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Thread: An ongoing Chris Thomas thread for those who resonate with his alternative view of reality and history

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandra View Post
    Orbs, I hear you, but have to say I know nothing about it.

    I only have some basic knowledge how mining destroys underground waters (water flows) and takes out coal which is used to produce energy which pollutes the air. The same goes for exploiting oil and gas.

    It is all unnecessary because we can make our energy just by using the power of our sun. It's clean, cheep (if not free) and there's plenty of it.

    I am absolutely against using water as a car fuel. The reasons are known to all sane people.

    I have a question though. Why does the Earth allow them to torture her? Why is she using her own free will like that? The same question could be applied for any and every other harmful deed done to her.
    hi sandra.. sun energy has flaws in a way such as, cloudy days, rainy days, winter time and storage. the cost is not for everyone in affordability. a vehicle to run on water? i really dont see what the problem would be for that. although, yes there are other things that can be used. water is not a bad choice and its clean. also, Keshe is giving a very clean free power that should be put to testing. it works because some are hooking up to it and showing this in action.


    countries all over the world are working with this.. except "who".. usa. my god if this can be used to human kinds benefit. to me, a major step in cleaning up the environment. imagine creating jobs that are to clean up the rivers, forests, cities and towns. instead of cutting the forest down and oil spills in the water ways of the world and land. just so some asshat can make the money and only think of him or her self. that will just not do! not having a electric bill can create new focuses on other things to be done.

    there are many many hours of videos explaining what Keshe Foundation is working on. folks need to step out of thair comfort zone and take a look. this contraption works from plasma which is all around us. it is clean for the environment with no waist and no pollution.

    this is my observations so far of what could be. also, my generalization of it.
    good day/night to ya.

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    That's the beauty of the free-will Universe! You can stick to your observations, knowledge and beliefs, and I can stick to mine.

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    Sandra, I don't know why water for a car is so terrible? Help me out with that please.

    I can guess it increases demand for water? I suppose spewing oxygen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide out the tail pipe is an issue? I thought carbon dioxide was what plants breathed? And carbon monoxide is what petrol spews out? And that is way more dangerous.

    I was thinking water was good over petrol. I am interested in your answer especially with your knowledge of Tesla.

    Interesting interview regarding the 14. Most people don't know a thing about them nor would they believe a word of it. Unfortunately for me I dislike the 14 and don't doubt it for a second. That makes my belief system different. Oh well...

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    Orbs, I will ask you only two questions! How many litres of oil do you drink every day in order to live? How many oil/natural gas holes do you own? I apologize if the term 'hole' is a wrong one.

    When you give the answers to these questions, then you will know why I am against 'humans using water as a fuel'! It isn't wrong! It is terribly wrong!!! And it has nothing to do with the non-polluting air by water!

    Tesla wanted us to use ionosphere as our source of energy. He said it is what the Earth wanted!

    One Serbian proverb: Do not cut off the branch you sit on.

    I hope this explains it all!

    It is interesting, though, that people still think inside the box! It is sad. We've traded our ability of telepathy for a phone, and our ability of teleportation for a car. So sad!
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    Sandra, I "own" one "natural gas hole..." Ha ha ha That was kinda funny.

    In theory, my fine friend, if you O2, H2 and CO2 come out the pipe the plants will love it, the Earth will love it because she is adding more CO2 for higher brain function and maybe the new gasses will make it rain a bit more?

    I understand your thinking about drinking it all up but maybe it would be a zero sum exchange?

    I am all for other types of free energy Sandra. WE don't need to burn water but it if is the step we need to take I for one will drink less water and more beer. Opps! Beer is mostly water. ha ha ha

    We may have been duped but we are past the deadline to get it all back. You know, the telepathy and such. I personally still believe in CT's "hard way" so everyone can see the error in their ways. Looks like people are living in parallel and if that is the decision than so be it.

    It is a real mess. There is no easy way for the Earth to end the horror without hurting many of us that don't deserve to be hurt. The whole dam planet is probably booby-trapped etc.

    Maybe we will see Iguana himself wearing a #14 jersey one of these days. ha ha ha

    If someone emails CT still please tell him an Orb hopes he is doing well. It would be funny if he wore a #14 jersey, now wouldn't it?

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    Yes, it was kind of funny.

    Yes, every one will love it, including the big companies! And when they own all the water supplies, I'll ask you how much you love it!

    No, you cannot give beer to children.
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    Sandra, I will run my car off rain water. NOT! But I will give it a try.

    I don't know how we got to beer and children but you have to be 18 or older to legally drink in the USA.

    I don't want to run my car on beer because that is alcohol abuse. Ha ha ha.

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    I was thinking today about how CT wrote the surprise/shock when the V came to Earth and found it inhabited. Since they have the full soul they can read the Akashic, remote view etc.

    CT remote viewd their solar system. Why didn't they know Earth was inhabited?

    This is not a mean question to cause problems etc. It is just a question.

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    Orbs, as you remember well, they started to follow the flow of energy. They didn't know where it had been going. So, when they finally came at the edge of the solar system, they realized the planet had already been inhabited.

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    DECEMBER 2013

    AUDIO - PART 3


    R.S. So Chris, you said there was 22 Billion Velon souls. Are there still or what happened?

    C.T. Yea they have been evicted from the universe.

    R.S. To where? Where were they evicted to?

    C.T. Eh, outside of the universe.

    R.S. So they’re not allowed to come back?

    C.T. Well, it’s a little bit complicated. Essentially what normally would have happened well, I say normally, because nobody’s ever been evicted from the universe before. So what do you do with them? Do you return them to source? In which case there is a premature removal of the balance of energies within this universe which in itself could be catastrophic.

    So what did occur was a special solar system was constructed for them so that the Velon were removed from this universe into another solar system that is connected but at the same time separate to the universe. Now I know that seems a bit strange but then we’re used to thinking of solar systems of forming over millions if not billions of years.


    R.S. Yea, well if you take away the restrictions of this physical dimension that we live in then consciousness could absolutely manifest in what we think of as magically, in an instant.

    C.T. Yes. Or you can travel across the galaxy for example in the blink of an eye. Just by thinking themselves where they want to go.

    R.S. Well it makes sense, it’s all connected to itself, I mean scientists call it ENTANGLEMENT. In Bell’s theorem they talk about this right? Action at a distance – right?


    [Einstein describes quantum entanglement as “spooky action at a distance”]

    These cat cutout pictures were created from light particles that never saw the shape.

    [A conventional camera captures light that bounces back from an object. But in the experiment reported in the journal Nature, light particles, or photons, that never strike an object are the ones that produce its picture.]

    [Quantum Entanglement In terms the average person can understand i.e. Feelings]

    R.S. You know one thing I’m particularly curious about you is about what age did you start to recognize what you were seeing?

