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Thread: An ongoing Chris Thomas thread for those who resonate with his alternative view of reality and history

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    I have Chris Thomas' book - Project Human Extinction... mind blowing stuff

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    Hi Herbert,
    Perfect timing, I was going to send this video your way. I just happened to catch this movie trailer when it first came out a few weeks ago. Is it not most interesting that they show 'black goo' being dumped on the people?


    "We never left you...."- ELizabeth Marie from the E.T. race The ELohim 5/19/2017

    From my astrological chart:
    "Your function is to be a MESSENGER, a link or bridge between people and between ideas, whether through teaching or speaking, selling or simply circulating are able to flow into the perception of Unity, and you become a messenger for the truth."
    Please don't shoot the messenger, I am here to help when and where I can.

    No I am not Wes Penre.

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    My first post on this forum and I had a huge reply typed out that accidentally got wiped out. My cursor I swear went up to "reply to thread" on it's own and erased my post. So here goes again...

    Thank you Herbert for starting this one and only place on the entire internet to discuss the work of Chris Thomas. CT (as we refer to him) and his work has been banned everywhere. There is only one book store you can find his work and he has been attacked so severely he no longer goes public. The Human Plan is being totally buried and the new age movement is now convincing humanity they are victims on a prison planet, did not choose to come here, were forced to reincarnate and don't belong here. If that is not a "mind program" then I don't know what is. I will post below a site to find his essays, the book store to purchase his books and video interviews I can find.

    His essays...

    The only book store on the planet to purchase his work because it's banned everywhere else...

    Videos with more coming as I find them...

    Bases 8 Part 1. Click on Part 2 on Youtube

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    An old thread started by Herbert a year ago.

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    Hello Herbert, I am here as well. Getting used to the new environment which is sooo peaceful and lovely.

    Whatever is true. Whatever is noble. Whatever is right. Whatever is lovely. Whatever is admirable. Anything of excellence and worthy of praise. Dwell on these things. Jesus Christ (I agree)

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    Quote Originally posted by Anastasia View Post
    An old thread started by Herbert a year ago.
    Considering that Herbert is the original poster of both that older thread -- which seems to be comprised of only one page -- and this newer thread, I would like to propose that we can merge these two threads, if Herbert would prefer this. It is then also perfectly possible to maintain the title of this newer thread here for the merged thread.

    I'm afraid I'm not a Chris Thomas follower -- -- but I know a few people who are, and I'll be monitoring this thread for a while to see whether Herbert would want it merged with the older thread.

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    Chris Thomas said the Earth and Jupiter's moon Ganymede are the only two places in the solar system with life.

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    Quote Originally posted by Aragorn View Post
    Considering that Herbert is the original poster of both that older thread -- which seems to be comprised of only one page -- and this newer thread, I would like to propose that we can merge these two threads, if Herbert would prefer this. It is then also perfectly possible to maintain the title of this newer thread here for the merged thread.
    As per Herbert's request, I have now merged the older Chris Thomas thread into this newer one. He has also stated that he will be posting a great amount of new material very soon.

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    Lisa Harrison interview with Chris Thomas Oct. 15, 2012



    How his innate abilities developed as a Healer

    Lisa: Chris has been somewhat psychic since the age of 7 and has the ability to read the Akashic Records and I want to welcome Chris Thomas.

    Chris: Lisa it’s nice to be here.

    Lisa: Lovely, now in one of your interviews I did hear you talk about having the ability quite young to read auras. You seemed to develop psychic ability quite young but it wasn’t really supported and you suppressed it somewhat.

    Chris: No, My mother had comparatively strong Christian views and so anything that had to do with psychic abilities was heavily frowned upon.

    Lisa: So can you really suppress it, can you do that kind of thing, can you switch it off, or did you just stop talking about it?

    Chris: Yea, it’s just like everything else, it was just a question of not working with it and trying to think of something else, you know.

    Lisa: So you could stop yourself from seeing people’s auras?

    Chris: Not entirely, but I stopped talking about it and didn’t really develop what I could do.

    Lisa: And when did that change for you?

    Chris: When I in was early 20’s. I met someone who was developing themselves into their own version of mediumship and so really I started to pick it up from there and investigate things much more deeply. I found that I had, like a lot of people obviously, that I had a very natural healing ability. Which I then wanted to develop as much as I possibly could.

    Lisa: And you mean just energetic hands on healing?

    Chris: Yup. And also like a lot of healers I found that I had an empathic response with the people I was working with. In other words I could feel what their problems were within my own body. But I managed to find a way of NOT hanging onto those feelings, if you like, so that by recognizing that they weren’t mine – they were somebody else’s – I could get rid of them. A lot of healers have problems actually ending up with an accumulation of their clients’ problems.

    Lisa: Yea a very uncomfortable state to be in I’m sure.

    Chris: Ah yes very. And then I made a conscious decision one day to get into what people call ‘psychic surgery’. And so that’s the way I developed along those lines. Eventually what I ended up being able to do was to literally read inside people’s bodies a bit like an MRI scanner.
    I could actually see in 3-dimensions and in real time what was actually going on.

    Lisa: Now what we’ve seen here in Australia of psychic surgery is footage from predominantly Indonesia usually with the agenda to paint it as a fraud. It is people literally putting their hands in somebody else’s body. Were you getting to that point?

    Chris: Yes and I decided not to. Again it felt to me as though I had a clear choice. I could go either way. I could go into what they call the intrusive psychic surgery or non-intrusive psychic surgery and I thought if I get my hands inside someone’s body would scare the life out of me, never mind the one I’m working on. So I thought I’m not going to go down that route.

    It is you know quite fascinating in the Philippines they do have a tradition. Unfortunately you do also have a lot of charlatans working in those kinds of way by secreting little blood clots, endoplasm, that sort of thing. So I felt that if I can work without even touching the people, then it’s proof to me that I’m doing what I think I’m doing and it’s proof to the person I’m working with that we’re dong something that is genuine but also different.

    About the Akashic Layers

    Lisa: When it comes to the Akashic though, I’m interested in a couple of sort of practical aspects of the Akashic Record. Where does the Akashic reside, if we talk densities or dimensions or realms? Where would you say the Akashic lives?

    Chris: Right. There are multiple layers to it. So what you actually have is an akashic of the people, so on a human level. All the word Akashic means is ‘Record’ so it’s pure and simply a record of events that occurred. So there’s an Akashic that works with the Earth and with human activities. Then there’s Akashic that works at solar system level. Then there’s another layer that works at the Galactic level and obviously there’s then the overall picture which is part of the Universal Akashic.

    So essentially it’s recorded within a scientific way I suppose you could say it’s recorded within Space/Time. It’s actually recorded in energetic swirls within the actual structure of the Universe itself.

    Lisa: So how does this relate to what we call the collective consciousness ?

    Chris: Yes, you could see the collective consciousness as being 1 layer of the Akashic.

    Lisa: So lets say the collective consciousness is a in-the-moment repository of the potentials as well as the thoughts and the various potentials as to the way events could go and yet once it’s done, once it’s happened it becomes part of the Akashic?

    Chris: Essentially yes. We live in a Universe that is constructed of the energies of freedom of choice. So literally every soul that exists within this Universe has absolute freedom of choice to choose their actions. What you cannot do is to act in such a way that removes somebody else’s choice to act freely. So what you have on a human level : We all have our free choice so we exercise that free choice in taking the decisions we do to carry on with our lives but once our decision is made then a fixed point occurs if you like and it’s that action that is recorded rather than , as you say, the potentials and the possibilities.

    Lisa: So if you wanted to read potentials and possibilities you’d look at the layer that is the collective consciousness and if you wanted to look at the history you’d look at the level you call the Akashic.

    Chris: Aum yes. (Laugh) It’s an immensely complicated question. I mean to answer properly.

    Lisa: O.K. Good answer. (Laughs)

    Chris: But yes that’s a reasonable summation of it. There are always potential situations which can and cannot occur and then it all depends on what choices made either individually or collectively as to which direction has potential to be, is taken.

    Lisa: What language is the Akashic written in? Does it come to you in images?

