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Thread: An ongoing Chris Thomas thread for those who resonate with his alternative view of reality and history

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    There has been a reorganization of the forums that you can read about on this thread:

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    Quote Originally posted by Anastasia View Post
    Well Herb it looks like we have more proof of the conspiracy to bury the work of Chris Thomas. I guess it's not considered "The One Truth". Hope all participating and reading this thread are able to find it. I guess I should say thank you to the mods that it has not totally disappeared.
    There is no conspiracy here, Anastasia. As my colleague bsbray said, there has been a major reorganization of the forum categories in the past couple of days. If you click here, you will see the difference between the new forum layout and the old one, side by side.

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    Here's the list of the Chris Thomas threads here at The One Truth and the categories that you can now find them in... (Note: each item in the table here below is a clickable link.)


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    Quote Originally posted by bsbray View Post
    There has been a reorganization of the forums that you can read about on this thread:

    The actual URL of the thread should not have changed for anyone who bookmarked it. For those who use the forum to navigate to their favorite threads, I can offer two suggestions:

    1) Use the "New Posts" link under the "Home" button in the menu area to see all of the most recent posts (this is what I do personally).

    2) Click on the "Quick Links" link on the same menu, and in the drop down list you'll see a link to all of the threads you have created, and all of the posts you have made. From there you should also be able to find threads you have participated in, no matter what forum they are in.

    I apologize for threads being moved around but the idea is that in the long run this will actually make it easier for people to find threads, because they will actually be in forums that reflect their content, rather than scattered around haphazardly as many threads are (especially in the General Discussion forum).
    You can't pull the wool over my eyes and it is very obvious why and where you moved this thread. Seems Chris Thomas' work was getting way too much attention on this forum. While I think it is a disgrace I still thank you for at least not deleting it.

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    Quote Originally posted by Anastasia View Post
    You can't pull the wool over my eyes and it is very obvious why and where you moved this thread. Seems Chris Thomas' work was getting way too much attention on this forum. While I think it is a disgrace I still thank you for at least not deleting it.
    Well you are entitled to your opinion but for what it's worth I have never really paid attention to the guy or really looked at any of this stuff up until now. The threads can still be found, they're just in a forum that makes more sense than where they were before.

    Also, Herbert has expressed a concern that I believe is legitimate, that having "Mythology & Alternative History" threads grouped together may send the wrong message to people who are interested in ongoing re-evaluations of conventional historical narratives. If this is part of the problem here then we can talk about that as well.

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    Quote Originally posted by Anastasia View Post
    You can't pull the wool over my eyes and it is very obvious why and where you moved this thread. Seems Chris Thomas' work was getting way too much attention on this forum. While I think it is a disgrace I still thank you for at least not deleting it.
    Your allegation is completely unwarranted and perilously close to full-blown paranoia, Anastasia. It was my colleague bsbray who moved over this particular thread here, but I myself was the one who moved over all the other Chris Thomas threads which I've listed above, and it has nothing, zero, zilch, nada to do with any conspiracy against Chris Thomas and his material, but everything to do with putting some order back into this forum, so that the forum becomes easier to navigate for our members, and easier to maintain for us in the staff room.

    Anyway, I have provided you with the links to where you can find the other Chris Thomas-related threads, and you will find them all unscathed. If we were trying to obfuscate the Chris Thomas material for whatever crazy reason, then we wouldn't even allow you to post it. As much as I have my own thoughts about Chris Thomas' claims, I respect the man for trying to make a difference for the better, and we respect all of our members in their respective belief systems. One of my dearest friends is a Chris Thomas fan, even -- she's a member here under the name FireHorse, and she has a birthday coming up in two days, by the way.

    No outside influence is ever going to forbid our members from discussing anybody's material here, so long as it's all within the scope of the Forum Rules and within the spirit of why The One founded this forum.

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    Does anyone know the answers to the questions I asked?
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    Here are Sandra's questions again for anyone familiar with the material here to answer:

    Quote Originally posted by Sandra View Post
    1. This Universe is about 15 billion years old. What was before that time? What had been going on before this Universe was created? If the Universe was created, where the Creator had been living before that happened and what it had been doing?
    2. Is the so called Jeti being actually the Cro-Magnon being?
    3. Did carnivore animals kill other animals for food (as they usually do now) in the time of Atlantis? Has the food chain as we know it existed since the beginning?
    4. If all the animals are the creation of the Earth, why does she allow humans to enslave, torture, kill/eat them, do horrific experiments on them without their (animals') consent? A horse doesn't want to be ridden or to pull a wagon! They are bitten and forced to do that/to obey.
    5. What do a problem with heels (heel thorn) and hypochondria mean as HS messages?
    6. Why would one be afraid of chemtrails, HAARP, GMOs,...if that's not what one's HS and incarnated self want? How can one be affected if one doesn't want that?
    7. In 'Planet Earth - Universe's Experiment', on page 9, CT says: "The first phase of this universe choice lasted 395 000 million years and its choice was to start again." Now, I do not have all the CT's books, so I don't have all the information. What does it mean " start again."? Was there the first attempt of the creation of the Universe, and if there was, what happened?
    8. CT agrees that there are/were pyramids on Mars. If that's true, were the beings that Mars created so advanced that they knew how to make pyramids. Why weren't they used by non-physical beings as body model then?
    9. If there are beings/people on this world who want to harm the Earth and they use they free will to help the Velon, so those Velon cannot be removed because of that, why does the Earth allow those people to stay here?
    10. What do non-physical beings do when they are not on Earth? What's life like up there?

    Thanks in advance!

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    11. I have one more question that I forgot to ask. If you know and if you'd be so kind to tell. Eight thousand years ago the majority of souls present on Earth left in order to discuss and arrange a new way of leaving. So, seven thousand years ago, HP began. If the way we come here is through a birthing process, who gave birth to the first arrivals back then?

    When we left the planet to consult with our higher selves, 10% of the population volunteered to stay behind for tending to the crops and the animals. The birthing process had fully taken hold by 12,000 years ago and most of the primate/humans had become humans after 3 generations with their consent. So 10% of the population was here for birthing the new template of a split soul. We were already accustomed to splitting the soul because of the birthing of children where the whole soul has not entered the physical body until the late teens.

    The only change was that the soul would remain split throughout each incarnation for the next 7,000 years so that past life memories were forgotten and not available during the lifetime. You may wonder how long it would take for us to reincarnate given only 10% of our original population was here to give birth. But you have to remember that our current birthrate of 1 or 2 children per family is an anomaly. My own grandparents, great grandparents and great, great grandparents had an average of 10 to 12 children. It is only in this past 100 years of "modern" society that birthrates have dropped. So it would only take about 3 generations to replenish the human population after the exit.

    My first thoughts on this subject were how much work it must have been to bury all the corpses when the great die-off took place. Scientists have mistakenly attributed this die-off to destruction by meteors hitting the Earth. The Akashic does not record any such destruction. It was simply a choice made by the human population to leave for 1000 years in order to work out a plan, The Human Plan, for solving the problem of the loss of our higher abilities.

    I copied the question and Herbert's answer. Thank you, Herbert for your kind and tireless work.

    bsbray, thank you for your help as well.

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    Quote Originally posted by Sandra View Post
    Does anyone know the answers to the questions I asked?
    Sandra I don't recall answers to some of your questions in CT's work. Great questions though and some I have contemplated myself like what are we before we are created as souls in this universe? Herb did answer some of your questions on page 7.