    C.T. Initially really it was the age 7, but like most children showing some kind of psychic capabilities, my mother beat it out of me so it took a few years to sort of come back from that, so it was only really – I had a touch of it in my teenage years – and then it was my early 20’s when I started looking into it properly full time, or as full time as I could.

    R.S. Were you careful about divulging what you were seeing at that point, or did you just tell everybody?

    C.T. I didn’t tell anybody at all, initially.

    R.S. Until what age?

    C.T. It was gradual events. Once I’d worked out what it was I was actually connected to and what I was seeing then I found people came to me and asked me questions, continuously. I mean total strangers would come up to me and ask me questions about something and somehow I had the answer.

    But what I also did was to start checking everything I possibly could to make sure that the kind of answers that I was getting were as accurate as they could be. So wherever possible I would check through history books or whatever information I could find about a particular subject to see what correlations there were or if I was putting some kind of interpretation onto it and over the years it led me to believe that what I receive from the Akashic is accurate and correct.

    An awful lot of what’s written in history books is just a load of rubbish.

    So you know, I’ve been working with it actively now for 35 years and over that time period then I’ve become …I still check everything … I know that it’s accurate but at the same time I want to make sure that I present what I see as accurately as possible.

    It’s like this NGC584, when I first encountered them, I had no idea that there was a star system called NGC584, I just knew that these beings originated from that star system. It took me about 3 or 4 years to actually track down that there was a New General Catalogue (NGC) system and that there WAS a star system called ‘584’ within it. And it related to what I could see as to where these beings originated from. (5:08)

    Image taken from the New General Catalogue

    [NGC 584 is an elliptical galaxy in the constellation Cetus [The Whale). The galaxy was discovered on 10 September 1785 by the German-British astronomer William Herschel. It is about 23.4 megaparsecs (76.4 million light-years) distant]


    [Note: In one of our last conversations, Chris Thomas emphasized this important point with me, regarding his books.]

    R.S. Chris, how many of the Velon souls are left if any, in this galaxy or were they all evicted? I mean in our universe.

    C.T. There’s about 3 Million left.

    R.S. And why is that being permitted?

    C.T. It’s because of the confusion caused by the Velon essentially. Because the Velon are responsible for all of the channelled material that we have received on the planet for the last 100 years.

    R.S. Only 100 years?

    C.T. Well, EVERYTHING FOR 100 YEARS. You can go back further than that, the one that really started it I suppose was Madame Blavatsky in the 1850’s who was responsible for the Theosophical Society, but her guide was a Velon. [DJWAL KUHL]

    Yes so everything from the Theosophical Society is Velon generated.

    And when you get to Alice Bailey’s time in the 1920’s it gets even worse. Alice Bailey was married to the British Ambassador to the United Nations in New York. He was a 33rd level Freemason as well. Alice Bailey set up a publishing company to publish the channelled material for the THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY. And the publishing company was called the LUCIFER TRUST.

    Now the Lucifer Trust, Lucifer is the god of the Freemasons, he’s the god of the Illuminati. But ALSO LUCIFER IS ONE OF THE PERSONAS THAT THE VELON HAVE TAKEN ON IN THEIR CHANNELLED MATERIAL. So you get those kinds of connections going on as well. It just becomes imprinted into how people think of channelled material.

    On the other side there’s going to be a lot of clairvoyants and mediums shouting at me saying “what about, you know, I pass on messages from the deceased”. And so your know your great aunt dies and or your parents, etc. a lot of people grieve a great deal and they want to know if the soul of the departed is o.k. They want to know if they have recovered from whatever problems they had on Earth that made them die in the first place.

    And I have to say that those channelled messages have not been interfered with because they are soul to soul communication between the medium and the soul of the departed. So those generally speaking seem to be untouched as far as the Velon are concerned.

    Because they can’t really break into that form of communication because it’s too personal.

    It’s only when it becomes impersonal that the problems begin.


    Not everything in this video is true but it does point out its alignment with Orion
    C.T. points out that Kobekli Tepe WAS NOT a temple for worship


    C.T. No, not as such.


    [Did the Jesuits found America using 14th Faction energy? This makes an interesting read in terms of what you thought you knew or what you never questioned or even thought about where it comes to the founding of America.]

    You know the other religions believed what ever it was they believed.

    THE ONE THEY DID TRY TO INFLUENCE WAS JUDAISM – THE JEWISH RELIGION. And Zacharia Sitchin in translating the Annunaki material, the Annunaki is one of the 7 races of Velon, if you like. Sitchin always claimed in his books that the Annunaki story forms the basis for the Old Testament material like Genesis. So the Old Testament material, he claims, is based on the Annunaki story.

    NOW THAT ISN’T TRUE because there’s a huge archaeological dig going on in Southern Turkey at the moment. There has been for about 15 or 20 years I think or something like that.






    So if you think of the people living in the area, they would be as the people in the Middle East look now. So all of a sudden a group of beings invade the area who are tall and blond and pale.

    Now it’s possible they were from the Scandinavian countries or it’s possible they were a leftover from an early proto-human form called Gigantopithicus, because they are described as “very tall”.

    So what is said in the Old Testament is a history of that region and what occurred, so it was the “gods” multiple mated with human women, and produced hybrid children, which is what the Annunaki story is based on.

    So the Annunaki mixed together human history and the history of their own solar system and merged it together into this FAKE STORY. It’s a fantasy story based on fake history.

    What the Old Testament is based on is the actual history of events that occurred from Kobekli Tepe when those peoples left Eden, travelled south through Sumeria, through Babylon, ended up in Egypt. And then moved from Egypt to Canaan/Palestine, and became the Jewish peoples.

    [ see David Icke presentation re: the real Jews are the Palestinian peoples: ]

    So most of the Old Testament is a history book, not the Annunaki material, that’s just an Annunaki fantasy story.

    So religion isn’t essentially Velon stuff, although they have claimed to be “the Christ Consciousness” and just about every religious leader…

    R.S. Oh yea, with channelled material…O.K from your perspective when you read the Akashic Records, did Jesus exist the way that he’s portrayed in the bible?

    C.T. NO. I don’t want to get into this because I get into a lot of trouble when I start talking about this because it upsets a lot of people. Let’s just say that what’s in the New Testament is not accurate.

    What I try to say is that faith is something that is very different to fact. So a lot of people still maintain their faith and I don’t want to disrespect that faith.

    Religion has a different root, it goes back to ancient Egypt and links in with ancient South America as a concept of religion, but it was there to hold and impart particular types of information.

    The Vatican altered that from …like I say the Old Testament is a history book – a story of the history of the Jewish people.


