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Thread: There's no Earth, we're living in a spaceship

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    There's no Earth, we're living in a spaceship

    The following are not my own words, and it smacks of tongue-in-cheek humor, but there's something believable about the theory, so I would like to share it with everyone. Just keep an open mind and try reading between the lines to see if it sparks any memories...


    Many proofs.

    1) We're clearly living in an enclosed space. I'm thinking, there's 2 or 3 decks. One of them is a big city, one is smaller "residential area", probably with one or two smaller cities. You'll say it's impossible, because you could go in any direction and there won't be a wall. But can you really? Have you ever traveled on foot really far? Usually, to move to another place, you would use "trains" or "airplanes". These are clearly just elevators that move between the decks. They just show some generic footage of clouds and whatnot in the windows to create an illusion of travel. Also, have you personally seen that many cities? You know why? Because there isn't any. They are made up.

    2) Gravity does not exist. Entire concept is just insane. Why would there be a force that makes non-magnetic objects act as magnetic ones? What we told is gravity, is actually an acceleration from the ship engines. There's lots of proof that no living thing is actually adjusted to this so-called "gravity". For example: you know how you're often so uncomfortable in bed and toss and turn all night, even though you have a good mattress? How would people sleep when there was no mattresses? Clearly they used to just float. Also, constant stress from gravity is the reason we have heart problems.

    3) Speaking of medical issues, you noticed how cancer is a thing lately? Clearly there's something wrong with the shielding, and now we are open to the space radiation.

    Now, you'll meet a lot of people who'll say this is all made up and they personally been to many locations. These are clearly agents sent by the ship crew to keep us calm. And I can even tell you who the crew actually is. It's cats.

    There's irrefutable proof. How do we know things? From the internet. The entire internet is created to make us believe in this "Earth" and "gravity" nonsense. What's the two things Internet is all about? Porn and cats. Porn is there to keep the people calm and oblivious. But cats are obviously an implanted concept of something cute and benign, even though they openly despise humans.

    Also, cats are the only creatures that always land on their feet when they fall down. Why is that? It's a very important evolutional advantage, because what, every time you fall from like a cliff you die? Thing is, no creature actually had to fall down before, there was no gravity. Cats, on the other hand, have that. They are the only known beings actually adjusted to "gravity".


    So, after reading that and chuckling a little, I found myself really wondering about the possibility that we are living in a spaceship. Let's be honest here... It's no more fantastical than most other theories circulating through the alternative communities, and you know it. But the thing is I've considered this theory before, and I'm still not convinced that everything we think we know about reality is correct. We have many reasons to believe that we are being taken for the proverbial ride here, so why couldn't that also mean we are on a literal ride?

    What if we, as a species, are basically just now starting to regain consciousness after the initial jump into hyperspace, which was very disorienting? Maybe our home coordinates in this universe became inhospitable and we all had to hop in this spaceship and escape? Maybe when we jumped to hyperspace or caused us to experience a limited consciousness that is akin to a form of amnesia? Maybe it didn't affect everyone to the same degree, which is why some people appear to be more aware than others? Maybe all of life contained in this spaceship is just now finally starting to regain consciousness, but it is happening at different rates for everyone? Maybe the entire "solar system" we are traveling with is a caravan of life that all escaped together?

    It's something to think about, and I wanted to share. Feel free to smack this theory down, or consider it with me here... I just think that things are very, VERY different than we are being told, both officially, and within the alternative and conspiracy communities.

    Plus, I mean... cats... am I right?

    Seriously though, we're all on a spaceship.
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    The earth can indeed be described as space ship from an observer perspective beyond the third dimension.

