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Thread: 6 Degrees of Separation: Order from Chaos

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    Well, it seems time is being measured now based on particle physics, quantum theory and the like.

    Then along comes String theory... first studied in the late 1960s. Many theoretical physicists believe that string theory is a step towards the correct fundamental description of nature. The theory allows for a combination of quantum field theory and general relativity, agrees with general insights in quantum gravity such as the holographic principle and black hole thermodynamics, and because it has passed many non-trivial checks of its internal consistency.

    One of the basics of String Theory is SUSY or supersymmetry.

    Supersymmetry is a proposed extension of spacetime symmetry that relates two basic classes of elementary particles: bosons, which have an integer-valued spin, and fermions, which have a half-integer spin.

    In 1969, Yoichiro Nambu, Holger Bech Nielsen, and Leonard Susskind recognized that the e given a description in space and time in terms of strings. The scattering amplitudes were derived systematically from the action principle by Peter Goddard, Jeffrey Goldstone, Claudio Rebbi, and Charles Thorn, giving a space-time picture to the vertex operators introduced by Veneziano and Fubini and a geometrical interpretation to the Virasoro conditions.

    For string theory to be consistent, supersymmetry appears to be required at some level (although it may be a strongly broken symmetry). In particle theory, supersymmetry is recognized as a way to stabilize the hierarchy between the unification scale and the electroweak scale (or the Higgs boson mass), and can also provide a natural dark matter candidate. String theory also requires extra spatial dimensions which have to be compactified as in Kaluza-Klein theory.

    Then go back to this post on Type I codes are binary self-dual codes which are not doubly even.

    Did I find what looks very much like a Type I binary self-dual code which is not doubly even in an Egyptian Glyph?

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    Now you're going to have to follow along closely and watch some of these videos to get some clues as to where I'm going next.

    In the Moscow Papyrus on the things found regarding Egyptian Math was:

    calculating the length of a ship's rudder and the other computes the length of a ship's mast given that it is 1/3 + 1/5 of the length of a cedar log originally 30 cubits long

    Along with plenty of geometry.

    If your in a boat on an ocean of water...the first thing you would need to steer the boat is a rudder to steer the ship. It causes a sort of "drag" in the water to allow for steering right?

    Regarding time:

    Matter causes drag...If you want to achieve a particular time might need to steer it?

    Watch this short video by Hawkings (who I will challenge on one account) but is quite correct on the other accounts.

    Watch this through it's entirety. What's the last thing he shows which causes time to slow down....DRAG on time.


    If you have any kind of GPS this is the current method of measuring time "accurately". Otherwise you're going to get lost:



    Highly Volatilel Cessium ~ Mixed with brackish water ...from...??

    Drag... time/set... Caesium Clock... boom!

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    This is the part where I start to challenge Steven Hawking. If you watched the video he and a few other scientists say Traveling "back" in time is probably impossible. Is it?

    Here are a few murals in the Abu Simbel of Ramses II Temple. This temple seems to have been kept in pristine condition on the inside. The carved murals within the walls are in beautiful condition:

    Google it to see the inside carvings there's plenty out there.

    For years in my study of Ancient Egyptian I seriously pondered what happened to this one. How is it every carving in the line of carvings on this wall are in great condition except this one. Here it is:

    The wall:

    And a better view of the one I'm concerned with:

    What has apparently been destroyed between what appears to be Horus and a servant? Note the ones on either side are fine and between them is a table with an "offering".

    What offering was destroyed by time or man that is no longer visible?

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    So what have I put up here so far? Well Dr James Gates finds Browser Computer code written in the fabric of the cosmos according to the math behind SUSY. Stephen Hawking claims you probably can't travel back in time but with a little ingenuity you might be able to travel to the future. Mr Hawking also stated in his video that being near something as large as the Great Pyramid... time is variant and different.

    I've proposed that placing these large Pyramid structure in strategic placement on any given planet using the precise measurements of an atomic clock using Caesium which is volatile and may have contributed to the explosion in the Kings Chamber while creating a rudder like effect to steer the time vortex we're sitting in to a precise measurement to allow time to be what we measure it today.

