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Thread: An ongoing Chris Thomas thread for those who resonate with his alternative view of reality and history

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    An ongoing Chris Thomas thread for those who resonate with his alternative view of reality and history


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    136------------------------THE GIVEAWAY INSTRUCTIONS

    119------------------------HUMAN DNA, 2,12,13 STRANDS – AN IMPORTANT ESSAY

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    103------------------------11 Q & A FROM SANDRA

    202------------------------"ALIEN" ABDUCTIONS AS MIND PROGRAMMES - WHO?, HOW?, WHY?


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    316------------------------Lily Earthling - An Excellent Interview On Remembering Humanity's Moral Compass And Much More - Transcribed


    This is not a mechanistic Universe – it is a conscious Universe – all souls attract


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    145------------The Pyramids – their purpose and how they were built
    141--------------------------Earth’s Purpose – An Essay
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    All 11 Books can be purchased here: Chris Thomas books available world wide, print on demand: The site They say they will honour all orders placed via the website, and regularly ship globally.

    This is the best of the 11 interviews Chris Thomas has done because it covers the most ground, while others go into more detail on specific topics. I will be posting all 6 parts on this page as I get time, so be sure to check back if you are interested. It is just a transcript. The video and audio are available for purchase here:



    CHRIS THOMAS�Hardwired into the Akashic Record

    Chris Thomas is a psychic surgeon and author.
    From an early age he has been able to gather information from the Akashic.

    Chris Thomas: The Akashic is purely & simply a memory. So everything that has ever occurred within this Universe is recorded within that universal source. I suppose you could think of the mind as having various compartments to it, in one way or another. And so what I do is I recognize the compartment that communicates with the Akashic, so I address any questions I have to that compartment. And then it passes out through my Higher Self, and then in return, I get the answer. And its usually fairly instantaneous, I mean, we�re not talking time-lag, here�lol� We�re talking� I ask the request & the answer is there. Its very rare that it takes more than a couple seconds.

    The Concept of Creation

    Chris Thomas: Most people think of there being a �God� of some kind, a �Creationary Force�, or what the quantum physicists, I believe, call �fields of possibilities� that existed before the �big bang�.

    I don�t agree with the �big bang�, because, ultimately, everything within this Universe is planned in terms of who exists within it, what exists within it, and essentially the Universe came about, not only this Universe but all the other universes that there are, came about because this being, this creator, these fields of possibility, asked of itself a question, along the lines of: �What would happen if I did this?�

    And, the first question that it asked itself, really, was: �What would happen if I created a space where all of the souls, all of the consciousnesses that inhabited that space had the absolute �freedom of choice� to choose� all of their actions. And this is how our Universe came about is, purely & simply, to explore the �What if ?� of �freedom of choice�.

    So, the Universe did not come into being with a �big bang� but more what, I suppose, the Catholic Church would describe as �Spirituous�, or �Divine Breath��a breath of energy, if you like, into an envelope. So, the Universe itself is not expanding, in the sense that we have an �energy bubble��something shaped very similar to an ellipse that defines the boundaries of this Universe. And within that Universe�within our Universe�it is imbued with the energies that allow all the free moving souls that inhabit this Universe �freedom of choice� to choose whatever action they choose to take. The only limiting factor is, as it were, is that you cannot act in such a way that removes somebody else�s �freedom of choice�.

    So, all this began roughly 13.8 billion years ago. I can give you the exact date, but I think that is a little bit silly.

    The Evolution of the Universe

    Terje Toftenes: What did it start with, then, if it wasn�t the �big bang�?

    Chris Thomas: As I say, essentially, a divine breath�a breath of life into the void that was the universe. And, really the first form of evolution within the universe were those who were those that were capable of building places that others could exist�so, in other words, Galaxies. So, what we�re looking at�and, this is where Cosmology breaks down, as far as I�m concerned�is that everything that exists within the universe is a soul, is a consciousness.

    I don�t see any difference between the two terms, only one � really, �consciousness� is a scientific term & �soul� you can think of as being a religious term. But, in as far as my interpretation of them is concerned, then the two terms are interchangeable. So, a soul is a consciousness, and a consciousness is a soul.

    So, what we began with, say, roughly around about 13.8 billion years ago, is with the development of very large consciousnesses that we call �galaxies�. And within those galaxies, again�a galaxy is really an energy envelope into which other things can work & develop. And so, there was a further stage of development where we have consciousnesses who could become solar systems or individual planets, but mainly a solar system is made of a single consciousness. And it then as an expression of its �free choice� builds planets.

    So, there is no matter as such within the universe, what we have is an energy, which then coalesces into various forms. And it is the choice of the individual consciousnesses within whatever parameters of energy that they have available to them to construct from that whatever they choose.

    So, we began with that process, and that took quite a few million years. And then about 65 million years ago, our solar system decided to form.

    Now, as part of the �freedom of choice� within this universe, one of the questions asked by the Creationary Source was �Is Human life possible? Is life�what we consider to be physical density�is it possible?

    And, therefore, our Solar System chose a spot, if you like, in the middle of nowhere, or the edge of nowhere - I suppose is the middle of nowhere. So we exist in a space that is remote from the rest of the universe. And that was quite a deliberate choice, so that whatever occurred within the universe could occur around us but wouldn�t effect us that much. And at the same time, if things within our Solar System went disastrously wrong, then we wouldn�t affect the rest of the universe, as well.

    So, these were the first choices made. And I know they don�t bare any resemblance to scientific time frames for these things, but I have a lot of difficulty with the scientific explanation of how old the Earth is. Bearing in mind that its based on the age of a meteorite which is a theoretical age, in any way, of 4 billion years, which essentially, the meteorite could have come from anywhere within the universe. So, I really don�t think there is much value to the figures that the scientists have put onto this.

    But as far as this�to keep track of everything that occurs within the universe so that that which created the universe could learn from the experiences, there is something called the Akashic field. Think of it more as a field, rather than anything else. And, what this Akashic does is to record everything that has ever occurred within this universe.

    Now the word �Akashic� is Sanskrit, so its ancient Sumerian and goes back about 8,000 years, or something like that. And as far as the Akashic itself is concerned, all the word �Akashic� means is �record�, literally that, nothing else. So its function is purely & simply to record everything that has occurred. Because, after all, if you�re sitting somewhere & you ponder a question, what you are trying to do is to find the answer. And, therefore, this is what this Creationary Source is doing�is trying to find the answer to the question it asked itself. And so, the Akashic acts as a recording device, purely & simply, to record everything that has occurred�all developments that take place, all the choices that individual souls make & how they interact with each other�nothing beyond that.

    So that is what this thing called the �Akashic� is about. It�s purely & simply a recording device that allows this Creationary Source to answer the question that it asked. So, everything is recorded within the Akashic, every development that has occurred within the universe, and inevitability within the solar system, & here on Earth, is recorded within it. Its just different levels of recording, essentially.

    So at 65 million years ago our solar system first came into being. And in many respects our solar system is unique, because there were originally 13 planets to the solar system, including the sun. And each of those planets is a consciousness in its own right. So, in other words, there is not a solar system consciousness like most of the other solar systems within the universe. Each planet is a consciousness itself, and therefore has infinite choice and creative ability in terms of the energies that it has available to it.

    And each of the planets within the solar system began developing in its own way, and chose to develop life that reflected, if you like, the �personality� of the consciousness of that planet. So, in that way, all of the solid planets (rather than the Sun) within our solar system, developed life. And also developed life which you could think of as very similar to human. That was the intention of our solar system, in anyway.

    The 6 Non-physical Races (Angels)

    Once the galaxies & solar systems had become established, then roughly 100 million years ago, the first �free moving� souls� consciousnesses were created for this universe. These �free moving� souls have no physical form or density, but are just purely & simply an energy form�a pure soul energy. In religious terms these are what most people would call �angels�.

    Now these originally started life forms were seeded onto six different planets in various locations around the universe. So you could think of these as being six different races. What the Akashic records them as being is the �non physical� races, its simple terms, but generally speaking, everything is very simple, really, when it comes down to it. And these six non-physical races developed into beings that communicate psychically. They can travel anywhere they choose within this universe. They don�t need craft to do so. They just think themselves somewhere & they travel.

    These are what most people would think as �angels�, I suspect. And this is where the root of several religious traditions come from. It�s just purely & simply, you have these free moving, free acting souls within the universe who were, for want of a better word, the first created of �God�.

    The 7 Semi-physical Races (Extra-terrestrials)

    But as a half-way stage, between the concept of human physical life & these free moving non-physical beings (pure soul-energy beings), there are also what the Akashic describes as �semi-physical� beings. And these are what most people connect with UFOs and all the rest of it. So these are the �Aliens�, as it were. Or, the non-terrestrial biological entities, as the American military now call them. And what you have with these are very diverse range of beings who began life inhabiting seven very diverse planets. And each of them have developed in their own way, and have their own means of transport, essentially. Some of them have been connected with Earth for many millions of years, and others have not been connected with Earth at all.

    So, those are the stages of development. To put a time frame on it�roughly 100 million years ago we have the creation of the non-physical races, and roughly 35 million years ago we have the creation of the semi-physical races.

    Now, by �semi-physical� what I mean is that they have a physical form & density to each other. But if we had somebody from one of these races standing in front of us in their natural form, then we might detect a presence but we wouldn�t be able to see them, purely & simply, because our brains are just not tuned to the kind of energy frequencies that these are constructed from. But like the six non physical races, these seven have spread throughout the universe, and wherever they�ve found compatible planets, they have settled on & developed. And this is where a huge problem with identification comes in.

    I mean, for example, if I immigrated to Australia & took on Australian citizenship, I could call myself Australian. But I am still originally Welsh. So in simple terms, what the Akashic would describe as �soul origin�, in other words, the first place where that soul first came into being, then what we have are seven races. But in terms of what these races call themselves, and how they have spread out throughout the various galaxies, then we have something like 50 or 60 potential races, something like that. So, as far as I am concerned, what I do is to stick with �soul origin� because it makes life a great deal simpler.

    The Greys

    So, we have these six non-physical races which are essentially unnamed. But what we have with the semi-physical races are those who have come in contact with people on Earth, and therefore, some are known to us. So, to start with one that most people are familiar with is the Grays, called �Zetas�, or whatever people call them these days.

    These are the classic aliens of being about 1.2 meters tall, gray skin, large black eyes they appear to have. They don�t actually have black eyes. Their eyes are actually yellow with vertical irises. Its just their home world has very little in the way of natural light, and so when they come into contact with light, they wear sunglasses. I know how ridiculous that sounds, but, I mean, essentially, this is what they wear & why so many have been spotted in deep underground cave systems on Earth is because that is their natural environment.


    They�ve been in contact with Earth many, many, many times. And have been connected with, particularly, the American military for a long time, particularly since the Roswell crash. Although, there were several of the races actually crashed in Roswell, it was the Grays who made primary contact with particularly the American military. It is this race that are responsible for many of the so-called �abductions��human abductions that go on.

    Much of that is totally over-hyped.

    And there is an immense amount of information out there proving that really most abductions, or the worst abductions, are actually carried out by the military themselves rather than by the Grays.

    All the Grays are interested in is studying human physiology, because they see the human body as being much stronger & longer lasting than their own, which they�re having a few problems with. And so they�re trying to study the physiology to find out whether they can build for themselves a better body, a stronger, more powerful body.

    Although there are an awful lot of horror stories about these beings, the reality is that they�re generally benign, they�re generally friendly, and curious more than anything else.


    The taller ones are essentially a hybrid. And they�re a part of this development program that the Greys have been working on now for, certainly, several thousands of years. And the taller ones seem to be a hybrid between some human genetic structures & the Grey genetic structure. And so it gives them a more powerful body, and a greater range of options in terms of how they move around.


    A lot of abductees talk about �biological robots�, I suppose is the best way of describing them. And these really are beings that do not contain a soul. So, in other words, they have no consciousness. They are, purely & simply, like a machine�a biological machine that has been developed by the Greys & another race, who I will come on to describe in a minute.

    But also, again, the military has been heavily involved in the development of these �biological robots�, for whatever reason. I mean, you know, its very difficult to sort of really work through what the military motives are for an awful lot of things they do.

    But I mean the Roswell crash for example, as I understand it, was caused by the switching on of very similar magnetic force generators that they used on the American ships that they tried in the second World War�the USS Philadelphia, where they tried using magnetic generators to take the ship off radar, only to discover that the ship disappeared, basically, and most of the crew were killed by this action. They used similar generators at Roswell to test radar system to see what it would do. And there would appear to be a number of ships from different races watching what was going on with this. And as the drive systems of all of these craft are based on electromagnetic forces, then by switching on a massive magnetic field it literally made these ships fall out of the sky. So, you know it was a major problem as far as these NTBEs were concerned, but I suppose a triumph as far as the military were concerned.

    End of Part 1

    To be continued . . .

    Voices of the New Paradigm


    CHRIS THOMAS�Hardwired into the Akashic Record
    Interview by Terje Toftenes

    Other ET Races

    Terje Toftenes: Roswell was also, at that time, a place where they keep the atomic weapons, wasn�t it?

    Chris Thomas: Yes. Its just up the road from what was �ground zero��. can�t remember the name of it.

    Terje Toftenes: Los Alamos?

    Chris Thomas: Los Alamos� Trinity, wasn�t it� they called it.

    Terje Toftenes: And was that a reason why there was so much ET presence in the area, do you think?

    Chris Thomas: Quite probably. Because, really, once humans had reached the point of self-destruction on that scale, then the radiation effects from these kinds of blasts radiate outwards out beyond our solar system and can cause a lot of disruption in all sorts of places. And so, since the first nuclear bomb was exploded, there has been an increase of UFO activity around the Earth, monitoring�to make sure that we don�t blow ourselves up, essentially.

    The Pleiadeans (Diplomatic Corps)

    Most of that monitoring is being done by another race we know by the name of the Pleiadeans; because that�s what their star system that they originate on is the Pleiades. They�ve certainly created energy blackouts in areas where it looked likely there was going to be a mass nuclear strike. And certainly the Americans attempted to send a nuclear missile to the Moon, just to see what would happen, basically. And that was stopped by the Pleiadeans, because the potential damage done to the solar system would have been considerable if that had gone ahead.