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    Anastasia, I've read Herbert's answers. Thank you! Yes, we are the souls who search for the truth. I personally, long to find out the real truth about all the history. The deeper the past the better (the sign of cancer is like that). When I discovered CT I felt his words to be as close to the truth as one can get. Also, the giveaway is a tool which I found very powerful.

    I can only guess some kind of an answer to your question - if we are created/embodied entities, we are the expressions of the creator and we return to the source at some point, then we must have been and still are that energy. Always and forever. I am very interested to know what was before this Universe. Something must have been!
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    Herb, I have searched and cannot find CT's essay on DNA and how the soul builds it's human body. If you have it can you post it as a new topic so it is easy to find? Thank you in advance. Maybe not an essay and is from one of his books? If you guide me I will take the time to post it. I also want to post the physical process of integration from Planet Earth. Will do it soon.

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    Quote Originally posted by sandra View Post
    a huge thank you!

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    Here is the entire essay in an easy to read format


    DNA – 2, 12, or 13 Strands


    We are all aware of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) but very few of us actually know what it does in the cell structures of the body.

    Medically; it is described as:
    “The very long molecule that winds up to form a chromosome and that contains the complete code for the automatic construction of the body. The molecule has a double helix skeleton of alternating sugars (deoxyribose) and phosphates...”

    But this is far from being the whole story.

    In recent years, we have seen an increase in the number of workshops being offered, sometimes at considerable expense, to help people raise their number of DNA strands from the traditional two to twelve.

    So what is the benefit of changing our DNA in this way? Is it a benefit, or even desirable, to change the coding “for the automatic construction of the body”?

    To understand these questions, we first must understand what DNA actually is.

    The Construction of the Human Body

    We are used to hearing from scientists that the body is a collection of cells which seem to follow some sort of pattern in which DNA plays a part and, somewhere or other, we have a consciousness.

    From a religious viewpoint, we are told that we are a body that has, somewhere or other, a soul.

    The terms “consciousness” and “soul” meaning very much the same thing but are used separately to differentiate between the scientific view and the religious view.
    Most people believe that we are a body that has a soul (consciousness) but are unsure of where that soul is.

    The reality is that we are a soul that builds for itself a body – not a body that has a soul but a soul that has a body.

    In order for the soul to take on a physical body, it borrows the “etheric template” of a human body, makes a copy and begins to build the body inside the womb.

    When the father’s sperm meets the mother’s egg, an automatic process is begun that is a function of the fertilisation process – the soul does not connect at this stage – all that really happens is that the egg begins to divide.

    From both parents, the new foetus “borrows” some aspects of both parent’s DNA. These are basic characteristics such as skin colour and hair colour; no more than that, everything else about the foetus is determined by the soul of the incoming child.

    After about 800 cell divisions, the soul of the foetus makes its first connection to the growing bundle of dividing cells. At this stage, the soul is not connected to the cells but begins to imprint the etheric template. After about 16 days, the soul’s connection to the foetus begins to strengthen and it is at this stage that DNA begins to play its role.

    At this stage in a foetus’s development, DNA breaks down into 2 separate parts:

    75 per cent of the total DNA is the storage of memories from past lives. If an experience in a past life needs to be resolved within the body during this lifetime, then the memories of that past life trauma are added at this point. These memories can take the form of a disability, such as a missing limb; or they can be as a result of the past life event imprinted into the body for this life. For example, if a previous life ended by your being shot to death, the memory of the bullet wounds can show themselves as moles on the skin.

    The remaining 25 per cent of the total DNA is needed to construct the physical tissues of the body around the etheric template. As the foetus grows, this percentage gradually drops until, at birth, only about 10 per cent is needed to continue the body’s development. At puberty, when the body has effectively stopped growing, the percentage drops to about 3 per cent. This 3 per cent is the amount of DNA that keeps the body functioning for the remainder of its life.

    When doctors claim that they have worked out how DNA works, it is this 3 per cent of which they speak whilst claiming that the remaining 97 per cent is “junk”.

    However, from puberty onwards, the function of DNA breaks down like this:

    75 per cent is the storage of past life memories.
    3 per cent maintains the body’s physical processes.
    22 per cent records memories of the events that take place in this lifetime.

    Physical memories are only stored in the brain for very short term periods – only a couple of years at most. Long term memory is stored within the DNA. This is the reason why the elderly can remember very little of their recent lives but can remember their earlier life in great detail. As the cell structures of the brain begin to break down as we become older, much of the short term memory is lost whereas the long term, DNA, memory is fully intact and becomes easier for the elderly to access these memories as their brain cells become less efficient.
    This is the actual make up of DNA – it is principally memory.

    The Higher Self and the Physical Self

    Human Being is defined, by the Earth, as a physical being that contains the whole of the soul. When we first came to Atlantis, this is the state in which humans were.

    However, we encountered problems and, eventually, decided to divide the soul into two parts. The soul was to be divided into the “physical self” – about 25 per cent of the total soul and the “higher self” – the remaining 75 per cent of the soul. This division took place about 7,000 years ago and we have been in this divided state ever since (see Synthesis).

    However, we set ourselves a time limit of 7,000 years to find a way to re-merge the two aspects of the soul back into the physical body. This is the process we are currently undergoing.

    To understand what this means, we need to take a further look at the body/soul connection.

    As can be seen from earlier, the soul begins to make a very tentative connection with the growing foetus at about 800 cell divisions following egg fertilisation. The connection of the soul to the developing foetus remains limited until about 16 weeks into the pregnancy. As the foetus develops in the womb, all of the past life memories or disabilities are incorporated. After about 16 weeks, the soul decides whether all of the memories to be incorporated into the foetus have worked correctly. If they have not incorporated correctly, the foetus is miscarried. If incorporated correctly, the soul begins to draw itself into the body.

    This drawing into the body by the soul has three stages:

    At about 16 weeks, the foetus is given life and begins to respond to the mother.
    At birth, or just before, enough of the soul is drawn into the body to be independent of the mother.
    At puberty, the final piece of the soul, that is to be incorporated into the body for this lifetime, is drawn in.

    The soul is not located in a particular region of the body; the soul infuses every single body cell. The body takes the shape of the soul and the soul inhabits the body. Or at least, the “physical aspect” of the soul inhabits the body; the “higher aspect”, or higher self, remains outside of the physical body but very closely connected with it.

    However, in this lifetime, we are re-writing the rules.

    Between now and the end of 2012, we are undergoing a process whereby we are drawing the higher self into the body – soul re-integration – and this process has repercussions for our DNA.

    [please note interferences by the Velon race with human activity have meant Earth has prolonged indefinitely the period leading up to full soul integration so that more humans have time to prepare through their own inner clearings of emotional blocks]

    Changes to DNA

    As noted above, we are used to having two strands to the DNA helix. This is because we have been living a series of lifetimes in order to learn how to bring the whole soul back into the body – The Human Plan.

    The Human Plan has been worked with for the past 7,000 years by every soul who has decided to take on a physical body on Earth.

    In order to carry out this Plan, we have experienced everything that there is to experience whilst living on Earth in a physical body.

    As we have undergone each experience, we have stored those experiences as memories in the 22 per cent of our DNA designed to so do. As we have completed each lifetime, we have reviewed our memories, with our higher selves, and transferred the important or relevant memories into the 75% of our DNA that stores our memories of our past lives.

    By the time we moved on to our next life, we kept the past life memories but wiped clean the 22 per cent needed for our new life time. As we move forwards into soul reintegration, and incorporate the higher aspect of the soul, we need to make room for the memories that the higher aspect has stored. These additional memories are everything that has ever happened to us since we were first Created. These are all of the memories of the times before we came to Earth and took on a physical body as well as all of the memories of the times between physical lifetimes.