    Pretty far out if you ask me! Pretty it crazy enough to be true?

    The observer effect in Physics (not to be confused with the Uncertainty Principal) plays a key roll in Quantum mechanics.

    It can all be a trite confusing if you're not a physicist. But what if you could travel back to the past? What if you could travel back and to avoid causing the Paradox left evolutionary clues to keys to the future so you could indeed prove that travel to the past is more than possible in the future?

    Well Mr. Scranton in the above video has already detected string theory in Egyptian Symbols.After seeing that , I discovered Dual error correcting code in the glyph of Osiris. It's pretty evident once you understand the concepts.

    Having spent years studying Ancient Egyptian for my own personal reasons and red dots...I started to notice a trend. I've collected and studied lot's of glyphs and symbols. But I didn't see the math until just recently. When I ran into the dual error correcting code.

    Are we living in a Matrix? In a computer simulation? Is it written on the walls in Egypt and we just missed it?

    Allow me to share Michael S. Schneider as he explains how the Ancient Egyptians (and Chinese) and modern computers multiply and divide:


    In 2008 mathematician and author Michael S. Schneider put together this incredible video illustrating how the mathematics used by Ancient Egyptians is identical to that used in computers today.

    Initially we shook our heads in confusion when Schneider said this, but it all becomes very clear as he takes you through the process, simply and elegantly demonstrated on his large notepad.

    The Ancient Egyptians figured out how to do multiplication without memorizing times tables, and how to do long division without that horrible half box that was the bane of your early childhood.

    We took their tricks and built computers with them. WHOA. … 97806.html
    So they used the same method of dividing and multiplying as a common computer?

    So now on to this glyph that was destroyed in the previous post. Most offering tables set up for the after life include bread and some basic necessities for such an after life. But for some reason that glyph was completely obliterated. What do you suppose was there that might be removed in such a primary temple as the one it sits in?

    It's a pretty public temple back then and now. So how about the more private places? The places where very few might look and discover something very odd and out of place? I've found something very odd and out of place.

    The Observer

    Tell us what you've seen in far away forgotten lands...

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    So the Ancient Egyptians and Chinese used math that is identical to that used in computers today?

    Wouldn't they need electricity for a computer? Perhaps some kind of wireless was available?

    A different kind of Djed Pillar perhaps?


    Holding up what?

    In order to tap into this wireless of the afterlife they needed some kind of back door to access? A code perhaps?

    Restricted access!

    How about a false door?

    Now look at a few of the false doors I've run into:

    A picture is worth a thousand words...and these speak volumes!


    The removal of content in the prior glyph where something is removes is about the same size as what is sitting on the offering table in these two back doors false doors. Does that look like a computer screen to you? It does to me!

    You don't see that too often. In fact most of the offering of that particular size are loaves of bread as in this false door. Clearly the offering on this table are loaves of bread:

    Thing is they didn't have computers back then did they? So what is this representing? A window to the future afterlife?

    Noting: On the math end of Ancient Egypt is the Moscow Mathematical Papyrus:

    Which is simply coincidence or not? Did you know that;

    The Moscow Mathematical Papyrus is an ancient Egyptian mathematical papyrus, ... One of the problems calculates the length of a ship's rudder and the other the volume of a frustum of square pyramid among a few other things. … al_Papyrus

    easy peasy no? 1...2...3


    Note...I haven't come close to the tomb with the code ....yet.
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    It appears that the one being offered whatever was obliterated is


    Let's say you're one of those scientists who believe time travel to the PAST is possible and, if you traveled to the past you don't want to cause a paradox but you CAN leave clues...Like Anagrams and tons of clues. Clues I believe I just recently found. So I'm far from done here with number six. Exactly the opposite. I'm just beginning.



    Time measurement!​

    What do you need to measure time?



    focal ratio, f-ratio, f-stop

    Time codes

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    Sounds downright insane doesn't it? Perhaps I've lost my marbles but I don't think so. Not yet anyway. If I am.. so is Seth Loyd at MIT Physics.

