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Thread: Source code keys

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    Source code keys

    The three keys I have found to unlock a lot of doors are thus:

    1- the meanings of all proper names of people/characters and places;

    2- certain other key words that appear repetitively;

    3- the concealed meanings of certain numbers used repetitively.

    name means nature, names are states of consciousness, so taking the genealogy lists one can take the Hebrew meaning and put that beside each name in the list and one will find that it becomes the unfoldment of ideas.

    Each place, is a place in consciousness and the people said to dwell in such lands represent the kind of consciousness from which they originate, their children are always thoughts springing from the parent or root thought.

    Gen13:14,15: ....the knowing of the divine law is instructing

    Abram (whose name means faith in the invisible power of the divine) |

    to lift up his vision and from this uplifted state of consciousness to get a well balanced perspective..he is told to look in every direction....

    east means within,

    west = without,

    north means above (the conscious mind)

    and south means below (the subconscious mind)

    Genesis 13:17:

    Arise, walk through the land in the length of it, and the breadth of it; for I will give it unto thee.

    land = invisible substance or consciousness

    That which we walk in, is that which we can experience in consciousness.

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