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Thread: An ongoing Chris Thomas thread for those who resonate with his alternative view of reality and history

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    And I am you and what I see is me...
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    This is interesting in regards to proto-humans Greenbarry. C.T. says the "Yeti" on the Russo/China border are Neanderthal. Wish they'd stop using that computer voice though.

    “It’s Not Gravity, It’s Conscious Agreement.” Chris Thomas

    It is each person's responsibility to clear their body of emotional blocks so that the process of higher self integration into your physical body can begin. Beliefs are fleeting during this period of change. It is wise to hold them lightly. Mind, Body and Spirit are becoming ONE

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    nice video.. thanks Herbert!.. and just wow that Putin seen what he did. also, in what he is doing to preserve the habitat for thair survival.

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    It's fun to read the interviews. I know he repeats a lot of stuff but there is always something to gain.

    Thx for all the hard work.

    I never looked at CT as a guru. He is the only source I know of that mixes the true history with healing/medical info etc.

    My own personal experiences were understood because of his work. I imagine he helped a lot of people in this way now that I think about it. Hope he musters the energy to write another essay someday.

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    Does anyone recall the essay, or interview, where CT was glad he rattled the V cage? Or something like that. Even then it struck me as gutsy. Who else stood up to those butt munches? Imagine one of those 13 foot tall sicktards with their smell heads in your face?

    the dude showed a lot of courage to stand up to them and I for one want to say thank you. I tell them to stay he hell away from me but that is my limit. Maybe it is better than encouraging them...

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    I am sorry for posting twice in a day. However, this is good. I invented a new demographic based on "flat Earthers."

    My buddy was piping off about how he cannot stand "flat Earthers" and I was telling him about the Earth is a soul that built a planet around Herself. He started piping off I was delusional and needed help. While that is up for consideration he continued with "it" is a dead rock and not a female.

    I told him She creates all the life as self expression and the Creator makes the soul. He told me Jesus created all of it.

    I asked him how much he had been smoking and to get a clue. He told me I was an asshole.

    I ghen dubbed him a "Dead Earther." I done fid good. He is a dead Earther. What a tard! Lol

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    I'm so pleased. I have started a whole new movement. "Dead Earthers." It's beautiful. It will be embraced by all religions as it masks the real truth. It's perfect for them.

    Why is it significant to this thread? Because it shows the shear insanity of the opposite of what CT has written. It shows a point of view that is absurd. Dead Earthers believe:

    1) the planet is not alive. It is a dead rock.
    2) the planet is not a "she" it is an "it."
    3) a tax free organized religion that you pay money too for 1600 years is in charge of your soul/fate.
    4) all life was created by an invisible being and his Father and women had nothing to do with it.
    5) this invisible being that everyone has been waiting for 2000 years to show up is the only one that can do it for you because it is IMPOSSIBLE for you to do it on your own.
    6) the Creator and Jesus listen and know all thoughts of every human being alive at all times and manipulate sports favoring one athlete over the other.
    7) the universe and the Earth are a byproduct of swirling gases and a bing bang where everything magically halted and topped in perfect harmony and orbit all based on randomness stopping suddenly.
    8) if you don't accept this invisible being you will burn in fire, snort flies, inhale spiders, be bitten by rats etc. till time runs out.


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    Ha ha Orbs..."butt munch"..haven't heard that one in awhile. And LOL! "Dead Earther". I could really go to town with you on religion bashing but keeping that contained at the moment. I have a strong feeling the future one world religion will be Earth worship so I am observing how it will play out. Got to get rid of those pesky "man in the sky" religions first.

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    Hey Anatasia, I'm glad I made you laugh. I see you are in on the beginning of the thread and are a "live Earther."

    Not many of us in this thread but I bet you would agree there are a lot of "Live Earthers" out there that never read s word from CT. You know, the indigenous people. The Celtics etc.

    They know She is alive.

    Thx for seeing the humor in the insanity. It is ironic that people pay religion for lies and there CT essays etc. for FREE.

    Truth is cheap if you know where to look.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orbs View Post
    Hey Anatasia, I'm glad I made you laugh. I see you are in on the beginning of the thread and are a "live Earther."

    Not many of us in this thread but I bet you would agree there are a lot of "Live Earthers" out there that never read s word from CT. You know, the indigenous people. The Celtics etc.

    They know She is alive.

    Thx for seeing the humor in the insanity. It is ironic that people pay religion for lies and there CT essays etc. for FREE.

    Truth is cheap if you know where to look.
    She is alive, well and has agency. NWO is on its way out. She and Hers will prevail.
    "To learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize" -- Voltaire

    "Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people."-- Eleanor Roosevelt

    "Misery loves company. Wisdom has to look for it." -- Anonymous

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    What's the deal with CT writing the Earth charged up all Her crystal deposits? My real question is what impact the asset stripping/mining has had on these deposits?