    The earth as such is FACTUALLY an enclosed system. It is a sphere (could be torus shaped though, has to be clarified with on going research) IN(SIDE) which you live on a FLAT surface. The sphere is not spinning around its own axis. it is stationary but as of now the information and memory available rather points into the following direction:

    The earth sphere (which you could call a space craft/biosphere) is floating in space. In this space there you have other spheres... a mars sphere... a venus sphere.... a Jupiter sphere... and so forth. Those are located inside the solar system sphere (oort cloaud being the encapsulation of the solar system sphere) which also has a flat surface inside, "on" which the planetary spheres are floating/located -> these spheres could (likely) orbit, circular (but not spinning around themselves), around the (real -> the sun you see at the sky is located INSIDE the earth sphere likely 3000-4000 miles above your head) sun inside the solar system sphere.

    The solar system sphere is located inside the galaxy sphere and so forth. This, at least in this technical make up, is applicable to the third dimension which is engineered artificially with soul technology/higher dimensional technology (the planetary sphere as such is a super computer which creates, inside, a holographic digital virtual reality). If a planet in the higher dimensions is build the same way is still something to figure out, it could bebut it could also be different. the own memory, regarding this question, has not been unlocked yet, so this would be speculation but it could be that in higher dimensions planets are like they are perpetuated now, so that you actually live ON a spherical body, on the outward surface... but again, this is only speculation.

    Again, the third dimension is a kind of simulation for you to learn and grow, here you learn how to - eventually - navigate in the higher dimensions, although you are already doing this/existing there, but from the third dimension, by becoming more conscious of your multi dimensional aspects, you are reintegrating this 3D perspective/self into your higher dimensional aspects (thereby activating them further and eventually submerge so that you have an on going higher dimensional experience like you have here now). Therefore it (3D self-fragment) is trained to eventually navigate and participate in higher dimensional experiences of self.

    So this planetary space craft is the computer in which the simulation takes place. Therefore 3D space travel is no option whatsoever (at least in the earth/human realm), although we have information about a few 3D species which can do 3D space travel. outer space travel is possible and frequently performed when you enter the higher dimensions. what are ET's ?! Almost (if not) All that are known to you are Higher dimensional (4D +) entities which can do interstellar/dimensional space travel, obviously (in essence they just materialize inside your sphere, without flying through space anyway.. many of them are thought form manifestations). But humans with this consciousness they actually have.. can not. So all proposed outer space missions are hoaxed, there does not exist one probe or telescope that has ever left low earth orbit or at least the space inside the sphere, they are all made up, also satellites do not exist, gps can easily be generated with ground based technology and signals bouncing back of the ionosphere (could be another of those layers though, can't recall it without researching it again right now) alleged satellite pictures are taken by high altitude airplanes or drones. Basically all those "space missions" never took place, rocket launches are a fraud they at best would reach low earth orbit, but normally they fall back into the sea eventually but tv cameras are cut off beforehand. Also the ISS is another epic hoax, the video footage is shot in zero gravity planes, space walks are concocted in water tanks. This is easy to debunk, but therefore you would have to have an open mind..... and not by reflex action deny flat earth theories and such which are the sources where you find all this crystal clear and obvious evidence but most still by reflex action deny to even look at it. Oneself believed for 30 years that this planet is a globe, a spinning ball... and ONE day research on flat earth made it absolutely irrefutable obvious that the earth is flat (inside a sphere) and it was a real fun to throw this globe earth nonsense over board and override/delete the mind control aspects from one's own mind and to debunk it from now on to make humans aware of this most epic hoax you can think of.

    No one can go beyond low earth orbit, you cannot leave the enclosed system, other than with portal travel, as of now it can be even called in question if anti-gravity space crafts could leave the sphere when humans are inside - but it remains a possibility which could as such already be accurate, this has to be clarified with on going research/memory recoverage. However... without such advanced technology NO ONE can leave this sphere in his/her physical body.

    ALso, gravity is a hoax, it is an invention to perpetrate the globe earth indoctrination and mind control program. the strong force would be what you define as gravity (force wise), but again this - what humans call gravity - is just the force INSIDE the sphere that makes everything acting and behaving (physics wise) as it actually does.