    So, yes, these races will work with us. On the face of it�interfere with human activities�but what it comes down to in the end is that they are trying to protect us from ourselves, in many respects. And the same is true for virtually all the races, that, these seven semi-physical races. Let�s say, the Pleiadeans in particular are almost what you could describe as a �diplomatic corps�, as far as the Universe is concerned, because they become involved in virtually everything that goes on.

    The NGC-584 (The Geneticists)

    But there is another race that which has been involved with Earth more than any others. And that is� we don�t have a name for them, but they come from a star system that we�ve catalogue numbered NGC-584. And what these beings are, they are �master geneticists�. They hold the record of every living thing that has ever existed within this universe. And they are capable of reconstructing it, or modifying it, to suit other planetary conditions wherever life is required.

    Because, as far as planetary life is concerned, it is not created by this Creationary Source. I know this is going to upset a lot of people, but as far as the Akashic is concerned, the �Planetary Consciousness� creates whatever life it sees fit to inhabit its surfaces.

    And so, when the Earth first came into being & was looking around to see what kind of life she would like to inhabit Her surface, Her natural inclination was to turn to these beings from NGC-584, to ask for advice & help in creating suitable life, of the kind of physical density that we exists at. Because don�t forget, this is what makes Earth unique, is that we have a physical form & a physical presence which does not exist anywhere else in the universe. And, therefore�


    Terje Toftenes: Nowhere else within the universe?

    Chris Thomas: Nowhere� Nowhere else within the universe. That is not 100 percent true, but there is a very specific reason why that isn�t 100 percent true, and its only to do with things that are going on with Earth. But as far as the rest of the Universe is concerned, then our Solar System is unique. Because the combination of energies that exist on our planet, within our Solar System, make physical life possible. And nowhere else within the Universe does this combination of energies exist. And, therefore, that is what makes us unique.

    And so, as far as the work as a planet & the NGC-584 were concerned, then they needed to redesign & construct energy forms that were compatible with the energy patterns that existed within our Solar System. So again, it was a unique process, at the time. And development has gone on, really, ever since the first life appeared on Earth. All these so-called �extinctions� that have occurred have not necessarily been because of, say, a meteorite had hit the planet, its been because the Earth has made new choices.

    So everything that had started life on Earth at the very beginning was a total experiment. And as time has gone on, then the Earth, herself, has introduced new species, and removed others who were not really that compatible with the Earth, itself.

    Darwin�s Theory and the Development of Earth

    Chris Thomas: Some of it is accurate, some of it is not. As far as the Human side of it is concerned�No, we are not a development from Apes. And if you read a lot of the more recent studies from anthropologists & paleoanthropologists, then they agree.

    The biggest problem with sciences is that once somebody comes up with a theory & its accepted, it gets carved into stone. And it takes the equivalent of a nuclear bomb to break the stone up�to look at things in reality, rather than what the theory says they should be. So yes, part of Darwin�s� evolution does occur on Earth. I mean, this is how life develops, is it�s a combination of creation & evolution. And so, Darwin�s statement: �that which is fittest to fit within an environment will be the one that survives�, is perfectly true.

    Its not the survival of the fittest, as people have tended to shorten it down to.
    Its just purely & simply that� if you look at, say, life development on the Galapagos Islands, where there�s fifty types of finches each of which has a slightly different shape of beak. It means that each of those finches has developed & evolved into a particular niche on that island, because, they then become the fittest to survive within that environment.

    When it comes to human development�and, I know we�re all suppose to be descended from �Lucy�. But from what I�ve read recently, is that when the bones of Lucy were re-studied, it turns out that she is NOT a human ancestor at all, but is purely & simply an early form of orangutan. And what is hidden because of these theories�* the evidence is that all over the world, what you find is Cro-Magnon going back 3.5 million years. These are studies I�ve read by paleoanthropologists that have been buried away by the scientific world because they don�t want to know about it, because it breaks all the other theories.

    So, we are not developed from apes. We did not evolve from Neanderthal Man, or Homo Sapien, or Homo Erectus, or anything else. We are essentially Cro-Magnon Man that has been developed� evolved, if you like. Sometimes, in an accelerated, in other words�others stepped in to help in Human development.

    Essentially, Cro-Magnon Man is a development of the Earth in combination with some of the other planets within the Solar System. AND ESSENTIALLY THEY ARRIVED ON EARTH, INTACT, 3.5 MILLION YEARS AGO. This is what the Akashic records. And paleoanthropological studies�(a good word that one)�confirm that, 3.5 million years ago seems to be consistent throughout the whole planet.


    But essentially, that is when Human life came to Earth, shall we say. So, we are not a creation of the Earth herself. We could think of ourselves as being a combination of choices made by various planets within our Solar System.

    The reason for it being 3.5 million years ago is that our Solar System originally, as I said, contained 13 planets. If you bear in mind that each planet is a consciousness & each consciousness has a �choice of action�, total freedom of choice to act. Four of the planets within our Solar System decided that they no longer wished to be a part of this experiment, so decided to leave, for what of a better way of putting it. So the consciousness of the first planet removed itself from the planet. But because we are looking at a solar system that contains what we consider to be physical matter, instead of the planet essentially just dissolving, what we ended up with was effectively an explosion, which created the asteroid belt between Mars & Jupiter, and gave Earth a Moon.


    So, there were pretty nasty disasters that occurred & the energy released by that explosion effectively destroyed all of the life on all of the planets throughout the Solar System. They�re not entirely dead. There is life on some of the planets, and certainly some of the planetary moons. But as far as life, in terms of how we think of it on a human level, then there is no further life within the rest of the Solar System because of this disaster that occurred. Fortunately, the Earth survived this explosion and continued, reconstructed herself over several hundred thousand years. And then took on board what you can think of as the template of what a Human Being is, or an early Human Being in terms of Cro-Magnon.

    So Cro-Magnon developed on Earth & we accelerated, at various points, the development & we ended up with Homo Sapien. You know� there is a huge story behind that, so it depends on how much you want to get into that.


    Life on Mars?

    Terje Toftenes: There have been many people suggesting that they must have been intelligent life on Mars, that there are traces of old cities, old temples, and stuff like that. What does the Akashic say about that?

    Chris Thomas: Absolutely, definitely, without a doubt. In many respects the Earth was a little slow in developing what we would consider Human life. And so, yes, on some of the other planets, the equivalent of Human life was more advanced than it was on Earth. So yes, I mean, if you look at that area around the face on Mars, then, yes, you are looking at pyramids and all sorts of various structures that really were, have been there something like some 4 million years.

    Terje Toftenes: So, this was before this big explosion?

    Chris Thomas: Before the explosion�yes. So life did exist there, but was then destroyed. And the �remnants�, if you like, of that life was adopted by the Earth, but in its original crude form�So, not the developed form that built pyramids on Mars. You know, I can see why people would think that� you know, we have a civilization on Mars that was capable of building pyramids. Did they then turn up on Earth & start building pyramids here & become the first of an advanced form of civilization?

    And the answer to that, really, as far as the Akashic is concerned is�No. The Earth wanted to develop people in her own way.

    So, what the Earth adopted were the cruder form.

    So, instead of� there are all sorts of names you could put to these things. One of the ones I have heard recently is that Humanity could be developing into something the equivalent to this advanced race that was on Mars. And a name that has been suggested for that would be Homo Spiritus. Which I got no problem with this, I mean it�s as good a name as any. I mean, given the arrogance of Homo Sapien Sapien, then I think then we can call it anything we like. So, if you think of the beings that were on Mars as being the equivalent of this Homo Spiritus, with us being Homo Sapien Sapien, then they are very much in advance, or were very much in advance to where we are now.


    Lemuria (An Ice Island)
    Chris Thomas: The development of Cro-Magnon Man was taking quite a long time, in terms of advancing as far as its physical form & the ability to hold, what you could think of as a full soul within the body. Because Cro-Magnon, at the time that they were adopted by the Earth, did not have a full soul. They had, if you like, an �energy template� which gave them their physical form & physical density & physical attributes. But not a soul as such.

    And that was part of the purpose of creating Human life was to create a Human form, a physical form, that could contain the whole of a soul.

    So the development was a little slow on Earth. And so, the Earth asked our friends from NGC-584 to come & have a look & see if they could evaluate where the problems lay. And they took up residence on what was effectively an ice island in the southern Atlantic, which we know by the name of Lemuria. Now I know there are an awful lot of theories about where Lemuria was located�on the South Pole, or one of the Northern islands of Hawaii, and all the rest of it. But there is nothing within the Akashic to support that. What we�re looking at is an ice island.

    The reason the NGC chose an ice island is because that�s the closest environment to their home planet, which is literally frozen, which is a very good place for storing DNA, essentially. And they took a look at what was occurring with Cro-Magnon Man & came up with a few suggestions.

    What Happened with Atlantis?

    But, ultimately, what it was decided that we would accelerate Human development. And in order to do that, we decided to ask a group of Cro-Magnon who lived on an isolated island to make a choice as to whether they would want to be accelerated, or not. Because don�t forget, this Universe is about �freedom of choice�, and therefore we cannot impose a choice on anybody else. And therefore, we needed to make it understood by these Cro-Magnon what we were expecting to do & what we would like to do. And fortunately, they did give their approval for a form of genetic acceleration.

    And this large island was in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It stretched from off the coast of Ireland into what is now the Gulf of Mexico. And we know it by the name of Atlantis. And that was essentially what Atlantis was established for � was, purely & simply, to accelerate Cro-Magnon Man into something that the Earth would consider to be a Human Being, because certainly at that stage Cro-Magnon was very much a sub-Human species.

    This is what occurred on Atlantis. We effectively altered the genetic structure of Cro-Magnon by adding to it, rather than creating from new, and increased the energy potential that could be contained within the physical body. And what we developed was more or less in lines with the concept of Homo Spiritus. It is something far beyond what we are & what we are used to being.

    And what became is what the Earth herself considers to be a Human Being, meaning, we are sub human as well�as far as a definition of what a Human Being is. But it was very, very successful on Atlantis. And very, very rapidly we developed this new Being�this new Human body form into which a whole soul could fit.

    And those who came to Earth to find out what Human physical life is all about. After all, this is a primary question asked by this Creationary Source�as to whether Human life could exist or not. And those who volunteered, as it were, to come to Earth to a part of this experiment were those of the non-physical races.


    So, in other words, without any other way of describing it, the angels came to Earth & took on Human form. And that is what a Human Being is�it is the whole of a soul within a physical body. What abilities we had at that time, really is very difficult, because we just do not have the concepts or the vocabulary to explain it properly.

    But certainly, communication was by psychic means. So we only had to think a thought towards somebody we wished to communicate with & that thought would be transferred. If we wished to go & visit that person, then all we would have to do was think ourselves next to them, and then we would carry the body along with the thought. A process know as translocation. We could project a thought to anywhere on the planet. Say, for example, there weren�t any orange trees growing near us & what we really wanted to eat was an orange. We could literally scan the planet psychically to find an orange tree that had ripe oranges on it, project our thoughts to that tree, project the body with the thought, and then be able to eat a fresh orange straight off the tree.

    So, it�s those kinds of capabilities that we had then. And hopefully, that is what we�re heading towards again now. Atlantis existed up until about 60,000 years ago, so we had about 25,000 years of this existence�literally paradise. And this really is the origin of the �Garden of Eden� story within the Bible. Because, this is how life should be lived, this is how life should be.

    So, no pollution, nobody wants for anything, we don�t need to do anything other than enjoy ourselves, essentially. If we wished to do some kind of work, then yes, we could build buildings if we chose. Or, we could go & play with the tigers, if we chose, because if you have the whole soul within the body, then no wild animal has any fear of us. Neither do we of them. And so, we could walk freely amongst all the wild animals & communicate with them openly & freely without any problems whatsoever.

    End of Part 2

    To Be Continued...


    The Origin of Human Souls

    Chris Thomas: So, where did the souls who became Human Beings � where did they originate?

    Essentially, its from the six non physical races, that is the first created within our Universe, made a choice to come to Earth & to discover what it is like to have physical form & physical density�something which they�ve never had before. And that, in itself, created problems. Because they weren�t used to having physical form & physical density, then it was a very strange experience for them, and problems resulted because of that.

    I mean, yes, Atlantis was a paradise, but at the same time there were problems there, because it was an experimental place. In order to assist in resolving those problems, many of those souls who originated in the semi-physical races also came to Earth & many of them took on Human form. So, in other words, they left their semi-physical bodies behind & adopted a Human body. And they were there to try to help us resolve some of the problems that had existed, or had come about, because nobody knew what was going to happen.

    The Change on Atlantis

    Chris Thomas: Yes, something started to change. Again, you got to bear in mind that this was a unique situation�Human life had never ever existed before, and inevitably there are going to be problems with it. The story is actually very long & very complicated & would probably take� you know� a film all by itself.

    But essentially, there were two problems:
    One was, some of our higher capabilities, our higher psychic senses, began to become eroded. And nobody really knew what was causing that, or what that was all about. But also, because life on Earth is so abundant. I mean, its no exaggeration to say that there are more forms of life on this Earth than the rest of the Universe put together. I mean it really is that abundant. And, therefore life on Earth was used as a resource, if you like, for other planets. It doesn�t mean to say life was removed from Earth, just, purely & simply, was copied.

    Again, our friends from NGC-584 made copies of life forms & modified them to the requirements of other planet wherever they were within the Universe. As far I can track down, the nearest I can come to it is a form of bacteria that was essential for life on the new planet that was just developing � was being developed on Earth so it could be transferred to this new planet. Now what this bacteria was designed to do was to convert hydrogen into oxygen.

    By converting hydrogen into oxygen it was essential for life on the other planet, but as far as Earth is concerned it could be fairly disastrous. And some of this bacteria got loose, and people started ingesting it. And by taking in this bacteria, they didn�t really know how to deal with it, and what you end up with is� If you think of the body, it is made up of a great deal of water, which is two atoms of hydrogen & one atom of oxygen. If you convert all that hydrogen into oxygen, then the body disintegrates. Literally, you end up with a pile of minerals on the floor, not dissimilar to salt.