    R.S. Oh the 14th Faction, o.k. I see so ah, there is the intersection!

    C.T. As far as I can find out, and as far as I have been able to find out and as far as I’ve been able to track, the Velon have never been affected by 14 energies.

    They have just made choices of their own and moved in directions of their own. They have acted in a way to remove free choice.
    [using trickery and deception rather than through 14th Faction energies]

    The Velon have nothing to do with the 14th Faction at all, they are entirely separate.

    R.S. But you said they are the ones behind this false narrative that we are going to ascend and essentially abandon the Earth for some other home or other dimension, right?

    C.T. YES, that is their agenda. If you look at the 14th Faction material, or how the 14th Faction affected life on Earth, then the Industrial Revolution is a perfect example of it because the 14th Faction came into this universe to destroy, to remove as much as possible, to exploit all the energy patterns that exist in this universe and take them back to their own universe. That was the purpose for the 14th Faction coming here.



    They’ve had enough of it. Things have really gone too far.

    The concept of there being Reptilian races, is a concept that arouse out of the 14th Faction energies

    R.S. O.k. you are saying people but is there some group that are protecting the solar system or is it just that the Creator has put some sort of protection around us?

    C.T. No not the Creator as such, the envelope of our universe is made up of 13 BEINGS. It is those 13 beings that maintain the balance of energies within this universe.

    R.S. In the universe but not our solar system. O.K. but what about our solar system?

    C.T. Well everywhere in the universe including our solar system. It’s the 13. It is the 13 beings that put the protection around the Earth or around our solar system to try and protect it from this 14th Faction from the other Universe.

    Now the 14th Faction and the energy patterns that they brought with them, are where this concept of the Reptilian races came from, because that was the appearance of the 14th Faction. So when these people got imprinted with these energy patterns, these 33,000 souls that got caught in the blast when the wormhole opened, were imprinted with the energy patterns of the 14th Faction.

    And if you looked at them from a psychic viewpoint, what you would see is a reptilian image – A HUMANOID REPTILLIAN.

    So this is why people get this concept of Reptilians being behind things, controlling everything, and destroying everything. It’s because there is this sort of RACE MEMORY, as it were, of the activities of this 14th Faction.

    Also to a certain extent, everybody is psychic, not actively psychic or consciously psychic, but on a subconscious level we come into contact with somebody, we pick up all sorts of things from them without realising it. And so if you came across one of these people who had decided to use the 14th Faction energy, then they would APPEAR AND FEEL TO YOU TO BE REPTILLIAN.


    None of the races out there look reptilian. NO RACE WITHIN THIS UNIVERSE HAS A REPTILLIAN APPEARANCE. Only this race coming from another universe has such a reptilian appearance. Everybody within this universe is essentially humanoid in form - in various forms. And none of them look like a Reptile. It’s only the energy patterns that came in from this other universe, the 14th Faction, that have an imprint of a Reptilian energy form.

    And it’s people who…they chose to use those energies of the 14th Faction that they were imprinted with to remove ‘freedom of choice’ from other people on Earth.

    As I say it began with the Industrial Revolution and it’s continued since. You know the transnational companies, to a certain extent, have made use of 14th Faction energies.

    [In that those who steal others free will tend to rise to the top in the corporate world because they appear to have their own ruthless personal brand of power and they use the 14 energies to get their way.]

    People who took on those energies had the same life span as everybody else does, so whilst in body they would do whatever it is to forward their aims. (19:01) They die, leave the body, reincarnate into a new body and make use of those energies again.

    So you have a series of lifetimes being lived by these people where they attempt to take control and strip resources from the Earth.


    And again don’t ask me to explain the time sequences but the answer was found on Earth, believe it or not. Although we were protected as much as we possibly could be from the 14th Faction, the closest they came to Earth was about 93 galaxies distant, I think, something like that, so they never really came that close to our galaxy or our solar system. But those who brought those energies with them were obviously human souls and so they sneaked them in, if you like.

    By presenting themselves as a human soul coming into our solar system then they were able to bring those 14th energies with them, and once in here, then they could, you know, do whatever they chose to do.

    Now the only way I can describe it is, a message was sent out from our solar system to the 14th Faction to say: “There is an unlimited, endless energy source within our solar system” and that attracted them to us and we did something, and I can’t quite get hold of the exact something we did to get hold of them, but it allowed us to literally evict them from the universe, and back to their universe. And to shut the wormholes down so that there was no access. (20:59)

    AUDIO - PART 4


    “People need to try to understand that yes we did have problems with a Reptilian race, but those have now gone, totally, they no longer exist anywhere within this universe. Those energy patterns have been totally removed or destroyed.”


    Hawking Finally Sees The Light: Says Black Holes Do Not Exist
    Physicist Stephen Hawking has now reversed his stand on black holes
    By Paul La Violette Jan. 27, 2014

    By Clara Moskowitz Aug. 29, 2013

    A composite image of the region around Sagittarius A* (Sgr A*), the super massive black hole in the centre of the Milky Way.
    The discovery comes via new observations.

    R.S. But what about black holes though Chris, what are we seeing there?

    C.T. That event that removed the 14th Faction in our time-frame occurred in 2002. It was actually March, 2002 that that happened. BUT outside of our solar system it was at least 15,000 years ago. So don’t ask me about the time scales but that’s the kind of time frames.

    Now if you look at what has occurred since 2002, what you have from cosmologists, quantum physicists and the rest of it, are photographs taken by Hubble for example, showing black holes EMITTING MATTER. Now a black hole cannot emit matter. It can only attract matter in one direction. This is all they have been observed to do, ever since Einstein, or even Hubble himself I suppose, who described them back in the mid 1800’s, early 1900’s. But they’ve always been observed to absorb material, to draw material into themselves, but now the black holes are collapsing, and as they collapse, they’re emitting instead.

    R.S. Have you seen the latest news on this, only an hour ago from NBC here in the United States, it says “The colossal black hole at the heart of the Milky Way Galaxy is a messy eater. Of all the gas that falls toward the black hole 99% gets spewed back out into space, new observations show, making the black hole akin to a toddler whose food goes mostly on the floor.” You wanted some confirmation, I mean this is pretty amazing – I think you’re absolutely right, spot on Chris.

    C.T. This is what’s happening and the reason that’s happening is because the 14th energies have been removed. (1:57) Therefore the energy patterns no longer exist. The black holes are shutting down and collapsing.

    R.S. Yea so it’s just going to look as though it’s being spewed back out but in fact it’s no longer going in.

    C.T. Yes. Well it is actually pushing it back out as the black hole is collapsing and it’s pushing out material that it has taken in in the past. It is a toddler. Laughs.

