Sunday Jan 17 8:30pm.

Metals steady. Bitcoin steady.

Big fences and lots of troops. Stationary troops defend. What are they defending against?

It’s interesting to note at first there was a narrative to defend against angry trumpet supporters. Now we see a narrative to defend against disgruntled Bison supporters if he is not inaugurated. Why can’t they make up their minds?

Rumors Trump is silent. That’s different.

Is a very large disclosure imminent? Are catastrophic financial losses imminent? We look at the markets snd they are all expensive.

All of them. People with nothing to lose lose it. It’s likely they will blame someone. Or something. Lawmakers appear to be taking a defensive position.

There are only a couple things I can think of that would require defense - a war or truth. Ironically there has been a war on truth. Is there going to be some major truths coming out that would change things?

Stock futures are flat. At or near highs. If financial hardships are coming they are giving little clues. The only clue besides price is equilibrium. Distribution at a top?

I’m not going to discuss war. It’s always possible and offers explanation for defense but... Be prepared is all most of us can do. We all read stories on the net about Chinese troops but...

We know defenses are in place. At lawmaking places. We can’t say for sure why but it looks like whatever the reason is it’s not looking innocent.

Remember to help people if you can. It’s possible in due time things will get better but for now help if you can...