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Thread: An ongoing Chris Thomas thread for those who resonate with his alternative view of reality and history

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    Thankyou for your thoughts Herbert. The hands and arms looked like something out of Egypt or Sumer. I have no connection that i am aware of, maybe it was a past life connection or even something that manifested so differently than my christian beliefs that it would cause me to question my beliefs which i eventually did- hence im here ,lb

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    The Sad Case of Sanni Ceto - Implanted Memories


    This video is continued at you tube with 3 more short videos

    I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that the Black Ops Military Abduction/mind control/layered memory implants of children from infancy run the whole gamut of possible scenarios from test-tube babies to love as a weapon

    Given the memory wipes and implanted false memories, why would anyone believe human hybrid children even exist? In fact do extra-terrestrial races procreate? Is there any evidence that they even have children?

    So many methods available to the unethical, amoral monsters who torture infants, children and adults alike to create the “right” synapses in the brain to produce false memories :

    - simple stimulus/response, reward/punishment, love vibration/physical pain

    - drug concoctions making their victims open to suggestion, hallucination, layered memories, holographic projections

    - sophisticated Holo-Deck Helmets used to simulate any experience of being on Mars, the Moon or past life memories, etc.

    - Velon able to take on the appearance of any humanoid shape including angels to trick humans into believing their lies

    - Soulless, Bio-mechanical robots with minimum of programmed DNA to carry out convincing simple tasks as Greys, Mantids, Insectoids, Felines, Avian, etc. in the background.

    - Good cop/bad cop and who knows what more advanced technology is available to them now for mind control, psy ops.

    Familiar themes:
    - Angry, vicious, shape-shifting Reptoids. ( A particularly familiar Velon trait)

    - gentle, loving, mantid insectoids as teachers

    - human incarnated from their Grey semi-physical family

    - life’s purpose to help their race improve by providing human hybrid children

    - life’s purpose to teach humans the errors of their ways

    Less familiar themes:
    - the unforgiving Grey hive-mind exacting karmic punishment for neglect of duty

    - Love is the solution to raise human frequencies beyond the reach of the Reptoids

    - Even re-integration of the higher self as the subject’s goal; apparently Simon Parkes (who is an abductee since childhood) is saying this now.


    I would say Sanni Ceto may well be a test tube baby in the hands of the military/NSA from birth; she could certainly be programmed for anything, including writing in strange symbols.

    Whether she is a Grey incarnated as human or whether this is just another implanted memory is less important than the question of what is the plan her Higher Self has in mind for her?

    How much more of these sad scenarios will it take to wake up human group consciousness to put a stop to these military abductions?

    Or better yet when will parents say NO! And when will young women say NO! to having their fetuses taken?
    Learning our TRUE HISTORY is therapy for the human race.

    It is each person's responsibility to clear their body of emotional blocks (using the Giveaway, etc.) so that the process of higher self integration into your physical body can begin. Beliefs are fleeting during this period of change. It is wise to hold them lightly. Mind, Body and Spirit are becoming ONE

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    Excellent Article on Abduction Victims

    This is an excellent article for bringing out all the facets of abductions since 2000 when Chris Thomas says most alien abductions (which never involved sex or painful experiences) ended and after that all abductions are military and traumatizing, usually supervised by the Velon who can take on the bodily appearance of Reptoids and probably Mantids to play the roles of bad cop/good cop.

    The Greys are portrayed as evil but in fact are not even involved. Instead bio-mechanical, soulless grey robots with simple DNA programming have been built by the military to deceive the Victim. The taking of embryos is involved with psychic young women who have usually been taken since childhood – their memories often wiped. They are usually told that they are helping an alien race by giving their hybrid children. And they often have scarred uteruses as a result of the procedures.

    Always keep in mind that there can be no real human clones because the e.t. races do not procreate, would not possibly be compatible even if they did have sex organs, and the subjects are always under chemical and technological, deeply layered mind control.

    While I don’t always agree with the conclusions here, I found this to be a useful summary of what we encounter in the military/NSA/Velon abduction scenarios. I’ve added my own thoughts in square brackets. I have only taken excerpts from this long article and encourage everyone to go to the article for reading in its entirety.

    Read the entire article here:

    I think this may be a very perceptive quote :

    What my Tibetan Buddhist meditation teacher, Dr. Alan Wallace, PhD has stated in jest, during one of the many Shamatha meditation retreats I participated in:
    Can sceptics even strip away what they fear and desire any more than alien abductees? “ Extreme scientific scepticism and fanatic religious dogmatism are two sides of the same coin.”

    So, next time a sceptic balks at the lack of evidence regarding alien abductions and milabs, [or anything else like resonating with C.T.’s reading of the Akashic information including Earth history and the e.t. races] I wonder how far they are willing to go to enhance their own levels of perceptual awareness and equanimity?

    [Or are they just in denial of the Divine Feminine source for information and intuitive knowing?]

    This is a period in human history where humanity is moving from the male scientific technological (Technocratic) age to the female intuitive age for gaining knowledge and wisdom.

    How much reflective empathic awareness have they really demonstrated? How far are they willing to delve into the dragons lair to emerge with the great pearls of wisdom?

    One wonders whether even angels dare to tread the places where many alien abduction and milab researchers have gone. This is where I believe, paradigm shifting life choices and priorities must be made to allow the already existing evidence to seep into our conscious awareness.

    Otherwise, we may just be barking up the wrong tree, you know, like the fake kind that cover up cell phone towers. Personally, I prefer stately oaks and ringing cedars. How about you?

    I have taken some excerpts from the article where I wanted to insert my own thoughts based on what we know from C.T.’s information from the Akashic regarding the Velon who are clearly the ones impersonating the vicious Reptilians (is there any other way of describing the Velon than deceptive, vicious, tricky, intelligent *******s who know how to fake the love vibration?).

    The milab super soldiers–according to the memories they are recovering–appear to be operatives who are highly trained to carry out a multitude of functions, usually under mind control in an alter personality mode.

    They often see other milabs and abductees in their experiences, being medically examined, tested or in training for specific jobs. (2b,11,12) They may experience taking part in a covert operation together in a human or even “alien environment”. (See Jared interview, (3)) Some milabs such as K. Wilson (2c) have described memories of having been on the dark side of the moon. Zed, (3) recalled being trained on the dark side of the moon with other human super soldiers under a reptilian [Velon] and human military control and command.

    He discovered years later in his memory recovery, that the reptilian [Velon] programming and control-deception system is superior to our own military capabilities. In other words, the reptilians [Velon] have the upper hand, not our military/shadow government who apparently are/were in collusion with them.

    Some milabs report teleportation and time travel ops (Andy Pero, Michael Relfe, Jared, Andy Basiago, and anonymous ones via personal communication).

    This brings up the subject of head gear and Holo-Decks to deceive the victims into believing they had strange experiences which never really happened, either on another planet or through time travel. Andy Basiago’s interview with Lisa Harrison details this Holo-Deck experience which proves they were never on Mars and in fact never left Earth.


    The point I want to make is that many milabs who have come to me to share their experiences of trauma, and their angst about all of this, realized they were being used as some kind of multidimensional operative doing a variety of functions for the aliens and/or “shadow government/military”.

    Many milabs are concerned that they are being used to assist a dark agenda but cannot extricate themselves out of their secret life situations. Some have been partially freed, (i.e., Michael Relfe, Zed (3), Seth Coronado (9)) but many still fight an ongoing battle of continued abduction attempts, reprisals and remote mind control influences such as stalking and non-lethal weapons harassment.

    Beaming, for example is a term we have created to define when an alien, or perhaps a human perpetrator, influences the victim to see imagery in their minds, or to feel or hear things that compel them to make certain conclusions or act aggressively. For example, screen memories, emotional manipulations and vivid imagery, or training for scenarios in the future.

    Some of the beamings are reported to cause bizarre electrical sensations, severe pain, or sensations of burning on parts of the body, like the soles of the feet. At least in one anonymous milab case, these sensations were coincidental with vivid implanted imagery and stage-managed dreams.

    Much of what milabs describe parallels what victims of mind control, Illuminati bloodline cult and even black magic victims have experienced. And yet, not all milabs are from Illuminati cult families, and seem to have been plucked for reasons only the aliens or milab controllers know.

    “Robert Dean who has often spoken and given his testimony of what he knows says, if these extraterrestrials were bent on destroying us and taking over our planet, they could have done so long ago with the incredibly advanced technology they possess.”(13)

    My question is, “Did anyone ever consider the superior mind control capabilities of the aliens, so that an overt takeover of humanity is


    All they have to do is distract us with other issues such as environmentalism, endless political arguments, constant relationship manipulations, religiosity, or compulsions to blame each other or our military industrial complex’s dark agenda as the enemy. Even though these are valid concerns, it doesn’t make sense, at least in cases where aliens are observed in collusion with the shadow government abductors.

    It has been my educated guess (via consults with milabs and independent studies) that the military industrial complex is heavily influenced, if not taken over, by the malevolent alien factions such as the Draco’s, reptilians [Velon] and some greys, as well as the Illuminati bloodline families.

    Furthermore, there is ample evidence quoted from ancient archeology and history experts like Michael Cremo, Richard Dolan, Graham Hancock and Michael Tsarion that our ancient star gods were the same reptilians (i.e., Anunnaki) [Velon] who have corrupted and manipulated Earths religions for thousands of years. They created the secret societies! Out of the frying pan and into the fire?

    I have to interject here the Akashic information which qualifies that the "gods" were in fact time travelling Velon who dictated a lie to a Sumerian scribe and they are not naturally reptilians. However they do assume such a shape for abductions to create fear and to further their agenda of owning Earth and humanity. For the past roughly 300 years they have certainly been behind the creation of societies and commissions, the Masonic order, Trilateral Commission, etc. to further their own ends of removing the human population.

    I’ve noticed numerous times, whether the milab had MPD/DID or not, that they had a tendency to either preach Christian Fundamentalism or some New Age environmentalist propaganda, instead of getting into any specific detail about their own mind control programming, and how they are healing and processing their experiences. Could the compulsion to preach or get on the New Age environmentalist bandwagon be another program that is inserted as a defense mechanism to avoid the deeper issues of the powerlessness and reality of trauma and mind control? I’m not saying there is anything wrong with having a Christian faith or being environmentally conscious, it’s just the way in which I can see how these belief systems are used as a method of distraction.

    If we can focus on unveiling the secrets of mind control, human or alien instigated, I think we can regain our power back as a race, free from the false god, manipulated religious corruptions, or the shadow government-military-industrial complex.

    Some contactee’s and “experiencers” as they may prefer to be called, believe they are in contact with benevolent ET’s. They do not necessarily exhibit post-traumatic stress disorder or are “abducted” in the same manner as abductees. [Philip Kramf, (14)] I believe there must be some benevolent or neutral extraterrestrials, but would they need to abduct humans too? The experiencers I am concerned about, such as Jim Sparks, are the ones who have “changed their tune” from being vocal resisters of alien abduction, to sudden promoters of environmentalism, while being distracted from the real healing of the mind control systems the aliens installed to avoid the issue altogether. (15, 35b) I am also disappointed about the absolute denial of malevolent alien abductions by leading proponents of the Disclosure movement such as Dr. Steven Greer.
    Learning our TRUE HISTORY is therapy for the human race.

    It is each person's responsibility to clear their body of emotional blocks (using the Giveaway, etc.) so that the process of higher self integration into your physical body can begin. Beliefs are fleeting during this period of change. It is wise to hold them lightly. Mind, Body and Spirit are becoming ONE

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    Transcript excerpts
    1. Current Thinking/Soul
    2. Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels
    3. Alien Agenda, Transhumanism, Technocracy
    4. 90% of News is Invented
    5. Free Choice
    6. Human Consciousness Has Been Changing Since 1996
    7. A Black Ops Planned Alien Invasion
    8. Reintegration Begins With Discernment

    1. Current Thinking/Soul

    C.T. The illuminati are doing their best to stop this change from occurring and to stop this process of full soul reintegration. So a lot of people have been influenced by the Anunnaki and this rubbish about ascending to a 5th dimension. And the channelling has just been thrown in to cause fear and panic among people and to try and distract them from our true purpose, which is purely and simply to reintegrate the full soul back into the physical body. So that’s where we are. We’ve done everything that we need to do essentially; all the energies are in place; it’s now a question of when rather than if.

    Mark: Will that be a shock to most people when it happens? Will we wake up feeling quite differently or will it be a gradual change over a number of days? How would the majority of people who are not exposed to this kind knowledge react to those changes?

    C.T. I think like everybody else; they just wake up one morning and: “Oh yes that’s what it’s about isn’t it! This is what I should be.”

    Mark: They just remember then?

    C.T. Yes, well it’s a realization; we’ve got something like 2.5 billion people who are ready to undergo this change. Now the majority of those don’t know much about this change at all. They’ve done everything they needed to do in their life and they’ve got everything correct so they’re just ready and waiting for this change to happen.

    And then you have those who are not going through the change and they won’t know anything about it at all. And again they will generally be in total denial of everything.

    But then there is a percentage of the people who have said they want to go through this change who are holding back. They are creating problems for themselves because they are not actually listening to what their higher self is saying to them. So a lot of people are in a state of denial, they want to go through it but at the same time they don’t want to do the work necessary to make it where they can. So you end up with a certain amount of confusion within these people as to what is happening and why.

    But basically anybody, individually, can undergo this change anytime they choose; there’s nothing to stop them. But because of all these forces that are lined up against us, there has been a general vies that the best thing to do would be to pick a date and then we’ll all undergo this transition at the same time. In that way we will sweep away all opposition and nothing can stop us.

    If you undergo this change by yourself and live in the Western World then the chances are that you are either going to be turned into a new god, or arrested or both. So a lot of people are holding back on an individual basis in the Western World because of those potential problems. Whereas in traditional tribal cultures they don’t have that kind of problem so as far as they’re concerned they can get on with it as they choose.

    The bulk of people who have already undergone this process are living in isolated areas.

    Mark: Do you have a vision of how the world will be the next day? The world is currently based on a monetary system, the black gold that keeps everything moving, and the industry that keeps people very rich and everybody enslaved if you like. It a kind of greedy, materialistic world with everybody into fashion and following pop stars. How will the world be the next day after a shift like that? Does everything suddenly change 100% or will that world still be there but kind of fade to a new way of being?

    C.T. Laughs. That’s a very difficult one to answer. The transition process for an individual takes about 24 hours. It’s that quick, it’s seamless and there’s no problem. If you are totally ready for it then it just happens. So with the majority of the population looking at the world from a totally different perspective and understanding, then the world as we know it cannot remain. And culture as we know it cannot remain.

    The majority of the people who are chasing after gold, money, designer clothes are the ones who are NOT going to make it. So I can see we could end up with a sort of bipolar culture, where you have those who have gone through the change not accepting the world as it is and then we have those who are not going through the change trying to keep the world as it is. There is a potential there for a bit of conflict, which is why I think that the majority view at the moment is that we go through this change together.

    So we will have this massive wave of shift that totally wipes out the other way of thinking. Or the way of thinking that created the world we live in at the moment. But that can happen over night so there is no real answer to it in all honesty to your question because we’re in a position where nobody has ever been before. So we don’t know what it is like to have the full soul within the body and nobody knows how long those who are opposed to it will be able to remain on the planet.

    So we’re in a state of flux and nobody can predict what’s going to happen in the short term. Long term of course we have a reasonable idea of what the world will be like. Apart from people existing on a soul level there is a sort of collective soul which is the mass consciousness and there is something scientists call morphic resonance. Which is if a specific weight within the mass consciousness says one thing then the whole of the mass consciousness shifts into that idea.

    Therefore when the majority of people have the whole consciousness within the body, the mass consciousness with shift with it and those against the change will not be able to stop it and their minds will be changed by the mass consciousness shift. So those opposed may end up going through it themselves at the same time.

    It’s a difficult question to answer since it has never happened before and it’s a bit like the question: “What are we going to be like when all of this has happened?” (17:19) The answer is pass.

    But when you think about how psychic and how good at healing some people are with only ¼ of the soul in the body, think what they will be like with the whole soul for all of us. Our acute sense of perceptions, well nobody knows what that will be like. We have memories of what we were like on Atlantis and what we were like 20,000 years ago but we’ve been through a 7,000 years process, so as physical beings we are quite different now to what we were on Atlantis.