    So, this bacteria somehow mutated within the atmosphere as well, and caused all sorts of problems all over Atlantis, and anyway, it was contained on Atlantis, fortunately. But if it had got loose onto the rest of the planet, then, literally, it could have destroyed all of life on Earth, which was a totally unacceptable situation.

    So what we have here really is an example of the very first form of genetic modification�a genetically modified organism (GMO) got loose on Earth, could not be contained, even with the mental capabilities we had at that time. And so the only course of action was to destroy the Continent. This we did by opening up the mid-Atlantic trench, surrounding the whole of the Continent with massive volcanoes, which contained the bacteria, killed-off the bacteria. But the Continent literally sank into the Earth�s core. It was the only way we could think of to totally containing the whole of this bacteria & the problem created by genetically modified organisms. Which is a little bit of a mirror of what is going on at the moment with genetically modified stuff.

    The Earth obviously went into shock, because you cannot remove a continent & expect the planet to remain unscathed. And so the massive floods�THIS REALLY IS THE ORIGIN OF NOAH�S FLOOD IS THE DESTRUCTION OF ATLANTIS.

    The planet, as a consciousness, when she fulfilled what one of her primary roles was, which is that of developing Human life & supporting Human life, and the expanding consciousness that went with that, as far as Human consciousness is concerned, the planet Herself expanded. IN OTHER WORDS, HER CONSCIOUSNESS RESPONDED TO THE HUMAN CONSCIUSNESS, AND WE HAD A PLANET THAT WAS APPROXIMATELY TEN PERCENT LARGER IN DIAMETER THAN SHE IS NOW.

    But with the destruction of the Continent & the removal of Human Beings from the planet, She literally shrank�went into shock & shrank within Herself & reduced in sized to about 25 percent smaller than She currently is now. Which means that you had something like a 35% reduction in the planet�s diameter, which obviously has a major effect on the planet�s surface area, which created a worldwide flood.

    But this occurred 60,000 years ago�NOT the 12,000 years ago that a lot of other archeologists talk about. It�s very specific within the Akashic. I mean this is a very, very major event that occurred. And it�s very difficult� you couldn�t miss the record that is within the Akashic of this event.

    The Population of Cro Magnon

    Terje Toftenes: At that time were there no other human population on the planet, everything was going on Atlantis?

    Chris Thomas: Yes, there were other Humans, these were Cro Magnon that were on the planet which we left alone�didn�t interfere with in any way. Because they, obviously, made their choices not to be accelerated in the same way as those who inhabited Atlantis had. It is always �freedom of choice.� And this population of Cro Magnon decided not to be a part of that acceleration. And so they remained on the planet developing in their own way, at their own pace. So they were left totally untouched & unaffected by what went on with Atlantis.

    A Variation of Cro Magnon

    And, to a certain extent they remain to this day. I mean these are variations on Cro Magnon & how they developed are being like the Yeti & Big Foot, and there are Pigmy races & Very Tall races around the world. There are certainly a number of races on the planet that still exist, that are giants in the terms that they�re about 15 foot tall, which is what� about 5 meters, roughly. Or, we have the pigmy races which are only about a meter tall�1.5 meters tall.

    They are all variations on Cro Magnon, on the way in which they�ve developed, and they�ve found ways of hiding away from modern man to keep themselves safe, essentially. So they do exist on the planet, they were never removed from the planet, not totally, in any way. And many of them found shelter when the planet receded, or reduced in size & the surface flooded.

    But it gave the planet an opportunity as well to remove a lot of species that She considered to be unsuitable for carrying on. And so what we have starting 60,000 years ago is a development in new life on the planet. Nothing is ever wasted, so the opportunity was taken to construct new life forms & at the same time to repair the planet, to bring it back to its pristine condition.

    And for that, many people went to live underground. AND SO THOSE FROM ATLANTIS WHO DECIDD TO STAY ON THE EARTH AND HELP THE RECONSTRUCTION PROCESS WENT TO LIVE IN MASSIVE UNDERGROUND COMPLEXES THAT THEY ESSENTIALLY BUILT FOR THEMSELVES. There�s one on Salsbury Plain, there�s one under Giza Plateau in Egypt and there�s one under Mexico, essentially�the Teotihuacan Plateau in Mexico�these are several thousand kilometers of tunnels�massive structures. So, during the worst of the problems which occurred by destroying the continent, that�s where people went to live.

    Again, this is where a lot of people have memories of a period of Human history when we went to live underground for various reasons.

    Terje Toftenes: Are these tunnels still intact?

    Chris Thomas: Yes, they are.

    Terje Toftenes: And how deep under the surface would you suggest they are

    Chris Thomas: Some of them are fairly close to the surface, in fact most of them are fairly close to the surface. But they also link into the Mohorovičić layer which is about 3 kilometers down, something like that, which is where volcanic magma rises from the Earth�s core. It spreads out through this layer.

    And so when the volcano is expended, then you end up with these massive underground tunnels.

    Image Transmitted by Robot Deep Under the Ancient Teotihuacan Plateau Temple

    So, that�s where people went to live. And so, if you like, the refugees of Atlantis went to live anything down to 3 kilometers under the Earth. And some of them remained there until very recently. You know, the tunnels were not cleared out until about the year 2000, something like that.

    Are Governments or Military Aware of These Tunnels

    Chris Thomas: Yes, very much so. There was this huge fuss made a few years ago of the tunnels found under the Giza Plateau. They were meant to being filmed, and I�ve read eye-witness accounts of people who went in to investigate them, but nothing has ever been said about them or officially released. But they do exist, as they do in South America and, as I say, under Salisbury Plain, there is another series of tunnels under there�not as extensive as Egypt, but they�re still there & never officially investigated.

    Underground Tunnel System - Giza Plateau

    Giza was known anciently as �Rostau�, meaning the �mouth of the passages�.
    Reports of cavities and underground tunnels at Giza have circulated for
    thousands of years, and the discovery of several are recorded.

    So, no, it took 40,000 years, essentially, to get the Earth back on an even keel after that. I mean, removing a continent, removing most of the species off the surface while trying to maintain other species on the surface, proved to be a major problem.

    And, it was really 20,000 years ago that the Earth was ready for life to start again.

    The Sphinx, the Pyramids and Other Ancient Sites

    The Sphinx - A 60,000 Year old Marker

    Chris Thomas: Before we destroyed Atlantis, obviously, what we did was to prepare ourselves for what was to come�the holocaust that was to come, essentially. And so these tunnels were prepared. And, certainly as far as the Giza one is concerned, a marker was put there which is the Sphinx, which makes the Sphinx 60,000 years old.

    Means that all the weathering patterns�water patterns�on the back of the Sphinx are very genuine. Its just purely & simply its taken 60,000 years to leave those patterns behind. Because the climate of Egypt at the time was essentially sub-tropical. So, they�ve had a lot of rains, a lot of lush vegetation. So, it was an ideal spot to go and live in these tunnels until the worst of what was going on with the planet had completed.

    So, it took roughly 40,000 years to get the Earth back to a condition where it was habitable and the Earth, Herself, was happy with the new forms of life & how they would interact with what would become new Humans, essentially. So, Cro Magnon had remained on the planet but was still developing at its own pace.

    When we had returned roughly 20,000 years ago, we were as we were on Atlantis�we were this Homo Spiritus.

    We had all the capabilities that we had on Atlantis�all the psychic capabilities, a lighter physical form, so we weren�t as physically dense as we are now. And life carried on as it had on Atlantis. In other words, we enjoyed what we were, who we were & where we were, and everything that all the forms of life Earth had to offer.

    When we came back, we chose six regions to develop because we�d realized that there were problems that we had on Atlantis before this genetically modified bacteria that caused the destruction. So we wanted to investigate what it was to be Human & what the implications were & also why we started to lose these higher brain functions.

    And so EGYPT became one centre, or [ another was ] those who became the SUMERIANS, if you like, that took on a scientific role of investigating everything from a scientific viewpoint, or what would be considered a scientific viewpoint. And that to a certain extent was mirrored by A GROUP THAT WENT TO SOUTH AMERICA, as well.

    Again, if you look around, you�ll find evidence for this everywhere in that there are telescope lenses found & microscope lenses found in archaeological digs in ancient Sumeria going back at least 8,000 years�at the very least 8,000 years. There�s an illustration I�ve come across of people in South America using telescopes, quite obviously using telescopes that has been dated to well over twelve and a half thousand years old. So, we were considerably more advanced than we are now.


    But, again, we started having problems & we started losing a lot of our higher brain functions & some of our psychic capabilities. And so what we did, or what was chosen to be done, was to build the pyramids. Now the pyramids were built about 18,000 years ago with one specific function. And that was to enhance our psychic capabilities, literally to remerge the whole of the soul back into the physical body.

    And so that was the only function the pyramids were built for, they have no other function whatsoever�they certainly were never ever tombs. The so-called �sarcophagus� that is still within the so-called �King�s Chamber� within the Central Pyramid in Giza was actually filled with an alchemical�what we would describe as an alchemically altered form of gold, which helps in psychic enhancement.

    Now what we used the pyramid for�was, essentially, we would enter into the King�s Chamber and make sounds specific frequencies. These would resonate within the Chamber & within the so-called �air vents� above the King�s Chamber. And what we would end up with is the creation of standing-wave resonance. And the standing-wave resonance within the King�s Chamber was powerful enough to remerge the soul back into the body.

    So, that is the primary function of the pyramids�wherever you find pyramidal shapes�ancient pyramidal shapes such as Bosnia, obviously Egypt, South America. Iraq, even, there are a couple of pyramids, or were pyramids, in Iran/Iraq borders. That�s what their primary function was.

    In BRITAIN things were a little different, in that Britain you could think of as the primary energy interchange point with the planet & the rest of the Universe. And so the energy patterns there were much, much higher frequencies than they were on the rest of the planet.

    And so we didn�t need to build pyramid structure here. Instead of which, eventually, roughly between a period of 12,000�10,000 years ago, we built the Silbury Hill Complex with Avebury & Stonehenge which served the same function as the pyramids, essentially.

    So the circles & the stones of Avebury contained knowledge & information.

    The Circles & Stones of Avebury Contained Knowledge & Information

    So you boosted your energies, if you like, at Silbury Hill, which is where the primary energy intake point landed on the planet. And then, as you processioned around the stones & the circles at Avebury, you took knowledge & information from each of the stones until you had sufficient knowledge of how to use Stonehenge, which is a primary energy focus point. And by standing in the centre of Stonehenge, particularly the bluestone circle, rather than the trilithon circle. What you ended up with then is the same process as you would have found in the King�s Chamber of the Giza Pyramids.

    So we tried all sorts of little tools as ways of maintaining our full consciousness to full soul within the Human body.

    But, eventually, the battle became too much. And what we found out eventually was that the planet�s own energy resonance was too low a frequency to accommodate the whole of the soul within the body. Now the planet traditionally resonates at 7.56 Hz, which is fine for where all other life is concerned, but its not good as far as Human life, or what should be defined as �Human life.�

    Bearing in mind that Human life is this �Homo Spiritus.� [where the entire soul is contained within the physical body]


    And so, what we decided to do was to put into place what the Akashic calls �The Human Plan.� And all this �Plan� really means is that we would live a series of lifetimes, in other words, reincarnate into physical bodies, in order to learn & experience what it is to be Human. And how to work with the planet in ways which were non destructive either to the planet or to ourselves.

    And this �Plan� we put into place roughly 7,000 years ago.

    And with that came finite limit�we only allowed ourselves roughly the 7,000 years. This was so because the outcome of this �Plan� was unknown. The Earth, Herself, insisted on a finite limit in case we couldn�t find our way back, in which case, then we would have to start again if that�s what the planet chose to do.

    Or, we would start again on another planet somewhere else within the Universe.

    So, this is what we have been doing for the past 7,000 years. And this is why the ancient Egyptian calendars, the Chinese calendars, the Celtic calendars & the main calendar all end in 2012, its because that is the end of the 7,000 year period we set ourselves.

    Because, for this 7,000 year period, we have become �sub-Human��quite deliberately, in order so that it was� by breaking ourselves down to our lowest component, we hope, then, to become more physical & more interactive with the Earth so we could learn how to get ourselves back to what the Earth considers to be a full Human Being�that is, the whole soul within the body.

    And so for 7,000 years what we have become is a divided soul, within the physical body�the bodies that we are used to, in any one lifetime we only ever incorporate something like one-quarter of the total soul. So what we have a physical aspect of the soul & what people generally call the �Higher Self,� which is the non physical aspect of the soul, and that makes up about three-quarters of the total soul.

    So what we do in-between lifetimes is we converse, as it were, consult with the Higher Aspect of the soul to give our next incarnation a series of goals�a series of challenges, so that we learn from it. And this is a process we�ve come to know by another Sumerian word which is �karma.�

    Now I know there are all sorts of interpretations to the word �karma� and the process of karma, but as the Akashic is concerned the word �karma� means knowledge, and it means nothing more than that.

    So, for 7,000 years what we�ve been doing is to live a series of lifetimes gaining knowledge in order to become Human again.

    This is where the timeframe runs out is this 2012 date. Its not actually 2012, its just that the calendar comes to an end at 2012. But if you look at the Mayan Calendar for example, built within it are a series epochs. And in each epoch marks the end of one phase of life & the beginning of a new phase of life. And the last epoch date ends on the 29th of October 2011, which ties in very closely with the Akashic date, because the Akashic states �towards the end of 2011� is when we must complete our knowledge gathering process & bring the whole of the consciousness, the whole of the soul, back into the physical. And along the way we�ve made all sorts of mistakes, made all sorts of wrong decisions, but that 2012 ended, it is the end date, we can�t change that.

    And this is where we are at the moment. In 1996 a new energy was connected to the planet which was essentially there to fuel-up this process of change that most people feel that we are undergoing.

    (end of pt3)

    To be continued...

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    Very interesting. I look forward to reading the other parts of this transcript.


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    Thanks Herbert. Fascinating. I should think all who are interested in ET's and ET abductions would find this as an explanation to consider.

    Looking forward to more.

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    This interview was passed on today by Chris Thomas. I've never used the word brilliant in my life but I am tempted to do so with this Mary Rodwell presentation. It confirms much of what Chris has been saying about our changing DNA, confirmed by Doctors and scientists.