    More over you have to realize that you actually can see on pictures (of the night sky) that you are living INSIDE a sphere. the night sky, all stars and planets are directly above your head, at the inward surface of the encapsulating sphere, this is a simple observable fact (the next book is going to expose this big time in uncountable pictures with matching elaborations), NASA pictures show it and own pictures do as well. These stars and planets are generated by computing units at this dome surface (if you wish to call it a dome - although it is not solid but energetic thereby looking solid -> higher dimensional technology), they are just spotlights, especially the stars, they are essentially DUPLICATES of those in outer space/the higher dimensions. It is a simulated construct, a screen which shall make you believe you look into outer space and that there is the vast universe and such.. well it most likely, almost definitely, IS like that, but only OUTSIDE of the earth ship, be it in 3D space and in the higher dimensions.

    There is another idea which is somewhat persistent, thus at least possible to make a consideration about it:

    3D outer space does not exist. That is, there would only be the spheres you live inside (stationary, not orbiting anything, just being a space where you live inside which is outsourced/projected from the higher dimensions, essentially a video game or movie you play/watch and actively direct and manifest as the avatar you are now), as long as you have a 3D experience. the above mentioned 3D species could have - in this concept - figured out how to leave their dome to enter another dome (planet), without flying through a 3D space and anyhow the universe that your scientists tell you about is actually the universe in the higher dimensions (minus big bang BS and most likely some other "facts" they claim to be true) where there is definitely "outer space" and space travel.
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    It's the truth. Our cat uses mind control to get us to do *everything* she wants.

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    Spaceship Earth. Now I know why they're called catastrophes and cataclysms. We catalogue the stars into categories. It's a feline fake out!

    I can believe that things are magnetic and attracted to each other. I can conceive that we're holograms, that would explain all the space between atoms.

    I have a hard time with the spaceship thing.

    In Star Trek there have been scenarios where worlds have been created on holodecks to house people while they were moved from one planet to another. Moriarity and his Damsel are adventuring around a whole galaxy contained in a cube on Picard's desk.

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    Do you think it is part of the Grand Design that NO ONE KNOWS????

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    Did every "spaceship" has its own Astral-Plane and all those other plane Etheric - Causal- Mental- ??

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    Quote Originally posted by scibuster View Post
    Did every "spaceship" has its own Astral-Plane and all those other plane Etheric - Causal- Mental- ??
    Yes (they even have their own after life realms, naturally, although these realms also interfere with each other since there is no separation, everything is intermingled and connected - this is how such "movies" are created... different soul families or groups are conducting shared experiences for their own soul fragments to be able to have experiences, like you have now), and beyond the third dimension those entities from different "ships and their higher dimensional planes" can and do interfere directly. of course you have on going interference with other species right now and all along known human history but for a long time now it has not happened on a collective/planetary level in the sense of living/acting side by side. As of now only individuals and groups have direct and also "physical" (3D conscious) interference with higher dimensional entities which is due to the consciousness of the human collective which makes it impossible for us to show up on a global scale (higher dimensional entities can only send/embody "ground troops" to anchor higher dimensional energies and do hands on contribution or communicate via channelling or synchronicities, or telepathically if certain individuals have remembered how to utilize this basic feature again - channellings is something we specifically do not use since it is easy to be co-opted or tampered with, or be it only due to the receiving ego mind and his/her set belief systems distorting the messages, therefore we have decided to outsource/embody one personal identity from the group soul as individual in a human body), which is likely not going to change, at all, for 3D humans. Those who want to experience interstellar humanity and other entities on a "daily basis" have to transcend dimensions during the frequency shift that is taking place now, this is what we try to achieve/facilitate for those individuals (groups/communities at best) who are ready (matured) for it and willing to have these experiences.
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    Mighty big spaceship . . . . . . . .

    I am feeling more and more these days that humanity needs to unplug from the internet and all other electronic devices, at least for a full cycle of our planet (1 year/ 4 seasons).

    During this cycle they should take the opportunity to experience Mother Earth in all her ‘moods’ and in solitude.

    She is a teacher and nurturer and healer beyond all on this planet.

    Peace and wisdom is only a forest away . . . . talk a very long walk within.

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