    Incorporating these “higher” memories into the physical body requires a huge amount of additional physical memory storage.

    In other words, we need to build more strands to our DNA.

    Over the past twenty years or so, there have been an increasing number of articles in medical journals warning that many children are now being born with a “mutation”.
    This mutation is seen in children being born with anything up to five strands to their DNA helix.

    Given the moronic level of understanding of the scientific community, they do not see this change to our DNA as being positive and a natural progression but rather as a genetic mutation that will wipe out the human race.

    Most people will know these children with the additional DNA as “Indigo Children”, “Star Children” or “Rainbow Children”.

    What makes these children so special is that they are being born with a higher percentage of their souls already incorporated into their bodies. They are here to show us that change on this scale is “normal”.

    What the scientists see as a “dangerous” mutation to their DNA is in fact a child born with a greater knowledge of itself, its origins and its past lives - an extremely positive step.

    As far as those of us who were born with two strands to our DNA spiral, and are in the process of undergoing soul re-integration, are concerned, the picture is a little different. As we begin to incorporate more of our higher selves in to the physical body, we begin to download the memories the higher self holds. As we download these memories, our DNA naturally begins to expand.

    The more of our higher selves we incorporate, the more memories we can access and the more strands to our DNA we build. It is a natural process and cannot be forced. We cannot build more strands to our DNA without bringing in more of the soul.

    This is why these workshops that promise to teach you how to build up to 12 strands to your DNA are a sham. You cannot build more DNA without bringing in more of the soul and you can only bring in more of the soul when you are ready and it is your higher self who will determine when you are ready.

    It makes no difference how many meditations you do, if your higher self believes that you are not yet ready then you cannot change and you cannot build more DNA.

    The reason for these DNA expanding workshops and therapies is that there is an agenda behind them and the agenda is not helpful to you or to humanity – see later.

    So how many strands of DNA will we eventually build?

    When we were on Atlantis, and incorporated the whole of the soul within the physical body, we had our full compliment of DNA memories intact. This full-memory DNA amounted to 13 strands to the DNA helix.

    It is extremely unlikely that those of us who are currently undergoing the process of soul re-integration will be able to build the full complement of 13 strands. It is more likely that we will achieve a total of 12 strands. This situation of being 1 strand short of the optimum is not a failing on our part. Neither does it mean that we will not have incorporated the whole of the soul.

    The reason is to do with our physical natures.

    On Atlantis, we had the whole soul within the body which meant that our bodies were much lighter in physical density than we have been used to for the past 7,000 years. During the past 7,000 years of The Human Plan, we have become much more physically dense than we planned – this has been to do with the energies of the Earth and not a failing on our part.

    However, because of this increase in physical density, we will not be able to raise the body’s frequencies sufficiently high enough to be returned to the lightness of density we were on Atlantis.

    Remember, this is not a failing on our part, just a consequence of our physical lives.

    Many of the “Indigo Children” will be able to achieve the full complement of 13 strands but this is because they planned their lives that way. Those who are born after we have completed our soul re-integration will also have the full 13 strands.

    But for those of us who have fought the battle to find our answers and bring us to the point where soul re-integration is achievable, the “war wounds” of our journey mean that we are only likely to achieve 12 strands. The missing strand should be seen as “battle honours” and not a failing.

    A Hidden Agenda

    In 2005, the scientific world announced in a fanfare of headlines that they had succeeded in mapping the whole of the human genome. A task so monumental that it had taken three years to complete by numerous laboratories around the world and was the first step in science eradicating all human illness.


    Most of us are familiar with the American television series CSI – Crime Scene Investigators which, every week, tells us that each individual has a unique DNA. DNA evidence is accepted by every criminal court in the world as the absolute proof of someone’s guilt of committing a crime.

    So how can the mapping one person’s DNA provide the key to all of humanity’s illness?

    Answer – it doesn’t.

    As we saw above, 97 per cent of our adult DNA is memory and each of the memories stored are unique to that individual; so the mapping of one person’s DNA only tells them about that one person – even if they could understand what it was they were looking at. So apart from this “minor” detail, there are two other reasons why the Genome Project was not for the benefit of mankind.

    The first is to do with the reasons for the Genome Project in the first place and the second is to do with the actual body cell and DNA that was mapped.

    The Genome Project

    We have been led to believe that our genes control everything that happens within the body and if the whole genome could be understood, all illnesses could be eradicated, our lives would be magnificently enhanced and we would live for ever.

    But where did this concept of the genes originate?

    The Genome Project was the pinnacle of research that has been underway since the mid 1800’s only, when the research was started; it had a different name – Eugenics.

    In simple terms, Eugenics is about creating a “master race” of humans – the “Aryan Race”.

    Aryan’s are tall, blonde and white skinned, all other skin and hair colours were considered to be inferior, undesirable and to be removed from the human race. If you were tall, white and blonde, your place on Earth would be assured all other people would be killed or, by selective breeding, their traits would be removed from the human race.

    Two countries embraced the concepts of Eugenics more than any others and they were America and Germany.

    Although the American Eugenics Society was the most powerful mover in their search for the master race, all other countries had influential people who were, if not fully supportive, did not object to the ideals; very quietly, where America led with Eugenic research, the “elite” of all other countries supported them.

    So why is it that the human master race is personified by tall, blonde “Nordics”?

    To answer this question, we need to look at the work of Zecharia Sitchin.

    The Annunaki

    For a more complete explanation of what follows, see Project Human Extinction and The Annunaki Plan? or the Human Plan?

    Zecharia Sitchin was an expert in ancient Sumerian writing known as cuneiform writing.

    Over the years, archaeologists have unearthed a huge number of clay tablets in the region of ancient Sumeria – modern day Iraq and Iran.
    Sitchin became interested in one of the stories that was told on some of these clay tablets.

    A very brief outline of Sitchin’s translations is this:

    A rogue planet entered our solar system on a 3,600 year orbit. On its first pass through our solar system, it caused a great deal of damage to the existing planets and also became trapped by the sun’s gravity field and joined the other planets within the solar system. This planet is known as Nibiru. The inhabitants of Nibiru are a race of beings who call themselves Annunaki.

    Following the first few disastrous orbits through our solar system, the Annunaki realised that they had a problem with their atmosphere and in order to repair the damage, they needed large quantities of gold. They searched through the planets of our solar system and discovered that the Earth contained more gold deposits than any other planet. Following this discovery, the Annunaki came to Earth and began extracting gold from sea water. They soon realised that there was not enough gold in sea water to meet their requirements and so built gold mines.

    After a period of time, those Annunaki who were mining the gold, began to complain about the hard work involved and insisted that something be done about it. Those in charge of the Annunaki on Earth, known as Enki and Enlil, set about creating a new form of life that could be used as slave labour in the gold mines. Enki takes overall charge of the slave project and sets about blending Annunaki DNA with the DNA of one of the early human forms – probably Homo erectus. Eventually, Enki is successful and creates a short; dark skinned being who the Annunaki call adamu and sets them to work in the gold mines. The adamu prove to be very successful at their task and gold production increases.

    In the meantime, some of the Annunaki find the adamu females very attractive and mate with them. This mating produces an Annunaki hybrid that is more like the Annunaki in appearance – tall, blonde Nordics. By mating in this way, a racial conflict begins to arise as the hybrid adamu/Annunaki feel that they are above the dark skinned adamu and should hold equal status and equal rights with the Annunaki – their “creator gods”.

    There is much more to the story than we have room for here and Sitchin insists that the Annunaki/adamu story is the basis of the Old Testament.