    Not all of the interview material is confirmed by Chris and I think, based on his previous comments, he would disagree regarding the Black Goo and regarding the so-called Humanoid Mantid Race, and the lion beings. Remember that children are just as susceptible to mind control, human gullibility quotient, and Velon channeling as anyone else. A case in point is Simon Parks who was first visited by these 'Mantids' as a child. In direct contrast to Chis Thomas, he is still calling Earth a 'prison planet' and he is still telling people that the reincarnation grid has been captured by the Anunnaki so he says do not walk into the light at the end of the tunnel. What he says is fear porn and it smells of mind control.

    But most of this interview is Brilliant. Mary Rodwell is getting out the information coming from those who have experienced both pleasant learning experiences and also traumatic experiences, but she is most concerned with what the new children are saying as starseeds. She does not discriminate as to whether the information is correct. So judge for yourselves. I have transcribed a portion of the video below.



    This interview was done in early 2013. My transcript begins very roughly around 30 minutes in.

    Tracy Taylor quote: Medical University in California at Los Angeles. It appears that some young children exhibit deep patterning in their DNA for 24 active codons. Normally only 20 are active in most humans. These children, they have found, show remarkable resistance to disease and seem to be immune to everything.

    Doctor William Brown quote, a molecular biologist in Hawaii made this statement:

    The New Human: I believe that genetic modification occurring right now in utero is actually producing a new human. One with far greater access to information contained and accessed through DNA.

    The hybrids are altogether a New Species of human. Emergence of the New Human , exponential increase in Autistic, ADD, Indigo children. They have new genetic and neural architecture, that allows them to perceive the world in a multidimensional fashion. I believe research would show dormant genetic regions are being reintegrated into the biological system, and this is occurring in all of us to produce expanded awareness.

    Their brains are working faster and they have access to more information in the beginning. In the classroom learning much faster than normal. But this is even superfluous, as I believe that they already know whats being taught. The have an intrinsic understanding of certain knowledge and information which goes down to bimolecular level, where sentient activity of the brain actually takes place, in the atomic structure DNA molecules.

    Its transgenerational information. If the information is encoded in the atomic structure of the DNA molecule, it can be accessed with greater efficiency and produce Savant like characteristics. They are accessing an akashic record of sorts within the DNA molecule. As the efficiency of our DNA increases, more of this kind of information becomes available.

    The modification of DNA is more remodelling of the genome to make dormant regions accessible again, because the vast amounts of information and functional capacity is already there. Its more about the architectural arrangement of the chromosomes.
    Dr Wm. Brown 2012

    [Sentient fluid: The Black Goo changing humanity. Something that is coming from the earth itself. Reference David Griffin, Falklands war and Alistair Martin. Species change, Bases 18]

    Mary Rodwell: I think this change is happening to us as a species but there are some upgrades and these are the new ones coming in. I think this is both generational, in the sense that we are being upgraded, but the new humans which are the children coming in with less programs but we are also the older models are benefiting from that as well. Consciousness itself is opening up.

    There is a war on consciousness where the controllers are trying to hold us back. The education system is used against these new aware and brighter kids. A 9 year old girl in Europe said there are 5 kids like her in the school: They program you out of your light and your knowledge. This is deliberate. She is here to help her family wake up and also she is here to heal water.

    Quote from 9 year old kid from Northern Europe; Cathy:

    Poor US. Poor kids who come to volunteer, we have such a difficult task ahead of us A Real Fight. Something will happen in the next 5 years to this planet. Cathy talks to water to heal it. I am here to help my family wake up. Everyone is sleeping.

    It is a frequency change to water that changes the molecular state of water and purifies it. She has helpers who guide and teach her . One is called Moki and its a blue female with no hair or ears. Her eeys are like human eyes. The green being is male. These are from the dayland which she talks about dimensions. She even says that we all originate from dayland. She doesnt want to use the word god as she says its misused. She is calling it a being in dayland and over-terrestrial where we all originate. It is not a man or a woman. It has no gender. The beings sowed the seed of light and love only. That is where the light and angels live.

    She was given access to 7 books but they are not really books but they have information. The red book is about creation and our origins, the brown one is about planets and life there, the light green one is about nature and how we can make contact with plants and animals and how to understand nature, the dark green one is about the body and how it really works and how we get to evolve, the blue book is about light and truth, the red/brown book she cant open yet because she says a dragon took the key from her some time in the 1700s , the black book is about darkness and evil. The black book is dangerous. All the books contain important information.

    She also mentioned that she is aware there are intelligences and she seemed to understand the same material as David Icke, regarding there are beings that are trying to alter the work with some humans to limit and close down these new children.

    Miles Johnston: Someone I interviewed, Chris Thomas, was aware of this first wave and they had actually done a soul contract for being the first wave, knowing they would be potentially taken. Have you experienced that?

    Mary Rodwell: What she is saying is that they look for these children and are doing there best as much as possible to influence them and to shut them down. This is something she is very aware of. It is happening in all the educational systems and through medicines, vaccines, etc. She implied that this is global. She lives in Northern Europe and when I speak to her through an interpreter, she is very wary that I dont give any indication as to her identity. Remember this is a nine year old girl aware of how dangerous it is to be identified with what she is saying. Nine and aware of it already!

    Miles Johnston: This is important because we know of a mother who had an incredibly telepathic daughter who could have intelligent conversations with her mother telepathically and THEY heard about her and they TOOK the daughter away. This was a terrible thing and it happens so much. It seems to be a key that they do not want humans waking up.

    Mary Rodwell: This is why I do so many interviews. The more this information gets out to wake up the population and the more we can reach people with these children can feel there is someone to connect to. I get e-mails from people all over the world from parents with these children. One of these ladies contacted me because her daughter speaks 3 star languages and learned about me through one of your presentations.

    One 10 year old in England went to the school and told them you are not teaching correctly, you are teaching in a linear way and I think in spirals. He told me that he was given information at 7 or 8 years old to create technology to create portals.

    Miles Johnston: Where are those portals coming and going from?

    Mary Rodwell: He actually describes that he comes through a portal through the sun. His father also says the same. He is being given information like a download of how to create the electronics or technology to create portals. He sais his body creates a kind of alchemy when he is around people. He actually changes their energy by just being around them.

    End at 1 hr into presentation.

    From here on I have made rough bullet points without actually transcribing:

    Some people have guides who are extra-terrestrial like the Blues.

    She says there are 165 species of greys and there are 2 species of friendly reptiles.
    Some are protected by a blue orb.
    There are geometric crystalline beings who some people connect to. They are often taken astrally to their planet of origin which is also crystalline in nature and they see themselves as one of those types of beings.
    Light and energy beings are very, very common. [This would be the 6 non-physical races also known as Angels, who 99% of humans embody as the oldest humanoid souls in the Universe.]

    There are many names or descriptions of guides and each person interprets them in a different way. It almost suggests that anything we can imagine can have a form and an intelligence. This is what the children are telling me. Many communicate with animals.

    One 8 year old talks about moving into his mantid body when he is taken by his people. He makes a chirping noise which he says is the sound the mantid makes. He said like Simon Parks they make the trilling sound when they are happy with me and hold me above their head. An 8 year old boy and a 53 year old man in different hemispheres making exactly the same statement and never having spoken to each other. He spoke of artificial portals in space which technology is sent through. He mentions a Universe where everything in it is geometric in form but these are artificial planets with pyramidal shapes, hexagonal shaped planets. They are artificial in nature and created by these mantid beings. This is in one of the dimensions. He also speaks of Black Holes.

    He recognized a painting which was given to Mary of outer space and a planet which he said was actually much bigger than the artistic rendition. The artist is unknown and it has a title which she cant remember. It was painted in 1987 and given to Mary. Many experiencers recognize the painting.

    One experiencer told her it was a stargate. Its a portal into other Universes. He went through one on a craft 32 miles long. They told him they seeded other planets.

    Miles Johnston: Portals refer to John Urwin in 1957 refers to a set of crystal keys that they recovered while on operation in the middle east , which gave you access to multiple portals. These were ancient pieces of technology which they wanted the good guys to have. one step beyond . . . 16 The artefacts uncovered at Jaraba in Nov. 19??

    Mary Roswell: There are portals created through technology that lead to other dimensions through our planet, according to the 8 year old boy. Some of them are artificial and some of them are not.. He said the pyramids were built by the cat people and it was to show us that our origins came from what we called the gods. The pyramids are to indicate that to us, that there is material hidden under the pyramids and the sphinx about our origins.

    We as humans are learning to experience and explore the whole gamut of intent from negative to positive duality. Most of those in power are more interested in self-serving than they are in serving humanity. We know that but what is changing is the awareness that what ever you do to someone else comes back in a new way. That is happening faster and faster as corruption is now being uncovered. Peole are no longer tolerating these things whereas at one time we were either not aware of it or we were not ready to challenge it . Now we are challenging 'it'.

    The new children coming in are challenging 'it' in a more subtle way, theyre working with energy in a more subtle way, they are affecting us purely by their energy and by their awareness. Every time you put out frequencies that are helping humanity to wake up and to grow, you are actually doing what you need to do to change that blanket of disinformation. So were doing it already, everyone one of us that is bringing in this new level of understanding is acting as a new kind of spiritual warrior. We are being supported in that on many levels and we are transcending these negative energies.

    We are changing things purely by what we are doing and what we are becoming. That is the truly important message. All the Armageddon warning came to nothing. That should be a lesson to everybody start using your brain logic and dont fall into the fear agenda.

    Article: Star Children Speak
    She did a forward for Simon Parks and for Liara.

    Many people have incarnated from the stars , our ancestors, they have come in a human form to act from a human star family perspective. They beam back information to the star families while working on the inside at the same time so they have a dual consciousness. They are here to assist with this transition as part human and part star visitor.

    What I took away from this interview: Traumatic abductions are always carried out by the military and in some cases it is the E.T.s who are preventing serious harm from being done to them. E.T. abductions are, in contrast, pleasant learning experiences.

    Last 5 minutes: What can these abductees do to stop being committed to insane wards? Be careful to sound out the person you talk to. In other words avoid scientists, doctors in general. Check them out s to whether they have ever come across people with abductee experiences.

    This seems like an appropriate place to post Chris Thomas' views on DNA. This is a pdf essay of 10 pages long. I can only give the site because I do not know how to post a pdf file. I f anyone knows how to post this in full , please do so.**tK5z5D ... ZW/DNA.pdf
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    Great stuff.

    For those interested in:

    ET Abductions
    Star Children
    The Future for this Planet

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    Thanks for the bump BabaRa. I've been intending to get around to this for a while but I lost it :-)

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    Quote Originally posted by BabaRa View Post

    Great stuff.

    For those interested in:

    ET Abductions
    Star Children
    The Future for this Planet
    i would be wary of et abducting people,wiping their memory,s and creating hybrids.
    if they where interested in humanity would they not be helping our governments to make the right choices for this planet?
    if hybrids with their knowledge and esp are being integrated into our population slowly to keep alive the linage of et,then what of humanity?
    should et be abducting people creating these hybrids?for what purpose?

    if et have been in contact with our political leaders since the 40,s,then we can see now how the world is run.
    it is not in our best interest otherwise they would have made themselves known worldwide for all to see and make the choice of evolving.
    not behind closed doors in cahoots with the military.

    i do not trust the alien agenda!

    wrong choices!!!!
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    Quote Originally posted by ronin View Post
    i would be wary of et abducting people,wiping their memory,s and creating hybrids.
    if they where interested in humanity would they not be helping our governments to make the right choices for this planet?
    if hybrids with their knowledge and esp are being integrated into our population slowly to keep alive the linage of et,then what of humanity?
    should et be abducting people creating these hybrids?for what purpose?

    if et have been in contact with our political leaders since the 40,s,then we can see now how the world is run.
    it is not in our best interest otherwise they would have made themselves known worldwide for all to see and make the choice of evolving.
    not behind closed doors in cahoots with the military.

    i do not trust the alien agenda!

    wrong choices!!!!

    First of all, calling all ET's bad is like saying all humans are bad or saying all dogs are dangerous. It's equally important not to assume all ET's are benevolent. IMO, there's the good, bad, beautiful and ugly in every species. Discernment is always important.

    Secondly, note this statement from Chris Thomas above "And there is an immense amount of information out there proving that really most abductions, or the worst abductions, are actually carried out by the military themselves rather than by the Grays." . I personally believe this is true.

    Ronin, I'm not trying to convince you of anything other than to keep searching for the truth, but with an open mind. Sometimes we tend to put things in boxes, i.e. this is good, that is bad before we have the complete picture - and by the time we get the complete picture our good or bad box is too full to allow the new information in. Much love, BabaRa

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    so true BabaRa the military black op,s abducting people pretending to be et for the purpose of mind control and disinfo.
    this is where it really gets fooked up because we do not know who,why and how they are abducting people.

    fact is it should not happen,full stop.
    if you get invited aboard a craft,so be it as long as it is your choice.
    but as yet the people being abducted do not seem to have a choice,whether it be from et or military.

    if they are good why erase your experience with them?
    do you think if aliens landed tomorrow with gifts of technology and cure for disease that we would see them as a god!a superior being more than ourselves.
    so many people are willing to give themselves away to something that they do not understand,eg.religion,control a sense of belonging.

    are you willing to have your genes tampered with to become something else over than what you are?
    do you want to take a pill to give your brain full capacity?
    want to be super human?with esp and psychic abilities?

    all these are on the cards now and can be accomplished if not to us but our children.the et agenda is like the Trojan horse where they will infiltrate our society from the inside out.
    firstly occupying our governments and changing if not terraforming the planet for there own needs.
    is that what we are not seeing?

    if there was a good et ,would they abduct?erase your memory,give you a false memory and if you had recall,they are willing to let everyone think you are insane because they abducted you!
    we are suppose to be beings of making choices between good and bad,those are our lessons.
    we are not meant to be experimented on(although this has happened throughout history) by other beings to be genetically altered for there own purpose.

    i for one would not welcome any et but take a backfoot and see how it pan,s out!

    just as the video where children are crossing the borders of Mexico to america that may cause major upheaval.
    they are genetically altering our children or a new species of children to infiltrate our society.


    do we need altering?
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    Transhumanism anyone no matter what form it takes?
    will it be a recall,a download,a microchip to enhance you as a human being?

    we should learn and develop naturally as we are capable of doing so.

    once the superhuman that has been genetically altered becomes the norm,what will happen to the ordinary human?
    are they to be phased out as they will not have the abilities that the superhuman has.

    any altering of dna,genes to create something better or more powerful is a control program!for whome evers agenda.

