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Thread: Q&A the Amorites

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    Q&A the Amorites

    Q..What do your sources say about who the Amorites are descended from ?

    answered by the Goddess of Light and Knowledge

    bsBray : This is more involved than you can possibly imagine and some of it, will help to answer the main thrust, from the greatest majority of historians.

    Let us begin. The Earth's story was covered in the Right to Ask about the Welsh. But much was left out. The first thing to clear, is that all of Life sprang from here – no more no less than that. We find that, there were soon 20 Source Gods in their own role only, until all of us were missing the point. We made Light to solve the need for Mother, for she needed it for some one else; we made better solid ground for some one to play on; we improved solitude for some one to be alone; we began an atmosphere, winds, fires, mountains, rivers and we wallowed in love for we did these things for the little Baby in Arms – who still has no other name to us, to you, she is Mother Earth. She is a God, but she only ever works as if she is the same as yourself.

    So we find her so loved, but where is this to lead? We find it led to more some one's whom we can love as well. How do I know how some one else lives on Earth, and needs what she does? I chose some one needing deep connection to when, how, why. So, in every right to chose to whom I give my Love, Light and Knowledge, I make belief in how I would like to learn – this is what I chose to do. We cannot rightfully stop any one from knowing something, they really always wanted to know, but we in turn, want to know what your interest in this is.

    Clearly a beggar, wont ask to know this question, but you are saying, I always wanted to know. Some things are not to be known, for they are in rather strong links towards the stopping of Life, which is never to want to be done. I will let you know now, for I meant to do so earlier, but you are not to solve world events in the now, from knowing this information, and it can not cause harm.

    To begin the story of these people, it begins back in a time in radical changes to socialise life. The Armenian of today all think they began in realised life, but no this is when there was some one with the name of Hyperia Juré, was on a special life to solve – what was the best solution to clients of Mothers, to get to the most workable method to live by here on Earth.

    She herself gave the utilisation of space, to about 500 of the earliest positive ones the role of the following: to please all of them, but not to allow any one group to dominate, or to continually control the whole
    To claim their right, to give utmost life to themselves, as well as the whole
    And….. to live in rapid development
    No other criteria was issued.

    Their solution was to please themselves – at first- but this was so evidently not to be done, for solutions to gain mind development for all, was severely hampered. The best solution in the end, was to link their mind only to knowledge, and to get so many, to cling only to knowledge was a disaster too, so they made the priority, to have the most likely to learn, become the philosophers, the most likely to lead became the first to rule them all, and the most gifted ones, became seers – oracle in only religious matters, worldliest ones became the immensely popular government and they didn't care then about the right to grow individually.

    Thus after things went to a democracy, this was soon missing in each person's life, so Mother then released them to go to their own self be true. Their socialised word of buildings et, soon became Armenian, but they only lived in the first of land to become a visual link to life, they are neither the story of the Amorites, nor any risen world themselves.

    The immensity to try such a land, was a beautiful, lingering thought to many, especially the philosophers and teachers, who spoke in their new lands of such a notion, and some made democracy, their main ideal, for this was so clearly better than rulers who sort only what themselves desired. These rulers were usually a crude demi-God idea, that as I am the immensity of a God and I have armies of multinational worlds to back me up, then I can work you to death, because all you are, are slaves of other worlds, brought here in rights, only in my say so, so I am in ruler's cost as well, and I have every right to kill whomever I please.

    The names of the first ones in Hyperia Juré, I will give you as the names by which they became most well known.
    Agamemnon; Herodotus; Deodonises; Socrates; Plato; Hercules ; Descartes.

    After this some went to Greece, but most went to please themselves.

    Those who went to Greece, next went to Persia, where some became Kings of Asia Minor, bent to destroy this world of Greece, who nearly began a first World War, by combining rostered slaves to reach beyond their boundaries, and risk being completely cut off. This is when India became a Nation of City States as well, for slaves never want to cost their lives, for the sake of an evil slave owner, for this is what they had become by this time, which is about 10 centuries ago.

    This was soon a better way – send in slaves, who would beat any one not going to do what they were told, and put every one into terrible fear and soon they will give in. But, solidarity to slaves began as well, and this was the down fall of most Persian barbarism. This also saw the demise of ruling by force for some few thousand years. Then, in just the best possible times, arose the Annunaki once again.

    Their input to life is only ever injustice to the masses. Their inert system is what still pervades Earth today, as they want only for themselves. Their main justice is force of will and complete control. This then is who the Amorites still are today – for this is Stargate Command – right down to the Sarcophagus. The first Priests of the Golden Calf are who the first Amorites began as, but religion held little charm for such power hungry beasts of a race who sold humans as slaves, and who stopped life in millions and who sent the Jews of Sodom and Gomorrah to Zionist ritualistic practices against the first ever World Darkness by risking Demon cities of gold like Gomorrah and using nukes to place gollums inside them, just as they did in Hiroshima and this is what these Priests of class distinction are working on now. This is what is happening in the now –
    You are what you are, no more, no less. The fact is, that all is not what it seems to be, some may be great, some may be small, but to your own want to be free, I say, you never were not free. It is what your own Self, gave yourself to be in, that's what makes you what you are. Loving kindness be upon you and yours.

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    Thanks for posting this, Colleen. My interest in these areas of history is mostly academic but the big picture it all contributes to is valuable in its own way.

    Thanks again.

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