    We’re much more physically dense, we’ve undergone this whole cycle of knowledge gathering through reincarnation and so our memories are very, very different to what they used to be when we did have the whole soul within the body. So ultimately there is no way of comparing ourselves as we are now to what we will be upon reintegration.

    I know there are people out there trying to explain it but really we just don’t have the concepts for it. And people who are trying to explain it are deluding or limiting themselves.


    Mark: Do you think Spirit has a plan in all of this or how this will tie into our spirit world, ourselves, and guides? Is there an element of how we plan our lives before we are born? Are there certain things that we are sent here to do like kind of a blueprint?

    C.T. Every person’s lifetime is mapped out before you are born by you and your higher self. So the whole of the soul combines between lifetimes and plans out what you need to do in the lifetime you are about to be born into. All major events are pre-planned and if you go against what your higher self thinks you should be doing then what you end up with is illness. That’s what causes illness is you’ve taken a wrong step in your life. You’ve stepped off your path and your higher self is saying get back on track. (20:17)

    So in previous lifetimes that has been fine, but in this lifetime we have run out of time. In previous lifetimes if we ran up against a situation where said to our higher self this is too difficult I don’t want to deal with this now then the higher self would re-plan. And if we failed to succeed in our goals, we would have an illness, die from it, and come back in another lifetime to have another go at that problem until we resolved it. So what we do in one lifetime will come back to us in another which where the Buddhist concept of Karma comes from. But that is a slight misunderstanding of the situation because all we have really been doing is learning.

    How do we get the whole soul back into the body? And the original meaning of the word karma is just pure and simply knowledge. So for 7,000 years we have been gaining knowledge. In order to do that we have had spirit guides, for example. More often than not, what we see as our spirit guide is actually our higher self. So the higher self presents itself as a spirit guide but using a persona that we were in a previous lifetime.

    That is to say to us: ‘Look we had the knowledge in a previous lifetime as to how to deal with this situation we have encountered in this lifetime situation so your higher self has presented itself as that persona to try and help with whatever we are dealing with in the current life. So that is where the bulk of ‘spirit guides’ comes from.

    In fairness the bulk of what people call their ‘guardian angels’ is actually their higher self.

    But there are other entities outside of that. For example, say that your great aunt Elsie has died and the soul that is great aunt Elsie realizes that you are having problems and she decides to give you a hand. So she essentially becomes your spirit guide as somebody who is separate from yourself to try and help you out. That can happen relatively frequently and that other soul will work with your higher self to try sorting things out for you.


    In addition to that there are beings who are not of the Earth, and now you are getting into channelled material. Unfortunately there is a race out there known as the Velon or Anunnaki, Hathor, etc. who have an agenda which is not to help people. Their purpose seems to be to take over control of the planet and what is going on here on the planet. It has been the Anunnaki who are primarily behind the illuminati.

    The illuminati is controlled by non-human entities.

    So the Anunnaki control filters down through all the other structures that we have; so the Bildebergers, Trilateral Commission, High level Free Masonry, Media, etc. are controlled by the Velon so they create situations and scenarios which are trying to fulfil their agenda. So that vast majority of things that have been going on in society for the last 150 to 200 years, where it appears that it is going against people’s wishes, is Velon originated and Velon driven. Everything in the Media is driven by these Velon agendas.

    80% of all the media is owned by 5 people, and all five are members of the Bildebergers. By media I mean tv, radio, newspapers, books, magazines, the internet are controlled by these 5 people. So they put out whatever agenda they want put out and what they don’t want published will not be published.


    I’ll give you an example of that, if you think of one of my favourite movies, Avatar in which they built the planet Pandora, and what they did was create a new planet with totally different animals, people and plants to make people think they are filming this movie on another world. Now I came across a report written by a journalist who was a tv cameraman where he was in a Middle Eastern country and was asked to take a shot of an empty street. (26:44)

    So what you have is a long view down a street with terraced houses on either side and a road junction quite a long way in the distance with cars passing back and fourth at the bottom of a hill. But the street is totally empty of people, and that is the originating shot that he took. But when the shot was presented as a news item, what they had done was put hundreds of screaming people coming towards the camera and covered in blood. It made it look as if they were running away from some kind of massacre. But it never existed, what was on the screen was all generated by computer.

    So whatever you see on the news is total propaganda.

    90% of all news items are propaganda presented by the illuminati to fool us into thinking these things are going on but primarily to create fear in the population because a fearful population is easily controlled.

    And if you’re fearful you are not thinking about undergoing consciousness reintegration.

    So what we really need to do is ignore the media because it’s all made up. Remember a little while ago there was a tetrahedral shaped UFO over Moscow, and then there was another one over Peking. Those were holograms. They weren’t actual ships at all, they were just holographic projections from the ground to make it look like these ships were in existence.

    If you look at what’s going on in Arabian countries at the moment like Syria and what happened in Libya, those were all engineered to make it look like there were problems in those countries. So it’s all just meeting the illuminati agenda.

    Mark: I guess we live on the good side of the equation in the west where they need our tax money to fund their wars so they have to keep giving us the propaganda so that our money is being spent for “humanitarian purposes”, when in fact it may not be.

    C.T. The amount of money you and I pay in taxes does not amount to anything in terms of what it costs to run a war. Governments do not rely on taxation. They say that they do but again it’s another con. Most governments have sources of money running into billions of pounds from other sources. There is a world money cartel that operates the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund but again it’s an illuminati controlled system, so money for them comes down to how many digits there are on a computer program, not how may pounds you have in your pocket.

    So it’s all a con and all this global collapse and financial recession is again a con that has been engineered and there is proof of that.


    Mark: Yes it’s an interesting one because it does seem to be engineered in order to bring in more laws, a greater fiscal union in the form of a European Union where a central body controls the money supply to all the countries in the union and sets their budgets. Something like that would never happen when times are good.

    The other thing I’ve been thinking about Chris is as the greater soul we come here to become more integrated, with a greater awareness of our consciousness then there must be some sort of a plan here that if in one sense the money supply is collapsing, but then with we are ultimately to go towards a world where we don’t want money, then perhaps this is helping us in a sense to reach our end goals. Even though people worry about no money in their pocket and things are going to get bad, but at the soul level it might be preparing us for the moneyless world we are going to end up in anyway. So we might as well get used to it so that when soul integration goes through then it becomes easier.

    Where does Spirit get into this? Is our reality controlled by this other illuminati agenda energy, or is there an element of spirit in there helping as well. Is it all bad or is there a good part to this collapse that is preparing us for who we become next?

    C.T. I think it was David Icke who came out with the expression “sheeple”. And that is basically what the majority of the population is. They listen to authority figures and get fooled into whatever it is. They may grumble but they do nothing about it. As we go through this process of change e see a massive amount of the lies we’ve been told and the manipulation that has been going on coming to the surface. So people are realizing that all those conspiracy theorists were actually right. There are conspiracies against the masses.

    But there are an awful lot of people in denial. They are saying: “I don’t want to know about that.” “I don’t want to believe we’ve been pushed in these directions. So if you look back through human history that is where the problem has always lain. The last 7,000 years of human history will show you that the land owners, the mill owners have said to people: “We’re cutting you wages but you’ll be working an extra 20 hours a week.” And people have grumbled and done nothing about it whatsoever.

    But if they had done something about it by forming a union or going on strike, then those situations would never have arisen.

    So don’t forget it is always choice and it’s choice of the individual. (34:15)

    An example in real life of this was the dock worker in Poland who declared he would not work for low wages and he formed a solidarity union which broke the communist system. Just one person said I have free choice and it woke up the others to the reality that they could think for themselves. Things can change and one person can move the group consciousness. You don’t have to accept what you’ve been told.

    So he broke the whole system just by one man standing up and saying: “I’m not having this any longer.” This has been the problem throughout human history is they have not thought for themselves. They have not acted for themselves, they have just gone along with the flock. And this is what has allowed organisations like the illuminati to act in the way they have done because nobody has said NO.

    Mark: So we’re almost complicit in this aren’t we because if we don’t stand up and oppose it then we’ve almost given our free will away I guess.

    C.T. Totally. It’s a choice. You either stand up and say NO I’m not having this or you say I’m going to go along with it.

    What has happened is people have given away their free choice or they have said well I’m going to go along with it because I don’t want to fight it.

    Mark: Well it’s fear but you also think well what can one person do? You feel almost powerless. One person on their own thinks well I’m not going to be able to change the world. And that is the way the majority of people think and yet there are pockets of people who do change the world on their own

    C.T. Lech Walesa did. And there have been numerous other examples throughout history who have stood up and said NO. Some of them have lost their life and become martyrs so the cause is fought on their behalf. Losing you life doesn’t matter if you have inspired a situation which has brought about change.

    What we have seen since the illuminati came into being 250 years ago is people saying they will accept it because they don’t want to argue against it.

    The first thing the illuminati did was to bring about the French Revolution and that lasted 10 years because after 10 years everybody said well this is a load of rubbish, this doesn’t work, we don’t want it, we didn’t want it in the first place so why are we putting up with it? And the whole thing changed and they broke the revolution. So things changed back to more the way the French people wanted it, rather than what the illuminati were trying to dictate.

    Mark: The illuminati were involved in the Russian Revolution as well. They seem to be involved in all the changes really. They are kind of the script makers.

    C.T. Everything nasty that has happened on the planet in the last 250 years has been engineered by the illuminati and the organisations that they control. (38:14)

    Mark: Do you think that, because of reincarnation, right now a lot of people who are opposing it, took the opposite view in a past life – just to balance things out from the higher self perspective?

    C.T. Yes certainly. It’s highly possible that we took a different perspective in a previous life and now the higher self has said: “Right, now let’s see what it’s like on the other side.”

    Mark: Because now we’re aware of it but 20 years ago we did not have the information to even be aware of the illuminati but now so many people are aware through various books, films the internet.

    C.T. If you look at various tv series like The Prisoner with Patrick McGoohan with a cult following. That’s about the illuminati and control. Patrick McGoohan wrote it to try and say to people: “This is what is happening. Try and think about it, do something about it.”

    There was a film made by Terry Gillian back the early 80s called Brazil, which was saying this is how society works. Terrorism is created by governments, not by terrorists. Everything is controlled and what the media is telling us is what the government organisations (Bildebergers, Trilaterals) wants us to hear.

    So we’ve had 50 – 60 years of people trying to tell us this is what is going on but people have not wanted to listen. “Just follow the flock, keep your head down, keep eating, not a problem, nothing you need to worry about.”

    Mark: On days when everything is good, that mentality is o.k. but as more and more people fall victim to the monetary system where they are loosing their jobs, livelihoods, food, etc. you haven’t got the luxury to continue being a sheep.


    C.T. If you’ve lost your job and your house then you’re out on the streets so you become worse than that so you are faced with day to day survival and you realize you can’t go along with the crowd any longer because you’re terrified for yourself. So yes some of what is going on is waking people up to the reality and making them fight back a bit. But unfortunately the vast majority have just gone along with it all and refused to lift their head above the parapet. Very few people have said NO. Some have tried but the majority just don’t listen.

    What has changed since 1996 is that we have a huge new energy connected to the planet whose whole purpose is to help people raise their own conscious awareness. Over the last several years we have also undergone various other energy shifts so if people think back to what they were like in 1996, what they should be able to see is that now, they are totally different to what they were then in terms of how they understand the world. They know for example how to recognize lies whereas in 1996 they would have just accepted it.

    So people’s consciousness has been changing quite a bit over the last 16 years. We’ve been building up to this reintegration process and most people don’t notice gentle gradual change. They only notice sudden changes. But over this 16 year period there have been a gradual rising consciousness. There is a quote connected with someone in the new world order saying “the reason the new world order is not as advanced as it should be is because people’s consciousness is raising, and they won’t accept the stuff the new world order is trying to feed them.

    We have changed markedly since 1996. So we are a reasonable way through the whole process and we are waking up but people have to think back to what they were like in the past compared to what they know now, there is quite a remarkable change in each individual. (43:58)

    What is really behind everything is the Velon. So we have an agenda that is being controlled by a non-human situation. Those who think they are going through this process called ascension where space ships turn up and lift everybody off planet bringing them to a new earth or some kind of 5th dimension (45:00)and the earth somehow or other is going to follow them. We really need to get over that utter rubbish.

    The Earth has existed for roughly 3.5 million years and it does not exist anywhere else. There are no other planets like the Earth anywhere in the universe. This solar system is specifically designed to support what we consider to be physical life. You cannot be physical anywhere else within this universe regardless of what dimension you are in.

    As someone who has worked as a psychic surgeon for 30 years, I work with people on a soul level and that’s how I do my healing work. I work with people’s higher selves, but what I also do is read the energy patterns of the body. When you talk about things like the 5th dimension, the total soul has within it something like 50 dimensions. Dimensions are just a collection of energy patterns each a higher vibration than the last. The physical body contains about 13 dimensions which is about ¼ of the total soul. So the 5th dimension is around somebody’s navel level. That’s how ridiculous this concept of a 5th dimension is.

    So we need to get over this idea of “ascension”. We are not going anywhere. What we are doing is bringing the whole of the soul into the physical body. If anything it’s the opposite of ascension we are coming into the body, not getting out of it. So this whole thing about Ashtar Command is rubbish and the same as the illuminati type of agenda. It’s trying to confuse people and create fear.

    What we need to do is get over that and remember who and what we are and what the Earth is. The Earth is a conscious soul within her own right, but it’s immense in comparison to the human soul. The Earth is doing everything possible to help us reintegrate the soul to within the physical body. So she is taking the lead by providing a lot of the energy and funnelling the energy into where it’s needed. We need to totally forget the notion that we are doing anything other than remaining on earth.

    No where else within the universe can we be human. All this stuff about ascension, Ashtar Command, Galactic Federation, Galactic Council, Archangels, and all the rest of it ; all of the channelled material is rubbish. It’s just designed to confuse and create problems.

    We’ve recently seen a new timeline saying it’s not 2012 anymore it’s 2025. But that 2025 date is Velon originated, it has nothing to do with humans.

    As we change and as changes occur on earth, what we also have are changes that are occurring on the other planets within the solar system. The other planets here also sustained life at one time, but an accident within the solar system several million years ago wiped life out on those planets. So the souls of those planets have been dormant during these last 3.8 million years waiting to se what happens on earth. Because of all the planets, she is the one who has said I’m sticking with this, I like humans and I want them to be here.

    So every single planet within the solar system is waking up, there energy patterns are changing and so what we will see in the not too distant future is new life beginning on these planets. So what we will have is a whole solar system full of life on a physical level. But it can only happen within this solar system because this solar system is contained within an energy bubble that limits the kind of energy patterns that come in to affect us. What this bubble does is to allow physical life to exist. It cannot be anywhere else, so the amount of energy we have available to us is a set of energy patterns which make anything within this energy bubble physical.

    So all the planets within the solar system are physical and all the life on Earth is physical. There is no other comparable planet anywhere, anytime within the universe. The 5th dimension may sound exotic but it’s meaningless. When you look outside of our solar system you are looking at energy patterns that run into the trillions of dimensions.


    Mark: Were you aware of the 1977 broadcast on ITV news from the Ashtar Command?

    C.T. Yes I heard about it .

    Mark: It said “unless the weapons of Earth are laid down destruction from outer space will quickly follow. All weapons of evil must be destroyed , you have a short time to learn to live together in peace. You must live in peace or leave the galaxy.”

    C.T. Yes it fits in with one of the items on the illuminati agenda which is a coming attack from space, which again is a load of rubbish because the alien craft can’t get into our solar system unless they have specifically been given permission.

    Each of the planets has a guardian spirit that works with the planetary consciousness to help guard against problems that might occur on that planet. But the same applies to the solar system. There are 2 gateways into the solar system. One is through the constellation of Orion, which connects to the rest of the universe, and another one coincides with the constellation of Draco that allows access into the semi-physical races. So these are the so-called alien races.

    Now very, very few races are allowed through the Draco gate. Currently it is those who come from the Pleiades and those who come from Sirius. Everybody else is banned. So the Greys who used to come into the solar system since pre 2000 have been banned.