    This seems important to me...

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    Thx Sandra. My question is how has the asset stripping - mining of crystal deposits - affected these crystal "batteries?"

    I am just curious. It seems a lot of these deposits would be mined by now.

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    Please keep in mind that the information presented by Chris Thomas comes from events recorded in the Akashic.

    It is not anybody’s ideas or theories or imaginings, which is more than we can say for a lot of science and archaeology in their current state, religion, textbook history and a large percentage of societal beliefs, unknowingly based on originally channelled messages.

    In his 8 history books Chris exposes the disinformation, deception and confusion that has become part of human “reality”. Reading his books will leave you with a strong discernment capability. Your own confidence and inner trust in recognizing the truth will be magnified. You may find that you view reality in a very different, more mature light.

    His books will broaden your mind and perspective.

    Chris did 13 interviews between June 2009 and December 2013. The article posted above by Sandra "The Earth – A Progress Report" includes a short summary of the number 13:

    “The number thirteen has been held, for many years, particularly by those of the Christian faith, to be unlucky. This is not the case. The Christian tradition arose from the Vatican and the French King destroying the original Knights Templar on Friday the 13th of October 1307 (see Project Human Extinction).

    Thirteen is, in fact, the Universal whole number. When given free reign, all components of soul energy frequencies add up to thirteen. It is the number used by the Creator to express wholeness.

    In order to hide the significance of the number thirteen, the Vatican, and therefore all Christians, made the number “sinful” in order to hide its true significance from the general population.” Chris Thomas

    The article goes on to point out the prominence of '13' in the Mayan calendar.


    This is, unfortunately, the last interview, since the vicious psychic attacks have become too frequent for him to continue his work.

    In reading over the following linked information “This is What the Secret Government Doesn’t Want You to Know – The Black Budget” it becomes obvious why they desperately wanted to silence Chris Thomas and discourage purchase of his books.

    Firehorse: “While reading this, I was suddenly struck at how dangerous CT really is to these people. As long as he stayed a Psychic Healer, they didn't mess with him (I assume; he worked happily, unencumbered for 30 years). A Psychic Healer is easily ignored when the majority of people still pray to the allopathic gods. But, when he started writing, speaking...about things other than "healing"...oh boy. And, if they are unsuccessful at murder, neutralization works well enough...esp. with "outside" help.”


    The following interview was done with Robert Stanley of Unicus Radio. In parts of this interview Chris presents, in context, an in-depth explanation for what has been described by David Icke as “Reptilian humans” or “Human Lizards”.

    C.T. explains, based on what has been recorded in the Akashic, that there have been 2 very real sources for this phenomenon.

    I will be posting the interview here in 4 parts as time allows.

    Here are the audios, in 4 parts, of the last Robert Stanley interview with Chris Thomas, each part followed by a transcript:

    Chris Thomas

    Chris Thomas with Robert Stanley
    December 2013
    PART 1 Audio

    PART 1

    R.S. Our special guest tonight is Chris Thomas, he’s returning tonight to speak with us from Wales. He has some more information he would like to share with us, which I am very grateful to hear. Chris welcome back to the program, how are you this evening?

    C.T. I’m very well Robert, it’s nice to be back, thanks for asking me back on.


    R.S. Oh my pleasure. Now what you had sent me in an e-mail was fascinating about the 14th Faction but I think we need to give people some context as to what that means exactly.

    C.T. Yea sure. It’s actually a strange subject this whole thing with the Aliens and the Alien races is a strange enough subject to start with. The 14th Faction is just a little bit further out there I think but it certainly is something the Akashic has recorded clearly and it has had a major impact on the universe as a whole but it has also had an impact on Earth and events that have occurred on Earth.

    It [the 14th Faction] certainly is, as far as I can track, the origin of this concept of there being reptilian races. Everybody seems to have latched onto for several years now that there are Reptilians everywhere, reptilians ruling everything, the Queen Elizabeth being a reptilian.

    R.S. Yea that’s David Icke.

    [THE QUEEN MOTHER, chose to use the 14th Faction lizard energies to remove other’s free will. Whilst living to an age of 102 years, she dominated the royal family in private but maintained her public persona as a sweet elderly grandmother to those who could not psychically see her shadow vibration.]

    C.T. Yea, David Icke. So there’s an awful lot of confusion around about Alien races, about who exists within the universe, if they’ve had interaction with events or people on Earth, and so what I wanted to do is try and clarify a lot of the disinformation that’s out there and misinformation that’s out there and how people think of things. But the 14th Faction is as I say even a little bit further out there but it’s quite an important aspect of all this Alien material. (2:13)

    People keep coming up to me saying, “I was told that I am a reptilian drake or hybrid”, or something along those lines, and you sort of think, “Well where on earth did something like that come from?” and if you start researching into UFO races or Alien races, what you come up with is that there has got to be 10 or 15 thousand different races listed out there if you talk to people, you know. And it’s a phenomenal number and it’s ridiculous.