    But I have seen a lot of photographs over the last few years, by scientists and they ARE emitting, they are NOT gathering in. And most of the same attitudes have also changed on Earth.

    You know when politicians say something, people used to just fall for it in the past, or a monarch would say something, people would just have to go along with it. Whereas now people are turning around and saying: “WHY?, I don’t want to do this, we don’t want to do this, we don’t need to do this”. I mean look what’s happening in Syria! A few days ago Obama said he was going to bomb Syria regardless of what anybody else does, and the rest of the world just turned around and said: “WHY?” And today Obama had to say: “Well we can’t do that until we have a mandate from the United Nations.”

    So you have a massive shift in policy, because people have turned around and said: “We’re NOT going to accept what you’re telling us anymore!”

    Whereas 10 or 12 years ago, 30 years ago, fifty years ago, whatever, if a politician in Obama’s position had said that, everybody would have said: Yes!” nobody would have questioned it, because they used the 14th Faction energies.

    R.S. Yes, I can see it’s further evidence of what you just stated that the influence of the 14 Faction is waning, right?

    C.T. Very much so, it’s virtually gone. Not entirely, but it’s virtually gone. You’ve got a lot of the industrial heads and some politicians and monarchs still trying to make use of that energy and force their will on people, to a certain extent people are so accustomed to being pushed in a direction that they just go along with it. But a growing number of people are recognizing that those energies patterns no longer exist and this means they can push back, so this is a massive move in that direction.


    I know this is going to make me sound even more mad but I can confirm David Icke’s observations. The Queen mother had Reptilian Energies. I have no doubt of that.

    R.S. Do you mean psychically?

    C.T. Yes. From what I understand from reading a little bit into the history of the royal family, and what’s been going on and everything, the Queen Mother had a very had a very gentle, everybody’s grandmother public persona, with the energy she presented, but privately she was an absolute tyrant and totally ruled the family. And that is reflected in the fact she was making use of the 14th Faction energies.

    R.S. Yea they manipulate the leadership, because obviously there is a minority of them, so they no that by manipulating the leaders of this world that they can basically have their way, or at least they were having a greater influence that way, sure I understand.

    C.T. But now they can’t because those energy patterns have been destroyed, they have been removed from this universe. We are seeing this not only in black holes but, as I say, in the way in which politicians can no longer get away with anything. People are realizing that they no longer have the power to remove freedom of choice. There isn’t that demand, it’s gone. (6:20)

    [ more recent and progressive examples (2016) include BREXIT in the U.K., the election of Trump in the U.S., the rise of Marine Le Pen in favour of FREXIT in France, etc. ]

    R.S. Well Chris you’ve really made my day, honestly this has been troubling me for some time now. I mean literally decades.

    C.T. Laughs. I think a lot of people have been realizing something like this is going on but they have not been able to investigate it for themselves for whatever reason. So it takes idiots like me to turn up with these kinds of answers. Laughs.

    So what I’ve been trying to say tonight with our talk is that Yes there have been problems from Reptilians life forms, they have created havoc on Earth but they have now gone.

    Also Reptilians, because they are not solid in any way, shape or form, cannot reproduce, so people have seen reptilian life forms inside people because of these 14th Faction energies but if those people who have the 14th energies have children, that energy isn’t reproduced because the energy is contained within the soul of that individual.

    So these Reptilian forms are not Alien in the sense that this Alien form exists within our universe. None of the other races interbreed with each other as it were, and it’s physically impossible for them to interbreed with people on Earth. The 7 semi-physical races are the only ones who could ever possibly do that, and they don’t even reproduce! Therefore how can you create an Alien/Human hybrid? You can’t. It’s physically impossible!

    R.S. Fascinating, wow! My goodness.

    C.T. People need to try to understand that yes we did have problems with a Reptilian race, but those have now gone, totally, they no longer exist anywhere within this universe. Those energy patterns have been totally removed or destroyed.



    And so all of that needs to be ignored.

    We’ve also got new energy patterns working with us to try and help us with this.

    A friend sent me an extract from somebody’s website recently and it’s a news letter from the person who runs the website and it says: “The Reason Why I Am No Longer A Light Worker”, by Cameron Day.

    It’s a brilliant piece and I would urge anybody who listens to channelled material to read it because he puts it very well, explains why there is this dichotomy going on. Obviously he puts it in different words than the way I would put it, he doesn’t know about the Velon and all the rest of it, but essentially that’s he is talking about.



    R.S. Interesting. Well Chris it’s always fascinating speaking with you and thank you so much for those articles that you’ve written. Now I know you have some books, how do people find your work?

    C.T. Well as I said before, Amazon has effectively banned my books. You can’t get them from Amazon.

    The best place would be a mail order book company called Cygnus Books, a mail order service. [2013] They are on They often sell at discounts which is comparable to Amazon for other books and I don’t get any royalties in that case but that doesn’t matter.

    [ Note as of 2016: Because of the way the buy-out took place, C.T.’s books are no longer available from Cygnus after they were bought out by an American company, which has cancelled Chris Thomas book sales, and now as of 2016 his books are available by mail order worldwide from his publishers

    His 2 self-published books are also available by writing to Chris Thomas directly. Details below]

    Label the envelope with the following address:

    Fortynine Publishers
    Prengwyn Road
    SA44 4EH
    United Kingdom

    Include a money order in the amount of:

    Synthesis(2011) costs 9 pounds 50 pence Plus 5 pounds shipping overseas = 14.50 Pounds Sterling

    The Annunaki Plan or the Human Plan (2010) costs 6 pounds 50 pence + 5 pounds shipping overseas = 11.50 Pounds Sterling

    Both books cost a total of 26 Pounds Sterling.

    For the exchange rate look here:

    R.S. Are you distributed in the United States?

    C.T. Your local book stores will also be able to get them. I’ve had orders from various book shops and companies but they tend to go through book distributors so I don’t know who the book distributors are supplying but I know there have been some orders from other countries for my books. The publishers also do a very good mail order service.

    R.S. So when you say your local book stores, you mean in the U.K.?

    C.T. Well anywhere. As far as I am aware there have been orders from book shops all over the world.

    R.S. That’s wonderful. How many books do you have and what are the names of them?

    C.T. 11 books altogether. I can read them off because I need the royalties. Laughs. There are 8 books about Earth history, and then 3 books about healing.