    Mark: Are there beings here who have already gotten through and they are the ones who are monopolizing and menacing?

    C.T. Well there are some of them, for instance some Greys are still on earth because when the ban came in they wee already here and there are a few, but only a very few Velon individuals who are still on earth. Most of the Velon control comes from outside of the solar system and acts as a sort of channelled source. There are only something like 250 Velon on the planet who managed to get through in one way or another. They should not have done, but they did. Some of them managed to get past the solar system guardians.

    But ones like the Greys who did have free access, don’t any longer. People like the Pleiadeans keep very quiet, but they keep an eye on things so that for example the classic one was in 1969 roughly (can’t remember the date) when the Americans had just introduced a new computer system. It was a very famous UFO incident where the American computer screens showed nuclear missiles coming from Russia and the Americans were about to retaliate when 7 UFOs appeared over Washington and the whole of the electricity system over Washington and gradually over all of America disintegrated. These 7 ships were seen by military aircraft, radar, commercial planes and radar and people on the ground so it was very well documented.

    And then the 7 ships disappeared, the electricity came back on , the computers re-booted and what they found was that what looked like missiles coming in from Russia was actually a glitch on the software. So the Pleiadians stepped in and said you are not going to annihilate yourselves or the planet and you are not going to release nuclear weapons.

    Mark: There have been people come forward who work at military bases saying that they have seen UFOs come in and actually disarm nuclear weapons.

    C.T. There is something very nasty about a nuclear explosion (57:23) as we did them in the 40s. They create all sorts of unhealthy energy patterns throughout the solar system. So the Pleiadians in particular are around to prevent us from annihilating ourselves so they will switch off nuclear weapons if it looks like they are going to be fired.

    A nuclear missile was fired at the moon just a few years ago just to see what would happen. It never arrived because the Pleiadians turned up and neutralized the nuclear weapon. So if it looks like there is going to be some type of nuclear war, then the Pleiadians will step in and prevent the missiles from firing. So we do have safe-guards built into the system and there are still non-humans who are allowed into the solar system but generally speaking the UFOs we see are man made. The first UFOs we saw during the 2nd world war were built by the Nazis by Werner Von Braun. The people watching the skies during the war called them Foo fighters because there was something bizarre about them.

    And then Von Braun was taken off to America and the space program was built on Von Braun’s knowledge and his genius because he was very good at building these things. But also since then they have continued building flying saucers, man-made flying saucers. Also there has been, like the Roswell crash and other instances where ships have been recovered and so those have been backwards engineered and what you have are human built ships.

    So when people talk about abductions. The vast majority of abductions have taken place BY HUMANS flying what look like flying saucers. So they are humans acting against humans rather than non humans acting against humans.

    Mark: What about the Eisenhower treaty, have you heard about that? That has come out recently in newspapers of the Eisenhower story where he is meeting ets and signing the treaty.

    C.T. Well this is how the NSA got set up initially. He set it up as an interface between humans and aliens. It was set up as a communications system so the NSA (National Security Agency) was set up specifically for that purpose to communicate with aliens. So yes it happened. It was the Greys at the time which is the one that was involved in the Roswell crashes because actually 12 ships came down in the Roswell area during a 3 day period. So it was realized then that these alien beings were around the place and maybe we should chat with them and see what technology we can get off them. And that is really what it has been about and it was kept within America because the Americans wanted the technology. This is where their microchips and transistors, Velcro, etc. come from. And all sorts of things have come out of this alien technology.


    So they are literally incapable of attacking people. They can create energy patterns that can switch off electricity for example because it takes an energy pattern to switch off an energy pattern but they do not have weapons.

    So if we have the scenario which a lot of people are talking about, some kind of alien attack, what you are going to have is a combination of holograms and human-made craft. If this event ever occurs they will NOT be alien ships unless of course they have got a few captured alien ships around the place now that humans can now fly.

    But essentially all of these abductions stories are about what humans are doing to humans, and it’s not what aliens are doing to humans.


    Mark: So really we need to progress to our full consciousness . . .

    C.T. As rapidly as possible, and then we can get over this and see through this rubbish because then we can stop it because we will have psychic capabilities beyond anything we can understand at the moment.

    Mark: And then there will be no manipulating people because as a race we are so easily manipulated aren’t we? And that is our downfall.

    C.T. Well we never question. We just accept. As I was saying earlier this has been the problem throughout human history for the last 7,000 years. You know someone who is in authority comes along and say you will do this and people say oh alright I’ll so it regardless of the consequences to yourself or your family or other people.

    There is a classic example from the 1950s where they put somebody into an isolated cell and they were told to push the button when ever somebody tells you to. (1:03) And what it’s going to do is pass an electric shock from the button into somebody else. [The Milgram Experiment]

    “You will hear the other person react to the electricity but it doesn’t matter, just carry on and do it because it’s fine.” So they could hear the person screaming in another room when they pushed the button and some people did complain but the official ordered them to continue pushing the button, and they did. Now some people, about 50% said “NO I am not going to do this because I am not going to inflict pain on somebody else.” But the other 50% just went ahead and did it.

    Mark: And that is the problem because it explains why during World War 2 with the SS people would just go along and kill people in such a psychopathic way because they were given orders to do so by a uniform. People who had apparently been empathetic before hand gave up all semblance of moral, ethical behaviour.

    C.T. Yes and it has happened many times since in places like Bosnia and Poland and East Germany. But yes people are some how or another changed in that kind of situation. But ultimately it is a soul’s choice to experience. It’s a difficult one to get your head around.

    Mark: It just shows you that as humans we are just one step away from being absolute good or absolute evil.

    C.T. No it’s not that straight forward. It’s a very complex thing to look at in terms of freedom of choice. For example it’s a perfectly valid experience to be murdered by somebody. Because what we have been doing for the past 7,000 years is to determine how the human body works and how we interact with the Earth. So to be murdered is a uniquely human experience, because you can’t be murdered anywhere else in the universe.

    So soul may say: “I’d like to be murdered, I’d like to have my life cut short just to find out what the experience is like.” So you wander off and find another soul who is prepared to do that for you. So that occurs in that particular lifetime you have planned, and both of you get to have a new and interesting experience. One as the murderer and the other as the murdered person. And that’s fine and they go their separate ways but at some future lifetime the one who was murdered is asked by the murderer if they would mind retuning the favour.

    And that is where this concept of Karma comes from. It’s a misunderstanding of free choice. But that’s what free choice is all about. So what looks like an horrendous act on one side or from a normal perspective – On a soul level makes perfect sense.

    But now we are done with all of that. Through all of our experiences we have learned and understood all the lessons that we have needed to learn. We’ve reached the point where we know what energies we need to bring the whole soul back into the body. We’ve been working with them gradually since 1996 and we are now literally ready to make the final step of bringing the whole soul back into the body. There may be still a few lumpy bits to go so it’s not as if the world is suddenly going to become peaceful over night.

    There are potentially some disasters still to happen but what these nasty events are doing is clearing out all the rubbish that we’ve accumulated over the centuries. Once those are clear we can all move forwards. We also need to overcome the Velon influence and lies that have become imbedded in our society and belief systems, all this channelled rubbish. Once we have learned to ignore these lies and focus on our own inner work, then it will happen.

    People may feel it is not happening quickly enough and it may seem it is dragging out too long but that just means we need to be patient. It is definitely going to happen but all the rubbish must first be sorted out.

    When people think that we are leaving the planet that hold the Velon energies in place and slows the process. We need to prevent the Velon influence from continuing.

    [We will then have a planet where all life, humans and animals alike, is treated fairly and with love.]
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    Learning our TRUE HISTORY is therapy for the human race.

    It is each person's responsibility to clear their body of emotional blocks (using the Giveaway, etc.) so that the process of higher self integration into your physical body can begin. Beliefs are fleeting during this period of change. It is wise to hold them lightly. Mind, Body and Spirit are becoming ONE

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    An amazing and empowering presentation by Lily Earthling

    Working from her connection with the Earth, Lily Earthling provides the same conclusions about the Velon transhumanist agenda and the NSA/ Trilateral Commission’s Technocratic agenda as that of Chris Thomas’ conclusions.


    From her own intuitive connection with mother Earth, Lily Earthling has arrived at the same conclusion that Chris Thomas presents in this essay on DNA.**tK5...8P2sZW/DNA.pdf

    Her insight into the “sphere beings” (Velon) motive is right on. The video presentation starts off slow but gets better and better right up to her conclusions.

    Very powerful video from Lily Earthling about Velon attempts at harvesting human DNA. Attempts at A.I. insertion within humanity.

    She gets into a lot of stuff here to do with transhumanist agenda and even though she may be a bit off regarding Saturn and the mistaken belief that Earth is home to the lizard/Draco humanoids who are actually Velon in disguise, I really like her presentation.

    Like Chris Thomas she does not mince words in the last 20 minutes. The Velon have been using technology to compensate for their lost connection to Spirit and their Higher Self.

    They have failed in their attempts to harvest human DNA which is created by our Higher Selves to which they have no access. They have failed in their attempts to replicate the human template which was created by Earth and this means they envy the human heart connection to feelings and our creative powers.

    They place such value on our DNA beyond any technology they have or ever could have. When we cast them and their technology off, they will turn to dust because they have no connection to Spirit or the creator abilities. Those who have implants can also cast out the implants and make them powerless when they connect ego to the balancing heart chakra and align with their Higher Self through the giveaway to remove any fear remaining in the body.

    As Lily says your power will magnify 10 - fold when you align in balance with your higher self. Balance brings benevolence to power. You need never fear your own power when your chakras are in a balanced flow. Your body becomes lighter and your energy becomes fluid like your spirit.

    They use lies and appeals to human compassion to trick those psychic individuals into giving their power away when they abduct children to the underground bases run my their human black ops military and NSA Satan-worshipping puppets.

    It is every human’s individual responsibility to align with mother Earth and say NO!!! They cannot access our Higher Self Spirit, our internal humanity, our human DNA template, and in that respect their human genome project is a failure.

    Another Lily Earthling presentation which ties in with the above

    Again slow to get started but makes an excellent point in last several minutes.

    Earth timeline/matrix timeline. What we can do to help.

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    Learning our TRUE HISTORY is therapy for the human race.

    It is each person's responsibility to clear their body of emotional blocks (using the Giveaway, etc.) so that the process of higher self integration into your physical body can begin. Beliefs are fleeting during this period of change. It is wise to hold them lightly. Mind, Body and Spirit are becoming ONE

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    it is uncanny how close she is to CT in her explanation.
    i will get on this more later..

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    That was really amazing, Herbert! Thank you.

    She hit this one right on the head. I must admit that I've not looked seriousely into Lily E's material, but this ties up a lot of loose ends IMO. Shows you - we have a lot to learn from everyone. I'll repeat this very important message:

    It is every human’s individual responsibility to align with mother Earth and say NO!!! They cannot access our Higher Self Spirit, our internal humanity, our human DNA template, and in that respect their human genome project is a failure.

    Whatever is true. Whatever is noble. Whatever is right. Whatever is lovely. Whatever is admirable. Anything of excellence and worthy of praise. Dwell on these things. Jesus Christ (I agree)

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    Lisa Harrison and Lily Earthling video


    Lily E. begins at about 1:08 on this video. It’s hard to hear so I’m just pointing out a few highlights which caught my attention. Lily is the one to listen to . The other 2 aren’t saying much of anything.

    - When people with resonant energies interact we give each other triggers in awakening our insight into Truth, and Truth always advances the reintegration process by adding energy to our Higher Self connection.

    - The ones trying to control us and the ones operating MK ULTRA abductions, etc and running these Satanic worshipping underground bases, and psy Ops and their Velon masters are realizing Earth has awakened (more accurately she never was asleep but just biding her time until humanity was sufficiently ready) and her unbelievable energy is about to cast them off the planet as she integrates the higher frequencies into physical reality.

    - Lily actually says “The Human Plan” at about 1:28 and what a wonderfully beautiful purpose it has always intended for physical life, beginning with Earth.

    - Much of the power involved comes from the Earth core as humanity remembers their link to Earth and her ability to heal all of life on the planet.

    - Between Earth and the human collective imagination we are writing our future which obliterates the Velon shit nonsense that has been going on far too long.

    - The ships waiting on the edge of our Solar System (where Velon have been channelling lies from and trying to trick individuals into opening vortexes for them to enter) are realizing that when Earth initiates the Human Plan and raises the vibratory energies, their matrix of deceit will be no more. Earth was always in charge and the Velon shit never had any hope for success.

    - According to Lily the Velon have manged to obtain the physical body template for some animals which include the eagle and the owl. I personally doubt that this is true since each animal species' collective consciousness is connected to and created by the Earth.
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    Learning our TRUE HISTORY is therapy for the human race.

    It is each person's responsibility to clear their body of emotional blocks (using the Giveaway, etc.) so that the process of higher self integration into your physical body can begin. Beliefs are fleeting during this period of change. It is wise to hold them lightly. Mind, Body and Spirit are becoming ONE

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    Herbert, I've seen some of Lily's youtube uploads. I also saw her liked videos and two of them are CT's interviews. So she is aware of CT's messages. Nevertheless, interesting and informative presentations by Lily Earthling.

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    48 Q&A With Chris Thomas

    Part 1

    I have received many questions for Chris Thomas so I decided to bring all the Q&A into one spot on this thread. I also brought a couple in from another forum. If anyone has Q&A from Chris that they can add please do so.

    I have spoken extensively with Chris on many subjects including physics, the Boc Saga, and Lost civilizations of Australia. There is not room or time to include all this information. He has a fine scientific mind and an extensive knowledge on many subjects.

    A Tremendous Resource

    Chris Thomas spent 30 years of his life researching the Akashic and brought much of this information and history of humans and the Earth and souls within this Universe into 11 books and many essays and interviews. This provides us with a unique opportunity to look at an alternative history that can not be offered by scientists.

    If C.T.’s information were put forth as a scientific theory, it would answer many of the questions science has been unable to explain and that is what we look for in the best theories. Why are there pyramids on Mars?, How were the pyramids built and by whom?, Why is the moon in so perfect a position in relation to Earth, What was the real purpose of Gobekli Tepe, Stonehenge, the Sphinx and pyramids, Why did we split our souls?, Is Earth a conscious soul in her own right, Are there multiple time lines, who invented the notion of Galactic wars? and so on can all be answered with perfect logic by the information he researched over 20 years of questioning the Akashic.

    As he describes it, just finding the definitive answer to one question may take up to 20 or 30 questions from different angles and perspectives. That is because the Akashic is such a vast resource that it can contain seeming contradictions without very careful research.

    We are now moving from the male oriented intellectual, scientific, technological age into the Divine Feminine heart-felt intuitive age and so resonance is a big part of recognizing truth. The divine feminine knowledge cannot be taught – you just know it as an internal feeling on an individual basis. This is the information we receive through our Higher Self after many lifetimes of experience.

    Anyone trying to fit C.T.'s model of the Universe into George Kavassilas’ 12 -13 Dimensions model of the Universe ( I know it's tempting) will fail because George's model is based on false premises. I say a little more about this in a note amongst the Q&A.

    All the signs are there that George Kavassilas is still being conned by the Velon/black ops military. They have been using a sophisticated holo-deck technology and head gear in the form of a helmet with multiple uses to convince their victims, through multi-layered memory implants and cocktail injections, that they have had experiences on the Moon and Mars and/or Saturn. They also use this technology to convince their milab victims that they are from the Grey race and even that they have the Grey body during their simulated abduction “experiences”..

    But people who have been deceived by this memory manipulation are having their true experiences re-surface. The main thing to remember is don't be distracted from your primary task of clearing and reintegration using the Giveaway. Common methods of distraction from that primary responsibility include confusion, fear porn, like wars and rumours of wars, microwaves and mind control scalar technology broadcasts .

    WWIII was never intended to be a nuclear war despite the DUMBS built by the mind managed illuminati. It has always been a war for your minds by the Velon who encourage confusion and divisions like the Law of One series of service to self vs service to others. Contrary to this very clever Velon channelling, which has been promoted by Kerry Cassidy and others, this is designed to create division and mind polarity. Service to self and service to others is a part of being human. They are complimentary. It’s all about love.

