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Thread: An ongoing Chris Thomas thread for those who resonate with his alternative view of reality and history

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    Yes it is happening. The Earth is preparing for our soul integration and the entire solar system is preparing for new life...just like it once was!

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    Dec. 10, 2010

    Mark Chatterton




    1. About Chris Thomas

    2. Reading The Akashic

    3. Types of Implants

    4. Alien Races

    5. The Human Plan

    6. Population Lies

    7. After Full Soul Integration

    8. Military And Not Alien Abductions Since 2000

    9. David Icke’s Reptilians No Longer Here

    10. Angels

    By Chris Thomas: Planet Earth - The Universe's Experiment and The Annunaki Plan? Or The Human Plan?

    A Transcript Dec. 10, 2010

    This weeks show is hosted by Mark Chatterton of Spirit Guides Radio who took time out to speak with Chris Thomas, author of Planet Earth - The Universe's Experiment.

    Chris Thomas is a healer and author of ten books on the subject of healing and the path of Human history. He has the ability to access the Akashic records – believed to be the whole written history of everything that has ever happened on Earth.

    In the show Chris talks about his direct experiences with the Akashic records where he has been able to scan this huge living consciousness of memories for knowledge of the true human plan, directly. He has discovered a race of beings known as the Velon aka the Annunaki that have been trying to hold us back, whilst also manipulating governments.

    However he does say that there are other races here to assist us with our completion to full consciousness, where we ultimately integrate the whole soul in the body, effectively becoming a true Human Being.


    Mark: Can you tell us a little bit about your past history and how you became a healer?

    Chris: It all started about 30 years ago. Somebody needed help and for some strange reason I found that I could help at some healing level. And because I didn’t know anything about healing at the time, I thought I’d better investigate it and so it all began then. Over the years I’ve pushed myself really to do things I wanted to do. So over the last 15 years people have been calling me more of a psychic surgeon than a healer, because I tend to work very directly with whatever the problem is in my patient’s bodies.

    Mark: Could you explain to our listeners how this works, how you go about doing this please?

    Chris: A lot of healers have what you could call an empathic response with the people they work on. In other words they feel what the patient is feeling in terms of the pain or discomfort or whatever. I started to feel this but I decided I don’t want this because whatever the illness is belongs to this other person and I don’t want to take on these other person’s problems. So what I said to myself is that I want to be able to see what is going on inside a person’s body so that I can work on the problem directly.

    And so over the last 15 years I have been able to scan the body in the same way as an MRI scanner, and also to read DNA. Because DNA is a person’s history. So-called junk DNA is people’s long term memories of things. So being able to target certain areas of the body and see what the energy patterns are doing within the body then I was able to divide the regions which required work. That’s really what psychic surgery is really all about.

    If you think of medical surgery then what they do is to work on specific organs and specific problems and that is what a psychic surgeon does but without obviously breaking the skin or cutting organs out. It’s repairing the body whilst it’s still working.

    Mark: Apart from doing you healing work, you’ve also written quite a few books about the history of the earth and I understand you are able to access the Akashic records which is about the history of the Earth. Could you tell us a bit about how you are able to do this and what these records tell us that conventional teachers don’t?

    Chris: I found out at about the age of 7 I think it was that somehow I cold access information which other people didn’t seem to have access to and then it took me a long time to work out what it was that I was accessing. So essentially I seemed to be hard-wired into the record keeping aspect of human group consciousness, which is what essentially the Akashic is.

    The word Akashic is ancient Sumerian. It basically means record. So everything that happens on Earth is recorded in this region that is known as the Akashic. But the Akashic itself is universal so it doesn’t just apply to Earth or solar system wide, it applies to the solar system, to the galaxy and ultimately to the Universe as a whole. It is possible to access within the Akashic every event that has ever occurred within this universe ever since it was first created.

    Now the purpose of the Akashic is one generated by the creationary source shall we say because the purpose of the universe is to investigate on behalf of this creator whatever it is the creator wants to investigate. And so the Akashic is a record of anything that has ever happened in this universe so that when the universe collapses and goes back to source, all the answers to the questions it asked are stored within the Akashic itself.

    The way I access it is that I was essentially born to it. That’s what it feels like to me. I’m sort of hard-wired into the Akashic so that I can access it at will.


    Mark: So you don’t actually go into a trance then when you access it. You just sort of think about it and it’s there.

    Chris: Really it’s a question of my asking a question. The problem with the Akashic is that every single thing that has ever occurred anywhere at anytime is recorded within it. So the problem becomes not gaining information from the Akashic but actually tracking down the answer to my question. So it’s like if you have an immense library that is as big as you could ever imagine it could be. You can only work within the library if you know what it is you’re looking for. Because you could you know walk around a library picking up books and reading and gaining knowledge but it does not necessarily give you the information that you are actually looking for.

    This can be anything, it can be an individual’s history but an individual’s history is very difficult to track down because an individual’s DNA contains all of their past life memory, everything the person as ever been since they first were created. So it’s very difficult to find the record of an individual within the Akashic because lets say the individual has already returned back to the creator, then all of their memories are primarily created within their DNA. So the akashic really contains records of events, things that occur.

    In order to work within the akashic what you have to do is to come at it from several different directions. So let’s just say , you just asked me a question how does the Akashic work? Instead of y asking the Akashic how it works, I have to come at it from about 25 different directions because of the threads that connect into each and every event because people and events are all connected. So it’s quite a complex route to arrive at what seem to be fairly simple answers.

    But the complexity of it is really immense and it has taken me quite a long time to gain answers and primarily to get used to working within it. So my history books are based on my ability to navigate within the Akashic.

    My first book The Journey Home contains what you could consider to be fairly straight forward and simple pieces of information as I was beginning to find my way, but by the time we get up to Project Human Extinction, for example, what we have are quite complex events that interlink together and I try to explain in a way that people can understand.

    Mark: Are you aware of other people like you who can access the Akashic?

    Chris: Yes of course there are. You know I’m not unique, but they each have their own way of doing it. A lot of people do need to go into a trance, into some kind of meditation, or work with spirit guides which I don’t. The only time I ever worked with guides is if they are connected with the patient I’m working on. But beyond that no I don’t work with any guides. My access to the akashic is direct. It’s literally like opening a book. It opens in my mind whereas other people will access it through different means.

    Mark: So if anyone wanted to access the Akashic, if they were sort of spiritually minded, would they be able to do it themselves or would they need a teacher?

    Chris: It can be done but yes it is preferable to have a root map of how you start getting into the process. Also it takes a lot of practice and determination to be able to access it directly, purely because of the amount of information that is in there and sometimes apparently contradictory information that’s in there. But it can be done. Many years ago I developed a simple meditation to help people do this. By using the meditation it’s teaching people to access the Akashic.


    Mark: Now I want to move on to some of the aspects in your books. The first thing I wanted to ask you is in your book Planet Earth The Universe’s Experiment, in your capacity as a healer you mentioned you’ve come across patients who have got alien implants. Are these actually physical or psychic objects that are there and have you actually removed them?

    Chris: They are psychic objects but ultimately anything in the universe is made of energy. What we see as something physical is because our brains are tuned into the frequency that that object exists at so a desk is actually made out of energy. If you break it down to its atomic structure what you see is an awful lot of space held apart by energy patterns and so the desk is not solid in an energy sense but our sense are tuned to accepting the desk as being a physically solid object.

    But if you create something of a slightly different set of energy patterns, then our brains are not tuned to be able to see those energy patterns. This is the level that these energy implants and chips exist at. When I have encountered these objects in people’s bodies they are of an energy form but because I have trained myself to actually track these things down, and work out what they are and to be able to see them, yes I will see them on a psychic level and read the energy patterns they are constructed from to work out what it is these chips are designed to do or what effect they’re having on the person’s body.

    More often than not the people who have consulted me with these kind of implants know that there is something there within their system but it is beyond the physical so they can’t understand it or can’t explain it. But it’s these chips that are having the effect.

    There are several different types of these things. I know a lot of people are fascinated by these things but they are very rare. No more than about 1% of the population will have any of these chips within their system. I saw a lot of them because I had trained myself to see them, deal with them and figure out how to remove them from people’s bodies, but most healers would not encounter them at all because 99% of the population wouldn’t have them. But the affects they can have on the body can be quite devastating and very physical.

    There is one type that has generally very physical affects on people which goes back to the time of Atlantis. Now Atlantis was a period of experimentation. It was the first time that human beings had existed anywhere in the universe. So people decided to play a little bit to see what it was like to be human. So at the time those who were on the planet decided to develop this chip which was a genetic accelerator. So you could program this chip to do just about anything you wanted, so you could let’s say make yourself 15 feet tall, you could say take on animal genes. So if you worked with a particular animal group and you were fascinated by that group you wanted to reflect that you worked with that group so you could take on literally tiger genes. So you, by taking on the tiger gene, your skin would take on the marks that the tiger has on its skin.

    Some people went much further than that and created situations which for some people their memories of Atlantis are a little bit scary. But in this lifetime, people who carried these chips, they are being switched on because don’t forget that what we are doing in this lifetime is going through a shift in consciousness. We are changing our consciousness from what we have been more or less to what we were at the time of Atlantis. And as we take on the extra soul energy that is needed to raise consciousness levels , these chips are being activated. And they can have some quite bizarre effects on people’s bodies.

    I’ll give you an example, I worked with people who are turning into mermaids. Their legs are beginning to fuse together. They are losing the use of their legs. The pelvis is beginning to change shape. I worked on somebody who has a fin growing out of their spine, as a fish would have a fin. They had had it surgically removed some years before. That’s one example but there are hundreds of them.

    We had someone who had taken on tree genes. You know the Lord of the Rings story where the Enks were talking and walking trees, well this is what these people were tuning into. Their skin was turning more to tree bark, their feet were growing like protrusions like tree roots. But with this lifetime, the biggest problem with that is that since we don’t have our full consciousness within our body then the chips cannot be fully active and therefore they create only half the situation but not the whole situation so it creates massive physical problems.

    So for people who are into Enks for example, human trees, they were doing what a tree does which was to take up everything that is in the atmosphere and work with it within the body to sense what is going on in the world. But of course the world is very polluted now whereas it never was at the time of Atlantis so what these people were doing was taking massive amounts of pollution out of the atmosphere and they could not deal with it so their bodies were becoming increasingly polluted. Never mind about the strange changes that were taking place physically in their body.

    So eventually I found a way of working with these things and removing these chips out of people’s bodies. And then adjusting their DNA so that they reverted back to standard human patterns. So they stopped taking on these oddities that they had added 80,000 years ago at the time of Atlantis.


    Mark: O.K. I just wanted to move on to the subject of alien races which you mention in your book The Human soul. How do we assume and be aware of these aliens, both physical and non-physical and what should we be doing about them?

    Chris: Nothing basically. There are 7 races who would be considered alien. They’re not called aliens anymore they’re called extra terrestrial biological entities. That’s the official name given to them by the military. The 7 races are the Greys, the Blues, the Sirians and the Pleiadians, and a race that comes from a star system catalogued as NGC584, there is a group of beings who are like giant crystals, and the 7th group is known as the Velon. The Velon have been causing a lot of problems as far as the earth is concerned and so for a lot of people they have caused them problems and influenced a lot of what has been going on in their life.

    But the other 6 races are essentially working with us. They are doing everything they can to help us and the Earth undergoing the kind of energy changes we are experiencing. They won’t land because that would create too much distraction for people so they don’t interact with people very much directly.

