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Thread: An ongoing Chris Thomas thread for those who resonate with his alternative view of reality and history

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    Basically I have very little time for watching videos and reading individual's life stories and how they see the world. It really does not matter in my opinion, it is fine if we wish to indulge in stories and entertainment but for the most part, FOLLOWING a particular person is alarm bell time.
    I also gauge a persons value by the way in which their audience reacts and behaves. Such as a number of months back when a poster was on here feverishly going on and on and on about Cooorey God. My reaction is to not spend one second with that material. I don't need it, don't need to listen to these sorts of people, they don't tend to offer much but distraction and novelty.

    ..adds.. hmm I didn't mean for it to sound harsh but think it may to some.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nothing View Post
    Basically I have very little time for watching videos and reading individual's life stories and how they see the world. It really does not matter in my opinion, it is fine if we wish to indulge in stories and entertainment but for the most part, FOLLOWING a particular person is alarm bell time.
    I also gauge a persons value by the way in which their audience reacts and behaves. Such as a number of months back when a poster was on here feverishly going on and on and on about Cooorey God. My reaction is to not spend one second with that material. I don't need it, don't need to listen to these sorts of people, they don't tend to offer much but distraction and novelty.

    ..adds.. hmm I didn't mean for it to sound harsh but think it may to some.

    Thank you for your interest Nothing. I understand your concerns and take no offense whatsoever in your comments. Chris Thomas is not seeking a following. This thread covers many authors who have one goal in mind. That is to awaken the human collective consciousness.

    C.T.asks only one thing of those who have that goal in mind. To awaken the collective you must first awaken yourself by freeing up your own energy. No one else can do it for you.

    For that purpose he offers a very simple method for working on your own blocked energy patterns from childhood and life's traumas. We all have them. They prevent us from seeing life from a much broader perspective, from becoming one with all of life, from understanding our real purpose in being here. It serves to broaden your perspective.

    Even just using it for a few weeks will expand your aura. As your aura expands you become closer and more aligned with your Higher Self. Some people call this your own personal god. Your ego more easily aligns with your soul's intentions. Your frustrations, apathy and despair are replaced with trust. You become lighter and your body will feel more fluid.

    You don't have to take my word for it, but it takes commitment and courage to start. Far more so than you might imagine.

    He offers the Giveaway as a very simple method for doing this. Many here have used it and can swear by its efficacy in changing our view of the world. It frees you up so that you can in turn free up the collective.

    It's deceptively simple but it works. You will find the method here:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orbs View Post
    It is a shame "almost" this forum, or whatever it is called, is not more popular. CT is Clive snd well here but there is very little participation and I am stumped actually to why.
    I would never have weighed in here, save for this open invitation. Me personally? Eventually, after stumbling into darn near every guru trap out there, I decided it was time to go my own way, and blaze my own path toward higher truths.

    No more middle man. No more Jesus, Akashic Record readers, channelers, psychics, mystics, magicians, past life regressionists, contactees, David Icke types, none of it. I now tend to these matters myself, and on my own terms. Hey, it works for me

    Not that some along the way didn't have good things to offer, various methods and such. Some I still incorporate to this day, so long as they remain useful that is. However, what I began to find was that each method, teaching, ideology, belief, what have you, eventually led to a place that was not for me. An ideal lookout somewhere along the path up the mountain, for sure, but stopped well short of the mountain top itself.

    Mountain top or bust, anything short is unacceptable...
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    To be (p)art of this world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herbert View Post
    Thank you for your interest Nothing. I understand your concerns and take no offense whatsoever in your comments. Chris Thomas is not seeking a following. This thread covers many authors who have one goal in mind. That is to awaken the human collective consciousness.

    C.T.asks only one thing of those who have that goal in mind. To awaken the collective you must first awaken yourself by freeing up your own energy. No one else can do it for you.

    For that purpose he offers a very simple method for working on your own blocked energy patterns from childhood and life's traumas. We all have them. They prevent us from seeing life from a much broader perspective, from becoming one with all of life, from understanding our real purpose in being here. It serves to broaden your perspective.

    Even just using it for a few weeks will expand your aura. As your aura expands you become closer and more aligned with your Higher Self. Some people call this your own personal god. Your ego more easily aligns with your soul's intentions. Your frustrations, apathy and despair are replaced with trust. You become lighter and your body will feel more fluid.

    You don't have to take my word for it, but it takes commitment and courage to start. Far more so than you might imagine.

    He offers the Giveaway as a very simple method for doing this. Many here have used it and can swear by its efficacy in changing our view of the world. It frees you up so that you can in turn free up the collective.

    It's deceptively simple but it works. You will find the method here:
    Thanks, I am a bit over 42 years of age and have spent a lifetime expressing thoughts and feelings on paper and canvas. My name for it is not Giveaway, it doesn't have a name, it is just part of ones repertoire in living. But it is good to be reminded of the actions we can perform. add.. and I agree in the value of this exercise. I have also seen it suggested by others elsewhere as a technique for dealing with relationships with others, would be interesting to find out where those people sourced their take on the technique? In another thread the other day I briefly outlined a similar concept of technique for capturing and removing/releasing trauma images that one might have in their 'minds eye' that act as or with triggers. Like when you think of an event or person in the past, an image flashes in your thoughts that brings back certain emotions. The treatment is to visually engage and treat it like a weed or an unwanted photo in an album, and symbolically rip it out and destroy it or place it elsewhere in a more appropriate place in the album. This too requires much focus in entering the mindseye world of imagery and interacting with it. You may cut or rip at the weed and note a small bit of root remains and then you need to act quickly to grasp that root as it attempts to bury itself from reach..

    You have done much work in this thread in providing transcripts, which would be quite handy as the fellows accent and tendency to mumble would make it difficult for some people to understand him.
    I remember finding out about the things which get discussed, when a bit younger, and the heightened level of 'forms of excitement' that came with it. The overload of information and detail can burn ones energy. The deal does not include any requirement to be enthused enough to become a vocal follower. Like you say. The angle I took/take was in reference to the others' discussion on why not so many are 'following'. CT has been around long enough for many to have already noted his existence. My answer as to why the whole site is not 'specifically taken with him' would be that most things are but only a piece of a puzzle and it is prudent to not collapse the quantum by becoming immersed in one entangled body of detail.
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    I am not surprised at all many are not interested in CT's work mainly because there is no one to "follow" but yourself. CT only provides information. He was attacked so badly he is unable to return to the public eye anyways so you are either led to his work intuitively or not. This thread is a gift for those who are. Only one of it's kind on the entire internet. Just from my observations most people are looking for gurus, gods, ets, lords, masters, saviors, energies from the sun/universe, the Earth and other humans to change their world for them. Ct's work does not fit that bill. It is a guide to the self...your own soul. It has certainly worked for me and changed my life in a positive know and trust I can depend on myself for anything. Most people I know could never do that and I will admit it was hard for me with a lifetime of programming.

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    Right on Anastasia. And thank you to the others for chiming in.

    Some of us just want to promote CT's books because we think they are full of real Intel. The guy paid s huge price.

    This thread has a lot of info from his works as well. Have some fun here. Good people have worked hard to share Intel and my understanding is CT gave permission to post some excerpts from his books.

    Very cool if you ask me!

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    In total Chris Thomas did 12 interviews (Correction 13 interviews) between June 2009 and December 2013. The last 2 have not yet been posted on this thread. They were both done by Robert Stanley on The Unicus Radio Hour. I just found the first of those interviews in the internet archives. It was done on August 15, 2013.


    R.S. Our special guest tonight is Chris Thomas, psychic surgeon in Wales, I believe it is, and he’s going to give us an update on his work. Chris, welcome to the program.

    C.T. Good Evening. Nice to be here. Thank you for asking me.

    R.S. Oh it’s been a pleasure to speak with you and thank you for sending me updates on your writing. I do find it quite interesting, obviously everybody has a different take on this matter. It seems that great changes are upon us, as always. I’ll let you explain it to the audience, you have an ability that is above and beyond most of us as far as far as reading the Akashic Records.

    C.T. Yes. Of course if everybody could it would make life so much easier wouldn’t it.

    R.S. Yes absolutely but who knows, maybe in the future everybody could see that.

    C.T. Well um, everybody has the capability now, really what’s involved is the will to do so.

    R.S. The will to do so?

    C.T. Yes because it’s more the intent rather than the will, if you like. You know we have access to all sorts of psychic abilities, it’s really simply a question of whether we choose to work towards gaining back those psychic capabilities or not. But as far as most people are concerned they are so caught up in their day to day lives that it’s not something they stop to think about.

    R.S. Yes absolutely, I understand that quite well. What I’m curious about though is, if you are reading the Akashic Record does that include all possible time lines or just the one that we’re on?

    C.T. Everything that exists or has ever existed within the universe is recorded within the Akashic. And essentially what we have, really speaking, is only ONE timeline. Because the universe has a beginning and at some point in the future it will end. And everything occurs within a sequence if you like. The purpose of this universe, as is any of the other universes is to learn, and therefore if we had numerous timelines we’d never lean anything because we’d just get distracted onto different timelines and explore whatever. And we’d never end up learning anything really, other than how to confuse ourselves and how to confuse everybody else in the universe. So essentially there is a progression, if you like, of learning and understanding that occurs. Therefore, strictly speaking, all we really have is a single timeline.


    R.S. O.K. well that’s good to know and as I say some people would differ with that but that’s fine, I just wanted to know your opinion while you’re here. A lot of people are spreading rumours about Nibiru, Planet X, the destroyer comet, whatever you want to call it. And, until I had read your article, you know certain things didn’t quite add up for me about this, specifically about Velons. Now you say that they’ve only showed up here about 300 years ago but they do have the ability to time travel or not?

    C.T. They have certainly traveled back in time, Yes. You can’t travel forwards in time no matter what anybody says, it’s impossible. I’ll explain that, on a quantum level even. If you are sitting around and you say to yourself something that creates an idea in your mind and you say: “that would be interesting”. Now what that does is open up several possibilities for a potential future. And it then depends on which one of those potential futures we choose. And so each of us making our own decisions and our own choices could generate our own futures but collectively we then chose to enter into another future. But because that collective or individual future has not yet existed, it cannot exist until you make the choice to move in a particular direction. So the future cannot exist until we chose to move forwards in time and we can’t move forwards in time until we choose. All that exists in time from this present moment into the future are a number of potentials and possibilities, not anything definite.

    R.S. But if someone travels back in time and alters the timeline, doesn’t tht create something in parallel or does it just change everything at once?

    C.T. It essentially changes everything all at once or it adds to things. It might not change things. For example if you look at the Velon material and the Annunaki material, they travelled back in time to plant a story in the hope that it would become universally known on the planet that as far as they’re concerned humans were created by the Annunaki but very few people paid any attention to it until Zacharia Sitchin translated this DICTATED STORY because it says on the clay tablets that have been translated – it says this story has been dictated to a scribe.

    So in other words somebody grabbed hold of a scribe who could write on clay tablets and said I’m going to tell you a story, effectively, and that isn’t what history is all about. Because history is written by those who make it, so we know what our history is as we progress through it. You don’t just set about saying I plan to dictate this history to a scribe, so it’s not a natural history, it’s telling a story of events that did not actually happen. But what the Annunaki were hoping to do is that it would be picked up and we would believe it so that in the present time when we are facing the kind of changes that we’re undergoing, the Annunaki would turn around and say: “See we are your gods and we’ve come back” and we’d all fall for it. Fortunately the vast majority of people haven’t. But unfortunately a huge number of people have and they are creating all sorts of problems both for themselves and for everybody else.

    R.S. And specifically for those who have not read your articles, and you have so many wonderful ones out there, specifically the one that’s in New Dawn magazine, that’s where I found out about your work, it’s interesting your thought processes and revelations there that these beings really want to push us off this world and I had never thought about that before. I really thought that they had pretty much control over everything that was going on here but you are saying that they actually intend to remove us at some point in the future so that they can continue whatever their plan is.

    C.T. Yes that seems to be it. You know we have this organisation (10:42) that’s called the illuminati or the elite or the cabal or whatever, people call it by all sorts of different names, but it certainly seems THAT human organization seems to be controlled by the Velon. But they are the primary organisation if you like so what they do is control many aspects of life on Earth; things like education, political policy, even what happens in the media, what gets reported in the media.

    And they have been taken over by the Velon and so they work to they’re agenda. So what they are effectively doing is creating what they consider to be an “elite society”, where there is a very limited human population on the planet that they will be able to use as a slave race. That is what the Annunaki stated aim is.

    Now if you think of the Georgia Guidestones, what it says on there is to reduce the global population to a manageable 500 Million, and it says it in 8 different languages, and this is the intention. If you go back to 1992, there was the climate summit at Rio De Janeiro run by the United Nations, it’s called UNCED. They came up with a document which has now been signed by something like 120 governments of the world, and implicit in that document is the aim to reduce the human global population to 500 Million people. So that document is LAW in 120 countries including America. Clinton refused to sign it originally but when he got back to Washington, he signed it on the quiet. A lot of policies that America has adopted since then are to do with the requirements of the UNCED document. There is a much shorter version or at least a section within the UNCED document called Agenda 21, which a lot of people are waking up to. That is what Agenda 21 is, it’s the working plans of how to reduce the global population to 500 Million people.

    I mean a lot of people say “This couldn’t happen, they wouldn’t do that to us” but it is written into this document, it’s law in 120 countries. This is the stated aims of 120 governments around the world is to reduce the global population to 500 Million people.


    R.S. God that’s just ridiculous that they would even consider doing such a thing. In your opinion do you think that is why Fukushima happened, or is that just purely an accident?

    C.T. I know a lot of people have postulated that Fukushima was caused by some kind of under-sea nuclear explosion, but as far as I can find, no it wasn’t. It was a genuine earthquake. But when you look at Fukushima they are still checking out a lot of radioactive material, particularly water-borne radioactive material, but I understand the Japanese government will from now on be taking a lot of water samples to study. I know it has caused a lot of hype particularly in America because of them being on the other side of the Pacific bond to Japan. But if you really look at the emission figures that came from Fukushima what you find is that they are literally one tenth of the emissions that were generated from Chernobyl. So in 1986 when the reactor blew in Chernobyl, and put radioactive material into the atmosphere, the actual amount of radiation released and the radioactive material released into the environment, Fukushima is only 1/10th of Chernobyl.

    I’ll give you an even more frightening one, which is that in 2003, when America started bombing Iraq, you know the “shock and awe” bombing program they carried out the British Atomic Weapons Establishment who monitors the radiation levels in the environment in Britain picked up traces of radioactive material blown into the sir from Iraq, came right across Europe and into Britain. The emissions from the shock and awe bombing were 100X MORE THAN CHERNOBYL. Yes, those are official government figures.

    R.S. Was that because of depleted uranium in the ammunition?

    C.T. Well it’s called depleted uranium (D.U.) but they don’t necessarily use depleted uranium in weapons.

    R.S. Well then what are they using?

    C.T. LIVE URANIUM. It’s not depleted of anything. Now the other side of it is, I’ve looked quite a lot into the use of these weapons. And what you find is they are designed as “tank busters” basically. So you fire this D.U. projectile at a tank and because of the way in which the D.U. material works, once it enters the tank then this weapon is designed to explode, so you create a fire within the tank and if you pick up a lump of the D.U. weapon then theoretically it’s not going to effect you very much at all. I’ve heard reports of ex-servicemen who have a piece of D.U. shrapnel embedded in their bodies and its not giving off any noticeable radiation above background level really. BUT once you start BURNIG DEPLETED URANIUM, ONE SINGLE SPECK OF THAT WEAPON WILL KILL YOU. One dust particle of D.U. when it is burning will kill you. Not a pretty prospect.