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    CHRIS THOMASHardwired into the Akashic Record


    So we have yes, in 1996, this new energy was connected to the planet which was designed intentionally to help us through this final transition phase between 1996 & 2012.

    The amount of energy coming in is phenomenal. Its made up of something like about 53 million dimensions. And its certainly an energy pattern that we have never-ever seen on Earth before. And this is why everything feels like its accelerated since that time.

    The energy brought with it also the ability to ask a question of ourselves, particularly of the Higher Self. And the question was, As an individual, are we in a position to go through this change, or not? And 60 percent of the population at that time said they were not, and 40 percent of the population said they were or would be, but would require a little bit more work on themselves to do it. So we have essentially a 60/40 split within the Human population.

    What that means in practical terms is that 60 percent has to leave the planet. What that means is thatyes, physically they leave their bodies behind, in other wordsdie, but all theyre doing is releasing the soul. And so, what they need to do is to return to their place of soul-origin, whatever that soul-origin is. I mean, the vast majoritysomething like 99 percent (or so) of all souls on Earth come from that non physical soul origin. And only 1 percent comes from the semi-physical soul origin.

    Since 1996 what weve seen is a massive drop in the birth rate, and a massive increase in the death rate, according to the Akashic, not the official figures, because the official figures are very, very misleading, to put it mildly,

    So according to the Akashic, the Human population in 1996 was somewhere in the region of 7.4 billion people on Earth. But the official figure recorded something like 6.1-6.2 billion people on the planet. So the Akashic shows that we had far more people on Earth than has ever been in Human history.

    But as things have progressed, and people have exercised their choicesdont forget, this is free choice. Each individual soul has made their free choice as to whether they remain, or not. If every single one of those 7.4 billion souls had said, I am ready to go ahead, then they would have done so. There was nothing to prevent them from doing that. It is only individual personal choice that has determined who stays & who goes.

    Nobody is standing in judgment. It is only that individual soul who is judges themselves. Of the 40 percent who said they were staying, then they found that their life began to change. And any little challenges that they havent completed, as far as their Higher Self was concerned, needed to be completed. So for a lot of these people life became fairly traumatic, for a period in anyway. Whilst for others everything calmed down & they relaxed & realized that they were going to go through this change & they had done everything they needed to do in order to achieve it.

    Now in 2005, we had another look at what was going on with the planet & unfortunately the same question was asked again & the percentages had changed. And what we found in 2005 was that it became 65 percent said they could not go through the change & 35 percent said they could. In other words, we lost 5 percent of the population that said they could go through it.

    But from 2005 onwards, people started completing the whole processin other words, bringing the whole of the Higher Self back into the physical body. In other words, for the first time in more than 7,000 years we had [Wholly] Human Beings on the planet again. The first group who did this was a very small number. There was only 79 the first people who attempted it, in various locations around the planet.

    But by the start of 2009 what we have are something like 2.9 million people worldwide who have completed this reintegration process.

    [a large group of dowsers have independently tried to determine if this number of fully integrated individuals has grown by June of 2014. They have not been able to get a result over 3 million. This may be because the next move will be a mass reintegration when everything that needs to be is in place. Chris Thomas has said that Earths base frequency of 3500 Hz is in place, and the earth is within 1.5 degrees of vertical at the consciousness level. He adds that there are a few other things that must be in place before mass reintegration of the higher self can happen.]

    This is the important point: what we are doing is reintegrating the soul back into the body.


    As Ive said, we are 2.9 million people now who have completed that, but there are many millions more who are there, or there abouts. They have only one final step to take.

    And which means, as far as Earth is concerned, as far as the Universe is concerned, we have answered the primary question that was first asked when this Universe first came into beingIs Human life possible? And the answer to that is Yes! And we are primed to do that, to reclaim the Earth in the way in which we should be living on Earth.

    Now, what happens after 2012 is anybodys guess. I can tell you what its going to be like in 2050, lol. But what happens between 2012 & 2050? Its impossible to say, because, again, weve never been here before, this is something entirely new. And, like all transitions, were inevitably going to end up with trauma.

    Those who have made the transition already have found it very straightforward, very simple. Generally, they have isolated away from the rest of the world, particularly the Western world, because THE WESTERN WORLD IS THE MOST DESTRUCTIVE FORM OF CIVILIZATION WE HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED ON THE PLANET.

    So, these 2.9 million people are either in tribal cultures dotted around in various third world countries, or theyre living in more Westernized countries, but are living basically hermit-like, like on top of mountains somewhere. There is a large community living in Europe somewhereIm not going to tell you where it ismade up of several thousand people that have contained themselves within psychic barriers. So, no matter how hard you try, you will not find them.

    But they do exist & they live in a very large community, living the life on Earth as it should bevery much on a psychic level. Their material needs are virtually zero. Their needs for food is very, very limited. They just dont need food at all. And what they do need, they just grow themselves to suit whatever it is.

    So, it can be done. We are there. Its just unfortunate that so many people have chosen to leave. Because every single soulall those 7.4 billion souls who were on Earth in 1996 had the full capability of undergoing this transition. And it is only their choice that has limited what they now do. And the only choice they have is to essentially to leave the planet & return to their place of soul-origin.

    And that is really a great shame, because everybody could have done it, and that would have been wonderful.


    I dont believe in labels & titles, I mean this is one thing weve learned during Human development is that Humans like to make things very complicated. And really, it comes down to things are very, very simple. The terms we should speak in are very, very simple. All we are doing is returning to the state we were in at the time of Atlantis, and the state we were 20,000 years ago. That is a Whole Human Being, the whole of the soul, the whole of the consciousness within the physical body.

    Now, in order to achieve this, we also worked out what frequency the Earth needs to resonate at. And therefore, a fundamental change occurred in 2002 [ IT ACTUALLY WAS COMPLETED AT THE CONSCIOUSNESS LEVEL IN MAY OF 2014] in terms of Earths base note frequencies. So we rose from 7.5 Hz to 3,600 Hz. Now, that was a massive shift in energy potential. A lot of people felt it. Certainly, all life on Earth responded to it & felt it. But there is a bit of a lag in time in terms of how people are feeling it & how people are responding to that. Because if you have the equipment sensitive enough to measure the Earths resonance, were only roughly in the region of 9 Hz, at the start of 2009.

    Thats because the shift in energy patterns, in a measurable way, is occurring on a parabolic curve. And so it starts off very, very slowly. But by the time we get to 2010, in other words, by the end of 2009, we should be up around the 10-12 Hz range. By the time we get into 2011 we should be in the 15-20 Hz range, but then we get this exponential shift in energies. So, by the middle of 2011 we will have hit the 3,500 Hz mark.

    So, there is that little bit of a time-lag, unfortunately.

    Measuring Earth Frequencies

    I know that NASA has measured it. Theyve developed instrumentation sensitive enough to do that. And there are other people around the world who also have sensitive enough equipment that will measure these frequencies. So it is confirmed, if you like. So the Akashic says one thing and there are instrumentation readings which confirm the same thing.

    So, we are in that process of change. Its just unfortunate, theres a bit of a time-lag between hitting the 3,500 Hz & the Earth shifting into that energy pattern. But, nevertheless, it is going ahead, it is happening.


    Nothing has ever been like this before. Nothing even comes close to what we are undergoing. When we lost out higher levels of consciousness on Atlantis & between the periods of 20,000 & about 12,000 years ago, it was a gradual decline.

    But what we have now is a shift of monumental proportions. Nothing has occurred like this anywhere within the Universe, let alone on Earth. So, we are undergoing a shift of consciousness that is totally unknown. Never experienced before. Nobody knows whats happening. Nobody knows how its going to turn out, or the stages necessary to achieve what we need to achieve.

    We will get there. I mean its pretty obvious from the people who have made it already. But quite what happens to the residue to the 65 percent of people who said they were not going to make itThats where the problems lie. And certainly there are organizations who want to maintain the status quo & theyre doing everything possible to mislead people into believing that nothing is happening, or everything needs to continue as it is.

    And, this is reflected in a great deal of political discussion & political information. But underneath it all, those who are changing know they're changing, and they know they're moving forwards. And this is why so many people are divorcing themselves away from the world as it stands at the moment, and particularly politics & why so much information is now coming out that has been hidden before. Because politics has been getting away with corruption & fraud for centuries, and yet nobody really knew that much about it.

    But all of a sudden, worldwide, we have a release of information that shows that weve been mislead by fools, and corrupt fools at that. Its this change in energy patterns that is fuelling the change & the release of all this kind of information. And also why we see changes in things like science & cosmology & that sort of thing, because PEOPLE ARE STARTING TO WAKE UP TO THE FACT THAT THESE SCIENTIFIC THEORIES ARE WRONG, ALWAYS HAVE BEEN WRONG AND NOT BASED ON ANY KIND OF FACT, JUST PURELY AND SIMPLY ASSUMPTION.


    I mean, the speed of light has been well measured & travels at 186,000 miles per second, I cant remember what it is in kilometers. And it does. This is what it travels within our Solar System, but once you get outside of our Solar System, then the speed of light changesits totally different.

    And this is why the ages of things, such as the stars, galaxies, whatever have a problem There is this problem between the dates recorded in the Akashic & the scientific assumption of it. And why theres this thing of we have an expanding Universe WE DONT HAVE AN EXPANDING UNIVERSE.


    Image Source: Wikipedia

    Cold Dark Matter & Cold Dark Energy - Ridiculous!

    And we also have I have to call it, this ridiculous concept of Cold Dark Matter & Cold Dark Energy THEY DO NOT EXIST! Certainly, Cold Dark Matter does not exist.


    What we have is the Universe that is built of electromagnetic energies thats the nearest analogy, Human analogy, that I can come to in terms of describing what occurs within the Universe.

    Everything is energy. In fairness to Einstein, the E = MC squared formula still holds. That is a truth that is universal, essentially. So, everything is energy. So why would there be dark matter around somewhere, that makes up the mass of the Universe to try to make this gravitational theory work.

    GRAVITATIONAL THEORY IS A COMPLETE LOAD OF RUBBISH, when it comes down to it, with all due respect to Einsteins theory of relativity, as well. But we have an electromagnetic universe, and if you look at the difference between electromagnetic forces & magnetic forces, the difference is phenomenal.

    And if you start to look from a scientific viewpoint, that the Universe is being made up electromagnetism, then all the anomalies, all the problems with their equations & theories become resolved. Its as simple as that you know, it doesnt take much thinking about. I mean, if I can do it as a non scientist just on the physical evidence, never mind with whats within the Akashic, then I really dont understand what this Double-Dark Theory is all about, because it just doesnt work.


    Essentially, what we have we are operating under a plan. You can call it a Divine Plan, if you like, or you know, however you want to think about it, what we have is a Creationary Source that brought about this Universe in order to explore a thought. What that thought is, is freedom of choice. And therefore, every consciousness, every soul that exists within this Universe has absolute freedom of choice to choose its form & its actions.

    So, that is the only blueprint that exists as far as this Universe is concerned. There are similarities in terms of, lets say, forms of galaxy, but beyond that, then, NO, there is no hard & fast rule. What there is connecting all these things together is this thing called the Akashic, which, as Ive said earlier, is a record, thats all it is, it records everything.

    Which means that all the information that has ever been uncovered, investigated or experimented with, within this Universe by using that freedom of choice, is recorded within it. And therefore, any soul that wishes to explore a new avenue can, if you like, access the information that is contained within the Akashic & then build on that to move on to whatever it is that they wish to do. And ultimately, this Akashic field will be what returns to this Creationary Source, because the answers to the question it asked is contained within the Akashic, thats its purpose.


    Now, I know there are concepts going around, particularly within quantum physics, of the Akashic being something along the lines of a holographic matrix. But I cannot really see the Akashic working in that way. You know, Ive been actively working with the Akashic for over 30 years. Basically, I DONT CHANNEL IT IN THE SENSE OF BEING A CHANNEL. I DONT GO INTO A TRANCE TO ACCESS IT. JUST PURELY AND SIMPLY, SOMEHOW OR OTHER, I SEEM TO BE ABLE TO TAP INTO THIS INFORMATION SOURCE.

    It doesnt mean to say that I can get a hold of all the information, at any one time. But it does mean that I can access what is within it, if my choice is to do so.

    And the way I would see it is, more along the lines of charged particles like an energy field. But within that energy field, you then end up with vortices of energy. And its those vortices that contain the information & the record. As I say, all the Akashic does is record, it does not predict. It does not make changes occur, cuz changes will only occur by the choice of the soul that is making those choices.

    And so, it is purely & simply a record of events. So, its part of what you could think of as the Human mass consciousness, as far as this planet is concerned.

    But then the Akashic also extends out towards the Solar System itself. And then it also links into the Galactic Akashic, and that Galactic Akashic then ties in with the records of all the other galaxies that exist within this Universe, and everything that has ever occurred.

    So it is possible, if youre prepared to spend the time, is to go & get a full history of the Universe. Its not something Ive ever done, its because I think theres enough going on with Earth without getting into those sorts of complications. But in terms of specific questions, then it is possible to access specific answers within the Akashic.

    By accessing the information, you dont destroy it, you dont remove it, or change it, [it] purely & simply becomes a part of the person asking the question. Because you cannot alter the way in which the information is recorded, because otherwise, there would be little purpose in there being an Akashic.

    Because, if you could alter it, then you could if somebody had enough energy potential, then they could create their own story, which is a pointless exercise, as far as the Creationary Source is concerned. Because it wants to know what happened, is all it comes down to in the end.


    For a lot of people, when we began this Human Plan 7,000 years ago, they planned all of their lifetimes at that point, and havent really changed very much since.