    How to Question the Akashic About Events

    Chris: It would be a combination of images and it’s more like thoughts than words. So whatever language your brain works in, then it would be in that form. I don’t know how other people work but for me, I have a very strong connection with my own higher self and so it - basically we work together if you like to look for whatever answers I happen to be looking for at the particular time. Therefore the answers come through the higher self and then into any room they can find in this crazy brain of mine. And then my brain translates it into the images or words or thoughts to find the answer.

    Lisa: So how much of it is left up to your personal interpretation? How much do you bring to it?

    Chris: Hopefully nothing. The essential test to me is to – if I’m looking for the answer to a question – is to ask that question from about 25 different directions. From as many directions as I can possibly think of. So that what I’m actually homing in on is the reality of the situation – of what actually did occur. Because it is very easy to put an interpretation on it from your own lifetime’s experience. And so I try very hard to avoid that. By asking as many questions as I can think of to try and work out really what the event was.

    Lisa: When did you realize that what you were doing was reading the Akashic?

    Chris: Again it would have been sort of mid 20’s

    Lisa: And how?

    Working With His Higher Self

    Chris: (laugh) Actually I’ve never thought about that one. My very first book - The very first manuscript I ever wrote – I really wanted to look at what Human history was all about – Why we’re here and what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. And so I set about on that really – of unravelling what is the reality of human history rather than the rubbish that was in the history books. And so I just began on that process. It seemed a perfectly natural way for doing it at the time.

    So obviously it was me working with my higher self and it was presumably whatever my higher self had planned as the next thing I was supposed to do in my life was to get this manuscript. And I’d come across something that was contradictory to what the history books say… So I’d think about that and then ask various questions around the Akashic and then I’d find a reference to it somewhere. Whether it was two people I didn’t know speaking like two strangers speaking on a bus or whatever. I’d find that they were having a conversation about the point that I was trying to solve. Or I’d pick up a book somewhere and I’d find a reference to what I was looking at and find that there was a confirmation of what the Akashic said rather than what the history books said. And so really it became a developmental process from that and I found that every time I did come up with an answer to something which was contradictory, somehow or other it was confirmed.

    So then gradually over a few years, I learned to recognize what was the Akashic and what were my own thoughts and that I could trust what was coming from the Akashic.

    The Velon and the 13 Races

    Lisa: Now one of the words you use and that I haven’t heard before is the word Velon. Who are they or what are they?

    Chris: Within the Universe there are 13 races of beings who are, if you like, human sized. Their souls have an energy pattern that would roughly correspond to what humans are. So 6 of these races are entirely non-physical. In other words they exist purely as a soul energy. They have no physical form or physical density. But the outline of the energy that they’re constructed from is basically humanoid.

    99% of the souls that exist on Earth who originate from these 6 races. So we’re – actually all Humans are aliens in some respects if you like. Then we have in between these non-physical races and the full physical Human we have , what the Akashic describes as semi-physical races and there are 7 of them. So these are the guys you deal with, those who see them, the Greys and all the rest of it so they’re all part of the semi-physical races.

    Now one of the semi-physical races calls itself Velon. Now they originate from a Galaxy that in the night sky is in the direction of the constellation of Sagittarius . It’s about 32 Galaxies beyond Andromeda. But in the same way that humans, you know you’re human, I‘m Human, you wouldn’t call yourself human. You’d call yourself Australian, I’d call myself Welsh or Jewish or Greek or Christian or Moslem or whatever it is , we wouldn’t say Human. And so the Velon themselves are made up of 6 different races in the same way as Australian is one Race, Welsh is another race.

    So the Velon divide them selves up in that same way and there are 6 of them. They usually call themselves by whatever their race name happens to be rather than call them selves Velon. The 6 races are the Anunnaki, the Hathor, Jjundaa, Johnaan, Oa and Mila . I’m sure a lot of people have heard of the Anunnaki, a few less people probably recall the Hathor. Some will have heard of the Oa and Mila, particularly Hawaii I understand where the Oa and Mila have concentrated on in their communications with us. And so that’s who they really are.

    And the Velon are a strange race in many respects in that they’ve kept themselves very much to themselves. They didn’t travel out of their home galaxy as it were, unlike say the Pleiadians or the Greys who get pretty much everywhere when it comes down to it. So the Velon stayed within their home Galaxy , but somehow or other had a revelatory moment and decided they would come to Earth and with basically the intent of moving people off the planet so that they could take over the planet for themselves.

    Now I know that sound like the script from a ‘B’ Movie but this is what they’ve been doing ever since for the last 300 years.

    Lisa: There are 13 races that are essentially human sized and the soul is human sized.

    Chris: Yea human shaped anyway.

    Lisa: 6 of them have no form, they’re just energetic and 99% of humans here on Earth are from these races. There are then 7 that are semi-physical , one of which is called the Velon, but the Velon have within it 6 races.

    Chris: Yes.

    Lisa: So when you say they had a revelatory moment to come here, we were already here then.

    Chris: Yes this only occurred 350 years ago. No let me rephrase that a little bit. 1000 years ago it occurred in human time frames 1000 years ago they had this revelatory moment. It then took them 650 years just to get here.

    Lisa: So what about the concept that we have been interfered with for a lot longer than that?

    Chris: What do you mean the Anunnaki story from Sitchin’s material?

    Lisa: Yea the interference on this planet goes back 1000’s of years.

    Chris: Rubbish.

    Lisa: Oh O.K. (Laughs)

    Sitchin and The Anunnaki Lie

    Chris: No, No, I understand a lot of people believe in this very strongly because of things like Sitchin’s translations of the Anunnaki material. Now I have read pretty much all of Sitchin’s books on his translations and I think the most interesting thing about it is a proof if you like that this is actually a fabricated story. It’s made up via the Anunnaki. If you think of the old testament which Sitchin says it is the basis of the Anunnaki story.

    If you think about the way the Old Testament is written, what you have is – it’s just a record, it’s a story book of all the peoples that are within the story: how they travelled, how they moved and how they ended up in Canaan. And that’s all it is. It just says this is what we did and this is how we did it kind of idea.

    If you research in translations what virtually every section of what the stories has, that story is being dictated to a scribe. In other words somebody turned up with a full story already put together and they’re dictating that story to someone whose taking it down in clay tablets. That doesn’t happen. Not if it is genuine history then it doesn’t happen that way. It’s just written as people who are undergoing and living through it – it says well we’re going here – You know we’re travelling from Egypt to Canaan and this is the experiences we have along the way.

    Lisa: Well if the Velon only turned up 350 years ago was there another presence here prior to them that came here to mess around?

    A Brief History of the Universe

    Chris: No. Not really. I’ll tell you. I’ll give you a brief history of the Universe. Even Stephen Hawking can’t do it. The Universe first came into being roughly 14 Billion years ago and that’s about the only date the scientists seem to have got right, as far as the Akashic is concerned.

    The purpose of the Universe is – There is a creationary source out there - shall we say however you want to describe it – who had a thought: What would happen if? That’s about the only way I can describe how these things work. So what would happen if there were souls that had free choice and freedom of movement throughout space with all with all the energy patterns necessary to support and sustain that life?

    And that’s basically the reason for the Universe. What would happen if every soul that was in this Universe had freedom of choice?

    So the first thing to be created is the Universe envelope itself is a conscious being. It’s a soul itself, made up of 13 separate beings, separate souls. But then within that you have what we look at as the galaxies which is actually a consciousness itself. It is another soul

    So everything that is within the Universe is alive. It has consciousness and has choices that it can do whatever it is that it chooses to do. And part of the purpose of the Universe was then to work with souls who are of this Human’s game. So that we had choices to move freely around the Galaxies and have experiences and explore whatever we chose to explore.

    Lisa: So that we were compatible no matter where we went?

    Chris: Yes. And that’s how it was originally and then these 6 non-physical races said: “We’re missing something.” You know: “we can interact with every other soul in the Universe but we can’t touch or feel something physically”. And so a decision was then made collectively within the Universe to think of: “what would human life be like?” So the semi-physical races were brought into being (a half way stage as it were) and then humans, or the Earth started to form and asked for souls as it started to form.