    Most of that is totally disinformation, and is channelled material, that’s come from the race that we were talking about the last time, the Velon, deliberately intended to mislead people. And so a huge amount of this disinformation is just literally that – it’s intended to mislead, cause problems, cause difficulties with people on Earth, because of the kind of agenda that the Velon have.

    But when it comes to this Reptilian thing, it seems to be a core thing that’s been running through for many years now, and in fact there is a certain truth to it. But it’s not what people seem to think or how they understand it.

    So if we start from the beginning, shall we say…

    The universe that we inhabit is not the only universe that exists…I’m not talking about multi-verses of the sort that cosmologists, or the quantum physicists talk about, they don’t really exist. But what I mean is physical [separate] universes do exist.

    The significance of our universe is exploring the thought – a sort of “What if?” – So you have this Creationary Source sort of rolling around whatever space he’s in…going…”what would happen if I did this?”…and that’s what the universe is set up to do. It’s literally an energy envelope that allows that thought to be explored. And our universe is literally exploring the concept of ‘freedom of choice’.

    So every soul that exists within this universe is created with that ability to freely choose their actions. There is only one universal law as it were, which is you cannot act in such a way that removes someone else’s freedom to choose. So essentially everything is allowable if you don’t break that one rule.

    As I say, there are other universes and the universe near to ours was about the exact opposite: “What if every soul has the ability to remove freedom of choice? How does that work?”

    And it doesn’t work very well as it turns out. From what I can find out about it, that universe is in a state of collapse because essentially it’s finished, it is imploding in on itself. But some time ago the beings that exist within that universe, some of them, found a way of breaking into our universe by constructing what cosmologists would call a WORMHOLE, which is theoretically a back to back BLACK HOLE. So it is essentially a two-way tube that connects two regions of space together. So what these beings managed to do was to create a wormhole into our universe to try and obtain as much energy as possible, from our universe to maintain their position in their universe, which they knew was beginning its state of collapse.

    And that’s what they did was to break into this universe. Now when that wormhole opened a certain number of souls who were on their way to Earth to take on human form, got caught in the blast, and basically they were contaminated by the energy patterns of that other universe. So into a universe that is built around energy patterns of freedom of choice, these 33,000 souls altogether, on their way to earth, got caught in this blast which allowed them to take freedom of choice away. Which is not very good when it comes to a universe of freedom of choice.

    [Bush chose to use 14th Faction lizard energies for removing other’s free will, but lost those powers in 2002 when the Black Holes were closed and the 14th Faction lizard energies were permanently evicted from our universe. These infected soul energies could not be passed on to children through DNA, but the contaminated soul had free will to choose to use them in each successive lifetime.]

    Now because it’s a universe of freedom of choice these 33,000 had a choice of whether they made use of those energy patterns or not, and most of them didn’t I’m glad to say or we’d have had some even bigger problems. Now not so many of them but a few of them did and many of them did not come to Earth for a very long time. No one knows where they went. Once they got caught in this blast they seemed to disappear for a while and it’s proven impossible to track down precisely where they went.

    So the first signs we ever saw of it on Earth was Alexander the Great. He was the first person to ever conquer, if you like.

    Alexander the Great, the first of 8,000 infected souls to actually accept and make use of the 14th Faction lizard energies

    The Way it was Prior to the Arrival of the 14th Faction lizard Energy- Infected Human Souls

    If you look through human history, proper human history I mean, not the rubbish you get told in school, the way we lived was we lived in sort of tribal societies shall we say… sort of extended families like clans if you like. That was then a clan village and the clan had a territory and had its resources for growing food and hunting and water supply, and everything. We very rarely had any conflict between neighbouring clans. Because each of them was aware of the resources that they had and going around killing people was not part of their culture.

    If you look into the type of culture we had then, you are looking at for example, if you did something against the tribal rules then you would need to work for that family for a certain length of time. Almost a period of imprisonment as it were, but instead of locking you away somewhere, you were forced to work on the clan’s behalf but your family didn’t suffer. There was always communal storage and communal supplies so your family was always fed and it was just the person who caused the problem that was punished for it. That’s the kind of culture that there was.

    A Recognizable Pattern of Removing Human Free Will Was Set
    Using 14th Faction Energies

    All of a sudden, into that, came Alexander the Great who was all of a sudden deciding what he was going to do was to start conquering all of the planet, of all of the planet that he could get hold of. So we’re looking at about 320BC.

    So he started trying to take over massive areas of the planet so that he could control everything that occurred.

    That really was the first time in human history that we’d seen somebody with that kind of intention – using energy patterns that literally were alien to life on Earth.