    R.S. Wow! I had never heard of that before. Very interesting, very horrible.


    R.S. What does it mean from your perspective to reintegrate one’s soul?

    C.T. Em, let’s start with a concept that will be more meaningful as far as most people are concerned. You can consider the Earth as an experiment, essentially: is physical life possible? Because there are other ways of existing within this universe, it just depends on what level of soul energy or consciousness energy you exist at.

    Through the earth, really, what the universe wanted to find out was: COULD WE BE PHYSICAL?

    Because there are beings out there who are entirely non-physical, in other words they exist as pure energy consciousness or soul, they have no physical form or density. There are other beings out there that the Akashic calls “semi-physical” which exist at energy levels that are far above anything we experience on Earth. So on Earth it was really: Can we be physical? And the whole idea was that we would be one of the souls from the rest of the universe that would come to Earth and try out what it was like to live in a physical body.

    Now the first time we ever did that was on Atlantis. This would be about 85,000 years ago. When we first developed the human body form on Atlantis, what we did was take the existing body form of Cro’ Magnon man and accelerate it through development processes so that it could accommodate the whole of the soul within the physical body. For various reasons we realised that we were losing a lot of capabilities. We found we were unable to hold all of the soul within the physical body. (20:30)

    So we started looking at ways we could explore the potential of being human and physical, but by dividing the soul into two pieces. This is the so-called Higher Self and the physical self. (20:47) So we go through the normal birth process on Earth and when we become an adult we have roughly only 25% of the total soul within the body. The other 75% becomes the Higher Self. So what we have been doing for the last 7,000 years is going through a series of lifetimes, reincarnation, to explore what it is like to be physical, to find out why we had problems on Atlantis, why we couldn’t keep the whole soul within the physical body and how do we bring it back. How do we get the whole soul back into the physical body? And that is what reintegration is all about.

    What human life begun 7,000 years ago is exploring is how we bring the whole of the soul, the Higher Self, into the physical body.

    So an awful lot of people talk about “Ascension” and all the rest of it, but what we are actually doing is the opposite of ascension, we aren’t ascending anywhere.

    R.S. So descending into this physicality is part of a lesson plan you say? We chose to do this?

    C.T. Yes, we realized we were having problems maintaining the whole of the soul within the body and so collectively we decided to investigate where the problem lay and how we could find a way to bring the whole of the soul back into the body. This is what we have been doing for the past 7,000 years is carrying out those investigations. But we got a little bit distracted along the way like humans always do. Anytime throughout human history we could have found the answer and we could have reintegrated. For example you go back to the 1500’s and the Renaissance, the word Renaissance actually means rebirth so we could literally have re-birthed ourselves back in the 1500’s and the last 600 years of human history would be very different than what it is now. But humans being humans we always prevaricate so we always leave things until the last minute. I mean in fairness it is very seductive being physical. Being honest there are things offered here on Earth that no where else in the Universe does. It’s really very nice walking around in a woodland or going fishing next to a lake or just sitting in the sunshine enjoying yourself.

    This is a very seductive place to be and so it is very easy to say ah it doesn’t matter, we’ll investigate that in the next lifetime, but this time I’m enjoying myself too much and this is what humans have done quite a lot along the way. So we ended up against a time limit because we did set ourselves a time limit and this was to do with new energy patterns that were coming about in our particular solar system at this time. So we said all right we want to finish investigating what it is to be physically human in that time line so that we can take advantage of all the energy patterns that are coming in because it will help us with this process of bringing the soul back into the physical body. And that’s where we essentially are now. We didn’t quite meet the deadline we set the task for in terms of it happening en masse.

    The Mayan calendar ran out of Dec. 21st 2012 and that’s when we should have met our deadline, when all the new energies were coming in, were at their peak, new energies were working with us and some people on the planet did mange it. There are something like 3 Million people living on Earth at the moment who have fully integrated their souls back into the body.

    R.S. Chris how would they seem different if at all, than us?

    C.T. They would seem a little bit translucent, a little bit lighter in density; they would glow a little bit from the inside.

    R.S. Wait a minute, could someone who is not reintegrated actually see the light glowing off of these people?

    C.T. Oh yeah. That wouldn’t be a problem. They also have a great many capabilities, for example the pollution that’s around them, they have cleared out, so water pollution, air pollution, ground pollution where these people actually live is a pollution free region because they have cleared it themselves and they have done this psychically. Again, we all have psychic potential abilities that are locked away at the moment. What these people have done is to open them back up again and make free use of them.

    R.S. Now did we lock up these potentials or was that the work of the Velons?

    C.T. No we did this to ourselves.

    R.S. We did it to ourselves! Why would we do that?

    C.T. It was to limit our potential. We were having problems keeping the whole of the soul in the body, and these psychic capabilities really come with the whole of the soul so by dividing the soul into two meant that we effectively separated the higher aspects of our capabilities away from the physical aspects of our capabilities.

    R.S. I see, it was becoming a bit of a distraction I guess.

    C.T. No not so much a distraction, it just goes with the whole lot of capabilities that we lost because we did not understand the problems of being physical. Don’t forget we are unique within the universe. Physical life does not exist anywhere else within the universe at all, anywhere or anytime. We are the only planet within the universe where physical life exists. So nobody knew what was going to happen, how it was going to happen, or even whether it would work or not.

    The conscious decision came about because we were having problems in the first place and obviously we had 2 options, we could either leave the planet and there wouldn’t be any humans at all or we could work out what the problem was and we could remain as being humans. So given that the whole solar system was set up as a means of experimentation in physical life, then rather than waste all the energy and effort that had gone into it we decided well we’ll carry on, we’ll see if we can find the answers because there are things you can do when you’re physical that can’t be done in any other state of being.

    R.S. I’m curious then, if our souls are not fully integrated into the body then where are they?

    C.T. Laughs. That’s a good question. Um one way of looking at it would be to think of the aura that we have around the body. Everybody gives off energy patterns that extend beyond the body, and that effectively can be your Higher Self. So the larger your aura is, the further it extends away form the body, then the more connected to your Higher Self you are. The smaller, the more closely compacted your aura is to the body then the further away you are from your Higher Self.


    R.S. So if this is an experiment then why would anybody be let in here to muck it up?

    C.T. Well effectively the Velon were not let in. They forced their way in to start with. They turned up and said: “Look here, there are people living here let’s find out what’s going on about this.” As a psychic surgeon I spent many years removing Velon implants out of people’s bodies. Because this is what the Velon did was to plant energy devices into people without their knowing and without their approval. Now what these energy devices did was literally to record anything that that person went through in their day to day life. Because the Velon decided they wanted to find out what human life was all about, what life on Earth was all about so for quite sometime they just sat back and studied everything that we did, using these implanted devices as microphones, cameras, and however you want to think of them.

    R.S. But they’re not physical devices you’re saying.

    C.T. No they are not. They’re energy forms. (30:48) I came across an awful lot of people with these things implanted in them. What I did was find a way of removing them from people. So I became very busy removing this stuff out of people’s energy.

    R.S. Did that change their behaviour at all?

    C.T. Yes, considerably in some instances. It greatly changed their lives in some cases.

    R.S. But in what way because if it’s just recording . . . or you say it’s more than just recording at some point?

    C.T. Well strictly speaking it only records or transmits back to whoever it was on the other end of the cameras, as it were, BUT the ENERGY PATTERNS of these ENERGY DEVICES caused a lot of disruption in people’s bodies. It created illnesses or mental disruptions, that sort of thing.

    [ Note these Velon energy implant recording devices, that were disrupting people’s lives, have all dissolved with the new energies hitting our solar system, so that removal is no longer necessary for about 10 years now, according to psychic surgeons I have talked to ]

    R.S. Oh I see, yea not harmonious with our true patterns, I can see that, sure.

    C.T. That’s it yea. So this is what the Velon did for a long time, was to study us. This is how they came up with the Annunaki story. By learning about our religious concepts, the way in which we deal with things, even our history. Because there are elements of the Annunaki story which did occur in human history.

    What the Annunaki did was to merge together the history of their own solar system and the history of some events that occurred on Earth to try and make it more credible. [to our own emotional energetic memories]

    R.S. So what is their intention towards us or is it really just that they want control of this world?

    C.T. It seems to be, as far as I’ve been able to find out, as far as I’ve been able to track, is that they want control of this world.

    R.S. Is it because it’s unique, do you think that’s the issue or is there something else?

    C.T. It has a lot to do with the fact that we ARE unique. If you think of Einstein’s theory of relativity – everything is energy, it might look like solid matter to us, or feel like solid matter to us but ultimately what is real are energy frequencies and energy patterns, and so to help us on Earth work through the kind of problems we are dealing with or the things that we’re exploring, then there are a lot of energy patterns within the universe that are being directed to Earth.

    Book “Staradigm”: vibration and frequency create matter and life

    The Velon came into contact with one of these energy patterns that are being sent to our solar system and they decided to follow it. And for some strange reason they began to see themselves as “god’s children” as a people. And for some strange reason they must therefore as a people go and live on “god’s chosen planet” because that is how they interpreted that energy flow. And so that is what seems to have brought them her in the first place. That is my findings at any rate, and what I can find within the Akashic as to their reasons for coming here.

    R.S. O.k. from what you have read in the Akashic records, is there a planet called Nibiru. Do we actually have a binary star system or is that more legend or lore that these Velons have crafted here?

    C.T. It’s possible that one of the planets within the Velon home solar system is called Nibiru but historically, in OUR solar system, if you go back in time for about 5,000 years to the ancient Assyrian Empire – this was basically ancient Sumeria and central Sumeria was called Assyria around the ancient city of Babylon, and their name for “Jupiter” in our solar system was “Nibiru”. So, as I say, the Velon have picked up aspects of human history and merged them with aspects of their solar system to come up with this fantasy story the Annunaki have used to try to pass of that they are our gods.

    So if you look at the Velon solar system, they have 2 suns, they are a binary system, 3 planets orbit around one sun, 4 planets orbit around the second sun, and one planet orbits around both suns, so it’s a huge orbit that takes roughly 3,600 earth years to travel around both suns. That is the planet that the Annunaki originate from, and they call it the planet “Anu”.

    There is also hints within the Velon Akashic to suggest that they also called it “Nibiru”. But I’m a little bit dodgy on that one. It’s difficult breaking into the Velon Akashic, they don’t appreciate that, they have a bad attitude of turning around and attacking you if you do it.

    R.S. I can imagine so. I’m curious, is it when a soul comes to Earth, they have the opportunity to become physical, so is that maybe one of the attractions for these other beings, these Velon to come here and experience this?

    C.T. I’m not entirely certain about that. There doesn’t seem to be a huge indication that the Velon are very keen to become physical. They seem to want to live here in their semi-physical state and take advantage of the resources that we have here.

    R.S. Why don’t you explain “semi-physical” because I’m a little confused about what that might be?

    C.T. You have these beings within the universe that have no physical form or entity at all, they just exist as pure energy. So that is what the Akashic would call the non-physical races. The vast majority of souls on Earth that are in human form originate from the 6 non-physical races. So we have come from somewhere else if you like to live on Earth and experience what it is like to be physical. In other words in our natural state we are beings who have only exist as a pure energy form but can come and inhabit a human body and then when we leave the body, when we die, we have a choice of returning home in our natural soul state or we can stay on Earth and reincarnate into a new body and be born again as they call it. And we can carry on to explore whatever it is we want to explore on Earth.

    But the semi-physical races, they exist in a form where the soul is integral to the body. So to each other they appear as solid and physical as we do to each other. But if we had someone from one of these races standing in front of you now, you wouldn’t be able to see them because our brains are just not tuned to the kind of energy patterns from which they are constructed.

    R.S. Does that give them some sort of advantage over us in obviously keeping an eye on us; they can just simply mingle and we can’t see them?

    C.T. No they don’t do that. You will occasionally get one of the semi-physical races, such as the Greys for example, the famous UFO Greys, they will come to Earth and they will interact with a very small number of people, but they don’t walk among us as such. So there are no Aliens wandering among humans and we can’t see them. That really doesn’t happen. I’ve looked at these for many, many years and I’ve been working within the Akashic for 35 years trying to investigate all of this kind of stuff. And so Aliens are such a strong subject particularly at the moment everybody seems to be going hyper over Aliens.

    I’ve been trying to track their activities on the Earth, how they have interacted with the Earth, or with the people on it or with the life on it and really there are specific instances where you will find interaction has taken place in the past. If you go to North Africa for example, there is a tribe of people called the Dogon who have experiences connected with the star system of Sirius. (40:29) And they have E.T. stories and traditions that they have had contacts with beings from Sirius. And there are beings from the star system Sirius and they have visited Earth many times.

    The Dogon stories do seem to be correct, particularly when they have been checked out by scientists. They have found out that the Dogon actually have information that the astronomers don’t have and when the astronomers have checked it they found that the Dogon really were accurate.

    R.S. Are the beings from Sirius physical?

    C.T. They are semi-physical. When the semi-physical races come to Earth, they have an option of remaining in their natural semi-physical state, or they can temporarily alter their energy patterns so they become visible and touchable to humans and so they may interact with us. This is why UFO’s can be physical or they can suddenly disappear. It is because they have chosen to become physical for whatever reason and then again for whatever reason they will then revert back to their natural state and disappear.

    R.S. Conversely Chris, couldn’t some people like shamans or other people in an altered state, couldn’t they raise their vibration up to the semi-physical and then interact with them?

    C.T. Oh, sure, yes. They would at least meet half way, the humans would raise their energies and the semi-physicals would reduce or alter their energies as they need. Yes that’s a long tradition of that happening. But as far as normal people are concerned, they have to wait until they chose to make themselves known to us. But they really do tend to keep their distance from normal people, they don’t interfere in human life very much.

    R.S. But you said we’re not exactly normal because being physical is not the norm, right?

    C.T. Well, it’s become the norm, on Earth to be as physical as we actually are.

    R.S. Understood, but I meant in the universal scheme of things we’re rather unique.

    C.T. We are, totally unique.

    R.S. Yea so I can see why they would want to sort of stay clear of us because we are different.

    C.T. Yes but at the same time there is also a curiosity, how we’re fairing, how we’re getting on, how we’re developing and many times over our history they have provided us with help. . . with bringing in new energy patterns, that sort of thing. So if you ignore the Velon for a minute, all the other races that exist within the universe are basically benevolent towards us. The other thing is that none of the races out there have developed weapons.

    All this hype about Aliens turning up and blasting us off the planet is a physical impossibility because they don’t actually have weapons.

    R.S. Well they’re not physical either so…

    C.T. Exactly. Well I suppose theoretically they could use energy weapons which would have an effect on the people but they have not developed these kind of weapons, they just don’t exist. All these myths about universal wars and galactic wars is just the Velon channeling material to confuse people. This is one of the major problems we have on Earth is that a growing number of people interested in other races, um what is going on here on Earth or outside of the Earth, and into this the Velon have stepped with these channeled messages which are deliberately designed to mislead people in the wrong direction because again, don’t forget their stated aim is to take over the earth and only retain 500 Million people on the planet.

    R.S. As their slaves.