    So basically the 6 non physical races were created 100 Million years ago so you yourself are 100 Million years old and then the semi physical races were created specifically to placate being semi physical about 30 Million years ago. But in between about 40 Million years ago this solar system started to form looking for beings wanting to have life and how it could express life. So another scientific view is that the Earth is 4 Billion years old. But that’s based on a meteorite that has come from somewhere no one knows where it came from that was found on the Earth a few years ago. They put this meteorite to test equipment and came up with a figure of 4 Billion years.

    Which I think is completely a lot of rubbish and actually scientists themselves say it’s a complete load of rubbish because when scientists first started working out how old life was on Earth , they came up with a figure of 25 Million years and that’s what the Akashic says. That 25 Million years ago life started to develop on Earth.

    Lisa: So does that mean that Earth Humans are the pinnacle of evolution in terms of vessels that hold soul mass?

    Chris: No. We’re just another layer of experimentation with choice. See everything that’s souls that exist on this planet ‘s Universe is of human scale - is equal.
    We’re all the same . No one’s different whether we’re non-physical, semi-physical or human. We’re all essentially equal. So there’s no such thing as pinnacles of development. It’s just another level of exploration of what is possible.

    Lisa: I guess what I meant in terms of pinnacle is the most physical vessel.

    Chris: Alright in those terms: Yes. The human is the densest form of life in the Universe, whichever way you want to look at that. Don’t forget that everything is energy so we see our bodies with the physical but they’re not, they’re just highly compacted energy. So in those terms humans are the densest form of life in the Universe. We’re the most highly compacted form of energy forms that exist.

    Nothing like a human exists anywhere else in the Universe. Only within our solar system can human life exist in the form that it’s in.

    Lisa: So does that mean that all the E.T.’s are essentially interdimensional in terms of as opposed to extraterrestrial?

    Chris: Um they’re both, because E.T.’s cannot exist in their normal state within our solar system. They have to alter their energy patterns and their physical density for us to see them. This is why you get so many reports of suddenly disappearing from sight or you couldn‘t see an E. T. inner eye kind of thing. It’s because their energy patterns are entirely different to ours. They don’t NATURALLY exist at the kind of energy action levels that we exist at. So to come into our solar system they have to actually alter their energy quite radically to make themselves visible.

    Lisa: And what are your thoughts on let’s just pick a couple of well known E.T.’s that are supposedly here because the Greys and say the Reptiles. What are your thoughts on why they’re here and what their agenda is?

    The Greys

    Chris: The Greys are an interesting bunch. So that’s your classic E.T. you know just over a metre tall, grey skin and big black eyes. They don’t actually have big eyes, Their eyes are actually bright yellow with vertical irises. It’s just the energy patterns within our solar system means they literally have to shield their eyes or otherwise they would get damaged. So they basically wear eye shades.

    They have physiological problems. They see their bodies as being unstable and in the process of deteriorating.. and so they’ve come to us to learn about human physiology to see whether they can learn about a more physical form that they can adopt to themselves to make their body stronger. That is essentially why the Greys are here.

    Lisa: sounds like nature made a mistake some how in making them.

    Chris: No not really because everything is an experiment. Nobody knows what these things are. This is why we’re here to find out what happens. The reason why the semi physical races are there is to find out what happens. And so, as far as the Greys are concerned, that’s how they see their body in that they have slight problems with it.

    It’s not a major problem ultimately to sort the Greys out, but they’re here as much out of curiosity as anything else to see what they can learn from humans.

    Lisa: do they pose any real threat to humans?

    Chris: No. Nobody does other than the Velon. All the other races are benevolent to everybody else. They get on very well. It’s only the Velon. For some strange reason the Velon seem quite bizarre in their approach to things.

    The Other Semi-Physical Races

    So the other races you’ve got the Pleiadians, again another semi physical race. They act like the universal diplomatic core, getting involved in pretty much everything that goes on within the Universe. They are regular visitors back and fourth to earth and they’re very human in appearance.

    The next one is the Blues. Have you yourself come across the Blues?

    Lisa: Would that be the ones depicted in India culture sort of like the blue Deities?

    Chris: Um no not quite. In terms of living entities, the Blues are like cartoon characters or pantomime. They are very short and covered in thick blue hair . But they are geneticists. That’s where their interests lie is within genetics. How our genetics are built and how they go together.

    Lisa: Oh is this what Whitely Strieber described?

    Chris: Um could very well be. I can’t remember what he was writing about um but there is these small blue characters but they work very closely with the Greys because they’re trying to find the genetic answer. So they visit the Earth quite a bit as well and yes several people have written where they had close encounters with the alien races. They have described the Blues and the Greys.

    So you’ve got those and then you’ve got those who come from Sirius of course and they’re very similar in appearance to the Greys but a bit taller. They’re very friendly towards us and have had an awful lot of contact with people on Earth. There’s a tribe of people in Africa called the Dugong tribe who have a very detailed history of Sirius. Far more than any Western scientist ever got . So yes they’ve had close contact with this Sirian race. And again they’re very friendly.

    The people who’ve had the most to do with Earth, we don’t actually have a name for because they’re name for themselves doesn’t translate into any kind of Earth language. But they originate from a star system known as NGC584 . So that is their catalogue number basically. Which is located in the night sky somewhere in the arc of the Pleiadian stars, but many galaxies beyond the Pleiades. They are the ones who worked with the Earth more than any other race. Because they are master geneticists.

    So if the Earth wants a new plant form or a new animal form designed to work on Earth than she would call in these beings from the NGC584 star system and they work closely with the Earth to develop a new form of life. They really are superb at what they do at any agenda to help whatever planet requires their help.

    The 6 non-physical Races and Human Diversity

    Lisa: And what about humanity herself. Were they involved in the creation of these different races on Earth?

    Chris: No. It is just biodiversity. You know people were black skinned live in hot climates because a black skin is most appropriate for a hot climate. Like people with paler skins live in cooler climates because that’s more appropriate to the kind of climate.

    Lisa: But if 99% of humans are from the non physical races are we representing at least 6 of those races?

    Chris: Well yes each of those races do fall into different races. So they are in separate from each other. So yes they will be represented on the earth as being slightly different but I mean we wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Even a very good psychic wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. But where there is a certain amount of variation in human form – and obviously look at the Japanese people, they tend to be fairly short with that sort of yellowish colour skin and then you look at the Nordic races which are very tall with pale skin. So there are variations that could reflect people coming from one of the 6 non physical races but really it’s much more to do with human genetic patterns and energy patterns within particular regions that create the variation in human form.

    The Velon Threat

    Lisa: So you said the only ones that really pose a threat are the Velon. But what kind of threat?

    Chris: Well essentially they want humans off the planet. When they first came here about 350 years ago as I said, they took a look at the place and each of the 6 Velon races took on a different strategy. So the Anunnaki concocted a story which is Sitchin’s translations. It’s based on certain facts that they’ve also embroidered considerably to make it look as they are man’s creators.

    So what the Anunnaki hoped was that the humans at this time would get hold of Sitchin’s translations and welcome them as our gods and welcome them in when they turned up. At the present time, that’s what it’s all about. Now the Anunnaki story is a combination of stories so if you go read back into history what you find is – there is an archaeological dig going on at the moment in a place called Gobekli Tepe. Which is on the borders of Northern Iraq, southern Turkey and Turkmenistan I think it is.

    All that is there is an old temple complex, what archaeologists are describing as the oldest complex ever found on earth which they date to being 14,000 years ago, but the Akashic dates it as more 7,000 [correction 18,000] years ago. Just down the road form Gobekli Tepe is the ancient biblical city of Ur of the Chaldeas which is where Abraham originated. The old testament is all about Abraham and his descendants and also Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. These all originated from Abraham.

    The area around Gobekli Tepe they called Eden. They were attacked by a race who came from the north, who they called gods. So this is the origin where it says in the Old Testament “Tall, pale gods” coming from the North and mating with the locals. So what you have is em . . . if you look at the people of Turkey and Iraq at the moment they are pretty much of the same appearance. They are of medium height, dark haired and olive skinned. So you can imagine people at that time living in Eden suddenly finding themselves confronted with people who are fair-skinned , fair haired and something like 8 or 9 foot tall.