    But for most people, as weve lived each lifetime, we encountered obstacles, shall we say, something that we need to learn about, or learn from. And, generally speaking, most people have coped with those obstacles. We might complain in life that lifes getting tough, but generally speaking, weve accommodated it & lived with it & worked with it.

    But, if there was a point at which we felt within ourselves that it was too much, we just couldnt deal with the level of obstacles that we had to overcome, then we could say to our Higher Selves enough of this, I cant cope with this anymore. Then, our Higher Self wouldnt push us in the directions that we really had agreed that we should go on. And it meant, that we could take those obstacles that we could not overcome into a future lifetime. And so we could then learn from those experiences at a later date.

    And this is how everything has operated for the last 7,000 years. This is why for some people they have an easy lifetime because theyve completed all the investigative work they chose to carry out. And why for other people life has been very, very difficult. Its because theyve for whatever reason their courage has failed in a previous lifetime, and therefore, theyve had to come up against these obstacles & overcome them in the present lifetime.


    Weve always had choice. You know, this is always it. But within that choice has been the want to experiment & explore all possibilities that Earth has to offer. So, within this 7,000 year period that weve been working through this plan, then every single person has been rich or poor, black or white, or whatever skin colour is available on the planet, but also, male or female, homosexual or heterosexual, everybody has undergone those kinds of experiences for their own learning processes.

    And so, yes, whatever experiences are available on the planet, everybody has experienced in one way or another, again, determined by their choice. I mean, some people will have lived a series of lifetimes in one country because they happen to like that country. But for the vast majority of people, then they have explored everything on the planet. They have lived in different countries, lived as a different sex, & been rich, poor or whatever in between.

    So, everybody has experienced because during this 7,000 year period, each of us have averaged about 100 lifetimes, some more than that & some considerably less, but its been about an average of about 100 lifetimes. And so its meant that weve been able to explore every possibility. And as each generation has come along, new possibilities present themselves. This is why weve had such a rising population, is because more souls have come here from outside our Solar System to experience new things within Human life. And theyve gone away again, and have come back several generations later, perhaps. You know, its to say, its a very complicated subject because of this freedom of choice.

    And so, yes, some souls have been here for one or two lifetimes & then have gone back to their place of soul-origin, waiting for this change to occur, for example. Some have been here & lived, you know, 150 lifetimes, lets say...

    (end of part4)

    To Be Continued...

    TERJE TOFTENES INTERVIEW with Chris Thomas pt5

    The Concept of the Soul

    Terje Toftenes: Where do the souls reside in between the incarnations?

    Chris Thomas: Well, if you think of everything as energy, all we do as a soul - the soul is a lump of energy, basically, which is Humanoid in form. So the basic form of the soul is Human. And that applies to pretty much every race throughout the Universe.

    You know, as much as there is much interest to think of perhaps this insect higher life out there, they dont exist, not in terms of the consciousness potential of, let's say, a Human Being.

    "This Interest in Insect Higher Life - They Dont Exist!"

    "Not in Terms of the Consciousness Potential of a Human Being"

    So when we leave the body on death, then there are several options available to us. What most people will do is still believe that theyre alive. And so they will go & create for themselves a region around them where they feel comfortable. So, if you go & see a medium or clairvoyant, for example, and your great aunt Elsie tells you that she is now living in this little cottage with roses around the door & shes very happy, then that is what that soul has created for themselves, because this is what they believe they will encounter when they die.

    And the same applies to hell. People will create a hell for themselves, because thats where they believe they are going when they die. Hell does not exist, in any way shape or form, other than what the individual constructs for themselves.

    And then, you got all the extremes in between. Those who are, shall we say, a little more advanced, who have made a connection with their Higher Self whilst they are still alive. They've recognized that there is no need for these intermediary stages, of either going to hell, or having your little rose covered cottage. And they will communicate directly with the Higher Self & review the lifetime theyve just completed, and start a plan for the next time of where they choose to go. So, for those souls they will reincarnate very rapidly, if thats what they choose to do, as appropriate.

    Whereas, for those that have gone to the rose covered cottage or to hell, will take a longer period. Because theyve got to realize that they are actually dead, they dont need to be living in the rose covered cottage, they need to connect with their Higher Self. Or, there is no need for any soul to go to hell. And they can get themselves out of it & recombine with their Higher Self. And then, this planning process will start again.

    So, each lifetime is meticulously planned. If you think about what has occurred within a lifetime, so the first thing you have to do is to choose your parents that youre born to, they have to choose you, how many children you share that childhood with, who becomes your girlfriend / boyfriend, whatever. Who do you marry, who do you not, you know all these choices you make, to a certain extent, before that lifetime begins.
    But you can, then, modify it as you go through life, because there are people that you will encounter who you have relationships with, of whatever type. And some of them suit you very well & you hold onto those relationships, even though its, perhaps, past its time when you should continue with that relationship. Or, if you decide to leave that relationship prematurely, then your Higher Self turns around & finds you somebody else to have a relationship. So that you learn whatever lessons it is that you need to learn. And this is why it appears to a lot of people that they just keep recycling. You know, a lot of women complain that all they meet are men who are very cruel to them. But until they learn the lesson that they are worth more than the cruel man, then they are going to continue with that cycle until the Higher Self says, Right, youve learned it! Once the woman turns around and says, Right, I deserve better than this! all of a sudden they change & Prince Charming turns up.

    You know, its the same applies to men. Its just that women tend to have more problems along those lines than men do. Whatever the situation or circumstances, our Higher Self is there to guide us & to help us through whatever situation we find ourselves in, whether its very pleasant or whether its traumatic, to help & guide us into where we need to be, where we need to go & who we need to be with.

    So we are never alone in these things. Its just, unfortunately, because we are used to being so physical. And, you know, children are very, very psychic, they know there is something beyond themselves. But more often than not, its the adults in their life, so they literally beat it out of them, and tell them No, this is imagination, it doesnt happen. But if we let those children keep that knowledge, and work with it, then life on Earth would be so much simpler. We would have completed this process of change were now undergoing far, far sooner than we are now.

    And, of course, the greatest interference within our ability to connect with our Higher Self has been religion. Whatever religion it is, it doesnt matter which branch of religion it is. All religions are man-made, and they are very limited in their view, and limiting in their view, and restrict people from investigating who they really are & connecting with their Higher Self.

    If we hadnt developed religion, and again there is a very long story behind why we developed religion, but if we hadnt developed wed have completed this process of change several thousand years ago. Although, we have a finite time limit on it, there is several points within Human history where we could have undergone this change in anyway. It was anticipated that we would only have taken a couple thousand years at most to do it, but not the full 7,000 years that we have taken.

    Bridging Quantum Physics & Spiritual Consciousness

    Well, I think quantum physics is doing very well on that at the moment. Certainly, on the principles they are uncovering is that nothing occurs without a choice being made. And, theyre very reluctant to link that into any kind of spiritual concept, because, lets face it, theyre scientists. And, if you cant measure it, weigh it, dissect it, then it doesnt exist. But the quantum physics experiments that are being carried out do show that whatever it is you do has a consequence. And so, as that field is opening up, and people that work in that field are starting to realize that whatever they do has an implication as far as whatever they are observing or creating then, yes, theres hope there is always hope.

    And so, I think if people start to look at that, but I mean, its an immensely complex subject. And, even quantum physicists will say that nobody understands everything in quantum physics because its so bazaar in terms of human experience, or at least accepted Human experience. So really, yes, the first place to investigate would be something like quantum physics.

    But also, on the other hand, parapsychology is a field which is again opening up, although its been investigated for over a hundred years. The scientists have walked away from it because there are things going on there that they cant explain. And for somebody with an inquiring mind, when they encounter something that they cant understand, they tend to walk away from it & ignore it. And if somebody with an equally inquiring mind tries to explore it, then they tend to ridicule them. And so this is the problem weve had with fields like parapsychology is its not taken very seriously, or certainly hasnt been taken very seriously since the late 1800s. Prior to that it was taken very seriously, and there were massive investigations carried out by amateurs & by scientists. Well, it was Anton Mesmer who started it, with his mesmerizing experiments. And showed that within each of us we have a massive psychic potential which mesmerism, or what is now known as hypnotism, is capable of unlocking.

    So, if people want to look at these kinds of things that I am talking about, then those would be the two extremes. Or, the best way of investigating would be to take a look at quantum physics & what it implies, and also parapsychology. I mean there are many universities around the world who have a parapsychology unit.

    I mean, I know a lot of peoples idea of parapsychology unit within the university is this sort of image that they have from Ghostbusters- the movie, which isnt very helpfulvery entertaining, but not very helpful as far as serious research is concerned.
    But each of us has a massive psychic potential that is untapped.

    So its working with that. If people want to start to unlock what they have within themselves & what their potential is, then those two approaches, those two extremes of approach, would be a good way of beginning, I think. And once they start getting into that & understanding either the quantum physics or the para-psychological side of things, then theyll find that things start to unlock within them. And theyll realize there is much, much more to life than the way in which we live it at the moment.

    The Nature of Channeling

    I cant really describe it as a problem with channeling, but what happens with channeling is that the one who channelsthe channelerhas an ego, and theres a viewpoint. And very often where channeling is shown to be inaccurate, or incorrect, it has meant that the channeler has imposed their ego or their viewpoint on the message, or the information that theyve received.

    If you can find a channel who does not have that egotistical prospective, then you will find that the information they channel can be very, very accurate, whether its about an individuals life or whether its predictions of future events.

    So, its really finding a channel who works in that kind of way, if thats how you want to investigate it. Theres certainly nothing wrong, in my view, of approaching a channel, if you wish to make contact with a deceased loved one, then its fine, theyre very good at that sort of work, and it can work very well. I know theres a lot of criticism of it, you know, you go to a clairvoyant or medium and they say, I got great-aunt Elsie, here, who thinks youve painted the kitchen the wrong colour. But to the person that the message is aimed at, that is a perfect message, because it confirms to them that the individual that is speaking to them through the channel is that relative.

    As far as anybody else is concerned its a complete waist of time, because its not re-inventing Einsteins theory of relativity. Its not what people want. What people want is confirmation of somebody who they loved in this lifetime is, for want of a better way of putting it, alive & well in the afterlife. And that is what its set up to do.

    If you want a new theory of relativity, go & talk to a quantum physicist who actually understands what hes talking about. And there are very few of those at the moment unfortunately.

    Who Are the 35% That Will be Going Through the Transition?

    So how do you know which percentage of the population you belong to? Are you the 35% who are going through this change, or the 65% who have chosen not to?

    Really, you can only know within yourself. Theres no hard & fast rules. Theres no strong guidelines to point you in the right direction. Its just purely & simply its a knowing, I think, is about the only way I can describe it. The indicators are, I suppose, that you start to view people quite differently to how youve viewed them in the past. People who, perhaps, you are friends with, you suddenly have nothing in common with any longer.

    Ive recently been thinking that were turning into another form of Human Being, or the 65% is becoming what I would call Homo Moronis ("not-so-wise man"), really, because they have no interest in anything other than where theyre going to get their next designer label from. And, that really just is the true reflection. Its those that really want to live in the now to understand what is going on, to understand themselves, and to move forwards within themselves those are the people who make up the 35%. There really isn't any other guidelines or criteria, its purely & simply that inner feeling and a knowing that youve made, or youre beginning to make that transition.

    The Connection Between the Soul & the Ego

    In comparison of how the ego & the soul, or consciousness, is connected really comes about how can I put it I see the two words soul & consciousness are interchangeable, in anyway, so hopefully, theres no confusion over that. The soul is the part of us that says I am, I exist. And the ego is the part of us that says, I am This, in other words it defines who we are. Because the soul exists, purely & simply as a soul, and everything that is encompassed by that soul is contained within it. But the ego, then defines who we are as a Human Being, because the soul doesnt have an ego. The soul just is, and knows who & what it is, and everything that it is. But the ego turns around and says, I am a mother, I am, you know, a screen-god, screen-goddess, however you want to put it.

    The ego can then lead us into all sorts of problems, usually false situations, because we believe ourselves to be something other than we are. Everybody believes lets not say everybody but most people on the planet believes themselves to be something that is a reflection of how other people see them. And therefore, if people around them believe that theyre wonderful, then that ego grows to let them accommodate the concept of being wonderful. If people think theyre useless, then the ego shrinks until people believe that they are useless.
    Then they lose confidence in themselves & their whole lives start to fall apart.

    What we need to do is to get to the position where the ego & the soul match each other & they say I am. Im not this, Im not that. Just me being me, whoever that me happens to be.
    And, again, that is another indication of the changes that are going on is the number of people that are just saying Im fed up with false facades, I dont want to wear this false face any longer. That isnt me. What I am is the person underneath. And, therefore, I am throwing everything off. And if people around me cant accept that person that is me, then thats their problemtough! I dont want anything more to do with them.

    So that is really where the differences lie is the soul defines who you are I am. And, the ego I am This, whatever the concept of This happens to be within the individual.

    The Concept of Separation

    This concept of separation is a difficult one, because its much more to do with teaching & training, the way in which we are brought up to believe that we are separate. Whereas, in fact, on an individual / Human level, we are not separate from each other, were all part of the same thing. And, on a planetary level, again, we are not separate from the planet, we are a part of this planet, the planetary consciousness & all the life we share the planet with.

    Because for centuries, if not for thousands of years, theyve taught there is a God who controls everything. And, therefore, we are just a nothing within the whole, because our lives are controlled by this god-like figure, whatever religion it happens to be they all seem to share the same concepts & teachings. And then we have science who tells us that were some kind of chemical machine.

    So, this is where you know, weve been brainwashed over the centuries into believing that we dont need worry about the soul because the church will look after it. And we dont need to look after the body because medicine will look after it.
    And so weve got into the habit of not taking responsibility for our actions & our capabilities. And so we have become essentially divorced from the whole, because we believe we are divorced from the whole, when in reality no, we are not.

    This is the sort of quantum butterfly concept, isnt it you know, an action taken in one place has another action somewhere else. And this is true the world over, and within each individual everything that we do has repercussions with other people & within our lives.

    The Origin of Religion

    Religion was originally created, or thought about brought about, however you want to think about it, as a means of informing people, of bringing knowledge to individuals, or to the masses. Religion came about, or what the concept we think of religion came about as teaching lessons as how to work the pyramids.