    What we can do: We must each tap into our own intuition, creative spirit and heart centred egos to imagine better realities into existence, rather than continuing to live in (and suffer under) the reality that others have imagined for us. The Giveaway is one method for clearing our blocked emotional energies, making room in our physical bodies for bringing in and reintegrating the Higher Self which represents 75% of our soul. Each person has the responsibility of doing this for themselves. No one can do it for us.

    1. How can the soul be 100% in the body if the soul is operating 2 bodies, in different locations, at the same time here on Earth?

    Answer: Up until 7,000 years ago, we all had the whole soul within the body; there was no "physical self" and "higher self" divisions.

    But, when we decided to take on our current human form, we considered it more appropriate to make the soul division. Once we had made that decision, it became apparent that the body (the physical self) only required about 25% of the total soul to live out a full lifetime. Once we had made this discovery, we realised that we could live one, or more, lifetimes concurrently and so began the idea of dividing the total soul into smaller pieces.

    Over the centuries, this has proved to be a useful tool in our exploration of life on Earth and could also speed up our route to completing the Human Plan.

    Not everyone made these multiple soul/body choices but many did.

    When it came to the time where we had to bring our explorations under the Human Plan to a close and put the answers into place, the higher self had to "re-group" itself and draw back all of the pieces into which it had divided itself. This decision was made by the higher self. What it involved was the higher self choosing the most appropriate body into which it would ultimately "download" and withdraw itself from any and all other physical bodies.

    This action began in 1996 when the initial energies for change were connected to the planet. The death rate accelerated to an enormous extent as the bodies which the higher self rejected as inappropriate died off. As each unwanted body died, the aspect of the soul that had inhabited it was re-integrated back into the higher self.
    This re-integration process stopped by 2005.

    In other words, everyone now alive has their higher self intact and ready to download at the appropriate time into that body. Effectively, there are no people alive on the planet who are a part of another person. We are back to one person, one soul - all ready to reintegrate at the appropriate time; if that is their choice.

    2. How can we verify that the population figures for countries are actually half what they are presented to be. How is it possible to change the census figures so that only births are registered but not deaths?

    Answer: When it comes to verifying population figures, we have a very different problem.

    The Elite are determined to keep us down and depressed and so their claims to a continuously growing population are difficult to disprove in any official way. Census numbers are deliberately hidden from public view to maintain their illusions. Sometimes there are glimpses of what is actually happening but they are few and far between. There are also some independent observers who have arrived at the same conclusions as the Akashic, as to actual population figures, of around 3.8 billion.

    There does not seem to be an easy answer to your question other than to say - trust your intuition as this is likely to be far more accurate than anything that comes from politicians!

    As far as population figures are concerned. Try showing any sceptics footnotes 4 and 5 from the Nibiru article.

    In 2008, Germany announced that their drop in population was "catastrophic" and Spain announced that they needed to bring in 250,000 immigrant workers just to maintain the current workforce. That is not a growing population.

    3. I am sure you are getting lots of questions about Andrew Bartzis these days. I am really just wondering what your take is on him.

    Answer: You are the first person to ask me about Andrew Bartzis - I've never heard of him before.

    I did take a quick look on the net and was particularly unimpressed both with him, as a person (too much ego and glitz) and as a channel.

    I was surprised that he didn't claim to be Sananda as well seeing as everyone else seems to these days.

    For some years now, the Velon have been claiming that they have sole access to an akashic that is "higher" than the actual Akashic and only they have access to this higher one.

    It is just rubbish. Virtually everything Bartzis claims is wrong and just intended to mislead people back into the clutches of the Velon/Galactic Federation/ OPPT/Drake/Dragon Family/Sananda.

    There is only one way of dealing with this kind of material and that is to ask yourself:
    "Is this something I can believe is true?"
    If yes then best of luck to you.
    If no then you need to find something you feel is true.

    I can only say what I have said in my books, essays and articles. Many people have said that my work strikes true to them whilst the "other akashic" claims just feel wrong.

    4. Since experiences expand human conscious sentience, and that is stored energetically in our soul’s Akashic DNA (increasing the soul energy frequency and expanding size – I guess), do all individual planets also have their own Akashic stored in their soul’s energetic DNA?

    Answer: The Akashic exists on many multiple levels, none of which are fractal-like or hologram-like.

    As events occur, on planets, in solar systems, in galaxies etc, they are all recorded in the "local" Akashic. All of these local records interconnect with each other to build up to a Universal Akashic. Ultimately, the purpose of the Akashic is to allow the Creator to learn from the experiences undergone in a particular universe.

    Strictly speaking, souls do not have DNA, at least not in the way that humans have DNA. DNA memory only exists on Earth because of our peculiar physical nature and the division of the soul into two.

    5. Knowing that our moon is positioned in such a way between the Sun and Earth that scientists say goes statistically and significantly against the random odds, does that mean our moon has a soul consciousness and therefore its own Akashic? Or was it simply that Earth consciousness sequestered a piece of the exploded planet and it somehow became sort of globe shaped and Earth/sun consciousness (gravity) put it where it would, fortuitously, allow life to continue on Earth? We have been told there is a lot of technology on the Moon and there is a base on the dark side. Is the Moon really hollow?

    Answer: When the first two planets within our solar system decided to leave, they exploded causing the asteroid belt. Both of these planets exploding close to the orbit of the Earth, generated a disruption to the local energy patterns giving the Earth a slightly eccentric orbit. The Earth "captured" about one quarter of one of the planets to use as a counter balance to settle Her orbit. In doing this, the planetary consciousness (of the destroyed planet) left a portion of its consciousness in the fragment to help the Earth. This fragment became the moon and the portion of the original consciousness still remains.

    See the essay I did earlier on this year about gravity but, the moon is not held in place by gravity. Gravity, as described by scientists, does not exist. All planets, moons, solar systems, galaxies and the Universe itself hold their relationships by conscious interaction - what scientists call electro-magnetic forces.

    There is long-standing base on the dark side of the moon - since the early 1950's - but I would not encourage anyone to try remote viewing it as there are far too many psychic watchers who will attack if they sense your presence. Mars also has a human base, it has been there since the mid 1980's.

    The moon is not hollow as such. If you think of magma flows here on Earth, when they cool, gas voids are formed under the hard shell. The same with the moon - it is full of gas voids as the original planet's core cooled. It "rings" if you strike it because of these gas voids.

    6. Does the Akashic hold anything that is denoted as “Time Wars”; a Quarantine that is presently in place surrounding Earth or our Solar System? Apart from the Velon travelling back in time are there any other instances where time travel has affected life on Earth?

    Answer: The simple answer is no.
    It is not possible to travel forwards in time as the future has not yet happened - see Q11 .

    7. Given that the Reptilian race were the 14th Faction from another Universe, does that mean there are zero Reptilians left in our Universe?

    Answer: Correct, they and all of their energies were removed with the 14th Faction.

    8. A lot of people report abductions and even cross bred children with various races like the Greys. I know you said that for example Mantis beings (and I guess also Lion beings) are not in the Akashic and must be bio-mechanical technology based – Is that abduction type of experience based on a higher-self, soul contract (karma) or was it limited to the period prior to 2003 when the 14th Faction energy was still present in our Universe and being used by the NSA, etc. taking away people’s free will?

    Answer: That is a difficult question to answer precisely.

    I'll give you my experience. Some years ago, I woke up one morning knowing that something had happened during the night but I could not identify it. All I knew was that I had a very sore bottom (yes, the infamous anal probe is true - and they are not collecting farts).

    Gradually, I had recollections of being taken out of my bed and examined by the "Blues". A couple of months after the first "abduction", it happened again. But, this time, I was aware of what was happening and I said (psychically) to the Blues carrying me: "you are not going to examine me again as I do not want you to. But, seeing as you are here, can I have a tour of the ship?"

    This they agreed to very happily and they gave me a full tour. I haven't been "abducted" since.

    The lesson here is that they turned up and asked my higher self if it was OK to take me for examination. As soon as I said no, they were happy not to do any more and they were all very friendly.

    So that was my personal experience of abduction. But there are others. I have carried out extensive research on many levels about these hybrids and my conclusion is this:



    Since about the year 2000, very, very few abductions have been carried out by any alien race - they have all been by the military.

    Because so many people are aware of the Grey race, they have been used by the military in their propaganda, misinformation and disinformation and so virtually every single story about Grey hybridisation is false and intended to add to confusion and fear. Don't forget that one of the next things on their "to do list" is an alien invasion of the Earth. If they can make people believe that the Greys are the bad guys, they have a ready built argument to weaponise space (sorry, make the weapons they already have in space known).

    9. Since they are still using psychic children in spy ops, are these children being forced into this because of soul contracts?

    Answer: The alphabet spaghetti agencies all have psychic trackers or use specialist contractors (such as the College for Noetic Sciences) to track down children with psychic potential - usually as young as 5 years old. They also recruit adults who do so voluntarily. If the children live in America, they approach the parents and the parents agree to their children working for the government. Some parents are paid for their children others agree because it is their patriotic duty.

    Other children are taken from the streets (abducted) particularly in countries such as the US, Brazil and Mexico. Many are brought from orphanages in countries such as Rumania (Indigo Children). The children are persuaded that they are "special" and that they will be allowed to explore their special potential in a special facility. When they get to this "special facility", they are fitted with a colostomy bag and a catheter and strapped to beds in "cells" of 10 children. They are then given instructions on what they are to do. If the children do as instructed, they are "rewarded" with chemicals that stimulate the body's pleasure centres. If the children refuse, they are punished with chemicals that cause pain.

    These are not soul contracts but the agencies feeding off gullible and confused children. This has come from personal contact with a few of these "cells".

    Chris - In Project Human Extinction, you explain how the FOURTEENTH FACTION gained access to Earth, and “infected” some 33,000 souls that were on their way toward Earth to have a physical life. And that some of the 14th Faction energy patterns were picked up by some of these souls, which gave them the ability, or desire, to remove freedom of choice from others. For example, one affected soul manifested as the human that you identify as Alexander the Great and also one as George Bush Sr. The Queen Mother is another example of the lizard energy, and also some of the Popes.

    You say, it took a while for the FOURTEENTH FACTION to be evicted from Earth. This came to be completed in the year 2003, whereby the 33,000 souls who chose to hold onto those frequencies could no longer make use of this energy in this way.

    Q: Although you have not said it in your book, is it correct to assume that the 9/11 event (as well as the 7/7 event, war on terror ) was the direct result of the affect of FOURTEENTH FACTION energies influence over those 33,000 souls travelling toward Earth? And, since the 14th Faction is gone, that we are likely not to see another horrific type event like this play out again in our near future, as we continue to move toward completion of the whole soul reintegration process?

    Answer: 9/11 was a classic "Hegelian Dialectic" - an act deliberately enacted to cause fear and panic leading to the introduction of legislation that nobody would have wanted until the "attack" took place.

    The current state of fear replaces the "Cold War". Now that Russia and communism is no longer seen as a threat, the Cabal/Illuminati/Elite needed a new bad guy to make people afraid.

    So "International Terrorism" was invented with the chief bogey-man being Bin Laden and his Al Qaeda.

    AQ [Al Qaeda] began life in 1948 when the British realised that the newly created state of Israel had expansion plans towards Lebanon. The British recruited a band of Wahhabi Moslems and set up AQ to harass Israel. When Israel went to war with Egypt, resulting in the Suez war, Israel backed down and AQ was put into mothballs. When Russia invaded Afghanistan in 1987, the CIA was looking for a way of harassing the Russians but without making it obvious that the USA was involved and so the British gave control of AQ to the CIA and the CIA have remained in control ever since.

    All atrocities attributed to AQ have been carried out by the CIA including 911.

    Bin Laden was the son of a Saudi billionaire who runs several huge transnational organisations.

    The White House confirmed a few years ago that Bush senior works for a Bin Laden company since he retired from office. The White House also confirmed that half of all retired senators also work for the Bin Laden family.

    Osama was flown from Afghanistan to Saudi for treatment for his kidneys by a CIA chartered jet where he had treatment in the American Hospital and he was flown back to Afghan by the same CIA jet (reported in the Paris newspaper Le Figaro). Osama died at his family home in Saudi in 2003 from kidney failure.

    I watched the BBC evening news in October 2005 where there was a live statement made by MI6. The statement said (in part): "The SIS (MI6) can confirm that a rogue cell within the SIS planned recruited and carried out the London bombing".

    There is no terrorist threat, just politicians creating fear to control the people.

    My suspicion is that we are going to see more of these types of events, particularly in the US and Britain over the coming months as the cabal tries to get people to riot so that martial law can be imposed.

    This has nothing whatsoever to do with residual 14 energies.

    11. Linear Time is indeed a funny thing and I wondered if the Akashic cannot look into the future, how do some people have premonitions that come true. Some even live the following day in their sleep and find it quite psychologically draining. Is this experience related to individual akashic stored in DNA?

    Answer: When one makes a decision, one sets a future path. Up until then, there existed an infinite number of future paths that had a varying degree of possibility. When someone makes an accurate prediction of the future, they have tapped into the most likely possibility and the individual has made a decision that fulfils that possibility. This is why the Akashic cannot predict the future - the future has not been chosen by anybody or anything.

    12. Very weird that we once had black holes and no longer which meant Hawking had to retract his statement that nothing comes out of a black hole.

    Answer: Confirmation that black holes were made by the 14th Faction and did not exist in this Universe before then. Proof of the removal of the 14th Faction.

    13. Also interesting that this [removal of the black holes] is an instance in which we (at least those who studied physics) can actually remember the change which future generations will not have lived through. The ongoing time travel and event erasure theme of movies has driven into our psyches the expectation of memory erasures, not only from our minds but also our books. Just shows how intrusive technology has become.

    Answer: This is a case of fiction following fact. School text books now leave out a huge amount of information that I was taught as a child. The whole fiasco over so-called Global Warming/Climate Change being the perfect example of substituting history with political rhetoric to indoctrinate children with lies.

    14. Is there something special about dream sleep beyond the usual REM that allows our Higher Selves to interact with specific others and perhaps even create magic? Since dream time does seem to step outside of linear time, is there a strong creative potential there that we can tap into with our consciousness?

    Answer: Dream sleep has a number of functions that are beneficial to the body and mind. For example: We use dream sleep to live out events in our lives so that we understand them better or to clear them as they were causing emotional problems.

    Also, many people have a "night job". This can be doing healing work, helping people who have recently died to "pass over" peacefully or, if there is a war, many heal the sick and wounded on a soul level.

    When we sleep, depending on our personal emotional needs, most of the soul leaves the body and travels to places where our work is needed or helpful. So a proportion of our dreams are of the work we did whilst, apparently, asleep.

    15. I have read that the Scythians from the Steppes of Russia took a long time to reach Ireland, travelling through the Mediterranean to Greece, Egypt, Spain/Portugal (Milesian) and hobnobbing with kings and intermarrying with princesses like Scota. This explains the strong similarity between Gaelic and ancient Greek with the strings of consonants, etc. In fact experts say the two languages have the same root.
    The Milesian connection may also explain why the Basques could talk to the Picts and understand each other.

    Answer: It is most usually assumed that travel between continents did not begin until comparatively recent times
    but that is not the case.

    To begin with, transportation between continents was carried out by psychic means (translocation) but, by about 8,000 years ago, we could no longer achieve that level of psychic potential.

    But, we had become used to meeting with the various human groups located around the planet and could still use ancient energy sites (pyramids, stone circles etc) to travel across the planet up until about 4,000 years ago (one stepped into the pyramid/stone circle and thought of the destination and the energies of the pyramid/circle would do the rest).

    Also, we needed to develop a written form of language and so the Sumerians developed a form of writing that was based on the nerve impulses that run up and down the spine. This first language was a little like binary code in that it was a series of lines but with various additions to a line to differentiate one letter from another.

    This "first language" was used world-wide but we know it as Runes (northern version), Ogham (Western version). My knowledge of the scientific descriptions of ancient languages is very limited but I do know that the Sumerian version was a precursor to Cuneiform, the Native American and South American versions were similar to Ogham as is the Australian Aboriginal version and the African version and the Minoans had a system identical to the Sumerian original.

    This first language came about 12,000 years ago.