    What these tall northerners were, the people that invaded this area and the early Chaldeas were hangovers from a different human race which scientists called gigantopithicus. And they no longer exist on the planet. So they have no DNA connection with current humans, with Homo Sapiens. And so what they did was to mate with people and create this new sort of semi race that totally died out. The local people who lived in Eden actually attacked these northerners and they killed them all massively and totally.

    This is the reason why they left Eden was to get away from the fact that they had killed their gods. They travelled down into Egypt and they eventually became the Jewish race which then formed the Old Testament and these stories have been written as experiences of what they had experienced as a race. So that part of the Anunnaki story of these tall pale northern gods came down to mate with the inhabitants and they create this new genetic strain. Then on top of that within Sitchin’s translations you have planets that are talked about which are actually the planets of the Velon home solar system and events that occurred within the Velon solar system. So the planet called Marduke hit one of the moons of another planet and dislodged a lot of that planet. You know that sort of thing.

    And you also have a planet called Nibiru within the Velon solar system. Their solar system has 9 planets and 2 suns. 3 planets orbit around one sun and 4 planets orbit around the other sun and then one planet orbits both suns so it has a huge orbit and that’s Nibiru. And the Anunnaki originate on that travelling planet . So what they’ve done is to create a story that combines very early human history with their own history to try and make us believe that we are their creation – that the Anunnaki created us - but it’s a false story.

    Now I’m not saying Sitchin made it up for whatever reason because in fairness, having read all of Sitchin’s books, he has done his extreme best to translate these clay tablets that are written in Sumerian cuneiform writing that have been buried in the sands for 5000 years. So I’m not saying he’s wrong, I’m saying the story itself is false.

    Lisa: But if they’ve only been here 350 years, we weren’t doing a real good job of it either before then so. . . Laugh

    Real Human History

    Chris: Well if you want to look at real human history, it’s very different again to how the historians have reported it. As far as I’m concerned you know, the early form of human life that appeared on the planet, I don’t know what figure they put to it these days – about 40 Million years ago or something like that and we’ve slowly developed since. And that’s not correct.

    What we have is several different forms of very early humans living on the planet. The Earth herself is a consciousness. She is a soul that creates life, so the animals and plant life on the planet are actually a creation of her’s. The Earth herself actually chose and designed plant and animal life with the help of the semi physical race NGC 584. As part of that, obviously she also developed human forms because that was the purpose of our solar system was to explore the potential of the human body form.

    Now every single planet within our solar system supported life at that time. So when life began 40 million years ago within our solar system, every single planet had life on it and there were 13 planets originally. Not the 9 we currently have. 4 of the planets disintegrated for want of a better way of describing them because if you think of a planet as being a soul – a consciousness within it’s own right – then it has the choice that every other soul in the universe has. And they decided they did not want to be a part of this Human Experiment. And so they decided to leave the Solar System.

    Unfortunately that created difficulties in that two of the planets exploded and what they did was to rip through the solar system and destroy all life on all the planets other than Earth. Earth herself came very close to giving up and we nearly lost all life on the planet at that time. This was 3.8 Million years ago. So that’s when the dinosaurs and all life was destroyed 3.8 Million years ago.

    But the Earth decided to start again. At that time what she did was to develop Cro-Magnon man. What you find is Cro-Magnon man is located on every single continent at the same time. So where paleoanthropologists start digging around looking for old bones , what they find is that our ancestors , Cro-Magnon man which later developed into Homo Sapiens originates spontaneously 3.6 Million years ago on every single continent. But they don’t want us to know that. There is an awful lot of what is buried beneath the soil that remains hidden quite deliberately by scientists.

    On one level they don’t want to do anything that contradicts stories in the bible and that is written into the charter of ALL ARCHAEOLOGICAL ASSOCIATIONS around the world. Also of course what is underneath all this cover-up is the Anunnaki story which has been going around for a very long time and higher levels of Free Masons for example and Illuminati firmly believe in that story. And that is what they’re trying to present as fact to most people.

    But when you start looking at properly mapped archaeological research and anthropological research, you will find that every single continent on Earth had Cro-Magnon arrive spontaneously 3.6 Million years ago.

    Human history as far as it is presented in its official sense, is all a pack of lies. It really bears no resemblance to the reality of what has gone on on Earth.

    Lisa: But even if we just looked at the last 1000 years we really aren’t doing a very good job of it, in terms of wars and . . .

    Chris: Oh sure we’re coming to that. So what we have is 3.6 Million years ago we start off with Cro-Magnon man and that developed very, very slowly. I mean let’s face it you’ve got a nice life – you’re wandering around the planet free of officials, you have all the possible plants to provide for you. No wars, no violence, no battles , no animosity between peoples – WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO CHANGE?

    Lisa: There’s no worrying about what you want to do when you grow up and what you’re going to do to pay the bills. Laughs.

    Chris: Laughs. So that’s what they did. They didn’t need to develop. I’m not criticizing Cro-Magnon man, I’ve nothing against them, but essentially they were more like animals than they were humans because they didn’t have a whole soul that was in the body. What they essentially had was a group soul so essentially they existed on the level of a mass consciousness. So they existed within an earth consciousness but essentially they were not individuals themselves. What was needed or what was part of the purpose of this Universe was to find out whether we could have individual Human Beings and Cro-Magnon was very ,very slow in developing into a body form that could accommodate the whole soul.

    So what we had was our friends from the MGC584 star system were asked by Earth to come in and investigate what the problem was. Why were Cro-Magnon so slow in developing into a full human being. And they took up residence on Lemuria. This is where Lemuria comes from in our mass conscious memories, is that it was somewhere where humanity was investigated was to find out why we were so slow in developing. Ultimately the question was not fully solved even by the NGC584 so collectively, those souls who wanted to be a part of what was going on on

    Earth decided to start another experiment and we know that experiment as Atlantis. Atlantis did exist. It was a major continent that spanned the coast of Ireland and the Caribbean basin and at the time the continent of South America was much further out into the Pacific than it is now. So what we did on Atlantis was to genetically manipulate the basic body form of Cro-Magnon.

    Lisa: When you say ’we’ what do you mean ?

    Chris: All those souls of the non-physical races who wanted to come to Earth to experiment with what it is like to be physical and human.

    Lisa: So we were doing that from a non-physical perspective though.

    The First Human Beings

    Chris: No because what we wanted was a physical body. So WE worked with Cro-Magnon’s body form – accelerated its development and we ended up with a human body form that fulfilled all requirements that the Earth had set for herself and that the 6 non-physical races had set for themselves. Which is a physical human being who is capable of accommodating the whole of the soul of ONE of the non-physical races.

    NOW THAT HUMAN BEING in capital letters of the human being was able to do so much more than we are capable of doing now. So in other words it was highly developed, of psychic capability, psychic potential. We communicated with each other psychically. We could communicate with all living things psychically. We did very little in the way of food because the body was very much less dense than we’re used to and so far as the earth was concerned we had achieved what she had set out to achieve. Which was a perfect human being. That filled all the criteria of everybody within the Universe.

    Lisa: So what went wrong?

    Chris: Energy unfortunately and it’s always, always energy. Everything comes back to energy in the end. What we found was that the ‘Earth herself resonates at a frequency of 7.56 cycles per sec.(or Hz.) That base note frequency of the Earth – the base or root chakra of every living single thing on the planet resonated at 7.56 cycles per sec. but that frequency was too low a frequency for the whole of the soul to remain intact within the physical body.

    Lisa: So at the time of Lemuria you could incarnate with the whole of the soul but you couldn’t hold it for long?

    Chris: No not Lemuria but Atlantis. Atlantis is where we developed this body formula. The human life span at the time of Atlantis could be anything up to 2000 – 3000 years. So you know the old biblical one about Methuselah living till he was 900 and something yrs old. That was actually true.