    The Journey Home 7 pounds 95 pence ex VAT

    Who are we? Why are we here? Are we alone? What relationship does Earth and its multitude of life forms have to themselves and to the universe? The answers to many of these questions have long been available, but over the centuries they have become hidden by personal interests and clouded by repetition and dogma. As we undergo a vast shift in consciousness, the underlying reasons for our existence have to be rediscovered and put into their proper perspective. This book brings these issues into a sharper focus and sheds light into some of the darker corners. Gone are the dark days of Karmic re-cycling and suffering; we have reached the time of the birth of a new human existence so far removed from human experience that most have not yet recognised its coming. ISBN 186163 041 7
    Telephone Orders: 01823401528

    The Fool’s First Steps £9.95 ex VAT

    "much that makes sense...on a deeper level" Prediction
    Are you asking Questions? Transforming? Wanting to know the purpose of it all? Do the old answers no longer work? The true purposes of Avebury and Stonehenge and the knowledge contained there, stellar gateways, the origins of crop circles, changing Earth energies, the true nature of angels... Personal transformations happening now on a grand scale, mental, emotional and physical. Realising the spiritual origins of the human race... If this book were a novel it would make fascinating reading, but as the explanations again and again strike a true chord, it makes compulsive and unforgettable reading which will help you change how you view life. ISBN 186163 072 7
    Telephone Orders: 01823401528

    Planet Earth – The Universe’s Experiment £11.95 ex VAT

    Who are we? Where do we come from? What is our purpose and why did we go wrong? Humans are not of the Earth but have arrived on this planet to explore. On our joyous arrival we encountered the spirits of the land, the Sidhe and the faerie. As we became more human we began to lose our memories of our origins and the knowledge of our true purpose and potential. As we approach the completion of our climb back to reality, we are awakening the ghosts of this knowledge. Lemuria, Atlantis, the thirteen races have all played their part in “The Human Plan”, all are now working to assist us to our chosen goal - full consciousness. But, time is short and unless we complete our journey soon, the Earth will be lost to us. Virtually all our experience and history is at odds with the archaeological and scientific versions of our past, only the Akashic tells the real history. What is told here is the Akashic's story. ISBN 186163 224X
    Telephone Orders: 01823401528

    The Universal Soul £12.95 ex VAT

    Our Universe explores the ‘what if’ of freedom of choice. Every soul here has the right to choose their own actions, their own directions. The only ‘law’ that applies is that no one can choose to act in such a way as to remove the free choice of another.Part of the ‘what if’ of this Universe was also to explore the possibility of fully ‘physical’ beings being created. This exploration of the physical has led to the existence of the Earth and all of the life that our Earth supports – a miracle of creation. Nowhere else does an abundance and joy for life exist to the extent it does on Earth. One thing has sustained this Universe above all else: the Earth must be saved at virtually any cost. With humanity finally finding the answers to a question we asked ourselves 20,000 years ago, we are beginning to move forwards into a new phase of existence and this process of change is having an effect on the Universal energies that is beyond our full understanding. As we move into our new state of being, many questions arise within each individual. This book is a deeper exploration of the Akashic to try and find the answers and brings The Journey Home, The Fool’s First Steps and Planet Earth - The Universe's Experiment fully up to date. ISBN 186163 2738
    Telephone Orders: 01823401528

    The Human Soul £13.95 ex VAT

    We live in troubled times which do not appear to be improving. All of the promises of forward movement for the human race moving towards our completion appear to have ground to a halt. Not only halted, but racing backwards to a point of self-destruction. Our current state pushes us to look for answers, often without fully knowing what the question is. But, the places we have traditionally looked towards to providing answers are increasingly failing to give satisfaction. However there are questions which are common to everyone. The purpose of answering these questions is not to generate fear, there is enough of that in the world already. There is also an update on the problems caused by the race known as Velon, under their more commonly known names of Hathor and Annunaki. By investigating these answers, both through the Akashic and through published material, it is hoped to give enough information so that by gaining that knowledge and understanding, it will help you to take back your own power and to provide sufficient information to help you make your own decisions. As we progress through our soul reintegration process, we take in more of who we truly are, the more we progress down this route, the more we realise that we have the answers we need already in place as our intuitive “knowing” takes over. Hopefully, the information within this book will help you along your path to completion. ‘This is a hard-hitting book looking at our current state of being. It is not a book for the “fluffy”.” ISBN 186163 2991
    Telephone Orders: 01823401528

    Project Human Extinction – The Ultimate Conspiracy £16.95 ex VAT

    This is a book about power. The power to control the money supply, the power to control governments, the power to control multinational business, the power to control the media and, above all, the power to prevent the identity of those in power from becoming known. The ability to wield this power has become known as "The Conspiracy". This conspiracy has been at work for nearly 250 years and yet most are not even aware that this conspiracy exists. What this book does is to unlock the key secrets of the conspiracy and to identify the key players and the forces at work behind this power-base including the Lucifer connection. One of the most important questions we must ask is: What potential do humans have? Our inability to understand this potential is the reason for so much of the confusion surrounding The Conspiracy. We "know" something is wrong but we cannot quite pinpoint exactly what. Many will find the research shocking whilst for others, it will fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle. As we approach the watershed date of 2012 more of us are realising that there are many things we do not understand and our lack of understanding is making us feel powerless. This book can not only help you to understand why you have been so powerless for so long but also how to regain your power and embrace the process of change. ISBN 186163 3122
    Telephone Orders: 01823401528

    The Annunaki Plan or The Human Plan – One will kill you, The other will save your life
    11 pounds 50 directly from author

    Only you can choose. We are not a “slave race”. Do we acknowledge the truth we “know” is within ourselves or do we accept a different truth – one which has been imposed upon us without our choosing? The Human Plan is a Plan we wrote ourselves, a Plan which is reaching its long awaited conclusion in 2011/2012. The Annunaki Plan is the connecting force between the Illuminati, the Bilderbergers, governments and Lucifer – the “God” of the Freemasons. We are at a time of great upheaval and change. Which Plan we choose to adopt – and we do still have time to choose – will determine the next 1,000 years of human history. This book clarifies the choices – The choice is yours to make. Available from Chris Thomas.

    Synthesis (which is an overview of human history)
    14 pounds 50 directly from author

    Synthesis is the merging together of our past selves with our current selves to create our future selves. In his new book, Chris Thomas brings together his thirty years of exploring the Akashic and historical records to give us an overview of Universal history from the Creator’s first ‘Thought’ to the present day and Earth’s crucial role in the development of the Universe. Creation, ‘The Divine Plan’, ETs, Lemuria, Atlantis, the ‘Lady’ and the Faerie are all explained as well as answering the thirteen most asked questions. Chris also provides some much needed clues as to our near future. There are also some very useful meditations and exercises to help us undergo our process of change as well as a meditation to help you to begin accessing the Akashic for yourself.

    So those are the 8 books on universal human history and then there are 3 books on healing written with my wife Diane Baker.


    The Healing Book It is a basic healing course. If you want to work with healing energies or want to learn how to heal then that is what we wrote the book for. If you are a healer and you want to learn some more advanced techniques then the second half of the book goes into the more advanced stuff.