    Now the Velon have been trying to influence people because of some strange agenda that they have and so the vast majority something like 90% from my own research and talking to people who work as mediums, clairvoyants and channels or whatever and as far as the Akashic is concerned and something like 90% of all channelled material that humans have picked up on over the last like 50 years are sourced from Velon. From these Velon peoples who take on all sorts of weird and wonderful disguises so what a lot of people think is material coming from Angels is not, it’s coming from Velon because of the strange way they want things to happen on Earth. And it’s not a very pleasant situation.

    But all the other 6 races are doing everything they can to prevent the Velon from influencing what’s going on on Earth too much. It’s just unfortunate that too many mediums, channels , etc. are welcoming in the Velon and taking in the messages they are getting to create a very false impression of what is going on on Earth and what is happening now.

    The biggest problem is to do with this thing about ascending to a 5th Dimension. It was the Velon who coined the word ascension and that we are ascending off the planet and that we need to ascend to a 5th Dimension. All of that is a complete load of rubbish. It’s a complete fabrication.

    Given my experience with working with the human body and the way in which energy patterns within the body work the 5th Dimension would relate to about our navel level. Ascending off the planet would totally negate our purpose for being here. We are human, we are on a physical planet and we are trying to be the best that we can possibly be on this planet. If we ascend to another planet we are failing in our task. We are failing the creator. Everything in that sense would mean we are failing the task we have set for ourselves and we are so very close to completing the whole journey that we set ourselves to do on Earth.

    The vast majority of these NTBE races are very resourceful, very helpful and it’s only this one race and their influence is now diminishing very rapidly [or so we thought in 2010 following the 2009 coup; this did not turn out to be the case, we learned later] The Velon influence on people is becoming less and less and the energy influence in this time frame is accelerating time very much in recent time, which I suspect a lot of people are feeling just now. So yes they have created difficulties and problems through their influence over people but those influences and problems are in the process of being overcome.

    The main problem are the Free Masons people who are above the 30 level or 33rd level Free Masons who are connected into this Velon stuff and it has created a lot of problems because of that. They have a lot of influence within governments and the way governments function and that sort of stuff. Never mind about the so called illuminati.

    Mark: A lot of this is in your last 2 books Project Human Extinction and The Anunnaki Plan or The Human Plan .

    Chris: Yes the Project Human Extinction was written to explain what the background is and don’t be taken in by it. The 2nd book I wrote specifically for people who have been taken in by what the Anunnaki have been saying and this 5th dimensional ascension stuff. To explain that this is a false message and why it’s a false message because it’s created a huge amount of disruption in the way we look at the world. I mean there’s a lot of people out there who wanted to do channelling work with integrity and they wanted to be as good as they can be and it’s very difficult to work out who the entity is that you are channelling because the Velon adopted all sorts of different disguises. They deliberately set out to mislead people. The message in my books is saying to people think about it and think about where this story is coming from and try to look within it to see how you can resolve with your channelling work what is really going on.

    Instead of working with the channelled source that you are currently working with is to ask for a different one. One that your Higher self can trust. It has led to a great deal of confusion. A lot of people you know I get numerous messages from people saying there is this mass meditation to welcome in this space craft or to switch on Earth crystal deposits and all this stuff. And all these are led by the Velon. It’s creating all sorts of problems for people trying to understand what is actually going on and it is honed into holding people back and I find that very sad.

    By holding people back I mean that we are undergoing the biggest shift in consciousness that has ever been seen any where in the Universe and it’s preventing some people from actually completing that process, whereas what they should be doing is moving forward very rapidly.


    Mark: All humans are working to this soul integration by 2011; is that correct?

    Chris: Yes, but to explain that, what the Akashic calls the Human Plan. Now when we were on Atlantis we had the whole soul within the body. There was none of this higher self/physical self division. Our capabilities were beyond anything I could ever possibly describe in words. For example we communicated psychically, we didn’t speak, we didn’t write or anything like that, we just psychically communicated with each other and with every living thing. We had all sorts of abilities but we started to lose some of them and we didn’t know why we were losing them.

    Then a situation occurred where we had to effectively destroy Atlantis – a long story which took me 11 books to cover. Anyway we came back to the planet about 20,000 years ago and again we were as we were on Atlantis, that is the whole soul within the human body. But we started losing many of our psychic capabilities and what we ended up with is the sort of division we have now – we have the physical self – so the physical body contains roughly one quarter of the total soul – and the higher self which makes up the remaining three quarters of the total soul.

    7,000 years ago we put into action a plan to try and find a way to bring the whole of the soul, in other words to reunite the higher self back into the physical body. So we become a full human being again. For the last 7,000 years this is what we have been doing is learning how to be human again [and learning how to keep the whole soul within the physical body]. Essentially the Earth consciousness considers us to be sub-human at the moment because a human being is defined as a physical body containing a whole soul.

    So for 7,000 years what we have been doing is living a series of lifetimes through reincarnation in order to experience everything that there is possible to experience by being physical on Earth. What we effectively are doing is to build up sufficient knowledge to find out why we had problems on Atlantis when we came back 20,000 years ago.

    Now we found the answer, we know what the answer is and that was put into place in 2,000 and since then what we have been doing is gradually increasing the number of energy patterns that are available on the Earth to allow us to gradually bring the higher self back into the body. So to get a little bit technical for a second, the Earth has an energy frequency of 7.56 Hertz meaning 7.56 cycles per second and we discovered that 7.56 cycles per second is far too low to maintain the energy patterns of the whole soul within the physical body.

    The root chakra of the body for every living thing on the planet resonates at 7.56 cycles per second. This is why the first chakra is called the root chakra because literally it roots the soul into the physical body and it roots the soul and the body to the Earth.

    In many respects gravity does not exist because gravity isn’t a major force. What keeps humans and living things on the earth is actually the root chakra. But that 7.56 root frequency was too low and over the years we have worked out what the base frequency of the root chakra needs to be raised to. The answer turns out to be 3500 cycles per second or 3.5 KHz. In May of 2000 Earth changed her base frequency to 3500Hz so every living thing on earth apart form humans changed at that point to this much higher frequency.

    In contrast, being human, we are very reluctant to change, we don’t like change , even though everything does change constantly. So have been a bit slow in catching up to what Earth has been doing to help us so the energy frequencies as far as humans are concerned have risen gradually so by the end of November of 2010, 10 years after the earth changed her frequency, we had only risen from about 7.56 cycles per second up to about 12 or 13 cycles per second. But as of the start of November of 2010 the energy patterns accelerate so that by the beginning of November 2011, human base frequencies will have to ascend to 3500 cycles per second.

    So to put this into the context of the Mayan Calendar, within the calendar there are all sorts of different cycles and one of the major cycles is something called an Epoch. Now the last Epoch of the Mayan calendar ends on the 29th of October 2011 and this is the date where we must have reached that 3500 Hz.

    Before individuals can reintegrate they must solve unfinished business in their life. So if you for instance have a dispute with your great uncle which you have never resolved, that problem is going to come very much to the surface and needs to be resolved so that it will allow you two to move on. If you can’t move on with it then unfortunately its means that you will not be able to remain on the planet. Now that is not a judgement. Nobody is standing in judgement of us and saying you failed. The only person who stands in judgment and decides you going to stay and undergo the process is the individual themselves. (7:31) 3/5

    It is only the individual and their higher self who can decide whether they can actually go through this process of reintegration of the soul or not. Now it would be nice to think that every single person on the planet is doing that. But very sadly that is not the case. A lot of people have decided they are not in a position to go through this change and they will unfortunately have to leave the planet. No one is throwing them off, it’s just their reluctance to change. Unless you can fit in with the new energy patterns, then it will be impossible for people to stay on earth.


    Mark: When you say leave the planet so you mean you physically die?

    Chris: Yes. If you look at actually population figures, and I don’t mean this propaganda put out about “we have a growing population”, if you have any doubt about what lies are going on with manipulating population figures – the population is massively dropping. A few years ago the German Chancellor made a speech saying that Germany’s dropping population is catastrophic. Every single country in the world recorded a drop in population. The British tried to fudge it so the British government said no we’ve got a rising population but eventually they had to admit that the only reason we have a rising population is because of immigration.

    The same applies to the birth rate. If you look at school closures over the past few years, two years ago Wales closed 26 schools in one go which means literally there are no children to fill the schools. So every child in Britain is accommodated in a school but the number of schools that are closed down country-wide runs into the hundreds because children numbers are not there. So the birth rate has dropped enormously and is continuing to drop. Believe it or not infant mortality, that is children who die after birth, in some of the inner city areas in Britain is higher than 3rd world countries.

    So it’s the same throughout the whole of the Western world. All of these figures are identical in terms of the proportions of people dying and the reduction in birth rate. In fact it’s the same globally, whichever country you look at. So this myth about us having a growing population is complete rubbish. Never mind what the Akashic says about it, these are physical figures. So the akashic obviously records it much more accurately but we peaked population back in 1996 with 7.2 Billion people on the planet. We are now currently (2010) down to about 3.7 Billion people on the planet which is almost half the “official” figures.

    This drop in population is a reflection of people’s choices about whether they stay on the planet and be a part of this change that is going on or not. The reason for the low birth rate is what’s the point of being born now, we might as well wait until after this transformation has occurred and be born then. The reason for the death rate is because people are exercising their choice and leaving the planet because they are not going to be a part of this change.


    Mark: What happens after the change. Is there going to be a golden age on Earth, will all the world’s problems be sorted, or is it going to be more or less the same but better?

    Chris: I can tell you what it’s going to be like in 2050 or 2100 but just what it’s like between 2012 and 2050 is anybody’s guess. There is no way of predicting that because nothing like this has ever happened before anywhere within the universe. But once we get passed the inevitable problems in the transition phase, then we return to the sort of state we were in during the time of Atlantis. We have the whole soul in the body which means we have psychic capabilities to remove pollution from the air, from the water, from the body and we would be able to clean up the planet and return it to the sort of pristine condition it was in before we started messing it up.

    We would be able to translocate so that if you wanted to travel somewhere on the planet you project a though , a bit like remote viewing to the place you want to travel to and then you carry the body along with the thought so it’s a bit like flying. We will communicate psychically with people and animals. If you communicate psychically with animals then there is no fear either way so we get on as friends. Our requirement for food will reduce considerable so that instead of the kind of food we eat at the moment we will revert to the body sustaining itself on clean air, water, and fruit. The body is physical so it needs protein. What we did on Atlantis was to synthesis seaweed for all of our protein requirements.

    We’re basically looking at psychic capabilities beyond anything we’ve even thought of. We will be able to clean the planet of all nuclear waste, oil or whatever. We will be able to destroy it, transmute it into something else. We’ll be able to control weather patterns and anything else that we need to do will be done psychically.

    Look at the pyramids for example. They were built psychically. The function of the pyramids is for psychic enhancement. With all the modern technology we have now we are incapable of building the pyramids. Building a half scale replica of the pyramids has been tried and failed. The pyramids were built psychically. We could move 40 blocks of stone by thought alone. This is what we are doing is returning to our natural state.

    Mark: There are a few people around now who claim that they do not eat any food at all. Is that the sort of thing we can look forward to?

    Chris: Well I think that’s a bit excessive. I couldn’t live without chocolates for example. But yes there are people who claim to sustain themselves on fresh air and any studies I have looked into suggest their claims are accurate. So there’s no reason why not. Again everything is energy so if you can manipulate energy psychically to whatever the body needs then there is no reason you should not be able to live on energy itself.