    C.T. Yes. So everything the Velon say is designed to mislead. Again I have gone into this in depth with channeled messages. There are over 4,000 races recorded through channeled messages and every single one of them is Velon. They will call themselves anything they like and people will believe it. You know Arcturians, Andromedans, Zetas, whatever you want to call them, all of them are Velon lying.

    Somebody sent me a website yesterday, in fact last night they sent me an e-mail saying what did I think of it, and it was a website of channeled material supposedly written by somebody calling themselves Sekhmet who was married to some character who called himself Sananda Kaus (sp?). If you read this website, basically this Sananda character claims to be every single religious leader there’s ever been in history.

    R.S. How convenient.

    C.T. Yes exactly so this is all Velon material because they are trying to mislead. This Sananda character has gone through numerous changes over the last number of years, he started off as Lord Sananda and then became Archangel Sananda and now he’s the Christ consciousness Sananda. So unfortunately people fall for it. This is one of the main reasons why we missed our deadline on the 21st of December is because so many people believed this Velon rubbish, were prepared to listen to it, and what they have done is to keep the Velon around the Earth.

    R.S. O.k. so in your opinion how does one go about clearing themselves of this influence and ultimately clearing our planet so that we can continue on our path without being manipulated by them.

    C.T. Well I thought your declaration idea was a good thing.

    R.S. Oh thank you! You know YOU inspired it! It was reading your article that inspired it. Well, here’s what happened, I read your article very late at night after I had done a show and then I went out and I looked up at the stars and I said: so what’s next? What can we possibly do to assist ourselves going forward here. I mean I just felt like there is something here we are not doing. And I don’t think that’s all of it, don’t get me wrong Chris, I thought that was just the first step, hopefully in the right direction.

    C.T. Yea I think it was. The energy patterns from which this universe is formed are meant for freedom of choice. So every soul within this universe has actually freedom of choice to choose their actions. What you cannot do is to actively act to remove somebody else’s freedom of choice. You cannot take freedom of choice away from somebody. And so in taking the action that the Velon have taken, they have effectively removed the freedom of choice from the people of Earth. Now this goes totally against the fundamental energy patterns of this universe. And so everybody away from Earth has literally condemned the Velon for their actions and have insisted that the Velon literally leave this universe.

    In fairness the majority of Velon have actually left. You had a race of I think there were 22 Billion Velon and there are only something like 3 Million at a maximum left within the universe because the rest have been evicted from this universe.

    R.S. O.K. so there was a consequence for what they have done, that’s interesting.

    C.T. Yes because again they acted against the fundamental energy patterns of this universe.

    R.S. So it is morally, ethically, legally correct to declare one’s sovereignty and say: You are violating the law, you must leave. (50:04)

    C.T. Yes. As I said they have violated universal law and they have violated universal free will in the actions that they have taken.

    THE PROBLEM IS HUMANS because what the humans are doing is holding the Velon in place. So these remaining number of about 3 Million Velon that are left are being held around our solar system because these people are listening to this utter rubbish that is coming from these channeled websites that are in effect saying: We don’t want the Velon to go, we want them to stay because they promised us all these things, and that is what is holding the Velon in place.

    R.S. Oh my god! Chris.

    C.T. So your declaration that they leave is perfect because if enough people sign up to that [as sovereign beings of free will], and believe it then they are saying we really don’t want you here. Humans would then be re-joining in with the rest of the universe and [saying “get out!” to the Velon].

    R.S. Is it somewhat of a democratic process? Let’s just say that there are a certain percentage of the people who are no matter what, going to worship the Velon under various names . . .

    C.T. I don’t know how we break that, to be honest. The Velon have acted in a way that confused people and brought them into their way of thinking by promising the “Ascension” to a 5th Dimension, or to another planet or you know whatever.

    R.S. Right they have baited them into an agreement that has allowed them to stay. It’s a loop hole but these people are acting out of ignorance but ignorance is no excuse for the law which is you have entered into an agreement which has allowed them to stay. If I understand there is an opportunity coming up this year that you and other people have been talking about, and I have actually been feeling this very strongly that the consciousness is going to shift, at some point people are going to realize this isn’t working and they are going to want to know why and it’s shows and conversations like this that are going to offer an explanation in a way people have never previously considered and suddenly it really could turn on a dime Chris.

    C.T. It could absolutely and hopefully it will. As I said earlier the deadline date was December 21st 2012. That was the optimum date if you like. So all of the energies that we needed to help us make this shift in consciousness were pretty much all together and so overnight we could have shifted our state of consciousness. We could have reintegrated the higher self back into the physical body. Unfortunately an awful lot of people weren’t ready for it. Now on a psychological level, on a subconscious level everybody knew about it so there is no excuse because EVERYBODY knew at a subconscious level.

    R.S. Yes at that level we are all connected even though some of us try to deny it.

    C.T. Yes and we have known this for 7,000 years. It was the Human Plan, if you like, to say that in 7,000 years of time on the 21st of December 2012 we are going to reintegrate the higher self back into the body because we found all of our answers and we know what we’re doing. So subconsciously every single person on the planet has know about the 7,000 year deadline. This is why there was so much panic over the December 21st date is because so many people woke up to the reality that they weren’t ready.

    R.S. There was also a lot of misinformation, I think the Velons did a masterful job of provoking and stampeding the herd as it were so that we wouldn’t enter the gate into reintegration. If a person has reintegrated their soul into the body are they then semi-physical?

    C.T. No. We just become a little less dense than we are now. You can use the word “dense” any way you like really, in defining humans. But we remain physical but our bodies become a little lighter, a little less dense, a little lighter in energy patterns, as we retrieve all of our psychic potential, all of our psychic capability.

    As Wholly Integrated Humans We Become Self-healing Healers

    R.S. And our ability to heal correctly right? I mean what most people think is as miracle would actually be common place in terms of healing the body right?

    C.T. Well in that full soul state, everybody becomes self-healing because they don’t become ill in the first place.

    Let’s take a scenario for what it would be like to have a full soul state. We don’t become ill because an illness arises because we don’t express ourselves honestly, so an illness is generated within the body because we have some kind of emotional blockage. We are not at ease (at disease) with our true self. So in the full soul state it is impossible for us to lie to people. We must be honest, we must be truthful. And therefore we are always in a position where we are expressing ourselves honestly, therefore the problem of illness never arises.

    R.S. Now it just figures that the Velon, as an adversary, would want us to think completely opposite of what we are supposed to be doing right? Ascension as opposed to descension or calling down of the higher self. Actually I have some very interesting books about this about the Holy Spirit descending into the body and as I recall that was one of the first things that occurred on this world that made it very different in that regard.

    C.T. Well if you think back to the Middle Ages with the alchemists turning base metal into gold was an allegory for bringing the whole soul back into the body. As an allegory, the base metal is the human and the gold is the higher consciousness. So that’s what that was all about. So it wasn’t about turning lead into gold, it was about turning the base human into the higher human.

    R.S. Are you familiar with one of the events happening to Christ prior to him being crucified called the transfiguration?

    C.T. Em (laughs) There are some things about that that I don’t like to talk about because I haven’t really investigated that very much. If you don’t mind I’ll pass on that.

    The alchemists got it right in trying to find ways in which it could happen. There was a British alchemist called John Dee who came close to it in the late 1500’s early 1600’s. He made a statement: “If I can find the right mirrors so that I can bend light in the correct way, I can create any matter and change any matter”. So basically 300 years before Einstein comes up with E=mc2 this guy Dee came up with the same thing. He just said it differently. So throughout history there have been these little pockets where people understood what we’re up to here, and what the purpose of human life is all about. It’s just the way in which what they have said has been interpreted [that has caused our misunderstanding] (60:00)

    R.S. How does one reintegrate their soul into the body?

    C.T. Laughs. How long have we got? Essentially the process is very simple. All the energy patterns we need to bring the higher self into the physical body are in place, meaning we could literally reintegrate at any time. Although we had the deadline of the 21st of December 2012, obviously we had the expiration because we still had things to sort out ourselves, but basically we can reintegrate at anytime in the future.

    All it requires is to make enough room within the body for the higher self. I’ll try to explain that, if you think about what I said about what causes illness, it is unexpressed emotion, what we need to do is clear that out. If we clear that out and resolve our issues, then it makes enough room within the body for the higher self to enter. So that process of self-cleansing is the key to the whole process. So by self-cleansing in that way we become honest totally with ourselves and with other people. It is that honesty that breaks the patterns.

    R.S. So we need to clean out the vessel of these energy patterns to make room for the higher energy patterns of the soul?

    C.T. Basically, yes. It’s simple to say but it’s obviously more difficult to carry out in practice. But essentially [making room for the higher vibrations] is the crux of the problem. So what we need to do is start breaking some of our normal ingrained human patterns [that are often taught to us by the society that we have helped create]. So that we become more honest with each other, with ourselves and with other people.

    You know there have been criticisms in the past made by politicians and the self righteous to say, you know that this New Age is all about the self, and therefore it’s very selfish because what about your duty to other people and everything else. And the answer to that is UNLESS YOU SORT YOURSELF OUT, YOU ARE NO USE TO OTHER PEOPLE.

    R.S. Well in fact you become a burden on society.

    C.T. Exactly. So by clearing yourself out of all this emotional debris that we all hang onto, we literally create the space within the body for the energy patterns of the Higher Self to enter. And that is the trigger, one we have cleared ourselves of all the blockages and issues then the Higher Self goes: Alright you’re ready now, we can do this.

    R.S. So integration is a natural process . . .

    C.T. Yes there is a process of cleansing to undergo. Once we have undergone that process of cleansing then yes it is a very natural process. You don’t need to do anything else, you don’t need to go anywhere, you don’t need to ascend anywhere, you don’t need to sponge up energy patterns from anywhere, with the higher self you’re good.

    R.S. As we heal ourselves will that then extend out into the environment and clean it up too?

    C.T. Yes, I mean if you think of the way you interact with other people, if you always tell lies to people than people don’t believe you, they don’t pay much attention and they tend to ostracize you from their society but if you start becoming honest then all of a sudden people accept you. By being honest with somebody else you give them permission to be honest back. So you start to have honest interactions between people and that’s contagious.

    R.S. So that’s called integrity so to reintegrate means to once again have integrity and that is contagious. I’ve been saying this a lot myself, that kindness is contagious but so is cruelty, which do you prefer?

    C.T. Precisely. You know I don’t think too many politicians are going to reintegrate. Laughs. They might have to leave the planet I suspect. The alternative is that ones we have some kind of mass reintegration, if you don’t make that reintegration then you must leave the planet. You can’t stay on Earth if you’re not equal to the energy patterns of everybody else. That’s the down side to it, I suppose you could see it that way. But don’t forget it’s all choice. Everybody has a choice, do they undergo this reintegration or do they not?

    R.S. Well the people who don’t probably wouldn’t feel very comfortable here right?

    C.T. Exactly, the energy patterns that would then exist on Earth, those people would be incompatible with those energy patterns and therefore they couldn’t stay. So everybody on Earth has made a choice and how that choice is fulfilled will determine when we move forwards, how we move forwards and how many people will do so.

    R.S. So it’s not like it has to happen this month, right?

    C.T. No unfortunately, I wish it did. You know it would solve a lot of other problems if we managed that.

    R.S. Yes obviously I don’t want to prolong the suffering but apparently it serves a purpose on some level. Nothing is without consequence or value.


    C.T. Well again if you come back to illness and suffering, what your higher self is trying to say to you is that you have gone in the wrong direction in your life so you are not being as honest with yourself or with other people as you should be and therefore you have created these energy imbalances within the organs in your body and the illness follows because of that imbalance.

    If you look at the body’s traditional energy centers, what people know as the chakras, the chakras are a perfect guide to the region in your body or life where you have a problem because each chakra will lead to an aspect of who we are as an individual, but also each chakra will lead to a specific set of organs within the body. So if you have a diagnosis of a problem with one of the organs within the body and you relate it back to the chakras then you know precisely within your life where that problem originated. I’ve worked with people for 35 years in healing and the energy patterns I’ve worked with chakras and every single person of thousands over that time period have fit precisely into the patterns that the chakras give. Nobody has ever differed from those patterns.

    So if somebody gives me someone’s symptoms, I can tell them what their personality is. It really is that simple and that straightforward. We’ve just forgotten it.

    R.S. So you see the direct correlation between the patterns and personality?

    C.T. Yes it’s the same for everybody. It happens every single time. For any given symptom of illness, there will be a given cause and it is always the same for everybody on the planet. Never mind what the medical profession is doing to people. You know officially medical treatment is the biggest single killer in the Western world. I’m serious more people die of medical treatment than any other single cause. This is an official survey done by the American Medical Association published back in 2008.

    The body is very literal so if you are reaching out, figuratively speaking, for something you should not be attaining to, you will end up with a literally broken wrist. That’s how literal the body is. It’s your higher self saying you don’t want to do that because if you do it again you may lose your arm or whatever.

    If you take the time to step back and think about what you’ve just experienced, and look at the problem you had, then the positive lesson is always there that comes out of a seemingly negative experience, once you have learned the lesson. You just need to look for it or take the time to think about. When it comes to healing, essentially the body is constructed of energy and that is why psychic healers can be successful in healing without the need for an operation. When you put the required energy frequencies that are deficient in the body back into it then you heal.

    R.S. Once you learn a lesson then you move on and you are a little smarter and a little stronger for it.

    C.T. Yes there is no such thing as an accident. It’s your higher self telling you that there’s something going on in your life that you need to correct. If you stop reaching for whatever it is you think you want, then the problem goes away or it heals.

    R.S. Making a minor course correction can alter ones future dramatically.

    C.T. Yes as I was saying earlier it’s the choices you make now that determine what the future is. This why you can’t travel to the future because it hasn’t happened

    R.S. Does that mean that the Akashic Records are only for things of the past and not of the future?

    C.T. Yes the word Akashic is actually an ancient Sanskrit word that literally means “Record”. It is a record of everything that has ever occurred within the universe. It works on numerous levels so there is a human Akashic, a planet Akashic, a solar system Akashic, a galaxy Akashic, and onwards and upwards. (1:16:34) People use words without ever really knowing what they really mean.

    It’s like Karma, everybody thinks Karma means some kind of debt but again Karma is a Sanskrit word and all it means is knowledge. We gain knowledge from whatever experiences we go through.

    R.S. Well isn’t that the whole meaning of life to gain experience , I mean that’s all we take with us is the memories.

    C.T. Exactly and your memory is in your DNA. So when you reincarnate into your next lifetime that is what your DNA is it’s the memories of past lifetimes. 75% of all DNA is past life memory.

    R.S. Does that apply for people who are semi-physical as well?

    C.T. No they have different memory structures, they don’t need the physical DNA in the same way as we do.

    R.S. But they still have memories, I mean all souls have memories, right?

    C.T. Yes. If you are in a non-physical state or a semi-physical state all the memories are contained within the soul and you don’t need the DNA memory to record them. So you have instant recall of whatever your memories are but since we are such physical lumps we need help to retain our memory within our system.

    So 75% of all DNA is past life memory.

    So when the medical profession talks of genetic disorders what they are really talking about is a past life problem, because we died, or had an injury, or had an illness in the past life which we never really dealt with. Let’s take your broken wrist for example, if you had not looked at the problem and tried dealing with it in the way in which you did, let’s say it turned septic, you had a massive infection and it was never healed. What that would be in your next life would be a past life memory.