    The ancient Egyptians also used this "Ogham" form originally and it was the origin of the main Egyptian language. Hieroglyphs were developed as a "sacred" language only for the use of the developing priesthood and the Pharaoh.

    When the Victorian scientists first translated Ancient Greek, everyone tried to claim that their language, mathematics, philosophy etc was based on ancient Greek as the scientists identified it as the "First" great civilisation.

    Don't forget that the Celtic peoples of northern Europe were using Pythagorean geometry at least 2,000 years before Pythagorus was born.

    So attaching language roots to ancient Greek is very dodgy especially as ancient Greek arose from Minoan roots.

    When we returned to the Earth 20,000 years ago (40,000 years after the destruction of Atlantis), we colonised 6 different regions of the planet.

    One of the main regions was northern Europe. This included parts of Russia, France, Spain, Britain and Ireland. This meant that all of these regions were energetically similar but the primary energy source was in Britain.

    When we began to lose our higher psychic functions, these "Celtic" peoples were the ones who built stone circles to record information (within the stones themselves) and to provide the energy links, connecting into lay lines, that allowed for travel across the planet to the other groups.

    As we lost more and more of these higher functions, we developed languages, both written and spoken, that evolved along similar lines - not quite a common language, but close.

    This is why, even today, there are marked similarities between Welsh, Irish Gaelic, Scottish Gaelic, Russian, French and Basque.

    16. I have read all of Laurence Gardner’s books and have been a student of ancient Irish history for a few years now.. He was able to tie in the 4 different so-called invasions of Ireland into one tribe with the various groups representing the divisions in ancient Irish or Milesian or Scythian society: farmers (Firbolgs) , warriors (Picts), kings, and Druid priests (those who walked between worlds).

    So when you confirmed about the Sidhe (Shee) as the little people or Faery folk, Banshee, and so on whom the Earth created to look after nature, it struck me that there is a strong similarity between the T’huatha D’Anu (Tribe of Anu) who purportedly arrived from the northern mts. or clouds and the Anunnaki.

    Is this an example of the Velon channelling to the Irish or even to Laurence Gardner with false information? OR is it an example of the Velon using an already established Earthly name that sounds familiar from our ancient true history? In the sound vibration of Anu –

    Answer: First of all, you have to understand that Laurnece Gardner was, first and foremost, the Grand Master of the Knights Templar and so had his own agenda to run.

    The Knights were destroyed by the Vatican and the King Philipe 4 of France on Friday October 13th 1307 - the origin of Friday the 13th being "unlucky for some".

    Then the Velon took over the Illuminati in 1776 and re-constructed the Knights in 1780 (or there abouts - can't remember correct date offhand). On the same date, the Freemasons were taken under the control of the Velon/Illuminati (Congress of Wilhelmsbad).

    So the "old" Knights were destroyed and the "new" Knights were a totally new organisation set up by, and totally controlled by, the Velon/Illuminati.

    But, Gardner was also a genealogist for many of the ancient royal families of Europe and so had unique access to some information that others did not.

    So Gardner's material is a mix of old family information but polluted with the aims of the Velon/ Illuminati controlled Knights Templar.

    Read his work with caution.

    I don't know where his work on the Faerie came from and I haven't read the books he wrote about them but it will have been influenced, from the beginning, by the Velon material that modern Freemasonry is based on.

    The material that has been unearthed at Kobekli Tepe, in southern Turkey/northern Iraq, confirms that the region was invaded by a group of "Tall Pale Peoples" who came from the north and set themselves up as gods. These "Pale Peoples" were the people behind the Jewish histories that the Velon "stole" to make up their version of human history.

    These pale northerners brought with them a great deal of "religious-type" beliefs that have been incorporated into several traditions. When these northern Sumerians moved south through Assyria, into Egypt and then on to Israel to become the Jewish peoples they brought these stories of the invaders with them.

    But, as yet, I have been unable to find any reference to the Anu within this history. Most of this is due to the fact that every branch of all religions have condemned the material released by the archaeologists from the site as being heretical as it makes the Old Testament what it really is - a history book as opposed to a book of faith.

    Because of this, getting hold of the information archaeologists have released from Kobekli Tepe is buried away in professional journals and not readily available.

    It is possible that the name "Anu" originated with these pale northerners but, at the moment, it seems unlikely.

    Getting into the Velon section of the Akashic is extremely difficult as they seem to have sealed it away as much as they possibly can. I do know that the Velon did create a false version of their Akashic to try and throw off anyone who tried to investigate their origins or intentions and so it is possible that some of the names they use are of Earth origin rather than Velon but, so far, it is impossible to track all of the truth.

    So whether the name "Anu" originated with the pale northerners and was adopted by the Velon is, so far, impossible to trace.

    Also, whether the "northern Anu", who invaded Ireland, are the same race as the "pale northerners" that invaded northern Sumeria - well, that is open to conjecture as it depends upon time-frames. Was the Anu invasion in pre-history or are they actually talking about the Viking invasion?

    17. Are the Archons imaginary or are they one of the Velon races channelling?

    Answer: There are two answers to this question.

    Firstly, In the sense of it being the Archons described by the current understanding on the internet, the Archons do not exist - it is just Velon channelling rubbish.

    A couple of years ago, a long-running British TV sci-fi series (called Dr Who) ran a story where humans were doing some experimental deep earth drilling and the drill bit broke into a deep underground chamber where a race of reptilian beings lived. These reptilian beings were, according to the story, the original inhabitants of Earth but, because of a massive surface catastrophe, many thousands of years ago in Earth history, they had gone to live underground and put themselves into a form of hibernation and it was the deep-drilling that had woken them up. They were extremely angry at being disturbed and began to want to take back the surface for themselves.

    Several months after the screening of this episode of Dr Who, the internet began to become flooded with stories of the Archon as beings who had lived in Lemuria and had gone to live underground. These beings were connected (somehow) with Ashtar Command and Sananda and were now emerging, in the current time, to help humans “Ascend to the 5th Dimension”

    It is all Velon rubbish based on a TV script.

    Secondly, in the sense of the Nag Hamedi scrolls, they do mention a race called Archons to describe a set of beings that did actually exist - note the word DID. These beings were not Velon. I have written about these in several of my books but have not called them “Archon” or by any other name as names always lead to confusion and misinterpretation and, as far as these beings are concerned, they did not call themselves by any name. The name Archon is a Jewish interpretation of what existed - presumably they felt they had to call them something.

    On Atlantis, we experimented with our genetic make-up. Don’t forget that this was the first time in any Universe or any time-frame that physical, human beings and physical life such as trees, plants and animals, had ever existed. So Atlantis was a place of experimentation and some people chose to mix human genes with those of animals or with those of plants. Most of these experiments were carried out as a means of personal expression of a connection with a particular animal or plant (see my books for fuller details) but some took this experimentation to extremes.

    Many of those who had chosen the extreme route (imagine how you would look if you mixed together the primary genetic structure of every living thing and incorporated that mix into your physical human body - bizarre to say the least) were shunned by the rest of Atlantean society and they went to live deep underground.

    There is a layer beneath the surface that is called the Mohorvicic Layer. This is a level at which magma flows, under pressure, as a precursor to volcanoes or earthquakes. When the volcano/earthquake is spent, the magma recedes and huge tunnels and chambers are left in the Mohorvicic Layer about 3 km beneath the surface.

    Given the bizarre genetic structures of these beings, they lived a very long time but they could also reproduce (by seeds or laying eggs), once they had formed a new version of themselves, they could transfer their soul into the new body.

    They have had contact with people on the surface, and this is, presumably, where the reference in the Nag Hamedi scrolls came from.
    Many of these beings also tried to purify themselves and perfect the human body parts over their many long lifetimes and Hitler is reputed to have been contacted by some of these beings that led to his idea of the “Perfect Arian Race”.

    Also the American military has had some contact with some of these beings, particularly in Puerto Rico, and is the source of so much of the disinformation about “alien hybrids”.

    ALL of these, essentially, tortured souls were removed from the Earth in 2000 (see my books).

    18. Since the Nag Hammadi Codices were Gnostic writings, could it be that prior to the fall of man, when humans inhabited Atlantis, there was no need to record information because everyone could access the Akashic whenever they wanted. Language & a system of recording information needed to be developed because we were losing out expanded psychic abilities. With this, came the birth of the intellect, and the need to remember things.

    Hence, we started to accumulate information, knowledge as in a short-term memory. This was also good for learning a language. And so with this lack of accessing Akashic recorded information, the storage of outside information became more of a need. And with this arose what we now call the ego.

    Could the Ego be what the Gnostics were calling the Archons - the great pretender(s) that cause much trouble. The ego, imo, fits the description for what was found in the Nag Hammadi Codices.

    Answer: I can see how this conclusion was arrived at, but it is wrong.

    Full psychic abilities means that we can record everything without recourse to the Akashic - we just remember we “know".

    The ego is necessary because it is our sense of self - we cannot survive without the ego. Problems only arise if the ego is too large or too small. If we keep ourselves in balance then the ego is just who we are.

    We only needed a method of recording (writing) when we began to lose our higher psychic functions - see my books.

    19. Since it seems likely that Gardner had an agenda, and he was caught distorting Barbara Theiring’s information in her book Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls, I looked more closely at the Romania archaeological dig that he sites.

    The archaeologists, carbon 14 dated a city called Ur in Tartaria, Romania to 1000 years older than the Sumerian city called Ur of the Chaldeas. Gardner says Ur means Lord in Scythian.

    Tuatha D’Anu, also spelled Tuadha D’annun from the Gaelic dictionary means People from the North or from above or from the left. Gardner says it means people of the god from above or from the clouds.

    Takes us back to origins of the Sythians which Gardner traces to Romania and an archaeological dig in Romania where it is reported there is an Ur 1000 years older than Ur of the Chaldeas.

    Answer: Well, having read Gardner’s Realm of the Ring Lords extract… What can I say?

    It’s not even a good fairy tale. It is so wrong and convoluted that it is just meaningless.

    But, before I go on to that, I’d like to comment on the location of Ur of the Chaldes.

    The archaeologist Nicolae Vlassa of Rumania, I have heard of before.

    This was in connection with another find in Rumania of a massive horde of Roman silverware.

    This silverware was a collection of some of the finest pieces of Roman work ever found and there were hundreds of pieces of it.
    From what I can remember of the story, Vlassa claimed that his dig was financed by an English lord and so the find belonged to the lord. Given the find was valued in the many millions of pounds, there has been a very long running court case between the Rumanian authorities, Vlassa and the English lord.

    But, there was also something very dodgy about the site of the find and whether the silver was actually found there or had the pieces been gathered from various other archaeological sites, not declared - in other words stolen - and then presented as the find from Rumania where the laws governing archaeological finds are very lax.

    The case remains un-resolved but Vlassa is very much at the centre of it.

    Given that Vlassa has this dodgy reputation, could he have been open to making other claims to suit someone else’s agenda?

    Given that Gardner would be desperate to find an alternative location for the beginning of the Old Testament giving validity to the Velon/Annunaki fantasy story, could there have been collusion between Vlassa, the Knights Templar and others (such as Freemasons, Rockefellers, Rothchilds etc)?

    To get to Ur of the Chaldes, we have to return to Kobekli Tepe in southern Turkey/northern Iraq.

    Archaeologists have dated the site at Kobekli Tepe to 14,000 years ago making it, in archaeological terms, the oldest man-made structure on the planet.

    The Akashic would date it earlier than that at 18,000 years ago making it roughly the same age as the Pyramids of Egypt, south America, Tibet etc.

    The archaeologists have been burrowing away at Kobekli Tepe for about 20 years and have uncovered all sorts of material that coincides with the stories in the Old Testament.

    With their findings there, they have also found that nobody lived at the Kobekli site but lived about 3 km away in a town called Ur of the Chaldes. A village still exists on the site of the ancient town but I cannot remember what it is now called.

    It is known (through both the Akashic and archaeological findings) that the people who inhabited the region around Kobekli called the region Eden. It is also known that they moved from this region, through Assyria and into Egypt then, from Egypt they moved north to Palestine and became the Jewish peoples.

    Given that Ur was the home of Abraham, the claimed originator of the Jewish peoples as well as the founding father of Islam, would it not make considerably more sense that this Ur, next to Kobekli, is the actual Ur of the Chaldes of the Old Testament? It could be argued just on the names alone but all of the archaeological findings sort of confirm it really.

    This means that Ur could not possibly be located in Rumania.

    The peoples of Eden/Ur/Kobekli seemed to have moved from the region about 5,000 years ago, moving through Assyria/Babylon where they would have met the Southern Sumerians moving north to, eventually, northern India and Tibet.

    Given this time frame, both groups (N and S Sumerians) would have avoided the Scythians as they did not rise until about 4,000 years ago.

    The tablets that Sitchin translated were consistently dated to about 5,000 years ago and so it is possible that the S Sumerians took the story with them on their journey North and became the basis of some of the Indian (Hindu) Vegas.

    What is very strange about the Sitchin/Annunaki tablets is that the tablets state very clearly at the beginning of each section of the story something like: “This story has been dictated to a scribe”.

    If Gardner was correct in his assertions that the Annunaki were the Ring Lords then it would be automatic that anything they said would be taken down by a scribe. If the scribe was recording historic events, again it would be written as a record of those events and the scribe would not be mentioned. Everyone would know this and so why would the scribe make it clear that it was being dictated to him?

    Surely it would only be noted if the dictation was of something unusual?

    In other words, this was not history recorded as it happened, but a particular story that was given to someone to write down in cuneiform writing. This is the only story that I am aware of from any past time where the scribe makes this distinction.

    Incidentally, the Scythians were so war-like that the Chinese built the Great Wall to defend themselves from them.
    * * *
    Then we come to Gardner’s saga of the Ring Lords.
    I’ll only pick out one bit - vampires.

    The Roman Church had taken full control of virtually all of the ancient kingdoms of Europe by the eleven hundreds - except for one: Transylvania.

    Transylvania was ruled by a King Vlad who was, amongst other things, a magician and alchemist who would have nothing to do with the Vatican. Any priest that entered his kingdom was asked to leave, if the priest refused, he was killed - see below.

    The Vatican was not too happy with this as Vlad’s opposition could spread to other royal families.

    Vlad had several unusual practices that the Vatican latched on to.

    For example, Vlad believed that menstrual blood contained the “essence” of life and so he, and his followers, used to drink this blood as part of their practices.

    If someone broke the law or offended him, Vlad had the moat to his castle lined with sharpened wooden stakes with the points pointing upwards. If anyone offended Vlad too much he had them thrown off the parapets and onto the stakes.

    It might sound barbaric but compare that with the Vatican’s practices of boiling in oil, burnt alive, hung drawn and quartered and hundreds of variations that come under the term torture.

    Vlad sounds very tame in comparison.

    In order to vilify Vlad, the Vatican came up with the idea of exaggerating, to the extreme, Vlad’s practices - especially the drinking of blood and driving a stake through the heart.

    When the story made up by the Vatican arrived in Britain, it was turned into the Vampire story by Bram Stoker and the story spread widely as did the concept of Vampires.

    Whether the name “Vampire” was a Vatican invention, I do not know, it depends on what it translates to out of Latin.

    The Earth Created the Faerie and the Sidhe 20 million years ago to tend the plant life of the planet. For Gardner to suggest that they are somehow connected to the Velon/Annunaki story, I find deeply insulting to the Earth and to the Faerie.

    As I said at the beginning, Gardner’s version of the Ring Lords is so farcical and so insulting that I couldn’t really read all of it. It is a blessing that Gardner died in 2010 so we won’t have any more of this guff. Incidentally, Sitchin also died in 2010.

    20. Can you clarify any more details regarding G(K)obekli Tepe? Why was the lower layer filled in?

    Answer: Gobekli Tepe

    To get to Ur of the Chaldes, we have to return to Kobekli Tepe in southern Turkey/northern Iraq.
    All that is there is an old temple complex, what archaeologists are describing as the oldest complex ever found on earth which they date to being 14,000 years ago, but the Akashic would date it earlier than that at 18,000 years ago making it roughly the same age as the Pyramids of Egypt, south America, Tibet etc.