    As can be seen from this very brief summary of the Annunaki fantasy story, the basic concepts behind Eugenics originates in the idea of short, dark people being inferior humans only fit to be slaves; whereas those who are tall, blonde and Nordic are made in their god’s image and are far superior.

    So how did a 5,000 year old story become the ideal human sought by scientists?

    The answer lies with the Illuminati – again, see Project Human Extinction for a fuller explanation than we have room for here.

    The Illuminati

    There is only one truth in the Annunaki story and that is that the Annunaki have visited Earth.

    The Annunaki are one of six races that are part of a race the Akashic records as the Velon.

    The Velon originate in a galaxy that is 33 galaxies distant from ours. The six races call themselves: Annunaki, Hathor, Oa, Mila, Jjundaa and Johnaan.

    As a race, the Velon kept themselves very much to themselves and remained within their home galaxy.

    About 1,000 years ago, they discovered an energy flow that was just outside of their galaxy and that energy flow led them to Earth.

    For an unknown reason, the Velon began to see themselves as “god’s chosen people” and that they should live on “god’s chosen planet” which was Earth. Again there is very much more to this story than we have room for here but, ultimately, the Velon teamed up with Amschel Rothschild and became the Illuminati.

    Since 1776, when the Illuminati were formed, the Velon have been in control whilst the Annunaki have virtually taken control of every aspect of life on Earth.

    The Annunaki story claiming that they were humanity’s creator gods has been a fundamental part of the Illuminati’s thinking. As each “elite” group has been taken over by the Illuminati, the Annunaki story has taken on greater prominence and has been adopted and believed by more and more people and has, gradually, become a very firm belief of all of the elite who are under Illuminati control.

    But is there any truth in the Annunaki fantasy story? No.

    The Annunaki story is the blending together of the history of the Velon solar system and some of the experiences of a small group of humans. A very brief explanation follows. For more details of this explanation, see The Annunaki Plan? or the Human Plan?

    Modern humans did not originate in Africa; Australo Pithicus Afarensis (Lucy) is not a direct ancestor.

    Modern humans (Cro-Magnon man) [In their pre-human form prior to the evolutionary upgrades we performed on Atlantis beginning 85,000 years ago] appeared on Earth about 3.6 million years ago and were present in all regions of the planet.

    One group that have had an influence on human written history lived in a region of northern Iraq and southern Turkey. In this region is the ancient city of Ur of the Chaldeas where the biblical figure of Abraham lived. Abraham is often known as the father of the three major religions and this is why some aspects of the Annunaki story relate to human life.

    Near to the city of Ur is an ancient site known as Gobekli Tepe. This site is currently being excavated and archaeologists consider it to be the oldest human building dating back 14,000 years. Originally, the local inhabitants called this region Eden.

    The people who lived in this region were hunter gatherers who were invaded by a group of people who came from “the north”. These northern invaders were much bigger, stronger and more aggressive than the locals.

    These northerners were probably some variation on an early human prototype known as Gigantopithicus and were tall with blond hair and a fair skin – tall blonde Nordics.

    These northern invaders took over the local people and forced them into slavery. They also mated with the local women producing a pale skinned hybrid.

    Eventually, the local people attacked the northern invaders and killed all of them.

    Following this massacre, the people of Eden moved south into Sumeria and Egypt, taking the story of their experiences with them.

    What the Annunaki have done, in putting together their fantasy story, is to blend together the experiences of those who originally lived in Eden and their own solar system history to create the story laid down in cuneiform writing on clay tablets and translated by Zecharia Sitchin.

    In other words, there is no factual basis behind the Annunaki story. The Annunaki are not our creator gods, humans are not a slave race and all of the wonderful variations in skin and hair colour that exists amongst humans is perfectly natural. All humans are equal – nobody is lesser than another.

    Nevertheless, the Illuminati believe the Annunaki fantasy and see the Aryan form as being superior to all other hair and skin colours – the origin of Eugenics and the reason for the Genome Project.


    Despite these beliefs in the Annunaki being humanity’s creator gods, the Velon/Annunaki have been unable to prove their claims. They have tried mating with human females and failed and they have tried building a new form of human from scratch and failed. Because of these failures, they persuaded the Illuminati to begin their Eugenics project.

    This project was a combination of racial cleansing – think of all the experiments carried out on black prisoners and black hospital patients carried out in America and you will have some idea of the scale of what the Illuminati attempted.

    However, not all such experiments were carried out in America; the most direct human experiments were carried out in Germany between the two world wars. When Adolph Hitler came to power, these experiments were extended into the concentration camps.

    With the end of WW2, and the world realised the horrors that the concentration camps held, there was a realisation amongst the Illuminati that if they were to continue with the Velon/Annunaki wishes, they needed to distance themselves away from Hitler’s atrocities.

    In order to create distance, they changed the name from Eugenics to Genetics. Genetics is described as the study of all living things on a DNA level. However, the real reason for genetic research is, ultimately, to build a new master race that the Velon/ Annunaki can use as slaves.

    Scientists understand very little about the structures and functions of DNA; after all, they believe 97 per cent of DNA to be “junk”.

    Science began their research into DNA by starting with simple insects and vegetables. As they have progressed through their experiments, the results of their meddling with DNA have produced Genetically Modified Foods, mainly vegetables, and the cloning of some animals. More recently, they have begun to develop methods of manipulation that are known as Nano-technology – this is where atoms are moved around within molecules to alter the basic structure of virtually anything.

    In more recent years, these atomic manipulation techniques have resulted in the creation of bacteria that have been built from scratch. In other words, scientists have created new life in their laboratories.

    Attempts have been made to create alterations to the DNA of all species, including man, and this is what the Genome Project has really been about – how to build a new form of human in a laboratory.

    Fortunately, there are two problems with working on human cells when they are no longer in a live body.

    The first is that it has proven impossible to keep human cells alive for more than a few days, in a growth culture, once they are detached from the body. The reason for this is that every single body cell is infused with the energy of the soul. Once body cells are removed from the body, the soul is no longer in contact with them. When this happens, the cell cannot survive without the soul’s energies and the cells die.

    The second reason is to do with the way in which DNA works.

    When a cell is approaching the end of its life, it reproduces an exact copy of itself, including the DNA it contains. During the course of a lifetime, each cell copies itself many, many times. However, there is a limit to how many times DNA can be copied as there is a “copy limit” built into the DNA structure. This copy limit is known as telomeres and is a sequence attached to each chromosome. These sequences set a limit to how many times a cell, and the DNA it contains, can copy itself – a kind of built in lifespan which cannot be extended or changed. So even if cells could be kept alive outside of the body, they would still quickly die as the telomeres cannot be overcome.

    In addition to all of this, there is another peculiar circumstance that has effectively destroyed every attempt to study and map human body cells and DNA effectively.

    HeLa Cells

    Given the impossibility of keeping human body cells alive once they have been removed from the body, scientists were astonished when they found one set of human cells that are capable of replicating themselves to an infinite degree and they never die.

    For all people who believe that one individual is not capable of making a difference, read on because this lady has single-handedly stopped the Velon/Annunaki/Illuminati plans for building a new human slave race in its tracks.

    The term HeLa derives from the first two letters of the first and last names of a lady called Henrietta Lacks.

    Henrietta was born in Roanoke, Virginia in America on the 18th August 1920. She was descended from a slave family and lived in very poor living conditions. Despite this background she seems to have been a very happy and generous woman who was loved by all who knew her.

    In February of 1951, she was diagnosed as suffering from cervical cancer. Unfortunately for Henrietta, cancer treatment at the time was even more barbaric than it is today.