    As far as the higher self is concerned what it wants to do is to clear that memory to show that you’ve learned the lesson.

    So when doctors talk about a genetic illness what they really mean is you have brought that illness forward from a past life. So all so-called genetic illnesses are healable by dealing with that past life problem.

    The Human Genome Project was one of the biggest most expensive cons ever run by the medical profession. Because it was actually a useless totally worthless exercise of governments pending millions of dollars and they learned nothing from it. Almost as soon as they announced that the genome project was complete and they could now solve all of man’s genetic illnesses some little geneticist in a lab somewhere stuck his hand up and he said “Excuse me, have you seen this?”

    And what he was doing was working with people who had so-called genetic illnesses. But what they had done was to take action in this lifetime that as far as the higher self is concerned, corrected the problem that had brought that genetic illness about in this lifetime.

    So in other words the gene that created the illness was active within these people’s bodies. But because they took action that the higher self considered undid the problem that had caused it in that previous lifetime, the gene repaired itself.

    R.S. And they were able to measure that scientifically?

    C.T. Yes this is what the little guy sitting in the corner said. The gene had repaired itself and it opened up a totally new field called EPIGENETICS. Which means “beyond genetics”. Of course they don’t understand why the gene repaired itself or why it got supposedly damaged in the first place. But they call it epigenetics because they have seen that a gene can be self-repairing. So this is how genetic illnesses arise, you have brought this memory forward from a past life and your higher self considers that that problem from the past life has never been resolved, but in this lifetime the higher self wants you to resolve it so the higher self puts you into situations where you have the potential for learning the lesson which you failed to learn in that previous lifetime.

    If you learn those lessons then the memory will go off the active list, disappear into the rest of the DNA and on the surface the gene repairs itself. And the illness disappears. Ultimately it’s very simple how it works.

    So these idiots in the medical profession have led the scientific community into all sorts of rubbish that just doesn’t apply at all. They really have no understanding of how the body works and I’m sure any psychic surgeon would be able to tell you something simple.

    The medical profession just doesn’t have a clue. It’s never going to get better when you see the power of the pharmaceutical companies because all they’re interested in is making a profit.

    So they develop a pill that will mask the symptoms but never cure you so that means you are on that same tablet for the rest of your life. But also built into it are the side effects. So you need to take another pill to counteract the effects of the first pill. Pharmaceutical companies are up to 5 levels of pills at the moment. So you have the original illness which you take the original medication for, then you take another one for the side-effects, and then you take another one for the side-effects of that, and so on. And then you are so drugged out of your skull you don’t know what on earth you’re doing. And you still have the symptoms of the original illness if you stop taking the pill.

    So they are only interested in making a profit and from that profit comes influence and power. They have no interest in making anybody better.

    Cancer for example is not that difficult to get rid of. You can heal cancer fairly straightforwardly; it isn’t that big a problem. The drug companies know this and yet billions upon billions of dollars on so-called cancer research and treatment which is totally unnecessary.

    Half the medical profession would be out of work if you cured cancer so none of them want a cure for cancer.

    Stomach ulcers are caused by a bacteria helicobacter priori bacteria and what they announced was that by putting in an endoscope in to inspect the ulcer and they shone light of a particular frequency on that ulcer, it killed off the bacteria and cured the ulcer. So that’s as close as you’re going to get by the medial profession that using energy to heal works. (1:26:35)

    Lights and electrical impulses are just purely and simply different means we have for energy frequencies [to heal]. What you are doing is putting energy of the correct frequency into an area of the body that is deficient of that energy and then making good the deficiency rebalances the body and heals it.

    Acupuncture removes blockages in the meridians of the body. It is extremely effective even though the medical profession claims it’s unproven. But I think the Chinese using it for the last 6,000 years ought to make it fairly proven by now. The Chinese surgeons are known to actually do heart surgery while still talking to the patient using acupuncture to anesthetize them. The chakras run up and down the spine and represent the primary energy centres on the spine.

    The chakras are elements of the soul within the body. The chakra is the soul energy that connects directly into the higher self. The acupuncturists work with the meridians which transport that chakra energy around the body. So the chakras are the primary energy and the meridians are the distribution. So the way that the acupuncturists look at is that an illness is a blockage within the meridian. Acupuncture clears the blockage so the energy flow comes back to where it should be. But what you need to do is deal with the root cause of the problem which is what disrupted the chakra in the first place.

    If you can look at the root cause and deal with it, you can literally cure yourself of anything. Most people have this basic dislike of having needles and that puts them off unfortunately. If the needle is in the right place and at the right frequency then there should be no pain. Everything is energy so the energy flow within the building and within the room or from a person [healer] is all interconnected.

    For instance say you come across a traffic accident, the first thing you do for an injured person is put your hands on them. So essentially what you are doing is giving them healing. But only if that is what the higher self wants but I mean by putting your hands on somebody or interacting with somebody in specific ways like say the acupuncturist does, you are connecting with them and you are providing energy to them, so in that respect everybody can be a healer to one extent or another. It’s just that someone like a psychic surgeon will have deliberately developed their abilities. Anybody can play a piano but there is only one maestro.

    Everybody is a healer but it depends upon how efficient you want to become in using that energy.

    R.S. I’m very grateful to you Chris for what you are doing and I was surprised how many of my audience had already heard of you.

    C.T. Well why aren’t they buying my books? This is what I don’t understand.

    R.S. I thin it might be because you don’t have a direct website do you?

    C.T. Well I did have a website but it was interfered with too many times so I had to take it down unfortunately. There are a lot of Velon supporters out there.

    R.S. I see your writings in different places but how do people get your work?

    C.T. If they want to get the books, they are effectively banned by Amazon. Amazon has never ever placed an order with the publishers. So Amazon has never sold the books, they advertise a couple but they are in second hand stock rather than from Amazon themselves. So the best place to get them would be a British company similar to Amazon but all they do is sell books. They take credit cards and they are an international mail order company. [He gives Cygnus Books who are now (2016) bought out by an American company who have unfortunately disassociated themselves from Chris Thomas books]

    Other than that, there are some websites that have put some of my essays up as well. There is a website called The Spirit Guides that have posted most of my essays. .

    [ has Chris Thomas books for sale anywhere in the world.]

    C.T. I had to give up seeing people for healing. I am under a lot of psychic attacks from the like of the NSA and the Velon. So if I see people there is always a danger that these [attack] energies are going to get transferred to them, and that is the last thing I want to do. So unfortunately I’ve had to give up seeing people face to face. For the same reason I do not offer my services remotely. This is unfortunate because I love working with people and I love meeting people but I’ve had to give it up.

    R.S. I’m very sorry to hear that Chris.

    C.T. Well the Velon did not take very kindly to my taking their energy devices out of people so their attacks on me became quite violent. They have caused me a lot of physical damage as well, which doesn’t help the situation.

    R.S. They’ve done it to me as well. I’ve engaged with them on more than one occasion so I’m learning to operate in a way that is not so confrontational and yet I still expose them through these conversations.

    C.T. Well to write these essays or even to have these conversations I’ve literally had to clear everything around me and create a clean energy space. One of the worst instances is experiencing psychic attack, never mind listening into conversations.

    R.S. Yes they are not passively listening in they are attacking though radionics or psychotronics, yes I understand that.

    C.T. Well they actually use Alien technology to do this so you have to be careful with them.

    R.S. Well I think the world would be in a much darker place than it is now if it weren’t for people like you Chris, who have taken a stand and I commend you and hope you carry on in whatever capacity you possibly can. I know it is very much appreciated.

    C.T. Well thank you that is extremely kind of you to say so.

    R.S. Wow I got goose bumps from this show, that was so amazing. I am thrilled that we got Chris on the show.
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    Learning and practicing intuitive discernment replaces rigidly held belief systems with flexibility and confidence to express your freedom of choice.

    It is each person's responsibility to clear their body of emotional blocks (using the Giveaway, etc.) so that the process of higher self integration into your physical body can begin. Beliefs are fleeting during this period of change. It is wise to hold them lightly. Mind, Body and Spirit are becoming ONE

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    There are two interviews CT did in 2012 and 2013 that are rarely mentioned. I found the one from June 2013. The other one is from December 2012, done by Lisa Harrison.

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    We have now moved from the Information Age into the Age of Discernment. (Some call it the Intuitive Age.) Part of discernment is being honest with ourselves and honest with everyone else. By being honest with others we give others permission to be honest with us. It brings us one step closer to reintegration, integrity, enlightenment and illumination in every sense of those words. A wholly integrated soul recognizes truth from attempted deception immediately.

    Following is an interesting article by Mary Rodwell. I'm posting it because it verifies much of what Chris Thomas has said about our changing DNA and some of our returning natural psychic abilities as we reintegrate our Higher Selves into the physical body.

    In my own opinion the names being assigned to these children are meaningless. These children are simply displaying rudimentary skills we all possessed, (and will possess even more once reintegration has taken place) before we split the soul for learning purposes, 7,000 years ago.

    As C.T. explains in the last interview I posted above, we are changing even now as we slowly reconnect with our Higher Self. Our auras are expanding and our viewing perspective of the world around us has changed dramatically from the 1990's. We are filling with light despite our periodic setbacks.

    Individuals are letting go of the delusional, selfish victim-hood of the past. We are transforming the Human collective into our true reality as individual sovereign healers. As such we naturally transform our environment back to health, free from toxic pollution. It is our natural way of being as we re-remember who we truly are. These new children are reminding us of this.

    Reintegration is a natural process, and as simple as walking from one room into another, it's just a matter of accepting our responsibility and ending our long-harboured habitual resistance to change. For some of us waking up is hard to do, but awaken we must, and at some level we all know it .

    Also this article on a very interesting young woman seems to fit well with this post:


    By Mary Rodwell
    Guest writer,

    There are new generations of children incarnating on our planet who are very different to previous generations. They have been given many names such as Indigos, Crystal Children, Children of Light or Star Children. The children are far more multi-dimensionally aware than what is presently considered to be the ‘norm.’ Many have a deep understanding of their multidimensional reality and speak about helping humanity awaken to a higher state of consciousness. They may also be aware of contact with non-human extraterrestrial intelligences.

    There is a race of beings upon the planet, increasing in number, although visually and physically indistinguishable to most humans. They are “the bringers of light” and are here to guide the awakening of terrestrial consciousness. The New Children are born without programs and will bring about a Global Awakening.

    – Tracey Taylor artist /experiencer

    Metaphysical groups have recognized these children and offered labels to explain the differences. However some are labeled dysfunctional because they struggle to socialize or cope with the pressures and conditioning modern society places on them. These labels include ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), Asperger syndrome, forms of Autism, and Dyslexia. However these labels may stem from our lack of understanding of the way these generations operate or perceive reality.

    It appears that many struggle with the conditioning of 3D reality.

    Dr. Ohlson PhD, a molecular biologist calls these individuals “letter people.” She believes she is a letter person, i.e. Asperger’s/ADHD and has explored her multidimensional and physical sensitivities from a practical and scientific perspective.

    The programs such as ADD, ADHD, Aspergers, “Letter people”, I do not believe are ‘broken or dysfunctional genes’ but instead offering new multidimensional skills to prevent limited re-programming of a third dimensional reality.The letter people show an impairment in communication between the brain-halves and thus use one side of the brain for solving the same problem. Although it is thought they are dysfunctional however, it may be a way to free more space in the brain for solving difficult tasks. The Asperger part might be responsible for ‘higher’ knowledge, not interested in traditional learning.

    -Dr. Ohlson, Ph.D.

    Dr. Ohlson PhD a molecular biologist brings two important perspectives to this phenomenon: The perspective of the soul journey, and our extraterrestrial star origins.

    It is not so simple as foreign DNA. It’s a combination of genetically improved bodies, in combination with souls from different places in our Universe, incarnating in these ‘improved ‘ bodies. The souls have different frequencies/vibrations depending on their evolutionary status and that plays a role in activation of the DNA in that particular body. I believe we also have to take into account the collective soul of Homo sapiens. The ‘letter people” have above normal sensory cells on the skin. They hear above normal range. They are aware of minute differences in the shades of color than normal. Taste and smell are enhanced. Sensitive to all frequencies and can be overwhelmed by sensory overload. Sensitive to radioactive radiation as well as energy fields and energy beaming from angry people or animals.

    -Dr. Ohlson, Ph.D

    Dr. Ohlson has observed that calculated levels of Acetylcholine and dopamine in the brain is higher in Letter People and suggests ways to help these children cope with the 3D challenges. Letter people need extra help nutritionally to cope, plus multi-vitamin and mineral supplements:

    She explains that Acetylcholine is formed from choline in the vitamin B family and letter people need more choline, but also other vitamin B members because they use more of it. This is the simplicity behind the ‘cure.’ She states:

    *Vitamin D3 50 microgram/day, Vitamin C 1-2grams/day
    * Occasionally they may need Silica gel for the stomach and nervous system and probiotic for the intestinal flora.
    * For the nervous system and brain (running all the functions in the body this is crucial).
    * Vitamin B´s in a complex /day (25 mg each of B1, B2, B6, PABA, Inositol)(50 mg each of B3, B5, Cholin) (50 microgram of B12, 25 microgram B15, 150 microgram Biotin and 200 micrograms Folic acid).

    Note: In most vitamin B´s this is over recommended daily intake but her family have taken this daily for more than 10 years with no side effects but becoming healthier.

    Omega oil 3,6,9.

    MSM (methyl-sulfonulmethane): Initially start with few grains to the maximum dose of two tsp. daily. This supports the enzymatic reactions in the brain and the formation of acetylcholine from Choline. Best to be taken morning or during daytime because it gives energy and can keep the person awake in the night. For the prevention of anxiety take Valerian officinalis between 200mg/ day and 1200mg/day, and for depression Hypericum officinalis (between 600mg/day and 900mg/day).

    Ufologist researcher Neil Gould, author of Close Encounters of the ADHD Kind, explained in his book he was diagnosed as ADHD later in life. He recalls that he always perceived reality differently and that’s why he struggled in such a heavily programmed 3D world. He re-interprets the ADHD label as “Always Dialed to Higher Dimensions.”

    I believe that Neil’s interpretation is far more accurate and it coincides with Molecular Biologist Ds William Brown who also recognizes the New Human Phenomenon and the modification in our genetic codes occurring now.

    I believe genetic modification occurring right now in Utero are actually producing ‘New Humans’. Their NEW genetic architecture allows them to see the world in a multidimensional fashion. I believe research would show dormant genetic regions are being integrated into the biological systems and occurring in all of us to produce expanded awareness.

    There is an exponential increase in ADD, Autistic and Indigo children. Their brains work faster and I believe they already ‘KNOW ‘ what they are being taught.

    The ‘intrinsic” understanding of knowledge and information operates at a bio-molecular level – its trans-generational information. It is“encoded” within the atomic structure of the DNA molecule. It can be accessed more efficiently to produce savant like characteristics. The modification of the DNA is more like a remodeling of the genome to make dormant regions accessible again.

    -Neil Gould, author of Close Encounters of the ADHD Kind

    Extraterrestrial visitation is a very important factor as it is known these ‘intelligences’ are very interested in human DNA, and research suggests they have been involved in changes to human DNA. Therefore its only logical and may well explain some of the ‘differences’ we are observing in the New Human behaviors. I believe it is logical to assume this is directly related to human encounters with non-human intelligences. My hypotheses stems from twenty years of research into extraterrestrial encounter phenomena and 3,000 cases.