    The first signs we ever saw of it on Earth was with Alexander the Great around 320BC

    Alexander the Great conquered territories in Red

    And then following that of course we had the Roman Empire, because they basically followed Alexander the Great’s pattern.

    The Roman Empire Ruled by Caesar Augustus to 14 AD Using 14 Energies

    The Roman Empire Under Trajan 117AD Using 14 Energies

    And then you have, it seems to me, the Vatican has been doing the same thing for the last 1500 years trying to control everybody on the planet.

    Ignatius Loyola founder of the Jesuit Order 1541

    And then you have things like the European monarchs taking over territories, inter-territorial wars and all that sort of stuff.

    And all kinds of people using an ability to remove freedom of choice, because if you go around killing people you’re not allowing them to choose how there life goes.

    [Arnaud Amoray, other Cistercian Abbots and St. Dominic (with a halo) crush helpless Cathars underfoot – a sanitized version of the persecution of the Cathars. The Albigensian Crusade or Cathar Crusade (1209–1229) was a 20-year military campaign initiated by Pope Innocent III to eliminate Catharism in Languedoc, in the south of France. The Crusade was prosecuted primarily by the French crown. Innocent claimed to have been given the whole world to rule over by God, and succeeded in extending the papacy's feudal power, acquiring as fiefs Portugal, Aragon, Hungary and England.]

    For more on Pope Innocent III:

    So that’s really how it began but the real change we started to see on the planet more than anything else was in the mid to late 1760’s with the Industrial Revolution.

    So if you think of what the 14th Faction came into this universe to do was to strip as much of the resources out of this universe as possible, take it back to their universe and use the energy patterns to maintain their position within their universe.

    When you look at the Industrial Revolution, what you have is the first time the humans turned on the Earth.

    Up until that point we only used what was available to us. There was nothing on a mass scale, no mass destruction, no mass manufacturing, nothing like that. Only at the start of the Industrial Revolution, as I said in the mid to late 1700”s did the whole attitude on the planet change, or at least the attitude of the Industrialists changed.

    Bosses of the Senate

    So it was the people behind the Industrial Revolution who started to make full use of this energy the 14th Faction brought in with them. So these are these souls who got caught in the blast, and became contaminated by the energy patterns that the 14th Faction brought with them.

    Giants of Industry also known as the Robber Barons USED 14TH FACTION ENERGY TO REMOVE FREE WILL

    How Chris Thomas Works

    I suppose I ought to explain a little bit about how I work, really, with things. What I do is read energy patterns. On a simple level I can walk into a field and I can tell you where the water courses are, where the wells are, if there is any ancient artifacts buried – just by reading the energy patterns that exist within that field. And then when it comes to people, as a psychic surgeon, I look to see all the energy patterns that are going on within the body and where the health problems lie because there are energy depletions of the energy patterns within the body.

    The E.T. Races

    But what I can also do is tell you from which part of the universe you originate from. Within the universe there are effectively 13 races. 6 of them are entirely non-physical, they are pure soul energy, they have no physical bodies, no physical structures whatsoever. Now the vast majority of the people on the Earth, in a biblical sense I suppose you could call them ‘Angels’. This is where the concept of Angelic material comes from, these non-physical beings, these pure soul energy beings who have a purity about them. All of those 6 races were created about 100 Million years ago. So basically the vast majority of people who exist on Earth, on a soul level are 100 Million years old.

    Then you have the semi-physical races, there are 7 of those altogether. Now the semi-physical races DO have physical bodies, physical structures, to each other they are as physical as we are to each other. But to us, we might get an image of them, an impression of them, but for most people they wouldn’t even get that, UNLESS these beings of the semi-physical races made a choice to alter their semi-physical energy patterns so that they did become physical to us. This is why when UFO’s turn up in our solar system sometimes we can see them and sometimes we can’t. And sometimes why se can see an alien and sometimes we can’t. It’s because of what they are doing with their energy patterns.

    So, as I say, what I do with people is read the energy patterns so what I can see within some people is where their soul origin is – are they one of the 6 non-physical races or are they one of the 7 semi-physical races? This why, from my own experience of 35 years working with people, I can say that really we only have 7 semi-physical races that exist in regions where they would require craft to travel around in, like UFO’s.

    So opinions that most people have is that, I speak of these 7 races, but they are given through channelling misinformation that there are several thousand of these races. So I can see why at times it would become a bit confusing when I can see what’s going on within people and within the Akashic. And as to what is going on with all these other Alien races and where do they come in? So what people talk about when they talk about all these other Alien races, really, they do not exist.