    If you picture the future cosmic horizon as a spherical shell of pure light tens of billions of light years away from us - we are at the exact center of this spherical shell of quantum light and gravity.

    (Light beings/light workers anyone?)

    Seth Lloyd at MIT physics has shown that this spherical shell of light is a powerful quantum computer with 10^123 (one hundred and twenty three powers of ten) quantum light and gravity BITs of information.

    The spherical shell of quantum light and gravity is what?

    The material universe of things may well be a 3D HOLOGRAM IMAGE projected backwards in time from THE FUTURE AT THE EDGE OF SPACE AT THE END TIME?

    So me being me of course questions this BIG TIME! Say WHAT?!?!?

    I'm not the only one questioning this:

    Is this life real?

    Philosophers and physicists say we might be living in a computer simulation, but how can we tell? And does it matter?

    Well it matters to me. I want to know how about you?

    And whoa! You could be anything in a simulation if you were

    Last but not least:

    New back-from-the-future quantum computer paper from Oxford University, UK

    Treating Time Travel Quantum Mechanically
    John-Mark A. Allen∗
    Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford,
    Wolfson Building, Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3QD, UK

    "The fact that closed timelike curves (CTCs) are permitted by general relativity raises the question as to how quantum systems behave when time travel to the past occurs. Research into answering this question by utilising the quantum circuit formalism has given rise to two theories: D-CTCs and P-CTCs. In this paper the quantum circuit approach is thoroughly reviewed, and the strengths and shortcomings of D-CTCs and P-CTCs are presented in view of their non-linearity and time travel paradoxes. In particular, the “equivalent circuit model”—which aims to make equivalent predictions to D-CTCs, while avoiding some of the difficulties of the original theory—is shown to contain errors. The discussion of D-CTCs and P-CTCs is used to motivate an analysis of the features one might require of a theory of quantum time travel, following which two overlapping classes of new theories are identified. One such theory, the theory of T-CTCs, is fully developed. The theory of T-CTCs is shown to not have undesirable features—such as time travel paradoxes, the ability to distinguish non-orthogonal states, and the ability to clone or delete arbitrary pure states—that are present with D-CTCs and P-CTCs. The problems with non-linear extensions to quantum mechanics are
    discussed in relation to the interpretation of these theories, and the physical motivations of all three theories are discussed and compared.

    There are few areas of physics in which one confronts
    the idea of time travel to the past. When it is discussed,
    time travel is often associated with particular ways of
    thinking about quantum mechanics and quantum field
    theory. One often hears the view that in quantum teleportation,
    for example, the teleported information travels
    back in time to the point at which entanglement was
    created, before proceeding forward in time to the recipient
    [37, 38, 47, 57]. Another example might be remarks
    about antiparticles in quantum field theory being akin to
    particles “travelling backwards in time”. The time travel
    considered in this work is rather different. Here it is assumed
    that time travel into the past is a possible physical
    process, and the question is asked: how must quantum
    mechanics be modified to account for time travel? The
    motivation for this comes not from within quantum theory
    itself, but rather from general relativity and the existence
    of spacetime solutions containing closed timelike
    curves (CTCs).

    CTCs are paths through exotic spacetimes along
    which massive particles may travel, apparently forwards
    through time, only to return to their own past. As such
    they represent a mechanism for time travel to the past.

    The discovery that the Einstein field equations of general
    relativity permit spacetime solutions that contain CTCs
    [14, 29, 30] came as something of a surprise [25]. Many
    believe that such spacetimes containing CTCs should not
    occur in nature [32, 43], however there is no consensus on
    the possibility of precluding such solutions. Spacetimes
    containing CTCs are globally non-hyperbolic and therefore
    are incompatible with standard relativistic quantum
    field theory [12]. Such spacetimes typically contain no
    Cauchy surfaces [59] and so the initial value problem is
    not well defined, making the analysis of matter in such
    spacetimes tricky.