    The children have conscious recall of their time on space ships, often their planet of origin, and their ‘mission.’

    Subjects related to:

    Their true origins, i.e. Star family.

    Past lives on other planets.

    Their mission on planet earth.

    The true history of this planet and origins of humanity:

    They have conscious recall of being taken on spacecraft, and what they learn on the spaceships.

    The multidimensional skills enhanced by education on the space schools.

    What is really going on re: covert programs and hidden agendas?

    The purpose of certain ancient sites and technologies.

    Able to translate some of the star languages and scripts both in the language and translate back into English, and also the source of this information:

    Decode some of the symbols and art work from ET encounters.

    Can connect to all living and inanimate forms on a multidimensional level: animals, plants, and minerals.

    Healing abilities.

    Write unusual scripts, speak star languages and draw symbols, and beings they interact with.

    From my research, this is a global phenomenon and these children are in all cultures. They are demonstrating their multidimensional skills:

    Perceiving spirits

    Energy fields


    Remote influencing

    Telepathic abilities

    Knowledge they have not consciously learnt

    Healing abilities

    Universal spirituality

    Telekinetic abilities

    Precognition (seeing future events)

    Paul Dong and Thomas E. Raffill also mention some of the psychic abilities mentioned above in China’s Super Psychics. They label this phenomenon, EMF (Extra Human Functions) or HAS (High Sense Abilities.). The children however are now identified in many cultures, primarily seen as super psychics without the understanding that there may be alterations that are not due to natural evolution but through extraterrestrial intelligences.

    The late Dr. Roger Leir a pioneer in Ufology most known for his work removing implanted objects after extraterrestrial encounters. Dr. Leir was convinced humanity was being ‘upgraded’ though their contact and interactions with extraterrestrial beings.

    I have come to the conclusion that not only are there star children amongst us, but the entire human race has been advanced forward at a rate that is unlikely to be due to slow evolutionary forces, but far more likely that this rapid advancement of the human species is due to alien intervention of our bodies and minds.

    -Dr. Roger Leir. Author, The Aliens and the Scalpel

    The struggle for the New Human is to operate and function when their awareness and understanding is not understood or acknowledged. This may manifest as arrogance or frustration, but most often it’s more a sadness, or confusion. They can feel their star family has left them and struggle to be here and just want to go home. It can be overwhelming and lead to a conscious or unconscious desire to dumb themselves down with alcohol, drugs or vacate though suicide.

    It is important that humanity recognizes this evolutionary leap in human consciousness. To recognize these new generations are different for a good reason, we need to listen to what they have to tell us. They truly are the ‘way showers’ to an evolving humanity.

    The New Human is here:

    Adults have small ears they don’t want hear the messages we try to tell you. Why don’t they listen!

    – A 9-year-old NEW HUMAN who speaks star languages to heal water.

    Mary Rodwell, Awakening How Extraterrestrial Contact Can transforms your Life. Republished 2010.
    Dr. Roger Leir, The Aliens and the Scalpel
    Dr. L Ohlson statements on her research 2012-2015 to Mary Rodwell
    Dr. William Brown in emails to Mary Rodwell ACERN 2010
    Neil Gould, Close Encounters of the ADHD kind

    mary_rodwell-150x150Mary Rodwell is the Author of Awakening: How Extraterrestrial Contact Can Change your life (2002). She is the Principal of ACERN (Australian Close Encounter Resource Network), a former nurse, midwife, counselor, hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, researcher and International speaker.

    Mary’s work is in supporting individuals and their families experiencing encounters with non-human intelligences. Mary’s research indicates we as a species are being assisted to evolve due to these Extraterrestrial interactions and the new generations of children are demonstrating major changes in awareness and how these changes are not always understood due to more conventional interpretation.

    Mary’s next book THE NEW HUMAN covers all the above and how we are all evolving into a more aware species of human.

    ACERN web site


    Copyright Mary Rodwell ACERN 2105 (reprinted here with permission)

    Beautiful cover image by Josephine Wall used in compliance with the following statement from her website: “Although the images on my web site are protected by copyright please feel free to use them in a non-commercial way (not for financial gain). I know a lot of people like to make up web sets, buttons and backgrounds. All I ask is that you credit the work to me and if possible put a link to my web site on your pages”. Please follow her request upon sharing this article.
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    Learning and practicing intuitive discernment replaces rigidly held belief systems with flexibility and confidence to express your freedom of choice.

    It is each person's responsibility to clear their body of emotional blocks (using the Giveaway, etc.) so that the process of higher self integration into your physical body can begin. Beliefs are fleeting during this period of change. It is wise to hold them lightly. Mind, Body and Spirit are becoming ONE

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    Great work Herb and thank you. Sandra thanks for posting Lisa Harrison's interview which is my personal favorite.

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    You're welcome, Anastasia!

    CT did two interviews with Lisa Harrison. The first one was in October 2012, and the mentioned above was in December 2012, done by a group of interviewers. Seems like it was so long ago.

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    It will be a while before I forget where I was December 21, 2012. I really looked forward to that day. And yes, it does seem long ago.

    It is hard to say what happened. An entire planet choosing for something not to happen. Why? Mind control. So much is on a HS level the lumps can't make decisions based on reality. Reality is not an is what it is.

    We have a galactic family and we are deprived of them. We are deprived of traveling through the stars. Deprived of visiting planets in our solar system. Deprived of free clean energy. Hell, I could write endlessly of deprivation but hey we got TV! Rigged sports! Woo hoo! We got religion and the poop. We got commercials.

    My point is knowledge deprivation leads to poor choices. 4year anniversary of 2012 and we haven't yet seen the "hard way." The control of money in full swing. A trumpet actor in charge. Massive spraying as if we are insects. GMO everywhere. No sign of change anywhere you can really see.

    CT always said the Earth only has so much patients. I have no clue what that means. She is getting the poop kicked out of Her with no end in sight. He talks about Agenda 21 and how it is law etc. Not a single lump gives a poop etc.

    Looks like there is no way to predict how long it will take. I try to look at things each day and do what my Soul wants. Change will happen overnight folks. When we least expect it. It won't be pretty at first but I think the Eatth will prevail. I just hope we don't **** Her off much more. One burst from Her buddy the sun and some shrinkage and we are toast.

    One of these days I hope to see a Farey. Sounds like a silly wish but it beats wishing for money and stuff... Hang in there everyone. Looks like we have a great future and I can't wait!

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    Next time any of you are in the great pyramid King's chamber try singing Do-Re-Me...

    My guess is the keys of Enoch are right in front of our face. Some tone of sorts creates the standing wave frequency that activates that thing. The chamber is at the cubed root. Google Les Brown to learn more.

    I wish more people would join in on this thread. It really is the only place I know of to talk about CT's work/gifts to humanity. Interesting he talks about John Dee as well...

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    According to the Akashic 13 is a power number that is often reinforced in this universe and it is also given as the number of the Creator. This explains why the Velon have worked so hard to make many humans fear 13 and try to avoid it in all things related to life. Fortunately bakers, among a few others, had no such reservations.

    Being aware of the fact that 13 is a power number, I have often asked myself why Chris Thomas only did 11 interviews instead of 13.

    Well it turns out, thanks to Sandra’s research in finding another interview with Chris Thomas done by Lisa Harrison in December 2012 in addition to the second interview done by Robert Stanley in September, 2013, that we now have 13 interviews in total.

    One thing I noted in this newly discovered interview was that C.T. confirmed some people’s suspicions that Atlantis was sunk for several reasons. So those people may very well be correct that the way we were headed on Atlantis required that humans be taught a very hard lesson from Earth’s perspective and Merlin’s perspective and some humans’ perspectives.

    This may be why ascension is being dragged out to ensure that we suffer enough so that we finally remember once and for all the lesson of exercising free will. We must not forget it this time ‘round. To not speak up is to acquiesce.

    Further, given the lack of morals and ethics and integrity among so many these days, I should add that one of the many reasons Atlantis was sunk was a consequence of not listening to our higher conscience. So it’s not just remembering we must speak up and exercise our free will but we must also remember that just because you can perform some experiment or whatever doesn’t mean you should. There are always consequences to practicing free will without regard for all of life.

    So without further ado here is a transcript of the interview recently posted above, by Sandra.

    C.T. Good morning Lisa. And good morning to Barbara and Bob.

    Barbara: You are probably about my age but I highly respect you so you get the dubbing of the “Sir”.

    C.T. Laughs. Just so long as I don’t have to call you “Lady”.

    L.H. How are you experiencing the energies that are rolling out at this time of the year, millennium, epoch and era?

    C.T. Well , all very entertaining, but there are massive changes happening at all different sorts of levels and people seem to be waking up very rapidly that there is a change occurring.

    L.H. Just to give a little bit of a background, Chris is able to read the Akashic Records and basically states that until something has actually happened. It does not appear in the Akashic. So I would love to hear what has recently appeared in the Akashic Record.

    C.T. You mean like on the 12th [of December]? There was absolutely nothing on the 12th. No quite seriously there are a lot of people and stuff on about 12-12-12; about changes that are happening, portals are opening and Aliens are landing and people are ascending all starting on the 12th sort of thing. And nothing happened. It’s the same with all the other channelled predictions that have been made over the years is that they all come from a source that the Akashic calls the Velon. They have their own agenda and pretty much everything they have ever prophesied hasn’t. So if you go back a year or two to 11-11-11, because it is a nice symmetrical date, everybody expected things to happen then and nothing really did. And the same this year with 12-12-12, that’s another symmetrical date so people get excited but nothing actually happened.

    L.H. When we talked [in October] you kind of said that everything that was going to happen had already happened in the energetic realms as of October of [2011] last year and that everything that we are experiencing now is the rollout really of these energetic changes. Is that the right way of putting it?

    C.T.: Yes well where to start, I suppose. You’ve got to look at who we are as human beings and we’ve got to kind of forget about the fact that we are a body that has a soul and look at it from the other way around; we are a soul that has constructed for itself a body. And for the early part of human history, this is for the time on Atlantis, we had the whole of the soul within the physical body. Now for all sorts of different reasons we ended up dividing the soul into two and so what we have is this division which we’ve become used to for the last 7,000 years which is we have the physical bit of the soul within the body and the so-called higher self which is the remainder soul outside of the body. That division is roughly ¾ higher self and ¼ in the body.

    So it means that basically our senses and our abilities are severely limited. The reason we did that was to try to find out what energy problems we had on Earth that meant that we could not keep the whole of the soul within the physical body. There is a huge back story behind that but essentially that is the situation we found ourselves in. So what we have been doing for the last 7,000 years is finding a way of getting the whole of the soul [back] into the physical body so that we can become a true human being again and we allowed ourselves a 7,000 year time period in order to achieve that, and we’re just coming up to the end of that 7,000 year period.

    L.H. Did we choose 7,000 years because of the fact that what is happening now or because there is this alignment now happening?

    C.T. The alignment has a lot to do with it. This is the alignment between the galactic central sun, our sun and the Earth which happens on the 21st so yes it has a great deal to do with that because it’s all to do with energy. Don’t forget that everything else within the universe, everything to do with the human body or whatever it is really is about energy. You know good old Einstein’s E=mc2, all matter is energy, and so it’s all about energy alignments, energy potential, energy allowances and really the 7,000 years was set because we would be coming up to this alignment which occurs every 26,000 years or something like that. We decided to get into a position to be our true selves when this energy occurs because we need maximum energy potential to see this through.

    Theoretically we should be able to make use of all the new energies that are coming into play AFTER the 21st of December 2012.

    L.H. So what do you expect in terms of energetic interplay on the 21st with this alignment?

    C.T. Laughs. That’s the 65 million dollar question. I’m afraid to be honest there is no real answer to that because we’re in a situation which has never ever occurred before in the universe and nobody has ever experienced it whether its on earth or the other races throughout this universe. Nobody has ever experienced what we are about to experience. So it really is an unknown quantity. There is no specific answer to it. There are hints and clues perhaps but really just what can be expected in specific terms is unknown unfortunately.

    Barbara: In chat Fred asked a follow up question to what Chris was talking about. He said: Will we succeed?

    C.T. Yes. Of that I have no doubt whatsoever.

    L.H. So if I’ve got this right as to the timeline, we’re supposed to be ready for what is coming on the 21st and the getting ready process really kicked in back in October of 2011.

    C.T. Well really it started in 1996. This is when we had a huge new energy source connected to the planet; it was all part of this process for change that we’ve been working on for 7,000 years. So in 1996 a new energy source was connected to the planet which regenerated all the primary energy points on the planet, most of the crystal deposits too [were activated] to give us the energy potential to move forwards in the way we need to move forwards. So the real start of this change was back in 1996. The date of October, 2011 was like a marker point that is strictly speaking when this 7,000 year plan came to its conclusion. It has given us a year to sort ourselves out, do the bits and pieces we needed to do to get ourselves ready for whatever this change is to come in a few days.

    L.H. You know I can sort of look back retrospectively in my own personal journey and see sort of an alignment with the time frames that you’re giving.

    C.T. Yes I think most people on the planet felt massive change at the end of 1996 and then again in 2011. So we’ve all registered it on some primary level and some have worked with it very positively, some have ignored it and some have gone part of the way down the process.

    Barbara: I’m curious Chris, in your opinion do you think it will come as a sputter or a bang?

    C.T. Well if you look back on events in universal history or well even solar system history and Earth history, events never happen slowly; you get a very brief build up to an event and all of sudden something will flip and everything will change. If you go back in human history and Earth history for example. You’ve got all this ice core evidence going on around the place and the Earth flipped into an ice age instantly. It did not gradually get colder, it slipped into the last ice age over night essentially because what they found at the bottom of the ice core at the North Pole was quick frozen sub-tropical vegetation. And if you look across Siberia for example what you will find is the remains of mammoths which are again quick frozen so they have their last meal still in their stomachs and even still in their mouth so we’re not looking at a very gradual change.

    We should be looking at something that occurs instantaneously.

    L.H. But when you say instantaneously you’re not talking about sudden ice ages or pole shifts [in this instance] are you?

    C.T. The Pole Shift is another load of rubbish. The polar shift is not actually happening. What is occurring is the magnetic poles are remaining in the same position but the Earth’s rotational axis is moving back towards the vertical. Now you have a huge number of observations on that over the last few years. The Inuit in Canada for example have been saying that the stars they use for their tracking across the ice during the winter have actually shifted position.

    L.H. Haven’t they gone form having one hour per day hunting time to having 2 or 3?

    C.T. Yes the daylight hours are shifting as well as a lot of occurrences. But the Earth’s rotational axis is returning to the vertical because it always used to be vertical until about 65,000 years ago when we destroyed Atlantis. So what the Earth is doing now is correcting Herself back to the kind of positions she was in that sort of time frame. And she is using all of this new energy entering our solar system, and even generated by our sun for example, you know the sun is chucking out something like 1000X more energy than it was in the 1960’s. So there is a massive amount of regeneration going on in the solar system as a whole.

    L.H. If once it straightens up, does that mean we lose the seasons and it becomes sort of a tropical climate all year round?

    C.T. Well I’d say sub-tropical rather than tropical but the ice cores have proven the North Pole was never frozen, that was sub-tropical foliage and that is how we always used to be. You know the scientific interpretation of the Earth really is a complete load of rubbish. Everywhere you look whatever is being cited as truths turns out to be just somebody’s theory. For every scientific theory that is accepted as fact there is about 93,000 alternative theories going around. And so this thing about a series of ice ages we have had, I can find nothing in the Akashic going back to the beginning of the earth to suggest there have been a series of ice ages.