    Thats how religion came about, that is the first form, if you like, of a secret knowledge, but that knowledge could be passed onto individuals where it was necessary. But within that sort of concept & construct of this secret knowledge what we then have are individuals who decided to use it for their own purposes. And, essentially, was used as a means for taking power & controlling of a percentage of the population.

    And this is how religion has developed or what religion has developed in to, much more than anything else is a means of control. If you look at religious history if you look at countries that have a number of gods, then generally they tend to be peaceful people. And you wont find much in the way of wars occurring between groups of people who have multiple gods. If you look at, then, the history of religions that have single gods, thats where all the conflict arises you know my god is better than your god, and if you dont believe me, Im going to kill you!

    And this is the history of most religions is that the conflicts & deaths within that has occurred within Human history really has come about because of religious differences, rather than anything else.
    And so religion is a means of power, but it has also been very counterproductive within fulfilling the requirements of the Human Plan. If we didnt have formal religions, we could have completed the Human Plan, as to say, anything up to 5,000 years ago.

    Its the religions & the religious conflict & the way in which they have taught people to think & to believe that has created the major problems within the Human Plan in completing it.

    Recordings of The Human Plan The Nature of Channeling

    The Human Plan, really, is something that is formulated & is recorded fully within the Akashic. But there are aspects of it, then, recorded in written material, for example, some of the material found in the Nag Hammadi Scrolls, the Jewish Gnostic traditionsthe Kabbalah even some of the earlier Christian traditions, whole aspects of it. If you look back into the life of Jesus the Christ, for example, then what his teachings really were about were more to do with Kabbalah & Gnostic type knowledge, than it was to do with anything to do with whats in the New Testament.

    So much of it is hidden, its because we have dominant religions, then they have suppressed everything that is of real value to people.

    Im not taking this out on one religion in particular, all of them are the same, whichever one you look at. Theyve all gone through similar processes of suppressing knowledge & suppressing information. I mean, if you look at early Christianity, that was all about providing knowledge to people, enlightening people, helping them to understand who they are & their purpose. If you look at early Islamic beliefs, they were exactly the same. Islam, if fact, encouraged knowledge, you know passing between people. It has just changed over the centuries into this repressive sort of regime.

    Really, its a very great shame, because the information was there, its just been buried. I mean, if you look at religious tradition, if you didnt want something discussed, then you made it a sin. And therefore, it was banned. So, if you were discussing something sinful, then, you know, you could be excommunicated by the Church, or even worse burned at the stake!

    This is what the witchcraft debacle was really all about, was really preventing another group of people from reaching that kind of knowledge, because thats all what witchcraft was all about was an honoring of the Earth & how she works & how we work with the Earth. Instead, of which, we have centuries of persecution against these people mainly women, to maintain domination by a church.

    The same applied to the Cathars, I mean, the Cathars were a group of people who followed the original teachings of Christ. And, really, what they saw as their sole purpose in life was to allow people freedom of choice, whether it was choice of religion, choice of science, choice of belief, or whatever. And they were then totally massacred & wiped out by the Church to prevent them doing this.

    So, its really, yes, the one thing that has held humanity back more than anything else is the Church, or a RELIGION, as we should say.

    And then we started finding the same with SCIENCE, because science turned around and took on that same kind of role, but from a secular viewpoint, and said You will only believe what we tell you to believe.

    And so, between the two of them, really, have held back humanity by centuries.

    End Of Part 5

    To Be Continued
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    Learning our TRUE HISTORY is therapy for the human race.

    It is each person's responsibility to clear their body of emotional blocks (using the Giveaway, etc.) so that the process of higher self integration into your physical body can begin. Beliefs are fleeting during this period of change. It is wise to hold them lightly. Mind, Body and Spirit are becoming ONE

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    does have a correlation with Dr Michael Newtons case studies.
    what i do not understand about the HS is.....
    the HS is the whole you watching and willing to guide your physical form and experience.
    we are the whole at the return,reconnecting to the HS.
    if the HS is you,it knows all the outcomes,so why the experience,unless the HS does not know and needs this experience?
    can the HS really alter your experience?when it is the experience we need to learn!so why contact the HS?
    if it helps us then are we not learning the experience we are meant to learn?

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    greed comes to mind.
    we are chasing the green paper that gives us power over other beings and the planet.
    the earth has everything it can offer for every individual to live a comfortable life,it offers food,medicine and connection.
    what are we doing,we are creating disease,fracking,gmo,oil spills.
    we are creating everything to stop what Gaia has to offer.
    we are destroying not only ourselves,species but the planet itself?
    for what!
    our own advancement?

    why do so many people become ill as they become aware and not want to be here?
    they become activist fighting against the corruption.
    they have that pull and yearn to seek truth?

    Gaia has become contaminated by a greed and it does need a reset.
    we are meant to come here live life in abundance,learn what we need to learn travel as nomads if we wish and enjoy this planet.
    then we choose when to leave and explore other lives in the universes.

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    The Ego & the Sense of Self

    Now, the ego, really we do need an ego because it gives us a sense of self. And, if we dont have a sense of self, then essentially were lost, we really dont know who we are. Its just purely & simply a question of where we go with that ego. So if we you know, theres a lot of talk around now that when we go through this change we lose the ego, and I dont think thats right, because we are returning to the proper self, rather than whether its an inflated ego, or an ego thats too low. Theyre both wrong, because we still are who we are as individuals. Every choice weve made throughout the whole of our existence has led us to understand who we are. And so, we cant lose it, you know WE WOULDNT WANT TO LOSE IT.

    The New Children

    Children are very interesting, especially the children that have been born over the last 20-25 years. Really, you can break them down into two groups: there are those who have a little bit of experience to undergo. And so, theyre being born & then they are experiencing whatever that experience happens to be, usually fairly rapidly within their lives So, pre-puberty, essentially. And then, either they become a part of this change, or more often than not, theyre actually dying quite young So, you know, the infant mortality rate is very, very high it is the highest its ever been throughout Human history because of that.

    So, you know, it could be that this child is being born they need a certain amount of interaction with their parent, or the parents, or a relative and they achieve that interaction during childhood. And therefore, their purpose, here, for this lifetime is complete. So, they can leave because of that, or, as I say, they can then make a further choice to stay & become a part of this change.

    But then there are also another group of children being born who people call these Indigo children, Star children, Rainbow children whatever name you want to put to them, who are here, really, as the forefront of this change. Some of these children are pretty awesome in their capabilities, psychically & how they understand the world. But at the same time, in my view, many of these are born too early because the world doesnt understand them. And so this is why they end abandoned in orphanages, or abused through life, because they cant interact with people as they are. You know, some of them are being born anticipating that the world has changed, or people have changed, or choosing to be born to parents that want to go through this change. But for whatever reason, they are lagging behind. And therefore, theyre there to wake these parents up.

    And unfortunately, what happens all too often is that the parents refuse to wake, wont listen to the children, and the children become abused in some way or another. And thats a great tragedy.


    There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever in my mind, and from the medical research that Ive read, that many of the current afflictions that children suffer are caused directly by vaccinations.

    There is no doubt about it. Particularly, the main preservative that they put into vaccinations which is called Thimerosal, which is a derivative of mercury. Now, in Western countries there are something like 33 vaccinations approved for children & the vast majority of children undergo these vaccinations. In America, for example, you cant go to school unless youve had all the vaccinations that are recommended its illegal. And in Britain, theyre drafting a law that says that unless your child has undergone certain vaccination, then they cannot attend a State school & you will not receive child benefit payments.

    But basically, if you look into how vaccines are made believe me, you dont want to know how vaccines are made, how theyre preserved. They all contain a derivative of mercury, a lot of them contain derivatives of aluminum & certain an awful lot of them are tainted with material from other organisms like monkey brains, or monkey livers, or whatever, or material from birds. And, the laboratories some of the reports Ive read on the state of hygiene within some of the laboratories is unbelievably bad. So, most of these vaccines are contaminated and never mind about the preservatives within them

    Also the types of illnesses that they are trying to vaccinate against really dont exist. But if you come back to these so-called indigo children, they are being born with a greater percentage of their DNA (we can come onto DNA in a minute), a greater amount of their DNA, recombined & intact. Now what they are capable of doing is that if you come in contact with any virulent agent, any virus, whatever it is they can throw it off. You can inject them with whatever virus & their bodies will reject it. If they come down with the symptoms, they will heal themselves. These kinds of children who are born to parents who have AIDS, for example, they repair themselves within a couple of years, they actually throw off the AIDS virus.

    So, they are capable of self-repair. This is something that is part of this change that is going on. We will be capable of self-repair & self-renewing within the body. So well never breakdown. Life span becomes a choice of the individual, rather than determined by what happens within the body.

    Now DNA has been changing for a long time. Theres certainly been medical papers Ive read going back 20 years that state that the children have been born with DNA of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 spirals to the DNA. Now the medical profession hasnt made this very public because theyre scared stiff. Because what they see it as being is that Humans are mutating, and theyre mutating into something that is non-Human. And to be full Human Being as defined by the Earth & what we constructed on Atlantis some 20,000 years, a full compliment of DNA is 13 strands to the spiral.

    Now what DNA is, it is primarily memory. So, 75 percent of all DNA is memory of past lives. When your mother becomes pregnant with you, the 25 percent of your DNA is needed to construct & form the body. Once youve become born, or particularly by the time you get to puberty, at any rate, that percentage reduces. So that to maintain the physical body as we know it, then all that is required is 3 percent of the DNA, which is the 3 percent that the medical profession looks at, and the 97 percent that is considered junk. But within that DNA 75 percent is pastlife memory, of the 25 percent that was needed to build the body to start with, 22 percent becomes memory of this lifetime.

    So, memory isnt stored within the brain, Its only very short-term memory that is stored within the brain. Where memory is stored is within the DNA. And, lets say, 22 percent of our DNA is memories of this lifetime, when we die that is what is a review of our activities & actions taken within this life, whether its acceptable within the plans we made for ourselves before we were born. For to retain the physical body, then only 3 percent of our DNA is required.

    Thats really what DNA is all about, as I say, the full compliment of it is thirteen, and so 13 spirals of the DNA will give us full memory of everything that weve ever been, everything that we have ever experienced from our point of creation.

    And so we will have full knowledge of everything of who we are, once weve completed this transition process.

    Forgetting Who We Are

    Yes, forgetfulnesswell, you know, were born with, more or less, a reasonable knowledge of who we are, at least an inkling that theres something beyond what we actually are, or what we physically are. But our forgetting of past lives & our forgetting of our true potential, and our past history is in fact partly planned.

    Because, lets face it, if you are coming into a lifetime and you know you are going to face a series of challenges, youre going to turn around to your Higher Self and say, Im not going through that, thats too difficult. Im going to live a life that I want to live.

    And therefore, we wouldnt face those challenges at all. So its better that we have no knowledge of who we are & what our full potential is, in order that we are more likely to live a lifetime where we undergo the experiences that we have chosen to undergo.

    But partly, yes, we have lost it, we lost our memory because we have become much more physically dense than it was ever intended, or thought we would when we first put this Human Plan into process 7,000 years ago. In other words, lets say, on Atlantis the physical body was much less dense than it is now probably by about a quarter, something like that. So, in terms of physical density we were lighter. And when we began this Human Plan, then, yes, we retained some of that lesser density, but during that 7,000 year period, we have become more & more physical, more & more dense, literally.

    And therefore, its made it more difficult for us to communicate with our Higher Selves, unless we make a very determined, concerted effort to do so.


    Well, a fundamental part of The Human Plan is illness. We have 7 energy centres in the body which most people would call by another Sanskrit word are the Chakras. If we stray off our path in life, the path that we have agreed with our Higher Self, then one or more of these energy centres, these chakras, become depleted of energy & what we end up with is an illness in one or more part of the body. Now each of these chakras relate to who we are as an individual & as a personality, and to different regions of our lives.

    So, if we paid attention to the prompts of the Higher Selfwhat the symptoms of illnesses are, then when we first began this Plan we knew exactly where we were going wrong in our life because of the region of the body that became affected. But, again, weve forgotten it, weve become more physically dense, and as weve distanced ourselves from our Higher Self, weve forgotten that illnesses are purely & simply are guides to not being on right path.

    And also then weve had a couple of thousand years of religion telling us that illness is a punishment from God.

    And so we forget about the fact that the Higher Self is there trying to help us to remember which regions of our lives weve not quite completed properly. And have fallen into the trap of believing an illness is something that just happens. You know, were just unlucky if we get an illness, whilst an awful lot of people still believe its punishment from God.

    So, we also need to get back to understanding that every single chakra of the body relates to very specific organs, and were all the same, everybody on the planet is identical in that respect. And that each chakra relates to aspects of how we are living our lives. If weve gone wrong in one part of our life, we end up with an illness that relates to the specific chakra that deals with it.

    If we correct activity within that part of our life, then the illness disappears, spontaneously. Its really, we do not need any form of medication, or any form of herbal, or whatever remedy. The body spontaneously reacts to it & repairs you know, again, its reflective in DNA, because theres past life memories can bring about some illnesses, particularly, pre-puberty, or itll happen post-puberty if its an area of a life when we werent capable of working with before puberty.

    But what is now turning up is a new field of genetics called epigenetics, which shows that if somebody is being diagnosed of having a genetic illness, or what the medical profession calls a genetic illness what I would call a past life hangover. If that individual takes steps to correct that region of their life, then the DNA changes. In other words, the memory becomes back into a memory & isnt then actively having an effect on the body. And this is being confirmed by geneticists, which is why they call it epigenetics, I suppose, because that means beyond genetics.

    WHICH MEANS THE HUMAN GENOME PROJECT WAS A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME, TOTALLY USELESS PROJECT. BECAUSE EVERY SINGLE INDIVIDUAL ON THE PLANET HAS THEIR OWN DNA. And every court of law in the world will say that if your DNA is found at the site of a crime, then it absolutely makes you the criminal.

    Four years after the Human Genome Projects completion, scientists say that
    epigenetics the study of how genes are turned on and off holds more
    medical promise than gene therapy.

