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Thread: The Black Ops World ~ Testimony/Research

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    Sometimes mind control is carefully trickled down through levels of society into public schools where we all get some of our early programming.

    On the surface this letter home appears to be from an an ignorant and arrogant teacher. However, it's a low level mind control technique he has learned well. I'm sure many parents would approve of his actions too.

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    What else is going on in classrooms?
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    Mind control works on the simple minded. The cabal would be nothing without the evil we do to each other. This teacher and his fragile ego is just one example of humanity's problems. I hold the cabal as quite evil in their intentions but, they depend on us to carry it out. And we do. The good ones are few. Almost every one in a forum like this is surrounded by family and friends who think we are conspiracy theorists. The cabal thrives on that mindset like mold on bread. Newspapers and magazines are still bought and supported, as are MSM news outlets because of the goldfish we are surrounded by. Quite discouraging at times.
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