    The Healing Book £8.95 ex VAT

    'The exercises are well described and arranged in a good order of development, clearly relevant case examples..a good basic book written in plain English by two clearly competent healers keen on sharing their knowledge' Touchstone This book is for those who wish to heal, starting at the beginning of the healing process with simple, easily followed exercises which can begin to unlock the healing potential which is inherent in all of us. Nobody needs to feel left out of these abilities. We are all healers, all that we need to do is to stop telling ourselves that we are not. Whatever level of experience you have of healing, this book explains in simple uncomplicated language that does not use mysticism or any form of ritual, how to understand the 'Chakras' and the way in which our daily lives influence them, to relate medical conditions to the chakras and to learn methods which will bring the chakras back into balance, both for yourself and for others. These methods apply equally to humans and to animals. If you do not have any experience of giving healing, but would like to learn, this book can set you on that path. If you already work as a healer, in whatever capacity, and would like to explore your greater potential, this book is also for you. The authors have a combined experience of over twenty five years of providing healing and have taught very many people to unlock their own healing potential. This book is not only about learning to heal from the beginning, but also explores some of the energy manipulation techniques used by the authors in their daily practice as 'Psychic Surgeons'. ISBN 186163 053 0
    Telephone Orders: 01823401528

    Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Your Body But No One Has So Far Been Able To Tell You £17.95 ex VAT

    '...easy to understand...insight into how you can heal yourself...comprehensive guide' Here's Health
    Have you ever wondered why some people become ill and others do not? Why some people recover from illness and others do not? Do you know how your body really works? Why do diets rarely work? Is there an alternative approach to treating symptoms of illness instead of using prescriptive drugs? Well here is a book which leads you through the body, organ by organ, system by system, and explains in clear language how illness arises and what to do about it. The first half of the book fully explains the workings of the human body in simple language and clear illustrations. It explains which elements are connected together and why they can influence each other. It also relates each region and organ to its associated chakra and how our day-to-day lives have an influence on our health and well-being. Every part of the body is dealt with in these ways and the major underlying causes for most of our illnesses explained. It also provides details and suggestions on how to heal yourself by working on the root cause issues. This book also takes a look at how some illnesses are brought about by past life traumas. The second half of the book looks at ways of healing the symptoms of illness without the need for prescriptive drugs. Several forms of healing practices are used to achieve this: Bach Flower Remedies, Reflexology, Herbalism, Biochemical Tissue Salts and Homeopathy are the main approaches used, with a further twenty seven therapies fully described. This is an extensive, comprehensive look at the body and illness. It is also one of the most comprehensive guides to alternative treatments currently available.
    ISBN 186163 098 0
    Telephone Orders: 01823401528

    The Sequel To Everything… £11.95 ex VAT

    It’s a companion book to the other one. It uses case histories of actual clients that we worked with to explain the links between organs and chakras and how people can reverse the situation and sort themselves out.

    The publication of 'Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Your Body, But, So Far, Nobody's Been Able To Tell You' generated a great deal of interest in a new way of looking at the body and how illness is generated. The authors had many requests for a collection of real case histories to help people understand how the symptoms can be read and how to make more sense of the body and soul's messages. All that is required is an alteration in focus and understanding of the workings of the body and the way in which the soul, the unconscious and the body are inextricably linked together. The book describes the ways in which the symptoms of an illness can be tracked back to its root cause and the 'homework' given to help deal with these root cause issues. Illness is not a punishment of any kind, from any source, nor is it a 'test', or an obstacle to be struggled against. Illness is a message from our own soul trying to tell us that we have taken a step in the wrong direction. All that we need to do to heal any illness is to relearn how to read the body's messages and take some simple corrective actions. It is this simple. ISBN186163 1375
    Capall Bann Publishing Ltd
    More products by Capall Bann Publishing Ltd
    Telephone Orders: 01823401528

    R.S. Have you found that each organ has its own type of awareness?

    C.T. Each organ works with a particular emotion, I suppose would be the simplest way of explaining it. There is a Chinese system as well, which is slightly different to what we explain in our books. I am not entirely certain of the reason for that.

    But out of the thousands of people that I’ve worked with over the last 35 years, nobody I’ve ever worked with nobody falls outside the pattern described in our second book. So each chakra relates to each organ.

    There are slight differences in the Chinese system but they really are only very slight. People have come back to us and sais thy have read these books and cured themselves of whatever the problem is. It can be done, no problem. (16:31)
    Last edited by Herbert; 3rd January 2017 at 21:07.
    Learning and practicing intuitive discernment replaces rigidly held belief systems with flexibility and confidence to express your freedom of choice.

    It is each person's responsibility to clear their body of emotional blocks (using the Giveaway, etc.) so that the process of higher self integration into your physical body can begin. Beliefs are fleeting during this period of change. It is wise to hold them lightly. Mind, Body and Spirit are becoming ONE

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandra View Post
    Orbs, as you remember well, they started to follow the flow of energy. They didn't know where it had been going. So, when they finally came at the edge of the solar system, they realized the planet had already been inhabited.
    Sandra, I just got to work and I am on my computer for a bit and I thought about my question and YOUR answer came to me! I was going to make a post and answer my own question almost word for word as you did.

    Excellent job. It is fun for me to see others from other places on the planet with the same interest and goals. I think there are a few of us here that want to reintegrate. It is the greatest gift never sold.

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    CT really goes into the 14 in the interview. I wonder if they play poker? Ha ha ha it would be impossible to beat one. Slimy creatures they are.

    I see a reference to Icke. I have commented before about hybrids being impossible and this was probably the source. I don't believe Icke at all actually. They never eff with him and he spews all over, uses green screens etc. contrast that to CT.

    Full ford and his pal Wilcock are amusing, to each his own but they spew rubbish yet some believe it.

    Thx for the interview Herbert. I am sure that takes time...

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    Hello, and Happy New Year to every one!

    I have a question regarding a giveaway! What if a negative emotion we experience is because the person who 'gives' us that emotion is right and we are wrong? For example, we do something which is wrong and somebody scold us and that brings in us some negative feeling(s). How should we address those kinds of feelings?

    My opinion is we should apologize to that some one, or write down that apology if we cannot, for some reason, do that in person.

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    If I am not mistaken Sandra CT said many times the best way to handle things when someone is alive and you have access to them is to talk/deal with them. In the event you choose not to, use the giveaway.

    Maybe the issue boils down to accepting criticism. I recall CT using this as a "test" for readiness. Something along the lines of your reaction being aggressive or taking to hard. When ready, you would respond reasonably or ask why that person felt that way and look to drive a solution.