    So if that is the case, and everybody is unique in that respect within their DNA, how can it be that the Human Genome Project has taken one persons DNA & has mapped it, and said this will now solve all Human problems it cant! Its impossible!

    Fortunately, very shortly after the medical people crowed about how wonderful they were in mapping the human genome, epigenetics was discovered. So, in other words, GENOMES CHANGE DEPENDING ON THE ACTION WE TAKE.

    Memories From Past Lives

    So, if you have an active memory which you didnt resolve in a previous lifetime, then it can manifest as an illness in this lifetime. Ill give you a good example:

    As a psychic surgeon, and you know, Ive worked with people with all kinds of problems, we had somebody who came to us who had severe breathing difficulties & extreme fear of enclosed spaces & darkness. And what it turned out to be was a past-life memory of being crushed in a coal mine. And so, the memory of that event, of being crushed in a past-life, was such a powerful one & a traumatic one that it carried forward into this lifetime & imprinted into his DNA in this life.

    And this is how past-life memories can impinge on current lifetime is that if you have a memory that is so traumatic, or an event that occurred in a previous life that was so traumatic, and you didnt find a way of resolving it, then you can feel something of it within this life. And it leads to some quite bazaar symptoms sometimes, very strange symptoms weve come across working with people.

    Regression Therapy

    Regression hypnosis can work extremely well in resolving these kinds of problems. Because, very often once you realize what it is & where the problem has arisen & you realize that you no longer live that life, that youve past beyond that, then people kind of relax & let it go. And it ceases to be a problem as far as theyre concerned.

    So, yes, regression hypnosis can work extremely well for healing past-life problems. But its the old hippy thing of, you know, its my karma, meaning its some kind of past-life problemits not my fault, its my past-life stuff. Ninety-nine percent of that is a complete load of rubbish. You know, its just people hoping that its a past-life problem, so they dont have to deal with the problem theyre faced with.

    But for a small percentage of the population, then yes, the past-life memory can be a very real problem in their lives. And, for that, regression hypnosis can work extremely well to ultimately break the patterns.

    The Future

    Terje Toftenes: Where is this going to take us?

    I mean, you have now told us about the path we have been on for the last 85,000 years, and, in particular, the last 7,000 years up to now. And we seem to be on a major turning point. So, what kind of future can we now look into? What can you say about that?

    Chris Thomas: What I said earlier, I think the future is something that is indeterminate, certainly, in the short-term. Post 2011/2012, then were looking at, obviously, a massive amount of re-adjustment within peoples understanding of the Earth, and how we interact with it.

    Fortunately, as I say, there are something like 2.9 million people whove already undergone this transition. And, they havent experienced much in the way of difficulties. Theyve been able to deal with it, cope with it, and adjust everything within their lives to suit that new level of understanding. So, on a personal level, I mean on an individual level, other than me, then the transition itself should be fairly smooth & not too much of a difficulty.

    Peoples choice is always paramount. If they decided to stay, then they would be able to undergo the same kind of transition as everybody else has. And even now theres nothing stopping anybody. You know, Id love it to go back up to 100%, I really would. And, theres nothing stopping any individual from achieving that. Its a choice they can still make. But there are many things against us, essentially, and theyre all Human engineered, again, really to make control over the population, to try to hold people in place because they dont want people to change.

    You know, it is well known by, you know politicians, whatever, that people are changing. There is so much evidence for it out there that has been published in medical papers, scientific papers, whatever. So it is well known that we are changing into something different to what we are now.

    And all of these plans seem to be deliberately designed to prevent us undergoing that change. And so, we are in a race, but again, it is choice whether we give into this sort of mass destruction of the Human Race or whether we move forwards into what our potential is.

    (End of Terje Tofenes Interview pt6)

    Thanks to Turiya for transcription
    Learning our TRUE HISTORY is therapy for the human race.

    It is each person's responsibility to clear their body of emotional blocks (using the Giveaway, etc.) so that the process of higher self integration into your physical body can begin. Beliefs are fleeting during this period of change. It is wise to hold them lightly. Mind, Body and Spirit are becoming ONE

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    An ongoing Chris Thomas thread for those who resonate with his alternative view of reality and history

    An Ongoing Chris Thomas thread for those who resonate with his alternative view of reality and our history as gleaned from the Akashic.

    My ongoing Chris Thomas thread at the Final Equinox forum was unfortunately lost when that forum closed without any notice whatsoever. Needless to say it was a shock having put so much time and energy into my Chris Thomas thread there. It had become very popular during the less than 2 years since I started the thread; garnering 1,000 hits per week and a total of over 100,000 views. Most of these views came from non-members, some of whom contacted me in private through other forums such as this one. I can’t help but wonder why the forum was removed within 2 days of finally being relieved of the Trolls.

    Hopefully many of those who followed my thread at FE will find their way here.

    So I’m starting over again here because the TOT forum seems the most welcoming to alternative views. In C.T.’s case, which expose the overwhelmingly engrained societal belief systems that stem from channelling by a group of Extra-terrestrials known as the Velon (pronounced V-LON). Too many humans over the last 300 years have become duped by these tricksters into accepting their lies as truth. Human Gullibility Factor as labelled by Chris Thomas is at an all time high.

    I want to make it clear from the start that Chris Thomas is not a Guru, he is human and he does make minor mistakes at times. When he discovers such a mistake he freely admits it. Also reality is in a state of flux these days meaning nothing is written in stone apart from the Akashic Records of the past which cannot be changed. The Akashic only record events in this Universe, our Solar system. Chris has paid particular attention to events in Human history on Earth and this solar system. The Akashic does not predict the future. The future can only be predicted when all those involved in the specific events have made their decisions as to their actions, hence clairvoyance. Probabilities can sometimes be used by individuals to guess about future events, and sometimes they are correct. Possibilities are endless and subject to our free will and choice. The future can be created through our ability to dream something new.

    No event in history is a measure of what is happening now or will happen from here on. Those cyclical times have ended. The future is ours to choose as humanity awakens to the new energies introduced since 1996. Earth is in charge and she has her own plans. There is only one time line in reality and it is organic.

    First a brief crash course in the highlights of Chris Thomas’ information.

    I am not asking anyone to take what I say in this post as gospel. You need to listen to the 10 videos, read the 20+ essays and read the 11 books before you can consider what I say here in that context.

    This thread is important because it helps those who are led here by their higher selves to recognize how they are being deceived. I have come to learn this through my experience with private messages as a result of my former thread.

    In particular I have received messages in private from highly psychic young women who have experienced abductions by the black ops military/NSA/Velon since they were 5 or 6 years old. Some of these are the Indigo children they are exploiting. These Velon *******s, with the aid of their human black ops military subservients and through the “elite” NSA mechanism, ( where psychic children are strapped to beds and connected to IV drips and a giant computer bank for performing psychic attacks on individuals) are after human DNA and are actively engaged in taking unborn foetuses from these young women for use in their super soldier experiments. See


    They are able to track down these highly psychic women because of their family’s military connections to ancestors who were in the Velon service, such as the illuminati.

    The Velon are very good at mimicking the love vibration in order to trick their victims. The black ops military is experienced at using their bio-mechanical robotic “Greys” and insectoids, humanoid felines and “teaching” Mantids to deceive their drugged and deep, multi-layered memory inserted victims. These flesh-bearing robots who are programmed with a minimum of DNA for specific functions, do not have a soul

    Remember these abductions, embryo thefts, and soul replacements are still going on as we speak. That’s why I started this thread. The victims are often told that they are emissaries from the Gray race sent to experience a human body and provide hybrid children to improve the body health of the Greys. That is an outright lie. All e.t. races were asked to leave the planet by Earth around the year 2000. The only ones who refused were the Velon, who went into hiding through various means.

    In addition to the above problem the Velon are also actively engaged in sucking (they use the term vacuuming) souls out of their human bodies in order to replace them with Velon souls in the form of walk-ins. When these young women, are often under constant psychic attack if they do not cooperate, and instead they refuse the Velon advances and bargaining attempts (ex. Healing for services rendered). The Velon may plague them with disease and entities to drive their friends away.

    Now that I have explained in part the purpose of this thread, which has proven to help those being deceived by the Velon, I hope we can keep shills and trolls from interfering with our goals of making the information available.

    Serious questions are welcome from those who have at least listened to some of the 10 Chris Thomas interviews available at You Tube.

    By the way it is HUMANS WHO ARE HOLDING THE REMAINING VELON HERE. The guardians of Earth (Merlin) and our solar system are removing all of the Velon they can find who are not being protected by humans. The Velon have offended every race in this Universe. The Velon want Earth, they want humans removed off planet to their deaths, and they don’t care if they must DESTROY Earth to achieve their goals. In other words ENVY is a far more destructive trait than hatred because it defies common sense.

    Examples of Velon lies embedded in society through channelling are Galactic wars, Alternate realities, Ascended masters, Archangels, Councils to govern the Universe, the New Age movement, the label 5th Dimension, Prison Planet, Fear the light at the end of the tunnel, the 12-13 Dimensions model, the Anunnaki “gods as creators” and Ascension – just to name a very few.

    I know there are individuals on this forum who disagree with the Chris Thomas model and I only ask that you start your own thread if you wish to present your opposing model. I respect your view which I have listened to and I think we can agree to disagree.

    The most important part of Chris Thomas’ presentation is REINTEGRATION OF THE HIGHER SELF part of the soul into the physical body by removing childhood trauma-induced emotional blocks within the central nervous system. This is done through practices such as the GIVEAWAY and it opens the chakras to make room for the other ¾ of your soul which contains your past life memories going back 100 million years when this Universe was created . Reintegration activates the so-called “junk” DNA contained in our physical body, which eventually yields a total of 13 strands, and our psychic abilities, which for one thing, we used to build the megalithic structures.

    It’s important to note that NO ONE can do this for you. It is your responsibility alone to do the inner work and maintain your integrity. This Uiverse has 2 purposes. One is to experience free will and freedom of choice, the other is to experience physical life in this solar system. Ours is the only one created for the purpose of physicality. We are currently experiencing only a small compacted portion of the 50 million dimensions of physical life available.

    There is still one more of the originally intended 13 Universes to be created.

    Over the last 7,000 years we have been participating in The Human Plan, of our own making. It involves living about 70 short lives in order to gain wisdom through the collecting of knowledge (Karma) in order to determine why we were unable to hold our higher self functions within a physical body more than 1,000 years gradually deteriorating to 200 years. The solution turns out to be raising Earth’s base frequency from 7.6 Hz to 3500 Hz. That has been accomplished although current technology is not sensitive enough to read these energetic changes. The result has been that a large portion of the human population has left the planet. The rest of us are hee to use this new energy to reintegrate.

    Since our first arrival on Atlantis which ran roughly from 85,000 years ago to 65,000 years ago WE created the human physical body through genetic experimentation. From the sinking of Atlantis, at which time the Sphinx was built, we left the planet, not returning until 20,000 years ago. It was at this time with our whole soul within the physical body that we built Gobekli Tepe, the pyramids and various other megalithic structures. 8,000 years ago we again left the planet and returned 7,000 years ago to initiate The Human Plan, with only about 25% of our soul within the physical body. We divided the soul into the physical and the Higher Self. We also took on human male and female roles and initiated child birth through reproduction. It was at this time that writing and alphabets were developed since we no longer had the ability for telepathy.

    The interviews will put all I have been saying into proper context with more details. So please save your questions until after you have looked at them.

    This is a Chris Thomas thread so naturally there will be several quotes from him. He does not see himself as a Guru and has pulled back from answering questions and making interviews as well as from writing essays. He has made the material about our true history available because it helps us to resonate to truth. His approach is well grounded in the Earth soul and those closest to nature will find his information most resonant and simple to grasp. There is no need for the channelled complexities or unfounded scientific theories and religions that have been confusing people for so long.

    Regarding the full soul integration process:

    Keep asking the questions and eventually you will find that you know the answer before you have even completed the question. That is how it worked for me at any rate. Chris Thomas

    I found this description of integration on another forum. It describes how it feels in our bodies when the integration begins. Our bodies have to adjust to this higher vibration. To integrate too fast would destroy our slow moving nerve synapses. The religious trinity, and Masonic trine or triune are no longer applicable. Mind, body and spirit are becoming ONE as we do our own clearing work. You feel it happening through the body as it becomes lighter and begins to fill with light. Our body is preparing us for becoming what the Earth recognizes as Wholly Human. This means our body is changing back to our original template before we split the soul.

    Remember integration begins as a process.

    Do not deny the body and its part in awakening.
    It's all about embodiment. Don't forget your body as it is adjusting and changing during the process of "awakening". Many symptoms of dis-ease and dis-comfort we experience at times have more to do with the shift of frequency and metamorphosis we are going through (circuitry/DNA activation) than "illness" as seen through the lens of western medicine.

    “What it brings is a sober reminder of how little we know and even less understand about the actuality of the process (of awakening) which demands realignment of all bodily systems to function in a totally different set of circumstances often unleashed by major impact of awakening.”

    The Myth: Awakening is a shift of perception, a mental-emotional acrobatic that leaves one refreshingly peaceful and delightfully uninvested in personal identity, but that has no impact whatsoever on the physical body.

    The Truth: Awakening is a radical shift of identity that leaves one refreshingly peaceful and delightfully uninvested in personal identity, but that has profound impact on the body (and ultimately requires collaboration of the body).

    And rather than the body being collateral damage in this process of awakening, I will suggest it is instrumental.

    By that I mean, the body is the vector for enlightenment. It is literally the delivery mechanism by which we experience the vastness of who we really are—at least while alive.”

    I am going to begin with transcripts of the Chris Thomas interviews. I will start with the Lisa Harrison interview where Chris Thomas explains:

    1. how he was born hard-wired to the Akashic Records for Earth and this Universe,

    2. how the Akashic looks when you read it,

    3. how the answer to questions comes within a split second through your higher self.

    And much more.
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    Learning our TRUE HISTORY is therapy for the human race.

    It is each person's responsibility to clear their body of emotional blocks (using the Giveaway, etc.) so that the process of higher self integration into your physical body can begin. Beliefs are fleeting during this period of change. It is wise to hold them lightly. Mind, Body and Spirit are becoming ONE

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