    Mark: How can we in reality avoid GMO crops when we don’t know what is contained in the foods we eat?

    Chris: Well there is only one answer to it and that is to only by your food from someone who guarantees it does not contain GMO ingredients. I’ll give you an example (3:36) 4/5 When people said to Marks and Spencers we do not want you to sell GMO food, Marks and Spencers stopped selling GMO food. This is the only way of creating change is to hit corporations in the pocket. GMO crops have the potential to destroy al life on the planet. Once the genes and pollen get loose into the environment they cross with similar plants and you end up with everything being GMO.

    (4:44) That is a disaster because this terminator gene means the plant will not set seed. Not only that but several recently published studies shoe that the bee population is dying as a result directly of GMO pollen.

    If you kill off the bees it means nothing will get pollinated so the only thing that will grow on the planet is GMO crops. So the only way to stop GMO is stop buying so that there is no more profit in producing GMO. My wife and I only bUy organic food locally grown.


    Mark: Am I correct in thinking you have said alien abductions have ceased on Earth?

    Chris: MOST ABDUCTIONS WERE NOT DONE BY ALIENS. The vast majority of abductions whether animal mutilations or human abductions were carried out by the military of various countries to make it look like alien abductions were occurring to give everybody the impression that Aliens were nasty. And this is not the case. Apart from the Velon, all the other races are very friendly and very helpful towards us.

    The race that we know as the Greys, have carried out some human experimentation but there are many more carried out on people who were first abducted by the military. So this whole thing is a myth being perpetuated to make it look like Aliens are bad guys for all kinds of reasons. There are several reasons for why the powers that be want to make it look like there’s a nasty situation here. I think it may be like Independence Day or if you go back to the 1950s when we first started seeing science fiction movies it was always that the Aliens were bad guys. Or the H.G. Wells story of The War of the Worlds . So there is this thing throughout history for the last 100-150 years trying to say the Aliens are not good for us where in fact the opposite is true.

    If you look at the religious side for example, the church has always maintained that we are the only living things in the Universe, that the universe was created for humanity.[the church has changed their views in recent years to conveniently allow for a planned “Alien Invasion”] So if the Aliens exist then it negates a great deal of religious doctrine.[2010]

    As I understand it the Vatican has now come out and said well of course Aliens exist. I’ve read transcript of interviews with senior officials at the Vatican who say as far as they are concerned Aliens exist within the Universe. The say something like “it would be pretty stupid of god to leave everything to humans”.

    So of course these races exist but the abductions are man made.


    Mark: Some of what you say is what David Icke is saying. Is he aware of your books and are you in contact with him at all?

    Chris: I have no direct contact with him. I know he has commented via you tube interviews, and supported it. But I have to say I read two or three of his early books but none recently. But yes there are a lot of similarities between his views and my own. I got my information primarily from the Akashic and then I researched whatever it is and as far as I am able to research physically into things. And I know David Icke is doing the same thing, he is researching as much as he possibly can into the physical aspect of research.

    Inevitably when you hit upon the truth then thee is only one truth so similarity between his and my research is because there is a truth to it.

    Mark: Would you say that the Velon are the same as the Reptilians that David Icke talks about?

    Chris: No they are not. That’s another very long story. But to be fair he wasn’t wrong with that. The basic concepts of the Reptilian form for removing free choice from people DID EXIST BUT THET NO LONGER EXIST WITHIN THIS UNIVERSE. They have been removed and their influence on humanity has been removed. Therefore since 8 years ago that influence is no longer here.

    But in terms of how David Icke spoke about it and wrote about it, within that context, yes he was essentially correct. But again that has all been taken care of and all of that influence has been removed. The reason this reptilian race was able to do the things it did was because they actually came from a different universe. This is why I say it’s a massive story. They should never have been here in the first place and they have been removed from this universe because of the problems they were causing.

    So no there is nothing to worry about on the Reptilian side of things. That has all been sorted. The other side within context is David Icke was correct in what he said.

    10. ANGELS

    Mark: You mentioned earlier about angels and channelling and that sort of thing. I just wanted to find out what you belief is of Angels. Are they the same as Aliens or just sort of a belief as mentioned in the bible as messengers?

    Chris: The original meaning the word Angel in whichever language you look at it, Latin, Greek, Aramaic, Hebrew it means Messenger. So that is common through out all ancient languages. And the “messenger” was usually between different departments of a priesthood or from one religious belief system to another. So Christians would talk to Jews lets say and the messenger would be an Angel who carried the message. That’s the original context for the use of the word ‘angel’. (12:51) 4/5

    But there is a deeper context as well. Essentially there are two types of souls that exist within this universe. There are those that the Akashic calls non-physical. In other words these are beings that exist in a pure soul energy form. They have no physical density whatsoever and these could be considered angels in the biblical context because they were the first created by the creator for this universe. And then we have what the Akashic calls the semi-physical races, the so-called Aliens or Non-terrestrial biological entities, because they have a physical form, and a physical presence and a physical density but it is constructed of very different frequencies to our own. So unless you happen to be particularly psychic then you won’t be able to se these aliens unless they decide to alter their own energy frequencies to make themselves visible to us.

    In terms of souls on Earth, 99% of every person on the planet has a soul origin from the non-physical races. In other words 99% of all human beings are closet angels within the biblical context. That leaves 1% of the population whose soul origin is of the semi-physical races. So it’s a very complex subject to just say Angels are this or Angels are that or Aliens are this or Aliens are that.

    We’ve had this angelic thing going on for about 20 years now [as of 2010] where I’m talking to my angel or my angel finds me a parking spot. When people speak of angels in that context what they are really talking about is their higher self, not a separate entity at all but just part of their own soul because we have become so physical that we are almost detached from our higher self, and so when we communicate with something that is non-physical we assume that it is a separate entity where very often it is just your own higher self.

    So as far as most people’s concept of what an angel is within the past 20 years or so they are actually talking to their higher self and not to a separate entity at all. So if your angel finds you a parking space it isn’t an Angel, it’s your higher self that found you the parking space.

    Mark: One last question in regards to the idea of integrating the whole soul into the human body, is that anywhere similar to what people describe as enlightenment or more recently coherence.

    Chris: I haven’t come across ‘coherence’ in this context before I have to say – enlightenment, yes to a point – What enlightenment means in it’s traditional sense is that basically you have connected with your higher self and therefore you can access all the knowledge and information that is contained in the higher self. That information that the higher self holds, which is vast, it’s the equivalent to the Akashic , so everybody’s higher self has all the answers that they could ever possibly want, and that really is enlightenment.

    So when the religious leaders have reached enlightenment say, they have connected with their higher self and brought more of the higher self into the body and therefore they can access the knowledge and information that is contained in it. And this is really what we are undergoing at the moment and the process is set to accelerate.

    There are something like 3.9 million people on the planet who have already completed this reintegration process so in the context you were talking about they may have reached enlightenment. Now you won’t see these people because they put psychic barriers up around them if they are in the Western World and the rest are isolated in tribal cultures because lets face it if you are emanating the kind of patterns and auras that these people emanate then they are going to get turned into a new religion and that just makes life inconvenient. So they hide themselves away until everybody else has caught up.

    So it is possible but not probable until people do some work on themselves. In other words it’s clearing out emotional rubbish that we all accumulate. If you can get it out of the way then it allows the higher self to come in and that’s all that we need to do is clear out the past to bring in the new. And to bring in the higher self, with that we all reach this state of enlightenment.
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    Learning our TRUE HISTORY is therapy for the human race.

    It is each person's responsibility to clear their body of emotional blocks (using the Giveaway, etc.) so that the process of higher self integration into your physical body can begin. Beliefs are fleeting during this period of change. It is wise to hold them lightly. Mind, Body and Spirit are becoming ONE

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    2011 Spirit Guides Interview by Mark Chatterton – A Transcript

    Chris Thomas 2011 Synthesis

    1. History, Universe from Creation to 2011 – WHY ARE WE HERE?

    2. The original 13 Planets, the Asteroid Belt and the Moon

    3. Lemuria, an Ice Island

    4. Atlantis Experimentation and Sinking

    5. The Pyramids and Tunnels

    6. World’s Dropping Population

    7. Recognizing the Change

    8. Mobile Phone Damage to Bees and Insects

    1. History, Universe from Creation to 2011 – WHY ARE WE HERE?

    Mark: What made you decide to bring out Synthesis Chris?

    Chris: We’re going through a huge shift in energy patterns and consciousness levels and a lot of people are feeling a little bit lost. Let’s face it there is so much information out there that people don’t really know what to do with it. So I wrote the book to say look here’s an overview of human history , who we are, what we are, what we’re doing here on earth, why we’re here and basically it’s to try and give a context in which people’s awakening memories and thoughts can be place.

    Mark: Am I write in thinking you can access all things that have happened in the universe to date through the Akashic records, but NOT what is going to happen in the future?

    Chris: Yes the Akashic records everything that occurs as it happens but it does not predict the future.

    Mark: In the book you are able to give us a precise date of when the universe started rounded to the nearest billion years. Does this date tie in with what scientists say?

    Chris: Yes generally scientists now seem to accept the date around about the 14 billion year mark. For once science seems to tie in very closely with the Akashic.

    Mark: So with the book you start off with the creation of this Universe and various other universes and then you say there were 6 non-physical races created and 7 semi-physical races.

    Chris: The 6 non-physical races are what people would call angels, I suspect, because they have no physical density and no physical form essentially. They are just pure soul energy. And then there are 7 semi-physical who have a physical form and density but they are just not as physically dense as we are. As far as humans are concerned we are not a body that has a soul but rather a soul that has constructed for itself a body. And 99% of all humans have their soul origin within the 6 non-physical races. So in terms of their soul energy they have no physical form or density.

    But they have come to earth to try to find out what it is like to be physical. All readers need to remember is that humans are the densest form of life in the universe.

    2. The Original 13 Planets, the Moon and the Asteroid Belts

    Mark: In the book you tell us there were originally 13 planets in our solar system and that 4 of them chose to remove themselves from our solar system and when 2 exploded the debris from them is the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Does this mean that the asteroids still floating about in the solar system have come from these planets?

    Chris: Yes you have to try to think of everything as a consciousness and every planet has a soul of it’s own. So 2 of them decided that they no longer wished to continue with this experiment so the souls that were those planets left. That caused a massive explosion throughout the solar system which basically killed off all of the life on all of the planets within the solar system apart from Earth. And yes they created the asteroid belts but the 2 other planets, seeing the damage caused by the first 2 leaving decided to leave intact as it were. In other words the consciousness of the souls that were each of these planets moved themselves outside of the solar system.

    So there are 2 planets that have been slowly disintegrating just outside of our solar system for the last 3.8 million years and this has lead to current scientific thinking that there is a large planet just outside our solar system , something like a gas giant but the size of Jupiter.

    More recently the people at NASA who have been observing these planets slowly disintegrating have called one of them a name like ’Hero’ as I recall. Other people called it ‘Nibiru’ which of course is entirely wrong because they are being misled by a semi-physical race called the Velon. (7:16)

    Mark: You say that our moon is a large chunk from one of the 2 planets that exploded, that was originally between Earth and Venus and you state that the moon is NOT hollow and that all the stories of it being an alien base are false.