    I answer this question from experience. I have learned to accept criticism much better. Way better. I would add when falsely accused we are not suppose to overreact for example. Unfortunately, handling things without coming down to someone" insane level can involve the legal system.

    There is no shame in approaching someone and admitting you were wrong. If you don't stretch you don't grow...

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    For those who are using the Giveaway and other methods in the Process of Soul Reintegration, some pointers and good advice for smoothing and accelerating the experience, from Inelia Benz and Penney Peirce.

    You will find below Penney Peirce’s 2017 newsletter and Inelia Benz's below that.

    Chris Thomas has prepared us well for recognizing the signs of reintegration and the lessons we still need to acknowledge within this process. Penney Peirce seems to be very much in alignment with reintegration of the Higher Self into the physical body.

    So most of this will seem familiar to us but it serves to bring to the front of the mind things we have probably all experienced and to focus on seeing them in a light that makes some sense in relation to soul reintegration.

    She makes a few good points and reinforces things I have been thinking about lately regarding how I have to change my way of looking at events if I am going to realign my egoic habits with my Higher Self’s intentions to deal with change by putting an end to repetitive problems.

    So I try to ignore some of the rhetoric in the article and discern the thoughts that are strikingly true.

    Hopefully you guys will find something useful for dealing with the coming year’s energies.

    Penney Peirce's 2017 "Oracle" Letter

    I breathed a sigh of relief as 2016 finally finished up! Did you? For most people I spoke with, it was an intense, unrelenting time of energy wave after energy wave, calling us to adapt, adapt, adapt to higher frequencies. We’d be pushed, then frustrated, pushed, then frustrated. Act and wait. I often could not sleep at all at night and was drawn to nap for several hours in the middle of the day, in a sort of dead, coma-like sleep—as though my left brain just HAD to shut down—right now! Perhaps this was to quiet me and take away the interference so my internal systems could adapt to the new energy levels.

    All year, the energy seemed choppy and disruptive. Events came and went suddenly, and my consciousness would shift without warning from left to right brain and back again. I was trying to write a new book all year and needed to access certain higher states of consciousness to bring through the insights I wanted, but I was routinely interrupted by the physical world rudely demanding attention. I felt like a yo-yo.

    And yet, the situations I dealt with were plainly for the purpose of helping clear old habits and mental and emotional clutter. I spent the first three months dealing with my mother’s estate; she had died at the previous Thanksgiving. So many ties to my past surfaced, precious items were sorted and given to others, and physical ties to identity released. After that was finished, I promptly got sick and lost twenty pounds. More lightening up and changing ingrained patterns.

    As I finally began the new book (due out this fall), my refrigerator broke, the contents melted down, and I spent the next two months dealing with repairmen who “sort of” fixed it, but left it making a high-pitched squealing noise, which drove me insane! Was this a higher frequency I was supposed to match, or eclipse, so I wouldn’t be bothered by it? By November, the refrigerator had melted down four times! I finally bought a new one. If it were a dream symbol, I’d interpret all the melting down as me allowing my frozen fear ideas and emotions to soften and release. But four times?!!

    Then my disposal broke. Now the symbolism pointed to the idea of my ability to truly wash that waste down the drain. Was I actually letting it go? Soon thereafter, the gearshift on my car came loose and almost detached from the transmission. Was I telling myself that I needed to get into gear, engage with life, and move forward? Or that I was disconnected from my mojo?

    And then Hurricane Matthew hit the east coast of Florida! It blew through with 80-100 mph winds, first from the southwest, then from the northeast, and pulled trees out of the ground, lifted roofs from houses, and washed out the entire underpinning of the coast road north of us. It was incredibly exciting! There was no resisting it. Such fresh energy, and so great to be without power, lights, computer, TV, and phone—reading ever so quietly by flashlight.

    And just when I thought it couldn’t get more intense, the presidential election proved that, yes—Pandora’s Box really IS opening and we here in the United States are going to now deal with the rise of the fear-based subconscious mind and the pride-filled collective ego as it gleefully seeks retribution, destruction of ecological and heart-based developments, and works to isolate us from the rest of the world.

    So this is our segue into 2017!

    As has been my habit for many years, I take the first day of the year in retreat. I meditate, write in my journal, focus on what is brewing, and what seems to want to materialize at various levels. I first focused on where my own life might go. There was information there, which I dutifully wrote down, but it soon dawned on me that it all might be bullshit. As I contemplated the new endeavors, I saw that these things were projections from what I’d already accomplished; it was all based on “old” linear perception. And I was just plain bored with repeating my patterns, and with thinking that way. Part of this relates to the idea that when you establish a momentum with your work, other people expect you to keep it up, in the same vein. And part of you wants to please them. And how often do we question that progression?

    As I cast my attention out ahead along that “line” into the “future,” I remembered that there are no more lines, there is no more future—there are only potential realities at higher frequencies in my present-moment “sphere,” and they can materialize easily when I place undivided attention on them. I also reminded myself that my little brain doesn’t always know the full plan, that I-the-soul do know what needs to happen next and I will deliver it, with the help of many others who are cocreating with me.

    It was then that I felt my new reality—ABOVE ME—not out ahead of me. I could feel it slowly, steadily descending until it would synch up with my present moment here on earth and the reality would seem to suddenly reshape itself. I couldn’t “make” it happen, I didn’t need any intentions for the year, I just needed to get out of the way. It would be fun to be surprised.

    So I began a process of feeling into the patterns I have been inhabiting: the problems or karma I think I have, the way I teach and work with people, the motivations for my work, my habits and addictions, opinions, unconscious areas of avoidance, explanations for why things have happened to me, things I think I should want, regrets, recriminations, incompletions, and talents I’ve identified as “mine.”

    And then, one by one, I began to vaporize them in my mind and feel them dissolve out of me back into the unified field, as I no longer “held” them to myself in that old meaningful way. “Maybe I don’t need to complete any karma; all the parts that snagged on rough places, or stuck on sticky places in me—all are gone; they didn’t and don’t stop any part of my energy. It’s just human stuff—petty human stuff. We’re bigger than that.” I wrote: “I do not hold! I do not prefer that action.”

    And there I was—back in the first womb, the cocoon in the field of collective consciousness, that is the real family, the big pre-birth state—just raw material ready to trust “the artist.” A friend of mine the day before had told me that her 4-year-old asked her, “Who made me?” And she said, “Why, your daddy and I made you.” And her son said, “Yes, but who was the artist?”

    I like that idea: that we are works of art. That we and our lives are sacred, being constantly birthed out of the original energy-and-consciousness cocoon, out of the diamond light that is even beyond mathematics.

