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Thread: An ongoing Chris Thomas thread for those who resonate with his alternative view of reality and history

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    The Saudis can dump oil on the market whenever they want. Trump loves them so he likely won't stop it.

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    The status quo has changed.

    What is reported in media does not map to reality. Many of you have drawn your own conclusions and I'm not hear to argue with a single one of you. I have stated my case for mind control and the Hegelian Dialectic.

    What will the final solution entail? Why the relentless push to basically crash the system? It certainly isn't to give all us boys and girls ice cream now is it?

    It's a prelude to massive change whether it is the NWO, war or as CT wrote a new age of life on Earth for the better.

    It will be interesting to see how you all react when the hemostats clamp down on the Internet. At this point the restrictions don't include being blinded. Wait until all the young people who know no other world than the internet loose that privilege overnight. They will turn on their own parents. They will blame older people and a true division will manifest and solidify like cement.

    Ironically the last thing I fear is a virus. Why? Because that is what they want you to fear. I choose not to. I take my precautions and it ends there.

    Inch by inch. Drop by drop. Make your own list of what's next. Taking the internet down, blinding us and creating divisions from within and we will rot from the inside out.

    You ain't seen nothing yet. Shutting down the net will not stop you from putting a hamburger on the grill. It is not tangible and is the next logical step on the war we are all in.

    Will it happen? My guess is yes. The ultimate punishment will be inflation. We have seen deflationary spikes in the last few weeks are air got let out of the balloon and assets lost value. Then was then. Stocks may continue to loose value which is deflationary but as crude oil explodes so will the price of doing business on almost every level because of the transportation factor.

    Food will continue to rise. Incremental starvation will occur but will continue to not be reported. We all talk a big tuff story as our refrigerators/freezers are full. We have legal guns etc. What good will any of that due in a frequency war?

    I wish I will have egg on my face 3 months from now on how wrong I am. On one hand that will be great as we don't suffer so many consequences. On the other hand it will delay change.

    Change is here. It doesn't need your consent. Your opinion doesn't matter. Inch by inch. Drop by drop the change is advancing. I still feed people. I will continue to do so. That is my choice.

    When the internet goes down, if it does, I will suffer consequences as well. I will be more isolated which is a word you all should be very familiar with by now. They candy coat it and call it social distancing. It is actually isolationism. I am sorry to say but distance between humans benefits surveillance.

    I am expecting an announcement as early as today. Why? Every hear of peak oil? Apply that to peak infection. It has been projected Easter Sunday is the target for peak infection. It that is true what would you do?

    The week prior and the post week form the critical 14 day sweet spot. Tightening the lock down would mitigate and isolate during this critical period. The theory is to suffer for 14 days versus suffering for a year or more.

    It is a choice between two regrettable, yet distinguishable, choices. I'm not a leader but this is what decisions will almost certainly factor in. Pain now or lots of pain later.

    Communications between citizens via the internet is spreading the fear at this stage. Cut it off and we will see biblical prophesy such as the blind leading the blind fulfilled. I don't want to go into the ditch. I've been there. Done that.

    It's a brave new world. Enjoy bashing the President of the United States from the comfort of your own chair today. You may not be able to do it for much longer. And btw, I agree some of the world leaders we have seen in the last 100 years are some of the worst energy patterns on the planet. I just choose to feed people versus bashing the leader of your country.

    I have better things to do and btw I blame myself for my lot in life.

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    It’s a total mess. It is still going downhill. Rumors are saying 5G is being deployed while the cat is away.

    I wish all of you well. It’s a free for all and you don’t reverse 10 million jobless claims by the end of April.

    It looks like the debt is too much to overcome and we will have to live with inflation on every corner. I’m going to go buy me a nice shiny red wagon to replace my wallet...

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