    Chris: There are certainly a lot of rumours that the moon is an alien construct, that it’s made out of metal and it rings hollow if you strike it. That’s a load of rubbish. If you think of a volcano and all the magma that comes out. What you end up as it cools is a lot of gas voids, in other words it looks like a crunchy bar, and the same has happened to the moon. What you are looking at is the magma core a planet that has cooled and what is inside the moon is a honeycomb of these gas voids. So if you strike it in the right place it sounds like it’s hollow.

    But it’s a natural attraction, so the Earth didn’t have a moon before this occurred 3.8 million years ago. It’s just that one of the very large chunks of one of these planets came within the Earth’s range of consciousness. And the Earth decided to adopt it. The moon very much has a use and provides variation on the planet through tides and reflecting the sun at night. By bringing the moon in it meant it created greater variation on Earth and actually helped the development of life.

    As far as alien bases are concerned, on the so-called dark side of the moon, there is a base that was constructed jointly by humans and aliens and has been there since the late ‘50s. So there is an alien base on the moon but it is not constructed by aliens.

    Now getting back to the explosions that obviously had a big affect on Earth and there were huge tidal waves that virtually destroyed all life on Earth yet it took about 100,000 years for everything to be repaired by the Sidhe and the Faerie. Is that right?

    Chris: Yes, if you look at archaeological records what you will find is that there are massive deposits of dinosaur bones that line up along mountain ranges that run east/west across the planet. Which means that the Earth was rocked on it’s equatorial axis as opposed to it’s polar axis by these explosions and essentially everything just got washed up into the foothills of the mountains. There are convincing archaeological records of deposits of these bones. So it basically reflects what the Akashic says and it’s always the time frame that is the problem because the Earth is much, much younger than scientists claim.

    The Earth itself is only about 40 million years old as is our solar system. The problem has been that as scientists began to develop various branches of science, they couldn’t quite fit in all the bits and pieces that they thought were going on into the time frames that they were thinking about because basically everything was based on the bible. So some theologian in about the 15th century came up with an age for the Earth as being somewhere between 4 and 5 thousand years old. So they started with that and they could not fit all the information they were finding out about Earth into that sort of time frame. Gradually that time frame expanded, so the Earth became older and older and all the history became more and more convoluted as they tried to work their theories into these situations.

    So the current scientific age for the planet is 4 billion years old but that date is actually based on a meteorite that was found on Earth’s surface and has got actually nothing to do with Earth rocks. As far as the Akashic is concerned all of this dating of the age of the earth by scientists is rubbish, I think would be a polite word to use.

    3. Lemuria an Ice Island

    Mark: So if we move to about 100,000 years ago you say about Lemuria being created as an ice island off the coast of South America. Could you tell us a little bit about this area or continent even?

    Chris: What you have to remember is that the continent of South America was further out into the Pacific and was NOT attached to North America at the time. So you had a good sort of flow of tides of water between the Pacific and Atlantic through the Gulf of Mexico. And generally speaking the planet’s global temperatures throughout history at that time averaged about +6 degrees. This means there was very little ice but global temperatures don’t depend on carbon dioxide levels. Global temperatures depend upon sunlight activity. So if the sun is very active global temperatures can be very high but if the sun activity drops like it has done for the last 11 years since 2000 for example, then global temperatures drop so the South Pole could freeze during that time frame.

    The ice that froze around the South Pole could extend as far as the tip of South America at that time. And so an ice island was chosen by a particular race of semi-physical beings who are master geneticists who came to Earth to try and solve some problems that were going on here on earth at the time. They were also here in relation to the problems that had been experienced since the 2 planets exploded. So it was known it was going to be a temporary ice island because it depended on when the sun’s activity would increase again. So once sun activity did increase the island of Lemuria melted.

    Our normal condition on Earth for basically the whole of the Earth’s history the North Pole was sub-tropical, as was the whole of the Northern Hemisphere. It was only the South Pole that ever froze when the sun’s activity reduced to a certain level that allowed everything to cool down and freeze.

    Mark: So the beings on Lemuria weren’t physical beings. Is that what you’re saying?

    Chris: They were semi-physical and one of the so-called alien races. [NGC584 WERE MASTER GENETICISTS]

    Mark: And they were there to just carry out experiments essentially.

    Chris: Yes. Development on Earth following that disaster 3.8 million years ago meant that things were a bit slow in picking up so the Earth as a consciousness asked this particular race, because they are master geneticists. They are amazing at what they do and most of the life on Ea exists because this race has assisted the Earth in development and evolution of the species that are here. So they were a natural choice for the Earth to turn to because of the problems the earth was experiencing at that particular time.

    4. Atlantis Experimentation and Sinking

    Mark: So if we move on to Atlantis about 85,000 years ago, this was a time when the whole of the soul was incorporated into the human body.

    Chris: What really happened on Atlantis was that in the beginning we couldn’t get the whole of the soul into the body which is one of the aims over the years. So Earth called in this alien race to say why don’t we have the whole soul within the body because that’s what should be happening? And so Atlantis was established as a place where experiments could take place where we could experiment in the process of getting the whole soul to within the body. So it took several thousand years once Atlantis was established to achieve that aim.

    Mark: So once that aim was established you describe it as paradise on Earth with humans having a life span of around 1500 years (18:01) which ties in with some of the patriarchs in the book of Genesis in the bible. Could you tell us a little bit about what life was like in Atlantis?

    Chris: Laughs. I’ll do my best but literally we don’t have the vocabulary to explain it. If we wanted to go somewhere whether it was on Atlantis or another part of the planet, all we had to do was to project our thought to where we wanted to be. So it was a bit like remote viewing only you take the body along with the thought, a process called translocation where you become physical in the spot you choose. The 5 senses we are now accustomed to are like single notes in a symphony like we had at the time of Atlantis. You could sense everything, you could feel the air, you could know what was in the air, know what a animal or plant was thinking. You could communicate with plants and animals.

    We could also communicate with the planet’s consciousness and work with the planet and we could regulate the weather. Not that we needed to because global temperatures were around plus 6 degrees centigrade which is about 5.5 degrees warmer than they are now so people did not need any clothes. At the start of Atlantis there was no male or female so we were just androgynous.

    The soul in it’s natural state is neither male, female or both so there were never ever children on Atlantis. A soul who wanted to come to Atlantis to experience what life was like then would literally take the soil of the Earth and wrapped that into the soul and that made the soul become physical, in other words human.

    So there are many parallels with the Garden of Eden.
    It’s an entirely different story but there are certain parallels. We’re literally using the soil of the earth to create the physical body. And that’s how birth occurred on Atlantis so we had adult birth. We did not work out the birth process until many thousands of years later.

    Mark: We have heard about Atlantis that we started working with the human form and merging it with animal genes and this was the reason Atlantis was destroyed. But the Akashic is saying that Atlantis was destroyed because of bacteria which escaped into the atmosphere which had the potential of destroying all life because they could convert oxygen into hydrogen so this was the real reason Atlantis was destroyed.

    Chris: Yes. Now the animal experimentation of mixing human genes with animal genes was very true and it created a huge number of problems and collectively we decided to stop all that experimentation but around about the same time we had this problem with this mutating bacteria. So the problem of mixing human and animal genes was never fully resolved on Atlantis because we had this emergency to take care of on top of it all.

    Mark: And when Atlantis was destroyed it created this massive earthquake which took Atlantis under the ground and that is why there is no trace of Atlantis nowadays.

    Chris: Yes that is correct we basically opened up the mid-Atlantic trench and sank the whole continent into it to essentially contain this bacteria. The bacteria really did have the capacity to destroy al life on the planet. Another biblical parallel here is that if this bacteria got into the body it would remove all of the oxygen out of the body and then you end up with a pillar of salt which is the basic minerals the body is made from.

    5. The Pyramids and Tunnels

    Mark: So it’s like the story of Sodom and Gomorra and obviously a lot of people were allowed to leave before the sinking and they went into places like South America, West Africa, Egypt and Britain (24:22)and you say they lived in tunnels and underground shelters. You also say the Sphinx in Egypt was built about 63,000 years ago and was the entrance to a maze of tunnels underneath and also in Britain where West Kennet Long Barrow is near Avery and Silbury Hill in Wiltshire, that was a another entrance to another set of tunnels. Could you tell us a little bit more about those tunnels and do they still exist today?

    Chris: Yes all of them exist. The ones in Egypt have been discovered and discussed and filmed quite a few years ago now around about 1998. The tunnels were entered and filmed. The entrance to the tunnels was placed under guard by the American military and is still guarded by them because they don’t want the people to know about the tunnels and what was found in them. There are several thousand kilometres of tunnels under the Giza Plateau including fresh water lakes and all sorts of bits and pieces down there. The same is true in South America where some 8,000 kilometres of deep underground tunnels have been mapped, and they were inhabited a long time in the past and the same in Britain under Salisbury Plain where there are several hundred kilometres as opposed to several thousand. Basically they are all guarded and nobody can get into them unless you have something to do with the military or the illuminati.

    This is why there was such a huge interest in Egypt around about the millennium by people like the Bildebergers and the illuminati and that’s why the Americans ended up on the Giza Plateau because there was all sorts of prophesies about things to come out of these underground tunnels.

    Mark: O.K. you say the Great Pyramid was built about 18,000 years ago and its purpose was a way of focusing energy to help the whole soul merge back into the human body because that was lost with Atlantis. Is that correct?

    Chris: Yes that is correct. The archaeological dating of the pyramids is about 4,000 years ago and that is based on some archaeologist finding a chard of pottery outside of the pyramid buried in the sand and because they thought they could date that particular chard of pottery, they thought it must be the same age as the pyramids then. And they haven’t thought about it since but that has literally become carved into stone and anybody who tried to contradict that or who can prove something different just gets labelled as a Pyramidiot. But as far as I’m concerned it’s the Egyptologists who are pyramidiots, not the people who are presenting alternative theories on the age of the pyramids.

    Some of the alternative theories are actually very close to what is in the Akashic. When the underground tunnels were explored by the American military they found that if the cartouche hieroglyphs were read correctly then they knew how to trigger and activate the energy frequencies within the King’s Chamber of the pyramid itself and they found that it still functioned with its original purpose, which was that they could create standing wave frequencies which altered their consciousness state. It also altered the basic structure of the pyramid itself from the inside.

    The central pyramid at Giza is an immensely powerful energy spot and remains so to this day. It is still active if you know how to use it.

    Mark: Would the other pyramids around the world like in South America and China have the same potential?

    Chris: Yes that was their original function. When humans returned to Earth after Atlantis about 25,000 years ago, each of them built their equivalent of the pyramid. So you are looking at South America, Tibet, Iraq and there are 6 primary pyramids around the planet.

    The one in Tibet is the most in tact. It is hidden away in a little valley in the Himalayans. I’ve actually seen pictures of it taken by aircraft. It’s in pristine condition exactly as it was 18,000 years ago.

    In Britain we didn’t need the pyramid structure because we had Stonehenge because that is the function of Stonehenge to act more or less the same way the pyramids do. So all of these places had a pyramid or the equivalent. Some of them have been lost, some of them have been copied over the centuries so they don’t function in quite the same way as the Giza pyramid. The primary one in South America is at Teotehuacán. It does exactly the same job as the Giza pyramid and the one in Tibet but the Teotihuacán function has been destroyed because the archaeologists decided to dig some of it up and so reduced its energy capabilities.

    Mark: Could you date the pyramids by taking a small chip of one of the stones and carbon date it?