    Just down the road form Gobekli Tepe is the ancient biblical city of Ur of the Chaldeas, which is where Abraham originated. The Old Testament is all about Abraham and his descendants, and also Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. These all originated from Abraham.

    The archaeologists have been burrowing away at Kobekli Tepe for about 20 years and have uncovered all sorts of material that coincides with the stories in the Old Testament.

    There are two important dates in “recent” human history - 18,000 years ago and 7,000 years ago. 18,000 because it was an attempt to regain full consciousness by building structures that could focus energies, and 7,000 years ago where we began the “Human Plan”.

    Both dates being an important change in the “human condition”.

    Kobekli Tepe was built roughly 18,000 years ago. It was built as part of the major building works that took place on many continents at that time as a means of re-connecting the whole of the consciousness back into the body, as well as being a means of transportation given that we had, generally, lost the ability to easily translocate.

    The site was abandoned roughly 5,000 years ago (3,000 BCE - see, I can speak science) as the “People of the Jars” felt guilty about murdering their “gods” and travelled south to eventually become the Jewish peoples.

    There are a great many problems with scientific dating, particularly carbon dating, due to all sorts of contamination so “scientific” dates can be very misleading.
    What we have is an abandonment of the site roughly 5,000 years ago and then a second occupation that began about 2,000 years ago by people who came from the Black Sea area. In between, the old floor was covered with desert sands and the new occupiers built a new floor on the sand as they could not understand the energies of the site.

    From 7,000 years ago, we became more and more dense, in terms of energy and understanding and so we could not read the energies of a site like Kobekli Tepe, or any other, in the ways we once could as we became more and more physical.

    The past is a land that is built on current aspirations and mind control - always look as deep as possible as the answers that lie underneath hold a truth that science will never comprehend.

    21. One recurring theme these days is the difference between channelling and reading the Akashic. For instance some are saying that being a clear channel is just as difficult as being a clear reader of the akashic.

    I know it is a completely different process, having been in touch with my own higher self on rare occasions, where the question is answered in a split second and it is just a grounded knowing that comes through the body (heart/mind) when there are no emotional blocks attached to the question. Personally I don’t think the rational mind will ever completely understand what the truly grounded heart/mind can know through feelings and the higher self. I guess that is a statement about science . . .

    But you are much better qualified to explain the difference and so this is one such naysayer’s comment which I wondered if you would address.

    (I know you have talked about the fake akashic set up with Velon energy but we need you to explain how completely different what you do to read the Akashic is - compared to channelling.)

    “I'm pretty certain that in the mess of the Astral-Emotional and Mental Worlds (those dimensions where most of the channeled info comes from, and where 'travelers' and super-psychics access information) there are more than a few 'fake' akashic records setup by these Higher Intelligences. I'm suggesting that Chris Thomas might be being used, just as he suggests everyone else is. It's a clever tactic that will not go away anytime soon.”

    Answer: In several of my books, I have tried to explain how the Akashic works and how channelling works - obviously this questioner needs to read my books! Channelling is a process of one “entity” passing information to a receptive human.

    This information can take many forms:

    At its basic level, the channeller is communicating with the soul of a deceased relative in order to provide confirmation of the soul’s continuance after it leaves the physical body. This is usually achieved by passing on personal information that is, usually, only known to the person receiving it.

    Then there are “friendly entities” out there who genuinely want to help humans in what we are trying to achieve on Earth whilst we are physical.
    In the past, there were some very genuine messages of help and encouragement passed through.

    Unfortunately, since the mid 1800’s, and the work of Madame Blavatsky, there has been an increasing number of messages that have been deliberately designed to mislead.

    In more recent years, ALL channelled messages have originated either directly from a Velon source or the Velon have interfered with the channelled message in some way.

    Today, every single channelled message is of a Velon source and is deliberately designed to mislead people into believing that the Velon, in all of their disguises, are our friends and are here to help us and “Ascend us to the 5th Dimension” (see my last essay about the 5th Dimension and its implications and impossibilities here on Earth).

    Questions, such as the one you have passed on, only arise from people who have fallen for the channelled Velon fantasy stories but are realising that there is something not right about them.

    If they come across my work, the realisation that they were wrong to listen to the Velon is confirmed but they do not want to back-track as that would mean that they would have to admit that they were duped.

    In any case, to ask such a question means that the questioner has no knowledge of what the Akashic is and how it functions and has, again fallen for the Velon fantasy stories and their versions of what the Akashic is.

    The real difference between channelled and what is recorded in the Akashic is probably this:

    In the Akashic version, 7,000 years ago, we (humans collectively) set out on a chosen course of behaviour to learn how to re-integrate the whole of the soul back into the body. This we hoped to achieve by living a series of physical lifetimes (reincarnation) exploring every and all aspects of being physical.

    Don’t forget that nobody else, throughout the whole of Creation, has ever experienced life at the level of energy compaction that allows them to build for themselves a truly “physical” body. So everything experienced on Earth was for the first time.

    The process we set in place 7,000 years ago we called “The Human Plan” and we set ourselves a 7,000 year time limit. There are a number of reasons for this time limit - see my books.

    Inherent within The Human Plan is personal responsibility - each and every soul who has travelled to Earth to be a part of this “human experiment” accepted full and total personal responsibility for their actions as well as a collective responsibility for the outcome of The Human Plan.

    As we approached the end of our agreed time limit, new energies were connected to the planet to help us to complete our Plan - this was in August 1996.

    With this new energy connected, it built pressure on every single person living on Earth to fulfil both their personal and collective responsibilities.

    As the pressure for completion built people looked around for someone to take the blame for their failings but, more importantly, for someone, anyone, who would give them comfort and say “It’s OK, we’ll complete everything for you. You don’t have to worry; we will take you through Ascension”.

    A very seductive message, particularly for those who did not want to live up to their personal and collective responsibilities.
    This is how the Velon won so many converts and followers - they promised to do everything for humans without them having to take any kind of responsibilities either for themselves or responsibility for their failings.

    Not only that, the Velon have recently been trying to bribe people into following them by promising to pay them anything up to $1,000,000. (mind you, if you read the small print on this offer, if you accept it, you have to sign a binding agreement to do everything the Velon tell you to do, without limit).

    The "end date” of the Human Plan was the 29th of October 2011 with an allowed period for readjustment up to the 21st of December 2012.
    Everybody woke up on the 22nd of December 2012 and said “What happened? We were supposed to Ascend. We should be in the 5th Dimension”.

    Everyone who was working with the Akashic knew the reason why.

    Everyone who was working with the Velon, in all of their disguises, looked around for someone or something to blame - god forbid that they would admit that they had been duped yet again!

    I find the channelled messages that have appeared during this last year to be an unbelievable farce. The Velon, in all of their disguises, have back-tracked, twisted, lied and blamed humans for the failure of their promises. Yet people still fall for this c**p in their droves - all to avoid cleaning up their own mess and taking some responsibility for their lack of action.

    It has seriously shocked me to discover that there are a huge number of people who honestly believe that their debts will be paid off, they will be given $1,000,000 and Ascended to the 5th Dimension. All this happening soon - as soon as the “star fleet” Ison rounds the sun and “saviour” Obama makes an announcement of Disclosure.

    Given this level of delusion, is it any wonder that we did not meet our deadlines? Is it any wonder that the Earth took pity on our stupidity and is doing everything She can to help us to achieve our goals?

    But even the Earth cannot wait forever - people must start to act responsibly to bring to an end their own part of The Human Plan as soon as possible.

    A brief description of the Akashic.

    The name Akashic is Sanskrit and means “Record”. It does not mean anything else.

    The Akashic has been designed to record the events that occur within this Universe. It does not record personal histories, those are recorded in the individual’s DNA with a greater memory held by the whole of the soul.

    In other words, in between lives, all of our memories of our existence is recorded, or memorised, within the total soul. When we choose to become physical, take on new life, the memories of our physical existences are downloaded into our DNA whilst the higher self keeps the memories of our soul origins and existences away from Earth.

    The Akashic is woven into the energetic fabric of the Universe. Once an event has been recorded within the Akashic, it cannot be altered, neither can it be falsely added to.

    If an event has occurred it is recorded, events that did not happen cannot be recorded as they did not happen. The Velon have made a huge number of attempts to take over the Akashic and alter its content to, for example, falsely claim that the Annunaki (one of the Velon races) are our makers.

    The purpose of the Akashic is to record all events that occur within this Universe. It is directly connected to the Creator and it is through this connection (Akashic/Creator) that the Creator learns. This is why the Akashic is incorruptible - if it was possible to alter it, the Creator would not learn the truth and the existence of the Universe would be pointless.

    To quote one documentary film maker: “Chris was born hard-wired into the Akashic”.
    This means that I do not channel. This means that I do not work with “entities” outside of myself/higher self.
    Whilst I have come under repeated attacks by the Velon, they cannot break or break into my soul/Akashic connection.

    The only measure of whether anyone believes my/Akashic version of reality is to ask yourself “does this feel true?”
    If it does, then that is good and you should move on with taking responsibility for completing your part of The Human Plan.

    If it does not, then I suggest that you apply the same criteria to the channelled fantasy stories that are out there and you will see that not one single promise made by the entities that are being channelled has ever been kept.

    The Akashic is very clear: It was each individual’s choice to travel to Earth in order to experience physical life and it was each individual’s choice to take part in The Human Plan. It is also each individual’s responsibility to complete their own part of The Human Plan.

    We have human problems that require human solutions. No alien race could ever possibly understand what we have experienced, and achieved, here on Earth. So how could there be any other solution to our problems other that by humans taking personal responsibility to resolve them.

    No one, throughout the whole of this Universe, or any other, can do it for us.
    Learning our TRUE HISTORY is therapy for the human race.

    It is each person's responsibility to clear their body of emotional blocks (using the Giveaway, etc.) so that the process of higher self integration into your physical body can begin. Beliefs are fleeting during this period of change. It is wise to hold them lightly. Mind, Body and Spirit are becoming ONE

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    48 Q&A With Chris

    Part 2

    22. [B]A number of people do not channel but rather claim to be in physical contact with various races of extraterrestrial beings from the time they were children. They believe these beings are benevolent and are supplying them with information as to human history and human inability to solve their own problems; some speak of galactic wars and insectoids, lizards, etc. races. One of the more common physical interactions spoken of is with Tall, White Nordics who sometimes claim to be from around Orion.

    Are these people being deceived by Velon posing as benign, benevolent beings of superior intelligence with the ulterior motive of undermining the human souls’ relationship with Earth and the task of clearing emotional blockages in order to make room for 100% soul integration into the physical body? And of course to prevent all the energetic advantages to be gained in terms of conscious awareness and discernment when the majority of humanity have accomplished this task.

    A case in point: There is a young man of 25 who, since the age of 9 on his way home from school, has been taken for rides by sympathetic, tall white Orion Nordics in their space ship. They give him information about outer space tell him various things which have convinced him that they are for real and have the best interests of humanity as their goal. They even told him that Nibiru was destroyed a long time ago. So when he read that these Nordics are actually Velon in disguise he takes exception.

    Of course what he chooses to believe is his business and it would do no good to argue. We all have to learn from our own experiences. I only mention it as one of the difficulties with experiential mind-sets – which I’m sure you have run into many times.

    Answer: When I first wrote about the Velon race known as the Hathor, I had a very scathing letter from an elderly lady telling me how dare I say anything bad about her “friends" who she has had contact with since she was a young girl.

    The Hathor are the Velon race who persuaded a group of gullible humans to construct two “celestoriums” into the Earth. A Celestorium is a copper shaft 100 m (333 feet) long and about 20 cm (8 in) diameter filled with programmed quartz crystals. Two of these Celestoriums were constructed pointing directly down into the earth. Control of these two devices was by the Hathor.

    The devices were intended to act like tuning forks in that the Hathor could generate a resonance within the celestoriums. The first time that the first celestorium was resonated it became very clear that its purpose was to create energy frequencies that forcibly evicted the Earth’s consciousness out of the planet.

    It also turns out that the clestoriums had a second function in that the resonance focussed on all of the members of the human group that built them and forced the physical aspect of their total soul out of their bodies ( I worked with/was in contact with a number of these people over the following couple of days and all of them confirmed the feeling of being forcibly evicted out of their bodies).

    So we have the attempted destruction of the Earth’s own consciousness and the attempted removal of the souls of those who were the “friends” of the Hathor.

    So much for that elderly lady’s “friends”.

    I do not know who this race that this young man is talking about but the chances are that they are Velon.

    According to the Akashic, there are no races originating from Orion - Orion is a “gateway” in and out of our solar system that leads to the realms of the six non-physical races and so Orion cannot possibly support a form of life that is not also non-physical in form - the non-physical races are so far removed from our own energy frequencies that they are totally undetectable to us.

    The term “Tall White Nordics” has long been applied to the Velon as that is how they sometimes describe themselves.

    Why do people want to make their lives so complicated?

    Life is so simple: we are a soul who has chosen to build for itself a body in order to experience physical life. We just need to wake up and get on with what we humans need to do and life will just be simple again.

    23. Do you agree with this assessment? At the astral: following death & the usual experience be it Bardo or heavenly, the minions/angels working for the invisible masters will welcome you & shower you with nirvana, mind wipe you & return you back to the cycle of human forgetfulness, slavery, victim hood & karma. There really is NO ESCAPE tis the cyclic journey of the human which entombs our divine spark.

    Answer: It’s a total load of Crap.

    24. Have you read this immaculately-researched and heavily-annotated article from David Wilcock, about the unravelling of global financial tyranny?

    Answer: Oh, deary, deary me!

    Wilcock has, for some time now, been the dupe of the Velon and this new one is no different.
    This is Velon saying, yeah, well we buggered it all up along the way but now we want you to forgive us and keep us around the planet.


    What a load of ********.

    25. If those who have chosen not to participate are allowed to "live out their lives over the forthcoming 50 years", I am wondering how hundreds of millions fully-souled beings will be able to co-habit the planet with billions of "sub-humans".

    And, more pertinently, if the Illuminati are part of the contingent whose lives will see out their natural rhythms over the next 50 years, then I see the possibility of a very tricky time ahead of us!
    That is, unless those who have fully reintegrated their souls all live on a separate continent!

    Please understand that I'm not in any way criticising your work, Chris, and I certainly understand that we live in a time of shifting sands. I'm merely interested to hear your current perspective on these matters.


    1. Do you still predict that non-participants in The Plan will be exiting more or less arbitrarily at any point over the forthcoming 50 years?

    2. Do you still understand that all those who have elected to participate in their soul re-integrations, will have completed this process by the end of 2012?

    There appears to be an avalanche of bank resignations going on at the moment, and Ben Fulford is predicting something big happening at the end of this month, by way of an ultimatum from the Dragon Clans..... to the Illuminati.

    Answer: No, I didn't see your email as a criticism - just fair comment and reasonable questions.

    The fundamental problem is that nobody has ever undergone the kind of processes we are currently faced with.

    Everybody "out there" is a complete soul within whatever body form they have. It is only on Earth where we decided to split the soul down into "higher" and "lower" parts. As such, nobody knows quite what is happening or how it is going to happen.

    As I have written the books, I have tried to give the best answer that was available at the time - some being "best guesses" based on the information available.

    But, we have one massive complicating factor - the Velon.

    The Velon should not be here at all, as the rest of the Universe has totally rejected them, and they no longer exist anywhere outside of the region immediately around our solar system.

    The problem is that the Velon have fooled so many people into believing that the Velon, in all of their many disguises, have made promises and suggestions that have misled people into believing that they can take actions which will move people and the Earth through into the "5th dimension"; and so many people are looking for the easy answer that they have fallen for it in droves.

    Whilst these people only make up a small percentage of the current population, they are the most vocal, and so those who want to give us help (the other races and the universe itself) are confused by the messages humans are sending out.

    The date by which everything should have been in place was the 28th of October 2011 - allowing us the one year to complete the process.

    The 28/10/11 date was first worked out 7,000 years ago at the start of the Human Plan. This date is when all of the ancient calendars, not just the Mayan, concluded. On 21/12/12, the Mayan Calendar is set to start a new "round", and a new era begins.

    This date (28/10/11) was set as it coincided with the alignment of the solar system with the centre of the galaxy. Also, many systems throughout the Universe come into alignment during this time, and so we should have been able to complete soul re-integration with the minimum of fuss, making use of the massive amounts of freely available energy.