    Lisa: Having babies at 800 and stuff. Laughs

    Chris: Yea. So that was our life-span but we couldn’t hold the whole of the soul within the body so we started losing some of the higher psychic functions. And this is when we started experimenting to see if there were ways around that. So there are people who have very bad memories of Atlantis, of genetic engineering and genetic experimentation and all of that sort of stuff. This is right at the end of Atlantis , because when we were having problems people did experiment a lot and we ended up with all sorts of bizarre combinations and gene structures within peoples’ bodies.

    We ended up in a situation where ( this is a huge story but ) we ended up with a bacteria which we couldn’t control and so what we decided to do collectively – so all the souls who were on Atlantis at that time collectively decided to prevent this bacteria from reaching other areas of the planet. We destroyed the continent. So literally we sank the continent of Atlantis into the Earth’s magma core (55:57) to destroy and contain this bacteria. And the Earth took 40,000 years to recover from that.

    So we destroyed Atlantis something like 65,000 years ago.

    Lisa: This isn’t the black gue is it?

    Chris: What, the black gue stuff? No. No. That’s something entirely different. So we destroyed Atlantis and it took 40,000 years to recover and we came back to the Earth 20,000 years ago. By we I mean all those souls from the non-physical races who wanted to come back and continue with this human experiment. So we came back to Earth and we started again with all of this.
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    The Temporary Pyramids Solution

    Chris: And again we found that same problem. We had that 7.56 base note frequency which we tried several ways of overcoming. So this is what the pyramids for example are for in Egyptian pyramids, South American pyramids, Tibetan pyramids, and wherever you find pyramids on the planet. If you stood in the so-called King’s Chamber of the pyramids and you made a tone, a voice tone of a specific frequency and then the whole thing would resonate at that frequency and you could bring the whole of the soul back into the body.

    7,000 Years Ago We Decided To Divide the Soul

    It worked very well for a while but we started even having difficulties with that. So what we decided to do tactilely was to divide the soul into 2. The so-called higher self makes up about 75% of the total soul and then there is the physical self which makes up about 25% of the totals soul. So what we decided to do was to live a series of lifetimes gaining knowledge as to what frequency we needed to alter our bodies to , and the Earth needed to alter her frequencies to so that we could maintain the whole of the soul within the body. And bring the higher self back in the physical body.

    We started doing this 7000 years ago. It’s what the Akashic calls the Human Plan, so literally what we are trying to do is become human again because , as far as the Earth is concerned, for the past 7,000 years we’ve been SUBHUMAN which explains a great deal about human history. And this is where we are at the moment. We’re at the end of that 7,000 year period. This is what December 21st 2012 case is all about.

    We have worked out what the new frequency needs to be. Everybody on the planet has raised their frequency. This occurred in early October, 2011.

    Lisa: So this 7.56 Hz you mentioned, is that what’s known as the Schumann Resonance?

    Chris: Yes.

    Lisa: And that’s the one that’s been rising.

    Chris: It raised. Yes Earth raised her own frequency back in May, 2000 to what the new frequency needs to be and that is 3.5 KHz. Which is considerably higher than 7.56 Hz. So you’ve gone from 7.56 Hz to 3500 Hz. Now Earth made that change back in 2000 and humans being humans it took us 10 years further to actually start catching up properly, but by the end of October 2011, we also had raised our energy levels. We had that frequency parity back with the earth at 3.5 KHz. And that’s where we’ve been for the past year at that 3.5 KHz which means that we can now move on . So this is what the end of 2012 is all about, the Mayan calendar and all of that.

    We are at the point where we can end this Human Plan. Where we can bring the whole of the higher self back into the physical body.

    Lisa: Sorry . You’ve just brought up so many things for me – October last year you say?

    Chris: Yes. October 29th 2011 was the actual date.

    Lisa: So each individual has made a conscious soul choice.

    Chris: Soul choice yes. Some have made it very consciously because they are aware of everything. But for most, unfortunately, it’s been only on a higher self level.

    Lisa: To either raise our own vibration to match the Earth and to stay here or to leave.

    Chris: Yes.

    Lisa: I personally had an experience at this time last year sort of end of August , September or where I felt a huge physical split within the collective – that people had made a choice at that point and this could be the choice they made.

    Chris: Well actually the choice was made in 1996 by everybody because there were new energy patterns back in 1996 . they have been building up through the years to last October.

    Lisa: Well maybe I’m just a bit slow on the uptake. (Laughs)

    Chris: That’s the one! Well in fairness we are operating at a frequency that is well below what we need to be, and we are operating at only one quarter of our full knowledge and potential within the body. It was inevitable that humans would be slow in catching up with things. There is no criticism for what our activities are anywhere in the Universe. Trying to understand what it is we have been through because we have been through one hell of a lot. Humans collectively have been through the mill. Literally we have been through everything you could possibly experience that could ever be on Earth. In order to understand and find a way of bringing back the whole of the soul back into the body.

    Lisa: Well this is a subject that has come up many times on the radio show that I do and in various interviews about the number of peoples who would be choosing to leave the planet right now, and in the most amazing ways. You know the suicide rate has gone through the roof. I’ve had reports from both Federal and Local and State police that they are under orders not to talk about how many people are committing suicide. They are jumping in front of trains and off bridges and things. Um murder suicides, freak accidents.

    Chris: To give you the kind of scale we’re talking about here, in 1996 , according to the Akashic the population peaked at 7.4 Billion. That was the human population in 1996 – never mind what the official figures say. October of 2011, the Akashic said that the human population is between 3.8 and 3.9 Billion.

    Lisa: So how can we be getting told it’s more than twice that, and having it justified?

    Chris: Propaganda. It’s propaganda. It’s fear-mongering by the Illuminati led government wants us to believe that we’re running out of available resources and that they need to take greater and greater control over the population so that they can control everything that goes on. This is what the new world order is all about.

    If you look at something like the Georgia Guide stones in America that were built in 1979 and it says in 8 languages that the earth’s population must be reduced to a sustainable 500 Million. If you look at the Earth Summit agreement in Rio De Janeiro in 1992 , it’s written into a massive document that government policy of all the governments who signed this document to reduce the world’s population to 500 Million in this century.

    Lisa: It gets mentioned in Agenda 21 too doesn’t it?

    Chris: Well yes that ‘s what that document is is agenda 21 and the biodiversity treaty. So that is their stated aim to kill us off , but that is a Velon agenda because the Velon control the Illuminati. And the illuminati control various governments, Bildebergers, free masons, you name it.

    The Illuminati Lucifer Agenda Founded by the Velon

    Lisa: Well there’s every reason to believe that the Illuminati have been here for and working behind the scenes for a lot longer than 350 years; so if the Velon have been behind the Illuminati . . .

    Chris: Yea I can understand this. I’ve done a lot of research into this and there’s actually a book I wrote with a friend of mine, Dave Morgan called Project Human Extinction which explains all of this.

    Lisa: That’s a catchy title.

    Chris: Yes and unfortunately it’s very true. The book explains where the Illuminati came from, all the various levels of the illuminati, various organizations that call themselves illuminati. All the history because don’t forget the illuminati just means the illuminated ones who have more knowledge than any others. So you will find religious groups often call themselves illuminati because they believe they have the truth of what the world is all about. So they are more illuminated than other people.

    The other side of it of course is that the one who brings illumination is Lucifer. That’s what Lucifer means is the one who brings illumination. So you’ve got all of that stuff mixed up together as well. So there is a huge untold history which is convoluted and really is a different kind of organization to what the current illuminati aims are and what they’re up to.

    So ultimately the Illuminati are the Bavarian illuminati which was set up by Ansel Rothschild and Adam Weishapt back in 1776. Now Weishapt , if I can use a term that I really hate using because I don’t like it, is a walk-in. The thing that walked into Weishapt was a Velon. What it did was to take control of the illuminati at its inception, and that’s how they gained control of it all because – how can I put this? – I also remote view. I can look at things from a remote distance which many find a problem. I don’t find it a problem, it comes quite naturally to me.