    Chris: It’s been done many times and all it does is prove the age of the rock because carbon dating only works on living things. They have tried various other dating techniques on it but even if they could prove that it worked 18,000 years ago or whatever, the Egyptologists would not accept it. The pattern of erosion on the back of the Sphinx very clearly shows there is water erosion. But as Egypt has been totally dry for 4,000 years so it’s impossible for the Sphinx to be only 4,000 years old. At the very least, because of the pattern of water erosion on the back, is 20,000 years. That is immensely controversial and the Egyptologists will not accept it.(32:58)

    This is why the Egyptologists are currently covering the Sphinx with new limestone so that it hides the evidence.

    6. World’s Dropping Population

    Mark: Will a lot of people die before the end of this year (2011) if they have said no to the human plan?

    Chris: What you have to look at are population figures. Now the official population if you go into the government web site, it tells you global population figures, what you have is a counter that adds one new life every second, but what it does not do is take into account deaths.

    So as far as the officials are concerned we have a growing population which is not stopping. But if you go to the Akashic, what you find is quite a different story, in that the global population peaked in 1996 at just over 7 billion people on the planet and what we have now is a population in the region of 3.5 billion. So we have lost half the population in 15 years and nobody noticed because what we have is official figures telling us the population is growing. So there is a lot of confusion over that.

    This universe is founded on the energies of absolute freedom of choice. If you are human and feel you are ready to undergo these changes then you remain on the planet. But if you decide you are not ready for any reason, nobody is standing in judgement, it’s only the individual souls who judge themselves, as so those who are not ready have left, and are continuing to leave. If you go back a few years there was a lot of debate about immigration because of the fear of bringing all the countries together, and Germany stated that their drop in population was catastrophic, Spain said it needed more than one quarter million immigrants every year just to maintain its current work force. The same applies to Italy, Britain said oh well we do have a growing population but when questioned on it, the reason for their growth is the growing immigration. That’s what the politicians actually stated in the end.

    So essentially every country in the world has a dropping population. Even countries like India which still has a high population but the population growth is virtually zero. China’s population is now about half what it was 20 years ago and Japan has had a dropping population for about 20 years and it is immensely concerned about it. There was a very slight rise in population in Japan in 2009 but even then the rise was only half of what was needed to maintain the current population. So globally we have a massively dropping population . There are countries in the middle of Europe like Hungary, the old Slavic countries and the rest of it where the only people left there are the grandmothers and grandfathers who can’t move to other countries. The country sides are virtually empty. So since the decisions were made in 1996 we have a massively dropping population.

    And it is continuing but nobody has actually noticed there is a drop in population in terms of how individuals perceive the population because all we see is what is around us. In global terms the population is now ½ what it was in 1996.

    7. Recognizing The Change

    Mark: O.K. lets talk about going through the change. How does it physically manifest itself? Does it mean a change in attitude, a change in behaviour, or change in appearance? How do you know if you’ve gone through this change?

    Chris: It’s very difficult at the moment. Globally we’re looking at about 4 ½ to 5 million people who have completed this change. Virtually all of these people are living in remote tribal communities like remote parts of Africa, South America and even remote parts of Europe, remote parts of Russia. So they are living in small communities and their existence is pretty much the same as it was on Atlantis, but for the rest of us, unless your higher self says that it is the right time for you to undergo this change all you can do is step up to the last but one step, and what that means is that you feel differently, you see the world differently, you can see the truth of something and the lie of something. Generally you tend to reject anything chemical. So anything made of corn or any food with chemicals, you tend to become organic and you certainly become very holistic in the way in which you view the body but generally you won’t have any illnesses anywhere because if you’re ready to undergo the change then the body becomes self-repairing, and self-cleansing.

    The primary change in attitudes is that you can see a lie and this is why so many ridiculous situations are coming to light, like this crazy thing recently about Obama’s birth certificate or Ben Laden’s death. All of these things, people are turning around and saying this is an absolute load of rubbish and the politicians have no answer to it. So that’s one of the biggest indicators of change is that people will just not accept the lies.

    In fairness what we have at the moment are somewhere in the region of about 1 billion people who are ready to make that final step, but it’s not time for them to make it yet. When it is time, en masse we will make a major shift and that will literally change the world because if you have the whole soul within the body then you cannot be attacked in any way, shape or form whether it be politically, chemically , or what ever it is. You cannot tolerate any kind of lie and you will shine out to people basically being something to aspire to.

    Let’s say you were ready to undergo this change, you had completed everything you needed to do in your life, cleaned out all the rubbish from the past, sorted all your problems out and you were ready and let’s say you did it. So you are the one person within the Western World, what is likely to happen if you did that? And there are 2 things that are likely to happen. One would be you’d be instantly arrested and taken off to a military camp somewhere and experimented on, the other thing that would happen is that you would shine out so brightly as somebody so different that a new religion would be built around you. (43:17) And becomes immediate distraction because all those who have only a few steps to go still want someone to turn around and make it easy for them.

    So if you stood up and became a Jesus or Buddha like figure, then they would turn to you and expect you to solve all their problems for them. This is why so few people in the Western World have actually undergone this change because those scenarios would become immediately a problem. So it’s better that it is a mass shift at one time than it is that one or two individuals in various countries undergo the final change.

    Mark: So the final change could take several years to happen.

    Chris: All the energy patterns are in place to allow people to make this kind of change by the end of 2011. As far as the Akashic is concerned the Human Plan completes at the end of 2011. It then gives us another year to sort out what ever needs to be sorted before the end of 2012. Because 212 is a point of change which nobody can see past. It’s a future which does not yet exist , it’s only something which we humans [and Earth] can make.

    The more people who undergo this process of change and reintegrate the soul back into the body, then the better that future will be. But what lies behind the veil of 2012 has not yet been made and there is no way to determine how it’s going to go, how it’s going to turn out, or quite what it’s going to be. All we know is that if we succeed in reintegrating the whole soul back into the body then we are recreating the conditions of Atlantis Eden and Paradise. And we can undo all the damage we have done to this unbelievably amazing planet and get it back to the pristine condition that it should be in. We will have the psychic capability of destroying all kinds of pollution.

    And that’s what the contract between Earth and Humanity is about. The planet quite happily allowed us to create the mess but now the contract has run out and either we reintegrate and clean it up or we leave the planet. How we go about achieving it is an unknown quantity after 2012.

    Nobody within the Universe has ever stood where humanity is standing at the present time. So we are breaking new ground and new territory and in some respects that is very scary but all we have to do is follow our hearts, our inner knowing, our higher selves because we will work it out and there is no doubt about it. There is over a billion people currently ready to make this change.

    8. Mobile phone damage to Bees and Insects

    The planet at the moment depends totally on the existence of insects like bees. The bee population is being totally decimated. Today I just read a report that the primary cause of death of bees is mobile phones. The energy emissions of mobile phones, particularly wi-fi emissions kill insects, they kill birds, and currently are causing cancer like growths in trees. What the reporters don’t tell you is what they are doing to the human body. It is horrendous what wi-fi and mobile phones are doing to damage life on this planet. There are other reasons to stop as well. The war in Darfur, Africa for example is purely over a mineral which is only used in mobile phones and electrical equipment. So to stop killing people by the millions in Darfur, stop using mobile phones.

    As we go through this change these truths come to light and they can’t be hidden any longer no matter how desperately the illuminati controlled newspapers try. It will come out and this is very much immediate concern. You are destroying the cells that run from the inner ear to the brain. You are making yourself deaf and giving yourself glial cell cancer. For children under 15 there is 100% greater instance of glialcell cancer than there would be normally. In adults it’s about 75% greater. The damage done to the body by these frequencies is horrendous.
    Learning our TRUE HISTORY is therapy for the human race.

    It is each person's responsibility to clear their body of emotional blocks (using the Giveaway, etc.) so that the process of higher self integration into your physical body can begin. Beliefs are fleeting during this period of change. It is wise to hold them lightly. Mind, Body and Spirit are becoming ONE

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    #3 Spirit Guides 2011/12 Chris Thomas interview

    New Life in Our Solar System - Truth On Awakening


    “It comes down to people in the end and what choices they make.” Chris Thomas

    “So for about 240 years the Velon have been manipulating human activity and this is why there are so many crazy things going on on the planet.”

    Chris Thomas

    “There are moves outside our solar system to destroy the Velon and remove them from the universe because of the activities they have been up to. And what the Velon are trying to do is to feed off the people who have invited them into their homes or have gone along with this Ashtar Command, Galactic Council Federation, ascending to a 5th dimension claptrap.” Chris Thomas

    “There is no such thing as gravity. The thing that keeps us on the planet is the soul to soul connection between you as an individual soul and the planet as a soul.” Chris Thomas

    “So The Human Plan has answered the question we set out to answer 7,000 years ago and all that is now required is that humans who have agreed to complete this reintegration fulfil their end of the agreement.” Chris Thomas

    “Oh yes we’ll know. It’s so obvious it’s difficult to describe. We’re used to the 5 physical senses. They are like single notes in comparison to the symphony of what true psychic awareness really is. So when you go through this transition , you know you’ve gone through it, because you are so aware of everything that there is around you. You communicate psychically with people, animals and plants and that comes naturally to you.” Chris Thomas

    “Once I’ve got a question I just have to think it and I have the answer. It’s not even like there’s a voice that says this is the answer. I just know instantly what the answer is. And that again is an example of what it will be like when we have undergone this soul reintegration process. Everybody will be able to access the Akashic.” Chris Thomas

    “Instead of having an infinite number of choices and decisions available to us, as we approach the end date for completing The Human Plan, the options available to us become less and less and less and less. So we are going through a process where the Higher Self is saying: “You need to do this. It is not a question of whether you think about doing this, it is you WILL be doing this.” Chris Thomas

    “Comets have a specific function within the Universe, which is to deliver new life to planets it passes by. That’s how the Earth was seeded with new life, this is the theory of panspermia in packages if you like. That is what the whole of the solar system is doing, is creating new life. ”
    Chris Thomas

    “So as the planets begin to wake up and start reviewing it, then they are all passing messages back and forth to each other. So some of the Orbs we see on earth are not actually from the Earth herself, but from other planets.” Chris Thomas

    “To produce a physical human being again with the whole soul within the body. So all of these planets have been watching what’s going on and thinking – do I start to wake up and start life again or don’t I? So as we on Earth approach this end bit where all our work on earth is coalescing and all coming together, the other planets are saying - I think we can wake up now. I think the Earth has solved the problems and therefore we can get on with our own agendas of creating and welcoming in new life.” Chris Thomas


    1. The Problem

    2. The Solution arrived at Through the Human Plan

    3. Reading the Akashic

    4. New Life in Our Solar System

    5. Balls of Light and Crop Circles

    6. The Guardian Energies

    7. Planetary Feedback Using Balls of Light

    8. Technology Reflects the Human Flaw

    9. The Future

    1. The Problem

    Chris: The problem is that we have a lot to overcome in the process we are undergoing. We have the Bildebergers, the illuminati trying to prevent it from happening. We’ve got the planet flooded with HAARP extra low frequencies and we’ve got the Velon still messing around, so what we need is a concerted effort by people to live up to the promise that they made both to themselves and to the universe.

    First let me say that there is nothing that is going to stop this consciousness reintegration from happening. That’s not in doubt. What is in doubt is how simple the process is and how easy the transitions become. The more people who are ready to go through this change then the smoother the transition will be and the easier it becomes for everybody else.