    Such issues surrounding theories of time travel in
    quantum circuits are subtle, and different theories give
    different perspectives. As well as containing undesirable
    features, both D-CTCs and P-CTCs are more difficult to
    interpret than standard quantum mechanics. Since they
    are constructed from the abstract quantum circuit formalism,
    any interpretational assumptions behind them are
    unclear. One may therefore ask, could there be a theory
    with fewer undesirable features? Could such a theory
    have a more robust physical motivation?"

    There's more...a whole lot more

    Red Dots

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    So, are we a simulation from the future? Is that even possible? I mean we have a physical presence. We interact with matter. How is it possible for a computer simulation to interact with matter? Are we some physical embodiment of digital information & computation developed from the future?

    Did you read the the article here?

    I would recommend it. About a year ago I discovered the possibility that this calendar the Mayans developed was due to expire in 2012 due to evolutionary development in mankind. In fact I found a bio-computing DNA COMPUTER called MAYA II

    Which stands for Micro Array of Yes And Not ....First letter of each word:

    MAYAN to be exact.


    Now it may not sound like much...a DNA computer playing tic tac toe. However it's a huge step in synthetic biology as a valuable approach to biological engineering.

    So what; if any revolutionary developments might have been developed in 2012 that would mark a new era for something as complex as a DNA computer? Well here's one:

    In 2012 MIT labs came out with:
    Tangible Media Group, led by
    Professor Hiroshi Ishii, explores the
    Tangible Bits vision to seamlessly
    couple the dual world of bits and
    atoms by giving physical form
    to digital information.

    Tangible User Interface (TUI) that is based on physical embodiment of digital information & computation, in order to go beyond the current dominant paradigm of “Painted Bits” or Graphical User Interface (GUI). Humans have evolved a heightened ability to sense and manipulate the physical world, yet the GUI based on intangible pixels takes little advantage of this capacity. The TUI builds upon our dexterity by embodying digital information in physical space. TUIs expand the affordances of physical objects, surfaces, and spaces so they can support direct engagement with the digital world.

    Through the design of a variety of TUIs, however, we have learned that TUIs are limited by the rigidity of “atoms” in comparison with the fluidity of “bits”. TUIs have limited ability to change the form or properties of physical objects in real time. This constraint can make the physical state of TUIs inconsistent with the underlying digital models.

    To address this challenge, we presented our new vision, "Radical Atoms", in 2012. Radical Atoms takes a leap beyond Tangible Bits by assuming a hypothetical generation of materials that can change form and appearance dynamically, becoming as reconfigurable as pixels on a screen.
    Radical Atoms is a computationally transformable and reconfigurable material that is bidirectionally coupled with an underlying digital model (bits) so that dynamic changes of physical form can be reflected in digital states in real time, and vice versa. ​
    Radical Atoms is the future material that can transform their shape, conform to constraints, and inform the users of their affordances. Radical Atoms is a vision for the future of human-material interaction, in which all digital information has a physical manifestation so that we can interact directly with it. We no longer think of designing the interface, but rather of the interface itself as material. We may call it “Material User Interface (MUI).”

    Here is one interaction design they have come up with awhile ago:

    This looks rather bulky now...but what about the future? The FAR future?

    “all digital information has physical manifestation … as if the iceberg had risen from the depths to reveal its sunken mass.”

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    In an earlier post I said this is the part where I challenged Stephen Hawking. Well to be fair I'm far from the first person to do so.

    The Black Hole Wars;

    The Thorne–Hawking–Preskill bet was a public bet on the outcome of the black hole information paradox made in 1997 by physics theorists Kip Thorne and Stephen Hawking on the one side, and John Preskill on the other.

    Thorne and Hawking argued that since general relativity made it impossible for black holes to radiate, and lose information, the mass-energy and information carried by Hawking radiation must be "new", and must not originate from inside the black hole event horizon. Since this contradicted the idea under quantum mechanics of microcausality, quantum mechanics would need to be rewritten. Preskill argued the opposite, that since quantum mechanics suggests that the information emitted by a black hole relates to information that fell in at an earlier time, the view of black holes given by general relativity must be modified in some way. The winner of the bet would receive an encyclopedia of the winners's choice.