    However, 7,000 years ago, we did not know of the Velon and the affects they would have on the human population or on the Earth.

    Given the complications the Velon have caused, it resulted in a little more confusion about end dates, and the need (or otherwise) of removing all of those who did not choose to be a part of this Plan.

    The current situation is that if the energy for change was released, the Velon would use it for their own purposes with totally unknown consequences.

    In order to make use of these energies, the Velon have built an energy barrier around the solar system and so the energies from outside have not been released. This barrier also makes it extremely difficult for the Earth's consciousness to communicate with those outside of the solar system and it is also extremely difficult for the Earth's guardians to act.

    The way in which this barrier affects us on Earth, and the way in which the elite are assisting the Velon, is through the use of haarp and other systems that generate extra low frequency waves (ELF) around the planet.

    The planet is totally flooded with these frequencies as a way of slowing down both the Earth's and human frequencies to try to stop our change from happening, and each haarp station - all 39 - have a Velon djed pillar at their centre. So work is continuing to clear everything that can be cleared, and that is forcing change.

    There is the beginnings of a fight back against the Velon barrier starting now and so we should see some change beginning over the next few days.

    At the same time, we need to remove as much influence of the Velon as possible down here and this is why we have the beginning of a total collapse of the banking system.

    The Velon control the "elite" and the elite control the world through money. By forcing the release of the information behind the current banking scam, it is forcing the elite into a position of retreat. Once the elite have retreated, the Velon have nothing to control and so their influence is destroyed, the Universal and galactic energies can be released, and we can complete our soul re-integration virtually overnight.

    Whether those who are not going to undergo this change will be allowed to live out their life-spans, is still open to conjecture, but once we have a mass shift occurring, I suspect that anyone who is not a part of it will be evicted off the Earth and forced to return to their place of soul origin, and the Velon will be evicted from this Universe.

    Clench your buttocks and keep your fingers crossed, but it should not be too long before we achieve our goal and it HAS to happen before 21/12/12.

    26. What do you know about the first written language or alphabet?

    Answer: All over the world. The first written language was similar to Runes. The form that Runes take reflect electrical impulses up and down the spine. All original languages have this basis and are approx. 7,000 years old.

    27. I am wondering about the Sidhe who first incarnated as physical beings on Atlantis and were like 12 feet tall. They later served as kings when man began to lose his higher functions. They were sometimes referred to as the Elohim in the Jewish bible. Are they incarnated as humans on Earth now?

    Also could those elongated skulls be throwbacks to the experiments done on Atlantis?

    Answer: Here’s a little part of the puzzle re Sidhe activities:

    On Atlantis, the Sidhe wanted to experience full physicality for themselves. We had developed a “Star Chamber” - a chamber that looked a little like an amethyst geode, which was capable of removing the soul from the body and transfer it into another body. This process was tried a number of times with Pleiadean “hosts” producing a Pleiadean/Sidhe hybrid.

    However the process proved to be irreversible so the “merging” became permanent - I have treated several of them - these people have since taken on human form through the usual reproduction process and have DNA patterns that are different - bigger - than other people.

    This does not mean that these people look different but they do have a certain charisma - a little like Legolas from Lord of the Rings. For example, I treated someone who worked as a gardener and an alternative practitioner just to keep himself balanced.

    On Atlantis, there was a great amount of experimentation with the human body-form - the mixing of a number of genetic groups into one body. Don’t forget that the worst excesses of Atlantis went and hid in the Mohorvicic layer with occasional “genetic throwbacks” in the current time.

    I have treated many people who carry Atlantian “Chips” which are activating and producing very strange genetic sequences in this lifetime. Also the ancient “gods” carry gene sequences which go back to Atlantian times.

    28. This has been posted by Bill Ryan who is the owner and founder of a very prominent and influential forum:

    Answer: Planet Earth is unique in the Universe - there are no “class M” planets out there and especially not Pandora-like planets
    particularly not around Alpha-Centauri.

    29. Hi Chris and thank you for your last reply. The hints have been helpful regarding the elongated skulls with purportedly no human DNA. I had not realised that a human body could contain larger DNA when it comes from someone affected by (energetic) chips from Atlantis or when the soul is half Sidhe and half Pleiadean. That raises interesting possibilities regarding DNA based on the specific identity of the soul incarnating.

    I know you have indirectly answered the following question someone has asked me, when you said that no one can trick the soul, upon death of the body, into walking into a false light where they are sent back in for more karma without proper preparation. I recall you’re calling it B.S.

    Nevertheless someone has asked me specifically:

    Does CT say anything in his materials about the light, tunnel, etc. at time of death they're really pushing on the planet at this time?

    And I will add a more specific corollary question: Is the light we see in near death experiences or when we actually do die, our own higher self?

    Note: I believe what Chris is saying below is that there is no matrix of synthetic light in existence – except possibly in people’s minds. In other words George Kavassilas’ model of the Universe is false. It follows that capturing the reincarnation grid is an absurd notion. Our Higher Selves would never permit that. People really underestimate their higher selves.

    That is my opinion and I am making it known so that there is no misunderstanding. The ‘synthetic light matrix’ is like the ‘galactic federation of light’ it has been talked about so much as if it were an ‘assimilating borg cube’ that people actually believe that such a federation exists. It does not exist except in people’s minds. I could go on with the rest of the misinformation George has been tricked into believing.

    Don’t get me wrong. I like George and his message of ego connected to heart and feeling before you think is good advice. However, at some point he lost his grounding.

    Answer: Karma only means knowledge and the direction the higher self chooses for the next life is made directly by the higher self so it cannot be fooled.

    There are only two types of genuine light on the planet - the light from the sixth sun and the light emitted by your higher self. Light such as the purple flame is just a myth spread by the Velon.

    I did not understand the comment “…at time of death they’re really pushing on the planet at this time”. Who are the they that are doing the pushing and in what direction?

    Your question is straight forward and the answer is yes.

    We tend to only have near death experiences when our higher self needs to give us a kick up the bottom to get us back on track. If we do not listen we leave the body (die) as the higher self has called us home.

    30. I know of a woman who was told she was having all kinds of major problems in her life because of a Djin that had attached itself to her body. She was told this by a medium. What is a Djin?

    Answer: The word “Djin” is middle Eastern and translates as something like “space alien”.
    The only ‘aliens’ who have formed the type of attachment described are Velon - all the other races have taken a back-seat once the Velon activities were realised and connections from non-Velons to people that cause them problems are unheard of.

    31. I am meeting people now who underwent a transformation out of the blue in December of 2012 in which they embodied pure love. They would stop to talk to and hug children on their way home and to offer love to everyone they met.

    This was uncharacteristic for them and they thought they had entered into another Universe, they had not heard of ascension, they were just ordinary people who had been going about their ordinary lives. One woman said her husband could tell when she was on her way home because the room would fill with love. This transformation suddenly ended in mid 2013 and now they can only wish to be back in the “state” which of course they miss. They say there seemed to be some uncompleted business which the world must undergo before this transformation can be permanent.

    Do you have any knowledge , or can you comment on this?

    Answer: The story of the people who felt love is growingly typical as some peoples higher selves show them a lesson of how life could be and I suspect the reason why it stopped, or their experience stopped, is because they are the ones who still have situations to resolve.

    32. I understand that Earth is within 2 degrees of righting herself on her axis and that there are now a solid 3.75 Billion people on the planet, and that we have reached the 3500 Hz base frequency at the consciousness energy level. Does this mean mass reintegration is now possible?

    Answer: The 3.5 kHz is important but is dependent on other factors at the same time before people can re integrate en masse. The axis is one of the factors involved. Once the axis is vertical then further changes can take place.

    33. If the 14th Faction entities and energies have been removed from Planet Earth, the Solar System and Universe, then why are people still able to over ride free will (i.e. murder, rape, war etc.)?

    Answer: It’s called freedom of choice.

    If people do not say no, it appears as though they are being forced to do something.

    Whereas they are making a choice to go along with what they are being told to do.

    Not only does this lead to resentment but health problems as the chakra that deals with this part of their lives becomes unbalanced (see the Everything book).

    This is so obvious I am surprised people still ask this question!

    34. Things are looking bleak in some ways but I'm sure Earth has her own plans and I am all for her. Also the last several months of astrology point to a positive future that will be lasting so the other planets are being supportive in Earth's favour.

    Answer: I think that your assessment of the future is correct. it just might be delayed temporarily because of Velon activities and the humans who are, albeit unknowingly, supporting them are adding to the problem. A year ago I was confident about the sequence of events and their time-frame but now I am not so certain. There is no doubt that we are changing and moving into full soul re-integration but because of Velon interference, the time-scale seems to have been slightly disrupted so I can no longer be certain about timing.
    Human gullibility and stupidity has a lot to answer for.

    35. Recently I've read your essay entitled "A Brief History of Chemtrails". It confirmed my own feeling that it has been affecting the honey bee populations. Sad as it is, I rarely see a honey bee these days, whereas in years previous, I use to see them all the time doing their most excellent work. Most interesting was the part you wrote that said chemtrailing lay behind the military & their reason for the era of cattle mutilations that took place.

    This has sparked my reason for writing to you & ask you specifically about whether this chemtrailing is behind the strange rise in the problem that seemingly more & more people are having with Morgellons - a health problem that the NIH (National Institute of Health) has discounted & says it is more a psychiatric issue. In other words, they're saying its an imaginary problem.

    I have done a little research on the subject & found that it is anything but imaginary, as there are some researchers that have provided photo images of the various forms that this 'dis-ease' has taken on. It seems to me to be related to fungi & slime molds that gets into the body, but also appears to be associated to a nano technology. The growth of warts & people having a problem with a condition known as 'athletes foot' seems to be somewhat relative.

    Just would like your take on this particular health issue: Is this Morgellons problem also related to chemtrailing? Or, could this also be a form of bio-warfare?

    Answer: Morgellons is most prevalent in areas of the US where GM crops are grown and eaten. The incidence of the disease is mainly confined to the US. There are extremely few instances in the rest of the world. The EU has banned GM [genetically modified] crops and is, for the time being, Morgellons free.

    Australia and New Zealand did try GM but have since put a moratorium on trials because of outbreaks of Morgellons. Although trials of GM crops have taken place in Britain, I am unaware of any Morgellons here. The US, in league with Monsanto, are continuing to pressure the EU to allow the widespread planting of GM and sales of GM products.

    36. In The Universal Soul chapter 4, page 50

    Those who remained on the planet to sort out the problems caused by the destruction noted that the loss of higher consciousness functions was more marked and now tended to occur after about 200 years. The main cause for the difference in time frames, 1,000 years as opposed to 200 years, appeared to be caused by the shift in the Earth’s axis from totally vertical to a 4 degree angle off the vertical.

    I’m trying to understand what this 4 degree tilt is. My understanding is that Earth tilted 23.4 degrees when Atlantis was sunk.
    Is it a typing error, or am I missing something?

    Answer: The question of the angle of the Earth’s tilt is one which I have been asked many times.

    All I can say is that it depends on how the angle is measured.

    I have always said that the “official” figure is wrong and too large - so I will stick with my 4 degrees.

    Regardless of what it was in the past, the combination of the Iceland and Japanese earthquakes moved the axis closer to the vertical - I can’t remember what the official change of tilt was, but the 23.4 degrees is definitely now wrong.

    37. We are experiencing record cold and record snowfall here in Ontario during this winter of 2014/15. It is a very abnormal and unusual combination which makes no sense in terms of my experience with nature.

    Answer: Look to haarp - it’s been buggering up our weather for several winters now!

    38. If what we are doing here is a first in this universe and a lot of parties are interested in what is going on here; Then in what, way, shape or form is what we are doing here changing the rest of the universe? What is happening now?

    In other words; which virtues/qualities created by this reality are expressed outside this reality. (Or rugby ball shaped envelope)

    Answer: All things are interconnected - what happens in one reality has an impact on other realities.

    In many respects, what happens on Earth, determines the future direction of the Universe as a whole.

    So the sooner people remove their fingers from their bottoms and get on with sorting their lives out, the sooner the rest of us can achieve completion.

    39. The Akashic records everything and Chris can 'log' on to this. What is the minimum time between an event and the moment Chris can see it? In other words; Can he see the feed of an event simultaneously with the event happening?

    Answer: The Akashic RECORDS events.

    So the event has to happen before it enters the Records from which it can be read.
    I do not “log on” to the Akashic as such as I try to understand the impact of events after they have occurred - I have to know the right question to ask to find the answer.

    It is not possible to stay connected to the Akashic 24/7. I have to “tune in” as I try to track the thread of events in whatever time-frame they occur.

    40. Could Simon Parkes be used as a tool to promote a hidden agenda by the alien beings known as the “Mantid”?

    Also what about the Aliens use of advanced methods for Cloning and Programmed Life Forms in relation to prominent personalities and also in relation to manipulating perceptions and experiences of those who have either been taken or in some cases unknowingly experimented with while serving in the military or as children.

    Answer: There have been hints about Programmed Life Forms (PLF's) for a few years now.

    They are what could be called biological robots.

    They were developed by the Greys along with the military mainly for the purpose of false abductions - abductions carried out by the military. The abductee would be allowed to clearly see these "Grey" beings doing various things in the background to lend strength to the abductees story of alien abduction.

    What few genuine alien abductions, that were actually carried out, stopped some time ago; the vast majority of abductions were actually carried out by the military as disinformation and fear-mongering.

    My suspicion is that not only do they have "Grey" biological robots but also ones that look like praying mantises.

    I've come across a number of abduction stories where the abductee describes a teacher-like figure that was praying mantis in form. I have scoured the Akashic for several years looking for these creatures and they do not exist - except as the insect on Earth.

    The existence of PROGRAMMED LIFE FORMS could explain a great deal about abduction stories.

    By programmed biological robots I mean that they have a body that is identical to whatever body form has been copied but they have no soul - they are just physical tissue who's very basic DNA can be programmed to carry out basic tasks. Not very nice things."

    End of Quote from Chris Thomas

    [I would expect this could apply to any other kind of horrific being or benevolent being (in the case of "human/Mantid children programmed to be 'cute and loving') that you care to name. The things of which both nightmares and pleasant dreams are made of; very real to the person who is targeted for the psy op experience.

    Also, a lot of people are waking up in the night to these weird monologues that seem to be broadcast through the aethers. The best way to handle it, from experience, is to tell them to *** off.]

    41. Given that disease is a result of chakra imbalances, I am wondering what problems in the mouth with tooth infections and abscesses and a need for root canal work or abstractions might stem from in terms of chakras? What is my Higher Self trying to tell me?

    Answer: I have always found teeth a problem to diagnose.

    Although they are connected to the 1st Chakra they are mainly 5th Chakra. As such they are about a sense of security in speaking one’s truth.

    This also works with the 4th chakra in that by not speaking out, it affects the immune system hence the infections.

    Don’t forget that although the teeth grow out of the jaw, they are not a part of the body in the way that - say - the fingers are.

    Sorry but I cannot be of any more help on this.

    42. What is one to make of all the conflicting information in the alternative media? With 40+ HAARP stations around the world focused on life disharmony, and the health damage inflicted by chemtrails, vaccines, etc. and the BRICS claiming to be fighting the New World Order, who can we believe? Has Putin really freed himself from mind control?

    Answer: This all seems to be a reasonable summation of the current world situation.

    With Obama signing agreements with China and snubbing Putin its not hard to see which way the balance of power is shifting.

    What is interesting is that as you begin to shift and get closer and closer to one’s higher self, all of the schemes and controls become more and more clear.
    Despite concerted use of HAARP, people are continuing to wake up and see the political control for what it is.

    Things might be happening slowly but they are clearly happening in a positive direction.

    43. I am wondering if you know much about the black goo. Is it sentient, where does it come from, what is its purpose, does it exist off planet, is it nano technology, etc.? If it does exist is it being used by the Velon to bring the planet into a negative energy by soaking up the life giving nature of the planet? What is it’s source?

    Answer: As far as I can work out, the black goo is a GM [Genetically Modified] bacteria that shows evidence of sentience. What it’s designed purpose is I do not know but it cannot be good.

