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Thread: "I Think, Therefore I Am" by Grady Booch

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    "I Think, Therefore I Am" by Grady Booch

    I met Grady Booch twenty some years ago through a book while I was learning C++ programming language. He was one of frontiers in Object Oriented methodology. They will create true A.I for sure. It's matter of time.

    The real problem I found, I have repeated it few times on my previous posts, in modern science there is no value of life. So it's possible the dark science might destroy humanity one day if general public, scientists will have blindly supported major scientific researches without questioning. The CERN is a typical example. To understand Nature, dark scientists have to destroy matter all the time. What a stupid, sick reality is that!

    Suppose true A.I will emerge one day, would the A.I start fighting against its creators? I doubt it. It's illogical, simple projection of human's insecrurity and uncertainty.

    Booch mentioned on the presentation that creativity in arts - music, painting - has been decoded by scientists. And he questioned about the nature of creativity, which is the source of advancement in science. There are different levels of creativity IMHO. Real creativity provides the power of physical manifestation of an idea in reality. Shallow creativity, most people can not distinquish it, is expression of one's idea in sensory forms. For example music exists in close system due to limitation of human hearing.


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    You are programmed by the simulation to think you think.

    "I think, therefore the Simulation Exists"

    ~St Augustine

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