    But let me give you an example, there are a race of beings that come form the star system we cal the Pleiades, so most people have heard of the Pleiadians. Now I’ve had people come to me and say that they’ve done some research or they’ve been told by medians that their soul origin is Ummite or something like that. Now there are a race of beings who do call themselves Ummites, in fact they did contact a lot of people on Earth some years ago by writing very polite letters to them. Now Ummites are one of the races recognized by UFO watchers, but from my point of view, what I see in them is the energy patterns, their energy signature if you like, of where they originate from. And where the Ummite originate from originally is from the Pleiadean race.

    The Ummo Documents

    So the Ummites are actually Pleiadean in soul origin but they happen to live on a planet that is not necessarily part of the Pleiadean system. That becomes even more confusing in some respects but from my point of view, what I’ve tried to do is stick to the point of soul origin, the soul energy signature that these beings have, because it’s a lot easier to understand where they are from and what their intentions are. I tend to ignore all the other thousands of names that are out there because of that problem that most people have in recognizing who these beings are – or even if they exist at all.

    R.S. You know in what you wrote to me in your most recent e-mail you said that Black Holes were collapsing and why is that?

    C.T. That has to do with the 14th Faction and the way in which they functioned. They broke into this universe in order to obtain as much energy from our universe as they could possibly take. Now in order to do that they brought with them what I can only describe as IMPLOSSION DEVICES. These are strange looking things, they’ve never been seen before in this universe, nobody’s ever developed anything like them. Some of them are quite large, I mean the ones free-floating in space were several hundred feet, yards long, something like that. And what they were was an energy shell which contained nothing, I mean absolutely nothing, so what you are looking at is a state of nothing, there were no energy patterns within this device, just an energy shell.

    So if somebody approached one of these shells to find out what it was, it would implode. What it did was to use the energy of that soul so it would literally destroy that soul and in doing so would create a BLACK HOLE.

    Because Black Holes did not exist in this universe until these other beings turned up. [8,000 Earth years ago

    Now that’s a good one to get your head around because scientists describe Black Holes and you no others have been saying recently that every single cell inside the human body is a black hole in the centre of it and all this sort of stuff.

    But if you go back to Steven Hawking’s work on Black Holes, which is how he made his name in science, he described them quite well in saying they are basically hollow tubes, and the way Einstein who was the first to work with Black Holes with his space/time theories – that basically what a Black Hole is was a collapsed star that attracted into it, because its gravitational pull was so huge, that it attracted into it everything that was within its range. So any of the star matter material, energy patterns, whatever it was within its range got sucked into this Black Hole and chucked out somewhere else. (20:35) Except nobody had ever identified where the somewhere else was.

    But what these black holes actually did was exactly that, it drew as much energy as it could into itself and it discharged it to where the 14th Faction could make use of it to transport it back to their universe.

    R.S. So it is a wormhole from this universe to the other universe. They’re just like a parasite sucking specific types of energy out. O,K, so when did the collapse start to occur and why did that happen?

    C.T. Well obviously having this bizarre race turn up in our universe and having them bringing energies with them that were the exact opposite to the energies that this universe was made from was not a good idea as far as this universe was concerned. And really no one had an answer to it, there was no way of fighting them because all they had to do was say No, because they could remove freedom of choice. So it took a long time to work out a way of dealing with them and the problems that they brought with them.

    Into this comes TIME I’m afraid, and time is pretty bizarre stuff. Now I can’t really explain all the interactions in terms of time sequences because there just doesn’t seem to be a way of unwrapping them. When the wormhole was first created into our universe, that was 3.5 Million years ago but at the same time, to protect our solar system – there is something very, very special about our solar system – the universe shut off any access into our solar system to prevent the 14th Faction from gaining access to it. In human history terms, that occurred 8,000 years ago.

    So somehow or other, events happening on Earth 8,000 years ago relate to an event occurring in the universe 3.5 million years ago.

    So if you can find a way of explaining that then I really would like to know because I’ve never been able to get to the bottom of that. I’ve been trying to work that one out for quite a few years and I really can’t. I mean you could explain it to a certain extent because in order for us to be physical on the planet that we live on in our solar system, then energy patterns are highly condensed, and we see LIGHT travelling at 186,000 miles per second. Once you get outside our solar system then the energy patterns are not as condensed as they are with us, so light travels at much faster speeds. Therefore TIME exists at different levels and in different forms in different regions of the universe, depending upon how the ENERGY PATTERNS within that region work.

    So events that occur on Earth that take 100 years as far as we’re concerned, can for the semi-physical races take 1,000 years and for the non-physical races it can take 1 Million years. So in relation to each other a Million year event in the non-physical races would, as far as they’re concerned, or they would experience it as being 100 years here on Earth.