    As part of her diagnosis, two samples were surgically removed from her cervix – one of healthy, non-cancerous cells and one of the cancer cells.

    The healthy cells were put into a growth medium but they died after a couple of days. The cancer cells, however, did something very different.

    Henrietta had the standard treatment for cancer that was available at the time. A vial of radium was sewn into her cervix and left there for a number of days. She also received a large number of x-ray treatments. The combination of these two treatments meant that the skin of her abdomen was burnt black and “crispy” and her body became riddled with new cancer growths.

    Because of these treatments, Henrietta Lacks died on the 4th of October 1951, seven months following her diagnosis.

    (If you wish to know more about Henrietta Lacks’ remarkable story see: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot published by Pan Macmillan, London 2010. ISBN 978-0-330-53344-7)

    Her cells, however, live on to this day.

    When Henrietta’s cells were put into growth culture, they grew and then they continued to grow. Because of this unique ability, every single laboratory that carries out research into human cells and DNA use HeLa cells as the basis for their research.

    The biggest problem with HeLa cells is that they will not stop growing and, in addition, they appear to have become capable of travelling through the air. If a laboratory has used HeLa cells, then everything within the laboratory becomes contaminated with them. The only way of getting rid of them would be to demolish the laboratory, build a new one and start again and even then lack of contamination cannot be guaranteed as virtually all cell stocks and growth mediums are also contaminated world-wide.

    The repercussions for Eugenics and Genetic research is horrendous because no laboratory is “clean”, they are all contaminated by HeLa cells.

    So, is contamination by HeLa cells so bad?

    Well, look at it this way. The whole purpose of Eugenics, Genetics and the Genome Project is to build a new master race of tall, white, blonde people. Henrietta was short, black and a woman who had cancer; hardly the ideal from which to model the new master race as far as the Velon/Annunaki/Illuminati are concerned.

    By Henrietta’s soul modifying the cells that were removed from her, she has single-handedly destroyed the plans of the Geneticists and rendered all research into the human genome as void.

    You see, the cell from which the DNA was removed for mapping for the Genome Project was a HeLa cell and nobody realised it at the time. The Genome Project has been rendered totally useless and the plans of the Velon/ Annunaki/Illuminati have been stopped totally and, because of the contamination of laboratories, the Genome Project cannot be carried out again – ever.

    So the author bows his head to Henrietta Lacks in thanks for her sacrifice; the human race owes you a debt of gratitude for your foresight and willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice on our behalf.


    All of this means that the plans of the Velon/ Annunaki/Illuminati failed and failed spectacularly.

    In addition to this failure, the whole of the genome concept was thrown into disarray when, a few days after the completion of the Genome Project was announced, a young genetic researcher made another discovery that was to cause even more problems for scientists.

    This young geneticist had been working to help a patient who had been diagnosed with a “genetic illness”. Analysis of the patient’s DNA had shown up a “defect” on a particular chromosome that was believed to be responsible for the patient’s physical symptoms. What the geneticist was attempting to do was to isolate the chromosome and see if it was possible to correct it.

    In the meantime, the patient was receiving the usual drug treatments but was also having a physical therapy as well. Following a crisis in the patient’s family life where he had to take strong and immediate action, it was found that the chromosome had built a “patch” over the damaged area which removed the symptoms of illness.

    This meant that the Human Genome Project had also failed on this level as using one person’s genes to create this map meant that the kinds of chromosomal defect this patient had would not have been shown up on their gene “map” and would not have been of any value in diagnosis or treatment of the patient’s problems.


    This “discovery” has opened up an entirely new direction of genetic research known as “Epi-genetics” – the prefix “epi” means “beyond”.

    For those who understand the concepts of DNA being 97 per cent memory, the patient being able to heal himself of a so-called genetic illness, should come as no surprise.

    The “genetic” problem should be seen as a past life problem that was unresolved.

    When the patient’s soul “downloaded” the patient’s past life memories, this unresolved issue was transferred to this lifetime where the patient’s higher self would place the patient into a situation where, by resolving what was occurring in this life time, the patient would also resolve the past life situation.

    Remember, 75 per cent of all DNA is past life memory making “genetic illnesses”, chromosomal damage, an unresolved issue from a previous life. By following his higher self’s guidance in this lifetime, by resolving his family crisis, he completed the task left unfinished from that previous life. By doing this successfully, the past life memory was switched off and the symptoms of illness caused by those memories disappeared.

    This is how all illnesses are cured. If you listen to the promptings of your higher self and fully resolve the situation you find yourself in, ALL symptoms of illness will be cured and not return (see Everything You Always Wanted to Know... and The Sequel to Everything).

    This situation with the Genome Project and the realisation that genes can be repaired by positive action left the Velon/Annunaki/ Illuminati with a major problem.

    Instead of the Genome Project moving their ideal of building an Aryan super race forwards, they were unable to move forwards and a total rethink of their situation was required.

    The Velon then came up with a new solution – DNA used directly from “donors”.

    The Stealing of Memories

    This returns us to the start of this essay: is the promise of DNA cleansing or reconstruction beneficial?

    The Velon/Annunaki/Illuminati plans failed so the Velon looked for a new solution to how they could achieve their long-term goals of creating a slave race.

    They realised that using one person’s DNA was not the answer and so began a new approach where they would take someone’s DNA and try to construct a body around their memories.

    The Velon do have traditions within their own cultures of making use of genetics – see The Human Soul.

    The Velon have developed technology that is centred on the use of what they call “Me’s” (pronounced may). These Me’s are a little like our computer hard drives but can be considerably more complex than anything we have developed on Earth.

    For example: the Velon do not have children; they do not reproduce. The bodies of the Velon are, effectively, immortal and self re-generating. However, they do have a liking for children and see them as a necessary part of Velon culture. The way in which they generate children is this:

    An adult decides that he would like to totally regenerate his body and so “downloads” his soul into a Me. His body is recycled and not used again.

    The next stage is that the Me builds a new body but of child size – this is not truly a child’s body as we would understand it but an adult in miniature. Once the “child’s” body has been built, the Me then begins to download the soul into the new body. The soul of the person regenerating is in control at all times and so can programme the Me to build a new adult body or to generate a child’s body whose development can be halted at any stage.

    In this way, the individual Velon can remain at any age below adult for as long a period as he chooses.

    The Velon are a semi-physical race and their bodies are much less dense than ours. Their bodies are also, in many ways, considerably less complex than ours. For example: the Velon are 35 million years old. They can and do regenerate and build new bodies from time to time but the soul does not download memories into their DNA as we do on Earth.

    The semi-physical races have the whole of the soul within the body and the memories of their existence are held within the soul itself. They do not have a need for DNA as they do not need to store their memories anywhere else.

    The semi-physical races do have their version of DNA but it is more comparable with the 3 per cent humans need to run the body when adult.

    Because the Velon do not have experience of dealing with human DNA, they need examples from people in order to familiarise and programme their Me’s so that they can then go on to build their Aryan slave race.

    This is why there has been such an explosion of web sites offering workshops or therapies to either cleanse or expand your DNA – they are set up by the Velon to, for want of a better word, steal peoples’ DNA.

    So how do we know this is Velon?

    There are two answers to this question.

    The first is to do with the methods used by those who run these workshops.

    The second is to do with the process of soul re-integration.

    DNA Workshops

    To look at one of these web sites offering DNA cleansing chosen at random from the dozens available.

    There are key phrase that need to be looked out for:

    “5th dimensional technology”
    “Vacuum up soul memories”

    According to the Akashic, over at least the past 50 years, at least 90 per cent of ALL channelled material has originated from, or has been interfered with by, the Velon.