    So back to 2017. Numerologically it is a universal One year, the beginning of a new nine-year cycle. 2016 was a Nine, a completion year, a gestation year, a letting-go year. Now there is new individuation. Who do you want to be? How do you want to feel? What experience do you want to have—how deeply do you want to be engaged—as your inspirations come to you and Penney Peirce’s 2017 Letter flow into materialization and then back out again?

    3 __________________________________________________ _______________

    Though conditions in the world are looking incredibly dramatic and possibly primed for increased violence and rebellion, I keep coming back to the fact that we are face-to-face with a powerful, important personal choice. Do I give in to fear and match the vibration of negativity in the world? Do I indulge in adrenaline addiction? Do I engage in opposition and conflict and either fight and avoid the things I don’t like? Or, do I hold steady in my home frequency and experience of the true things of spirit—the way the universal principles behave, so harmoniously and compassionately—knowing that the spiritual world is actually inside the physical world? Knowing that I-the-soul inhabit me-the-personality? Right now. 100 percent. All the time.

    Politically, in the United States, we are seeing the beginning of a great purge. I wrote on Facebook last November that the new administration “sets the vibration of the country to revolution and there are going to be a number of varieties of revolt. We are challenged now to not add to the chaos that is sure to ensue. We must be proponents of absolute clarity. "

    I have been saying that the subconscious of individuals and the country is opening and spewing denied fear, and that this is a positive thing; for fear to be cleared, it must be seen. The candidates represented or symbolized much of this rising fear in its various disguises, and I feel that a majority of the country is still relatively in the dark, not wanting to deal with their own hatreds, rigid beliefs, and narcissism. The sweep of conservative thinking is perhaps a way for that fear-based worldview to truly shoot itself in the foot, to see how it doesn't work, even for those who have viciously perpetuated it. The rest of the world will be evolving while our government lives in its cozy little self-absorbed reality, and soon it will be eclipsed.

    “It will be interesting to watch the revolts occur: when women no longer have control of their bodies, when the environment is treated with disrespect, when health care deteriorates, when jobs really don't improve, when the housing market suffers, when a President can be sued for not paying his own employees and molesting women, for not paying taxes or being truly invested in this country. Will his own people eventually force him out? One thing is for certain, we are in for radically changing times. And that means we must come up through the cracks in the old forms with new perception and relentless innovation. “

    We've got to look more deeply into this and see the underlying reason for the external occurrences. What's REALLY happening in the energy-and-consciousness realms? How is this is symptom of a greater trend toward evolution and enlightenment?”

    It may be necessary to speak truth to power (and ignorance) without going into fight mode, by working intelligently with real facts, not fake news, and with compassionate truth, not overly soft, rose-colored-glasses, namby-pamby niceness. It may be necessary to be relentless in the demand for ethics and transparency.

    2017 feels as though it is a turning point year. A year of choice, as I said before. It’s time to stop postponing yourself by indulging in excuses about why you are the way you are and how long it’s going to take to heal. You are your soul right now. Focus on that. Commit to that. And walk on through the chaos and stupidity and cruelty that is sure to arise as the collective ego death process gets underway. With your posture tall and your head level. Let your light shine, let people walk through your diamond light energy field and feel refreshed.

    Let others of like vibration appear out of your field. There will be a convening of soul friends as Penney Peirce’s 2017 Letter never before, and there will be the instigation of new collective, cocreated projects that serve both the players and the audience. Let the networking begin! And let the frequency-matching begin in a very conscious way. Don’t sacrifice yourself by matching people, groups, and endeavors that are below your vibration. They can be in your life, just don’t hold down your own light to make them comfortable.

    4 __________________________________________________ _______________

    Be willing to be blank, in liminal space. Give yourself some quiet. And in that quiet, trust. Trust you-the-soul to guide you-the-personality, trust the Flow to move you, trust the collective consciousness of all beings to cocreate with you perfectly, trust the ideas that come, the experiences you have, the recipients of your creations.

    If you experience events that seem unfair, as though you are at the effect of dominators and petty tyrants, or cold-hearted, unconscious people, just keep walking; strike the tuning fork tone of your true Self and let it hum. Let them act out, let their contortions and manipulations show for what they really are, in contrast to your clarity and goodness. The continuing acceleration of energy on the planet and in all forms will soon move to a point beyond what allows that kind of negativity to seem so real. The defensive behaviors in politics and in ordinary life, that look like control, deception, aggression, and destruction will soon seem incredibly stupid and antiquated. Even people who supported the rise of this “purge” will doubt the direction it’s heading.

    We have to trust the energy; it brings with it higher consciousness. So just take care of your own alignment with the acceleration first. Build that habit. Then get together with others who are doing the same thing. This will produce a year of great innovation, a flow that ascends as older realities descend.

    Inelia Benz

    This year is a very important year for all human beings on Earth. In this newsletter, I will give a summary of why it is an important year for us, what I can see, and also share what I will be doing personally from 2017 onward.

    Firstly, since around mid 2016, there have been waves of intensity that last about three months each, peaking at the end before they release and start again. These waves seem to be affecting people in different ways. The nature of the last wave, the one at the end of 2016, was of light/dark both pushing against each other and pulling away from each other both at a personal level and a social level.

    The wave that started at the end of December, and is going forward into 2017, is uncomfortable only if we are holding onto low frequency vibrations, actions, habits and relationships.

    It is time to commit to embodying the new paradigm, making no more excuses for low frequency thoughts, emotions or actions for ourselves or others, and it is time to drop all the stories that have validated our engagement in low frequency experiences. I talk about what this means and how to go about it extensively in the video.

    At Walk With Me Now we have co-created a High Frequency Emergency First Aid Kit to help us pull out of pain, suffering and stress. Download the files and keep the links handy so you can have access to it whenever you get sucked into low frequency engagements. Eventually, by having the intention to minimize negative interactions and experiences, we will train ourselves to automatically pull away from those energies instantly, and eventually they won’t even come into our reality.

    There are three important energies that came into the human collective in 2016, that we can map to and integrate in 2017:

    1. Unification - becoming one with each other in the intent, action and creation of a reality that is supportive, nurturing, caring and abundant for all people of the planet.

    2. Healing the hurt - actively healing the hurt we have in our lives, culturally, familial, social, and physical to then be able to act and do from a place of wholeness and joy.

    3. Commitment - commit 100% to embodying the new paradigm, release all excuses for ourselves and others for actions that hurt ourselves or others. Actively step into a high frequency experience of reality.

    For a more indepth look, I created a video:

    Learning and practicing intuitive discernment replaces rigidly held belief systems with flexibility and confidence to express your freedom of choice.

    It is each person's responsibility to clear their body of emotional blocks (using the Giveaway, etc.) so that the process of higher self integration into your physical body can begin. Beliefs are fleeting during this period of change. It is wise to hold them lightly. Mind, Body and Spirit are becoming ONE

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