    L.H. Why would one cause the other? I mean you said that we destroyed Atlantis on purpose didn’t you?

    C.T. Well we destroyed Atlantis on purpose and we knew that there were going to be repercussions to the planet itself; they just went a little bit further than anybody has anticipated. It’s taken about a 65,000 year period to get everything back into some kind of semblance of order and return the Earth back to the pristine state that she was in previously.

    L.H. I saw something on t.v. last night that mentions there is a huge ice plain in the tropics? That has actually trapped 65% of the world’s water. I didn’t expect to find that at all.

    C.T. Well there is a massive amount of fresh water that is under the planet’s surface and in ice for example and it’s being added to all the time. I mean humans use it by draining things our but the Earth is looking after us and we end up with them being replenished. Don’t forget that the Earth is a consciousness, a soul itself, and we’re working with her. If you look at the energy systems of our bodies. I have spent 35 some odd years working as a psychic surgeon, a healer, and what I did was read energy patterns, and the Earth herself is a consciousness and the 1st chakra is also called the root chakra because it literally roots the soul to the Earth; it connects our soul as an individual to the soul of the Earth; consciousness to consciousness.

    The Earth sees us as her children and does everything she can do to look after us despite the damage humans do to the Earth she is still going to do everything she can to look after us and make sure that we are o.k.

    L.H. Well every good mother loves her children no matter what.

    C.T. Yes no mater how bad they can get. So this is what the earth tries to do is to nurture us and make sure we get back to the kinds of levels of soul energy that we should have and did have originally.

    L.H. You know I have to say Chris that even as you’re speaking the questions just keep coming in thick and fast.

    Barbara: The first question is: I would be interested in hearing Chris’ views on the Akashic Records. Are they tangible, how do you see them, that kind of thing.


    C.T. The Akashic is basically a record keeping aspect of the universe as a whole. So everything that occurs since the very first second that the universe was created is recorded and they are recorded in kind of energy patterns like miniature vortices. So every memory creates its own vortex if you like but they are tiny little miniature things.

    The purpose of the Akashic is that we have a creationary source that thought about the universe and literally created it. What this creationary source wants to do is to monitor everything that happens so that is how it spends its time relying on the Akashic to record the events as they occur for it to learn what’s going on. You see the fundamental energy patterns of this universe are freedom of choice so every soul that exists within this universe has absolute freedom of choice to choose its actions.

    So what the Creator wants to do is to find out what choices we have made along the way and how that effected the development within the universe. So that’s on a universal level but then there is also a record keeping level on the Earth so as part of the human mass consciousness as it were, there is also a record keeping aspect of that as well so that also belongs to the Akashic. So we have an Akashic on an Earth level, on a solar system level, on a galaxy level and on a universal level.

    And that’s how the Akashic works. It records all the choices that have led to the development of this universe.

    L.H. So this one for around the planet is for every person who has ever lived, along with their experiences go into that or is it more of the collective’s.

    C.T. Really it’s events more than anything else that are recorded. To understand what happens with people for example, you have to look at DNA. Now what DNA is that 75% of all our DNA is past life memories so those memories of past lives are recorded in our own personal DNA. Once we have passed puberty, the remaining 25% of our DNA is divided, we only need about 3% to run the physical body and then the 22% of the remaining DNA records experiences from the current lifetime. So all DNA is memory other than that 3% which is the “blueprint” for the body on a physical level. So an individual’s place within an event is not necessarily recorded within the Akashic but it is recorded within the person’s DNA.

    Having worked with people’s DNA levels, soul levels over the past 30 odd years, that is what I have found consistently that with the thousands of people I’ve worked with everybody is the same on that level.

    Barbara: How do you personally access those records?

    C.T. It’s a little more difficult to answer because I was born hardwired into it so literally I can access it at will. So I don’t need a medium or a spirit guide or anything like that, all I do is access it through my higher self. So I ask a question of the Akashic through my higher self and the answer comes back through my higher self into my mind and the reply I get is like a thought.

    Barbara: How about the pineal influence in regards to pineal, chakra, false light, trickery, etc. ?


    C.T. From my searches into this the Velon first contacted people on Earth in I think 1736 with the formation of the Bavarian Illuminati. They started putting an influence on individuals on Earth. I researched this very, very heavily. I spent many years researching the Velon about their influences on human life and what’s going on on the planet and I hate to say it but 99.9% of every single channelled message received within the last 100 years comes from a Velon source. What the Velon want, for whatever reason I’ve never been able to track the full reason, but certainly what they seem to want is access to the Earth. So what they have been trying to do is to manipulate people on Earth to make them believe that they have to leave the planet. So that the Velon, for whatever reason can then reform the Earth to whatever it is that they choose. Now I know from my own visit to the Velon home solar system and from the Akashic and from the Velon Akashic that their solar system is basically dead. It is dying. The consciousness that is their solar system has basically given up for whatever reason. I’ve never been able to track down what that reason is but essentially it means that the Velon are effectively homeless.

    They discovered some of the massive energy patterns that are coming to Earth to help us with the changes that are going on currently, and so they decided to follow that energy and when they came across Earth, they realised there is a population here and have set about removing the population since about 1736, in fact it was. So the Velon intention towards the Earth is not good. And they worked with this group that is known as the illuminati since they first made contact with them and this is why we have such bizarre policies from governments in terms of how they treat the population and the planet.

    I mean you look at the ridiculous things like fracking and what it does to the Earth itself and to water supplies and to people around it. It creates Earth quakes, it poisons water supplies and all the rest of it and yet it’s now being insisted upon globally. So you’ve got ridiculous things like that happening and you’ve got the development of WIFI by using microwave frequencies that are known to be very harmful to the body and yet this is what we build a communication system on. Knowing that it’s going to harm people and so that is the Velon agenda to remove people. Don’t forget that it stated in the Agenda 21 document, or the original document that it came out of, the United Nations conference on Environment and Development back in 1992 state4s that they want to reduce the human population to 500 Million by 2025.

    Now bearing in mind that the human population peaked at 7.4 Billion, it’s been reducing greatly ever since and there is 2 reasons for the reduction. One is this Velon/illuminati agenda and two is choices made by people as to whether they are going to go through this consciousness shift or not. The current global population is actually down to about 3.8 Billion [as of Dec. 2012]. So all this stuff about us having a growing population which hit 7 Billion last October, and it’s growing and also peaking, is a complete load of rubbish. It’s really disinformation put out by governments to create fear and panic in people. Because a fearful people are ones that are easily controlled.

    Bob: There has been a lot of talk about many of the Alien influences have been removed or are in the process of being removed over the last couple of years. Is there any of that found in the Akashic references?

    C.T. Oh yeah sure. I can only find about 3.5 thousand (3500) Velon left within our galaxy. I can’t find any more than that, bearing in mind that the whole of the population of the Velon moved here at one point and there were 22 Billion of them. They were rejected and ejected, there was a hard core that remained for a few years of something like 3.5 Million of them but there only seem now to be about 3.5 Thousand. So they are being dealt with.

    L.H. Does the Akashic tell you how or by whom? Is it the planet ejecting them and other races?

    C.T. A lot of it has to do with the planet. The solar system is closed to the Velon. If you think of our solar system shaped like a rugby ball or a football in America, and it’s an envelope or barrier. Our solar system is unique it is the only place in the universe where you can experience what it is like to be physical and in order to protect us from all of the energies that are outside of our solar system that range in everything from totally non-physical to totally semi-physical and all the millions and billions of other energy patterns that you can think of. So our solar system is protected from other energies by that envelope and the Velon have not been able to penetrate that envelope apart from by channelled means. There are I think only one or two Velon ships that have entered the solar system and most of them have been evicted as well. So really the consensus is that the Earth doesn’t want the Velon here and unfortunately it’s humans receiving channelled messages that is keeping the remaining Velon in place.

    People listen to the Velon, the likes of Ashtar Command, the Andromedan Council, the Galactic Federation of Light and all of these organisations are all Velon. And the more people who listen to them, they are giving energy to the Velon and holding the Velon attack in place. So if people stop listening all of these channelled messages, we’d be rid of the Velon totally we’d move forward much more quickly and without the kind of aggravation we’ve been experiencing.

    L.H. So it’s our attention to them that allows the attraction to be maintained?

    C.T. Yes.

    Barbara: Someone is asking if you would be kind enough to address the Velon in relation to the pineal, chakra and kundalini?

    C.T. Well I’m not sure I understand the question.

    Bob: I think the question is in reference to the technology they have implemented in terms of wifi and things like how is it affecting us and our energetic systems.


    L.H. I actually think that would more be in reference to what George Kavassilas said that the pineal and the chakra system is an implant.

    C.T. No, no. no. no. no. The chakras are literally concentrations of soul energy within the physical body. That is literally what the chakras are. If we didn’t have the chakras within the body then we would not exist. If you remove the chakras from the body then literally you kill the body. And it’s the same with the DNA, if you remove DNA from the body you kill the body as well. Don’t forget DNA is just memory.

    This is what the Velon have been trying to do is to rip memory out of people. I know they have been very successful with some groups that have worked very closely with the Velon. The Velon who call themselves Hathor have been working very closely with humans and I know that there have been several attempts by the Velon to remove people’s DNA memories because the Velon are hoping that by getting people’s memories, they can gain access to those memories and find out what is going on and how to make life on Earth even worse for people that isn’t normal.

    The reason the pineal gland exists at the base of the brain is that it produces a substance called melatonin. Now what melatonin does is respond to daylight levels. So for example as daylight levels fall in the evening, melatonin levels rise because melatonin is the primary cleanser of the body, it is the primary antioxidant that runs through the body. So we couldn’t exist without the melatonin produced by the pineal gland. Now also the pineal gland or the melatonin is a psychic enhancer. This is why mediums, for example, work in darkened rooms because it increases their melatonin levels produced by the pineal gland to enhance their psychic potential.

    So to say that we need to remove the pineal or to remove the chakras is to totally misunderstand what the body is all about or how the body actually works, certainly the energy patterns within the body.

    L.H. Well there’s been such a concerted effort to shut down our pineal glands that there has to be that it serves some positive purpose.

    C.T. Yes it stops us from becoming psychic. It’s to reduce our psychic potential and also to make us more toxic because if you remove the pineal, the body doesn’t produce melatonin and so we don’t have that primary antioxidant working through the body whilst we sleep.

    L.H. So have you seen the chakras evolve and change over time? And in what sense?


    C.T. Totally, yes. Well, traditionally for 7,000 years the chakras have been red, orange, yellow, green, blue indigo, violet. Those are the traditional rainbow colours of the chakras. But don’t forget that colours are only a function of the energies that pass through it. If you increase the energies contained within the physical body and therefore contained within the chakras then the chakras change. So since 1996 when we had this massive energy force reconnected to the Earth and people started responding to it and chakra colours began to change in response to those new energy patterns. So what the colours did was the first chakra changed from red to a copper gold colour. The chakras are shaped like a pinning vortex so as the chakra spins it had a copper gold base colour, then it had little ribbons of other colours in it which were violet, clear gold root, and petrol blue colour. So the first chakra changed and people responded to that, most people took a long time to catch up to these energy changes but some people responded immediately.

    Then the second chakra changed to a base colour of petrol blue and again with these ribbons of copper gold, clear gold, and violet in them.

    And then the third chakra changed to petrol green, again with these ribbons of colour in it

    and then the 4th chakra, the heart chakra changed to a transparency so in other words the frequency of the heart chakra rules so much that there wasn’t a colour to it, just pure energy was the background colour to it. And then within the heart chakra were, something like what you get when you shake on of those little domes with snow flakes in it, you shake that to get all those flakes swirling around the place – well that’s what the heart chakra looked like, you had flecks of all the other colours, petrol green, petrol blues, petrol gold, violets and all the rest of it were swirling in the clear vortex of the chakra.

    And then the 5th chakra to basically the same as the heart but with much fewer flecks of colour

    And then the 6th chakra, the 3rd eye chakra changed to transparent but with even less flecks of colour swirling around in it

    And the crown chakra became totally clear, totally transparent. What I mean by transparent is is you imagine a hot day and you’ve got that heat haze shimmering, that’s what I mean by pure energy, that’s pure energy within the body.

    So that was if you like a developmental stage. Then there was another stage which some people caught up with quite rapidly while others were quite slow in catching up but we’re just about so that the MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE ON THE PLANET NOW HAVE ALL OF THE CHAKRAS TRANSPARENT. No colour to them whatsoever.

    And then there is a final stage to that where the chakras disappear all together. They don’t disappear out of the body but the concentration of energy along the energy flow within the spine – you don’t have those energy concentrations, instead you have the smooth flow of energy up and down the spine so the base chakra is the lowest frequency and the crown chakra is the highest frequency, so that’s the development we’ve gone through since 1996.

    L.H. So that’s often termed as The Pillar of Light. (42:10)

    C.T. Exactly. That’s exactly it. That’s what the spine should look like when all the chakras have smoothed out.

    Barbara: What do we need to do at the last minute to make the human soul reintegration happen? Is it too late to start a Giveaway?

    C.T. Well the GIVEAWAY is the only thing you need to do to get yourself ready for this last phase. Humans are very emotional. The problem is we’re not very good at expressing those emotions so we tend to hold them within the body. For example symptoms of illness are the result of not expressing ourselves on an emotional level. It blocks up the chakras, creates energy flow problems within the body, meridians block up and we get the symptoms of illness. So what the Giveaway does is the process of releasing those emotions, getting them out of the body and clearing the energy flows within the body.

    The Giveaway is very simple. You get yourself a sheet of old newspaper and a couple of pencils and you think back on your life and you remember an event and you get quite angry at what happened at that event because you never expressed yourself fully at that event. It could be anything, your parents, your boss, your children, the Q at the post office, the traffic you just sat through, whatever it is it doesn’t matter because if you have an emotion connected to it, then you need to get it out of the body.

    So on the newspaper you write a letter to the event and you say: I didn’t want this to happen, I’m really angry about it and whatever it is you feel about that event and so go right back to your childhood and start writing. Whatever comes to mind just start writing and keep writing. You may skip forward 20 years to another event, you just add that on to part of the letter and just keep writing. The reason for doing it with a pencil on newspaper is that you shouldn’t read it back because if you read it back you are taking those emotions back into the body and you’re back where you started.

    This is why it’s called a Giveaway, you are taking the emotion from the body and literally giving it away to the newspaper. When you have finished the sheet of newspaper, you rip it up and burn it. If you can’t burn it chuck it in the trash. But burning is better if you can possibly do it.

    Most people will not be able to get rid of the rubbish in their system using one Giveaway exercise. So they will have to do lots of Giveaway exercises. So you know when you’ve done enough when you can think about it and no emotions are connected to it. Say you had a very traumatic event in your life 20 years ago. So you write that event and the people involved in that event in the Giveaway. If the next day you think back on that event and you still have got an emotion attached to that event, like anger for example, then you need to do more Giveaways on it. You know you have done enough when you can think back on an event in your life that really caused you some problems and you look at it as an event without an emotion attached to it. Than you know you have done enough Giveaways so you have removed the emotion of those events out of your body.

    Once you have cleared those emotions out, again an emotion is an energy pattern and if the body is carrying these energy patterns of emotions within the body, then it’s taking up space within the body that the Higher Self could occupy. So by getting it out of the body you are cleansing your body in preparation for the rest of the soul to come into the body.