    If the DNA workshop you are considering going to advertises that the methods or technologies used are from channelled sources then those sources will have been the Velon.

    5th dimensional technology is a phrase that was originally channelled by the Velon.

    We are used to our 3 dimensional world (with time possibly being seen as a 4th dimension) that anything beyond the 3 dimensions is seen as being something good, something to be aspired to.

    The 3 dimensions we are used to are physical dimensions, usually expressed as length, depth and height. But when used in this sense, a dimension is not a physical measure but a measure of energy frequencies.

    By using the phrase “5th dimensional”, the Velon are attempting to fool us into believing that they are leading us to somewhere exotic.

    As a psychic surgeon, the author has explored the energetic nature of the human body for over thirty years and can state with confidence that the human body actually contains 13 dimensions. To state that someone will expand your consciousness to the 5th dimension means that they are raising your consciousness to about the level of your navel.

    The expression “vacuum up soul memories” tells you exactly what the workshop or therapy is up to – removing your DNA.

    To exist as a human being, we need our entire DNA as it contains all of the memories of who we are and what we have been. If we lose those memories, we lose our sense of self, our sense of identity, making it very much harder to undergo the process of soul re-integration – see below.

    Soul Re-integration

    Many people still seem to be under the impression that the only way in which we can develop further as a human is to leave the planet by moving to a 5th dimension and, somehow, a new Earth will be built for us in this 5th dimension.

    This is totally incorrect and is part of the Velon plans to remove humans off the planet so that the Velon can inhabit the Earth.

    To achieve our greater “enlightenment”, we must remain on Earth otherwise the last 85,000 years of human history would have been utterly pointless.
    So no, we are not going anywhere. We are not “Ascending” to a 5th or any other dimension not accessible on Earth.

    What we are doing is bringing the whole of the soul back into the physical body.
    It has taken us all of the 7,000 years of The Human Plan to work out how we achieve that and we are at the time where all of the lessons we have learned along the way are to be put into practice.

    In order to achieve soul re-integration, we need all of our memories intact. Everything that we have learned, individually and collectively, is stored in our DNA. If we do not have our entire DNA fully intact, all of our memories fully intact, then soul re-integration becomes impossible.

    However, our DNA does not contain ALL of our memories. Our physical DNA only contains the memories of our experiences whilst we are physical.

    The memories of our existence of the times when we were out of body and of the times of our existence before we came to Earth are stored within our higher selves.

    As we clear ourselves out of emotional debris, in preparation for full soul re-integration, we allow our higher self to begin entering the physical body. As the higher self begins to move in, it begins to download our personal non-physical memories and creates new DNA to store it.

    This is why the so-called Indigo Children have more DNA strands than the two we are used to – they have more of their memories already intact.

    As stated above, those of us who are living through the soul re-integration process will probably only be able to fully reconstruct 12 strands to our DNA – this is not a failing, just an aspect of the hard work we have done.

    The full compliment of DNA is 13 strands and those who are born after the end of 2012 will have all of those strands intact.

    However, it must be understood that there are no short cuts for our memory reconstruction. Nobody can take you through an exercise or a workshop or wave their hands over your head to give you 12 strands or 13 strands.

    Memory, DNA, reconstruction can only occur as your higher self re-integrates into your body. Without your higher self re-integrating, you cannot change your DNA and so the workshops etc. that offer the promise of DNA reconstruction are run by people who do not understand how the body and soul function or they have been misled by the Velon as the Velon “vacuums out” your DNA.

    Only the individual can bring themselves to a point where they can re-integrate their soul back into the body – there are no short cuts, no easy fixes. Only when your higher self thinks that you are ready can this process begin.

    Do Not Panic
    If you have attended any of these workshops or therapies offering either to clean out your DNA or to reconstruct 12 strands to your DNA, do not panic – there is an answer.
    Too many people want an easy answer to the kind of change we are undergoing and are prepared to try almost anything to avoid doing any work on themselves and so these kinds of workshops or therapies will always find people who are prepared to pay the fees and fall for the con.

    If you are one of these people, there is a way to undo any damage that has been done to you.

    What is needed is that you make as strong a connection with your higher self as is possible. This is best achieved by meditation – no workshops are needed for this, it is easily achieved by yourself.
    These meditations are printed in Synthesis – see author’s note.


    We are at a time of massive change. Nobody has ever stood where we are currently standing. The achievement of our long awaited goal of soul re-integration can only be achieved by each individual. There are no easy fixes and nobody can do it for you.

    But, we are not on our own; all we need to do is to fully connect with our higher self and listen to what our higher self has to say.

    The soul is not a hard task-master; your soul wants you to undergo soul-reintegration – this is why we are in physical form at this time. Everyone who is in a physical body can achieve this re-integration; nobody is excluded.

    It is not a difficult process, it just requires a little application and ensuring that your body has the correct nutrients to help it through and all will happen as it needs to in the time that it needs to.

    Trust the inner voices of your soul, your higher self.

    Author’s note
    The meditations mentioned are not included in this essay; to have done so would have been as bad as offering to do everything for you. Yes, it might sell more books but the royalties made from each book sale averages about 50p – hardly a way of getting rich quickly.

    The author has been working as a psychic and psychic surgeon for about 30 years. He has carried out extensive research into the workings of the body and diets and medical research as well as who and what is behind the New World Order and what their aims are during this 30 year period. He can access the Akashic at will.
    Learning our TRUE HISTORY is therapy for the human race.

    It is each person's responsibility to clear their body of emotional blocks (using the Giveaway, etc.) so that the process of higher self integration into your physical body can begin. Beliefs are fleeting during this period of change. It is wise to hold them lightly. Mind, Body and Spirit are becoming ONE

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    This is a follow-up presentation to Chris Thomas' essay on our changing DNA and how it is awakening us to who we really are.

    As our consciousness expands into the higher dimensions of awareness, we find that time speeds up and Earth responds by expanding her own energies physically.

    It is not gravity that holds us to the planet, it is consciousness which scientists have labelled electromagnetic energy.

    Souls attract and expand according to their dimensional energies.


    The higher self, the light body, edits our DNA all the time. Genes are not governed by on off switches, but more as dimmer switches.

    12 Strands of DNA – Our Spiritual Heritage

    By Kate A. Spreckley

    For years science has recognized that we have two active physical strands of DNA. We also have a further ten energetic DNA strands which have been dormant within the Human Being for many centuries. These dormant strands of DNA have been discovered by scientists, who not knowing the function of these strands, have identified them as ‘junk’ DNA.

    Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is a nucleic acid that contains all the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all known living things. The main role of DNA is the long-term storage of information. DNA is often compared to a set of blueprints since it contains the instructions needed to construct other components of cells.The DNA segments that carry genetic information are called genes, but other DNA sequences have structural purposes or are involved in regulating the use of genetic information.

    Our DNA is therefore our personal blueprint and as such contains all our mental, physical, emotional and Spiritual information.

    The original Human Being had 12 Strands [13 according to the Akashic] of DNA actively working and maintaining the full function of the Human as a Spiritual Being. With our over preoccupation with left brained thinking and the closing down of our heart centers, these ‘extra’ DNA strands have been lost. The consequences of this loss are that we live in a spiritually deficient society and our intuitive and healing abilities have been hugely reduced. It has also resulted in us only accessing and using a very small part of our brains.

    The human body is very valuable. It stores and holds a wealth of information, wisdom and knowledge on every aspect of ourselves, our world and all of life. Combinations of intelligence are stored within the Human and a great amount of data is stored inside the body. Inside our bodies are the formulas required to replicate other forms of intelligence throughout the Universe.