    At the moment we have less than the preferred number who are ready which means it could be a bit bumpy. I think the biggest problem of all is that so many people have fallen for this channelled material.

    In recent months it’s been the stuff about angels; somebody was coordinating this and sending out e-mails to people saying what we want you to do is open your door at 10 o’clock at night and welcome in 3 angels who are going to stay in your house for 5 days and 5 nights and they are going to do whatever it is they choose to do, and you are not going to know what it is they do. And at the end of 5 days you will open your front door again at 5 o’clock at night and thank them for being there and allow them to leave.

    Mark: This has happened to some people has it?

    Chris: 5,000 people fell for this world wide and the “angels” they were letting in were Velon.

    Mark: How do they manifest themselves? Do they look human?

    Chris: No they don’t. You won’t see them at all. You might sense a presence if you were psychic.

    Mark: So people invited them in is the important part isn’t it?

    Chris: Exactly. And what they did while they were there was to erect a DJED PILLAR. Now a djed pillar is an energy device. It’s about a metre tall and 15 centimetres diameter, it has some kind of crystalline core to it, and it generates a massive amount of energy and everyone who opened their homes was stuck with one of these djed pillars erected somewhere in their home.

    The whole purpose of this exercise was to keep the Velon close to the Earth.

    There are moves outside our solar system to destroy the Velon and remove them from the universe because of the activities they have been up to. And what the Velon are trying to do is to feed off the people who have invited them into their homes or have gone along with this Ashtar Command, Galactic Council Federation, ascending to a 5th dimension claptrap. All the people who have fallen for that garbage.

    The Velon are using people to try and maintain their position close to Earth so they can try to create even more problems for us in order to stop us from going through the transitions of full soul integration. So the more people who fall for that the more it keeps the Velon in place and more problems it causes.

    It’s been a problem for a long time and it is the Velon who are behind the illuminati. They are the ones who (6:03) set it up and controlled it. So for about 240 years the Velon have been manipulating human activity and this is why there are so many crazy things going on on the planet like the dieting industry, the pharmaceutical industry, this rubbish about man-made global warming.

    All of it is designed to mislead people and generate fear and this is what the Velon want.

    In the American state of Georgia somebody erected these 5 lumps of granite – The Georgia Guidestones – that in 8 languages, carved into them, it says to maintain the human population at 500 million and then this was reinforced by the United Nations conference in Rio De Janeiro which said exactly the same thing. We know the company that manufactured and installed these Guidestones but we don’t know who actually commissioned them and paid for them. The man who approached the company called himself “A. Christian” . This is inevitably something to do with the illuminati [through the Masonic order]. The Agenda 21 documents which have been signed by 93 different governments say exactly the same thing except they use 40 chapters and 10,000 pages to say we want to reduce human population on Earth to 500 million.

    So that’s what the agenda is to reduce the population on the planet to 500 million that are totally under the control of the illuminati.

    Mark: How do these people manifest themselves to those in power, or do they sort of corrupt their energy, because there are a lot of people who rise to the top through greed, but do they actually see these Velon beings or are they being contaminated by their energy?

    Chris: I think it’s a combination of both from what I’ve seen of them.

    The Velon are capable of making themselves physically visible but much of it has to do with the influence they have on humans. They have this small group which we can call the illuminati who are made up of 19 members and these 19 humans were energetically altered to have a very long life span.

    So what they do is to work through organisations such as the Bildebergers, the Trilateral Commission, and various organisations and they influence very heavily what government policies are.

    Some years ago when Margaret Thatcher was still prime minister, somebody leaked Bildebergers meeting’s minutes which said that Thatcher must go and within a month she was gone. They had thrown her out of office. And there was another set of minutes I came across that said Tony Blair is to be the next prime minister. But this was before any action ever took place. So these people influence in that way. And also the people who actually own the media. You know 80% of all the media is actually only owned by 5 people. And all of those 5 people are members of the Bildebergers.

    So you have an organisation like that that dictates policy and what people actually hear in the news. Somebody in America took Fox News to court because they were proven to be spreading lies, a deliberate fabrication by Fox News. The high court in America ruled that the press is not under any legal requirement to tell the truth. It is up to the readers and listeners to determine the truth of any situation or report.

    So that’s how you get at people by feeding the population through the media and people pick it up because they want simple sound bites and eventually you get to this societal belief structure which bears no resemblance to what we should be doing. [it’s basically a fabricated reality of false beliefs] (12:02)

    Mark: That’s right they define what we think, what we wear, what we listen to. Young people think they’re trendy and discovering new things, but in actual fact they have been moulded that way by the media, by powerful people in control.

    Chris: On a very simple level, if you look at a woman’s body shape, what we have now is the stick-insect super models, but that’s what the media presents as how a woman should look, yet a woman’s natural shape is more voluptuous. But if you have a stick-insect body shape for example you can’t give birth because your body doesn’t produce enough nutrients to feed a growing child. So by creating a woman in that kind of image they are saying you can’t have children. This is one reason the birth rate is dropping so radically is women are physically incapable of becoming pregnant. It’s a media thing saying we don’t want you to do this so we’re going to present this “ideal image” to you and we will hit our 500 million target.

    Mark: Getting back to the Human Plan, with such grand control over the planet and people it just seems as though everything is lost because those who are awakening are so in the minority, how do we have any chance of actually completing this human plan?

    Chris: Well at the moment we have something like 15% of the population who said in 1996 that we can make this change. In 1996 there was a new energy connected to the planet that gives us everything we could possibly need to get us through these changes. When that energy was connected there was a sort of question asked or a census taken, if you like, of every single person on the planet at the higher self level saying : ‘Are you ready or are you not ready to undergo this reintegration change?’ 40% of the then population said ‘Yes they were’.

    Since then of the ones who said yes we have 15% of those people who have actually done the work and got through it. So they are ready for the final step of full soul integration into the body. That 15% amounts to about 1 billion people world wide are ready. On the other side of it some people have decided to complete this soul integration process early for whatever reason and there are currently (2011-2012) over 3 million people on the planet who have already completed. In other words these are humans who have the whole of the soul back within the physical body. They are located in isolated tribal cultures for the most part. But there is a big group in Europe who have built psychic shields around themselves so nobody will ever find them unless they want you to find them.

    So we have the ability to do it and we have all the energy we need in place to do it but, and this will sound like a hell of a criticism but they just are confused and don’t understand what is really going on, people in general don’t want to take full responsibility for their actions. Whether it is past actions or present actions, and so they always look to somebody else to try and sort their problems out and do it for them.

    This is why the likes of the Velon and Ashtar Command, Galactic Federation, Galactic Council, all these inventions, the angel thing or whatever – because they are saying to people: ‘Don’t worry about it, we’ll do the work for you.’. And people step back and say ‘o.k. fine that sounds wonderful to me.’

    Mark: So if those people are not doing the work, what happens? If the shift is going to happen anyway, does this mean that they will go through it but it just means it is going to be bumpy for the rest of us?

    Chris: No. There are certain criteria you have to meet. And that is energy compatibility with the planet. If you cannot meet that criteria, then you cannot remain on the planet. It will be a physical impossibility. How can I put this?

    There is no such thing as gravity. The thing that keeps us on the planet is the soul to soul connection between you as an individual soul and the planet as a soul. This is why the ‘root chakra’ is called the root chakra. It literally roots us to the planet. So it connects our soul to the planet as a consciousness.

    Unless we maintain energy compatibility with the planet, then literally the soul cannot remain connected with it. So we have to meet certain criteria along the way in order to remain on the planet.

    2. The Solution Arrived at Through the Human Plan

    Mark: Is this the work where people have to release sort of pent up emotions and baggage and things that are keeping them bogged down really?

    Chris: Essentially yes. We go through life and things happen and we have an emotional reaction to whatever it is that happens.

    The important thing really is how we express our emotion in whatever that situation happens to be.

    In the past if we have not expressed our emotions what we end up with is a physical ailment or illness because it’s the soul’s way of saying : ‘you’ve strayed off your path, what you need to do is correct the situation to get back on path and the best way to do that is to dump the emotion’. This is how illness has always arisen throughout the past.

    Now things have changed slightly because the Earth’s energy frequencies have risen considerably to what they have been traditionally. So what we need to do is raise our own personal frequencies to match that of the Earth. If we fail to do that then literally we are incompatible with the planet and the soul must return to its place of soul origin. In other words we can’t stay on the planet.

    Traditionally to live a human lifetime you only needed about ¼ of the soul within the physical body. Which means that the higher self makes up ¾ of the total soul. But we’ve been living this thing called The Human Plan which is all about is living a number of lifetimes through the reincarnation process to gain experience of how we find out what the planet’s base note frequency should be.

    When we first developed on Atlantis the Earth’s base not frequency was 7.56 cycles per second. That was the basic energy frequency that earth adopted to create physical life.

    We have known for an awfully long time that that frequency was too low. We could not maintain the whole soul within the body for the lifespan that we anticipated we should be able to live on the Earth because by shrinking the soul down to meet that base frequency meant that we had lost a lot of the brain’s higher psychic functions that we should have. (21:11)

    So 3500 Hz was the base not frequency Earth needed to raise her frequency to and that would not only maintain all the plants and animal life on the planet but at the same time it would maintain the whole soul within the human body. The Earth raised this base note frequency to 3500 cycles per second back in May 2000. So the Human Plan has answered the question we set out to answer 7,000 years ago and all that is now required is that humans who have agreed to complete this reintegration fulfil their end of the agreement.

    This is why for the past year (2011) many people have found their lives traumatic. People are desperately trying to dump all their rubbish, get rid of al the stuff they can to be able to raise their frequencies up to this new base level. And a lot of people have been very successful but also an awful lot don’t want to let go of the rubbish they’ve been carrying around. They don’t want to understand what they need to do to sort their bodies out, even though they said back in 1996 that they were ready to go through with this. That’s why this past year has been one of great conflict for a lot of people.

    On top of that we have all the propaganda coming at us by those who don’t want us to change like the illuminati, Bildebergers, whatever. They don’t want us going through this change because they want a compliable population that they can control rather than one that will take back the planet and throw them off.

    So we have this huge conflict going on where people know they need to sort themselves out, know that they need to change, know that they need to be part of what goes on but at the same time you have this massive amount of propaganda telling people ‘ you’ve made an awful mess of the planet and you’re never going to change anyway.’

    When people have accomplished the clearing, they are ready and it’s just a matter of waiting. We don’t have an exact date for when this final change will occur.

    Mark: So will it be a case of the future will just unfold differently or will we know when integration has taken place?

    Chris: Oh yes we’ll know. It’s so obvious it’s difficult to describe. We’re used to the 5 physical senses. They are like single notes in comparison to the symphony of what true psychic awareness really is. So when you go through this transition , you know you’ve gone through it, because you are so aware of everything that there is around you. You communicate psychically with people, animals and plants and that comes naturally to you.

    It’s not a subtle change, it’s a massive shift on a level that we’ve never really experienced before.

    3. Reading The Akashic

    Mark: Can I just ask about your own journey here? How did you open up in this way with the abilities that you’ve got to tap into the Akashic records? And how do you experience that to step into a vivid reality where you see them? What is the process you go through to discover this information.

    Chris: (26:44) It comes naturally to me. I was born this way. I was born hard-wired into the Akashic. It took me quite a long while to work out what I was hard-wired into but literally all I had to do was think of a question and I would get the answer.