    So that’s what the Giveaway is all about and it is an immensely powerful tool. A lot of people are resistant to it. They think ah that’s not going to work, something that simple can’t possibly do the job. Well, TRY IT.

    L.H. Someone just made a comment that they have used it and it does work.

    C.T. It is phenomenally effective. It really is phenomenal. I’ve had patients who cleared themselves of lung cancer just by using the Giveaway.

    L.H. Yea lung cancer would be connected to your expression as well.

    C.T. Well it’s the fifth chakra which is connected to the lungs and self-expression. You know the old expression “get it off your chest”. If you don’t get it off your chest it stays there. And that is what causes the cancer, it’s got nothing to do with smoking or pollutant. It’s to do with the emotion that you don’t express. So if you literally do get it off your chest, you will clear the lungs and clear the disease out of the lungs. [epigenesis]

    Barbara: Can you please clarify the difference between ascending to the 5th dimension and the human soul reintegration.

    C.T. Alright well this ASCENSION thing to the 5th dimension is yet again a Velon ploy, it’s rubbish. If you understood the energy patterns within the body, the 5th dimension relates to about your navel, literally. Why on earth would you want to ascend to your navel?

    Look at it this way. We’ve spent 7,000 years leaning how to be human on Earth, why on earth would we need to go somewhere else just when we’ve got the answer? And so this ascension thing has been put into the human psyche through channelled messages to confuse us. And it’s come from the Velon because they want to get people off the planet. It’s as simple as that.

    Barbara: What is your view regarding what is going on regarding the Pole Shift? Ice ages, etc. it’s pretty unique do you know anyone else who goes with your theory?

    C.T. Well the Inuit in Canada have written quite a lot about it as well. There is even a video on youtube of the Inuit explaining that they don’t see the Pole Shift occurring in the magnetic sense, it’s the rotational pole that is actually turning more to the vertical.


    Barbara: In your book Synthesis you talk about a group of people in Europe that are already achieving full soul integration. Please tell us more.

    C.T. Laughs. I get asked that one all of the time because most people want to disappear off to this group so that they don’t have to do the work that they need to sort themselves out. In truth, the very first people to achieve full soul integration did so in the United States back in 1996. So there are various groups so there are various groups around the planet, in total something like 2.5 Million people. Most of these are in what would be called tribal cultures like South America, Africa, some aboriginal people, etc. But there are groups in western countries but they keep themselves very much to themselves. You can only join them if they send you a psychic invitation.

    In other words if you are ready to undergo soul reintegration, they would recognize your energy patterns and would psychically send you an invitation that you would know about to go and join them. So if you have not received a psychic invitation, then it either means you are not ready or it is inappropriate for you to undergo soul reintegration at that particular time.

    But yes there are various groups around the planet that have achieved this reintegration, but you won’t find them because they have psychic barriers around them. Not even the psychic watchers and psychic catchers like the NSA can get hold of them, they are that powerful, they will blank everything out.

    [Anatasia in “The Ringing Cedars” books is one of these reintegrated humans who the ‘authorities have tried unsuccessfully to capture]

    L.H. So you’re not likely to find that the guy who works for the grocery store down the road has achieved full soul integration at this point.

    C.T. No. Very unlikely. If he had, he wouldn’t be working, he’d have to go somewhere else because he wouldn’t be able to tolerate the psychic babble that come off most people, or the energy patterns that come off most people.


    Barbara: What is the difference between our spirit guide and our higher aspect?

    C.T. That question is a little more difficult because very often there isn’t a difference because we are so used to being detached from our higher self in a physical way that very often, when we do get a message from the higher self, we think it’s a spirit guide. And sometimes the higher self represents itself as a spirit guide rather than the higher self. A lot of spirit guides are you in a past life so the higher self will take on your persona from that previous lifetime to make it look as though there is somebody else, of they are bringing the wisdom and knowledge you had from that previous lifetime into the current life to show you or help you move on.

    L.H. Is it because we’ve been programmed to see god or higher wisdom as something outside of ourselves so our higher self just takes on a persona?

    C.T. Yes that is basically it. (53:15) Now having said that, obviously a lot of mediums work with other people, and so they will channel messages from somebody’s spirit guide. Like your great aunt Elsie died 50 years ago and she has come back to help you through whatever bad patch you are going through at the moment. So there are several different levels to what a spirit guide actually is. Most of it is the person’s higher self but we also have people from outside of our higher self. There are other people, other souls who are also helping us so they can pass messages through a medium or the higher self to try and help with whatever situation we’re in.

    There are others of course and there are other races within this universe. They have also been able to communicate with us on a psychic level. So beings like the Pleiadeans, or the Sirians, people who come from NGC 584, all of them are able to communicate with us at various times, but unfortunately what has happened in recent years is that the Velon have interfered with all of these messages and taken them over. The other races that are here also want to help us as much as they can but unfortunately the Velon have put all kinds of interference in the way and caused all sorts of problems so messages have become misunderstood, garbled or changed by the Velon so that these semi-physical races have given us APPARENTLY wrong information, whereas in fact they are doing the best that they can but it’s that the messages are being interfered with.


    Barbara: Is it possible for us to access the Akashic?

    C.T. Sure, anybody can. It takes a bit of practice. I have given instructions in several of my books including meditation exercises which is to do with using the library. So you basically get yourself into a meditative state and then you take yourself off to, I’m going to say a house, a mansion sort of scale house like Buckingham Palace or Blenheim Palace, and then you just walk through the door of the house, walk down the hallway and there’s a door on your left hand side which when you open it takes you into a library. This is why the house needs to be so big, because the library is just vast. It’s the biggest library you could ever possibly think of on the planet.

    You can use the library in 3 different ways. You can as the library to show you something that would be of interest to you and the book will present itself which you will be able to read, or you can go in through the library and browse around the shelves and pick out any books that interest you and read the information that is contained within it, or you can go to the library and ask a specific question and the library will present an answer.

    Now that is a half way stage to get into the Akashic because it is essentially a representation of what the Akashic could look like in human terms. The more you use that library, the more your h8igher self looks at what it is you’re up to because the answers you are getting from the library are effectively form your higher self. Once the higher self figures that you are ready for it, a door will open at the end of the library and you open that door and it takes you directly into the Akashic itself.

    That type of meditation is in several of my books.

    Barbara: That reminds me of that movie with Demi Moore and Michael Douglas where he creates this device where they can enter a library virtually and look up regular records but in a virtual 3D kind of way.

    C.T. Yes except you are using your conscious psychic capabilities in this exercise rather than using electronic technology.

    Bob: This whole soul integration that’s happening, is this happening in general to the whole population, or what about those who have been working negatively toward humanity, what happens with them?

    C.T. Ultimately there isn’t an answer to that one. Everybody on the planet who is in human form at the moment or who has been working with what the Akashic calls the Human Plan, this 7,000 year exploration that we’ve done on how to be physical – in 1996 when this new energy was connected the first thing it did was to say to the whole population of the planet, are you ready to undergo this change? On the Higher Self level we had a division. 60% said Yes and 40% said No. So nobody is making a judgment anywhere along the line. This is self assessment by each soul and each human individual involved. Since then those who said Yes have been working towards whatever it is they needed to do to sort their life out. And those who said No, have rapidly been leaving the planet. This is one of the reasons the population has dropped so much because people making that choice of No have been leaving the planet.

    By that I mean they have been casting off their physical body, returning to their natural soul state, so death isn’t the end of things by any means, all we’re doing is returning to our natural soul energy state. So one reason the population has dropped so much is because people have exercised their choice to say I am not in a position to make this change so I’m going to leave the planet. A lot of people have been leaving in a way that tries to give the rest of us some lessons, for example if you look at the GMO crops in India. The disasters that happened to the farmer’s crops in India. The farmers are committing suicide to say to the world this GM doesn’t work. Look at the problems it’s causing us. Think of what it’s going to do to you if it spreads to a global scale.

    So people are using the means of their deaths to try and give lessons to others.

    But when it comes to the 21st of December, obviously we’re going to have a mix of people on the planet. Some will be going through the change and some will not be going through the change by choice. Those who have chosen not to go through with the plan, whether they will have to leave the planet immediately or whether they will be allowed to live out their natural lifespan is something that is entirely unknown at the moment.

    L.H. So those who you were calling earlier the Bavarian Illuminati, those who have definite connections to the Velon and a negative agenda, do you think some of them have made the choice to go through this process?

    C.T. Well I don’t see how they can because of the negative energies connected with them and because of the Velon energies connected with them. Hopefully what will happen to those connected with the illuminati is that they will drop dead instantly or get reborn on the 21st.

    L.H. Laughs. I can see the headlines now.

    C.T. Yes that would be a good one wouldn’t it. Supposedly that is what’s going to happen to the likes of those but what will happen to ordinary people who decided not to go thorough this change is as yet unclear. But at some point they will have to leave the planet because their bodies will not be compatible with the new energy patterns that will exist(1:02:58)

    L.H. Well we have been getting reports in the media about Bush and Hillary being unwell.

    C.T. Yes and a lot of them are kept very quiet to avoid panic they say. They’re not going to tell us that politicians or e the heads of transnational companies are dying because people are going to say Good! Because then they’d be able to get on with their lives properly.

    Barbara: Chris has written 11 books, is that correct? And they are all available from [updated to 2016]

    C.T. Yes that is correct.

    Barbara: Is karma just a dogma that we created because we believe in it?

    C.T. The original meaning of the word karma is knowledge. It’s an ancient Sanskrit word. So all we’ve been doing over 7,000 years is gaining knowledge or building karma. Now I can understand why people would interpret Karma as cause and effect because we have been trying to experience everything that is possible to experience whilst physical on Earth and one valid experience would be to be murdered. What is it like to have your life taken by somebody else? So search around all the souls you know and you say : in this next lifetime can we please get together and can you murder me? And the other soul says yup that’s o.k. That’s a valid experience but can you do it for me in return? So in the next lifetime this person comes up and murders you, then in a subsequent lifetime you return the favour and give them back the experience by murdering them. So it looks as though it’s and eye for an eye situation, cause and effect. So it’s not getting even it’s just an agreement between the souls involved. It’s not some kind of revenge situation.

    Whatever the experience is it is valid in terms of human experience.

    Barbara: Do we have a different percentage of soul integration, soul mass at this time?

    C.T. Well it varies from person to person but I don’t understand what they mean by soul mass. But yes some people are perhaps 60% through the process of reintegration and some are maybe only 20% through the process.

    What we are used to having is about 25% of the total soul within the physical body during a normal lifetime. But in this lifetime it has varied considerably more since 1996. Some have gone all the way up to 100% (2.5 Million as I said earlier) but for the rest of us it varies. Those who have chosen not to go through this change will remain at the 25% maybe 30% whereas those who are going through this change, the amount of soul energy within the body will have been increasing over the last few years. Hence being able to smell baby powder from 500 yards.

    Barbara: If we are not ascending as such here on Earth, then what is our new self going to be like?

    C.T. There is no real answer to that because we do not have the words in our vocabulary to explain it. An analogy would be if you think of the shark swimming around in the sea. Now he has a sense of smell that can detect one drop of blood from 3 kilometres away but a shark will not be able to tell you what it’s like to have that form of sense because it’s a part of being a shark and therefore he can’t explain it.

    It’s the same with what we are becoming, yes we will have psychic capabilities. When we originally came to the planet on Atlantis we communicated psychically. No body else in the universe uses written languages. We only started developing written and spoken languages on the Earth when we started loosing part of the soul energy from the body, so when we get it back then we will be able to communicate psychically again. We should be able to translocate as well. So instead of having a Skype conference like we’re having now I should be able to travel to Lisa’s studio in Australia or to Barbara’s studio in New York, just by thinking myself there and then taking the body along with the thought. That will save on pollution.

    Barbara: Have you achieved that yourself at any level Chris? Have you had any experiences with some of those things?

    C.T. Yes certainly psychic communication with people.

    Barbara: How old were you when you realised that you had access to information that not everybody did?

    C.T. Aged 7. This is like a lot of children who are born psychic in one way or another but their parents don’t appreciate it. So it got beaten out of me at aged 7 and I didn’t really pick it up again until my early 20’s.

    Chris ? : I’ve just come from another conversation very similar to this one and the way the social conformity kicks in and beats these talents out of people is fairly common unfortunately. Some people are barely able to suppress it and it pops out but is always being pushed back down or some just chop it off. But later they have some kind of dramatic re-awakening in their life. Did you have that re-awakening moment?

    C.T. Popping in and out for me I suppose would be a good way of describing it. But then I had an experience where some one literally dropped dead at my feet and I found that I had a way of helping them on a healing level and that sort of woke me up again to my healing abilities and so I thought I’d better investigate this to see what it is and what I can do with it. So I had little break throughs from time to time but I also had this more brutal awakening as well.

    L.H. A lot of people refer to these abilities as 4th or 5th dimensional abilities but here on the show some talk about bringing in more soul mass.

    C.T. Well actually I break it down into dimensions because the total soul contains an average of 50 dimensions of energy. [It’s soul energy NOT soul mass] So to talk about ascending to a 4th or 5th dimension is about the level of your navel in your physical body. So that is the potential. The human body we became used to before 1996 contained 13 dimensions of energy, with a total soul containing an average of about 50. So what we are doing is bringing that further 37 dimensions into the body.

    L.H. Does the Akashic have a time line for when these abilities come on line?

    C.T. This is what the 21st is meant to be all about. The Mayan calendar is very useful even though people say it was only constructed 5250 years ago. But like all the ancient calendars, because the Egyptians, the Chinese, Japanese, Tibetans, all began their own forms of calendars 7,000 years ago to keep track of what was going on in terms of this human plan we’ve been going through. But the only one that really remains to us is the Mayan one because the others have been destroyed in one way or another over the centuries. And so it’s been a countdown and so when the Mayans talk about the 5th sun ending is literally to do with this alignment that happens on the 21st. Ever 26,250 years we come into alignment with the galactic central sun and that alters the energy patterns around the planet and this is theoretically, supposedly occurring on the 21st of December. This is that alignment.

    Chris ? : Do you see it playing out as a very obvious event on the 21st?

    C.T. Yes there should be very marked energy patterns on that particular date as Lisa says she remembers in 1996 and again in 2011 on those particular dates. Some people will feel it more than others. It could be an instantaneous shift where literally your higher self just jumps into the body on that particular day or there could be a little period of time where the higher self works its way more gradually into the body. But it should be a very fast process whichever way it happens.

    Chris ? : Does being aware of the situation open you up to having a more obvious and aware experience or could you still completely asleep and still have your higher self jumping into your body?

    C.T. The biggest problem is the so-called new age movement. They are their own worst enemies. The so-called spiritual people tie themselves up in knots with all the things they are supposed to be doing or happening and ignoring the basic process which is getting rid of these emotional block is and that allows the higher self to enter the body.

    Now the people I know who wouldn’t know what a chakra was if it bit them on the ass are ready and they have always been ready because that is the way in which they have led their lives.


    L.H. There was a video compiled after we did our first interview, Chris, and it was taking all the official population statistics and adding them up, and looking at the one child policy in China, and the wars that we have had in recent years, and the numbers just did not add up to 7 Billion people. There was just no way in the world that you could get that high a number for Earth’s human population.