    At conception, we receive, from our two different bloodlines (our parents) certain matched and paired recessive genes. These genes hold light codes that give us the highest opportunity for accessing and developing our Spiritual abilities and for healing the damaged and wounded aspects of our Soul.

    At the same time these genes hold memories which have created blocks to our path to oneness and initiated our deep-rooted feelings of separation, separation from our true essence and our Creator. This memory of separation has forced us to created experiences and situations where we are given the opportunity to heal ourselves, our world and our separations.

    As a Soul we carefully picked and chose our parents and their bloodlines in order to facilitate experiences and situations that will enable us to heal ourselves. We have therefore handpicked our own DNA structures and the possible opportunities to activate and awaken further strands of DNA.
    The energy of our Earth is moving through major vibrational shifts and into higher levels of consciousness. As the Earth raises Her vibration, we as Human Beings are being given many opportunities to raise our vibration.

    This shift is being referred to as the Ascension [As Chris Thomas has pointed out, the term ‘Ascension’ originated with channelling ‘new age’ deceptions from the Velon. It is in fact reintegration of our higher selves into our physical bodies that we are experiencing] and there are many people around the world who are experiencing confusion and chaos in their worlds. Yet in this seeming chaos and confusion lie great opportunities for us to grow, expand and evolve.

    One of the most exciting aspects of our evolutionary process is the retooling of our DNA. Cosmic light encoded rays from our Creator have been coming into our Earth stimulating change and reordering our Human bodies. As the light encoded filaments are absorbed into our being our scattered DNA is being activated and reformed into new helixes or strands of DNA and being reordered into bundles.

    As this rebundling and reordering progresses we create a more evolved nervous system that facilitates new information and data to move into our consciousness. Many of our dormant brain cells are being awoken and we are being able to access our full body potential. As our bodies fill with more light so our memories are opened and we evolve as our DNA evolves into conscious Multidimensional Beings.

    Our 12 strands of DNA activate and connect to our 12 Chakra points, energy doorways through which we access our Spiritual heritage. The 12 strands of DNA serve as links through the 12 chakras to the energy web outside of our bodies. The 12 chakras act as energetic doorways into our body connecting us to the vital forces of existence. It is through opening and activating these portals of energy that we can begin to truly know ourselves.

    As all 12 strands of DNA are now forming, whatever issues we have not dealt with and peacefully cleared in our personal history, will create chaos. [This is where many people are finding the Giveaway or something like it is a valuable tool for clearing blocked energies to allow for a smoothly flowing energetic integration] Feelings and memories are emerging offering us an opportunity to experience the fabric of our being and revealing who we are through the events and beliefs that are intricately woven into us.

    Our task is to awaken, activate and unite all 12 creating the spinning of the 12. This spinning of the 12 strands of DNA and 12 chakra points will draw to us energies that will intermingle and move throughout our beings activating and awakening the many different aspects of ourselves. This will trigger new versions, understandings and meanings to all the events in our lives and our world.

    Our 12 chakras are collections of energy where events can emerge. They hold memory and identity and each corresponds to a strand of DNA. These 12 energy centers must be accessed from within where we can feel the data corresponding with and translating our experiences within the context of our minds.

    By opening our hearts and minds all the answers to the great mysteries will be found within. We are required to step out of our current belief systems and to create new belief systems as the mind is structured to evolve and form our experiences based on what we command. Our mind is not our master; we are the masters of our own minds. The mind is but a tool to be used to create reality and nothing more.

    By consciously working with the waves of energy and light moving into our Earth, we are able to realize and understand that the transformation of this planet is based upon the healing and power of our minds.

    Activating the full 12 DNA strands will create a connection between our human genetic coding and give us access to all knowledge and wisdom. This is the awareness and understanding of who we truly are.

    In activating all 12 strands of DNA we create an alignment within ourselves allowing us to gently shift into much higher vibrational levels and frequency of light, helping our ascension process by further awakening our human consciousness.


    Our DNA is mutating, no doubt about it. The old human species is evolving at a very high rate. We are regaining the lost DNA strands and we will consciously reconnect to the source. Nothing can and nothing will stop this process, because the Creation will make it manifest.

    Our mission is to accept the new energy that is being sent to us and help the Creation modify our physical bodies. Do not fight evolution! Accept and embrace it! We are shaping -as we speak- the new human race.

    “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality that you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is physics.” - Albert Einstein

    “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
    – Nikola Tesla

    The Spiritual Connection

    As scientific research has now proven, our DNA, shown on this page in the familiar double helix configuration, holds the genetic codes for your physical and emotional evolution. Still to be discovered by science is the fact that your DNA has a much greater purpose than simply being a blueprint for your body.

    The Genome Project decoded only approximately 3% of the total physical DNA. The remaining 97% was then termed “junk”, inferring it has no purpose. The truth is that the human body is extremely efficient and anything that is of no use becomes atrophied and is evolved out of existence within a few generations.

    If 97% of our DNA is junk, why do we still have it?

    That so-called “junk DNA” in your body contains all your history since you first incarnated onto this planet, many lifetimes ago. It’s where your Akashic record, the record of your Soul, resides.

    Our DNA has been called a living library because of the wealth of information stored on it.

    There are ten additional strands of DNA, or five double helix strands, which were disconnected or de-activated eons ago. Science has yet to discover these strands, although they have seen the shadows of them on their electronic microscopes.

    They call them “shadow DNA”. With 12 Strands of DNA activated, you have access to ten times the information available from your DNA.

    These additional strands encompass the following areas of your life:

    - Connection to God / Supreme Creator;

    – Inner vision, receiving messages from spiritual guidance;

    – Communication, both physical and spiritual;

    – Love, both human and Divine;

    – Physical Body;

    – Life force energy (Chi) and personal will;

    Signs of spiritual progress

    Thirst for clean water:

    The new intracellular electromagnetic connections in your body will naturally encourage you to drink more pure water. This results in a more pure body, free of toxins. Your body will be working with a greater number of electromagnetic connections and needs to be properly hydrated to ensure clear, strong communication between you and your spirit guides.

    Hunger for pure food:

    Your cravings for food will change effortlessly to that which is more pure and has a greater nutritional content, such as organic and raw foods. This process will be effortless, almost seeming to be automatic.

    Greater health:

    You’ll have a clearer, stronger connection to your body and will be able to communicate with and reprogram the DNA in every cell. Additionally, as you shift your eating and drinking habits to include healthier choices, your body will respond by having better health.

    Inner peace

    Greater energy:

    The increased number of electromagnetic connections within your body will enhance the natural flow of energy throughout all your physical systems.

    With Each Extra DNA Strand, One is Closer to the Creation

    Spiritual Guidance:

    A Perfect connection with the Creation. The activation of the each extra DNA strand is a reconnection to your true Divine Self.

    Connection to all living things:

    animals, devas, nature spirits, and Gaia herself.

    Connection to other dimensions:

    You’ll be able to connect with ease to higher dimensions for spiritual wisdom. You are a multidimensional being, residing in many dimensions other than this, the third dimension. What you call your Higher Self is often you, in another dimension.

    [Your physical body occupies 13 dimensions. Your higher self occupies an additional 39 dimensions. Making a total of 52 dimensions occupied by the physical body when you become Wholly Human, upon reintegration.]

    Human Energy Field and DNA – The Origin of Health

    In the Western world our doctors go through almost a decade of schooling, and in that time they become masters of human biology, anatomy, and physiology. They become adept at understanding disease, and diagnosing all forms of illness, yet in a large majority of cases, what is their prescription? Drugs or Surgery.