    Now I don’t need to go into any kind of meditation and I don’t need any kind of intermediary other than just my higher self so I work within my higher self and all the answers I could ever possibly want are available to me. The only problem is finding out what the questions are. You know anyone can think of 10 million questions at any one time but you have to then break it down into what are the basic questions. What is it you really want to know?

    Once I’ve got a question I just have to think it and I have the answer. It’s not even like there’s a voice that says this is the answer. I just know instantly what the answer is. And that again is an example of what it will be like when we have undergone this soul reintegration process.

    Everybody will be able to access the Akashic.

    Mark: Does the Akashic hold future probabilities as well? Does it show probabilities based on actions taken in the past?

    Chris: (28:30) The word Akashic is Sanskrit, which is a very ancient language, and what it means literally is ‘record’. So what the Akashic does is pure and simply record, so it does not predict.

    Now having said that it is possible to extrapolate a possible future. Everyone in their life has to face many decisions: “Do I go to the café today or do I go to the sandwich shop” so they can be on any level. Now if you go to the café for lunch potentially you are going to meet somebody who you’ve never met before but they could change your life, but if you decide to go to the sandwich shop instead, you won’t meet that person.

    So whatever decision you make at any one time in your life creates possibilities for a future event or how the rest of your life is going to go.

    Now throughout human history during the past 7,000 years of the human plan, whatever decisions we have made we will go along with the possible futures our actions and decisions take us into. The closer we get to this 2012 date the less and less options we have available to us. So if we decide to go to the sandwich shop or the café today it isn’t going to make any difference, because we’re either going to meet the person regardless or we’re not going to meet the person we need to meet no matter where we go or what we do because we’ve run out of time.

    So all the options we had in our history are no longer available to us.

    Instead of having an infinite number of choices and decisions available to us, as we approach the end date for completing the Human Plan, the options available to us become less and less and less and less. So we are going through a process where the Higher Self is saying: “You need to do this. It is not a question of whether you think about doing this, it is you WILL be doing this.

    So the Akashic can give pointers to where our likely position will be in say, a years time.


    Mark: What are you thoughts on a lot of conspiracy theories? There’s a lot of panic at the moment with people worried about Comet Elenin (discovered in 2010) and Nibiru, and I’ve been sort of watching both sides of the argument, NASA presentations trying to get a rational point of view on it and they seem fairly convinced there is nothing to worry about. On the other side of it there seems to be a lot of researchers in the conspiracy camp that have their opinions on it. I just wondered if you have your own opinions on it?

    Chris: Laughs. Yes I just got an e-mail this evening saying Elenin isn’t a comet, it’s a guided ship and it’s being followed by a fleet of tetrahedral craft. If you’ll pardon the expression, ********! It’s a comet.

    Comets have a specific function within the Universe, which is to deliver new life to planets it passes by. That’s how the Earth was seeded with new life, this is the theory of panspermia in packages if you like.

    So what we have again is this massive amount of channelled material from the Velon, whether it be Anunnaki, Hathor, Ashtar Command, Angels, or whatever it is. And what they are trying to say to people is Nibiru is on it’s way because that again is a Velon thing – Nibiru. And people are picking up on it because that’s what they want to believe. They want somebody to take responsibility other than themselves and will continue to do so until they have sorted their own lives out.

    A few years ago you may remember the comet that hit Jupiter – the Shoemaker-Levy Comet. Now what that did was to bring new life to Jupiter.

    [ Designated CometPShoemaker-Levy9 was a comet that broke apart and hit Jupiter in 1994. This was the first collision of two solar system bodies to ever to be observed, and the effects of the comet’s impacts on Jupiter’s atmosphere have been spectacular and beyond expectations.]

    By smashing into its surface it created alterations to Jupiter’s surface and introduced new life forms to it because every single planet in our solar system is waking up. They are beginning to regenerate life and this is what Elenin is doing, even bringing new life to Earth.

    So that is what we’ve got to look forward to. This is a process that is quite natural, it is part of the changes that are going on, it has nothing to do with Nibiru, fleets of tetrahedral spacecraft or anything else. It is purely and simply a frozen lump of ice that is carrying new life, which is what comets have always done for the billions of years of the history of Earth and the Universe.

    Mark: But don’t they say that comets normally are harbingers of change or rebirth? Some of the native American Indian tribes sort of look as comets as something like that. Is that right?

    Chris: Yes I’ve got no problem with that one. Shoemaker-Levy for example did leave a new life form on Earth as it orbited around the solar system. And some of these were washed up by the tsunami that hit the Philippines. And they are crabs that are self-aware. So there are highly intelligent crabs living in the deep ocean that are self-aware and that was brought in on a comet so Elenin is essentially doing the same thing. I have to say that I have no idea what sort of life form she is carrying. Not at the moment anyway.

    But essentially that is what their job is, to bring these things in and help the solar system rejuvenate. That is what the whole of the solar system is doing, is creating new life.


    Mark: I was quite intrigued by The Balls of Light article you wrote. Especially around the crop circles as well because I’ve never really considered that it could be Earth involved in creating these things. Obviously planet Earth is an intelligent entity and why shouldn’t she try to express herself in some way.

    Chris: If you go back to the early 80s, what we had then was the very first of these really complex glyphs appearing in crops. It was a tablet shaped glyph and someone showed it to an ancient languages expert who said it is ancient Sanskrit. (36:26) And what it says is: “we’re in for a dry summer”. And it turned out to be true. That was the very first year of drought that we’d had for many, many years , so that is what this crop circle formation said.

    The reason Earth chooses to communicate through Sanskrit is that was the last language we used where we could actually communicate directly with the Earth ourselves. Since then we haven’t been able to and if you look at the crop circles that have appeared ever since, they use quite different symbology. They don’t use direct language as it were.

    Mark: Very mathematical aren’t they?

    Chris: They are fabulous. I love them. Except of course for those idiots out there faking them. And again if there was nothing genuine to fake then what are they faking?

    Mark: Well the military seem to have a keen interest in them. Whenever I go down to see them there are always black helicopters flying in very, very low to basically intimidate.

    Chris: Yes scary isn’t it. Basically crop formations are formed by these orbs, or balls of light. There was a classic video taken by 2 students taken about 10 years ago where these 2 balls of light come in, form the formation, they went off and then 2 others come in and finish it off. A lot of people said this footage was faked so it was taken to these people who do Hollywood special effects, Industrial Light and Magic, and they analysed it frame by frame and they said “We could not fake that. At the very least it would take us at least 3 months of the most advanced computer systems we have to fake 2 little pieces of the film.”

    So they said no this has not been faked, this is real time film. And that is what I have always felt about it. So all the various attempts by the government to discredit it, it has always been my feeling that it is real time film. That is how crop formations are formed.

    What these Orbs are is a little piece of the Earth’s consciousness delivering a message of some kind. And it can be directly to individuals or it can be interplanetary. So as the planets begin to wake up and start reviewing it, then they are all passing messages back and forth to each other. So some of the Orbs we see on earth are not actually from the Earth herself, but from other planets. And the Earth is also generating Orbs that are going off and communicating with other planets in our solar system as well.

    So we’re not talking about these are unicorns or guardian angels in disguise as some people claim is really to misunderstand the process involved here.

    Mark: Are these ones you can physically see with your eyes, are they called plasma balls vs. the ones you can capture on camera?

    Chris: They are not necessarily plasma. Plasma is a highly energized gas with positive ions in it. The Orbs are more electromagnetic in form. Because all consciousness is electromagnetic and so what you are looking at is that the ones that are actually visible to the naked eye are more highly concentrated with electromagnetic energy. I saw one myself not so long ago in plain sight at about 10 o’clock in the evening.

    I could hear a Euro fighter jet buzzing around the house. So I looked out the window and there was this glowing ball, basically bright white in the centre and then feathered out to sort of an electric blue colour. This thing was about 12 feet in diameter, it was huge, and it was obviously intelligently controlled as well because it was driving the Euro fighter pilot nuts. And it was quite clear from the way it was doing this that it was doing it deliberately, to annoy the pilot. It was only in plain site for a few seconds and then it just sort of shot off into the distance followed by this fighter.

    So the Orbs are used for all sorts of purposes but they are a part of the consciousness of the planet itself, it’s a communication device. It’s the same sort of concept as e-mails because they both have electromagnetic impulses – one on the computer line and the other travelling along the surface of the Earth.


    Mark: There is another instance where a guy called Colin Andrews went to see a crop circle and suddenly they (43:19) were intimidated by a couple of black helicopters who were actually following a ball of light on the field. One helicopter followed the ball of light while the other came in very low to intimidate Collin Andrews and the film crew.

    So whoever these people are in the helicopters, they don’t want people to see these things flying around. But it makes you wonder a lot of people here about these negative entities and energies like Bildebergers and Trilateral, but there must be a lot of good energies working with the Earth as well that we don’t here about in the media.

    Are there guardian energies working with us who are not making themselves known?

    Chris: Oh very much so. There are guardians of the planet herself who are fighting the battle against the Velon as much as they are allowed to do. We have positive energy intakes, we have 2 massive energy intakes on the planet. One is at Silbury Hill in Wiltshire which has stabilised now at around 8 million dimensions, that’s a lot of energy, and we have a primary energy point at north of Exmoor which has been pumping massive energy into the planet and the ley line grid, and that’s up at 53 million dimensions believe it or not, but that is a phenomenal amount of energy. That’s what is firing up this change. The one in Exmoor was connected to the grid in 1996, which began this whole process of change that we are undergoing.

    So we do have massive positive energies coming in.

    The thing you have to remember though is that we are a universe founded on the energies of freedom of choice. So every soul in this universe has absolute freedom of choice as to choosing their actions. Now what we have are the concerted efforts of the illuminati, Bildebergers, etc. trying to tell us one thing and yet on a soul level we know within ourselves something different. It’s a question of what choice we make as to who we listen to.

    Do we listen to our own inner voices that the soul is actually saying or do we listen to the media propaganda?

    And it’s the choice we make that determines how positive things become. If we continue to listen to the rubbish about climate change, Al Qaeda, the diet, whatever it is – we’ve made a choice to listen to it. (46:24)

    If we listen to what the soul is trying to say to us and agree to listen to our inner voice then you ignore everything else that is going on around you because it isn’t your choice.

    Mark: Is this a solar system change or a universal change? It seems that other planets are waking up and becoming more energetic, the sun seems to be more energetic but it’s going through a quieter period almost like a contradiction, it’s quieter but it could produce more devastating CMEs that take out the satellites. I’m confused about all that sort of thing. What is your take on that?


    Chris: Every single planet in the solar system originally supported life. But we had a disaster in our solar system 3.8 million years ago that destroyed all life within the solar system apart from Earth [and one of the moons of Jupiter]. So all the planets and the sun is a consciousness and they are keeping an eye on what is going on since this solar system came into being 4.5 million years ago. So they have been, for 3.8 million years trying to sort themselves out and get back on track.

    To produce a physical human being again with the whole soul within the body.

    So all of these planets have been watching what’s going on and thinking – do I start to wake up and start life again or don’t I? So as we on Earth approach this end bit where all our work on earth is coalescing and all coming together, the other planets are saying - I think we can wake up now. I think the Earth has solved the problems and therefore we can get on with our own agendas of creating and welcoming in new life.