    I keep a very close eye on Velon activities just to find out what’s going on and what really is happening in all of this and a couple of year ago – I can’t remember thee exact date off hand – The illuminati and the Velon made a mistake which allowed to be released a lot of information that had previously been hidden in the Akashic. So I was able to pick up what had been going on and what was going on then.

    ESSENTIALLY THE ILLUMINATI WERE DESTROYED PHYSICALLY JUST A FEW YEARS AGO. If you’re working on a soul level rather than on a physical level, then your life span is very different. So this is what the illuminati were all about. Virtually all of the original members of the illuminati were still alive 250 years later as the illuminati. And this is under the Velon influence. So literally George Washington was still alive, as an illuminati 3 years ago (2009). I know how bizarre that one sound but that’s how they did it and that’s how they persuaded people. If somebody comes to you and says: “I can make you immortal in your physical body if you work with me and use the powers that are available to me.” Then an awful lot of people will go along with that.

    You look at the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, whatever, they’re power crazy.

    Lisa: And they all do seem to live to a decent ripe old age.

    Chris: Yes and this is what drives them.. They have a huge drive in them. They want to hold on to the power that they have. So if an alien turns up and says: “I can give you that power to have a long life that you crave if you work with me.” And this is what happened. So this is what happened with the illuminati. They were taken over by the Velon right at their inception.

    Lisa: So what do you mean they were destroyed though 3 years ago?

    Chris: Um it’s a very convoluted story that one, but essentially because of these energy changes that are going on on the planet, then certain things of Velon and illuminati activity could not be maintained, and it broke some of the energy patterns that the Velon were using to maintain their hold over the illuminati, and by doing that it literally blew some of the Velon energies off the planet which literally blew the bodies of the illuminati apart. Because they could no longer be sustained by the Velon frequencies.

    So it’s basically that kind of process that went on and as I say it was only a few years ago.

    Lisa: You say this information was actually released into the Akashic. Were they actually able to hold information and stop it from being released into the akashic to be read?

    Chris: Yes if you have sufficient energy potential, which is what the Velon were deliberately doing, using some of their energy patterns to create a blank if you like within the Akashic or to not allow information to be released of events. Then yes it can be done but it requires a vast amount of energy over a period of time to do that. But this unfortunately is what they did. The book Project Human Extinction has all the events and dates on this subject.

    So that’s what happened and the pattern broke so that THE ILLUMINATI PRACTICALLY LOST THEIR POWER. AND THAT GAP WAS FILLED BY POLITICIANS.

    Because you have a lot of politicians who obviously know about the illuminati and have been pushing to become members for a long time so you have a sort of political coup if you like, occurring oh say about 3 years ago if you like (2009) . So the situation started to shift a little bit so the Velon energies were disrupted and broken so literally the whole pattern of their power base of the illuminati broke at that point. It could not be reconstructed which means that as humans are developing and moving forwards to Dec21, 2012 date, the energies that have been holding us back and causing us a lot of problems have been broken, so there’s nothing holding us back anymore.

    Full Soul Integration

    But even so there are an awful lot of people on the planet who have already undergone whole soul reintegration. They are scattered in isolated communities around the planet. So it is now known that it is possible for a person to bring the whole of the higher self back into the body, even with the problems the Velon were creating.

    The total disruption of the Velon hold on illuminati and governments means there is nothing to stop anybody from going ahead and completing this process. Yo know you said you felt this July the schism appearing within humanity as those who were saying No I can’t stay and those who were saying I want to stay. But those who said they want to stay, there is nothing to stop them from staying if that’s really what they want to do. So nobody is saying: “You’re a bad person. You have to leave the planet.”

    The option is still open to every single soul that is still physical on the planet. You can still do it. It just means clearing out a bit of rubbish from your life.

    Lisa: So if you’re still here there is still the possibility that you can change your mind. So if our bodies have raised their frequencies so dramatically, how do we know? Is there any physical sign or symptom that will tell us that we’re in the process of doing this? Or is it simply you’ll know because you’ll be … basically the whole soul will be returned?

    Our Changing Chakras

    Chris: Well as things stand at the moment, we’ve all been changing for 10 years now since 1996 a lot of people have been changing and we saw that first with the change of the colours of the chakras. You know the 7 chakras are traditionally the rainbow colours of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet colours.
    Those changed – so the 1st chakra went to a sort of coppery-gold clour
    2nd went to a petrally-blue colour
    3rd petral green

    And by the time you got to the 4th chakra you started to get into transparencies- so pure energy without any colour.

    So there’s the intermediate stage. Literally there is nobody on the planet who is alive now who has the old chakra colours. I know there is a lot of people who say I still see the old chakra colours but that’s because it’s what they are looking for.
    They are not looking at what is actually there.

    And then after that it changes to a transparency so all of the chakras become totally transparent. And the next change is that the chakras actually disappear altogether. Because what the chakras actually are is aspects of the soul within the body. They are just concentrations of soul energy at particular points within the body. Each point relates to each of us as an individual person also on an emotional level and a physical level.

    So you can read the chakras to find out why you’ve got health problems for example because everybody has problems with the abdominal organs – at the 3rd chakra organs.

    And what the 3rd chakra continues to deal with is issues of personal power – of how seriously are you taken by others around you. And the emotions connected with those situations. So for example the liver deals with fear and guilt, the gall bladder deals with anger, the stomach deals with literally things you can’t stomach, the intestine deals with emotions that you are trying to process but haven’t dealt with.

    So everybody has problems in this region. This is why diets never work. I mean it’s got nothing to do with the food you eat. It’s emotions we haven’t expressed. So where people are having major problems is the abdomen, particularly within the liver because there is an awful amount of fear in the world at the moment. This is why a lot of people are dying from liver disease, liver cancer, whatever, because as that fear builds within people , they don’t understand where it’s coming from so they don’t express it so there liver literally breaks down and collapses.

    So literally the chakras were a way for the soul to communicate with us to say you’re going wrong in life. You need to change direction in life. And here’s a symptom to tell you how to do it. I’ve worked with disease for over 30 years and never found anybody who falls out of the chakra patterns on this planet. All the 1000’s of people I’ve worked with as a healer, everybody falls into identical patterns related to the chakras. So it does work, you can tell someone’s personality just by what their symptoms are.

    Once we bring the higher self to within the body, we don’t need the chakras any longer because the communication from the higher self is instantaneous. You don’t need the slightly separate chakra division. So that is the penultimate stage where we have brought enough of higher self into the body to where we are ready to make that final change to full consciousness. Quite a few million people around the planet are in that stage.

    Lisa: So is that final stage September 21, 2012?

    Chris: It should have happened before - the end of 2011. We should have had a year where we sorted ourselves out and gradually changed from the end of October 2011. But because of all the political shenanigans that are going on , the very deliberate attempt using things like HAARP to hold us back has prevented this change form occurring. It has been much more of a struggle than it was intended.

    Lisa: It has been an interesting year actually in terms of fear mongering and supposed events we are told will take place and what has actually happened.

    Chris: Yes very little in comparison. (1:20:26)

    Lisa: And so the fear-mongering has gone into overdrive and you’re saying that’s a part of the attempt to keep people in the fear state so that they don’t go through this integration process.

    Chris: Yes. Well one of the biggest weapons they’re using is HAARP. The American military who obviously control HAARP has admitted that they’re flooding the planet with extra low frequency (ELF) entities. And this is a deliberate attempt to reverse the shift from a 7.56 Hz to a 3.5 KHz.

    Lisa: but to what benefit though? I mean if their agenda is to eliminate most of the population to under half a Billion people . . .

    Chris: It’s about control. That’s all it’s about. It really is about control. You know if you look at several of the books that are written around Sitchin’s translations and the Anunnaki. It says we were a slave race. We were built by the Anunnaki as a slave race. This is what Sitchin’s story is all about. You know we were built to work in the gold mines of Africa on the Anunnaki behalf and therefore that’s in the back of people’s minds – that we are a slave race. What they are trying to do is recreate that slave race.

    So what the illuminati agenda appears to be is that we have 500 Million people on the planet that are slaves, literally slaves to however many of the elite are left. So you know there are 3000 elite that are connected with the illuminati and the Velon and the 500 Million become slaves to them. And they just have their power and that’s really all it’s about is just holding onto power.