    All illness has a spiritual/energetic origin. When you do not cleanse your human energy field your energetic field becomes distorted, stagnant, and impure. It becomes extremely imbalanced and charged with low-energy vibrations which cause disease in mind, and spirit, and eventually in our bodies. But why?

    The reason why this occurs is because one of the major functions of our DNA is that it receives and transmits energy. This has been shown to be one of the major functions of ‘junk DNA’ (which make up about 95% of the human genome) which is what it was called before they understood what it was all about, but now it is beginning to be shown as the an essential component of our biology and DNA.

    One of the new discoveries in DNA as Bruce Lipton talks about is epigenetic control, which means literally “above-genetic” control. Thus the new understanding of DNA is that the genes which our DNA codes is dictated as a response to the environment. In essence we are in a perpetual process of adaptation, which means that we have the potential for continuous evolution in our environment, moreover, spontaneous evolution.

    More specifically, what is it that our DNA responds to in order to determine the nature of our environment? Our DNA does not have eyes, or ears, so it cannot see or hear what is going on. Instead it determines the environment by ‘reading’ the energy. It receives energetic signals from the environment and interacts directly with the information and codes encoded within the unified field, reads them, and then our DNA codes and/or activates the appropriate genes suitable for the environment we are in.

    What do you think happens to DNA when the human energy field is all polluted by negative energies? To answer this question, we have to look to water.

    Consciousness and Water

    Dr. Masaru Emoto from Japan for the last number of years has been doing some truly revolutionary work with water. What he is doing is researching the effects of human thought, emotion, and intention (directed attention) on the structure of water. (The source for this section is The Hidden Messages in Water by Dr. Masaru Emoto, and it is a truly enlightening book.)

    His tests involve him sending specific thoughts to water (or getting others to do so), and then he flash freezes that water so that he can take a look at the crystal formed, and examine the relationship between the energy/thought/emotion sent to the water, and the crystals that are formed as a result.

    Amazingly he found that when positive thoughts, energies, and words were directed to the water, they formed beautiful, highly coherent crystals.

    Whereas when negative, angry, or hateful thoughts and emotions were directed towards the water, or in some cases with words directly, he found that there was no more coherent structure, and that the crystals froze with no sacred geometrical pattern. In other words, there was no coherence.

    This work proves two things: (1) That our thoughts and emotions influence reality directly; and (2) That the type of energy matters.

    What is going on with these water crystals is that when an individual thinks a certain thought, speaks a certain word, or feels in a certain way, their energy is oscillating the human energy field which restructures the geometric patterns within space according to that energy.

    Then the frequency of our energy radiates throughout space (or it is transmitted non-locally – I truly have no idea) and it restructures the field in accordance with our energy, and this restructures the field – the space – around the water molecules because atoms are 99.9999% empty space.

    Then when the water is flash frozen, it freezes along the geometric pattern created in the space around its molecules by human thought, emotion, and intention.

    As we have seen from the images, the highest emotions of love, kindness, joy, and gratitude create highly coherent geometrical patterns in the field which creates crystals that are truly perfect, beautiful, and harmonic which resonate those emotions within us as we observe them.

    Negative energies on the other hand seem to distort the natural structure of the field, vibrating the field in a discordant fashion, which create crystals that radiate a sense of ugliness, imperfection, dis-coherence, and in essence, disease. If it is possible for water crystals to look sick, ill, and literally diseased, it is these ones.


    So if our bodies are 75% water, and if our genes are bio-oscillating crystalline structures which read and interpret energy, and if we are 99.999% space, then how do you think the energies within the human energy field are impacting our DNA, and most relevant of all, our health?

    As I said before, the latest, and possibly the cutting edge of genetic sciences is working with epi-genetic control, meaning that our DNA and the genes which are coded are determined by the energy of our environment. Well, what determines our environment?

    It is not what is out there which has the greatest impact, it is our perception of what is out there. In other words, what we believe, think, and feel to be true about our environment determines how we perceive our environment. So if we think the world is negative, it becomes negative to us. But the opposite is also true. If we live in a state of love, happiness, and inner peace, then we perceive our environment to be the same and thus what we attract is much different.

    The human energy field directly informs our DNA and is directly responsible for the genes coded, our health, any illness or disease which may appear in our body, and even our intelligence, memory, and ability to heal is directly affected. All aspects of our lives are determined by the quality of our consciousness.

    The Phantom DNA Effect

    Another important piece of evidence that helps us to understand really what is going on when our DNA interacts with the unified field and with consciousness is known as the Phantom DNA Effect. It was discovered by Dr. Peter Gariaev who put DNA in a tiny quartz container and zapped it with a mild laser. He then observed the DNA with equipment so sensitive it could detect a single photon. He found the DNA acted like a sponge, and absorbed the photons storing them in a cork-screw shaped spiral.

    After he finished his experiments he removed the quartz vial with the DNA in it and left. Yet to his utter amazement when he returned to his lab he discovered that the machines were still detecting the photons of light spiraling in the same cork-screw spiral as if the DNA was still present, even though he had removed it from the machine! The spiral was visibly for a further 30 days.

    (Source: p.160-163 of The Source Field Investigations by David Wilcock)

    What does this mean?

    I believe that we can safely make these deductions based off of the evidence at hand:

    1. The structure of the vacuum, the unified field, actually stores information, energy, and light, which in reality are all the same thing.

    2. This strongly suggests that the DNA molecule and structure is resonant with the structure of space-time. In other words its structure is somehow coherent as to cause the field to interact with it in this way once it is charged with energy, in this case a mild laser. Could it be the field responding with the codes necessary for the DNA molecule to adapt to its new environment?

    3. This process infers that to some degree the DNA molecule is like a biological computer chip, an interface between our biology and the unified field. It means that an interesting function of DNA is to store light (which is information), and that this structure leaves a particularly strong energetic imprint onto the fabric of space-time. Maybe even that the process of the DNA storing energy activated an energetic construct already present in the unified field.

    4. The evidence also suggests that there is communication going on between our DNA which stores energy/information/light, but it also seems that our DNA is not just informing the field and leaving an energetic imprint on the human energy field, but that the field is informing our DNA right back.

    As a continually growing body of information related to energetically driven evolution is suggesting, all the codes, imprints, and information may very well be stored directly in the energetic field which creation emanates from; in essence, within light itself.

    And when we are young or when our energetic fields are pure and unpolluted, our energy resonates most clearly with the universe in this state causing an unobstructed communication between our consciousness and universal consciousness, and between our DNA and the field. When this communication is undistributed, we become the epitome of mental, spiritual, and physical health.

    If our emotions were negative or incoherent, that would be disrupting the communication between the field and our DNA, and it is this above all which evidence is suggesting is the source of all disease.

    The field of intention, conscious awareness, energy, the universal mind, whatever you choose to call the infinite energy density of the vacuum, the fact remains that the energy of space all around us, is infinite. In other words, it is love, for that is the highest energy that we have a name for.

    As Masaru Emoto’s work shows, the more positive, loving, and compassionate the person’s energy, the higher the degree of coherence in the water crystals. Imagine what these positive energies do to our bodies which are 75% water, and imagine the effect of that highly coherent energy on our DNA.

    When we align with this energy, with our source, and thus with our higher self, we are embodying this energy which clears all the negativity and energetic disturbance within us manifesting health in mind, body, and spirit.
    Learning our TRUE HISTORY is therapy for the human race.

    It is each person's responsibility to clear their body of emotional blocks (using the Giveaway, etc.) so that the process of higher self integration into your physical body can begin. Beliefs are fleeting during this period of change. It is wise to hold them lightly. Mind, Body and Spirit are becoming ONE

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