    It’s sort of like a new house. You get all excited about moving into your new house and then all of a sudden you notice a crack in the ceiling, and that stops you in your tracks for a little bit and then you think about it and get on with it and you move on from that. This is what’s happening with the planets. They’ve made the first moves to bring about new life and then they stop to take stock and think about it and say - well what I need to do is let things evolve, let things move on by themselves until I move on to the next stage.

    So the other planets made a start and now they are letting it cook for a little while and then we’ll pick up more information about how things are going to develop. The sun has been doing this as well. We had a really quiet period for 300 years between 1530 and 1800 where we had a mini ice age, where the average global temperature was 1.5 degrees below freezing. Since 1800 the temperatures have been rising steadily up until about 1995 when they stopped rising.

    So temperature change occurs because of sun activity. It does not occur because of Co2 or anything else. It’s pure and simply how active the sun is. So the sun warmed us up and woke us up to see what would happen in 1996 when this new energy began t hit. Three months ago (2011) we saw some of the biggest energy bursts the sun has ever produced in recorded history. So what is happening is now is that the sun is taking stock. It’s saying o.k. what is going on, what does the Earth need? What do the other planets need? So let’s get feedback from them, let’s send Balls of Light back and forth to and from them and find out what’s going on.

    Once all concerned have got to a point where we know what’s going on then we can start again. So this is what’s happening with the sun at the moment. It’s beginning to wake up. And we’re starting to get massive outbursts from the sun again but this is designed to work not only with Earth but also with the other planets.

    So over the next few months we should start to see global temperatures start to rise again, and they will continue to rise for some time to come because it reflects the energy output the sun is creating.

    So yes it could take every satellite out of the sky but would that be a bad thing?


    Mark: Are we using the right technology? Are we using technology in the right way?

    Chris: No . No we never have because all the space technology or human technology is destructive. (51:53) We destroy things to create something else. We don’t take a natural resource and work with it in a way that is beneficial to both.

    Mark: I read that Nicola Tesla invented something that tapped into the energy around the planet for free. He had an antenna that took energy out of the upper atmosphere, and yet we still drill for oil in destructive ways.

    Chris: Tesla based his technology on using the 7.56 Hz frequency of Earth’s Schumann Resonance. So he was tapping into the electromagnetic emissions from the planet herself and he developed a system where you didn’t need any electricity or wiring for operating an electrical appliance. All you needed was an aerial placed on the appliance which tapped into the 7.56 Hz frequency. Tesla proved conclusively that anything from a car, boat, plane, tractor could run off this frequency.

    He made a deal with is sponsor to build a test power station in the middle of New York state but when the sponsor discovered there would be no profit in supplying energy this way, because it was free from the ethers, as Tesla called it, he withdrew his support. The real reason being that the sponsor owned an oil company so it would have meant his losing any profit from his oil and he would make nothing on Tesla’s work. So it has always been based on profit rather than on what technology is best.

    If Tesla’s work had gone ahead we would have had 100 years of pollution free energy.


    Mark: We could also be 100 years ahead in our spiritual and technical development. So it’s a human issue as well and this exposes the human flaw as well as the technological flaws.

    Chris: This is why the Earth raised her frequencies and now we humans have to catch up with them or be thrown off the planet. It’s the only way we can get rid of the fundamental flaws we have always had. Our ultimate goal is to get the whole soul back into the body and live a life that can be 1800 years long, where we communicate psychically with the planet, animals, each other and we live in absolute harmony with everything that exists. That is the goal we are heading towards very rapidly now.

    Mark: Is there any element that the change may not happen at all, let alone happen in 2011 or 2012?

    Chris: There are over 3 million people on the planet who have already done this so it’s not a question of IF it will happen, it’s a question of WHEN it will happen. Really there is no absolute determining factor here but 2012 is a crucial date.

    For example, if you are a remote viewer and capable of travelling around the solar system and also travel back in time, then it is possible to travel forwards in time, BUT only to certain possibilities. Not to the absolute future, but to possibilities that the future could be. [as of 2011-2012] Nobody has ever yet succeeded in getting past 2012, it always proves to be impossible.

    So if you like, Dec. 21, 2012 is an energetic barrier with immense power. Nobody can get past that, so we cannot see what the future will be in absolute terms. All we can do is to guess what is to come, but yes Dec. 2012 is very critical to everything that is going on upon the Earth and by extension the whole universe.

    Mark: Is there anything further you would like to add?

    Chris: Well it really is basically to do with people. People have free choices of where we go, who we believe and what we do. If you choose to disbelieve anything I’ve said that is fine by me and that’s your problem, not mine. It comes down to, forget about the Anunnaki plan about taking people off to the 5th dimension, forget Ashtar Command, forget angels and all the rest of it, it comes down in the end to the choices that people make which will determine what our future is and more importantly it will determine how smooth our transition is from one field of human being into a new human being will be.

    The more people who can make it, the better. The 40% in 1996 amounts to roughly 2.5 billion people. But we are now less than half that are ready to make our change at the moment. So get your act together, stop listening to this rubbish being put out by the media and channelling nonsense, and look to your own inner voice to do what you need to do for yourself. The world will be a considerably better place very soon if you do that.

    Mark: Excellent.
    Learning our TRUE HISTORY is therapy for the human race.

    It is each person's responsibility to clear their body of emotional blocks (using the Giveaway, etc.) so that the process of higher self integration into your physical body can begin. Beliefs are fleeting during this period of change. It is wise to hold them lightly. Mind, Body and Spirit are becoming ONE

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    Thanks again Herb for the CT refresher. I yearn to join the 3 million soul-driven societies. I am so tired of this ego-driven society. Even people who want to "save the human race and/or the planet" are getting on my last nerve.

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    The veil is really getting thin. I've heard a lot about this great writer called The Ruiner and read one of his/her articles today. It all looked great until the very last line. Only one who is a fan of CT will see this deception. They are really pushing the soul trap agenda.

    In case you missed the last line, here it is...

    ~ Beings who abused her created you here to be used.. But she loves you anyways. Love can be put into action. ~

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    Not a CT message but one I feel is the velon plan.

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    Excellent presentation by George kavassilas. Thanks for this Anastasia.

    Numbers are arbitrary. The markabah is an artificial light body based on "sacred geometry" and designed for the matrix.

    It is purely a Velon trap first named in Jewish mysticism about 100 AD as a vehicle to ascend to "heavenly places" and used by the "Ascended Masters".

    Like Angels, "Ascended Masters" are Velon in disguise. Channelled lies from the Velon and found in their literature "the Theosophical Society" and infused throughout the New Age society.

    "New Age", Ascended Masters", "5th Dimension", "Ascension, and "Merkabah" all being terms first introduced through channelling from the Velon.

    Yes they channelled in biblical times too.


    Anyone who has followed Chris Thomas' information from the Akashic knows that Drunvalo Melchizedek has been teaching this left brain oriented lie which he gained from 2 so-called "Angels" (meaning Velon is disguise).

    Whether he knows it or not Melchizedek is teaching Velon lies.

    They always use individuals who are well liked with compelling personalities. George Kavassilas broke free of them for a time.

    One must have their discernment muscle well tuned when they listen to anyone.

    I hear it over and over again from those who stumble on his alternative view of reality: "Chris Thomas has proven to be someone who really sharpens discerning awareness. This comment consistently comes from highly psychic individuals who have been tricked tin the past by these Velon disguises."
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    Learning our TRUE HISTORY is therapy for the human race.

    It is each person's responsibility to clear their body of emotional blocks (using the Giveaway, etc.) so that the process of higher self integration into your physical body can begin. Beliefs are fleeting during this period of change. It is wise to hold them lightly. Mind, Body and Spirit are becoming ONE

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    Someone posted this on a site I visit. I find it interesting so thought I would share here.

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    I met a woman almost two decades ago who was a follower of Melchizedek and tried to get me interested. I was just a bit too shy to get involved and also too independent. I had decided since 16 not to have any kind of master or guru. I'm finding myself relieved and glad of that decision.

    Basic wisdom has always been available in life. It comes from many directions. One of the things I heard as a kid was that wisdom is in your own backyard. Truth is within the self and is self-evident. So I kept those ideas in mind.

    Sometimes people might have thought it was presumptive of me to think I could learn for myself. If I'm going to be responsible for myself, it's the only way.

    Thanks so much for sharing these ideas, videos and transcripts. Very interesting.

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    Does anyone in this CT fan group have insights on Saturn's role with CERN and the other colliders? My feeling is that they were planning to use them as an energetic connection to create a wormhole for the velon to come in and us to leave.

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    The Irony of Control – It backfired

    Re Harald Kautz video: Human bio-robotic mind control through the RNA/DNA Trinary system of bio-photons which infected every human with chemtrails spraying.

    A must listen. Best part begins at 22 minutes. It helps to clarify what he has said in the past. In the beginning before the 22 minutes he is talking about BSE in cows. It sounds like he is saying TSE so wanted to clarify that.

    He talks about “Rachel” from the Bases 25 video and how she is trained as a super soldier to protect the elite who obviously do not have the activated heart center so they very much fear the artificial intelligence that they have created with the help of alien technology.

    The aliens (Velon) led the intelligence community to believe there was a shut off code but it turns out it is a trinary light activated system and binary codes can’t turn off this system.

    Your only protection is being fully heart centered.

    This makes it clear why the elite are in dread of what they created and are trying to create heart-centred super soldiers to protect them.

    *It also explains why they want someone to teach them empathy. I mean Harald makes it clear every human on the planet has been infected with these chemtrails technologies.

    *NB I have been talking to a milabs abductee who was asked by the biorobotic Greys if she could teach them empathy.

    The desire for control has been their (elite’s) only goal and now they are finding out control is too rigid and they should have gone with sensitivity, empathy and the ability to adapt to change. Becoming wholly human through integration, living through the heart, is our greatest gift to ourselves and the universe.

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    Learning our TRUE HISTORY is therapy for the human race.

    It is each person's responsibility to clear their body of emotional blocks (using the Giveaway, etc.) so that the process of higher self integration into your physical body can begin. Beliefs are fleeting during this period of change. It is wise to hold them lightly. Mind, Body and Spirit are becoming ONE

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    thanks herbert..
    hrmm. not sure how to write anything about that video.
    it seems not only humanity but also velon are controlled
    by there very own creation as well.. kind of ironic.
    just one thing i think will be different.
    we WILL beat this.!

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    Quote Originally posted by Greenbarry View Post
    thanks herbert..
    hrmm. not sure how to write anything about that video.
    it seems not only humanity but also velon are controlled
    by there very own creation as well.. kind of ironic.
    just one thing i think will be different.
    we WILL beat this.!
    Velon (involved with us) are controlled by their religious god solar system consciousness velus. From what i am gathering in info, Earth and guardians are controlling velon by using their own creations against them.

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    said giveaway is to get rid of negative energy.
    these velon feed off of negative energy.
    so, this thing to be done to "give away" this energy
    seems to be feeding them.. the velon.
    right or wrong?
    i see where it can be clearing out the baggage we
    accumulate over time. to make room for the HS.
    is it not also feeding this velon by doing it?
    i know i said the same thing twice but i am asking
    what your take on it is.
    i want to be clear in my question about the giveaway.
    why is it called the giveaway? who am i giving this too?
    is it mine for balance? is it what makes me who i am?
    both the negative and the positive = balance?
    i know GK has been compromised and i seen that long
    before the dec 12 stuff.. picked up on it a few times but
    never said anything. is it possible that CT might have
    also been tricked to teach this giveaway?
    i mean no disrespect to anyone.
    would like your input on this.
    thank you

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