    Lisa: And the more people who are able to integrate more of their soul the less their chances are of doing this.

    Chris: They would throw it all away because they cannot have control and power and fear over a population that has the whole soul within the body. That’s why they’re trying to stop people.

    The Akashic Does NOT Predict

    Lisa: So the Akashic is telling you what’s already taken place, so how do you extrapolate from that what’s going to occur over the next few months?

    Chris: Well you see, that’s the problem, the Akashic doesn’t. (Laughs) It doesn’t predict.

    Lisa: But you do.

    Chris: No, no I make very few predictions. The Mayan calendar ended on October 29, 2011. So Calleman’s date is correct. So it gave us through this year to sort ourselves out and all the rest of it. But we’ve had a hell of a struggle because of all the fear mongering and the use of HAARP frequencies to try and slow everything down. So nobody really knows.

    We are faced with a situation that has never existed anywhere in this Universe EVER. Nobody is going through the kind of processes that Humans are going through at the moment. It has never ever been done before. This is the first time, and so nobody knows really how it’s going to work or which way things are going to go and all the rest of it.

    All we have at the moment is a rough idea of the number of people who have said YES they can exist and they are going to go through with it and the number of people who said NO they can’t. “We’re not going to go through with it, we’re going to die and leave our bodies behind and return to our basis of origin."

    We’re going to go back to the 6 non-physical Races.

    Lisa: And you can look at the Akashic and see what the numbers are. Where are we at, at the moment? (October 15, 2012)

    Chris: Roughly what we’re looking at on the face of it is something like 2.4 Billion people have said they will. So bearing in mind that the current population is about 3.8 Billion, it means that those who are going to change are in the majority. And those who are not is, you know the remainder, 1.4 Billion people.

    Earth is Ultimately in Charge

    Lisa: Do you see major Earth changes and catastrophic circumstances as being a way that some of these people leave or what do you think the Earth itself, having made the choice that she’s made is going to do this gently?

    Chris: Laughs Well there are some indications as to what is going to happen as far as the Earth is concerned. I mean for example, there is no such thing as ‘tectonic plate movement’. What has happened is that throughout history and over time, the Earth has expanded. All of the continents have always been more or less in the same position that they are now. The Earth has just gotten bigger and at a couple of points she has actually got smaller, and then increased in size again.

    So at the moment the Earth is 10% below her maximum size. Actually close to 5% her maximum size. The size she was on Atlantis.

    So if you think of the Earth as a consciousness, her consciousness expands and contracts to suit human consciousness expansion and contraction.

    Lisa: So it’s like breathing.

    HAARP Interference

    Chris: Literally yes. So she’s working with us. You know the root chakra is given that name because it literally connects the human soul into the earth. We are all interconnected with the planet herself. So as we alter our situations, the she responds as well.

    So the Earth needs to get a little bit bigger than she is now. We should have seen, for example, the San Andreas Fault should have popped 20 years ago, because she needed to get bigger. She needs that room for expansion. But unfortunately what we also have is HAARP frequencies are being used to hold those points together. So those things like the Chile earthquake were caused by HAARP quite deliberately.

    There are other regions which are ready to expand, that HAARP is being used to hold closed. There have been many predictions of massive earthquakes and Tsunamis hitting the Pacific Rim like the Eastern coast which is where Sidney is in Australia. There has been a lot of predictions of that happening. And you know we saw the Japanese earthquake a few years ago. The Rim is shifting. It’s trying to move. But HAARP is being used to stitch it together and prevent that form happening because they don’t want the Earth expanding to full consciousness in the same way that they don’t want people moving into full consciousness.

    It’s because then they would lose their control. I mean it’s immensely narrow-minded ridiculous views that the Anunnaki and illuminati have. That’s what they seem to have that they are determined to prevent the change from occurring because then they would lose their position of power and controls.

    Lisa: So does that mean that when she does get the opportunity to expand she’s going to do it sort of . . .

    Chris: It will be spectacular yes. And this has been a problem that has been discussed by all souls connected with the Earth for a long time now as to how to prevent a nuclear winter from occurring because obviously there is a point where we must achieve what we set out to achieve. And then all the people die because there’s no food on the planet because of a nuclear winter.

    So there are all sorts of combinations and factors being discussed and looked at and this is why I can’t say to you: “This is what is going to happen.” because literally nobody knows. There is no way you could estimate what is going to happen over these next 3 months leading up to Dec. 21, 2012. Or even the next 50 years.

    There are a lot of people who have said: “I am ready to make this change.” Because they have done so hopefully but they are not in any way shape or form ready to make this change because they can’t. At some point, therefore they will have to die. They cannot sustain there positions on the planet because their energy frequencies will be too low. So do these people have to die before Dec. 21, 2012? Or will they be allowed to live out their natural lifespan for the next 40 or 50 years?

    Nobody knows the answer to that one. This is what I mean by it is impossible to predict what is really going to happen over the next 50 years. Just because I know what it will be like in 2050 doesn’t mean I know what it will be like between now and 2050.

    Lisa: Sorry did you say you know what it will be like in 2050?

    Chris: Yes it will be like it was on Atlantis: no pollution, we’ll be able to psychically communicate with each other, communicate with every living thing, freely travel around the planet by translocation. It is literally all you do is remote view a spot, think about it and take your body along with your soul so you can shift continents just by thinking about it.

    Lisa: But how do you know that?

    Chris: That kind of life is what we should be living and we will be again but for those who make this change by 21/12/12 will be able to do so almost immediately.

    Lisa: So is there anything we can consciously do to make this change?

    Work With Your Higher Self

    Chris: Work with your higher self. That is all that you can really do. It’s the best thing that you can do is make sure your communication with your higher self is as strengthened as possible. And listen to what your higher self is saying to you. I know a lot of people complain about : “My higher self is saying this to me but I want to do the right thing so I don’t miss it or what’s being said in case I misunderstand it.” But it doesn’t happen that way.

    Communication from the higher self is basically intuition. So you can be doing something and say: “What I really must do is this. I must sort out this situation with Great Aunt Lucy. It has been hanging on for years and years and I’ve never done anything about it.” That’s communication from your higher self.

    Making Room For The Higher Self In the Physical Body

    Because by leaving situations unresolved like that means you are holding onto all the emotional issues and problems that you have never sorted out and let go of. Literally what that does is take up space that your higher self could occupy within the body; so you need to clear all of those out.

    Lisa: What about relationships?

    Chris: Can I plug another book?

    Lisa: Absolutely.

    Chris: Well my latest book is called Synthesis and what it does is to go through basic overall history of humanity and what’s been going on, but most importantly what’s in the back are exercises for people to do for themselves. It is a series of meditations where you can work with your higher self, reinforce the connection with your higher self so that communication becomes so much easier and then there’s another meditation that allows you to access the Akashic for yourself, so that you can work out what you need to do for you and how to resolve those overall situations for yourself.

    And there are a few other exercises as well in the back of that book to help you clear out this emotional debris that is within your system. You know it’s not impossible. If people want to go through this change, this soul integration process, there is absolutely nothing outside of themselves to stop them from doing so. Even if they said no they don’t want to do it in the past it doesn’t matter, they can change their mind as long as they are prepared to put the work in to do it. And all that work is, is getting this connection with the higher self and clearing out the emotional debris. And that’s what we need to do.

    Humans Taking Responsibility

    Lisa: It all sounds so easy. (Laughs)

    Chris: It is. You know I’ve been working with quite a few people over the past years who’ve been working out this process for themselves and they are scared stiff of doing it. They are absolutely petrified of taking the responsibility of looking at what their emotional problems are of dealing with Great Aunt Elsie or whatever it is in your life. And then they start to do it and they realize . . . It’s hard to start but once you’ve started everything starts to fall into place. I mean everything, your whole life just smoothes out and all your problems disappear because you’ve resolved that situation.

    Lisa: But what if you’ve got a sort of Aunt Elsie type character in your life who was just a negative, disruptive force?