    In 2004, Hawking announced that he was conceding the bet, and that he now believed that black hole horizons should fluctuate and leak information, in doing so providing Preskill with a copy of Total Baseball, The Ultimate Baseball Encyclopedia. Comparing the useless information obtainable from a black hole to "burning an encyclopedia", Hawking later joked, "I gave John an encyclopedia of baseball, but maybe I should just have given him the ashes." Thorne, however, remained unconvinced of Hawking's proof and declined to contribute to the award. As of 2008, Hawking's argument that he has solved the paradox has not yet been accepted by the community, and a consensus has not yet been reached that Hawking has provided a strong enough argument that this is in fact what happens.

    Hawking had earlier speculated that the singularity at the centre of a black hole could form a bridge to a "baby universe", into which the lost information could pass; such theories have been very popular in science fiction. But according to Hawking's new idea, presented at the 17th International Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation, on 21 July 2004 in Dublin, black holes eventually transmit, in a garbled form, information about all matter they swallow:

    The Euclidean path integral over all topologically trivial metrics can be done by time slicing and so is unitary when analytically continued to the Lorentzian. On the other hand, the path integral over all topologically non-trivial metrics is asymptotically independent of the initial state. Thus the total path integral is unitary and information is not lost in the formation and evaporation of black holes. The way the information gets out seems to be that a true event horizon never forms, just an apparent horizon.

    Earlier Thorne–Hawking bet

    Another older bet – about the existence of black holes – was described by Hawking as an "insurance policy" of sorts:

    This was a form of insurance policy for me. I have done a lot of work on black holes, and it would all be wasted if it turned out that black holes do not exist. But in that case, I would have the consolation of winning my bet, which would win me four years of the magazine Private Eye. If black holes do exist, Kip will get one year of Penthouse. When we made the bet in 1975, we were 80% certain that Cygnus was a black hole. By now, I would say that we are about 95% certain, but the bet has yet to be settled.

    But this brings us back to time and time travel through Kip Thorne.

    Wormholes and time travel

    Thorne was one of the first people to conduct scientific research on whether the laws of physics permit space and time to be multiply connected (can there exist classical, traversable wormholes and "time machines"?). With Sung-Won Kim, Thorne identified a universal physical mechanism (the explosive growth of vacuum polarization of quantum fields), that may always prevent spacetime from developing closed timelike curves (i.e., prevent "backward time travel"). With Mike Morris and Ulvi Yurtsever he showed that traversable Lorentzian wormholes can exist in the structure of spacetime only if they are threaded by quantum fields in quantum states that violate the averaged null energy condition (i.e. have negative renormalized energy spread over a sufficiently large region). This has triggered research to explore the ability of quantum fields to possess such extended negative energy. Recent calculations by Thorne indicate that simple masses passing through traversable wormholes could never engender paradoxes – there are no initial conditions that lead to paradox once time travel is introduced. If his results can be generalised, they would suggest that none of the supposed paradoxes formulated in time travel stories can actually be formulated at a precise physical level: that is, that any situation in a time travel story turns out to permit many consistent solutions.

    Out of this black hole war came the Holographic Principle

    Leonard Susskind refined this and the black hole information paradox by writing a book which has been challenged once again

    Here's the lecture and challenge


    It all seems to lead to that unbelievable conclusion;

    Simulated reality

    Recently Jack Sarfatti writes:

    John Brockman in Edge asks "What scientific idea is ready for retirement?" My answer is "unitarity" - conservation of information? Nah!

    "There are several objections to the firewall proposal. First, if the firewall were located at the event horizon, the position of the event horizon is not locally determined but is a function of the future of the spacetime.” Hawking
    Hawking jumps through hoops to try to avoid back-from-the-future CTC computation type destiny effects and non-unitarity.
    His cure is worse than the disease in my opinion.