    Barbara: You know Chris when you talk about our higher self becoming whole with us and how it pops in or it could be a gradual process, the first thing I thought Lisa was the experiences we’ve been having physically with these waves of energy where you feel like you’re standing looking at your body in front of you and you’re a little bit behind. Those kinds of feelings we’ve been having now for almost a week. Maybe that is our body prepping us for the big leap.

    L.H. What I’ve noticed is floaters in my eyes lately and like little sparks.

    C.T. Well let me tell you about the eyes. The 6th third eye psychic centre is connected to the left eye and the crown chakra is connected to the right eye. And when you have energy shifts occurring in those chakras or on that level, it can spark changes within the eye.

    Barbara: Can I get help with reintegration from a group you know of?

    C.T. No it is a personal thing, it’s a personal choice as to whether you go through this or not and therefore it can only be a personal journey, but having said that, there are obviously groups of people around the planet who are ready for the 21st of December but they are quite difficult to find. I’ve been looking because a lot of people have asked me this question and I’ve found that most people keep themselves to themselves. They are not going to advertise that “Hey I’m almost ready to go through soul reintegration, how about you?” because that is just going to bring about ridicule. So I’m afraid they are difficult to come across on an individual level. (1:30:35)

    Well we all need to dump the baggage which we all carry because you can never be as entirely honest as you really want to be for all sorts of reasons. That’s the fundamental basis of it all is that the soul wants us to be as honest as possible in our dealings both with ourselves and with other people. And with the world the way it is if you are totally honest with your boss you just get sacked or in other cases a smack in the eye. So the Giveaway is a convenient and effective way to be honest with your boss tell him what you really think of him.

    Barbara: How much does diet have to do with it all?

    C.T. You need to maintain your natural cholesterol levels.

    L.H. That is the last thing I thought you were going to say.

    C.T. Well you have to look at what cholesterol actually does within the body. All this hype we’ve had about lowering cholesterol and saturated fats for the last 30 years again is a complete load of rubbish. It’s all part of this situation of trying to make people as ill as possible. Cholesterol is the most important substance that the body produces because cholesterol is produced by the liver 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. So the body expends a phenomenal amount of energy producing cholesterol. Cholesterol primarily is cell food. So many thousands of cells in the body die every second, so in order to build new cells the body needs cholesterol because the shell of the cell is formed from cholesterol.

    If you cut your finger, the first thing that you get after it starts bleeding is you get this straw coloured liquid coming out and that is called lymphatic fluid, basically the body’s immune system cleansing the cut. And then the scab forms over the cut, and underneath that the next substance to arrive at it is cholesterol. So the body floods the cut with cholesterol so that it can build new cell structures to repair the cut.

    If you look at the brain, the brain is 70% cholesterol and 30% fat. The way in which the brain passes messages across the synaptic gaps uses cholesterol, so if you’re on these statin drugs, cholesterol reducing drugs, the first thing that happens is you lose your short term memory because you’re starving the body of cholesterol which means that the brain can’t function. It also means that your cell structures start to break down, they become very slow to repair themselves.

    [The brain needs cholesterol so that's why doctors prescribe cholesterol lowering drugs because we're getting too smart.]

    If you look at food sources, if you eat food that is rich in cholesterol, all that happens is that the body absorbs cholesterol from the food and it means the liver doesn’t have to work quite so hard to produce the cholesterol that the body requires. So eating food rich in cholesterol actually helps the body because then it can use its energy reserves for something else instead of producing the cholesterol in the liver.

    The second most important thing we can do to help the body through this process is to make sure that we eat saturated fats, again the exact opposite of what the scientists are currently saying.

    You’ve got to look at it this way. Proto-humans developed on Earth 3.5 Million years ago, the archaeologists, regardless of what the official view is, if you dig beneath the surface about what’s going on with archaeology and science and paleoarchaeology and anthropology, you will find that Cro’ Magnon Man is found on every single continent dating back to 3.5 Million years. So we didn’t begin in Africa and spread out from Africa; every single continent spontaneously began Cro’ Magnon Man. This was developed by the Earth, and we lived a life of hunter-gatherers. What hunter-gatherer means is that you basically go out and kill game animals and you eat meat and saturated fats. The gathering bit is that you pick berries, nuts, vegetables when they are in season.

    So it means that your primary diet is 80% fat and protein. So we lived like that for 3.5 Million years and all of a sudden, in the 1980’s, some idiot turned up and said: “that’s wrong, 3.5 Million years of human evolution and development is wrong, we shouldn’t be eating saturated fats, what we should be doing is eating carbohydrates.”

    So ask yourself this question: If a carbohydrate diet is so good for us, why do we have an epidemic of obesity and diabetes since the 1980’s? It’s because we’ve cut out the saturated fats from our diet.

    Chris ? : Now Chris my doctor told me for years that my high cholesterol was going to kill me. Despite adjusting diet, I never managed to get it down below 6.5 despite adjusting diet, and at that stage I had swallowed the Kool Aid mix, was cutting out all fats and drinking diet everything. I was on statin drugs for about a month but they were obviously going to turn me into a raving maniac because they actually affected my moods incredibly. I always assumed the statin drugs were produced by the pharmaceutical companies to make money but what you are saying is that it was done deliberately to awaken us.

    C.T. It would appear that way. About 15 years ago when statins were first introduced I read a press report from the drug company that produced the first statins and they said we want every single person on the planet on the drug and these statins are perfect for every single person on the planet. And everybody needed to reduce their cholesterol levels. The reason why they gave was “because cholesterol was bad for you”, without every really explaining why cholesterol is bad for you. If you read everything that was ever written in scientific literature, nobody can tell you why cholesterol is bad for you. The liver does no use any kind of fat to produce cholesterol. There are all sorts of chemical processes but no fat is involved.

    So we’ve been lied to on a massive scale for quite a number of years.
    If you look at carbohydrates, basically a carbohydrate is anything that isn’t meat, the body takes that in but it can only use it to a certain extent. So if you are a marathon runner for example, then carbohydrates are good because what the body does is convert carbohydrates into glucose and glucose is a very fast energy boost to the body. So if you do a lot of athletics, use the gym or whatever then yes you can burn the carbs off because you are using up the glucose that the body converts carbohydrates into. But if you are an average couch potato like most of the population then that glucose can’t go anywhere, the body can’t use the glucose, so it stores it in fat cells and this is why people are becoming obese.

    Again because the body is flooded with glucose, the pancreas has to produce massive amounts of insulin to convert it into usable sugars within the body for the cells, but if you keep on flooding the body with carbohydrates and glucose the pancreas becomes over worked and the body becomes insulin resistant, and you become diabetic. (1:40:49) Massive carbohydrate intake and low fat intake causes diabetes and obesity.

    We need to switch back to diet our great-great grandparents had which is meat with lots of fat on it and 3 vegetables, whole butter, whole milk. They were perfectly healthy, most of the current illnesses didn’t exist 100 years ago because of the diet.

    Chris ? : Well Chris I actually have to thank you. That is the most cogent explanation of the protein diet vs. the carbohydrate diet that I have ever heard.

    C.T. I do my best. Laughs.

    Barbara: So interstitial fluid is a type of cholesterol then?

    C.T. Well interstitial fluid implies that it’s between 2 different surfaces or two different substances so it could be anything.

    Barbara: Is the following meditation still relevant? “I choose to add my energies to those of the earth in order to oppose the energies that oppose human soul reintegration.

    C.T. Probably not at this stage. It’s best to just get into the Giveaways and work with your own body. My books have some of that information in them.

    Barbara: When will this change to our higher self happen?

    C.T. Essentially it should be the 21st.

    Barbara: I have a friend who has been experiencing a whirly feeling and then a tugging as if she’s being pulled out of her body. She fears this; should she or should she go with it?

    C.T. No she should have a talk with her higher self to prevent it from happening. Because it means there is an energy integration problem within her system. So the best thing she needs to do is work out what level within her body is where the whirling sensation begins, look at the chakra that is related to that area and start doing Giveaways that are related to that chakra.

    L.H. So you are saying it’s the soul trying to integrate but there are blockages?

    C.T. Yes.

    Barbara: Does the Akashic or Chris have anything to say about the benefits of urine therapy?

    C.T. Well there is two problems with that. What is contained within urine is what the body doesn’t want. Also uric acid is a toxin to the body; this is why it’s expelled into urine. So I’ve never been able to understand why you would want to drink your own toxins back into the body.

    Barbara: Well we live with fluoridated water. Laughs.

    C.T. Well you’re probably right about that.

    Barbara: I’ve been drinking distilled water ever since the Spring and I have to tell you that I feel different because I’m not using tap water and I just feel better. I took on glass of tap water for just one day and thought I was going to puke. I could taste the minerals and the acidity in it.

    C.T. Yes it’s horrendous. I mean fluoride isn’t the mineral fluoride, the fluoride they put in drinking water is 8X more toxic than lead.

    C.T. Well Diane and I drink our own well water and it is many times nicer that what comes out of the city taps and we’re not even fluoridated here. They are talking about tit but have not done it yet I’m glad to say.

    Bob: Well I have just always eaten what my body craves and I ignore the vegan fads.

    C.T. I used to listen to that kind of advice and I tried going vegetarian 3 times and on each occasion I nearly collapsed from lack of nutrition. My body cannot survive without protein and saturated fats. Always listen to your body, that is the most important judge of pretty much everything. If your body is happy then your diet is good.

    Why do vegans need to take massive amounts of vitamin supplements every day? They should be getting all the vitamins they need from their food. If you are on a vegetarian diet then try to introduce meat at least once a week. Fish is not going to do it, it has to be meat. Native Americans, to see them through the winter, used to produce a deerskin pouch of fat basically. They would take the fat from around the kidneys, the suet basically, melt it down, and they would also dry meat in the sun, pulverize it down to a powder, mix the two together in the deerskin pouch and it would literally keep them through the whole winter. The fat itself stored in this way within the pouch could last in an edible sense up to 25 years.

    And when you look at the early western explorers who travelled across America, they adopted the same habit from the Native American and literally found they could live the whole year just on this fat and powdered meat mixture. Without any bad effects on the body at all.

    L.H. There are stories here from the indigenous peoples [Australia] about moving through these shifts in consciousness in the past and they have called it ‘the big sleep’. And when they woke up everything was backwards in the world. Have you found anything like that in the Akashic? Yesterday Thomas Hughes described it as like watching a movie and we press the ‘pause’ button, and things get adjusted so to speak, and we go on from there but the plot has changed.

    C.T. Yes I understand what you mean.

    The Akashic says that 65,000 years ago we destroyed this continent of Atlantis for lots of different reasons, and the result was to cause a huge disruption to the planet which took 40,000 years for the planet to readjust its position where human life could return to the planet. And we returned 25,000 years ago and again we had the whole soul within the body so we were a whole human being again, but we gradually started to lose aspects of the soul’s potentials like the higher psychic functions for example. We ended up building the pyramids, so the Egyptian pyramids, South American pyramids, and pyramids around the world in order to generate sufficient energy potential within the King’s Chamber to bring the whole of the soul back into the body. But we found that that didn’t even work for very long after a while.

    And so 8,000 years ago we literally took ourselves off the planet, or at least something like 85% of the total human population took their souls off the planet. Literally their souls left their physical bodies behind so that we could work out this human plan in how to overcome the difficulties and problems we were having. So we left from a full soul state within the body 8,000 years ago and returned 7,000 years ago with only ¼ of the soul within the body, so that could explain where these memories are coming from.

    L.H. Do you think what may play out on the 21st could be along those lines? Because I was imagining people falling asleep at work and there would be accidents and chaos everywhere. [taking the aboriginal allegorical dream literally]

    C.T. We’ll wake up. Don’t forget the higher self is working with us on this so we will be in a position which the higher self wants us to be in order for this event to see itself through. So if we have chosen to remain on the planet and undergo this reintegration process then the higher self will make sure we are in a safe place whilst this happens.

    L.H. There are also stories that this energetic wave goes with the sun and works its way around the planet. There are also stories that whenever there has been a consciousness shift it starts in Australia which would relate to where the sun comes up first. Is there anything in the Akashic related to that story that there is going to be a wave around the planet that progresses?

    C.T. What you think the Australians deserve to go through this first? Laughs. No if you look at the energy flow around the planet, the only reason dawn occurs in Australia and New Zealand first because that is the way we have arranged time zones - the human constructs on the planet. The energy patterns around you work in different ways. They work pole to pole, so you have an energy flow that works on the outside of the planet from the North Pole to the South Pole and then through the planet from the South Pole to the North Pole. So it’s much more likely to start on the planet in the polar region and work its way down than it is to start on these human imposed time zone regions.

    L.H. Yes that makes perfect sense when you look at the vortex energies around the planet.

    Chris ? : My question was related to the sun and the body producing vitamin D.

    C.T. I heard on the radio just yesterday that rickets is on the increase, a vitamin D deficiency. And one of the biggest problems with vitamin D deficiency is HAARP and Chemtrails because of all the aluminium they are flooding the atmosphere with. Because this Global Warming is a load of rubbish again.

    [Heat is actually trapped on the surface by the chemtrails while preventing the sun from assisting with vitamin D levels because the metal particles actually reflect the sunlight back away form the planet.]

    Global temperatures stopped rising in 1995 and haven’t risen since. They stopped at about 1.5 degrees Celsius average over the globe. If you go back 2000 years the average global temperature was +3 degrees Celsius. If you go back about 1,000 years the average global temperature was about 2.5 degrees Celsius. So we’re actually on a low level of global temperatures at the moment.

    So everything about man-made global warming and all the rest of it is again a massive lie. It’s a total con.

    Chris ? If you could subtract out all these plans of the control group who are playing these games with our lives, we would be in a far better state to make this transition than the one we find ourselves in, where we have been pounded by poisons and psychological programmes for generations.

    C.T. That’s because they are literally trying to stop us and this process from going ahead. Another reason for seeding the atmosphere with aluminium is that it’s highly reflective and it draws energy into it and is highly conductive of energy, so what they are hoping is that by covering the entire planet with aluminium it will reflect back up all this new energy from the sun that should be coming in on the 21st.

    Chris ? So you obviously agree it’s not going to work.

    C.T. NOTHING can stop this from happening. It would however have been considerably easier if this situation did not exist. There have been several times throughout human history where we could have undergone this change, we’ve hit the maximum limit. We could have undergone this change many times in the past but for whatever reason we didn’t. We’re only going through it now because this is the absolute limit we and the planet allowed ourselves for what we needed to achieve.

    L.H. Thank you very much Chris.

    C.T. It’s been a great pleasure speaking to you all and I hope I’ve made some kind of sense.

    L.H. Absolutely. Great discussion.

    Some Comments at the Lisa Harrison Site

    The accent and low voice is throwing me a bit on the new chakra colors….coppery gold, and then ‘petral’ blue? or is he saying pastel blue or powdery blue and then ‘petral’ green. If anyone can figure out that word, please share!

    This is the most sense I’ve heard in a very long time, instead of all the new-age fluff. Feels like a breath of fresh air. When he was talking about when the earth started changing frequency, yes! I remember the sun changed how it shined…or maybe I should say, how we on earth were able to see it shining.

    Very, very interesting conversation; some new concepts about our history that I hadn’t heard of before…though they did resonate with me quite a bit. We learn new things everyday…

    This interview really resonated with me.
    Ken Mazik

    Thank you so much for this interview! This resonates more to me than anything else I have ever come across, and it makes sense!

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