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Thread: Weekly Meditation: Let's Reach 144,000 participants!

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    Thumbs Up Sunday Weekly Meditation: Let's Reach 144,000 participants!

    If it's true that "We can make a difference" here at TOT, why not participate?

    Let's reach 144,000 people, worldwide!

    You can do this each week -- Sunday nights at 19:00 UTC (or GMT) to start contributing to the meditation effect.

    When a large group of people meditates at the same time, magical things happen. Peace, less violent crime, magical healing, your own inner peace.

    You will feel the power of the energy of people worldwide when you do this, because THERE IS NO TIME OR SPACE.
    But there is huge power in meditating all at the same time. You can feel it. I can feel it.

    The video here (link below) is very good, with good explanations - 8 minutes plus.

    Do the meditation at your local time, equivalent to 19:00 UTC, every Sunday. (It's around 12 noon, West Coast USA time, around 3 pm, East Coast USA time. Easy enough to figure out).

    Participate and YOU are helping to liberate the planet with this planetary liberation meditation.
    It is really powerful.

    Here is the meditation video. Turn it on, watch it, then do it each Sunday.


    This video is 8 minutes long, but think about sitting for longer -- 20 or 25 minutes -- to get the full relaxation and healing effects for yourself. It is truly powerful.

    The meditation is brought to us by Cobra, who has amazing intel and updates.
    Cobra website:

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    Yet a new avatar, "Doorway to the Stars" by artist Josephine is a beautiful old song by the Youngbloods.......Love is but a song we sing.....Fear's the way we die.....You can make the mountains ring....Or make the angels cry.....Though the bird is on the wing.....And you may not know why....Come on, people now....Smile on your brother....Everybody get together...Try to love one another right now......

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    Nice idea! Thank you!
    I like participating in all or some of all of the world peace meditations that pop up.
    There is another one this Sat Sept 5th. An angelic one with Tom Kenyon.
    I havent watched this video, I think Ill just do one on my own.

    Peace within peace without ahh

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    Yup, I'm in. I'll put my NFL games on pause, do the deed, and then fast-forward thru the commercials to catch up.

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    gOOD ON YOU DD, imo our priorities are getting easily sorted nowadays lol.

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