    Violate unitarity, violate CPT, violate no-signaling. It’s time for a real revolution in physics and it’s time to come out of Plato’s dark cave of “orthodox” quantum theory. Sure, it works well for dead matter in particle beams, but it does not work for emergent collective modes of high complexity, i.e. us.
    Orthodox quantum theory is simply a limiting case of a non-linear non-unitary post-quantum theory with entanglement signal nonlocality without which conscious life is impossible in my opinion.

    Information Preservation and Weather Forecasting for Black Holes
    S. W. Hawking1
    1DAMTP, University of Cambridge, UK
    It has been suggested [1] that the resolution of the information paradox for evaporating black holes is that the holes are surrounded by firewalls, bolts of outgoing radiation that would destroy any infalling observer. Such firewalls would break the CPT invariance of quantum gravity and seem to be ruled out on other grounds. A different resolution of the paradox is proposed, namely that gravitational collapse produces apparent horizons but no event horizons behind which information is lost. This proposal is supported by ADS-CFT and is the only resolution of the paradox compatible with CPT. The collapse to form a black hole will in general be chaotic and the dual CFT on the boundary of ADS will be turbulent. Thus, like weather forecasting on Earth, information will
    effectively be lost, although there would be no loss of unitarity.

    Black Hole Wars indeed...I need more coffee!!

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    So we're at the tomb now and I'm going to show you were I believe it shows proof of time travel and a whole lot more. (did you ever think I'd get there)

    Did Ancient Egyptians know about Black holes? Worm holes?

    Number 6 on the scroll was listed:

    Peripheral Sensor/Surface

    Started with the actual definition of Peripheral: Of, relating to, or situated on the edge or periphery of something.

    In the image I've shown the False Door/Back Door, Chaos theory and Time travel.

    The peripheral surface of a black hole is an Event Horizon.

    If you fall into the black hole you will get crushed.

    Egyptian: Second death.

    If approached from the inner horizon or the axis of the black hole or the north
    pole, the gravitational repulsion of the central singularity slows the entity
    down, turning it around, and accelerating it back out through the inner horizon of a
    white hole. Put simply, the space axis and time axis exchange places when one crosses
    the outer event horizon, and the future becomes an unavoidable place in
    time or the crushing singularity. Crossing the inner event horizon, time and space resume their normal axes, making the singularity an avoidable place in space, while allowing access to the past singularity of the white hole. Ultimately, one goes through four horizons


    Egyptians referred to as the opening of mouths four times. The Opening of the
    Mouth ceremony parallels the movement of the Deceased through four horizons.

    According to scientific speculations, inside a spinning black hole, the act
    of looking backward would allow one to see a white hole or the past singularity.
    Since a white hole is a black hole running backward in time, the Negative
    Confession of the Book of the Dead describes deities:

    "Who come forth backwards".

    "He whose Face is behind him who came forth from his hole".

    The inner horizon, radiation is blueshifted as it accumulates.

    Field of Turquoise and the Blue One, Lake of Turquoise,
    traveling with turquoise, Lord of Turquoise, and open door of the blue sky.

    Indicates blueshift or the high frequency light associated with
    approaching radiation.

    In contrast, radiation moving away from the observer appears redshifted.
    The Dead King observes:

    he who departs is red and smeared

    "N" has gone up in the red hour.
    (N State described in video below starting at 1:16)


    According to Holographic principal: All Information about the black hole is stored on the horizon....The peripheral!

    Particles living on the horizon boundary describe objects in the interior.

    Now here I am reviewing a scroll in a room by a supposed ancient culture with nine universal principals written on it.

    If what I have just proposed is correct then this ancient culture must certainly KNOW the landscape of space and time with great detail to know the redshift and blueshift attributes.

    Dead Kings escapes the black hole Netherworld associated with
    uraei shedding "light by means of their radiance (which cometh) from their mouths"

    or uraei pouring fire from their mouths:

    The mouths of a wormhole are analogous to the holes at either end of the tube in a 2D plane...

    a quantum parallel exists between the transformed Deceased and Hawking radiance in the bulk, proposing the existence of large extra dimensions in small black holes.

