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Thread: The One Truth interviews Sylvie, Creator of the "Survivors" Videos

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    I was considering if putting the above vid in survivor thread would be okay, Maggie, but thread feels so sacred to me, I did not. Maybe if when watched by Elen, she may.

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    Quote Originally posted by Maggie View Post
    I have a few questions that I would love for her to talk about such as tying in Graham Hancock's dating of the cometary events around 12800 years ago. Then there is the evidence of a big change several thousand years later when the dynastic Egypt for example began recording rulers around 3100 BCE. I have never heard Hancock address the later series of co-incident events recorded world wide (some calling it the time of the Biblical Flood).
    Thanks for bringing this up, Maggie. It totally slipped my mind for the interview but resolving Hancock's work and the general dating of the disaster that destroyed Atlantis to around ~10,000 BC (Hancock's research is only one example pointing to this time period) with the New Chronology is something that I'm also very interested in. I won't dismiss the idea that the 10,000 BC dating could be wrong, but there are so many independent sources pointing to that time as being a time of great change and cataclysm (end of the last "ice age," apparently comet/meteor impacts, sea levels rose, etc.) that whatever the actual dating for all of that would be, there is still plenty of evidence that something happened.

    I do want to interview Sylvie again later, after watching more of her videos and reading more of Fomenko's books on the New Chronology. And when that time comes I will definitely bring this question up.

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    It turned out pretty good overall bsbray, thank you for doing that.

    What led me initially to Sylvie’s work, and appealed to me, was the fact that she managed to speak about a deception perpetrated onto humanity of such a magnitude that it defied anything I’ve ever heard of, without getting into anger. I’m glad that she brought that up in the interview. It is possible to get into a position where one can look at facts and rise above it. This shows a purity of purpose and intent that makes it very easy to absorb and understand generally and it comes from a high source.

    Anger and irritation is a very destructive force and it affects only the ones that hold onto it. I think that is the underlying message here.

    Ainawa, thank you for the suggestion and kindness, I’ll see what can be done about that.

    Maggie, it’s great that you’re on the ball with this. I think that GH is a good parallell with Sylvie. She has mentioned him on a couple of occations, and I’m sure he is a great catalyst in the world of connecting dots.

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