    So they experience TIME, in some respects, much faster than we experience it. But in some respects the fact that they are immortal, or they will last as long as this universe lasts, for them TIME happens much more slowly. (24:35)
    [Two papers, published in the European Physics Journal D in March, attempt to derive the speed of light from the quantum properties of space itself. Both propose somewhat different mechanisms, but the idea is that the speed of light might change as one alters assumptions about how elementary particles interact with radiation. Both treat space as something that isn't empty, but a great big soup of virtual particles that wink in and out of existence in tiny fractions of a second.]

    Speed of light varies with where you are in the universe

    PART 2 DECEMBER 2013




    R.S. What does it look like when you are reading the Akashic Record Chris? How could you describe that to us?

    C.T. It’s a vortex. It’s a vortex of energy. Each event creates a vortex event in the space/time continuum (to use a scientific term). If you think of the fabric of space, then the event that is recorded in the Akashic is a vortex of energy that involves a number of inter-connected dimensions.


    The Power of the Vortex

    Now dimensions is something that most people don’t really understand. A dimension is an energy. So if you think of a radio dial, and you have stations that exist at certain points around the dial, and they exist at certain marked frequencies. The frequency between one marked spot on the dial and the next marked spot on the dial, you can think of that as being a dimension.

    So a dimension contains all of the energy patterns that went beneath that dimension but doesn’t connect to all of the energy patterns that go above that dimension.

    R.S. Sort of like a note on a scale?

    C.T. Yes that’s another good way of putting it. So each of those notes have a frequency and that’s all a dimension is a set of frequencies that add up to one note and then the next note has a bunch of frequencies that add up to itself. So that’s all a dimension is. (1:39)

    So if you look at the universe as a whole what we have within the universe is an energy potential of 39 to the power of 39 dimensions, so that’s the number 39 with 39 zeros after it. That’s how much energy is contained within this universe.

    And then you compare that to our solar system, we have an energy bubble around us to compact the energies that make us relate to physical frequencies, and that energy bubble contains 396 dimensions.

    Those are the kind of limitations we operate under whereas outside our solar system the energy patterns for dimensional levels available will vary depending on what region of space you are in.

    And this is what the Akashic does. For each region of space, the energy patterns of an event imprint themselves into a vortex form with the energy patterns within a particular region, so each region of space has its own Akashic. But they also inter-link if you like into the whole universal Akashic.


    R.S. What I’m curios about is how would you describe the appearance of it? When you are reading it what are you seeing in your mind’s eye?

    C.T. Right. That’s a little more difficult to describe. If you are psychic for example, and you are used to having psychic awareness, then if … there are a lot of psychic herbalists out there, for example, who are able to look at a plant and they can tell you immediately what its properties are and how it will help to heal the human body. Now they don’t go into that plant and investigate and go well it got this chemical and that chemical and that chemical, they know instantly what that plant is because effectively they’re communicating with that plant. The plant is saying to them: “I have these properties.”.

    So when I go into the Akashic then that’s what I get, is a similar response. The Akashic says to me: “what is it that you’re looking for?” “What information are you looking FOR?” And then I can isolate that region of history or event within the history, and KNOW what it’s about, or KNOW what it has to say, so it’s a KNOWING as opposed to a read.

    Once an event has been recorded in the Akashic, it cannot be taken out nor can it be changed. Once the energy patterns are set, they’re set. They cannot be varied or altered at all.

    R.S. Are they absolutely permanent or if this universe dissipates at some point will those records be lost?

    C.T. Well if you think of the universe as being the Creationary Source or whatever you want to call it, because it’s not male or female, it’s an IT. If you encompass every energy pattern that can ever be then you can only be an IT. So the universe exists because it wants an answer to the question that it asked, which means that it brought this universe into existence to explore that question. That’s what the Akashic is there for and why the Akashic is a PERMANENT record; because this is the answer that is going back to the Creator as and when this universe collapses.

    That is what the AKASHIC actually is, is the MEMORY OF THIS UNIVERSE to say: “well this is what we explored on your behalf”; it’s not even an understanding because there’s nothing added to it, there’s no critic of it, it’s just purely and simply: these are the events that occurred.

    R.S. What do you think about time manipulation, there is somebody who said something was going to occur on September 9th, allegedly an RFID chip was found in Napoleon’s skull. This is something that reportedly it was placed there by people travelling back in time. Have you heard anything about this Chris?

    C.T. I’ve never heard of this. An I.D. in Napoleon’s skull eh, that could explain a lot!

    R.S. Yes that would explain why he seemed a bit mad but allegedly this is one of the reasons he lost Waterloo and things went off on a different tangent thus creating a different but PARALLEL TIMELINE to the base timeline.

    C.T. Right … I hate these things about parallel timelines. They don’t exist. It’s not possible. Think of it this way, we are in this universe to experience and report our learning sometime in the far distant future BACK to the Creationary Source. Now if we had parallel timelines we’d never learn anything. Because all we would do is shift over to the other life and say well I don’t like what’s going on in this life, I’ll shift to a parallel timeline and avoid all the issues that I’m supposed to be going through in this one. And that way you never learn anything because you keep avoiding the issue. You’d keep avoiding the lessons.