    Chris: Well most people have got those.

    Lisa: So what do we do with those? Are we supposed to make peace with them?

    Chris: If there’s a way to do it, then yes.

    Lisa: I mean it doesn’t mean you have to have them in your life does it?

    Chris: Well I’ll give you an example. I mentioned my mother earlier literally preventing me from investigating the psychic side of things and what I could do within the Akashic and stuff. I tried for many years to explain to her what I was doing and why I was doing it and all I ever met from her was resistance and total opposition. And I said that’s enough and I have had no contact with any member of my family for the last 12 years. I just walked away from them, I said get stuffed I’m not having it in my life any longer. And it worked you know. It sounds like a harsh thing to do and even sounds like a difficult thing to do but for a lot of people that is the best way of dealing with it. Just say I’ve had enough of this. Go away.

    Lisa: But the important part is dealing with your emotions around it.

    Chris: You are the ones carrying it. More often than not, the people causing you problems don’t know they’re causing you problems. Because you’ve never told them that they’re causing you problems.

    Lisa: There’s also psychopaths aplenty and many of us have to deal with that. Many of us have them in our lives and in our personal lives and they know that they’re disruptive.

    Chris: Yes and so what you have to do is walk away from them. Get rid of them out of your life.

    Lisa: A lot of the new age talk is you know you’ve got to be light and love and forgive.

    Chris: If I could use a very English word for that: Bullocks!! (Laughs all around.) But it’s true. I’ve had people come on to me and say well surely we must love the Velon because after all they’re only misguided and that’s where that word comes in. I mean it’s utter rubbish, why do you want to love your enemies. It’s not going to change them. It’s not going to make a bloody bit of difference as to how they act.

    But what you need to do is to change the way you act so you need to tell them to get stuffed and you need to sort out this emotional debris you’ve been carrying around with you. You do that and you’re there. Literally you can change over night.

    People say it’s difficult and all of this, but it really isn’t. As I say I’ve been working with many people over months with e-mails and that’s what they’re finding. Once they stat it suddenly becomes very, very easy. Everything falls into place. They’re life and all the problems in their life just smooth out. They’re gone. Trouble free. Everything just happens as it should be and they know that they’re ready.

    Lisa: In your healing work do you work with people remotely?

    Velon Attacks

    Chris: I have done in the past. I tend not to at the moment. The reason for that is that in trying to find out what the Velon are up to, They’ve been watching me quite a lot and I’ve been attacked quite severely by the Velon energetically, which has resulted in a lot of physical damage to my body. So my concern is that if I go off and remote view someone for healing work, I might then make them a target for the Velon who are watching me, which I REALLY don’t want to do because that then becomes not very clever. I will still do it sometimes but I need to be extra careful so that there are no Velon watchers or even NSA watchers because the NSA watch a lot of the time as well.

    Lisa : And as for your books they are available from aren’t they?

    Chris: Yes. Amazon has banned them all. I know quite a few people who have tried ordering through Amazon and they will tell you they are unavailable and Amazon has never ever placed an order with the publishers.

    Lisa: You must be doing something right. That’s always a good sign. I want to thank you very, very much.

    Chris: Well it’s a pleasure to speak with you. I hope I made some kind of sense along the way.
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    Learning our TRUE HISTORY is therapy for the human race.

    It is each person's responsibility to clear their body of emotional blocks (using the Giveaway, etc.) so that the process of higher self integration into your physical body can begin. Beliefs are fleeting during this period of change. It is wise to hold them lightly. Mind, Body and Spirit are becoming ONE

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    There is a MASSIVE Velon deception happening right now started by Cameron Day a couple years ago. This lie is that, soon after death, beings in the demiurge or astral reality capture the unaware souls by a light and forces them to reincarnate on their terms. It has spread like a wildfire in the new age community. It is in blogs, interviews, articles and Youtube videos. People who have spread this are, Andrew Bartiz, David Griffin (upwardvector), Lance White, Michelle Wailing from In5D, Lily Earthling, Greg Calise (who is a friend of mine and believes this), Eve Lorgen and more will come to mind after I type this. Oh how can I forget...Simon Parks. If CT says a soul can be unaware of its' higher self after death then could this happen? After all, some souls create hell. Would love to discuss this because it is a hot topic I cannot convince anyone is not true.

    The Concept of the Soul

    Terje Toftenes: Where do the souls reside in between the incarnations?

    Chris Thomas: Well, if you think of everything as energy, all we do as a soul - the soul is a lump of energy, basically, which is Humanoid in form. So the basic form of the soul is Human. And that applies to pretty much every race throughout the Universe.

    You know, as much as there is much interest to think of perhaps this insect higher life out there, they don�t exist, not in terms of the consciousness potential of, let's say, a Human Being.

    "This Interest in Insect Higher Life - They Don�t Exist!"

    "Not in Terms of the Consciousness Potential of a Human Being"

    So when we leave the body on death, then there are several options available to us. What most people will do is still believe that they�re alive. And so they will go & create for themselves a region around them where they feel comfortable. So, if you go & see a medium or clairvoyant, for example, and your great aunt Elsie tells you that she is now living in this little cottage with roses around the door & she�s very happy, then that is what that soul has created for themselves, because this is what they believe they will encounter when they die.

    And the same applies to hell. People will create a hell for themselves, because that�s where they believe they are going when they die. Hell does not exist, in any way shape or form, other than what the individual constructs for themselves.

    And then, you got all the extremes in between. Those who are, shall we say, a little more advanced, who have made a connection with their Higher Self whilst they are still alive. They've recognized that there is no need for these intermediary stages, of either going to hell, or having your little rose covered cottage. And they will communicate directly with the Higher Self & review the lifetime they�ve just completed, and start a plan for the next time of where they choose to go. So, for those souls they will reincarnate very rapidly, if that�s what they choose to do, as appropriate.

    Whereas, for those that have gone to the rose covered cottage or to hell, will take a longer period. Because they�ve got to realize that they are actually dead, they don�t need to be living in the rose covered cottage, they need to connect with their Higher Self. Or, there is no need for any soul to go to hell. And they can get themselves out of it & recombine with their Higher Self. And then, this planning process will start again.

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    By the way Herb thanks for posting the Lisa Harrison interview. I have been wanting to revisit that.

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    Quote Originally posted by Anastasia View Post
    There is a MASSIVE Velon deception happening right now started by Cameron Day a couple years ago. This lie is that, soon after death, beings in the demiurge or astral reality capture the unaware souls by a light and forces them to reincarnate on their terms. It has spread like a wildfire in the new age community. It is in blogs, interviews, articles and Youtube videos. People who have spread this are, Andrew Bartiz, David Griffin (upwardvector), Lance White, Michelle Wailing from In5D, Lily Earthling, Greg Calise (who is a friend of mine and believes this), Eve Lorgen and more will come to mind after I type this. Oh how can I forget...Simon Parks. If CT says a soul can be unaware of its' higher self after death then could this happen? After all, some souls create hell. Would love to discuss this because it is a hot topic I cannot convince anyone is not true.
    I would imagine it would be hard to prove that "the light traps" are not real just as much as it would be to prove there might be something to these stories. A real tricky one.

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    Quote Originally posted by Sam Hunter View Post
    I would imagine it would be hard to prove that "the light traps" are not real just as much as it would be to prove there might be something to these stories. A real tricky one.
    EXACTLY! If you were to believe in these "light traps" and that you're forced on to a prison planet then you'd have to accept the belief that you do not live in a free will universe.

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    Quote Originally posted by Anastasia View Post
    EXACTLY! If you were to believe in these "light traps" and that you're forced on to a prison planet then you'd have to accept the belief that you do not live in a free will universe.
    Well... isn't it possible though that a being could live in a free will universe and then, for whatever reasons, decide to turn their will over to another (or others)? That would be a free will choice to do and it is also within the set of all possibility.

    My observation is that almost every single human being currently living on Earth at this time behaves as if they have... to some degree, done this. This includes myself though now that I have come to recognize this, I have found how to regain more and more of my sovereignty by first and foremost taking personal responsibility for my actions.

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