    44. I have been re-reading The Fool’s First Steps, on page 53 of Chapter 4 you list the 13 regions chosen for the new wave of change about 15,000 years ago before we started losing our higher functions as we could not maintain the whole soul within the physical body. But you only name 12 of the stated 13 regions.

    3 are in Europe, 2 in Asia, 2 in Southeast Asia, 1 in the Pacific, 2 in America, and 1 in the Middle East and 1 is in Egypt. Is number 13 Greece? Or is it possibly Southern Africa where Michael Tellinger claims to have found a large stone circle with stones that ring, which he mistakenly attributes to the Annunaki. I am leaning towards South Africa given the ancient gold mines there.

    Answer: 1. South America. 2. North America. 3. Australia. 4. Sumeria. 5. Egypt. 6. China. 7. Asia (mainly India). 8. Ireland and Northern France. 9. Indonesia. 10. Pacific Islands (Polynesia). 11. Scandinavia and Poland/Czechoslovakia.

    Britain should be counted as a separate entity as it is the centre of all planetary energies and is driving the change.

    Africa should be seen as one continent and separate from the others. So thirteen regions are listed.

    45. I see that Amazon in the United Kingdom and Amazon in Canada are now finally carrying your books. But still not Amazon in the US. Your book Planet Earth . . . The Universe’s Experiment is one of the best books I have ever read. I really wish humanity would hurry up and finish this Plan!

    Answer: It is long overdue for Amazon to stock some of my books - they do not stock all titles - maybe I’ll consider taking them off my blacklist now.

    Judging by recent news items and TV programmes, the predicted uncovering of the “conspiracies” that have been holding us back is now well under way.

    46. Is there a simple explanation for why this is NOT a holographic, fractal Universe?

    I’ve been asked this question and need some help to answer it.

    I know this is a conscious living Universe; that it is based on energies of vibratory frequencies, and I know that the creative force, is the vortex. I think that is why the Fibonacci sequence is seen in what Earth creates because it is the geometric sequence to forming a vortex.

    I know that what scientists have been calling gravity is really consciousness in that souls attract and planetary souls attract proportionately to their mass (energy). This attraction is what scientists call electromagnetic and it is the force that holds atoms and solar systems and galaxies and ultimately the Universe together.

    Answer: It depends on what your questioner means by “fractal”?

    All things in nature can be described as “fractal” in form as all things have a vortex at their core structure and a vortex can be viewed as fractal in form - or at least the vortex forms the fractal depending on your point of view or location from which you are viewing it from.

    As for a “holographic” form - a hologram is a reflection - a snap-shot reflected onto another surface (usually glass).

    The Universe is an energetic form around which what we consider “physical” is hung - it is not a reflection of anything.

    Given the Universe contains many billions of dimensions - everything exists in and of itself - there is no need to copy a reflection as what dimension would you be reflecting?

    47. Hi Chris, I’ve noticed lately that the energies are a bit overwhelming in many walks of life, people getting sick, work piling up, and progress seems to be almost at a standstill in the personal field as well as the big picture.

    Are the 14th Faction energies still active on our planet, preventing our free will from being exercised in places like government?

    I can see how those souls who were infected by the 14 and chose to use that energy to take away free will up until 2002 (when the black holes were closed down), would be now reincarnating to make amends for the karma garnered by their pre 2002 actions and some in this lifetime may even have awakened to the reality of the error of their ways. I would liken it to the individual you treated who had been one of the Annunaki who travelled back in time to dictate lies to a Sumerian scribe. He later incarnated as a human and felt guilt about what he had done in the past when he was a Velon named Enki. That guilt was causing him physical ailments in this lifetime, which brought him to you for healing and understanding of why he felt guilt.

    But I am at a loss to understand how the 14 could still be blamed for the hold-up in the Human Plan. It feels to me more like we humans are going through a slow and painful resolution to the consequences of giving our power away willingly, out of laziness as much as anything, to the Velon lies and their henchmen in the corporate government. In other words the karma both at the individual level and the country level has to play itself out, in order to wake up as many of us as is possible. I must say this is a master class in learning patience and persistence for many of us, and for others just grasping the power that comes from within even before or leading up to full soul integration.

    So what I am asking you is whether you would give us a statement as to whether you agree that there is still 14 energy operating to remove free will in this universe (does it still take on the shape of the Draco lizards?) or does it only seem that way because we have become so complacent to being (feeling) helpless?

    An example of giving our free will energy away would be voting in a system that is clearly rigged. They return to the populace every 4 years for our permission to continue screwing us over and a lot of people consider this action of voting to be a right that needs to be exercised, rather than an insane repetitive action of group insanity.

    Answer: Hi Herbert

    Yes, the energies are very disruptive and they are building leading to the fullfilment of the Human Plan.

    The 14 energies are still working in so far as infected people are still working with their own personal versions.

    Other than that; the 14 energies are no more.

    Interestingly I came across a report by cosmologists who have noticed that several galaxies on the outer limits of our Universe have dissapeared.
    Bearing in mind that the light, and energy waves, from this region of the Universe takes several hundred years to reach us - it’s confirmation of 14 activities in the past.

    [The 14 Faction actually succeeded in removing about 1/3 of the energy contained in our universe before the Black Holes they created were shut down by the Guardians.]

    Unfortunately. these people who were 14 infected, still believe that they have the power to take away freedom of choice.

    So it is likely to be some time before the rest of us can take back full control - But control began back in 2002, so 14 influences are waning.
    It is just going to take time.

    I gave up on the voting system some time ago - those who are elected choose to be rather than the choice of the people.

    Best wishes

    48. As we grow closer to full soul integration, I am wondering if it is o.k. to continue eating meat. Do we need to eat as much when we are nearing reintegration?

    Answer: What one eats is up to personal preference. However as we bring more energy into the physical body during the process of integration, we will ironically find that we need to eat more protein to keep our energy reserves up.

    In Conclusion

    Here are a couple of comments from individuals after reading the Chris Thomas thread. I shared it with Chris Thomas and now I am sharing it with those who visit this thread.

    Thank you Herbert For Making This Thread, Its Very Much Appreciated !

    All my life I knew there was much more ,to life than what we all have been living, in this system of deception..
    Since I was a child, I have been on a journey of the truth. The Movie "The Matrix" and Avatar was quite insightful, for me!

    I totally resonate with Mr. Chris Thomas. I first viewed several of his videos in February 2014.

    When Mr. Thomas spoke on the Annunaki creation lie, and the 5th dimension 2012 ascension myth, it connected the
    missing pieces of the puzzle. For many Mr. Thomas, has reminded folks what their souls knew, already but had forgotten..

    For myself, I always knew the Annunaki creators never created me. I always knew I was original being from
    Earth ..I always knew Earth was not a prison, or in quarantine, Earth was very unique and many wanted to dominate and control her!

    Suffice it to state I have never read any of Mr. Thomas's books, but on a Shamanic level my inner sense Higher self, and heart discernment knows Mr. Thomas Speaks truth.

    I walk the shamanic path from experience, the dates from 1986 to the present . My journey has been very sacred and transformative. We are the ones we have been waiting for!

    I agree with Herbert, There is no need for Mr. Thomas to appear on the Oprah show,
    or any other mass corporate controlled media!

    Our empowerment is inside out ,the frequency of Mother Earth is rapidly rising,
    nothing can stop this..

    This past Spring Equinox was powerful , many energies of transformation are unfolding!
    For all who will remain on Earth the power of our
    higher selves is steadily increasing. The power is within each and everyone to chose!
    Learning our TRUE HISTORY is therapy for the human race.

    It is each person's responsibility to clear their body of emotional blocks (using the Giveaway, etc.) so that the process of higher self integration into your physical body can begin. Beliefs are fleeting during this period of change. It is wise to hold them lightly. Mind, Body and Spirit are becoming ONE

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    This is for you Herbert.

    If it wasn’t for your consistent tireless work in keeping the thread going (on the other forum), I would never have known about Chris Thomas and the wealth of information he has given so generously without the need for fame, fluff and fortune. I was in a state of information overload at the time with the complexity of it all. But when looking further into CT’s material, it explained and simplified my life plus confirmed what I already know in my heart.

    A big thanks to you, Herbert for all your hard work, under very difficult circumstances, I must add. (He was under a lot of pressure from personal attacks by somebody on a mission it seemed, to take him down).

    Chris Thomas has given me tools to connect dots in the big picture and if they’re not all connected yet, I’m on my way.

    Kudos to you. Long overdue.

    Whatever is true. Whatever is noble. Whatever is right. Whatever is lovely. Whatever is admirable. Anything of excellence and worthy of praise. Dwell on these things. Jesus Christ (I agree)

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    Quote Originally posted by Elen View Post
    This is for you Herbert.

    If it wasn’t for your consistent tireless work in keeping the thread going (on the other forum), I would never have known about Chris Thomas and the wealth of information he has given so generously without the need for fame, fluff and fortune. I was in a state of information overload at the time with the complexity of it all. But when looking further into CT’s material, it explained and simplified my life plus confirmed what I already know in my heart.

    A big thanks to you, Herbert for all your hard work, under very difficult circumstances, I must add. (He was under a lot of pressure from personal attacks by somebody on a mission it seemed, to take him down).

    Chris Thomas has given me tools to connect dots in the big picture and if they’re not all connected yet, I’m on my way.

    Kudos to you. Long overdue.

    A BIG THANK YOU from me too Herb for all the "refreshers". Even if you've read all of CTs work there is so much info to remember and you Herb are so appreciated in that respect.

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    As Ealiss notes, this is not the Universal Akashic that Chris Thomas was born hard-wired into. So this essay is just to give readers a feeling for what it looks like to read the Akashic for an individual and their past life records. Her description of the “Angels” who look after and protect the Akashic are, as loving yet solemn. They look right through you to ascertain your motives.

    Her experience with “higher” beings is also very interesting. They sound very much like how Harald Kautz describes the Earth Soul when you are able to visit her. She does not mess around. She is fierce. “What are you doing here? What is your question?” she booms out. She is very busy and focused; not interested in wasting her time. You really don’t want to mess with her.

    In other words these higher beings do not start out with the crap you read in channellings like “we love you.” or “You are very dear to us.”

    Your integrity is being measured when you visit the Earth and you had better have your act together.


    I do want to get into the Akashic and what it is.

    Quite a few times, I have seen people talk about "what IS the Akashic". I haven't really answered because I only have my own experience. I have read my own past lives. Some of them. I have read other people's past lives - several of them, and as I've said before, the people I read for felt that it all resonated. The places. The things that happened. They felt connected to those places and events in their lives today. And I never met them. They were just pixels on a screen in a facebook group.

    So I can access what some people call the Akashic. BUT... reading what Chris says about the personal memory and the earth memory, he is accessing what I would call the "earth memory" and the "solar system memory" and the galaxy and universe memories. Where as I have accessed a different kind that is personal to the people I connect with.

    To answer the question "What is it like?" I can therefore only describe my own experience.

    First, I have to be in a relaxed state. Then I have to be in a state of caring from the heart about the stranger I am talking to. Then, using metaphors, I will be like a flute that starts playing the high notes. I gently make myself feel super positive, light filled emotions, while being open.

    Then I ask my guides to help me get the information that was requested. They either say yes or no. If they say yes, I will start seeing images (which are metaphors that help my ego brain understand what is going on, as our brains translate emotions into images, sound and speech). I will sometimes see a golden library where everything shines in gold and white light and solemn angelic beings are the librarians but also protectors. They are absolutely powerful and it would be insane to even think of going against them.

    They then take me to a "book" that I then try to "read". I see no letters. Instead images start to form in my head. As I start feeling things I get pulled to a place. It is like being in a TV series in the middle of the story. Inside the TV set. Except it doesn't feel like TV. It feels every day. It feels human. Good, bad, sad, happy, scared. All kinds of emotions, actions, dramatic events. I am usually pulled to important events in that life. The defining moment. And then describe them to people to the best of my ability. Trying to find correct words for what I am feeling, seeing, even the fast moments. Doing my best to remember what year we might be in, with those dresses and those male outfits. Which country and so on. I usually end up googling to figure it out later.

    While doing all of this, I am... it's like an exam. My physical brain is going full blast. Blood flow to my right side of the brain is pumping. I focus super intense to see clearly. I try to sit still and yet type it all up. It is not "channeling" as I am not taking dictation. I am actually there. Seeing the re-run of events. Experiencing it myself. A lot of energy is going through parts of me and it is actually not easy to do. I am also not perfect at it. I should also say, that since I can't prove it, I rarely do it. I hate for people to think it's all made up and unlike dead people talking to me, explaining memories that the living can recognize and say "It's him!" the past lives are not easy to prove.

    Now... channeling. I don't do channeling, but from what I have heard "channelers" say, they start out being psychic but to channel they have to relax, and then.... walk away. Not be critical. Not object. Not wonder or ask questions. Let their own personality hide. And then let some Tom, Dick or Harry just use their body to say ANYTHING they please. Totally uncensored.

    I just... don't feel drawn to do that. The human spirits out there alone are such a strange mix that giving them total control is not an appealing thought.

    And the times I have talked to "higher beings" they don't want me to pass on messages. First of all, they are FIERCE. You have to be brave once they look at you. Partly because they weigh your soul immideatly. A bit like meeting the boss of bosses and he stares at you with piercing eyes and you don't know if you'll live five seconds from now. And these are the NICE guys. They don't start out "we love you". No. They start out "WTF are YOU doing here?" And then I stutter something very nice and they mellow and listen with baited patience and answer briefly and then I leave with lots of thank you's and bowing.

    True mega beings out there are badass.

    I hope that helps a bit. Sheds some light. The emotions involved are the best way to gauge what is going on, on a personal level. If you are there, critical and investigating, then your own integrity is part of the experience. And I know that sounds like "it is all your imagination" but because I do the same thing, essentially, when doing a psychic reading with a person who "crossed over" I have experience with it being true. In the sense that the living relatives can verify it.
    Learning our TRUE HISTORY is therapy for the human race.

    It is each person's responsibility to clear their body of emotional blocks (using the Giveaway, etc.) so that the process of higher self integration into your physical body can begin. Beliefs are fleeting during this period of change. It is wise to hold them lightly. Mind, Body and Spirit are becoming ONE

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    THE HUMAN SOUL 2007 by Chris Thomas

    Plate Tectonics
    Page 39
    The same is true for that other theory which is now presented as solid fact, Plate Tectonics. Essentially what this theory says is that the Earth’s continents float about on the surface of the magma core and have, in the distant past, formed massive “Super Continents”, which have broken apart and drifted around for a bit on their own and then re-formed. This breaking apart and reforming supposedly occurred several times making up continents with names such as Laurasia, Gondwana, Rodinia, Pangaea. This Plate Tectonic Theory is based upon biologists finding various species of plants on different continents and so the geophysicists assumed that the continents with similar plant species must have once been connected.

    However, one newer theory is that these “continental drifts” did not occur but that the Earth began life approximately 60% smaller than it is now and has expanded ever since. All of a sudden, virtually all the anomalies that have been found impossible to overcome in the Plate Tectonics theory start to make sense and all the discrepancies fall into place. (Theory proposed by Dr James Maxlow with an extract from is book published in Nexus Magazine Dec/Jan 2005/2006).

    Whilst this expansion theory does agree with some of the information recorded in the Akashic, it does not quite make it as it does not allow for periods of contraction, but it is much closer to reality than plate tectonic theory.

    Incidentally, the plate tectonic fans have stated that what would prove the theory absolutely would be that the Pacific ocean would reduce in size every year to allow for continuing continental drift. This reducing would not have to be by much, only about 19 mm per year, that’s about three quarters of an inch. The problem is that with current GPS systems (Global Positioning Satellite), it was found that the Pacific is actually growing in size by about 19 mm per year.

    Once theories have become accepted and undergone the reinforced concrete treatment, it is acceptable to gently chip away at them but any scientist that tries to blow the theory apart has a very short professional life expectancy.

    Learning our TRUE HISTORY is therapy for the human race.

    It is each person's responsibility to clear their body of emotional blocks (using the Giveaway, etc.) so that the process of higher self integration into your physical body can begin. Beliefs are fleeting during this period of change. It is wise to hold them lightly. Mind, Body and Spirit are becoming ONE

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