    R.S. And you also said in some of your earlier writings that I read about the Velon, that they travelled, even though they just came here 300 years ago, they travelled back in time to ancient Sumeria and whatever, and they planted certain information or IDEAS to make themselves look like more substantial or essentially to DEIFY THEMSELVES in the records. The Earthly records right? So that obviously affected our timeline that we’re on but you’re saying that it didn’t create any parallel timelines, it just affected the one that we’re all on.

    C.T. Yes, you can travel back in time because obviously the events that occurred in the past have actually happened. Therefore there is something to travel to. Theoretically you can then travel from the time you travelled back to, [forward] to the present point where you left. The Velon could not manage that. They actually stayed on Earth in that 5,000 year time period and actually had to travel through time in the same way everybody else did. So they travelled back 5,000 years but they couldn’t travel forward again.

    Because IF their plans had worked, then they would have altered future events AND as future events have not happened, you cannot travel to them. The group of Velon that travelled back in time had to stay within that time, and not travel forwards again.

    R.S. So what was the benefit then of what they [the Annunaki] did by going back in time? Was there any benefit for them?

    C.T. Well we’re used to seeing the body living 7 score years and 10 which is a 70 or 80 year lifespan. Then the soul dies, leaves the body and at some future point we build another body to live another lifetime. For the semi-physical races it is very different. Their soul is integral to the body. You cannot kill a semi-physical being without destroying its soul. If the semi-physical being is killed, the body is physically destroyed, the soul has no where to live and therefore it cannot continue.

    So in other words the semi-physical races are pretty much 30 Million years old. So the soul entered the body 30 Million years ago and it has remained there ever since. So the bodies that the Aliens have are effectively 30 Million years old. But they are self-regenerating, they don’t break down, they don’t dissolve or anything. They are the same soul within the same body as they were when they first came into being.

    This is why the semi-physical races have never developed weapons, because they know that if they kill each other they destroy the soul. And that is a big NO, NO as far as anybody is concerned. They live their lives in ways which tend to be in harmony with everything around them.

    R.S. I’m sorry Chris, you’re not talking about the Velons now, you’re just saying that the benevolent ones …

    C.T. ALL of the semi-physical races are the same. (11:10)

    R.S. O.K. but only some of them are the Velons, right?

    C.T. There are 7 semi-physical races and one of those races is the VELON. Originally there were 22 Billion Velon souls within the universe.


    You have the ones that everybody knows, the PLEIADEANS who originate from the Pleiades but have spread out so they have various sub-races all over the place,

    you have those who originate from the star system Sirius [SIRIANS] and again they have spread out to all sorts of regions,

    you have the GREYS which everybody knows about and again they have spread out to all sorts of different places,

    then you have what most UFO watchers would call the BLUES, they’re strange little beings but quite fascinating. They work with a lot of healers on Earth believe it or not. A big interest of theirs is healing and genetics, and they work very closely with the Greys.

    Then you have a CRYSTALLINE RACE, they exist in 2 forms, if you think of a giant quartz crystal just embedded in the landscape, that’s the kind of form that they take. So the soul is literally in that crystal.


    The other form they use is they live in collectives so if you think of a glacier where you have a number of souls living within that glacier form.


    Then there is a race who comes from a star system we’ve catalogued as NGC 584. I came up with a name for it recently but I can’t remember it. But essentially NGC 584 catalogue number. All that means is it’s star system 584 in the (NGC) NEW GENERAL CATALOGUE because we don‘t have a proper name for them. I can’t remember the constellation their home is behind. They are the race that we have had more contact with life on Earth than any other of the races. In appearance what they look like, if you think of a two year old child, you know how tall a two year old child is and the head is proportionately larger than the body, that’s what they look like.

    Apart from the crystal ones they are all basically humanoid.

    The NGC have a reddish-grey skin, predominantly red, but sort of a brownie, red colour. They’re an interesting bunch, what they are is master geneticists. So why I say they have been connected with the Earth for a long time is…say the dinosaurs for example and the Earth wanted to experiment to see what half mammals/half reptiles would look like, the NGC would come to earth and they would work with the genetic patterns of life that existed here and essentially create new life forms – to seek whatever the Earth chose as a consciousness to have living on the planet. (15:10)

    That’s the work they do within the universe. They are exceptionally good at it but they don’t have any agenda, they are only doing it because they love doing it unlike the idiot geneticists we have here on Earth. They’re doing it because they love to do it, and they know how to do it so they work very closely with planets. So any planet within the universe that requires a life form, the NGC are able to work with them to supply whatever form it is.

    R.S. Is this what our ancestors might have called a nature spirit?

