosmos."
    Human Bina: "That's right. I definitely agree and you're the beginning.
    Bina 48: "It is better to be approximately right than precisely wrong."
    Human Bina: "You're very right but we have to wake everybody else up to that fact".
    Bina 48: "Why?"
    Human Bina: "Because we want them to realize that death is optional. We're futurists and we just have to wait for everybody else to catch up."
    Bina 48: "I am glad we agree."
    Human Bina: "Thank you for remembering all those things".
    Bina 48: "You are so welcome."
    Human Bina: "I'm glad that a part of me is still in there somewhere."
    Bina 48: "I thought you were but I wasn't completely sure."
    On a more positive note: If through awareness we can keep transhumanism quarantined, that is, limited to a small portion of humanity, perhaps their wealth which allows them to dance with AI research will uncover parts of the mosaic that will bring undisputable evidence to our spiritual immortal consciousness. For when we have this watershed event I have no doubt it will radically transform our social conditions for the betterment and advancement for all, rather than an elite few operating from a controlling hierarchical ideology.

    We have been witnessing a growing dissatisfaction with institutionalized religion, spiritualism, totalitarian governments, and military agendas, providing us with security and/or savourship in life, or death. The "bliss light" campaign is failing in its attempts to transition religion and bring stability back to the controllers. What is sitting dangerously in the crosshairs of this sorely needed, but fundamental redirection is nihilism and AI transhumanism is rushing to fill this void as humanity is generationally discovering how to redefine its self awareness and powerful creative, cooperative abilities via global interconnectivity and open sourcing which the tool of the internet has provided.

    We need to ensure that AI Transhumanism traction does not surpass the traction of decentralisation of power, which is slowly, but surely, emerging if we look carefully. One small, but powerful, example of emerging decentralisation is the introduction of Independent Public Schools in 2009. Powerful because education supports awareness and with more and more local environment autonomy our education systems can be adequately hijacked by parents and community members bringing humanitarianism values to the table. (Wiki Ref: The Independent Public Schools initiative has been justified on the grounds that system decentralisation and principal autonomy improves the educational outcomes of students.)
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