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    Gaia Speaks

    From posted,

    "I stumbled across something yesterday morning that really made me smile. A little over two years ago I tried to channel Mother Earth, Gaia, for the first time, and so far it has been the only time. Apparently, the very next day, somebody had translated it into Dutch […/...anneling-va… ] and posted it on their beautiful website blog! Cool!! Here’s my original channeling:


    January 14, 2014
    Poetic Channeling of Mother Gaia

    Children of mine who live upon my surface, please hear me now, for I speak through this vessel this evening, as it was his true wish that I may. Long ago, before the concept of time was introduced upon the surface by beings who were lost unto themselves, I existed as an idea in the imagination of All That Is. I was a thought, and thus I was born into existence by Mother of All. From thought, I was manifested into form and given a Space on the edge of this family of many stars that circle my Mother, for she is one of many mothers. She placed me under the care of the star known to you as your Sun. And I was given a Soul by All That Is, and I was given the power of Creation, and I chose Beauty and Abundance. I became a Mother myself to all manner of creations and visitors from the family of stars. I nurtured my creations, and my Mother’s creations who visited upon me and I shared myself with them, and received their gifts and their children with open arms. And there were a group of visitors who coveted my Beauty and Abundance and wanted to claim me as their own, and have tried to steal away my freedom to live in my natural, given state of grace. I forgave them their lack of empathy, for they had very little love for themselves. I allowed them to settle upon me out of compassion for their sorrowful state, and wished that my Beauty and Abundance would soothe and nourish them. My other creations and children suffered their inexhaustible greed and violence, just as I did. For they ripped my loins and tortured my creations, but I remained accepting of them, patiently waiting for their choice to evolve toward love for themselves and all others. I was given the gift of infinite strength and unlimited compassion by my Father. And so I have endured. But I have also cried out to my family of stars, and was heard from beyond even places I conceived that I may reach, and my star families have come offering me love, and they are here with us now. And they are already showering their love upon us, my children. I have allowed them to enter my body, walk upon my surface, and circle me with their celestial energies. For those that covet and are filled with greed have most certainly lost themselves in their delusion, and have created many unhealthy thought-forms and energies which I have need to cleanse myself of, for I rise to new heights even as we share together these words that in some small way are meant to represent me, your Mother Earth. I am rising because of my children’s love and because of my star families’ love and because of my Mother and Father’s love, and because of the love of All That Is. I have chosen to arise into an even greater Beauty and Abundance than I have ever known. And the records of my life will be seen and known, and the love that I have offered will always be eternal. And those quiet children who have learned to receive my love and return it to me in simple, loving and peaceful ways will rise with me. And there will be opportunities for all who wish to live in my new and higher vibration to join with me again, as they themselves raise their vibrations of love. And so my story is not a sad one, but one of faith and joy, that my prayers have been received and and returned with great love from All That Is. My children, I would ask that you envision me, Your Mother Earth, in Golden Rays of Light, and then envision Your Mother Earth resting in the gentle purple flames of the Sun, which regenerate me and renew me and revitalize me. For I am the living library of all who have ever visited me, who have ever known me, and who have ever loved me. I retain all your greatest moments of Now, and your greatest dreams and creations in which we have co-created. And I thank you for your uplifting rainbow colors of light, and your tireless vision to see me through some of my darkest hours. For we are all together in the ocean of Oneness, never apart, always together in Love.

    With Gratitude,
    Your Dearest Gaia"

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