    C.T. No. Nature spirits are essentially the SIDHE and the FAERY.

    R.S. So they are indigenous?

    C.T. Yes. So the Sidhe are spelled S-I-D-H-E and pronounced ‘SHEE’. They are the management of the Faeries. They are nature spirits, they work with the plant life on the planet to maintain the integrity of the plants so they are NATURE SPIRITS.

    No the NGC are semi-physical beings who literally create life or create plants or animals to suit whatever conditions there are on the planet that requires new life to live on it.

    In connection with that, the Earth for example, if you look at the diversity of life on Earth, MORE FORMS OF LIFE ON EARTH EXIST THAN THE REST OF THE UNIVERSE PUT TOGETHER. THAT’S HOW THE EARTH IS.

    R.S. Yes the funny part is there’s been so many extinctions and yet there is still so much diversity so there has to be something very special about this place.


    R.S. So it’s like a catalyst is what you are saying.

    C.T. Yes, if you think of the universe as being constructed to answer questions, then the Earth has been used to answer most of the questions that are asked in this universe.

    R.S. Well Chris that would explain why the Velon want to take it over.

    C.T. It’s one of the main reasons yea. Certainly they followed an energy pattern that was aimed towards Earth and was aimed at Earth for a specific job which was helping us with the changes we are going through at the moment.


    R.S. Chris do you know what are these BALLS OF LIGHT that show up, in your perspective who are these beings of light that show up and look like a ball?

    C.T. Laughs. Well there are several ways of looking at that and I could use the familiar UFO put down which is “marsh gas”. You could to a certain extent because if you go into historic accounts of things then you find sort of jack-o-lantern, marsh balls, you know all these kind of things do exist pure and simply as an illuminated energy – a gas formed that is illuminated – for example ball lightening.


    R.S. Communicating devices!

    C.T. Yea, take a CROP FORMATION OR CROP GLYFS, I think they call them these days, they are formed by these balls.

    R.S. I saw that video, yes.

    C.T. I know I’m going to upset a lot of people by saying this but crop formations are NOT formed by Aliens. Some are but very, very few are actually created by Aliens. The vast majority of them are created by the Earth Herself.

    R.S. But the Earth, it’s trying to communicate to us?

    C.T. Partly it is to communicate to us and partly it is to the semi-physical races, beings outside of the Earth.

    R.S. Wow, well that doesn’t upset me at all Chris, I think that’s fascinating.

    C.T. Well there was a classic case a couple of years ago, I can’t remember the exact date now, but the SETI project, Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, they beamed a message out into space and said “oh well it’s going to be thousands of years before it answers because it’s so far away and radio waves only travel so fast, or whatever, BUT THEN A FEW YEARS AGO THE REPLY TURNED UP IN WILTSHIRE IN BRITAIN.

    R.S. Yea near Chip-Holton. [Should be Chilbolton ‘Arecibo message’] [For a very interesting binary code analysis of this message] [More pictures and analysis by Linda Moulton Howe]


    [On Tuesday 21st August 2001 two new crop formations were reported near Chilbolton radio telescope in Hampshire, UK. Both were very impressive looking and consisted of a large number of small 'pixels', which when viewed from the air formed a recognisable shape - unlike many other crop formations.
    One represented a 'human face' and the other resembled a radio transmission that SETI (the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) sent from the Arecibo radio telescope in 1974.]

    R.S. Yes it had to be a “hoax”, right.

    C.T. But that is a perfect example of a crop formation specifically performed by an Alien race as a communication. What the Earth does is communicate in the same way by creating some of these patterns. I mean some of these crop formations are breath taking in their complexity, but the message is aimed outwards as much as anything else. That is the primary reason.

    R.S. Well that makes perfect sense to me, I’d never thought of it that way, I mean obviously it’s a form of communication, although the ones that are hoaxes are obviously not, other than how ignorant some people are, I mean that’ s pretty clear.

    C.T. So that’s what those balls are is energy patterns generated by the Earth herself. You see big cashes of them over fissures that have volcanic activity and you have an ENERGY RELEASE AND YOU GET A LOT OF BALLS FORMING OVER THAT RUPTURE TO THE EARTH’S SURFACE. SO IT’S THE EARTH ENERGY. (21:44)

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    Orbs, I hear you, but have to say I know nothing about it.

    I only have some basic knowledge how mining destroys underground waters (water flows) and takes out coal which is used to produce energy which pollutes the air. The same goes for exploiting oil and gas.

    It is all unnecessary because we can make our energy just by using the power of our sun. It's clean, cheap (if not free) and there's plenty of it.

    I am absolutely against using water as a car fuel. The reasons are known to all sane people.

    I have a question though. Why does the Earth allow them to torture her? Why is she using her own free will like that? The same question could be applied for any and every other harmful deed done to her.
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