    The Dead King is a horizon dweller: has a
    seat in the horizon, and takes possession of the horizon

    so that those who are in the horizon may live for this spirit

    "My power is in the horizon"

    ~The Ancient Egyptian Coffin Texts - R.O. Faulkner ~

    Peripheral Sensor/Surface

    Peripheral: Of, relating to, or situated on the edge or periphery of something.

    Redefining the Horizon

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    This is the tomb. Who's tomb? Where and when?

    First my Original "Perception" before I had ANY idea who's tomb this was. All I know is I picked up "Syria" and "War". And I said viewing this image with "indignation":

    Har te teht tat saiu maau

    Har - means District in Syria

    te - means Injustice

    teht - leads war

    tat- means Other world

    Saiu - means guardian, watchman (eye of Ra)

    Maau - means district


    The injustice in the district of Syria that may lead to wars in other worlds is viewed by the guardian Ra in this district (Egypt). the action of this meeting.

    Other worlds?

    I actually said that in late 2010, but didn't get it deciphered until late 2011 and wrote about it in 2012. I wrote about it due to the current events in Syria and felt there was a ritualistic connection. Little did I know what the "peripheral" view of this image at the time meant.

    To understand this image you really need to know where it is, who's tomb it sits in and what time it was made. There's a whole lot more than a simple "star map" as it's been depicted as. To understand this again requires the history and time it was made. Here's a small video as to who's tomb and where it's located. Whose reign it was made during and such.


    Who's tomb:

    Senenmut first enters the historical record on a national level as the "Steward of the God's Wife" (Hatshepsut) and "Steward of the King's Daughter" (Neferure). Some Egyptologists place Senenmut's entry into royal service during the reign of Thutmose I, but it is far more likely that it occurred during either the reign of Thutmose II or while Hatsheput was still regent and not pharaoh. After Hatshepsut was crowned pharaoh, Senenmut was given more prestigious titles and became high steward of the king.

    Senenmut supervised the quarrying, transport, and erection of twin obelisks, at the time the tallest in the world, at the entrance to the Temple of Karnak. One still stands today; the other broke in two and toppled centuries ago. Karnak's Red Chapel, or Chapelle Rouge, was intended as a barque shrine and may have originally stood between the two obelisks.
    Djeser-Djeseru temple

    Senenmut claims to be the chief architect of Hatshepsut's works at Deir el-Bahri.


    So during the reign of Thutmose II and Hatsheput leading to Thutmose III.

    I just looked this up today btw. I wasn;t sure who's tomb it was in. So this makes great sense on one level . I pick up Syria and war during the commission of this image in a tomb during this particular time. You see war with Syria was a BID DEAL during this time.

    Thutmose II:

    Upon Thutmose's coronation, Kush rebelled, as it had the habit of doing upon the transition of Egyptian kingship. The Nubian state had been completely subjugated by Thutmose I, but some rebels from Khenthennofer rose up, and the Egyptian colonists retreated into a fortress built by Thutmose I. On account of his relative youth at the time, Thutmose II dispatched an army into Nubia rather than leading it himself, but he seems to have easily crushed this revolt with the aid of his father's military generals. An account of the campaign is given by the historian Josephus who refers to it as the Ethiopic War.

    Thutmose also seems to have fought against the Shasu Bedouin in the Sinai, in a campaign mentioned by Ahmose Pen-Nekhbet. Although this campaign has been called a minor raid, there is a fragment which was recorded by Kurt Sethe which records a campaign in Upper Retenu, or Syria, which appears to have reached as far as a place called Niy where Thutmose I hunted elephants after returning from crossing the Euphrates. This quite possibly indicates that the raid against the Shasu was only fought en route to Syria


    The records of Hatshepsut's reign claim that she led military campaigns against several foreign lands including Nubia and Syria.

    Thutmose III:

    Conquest of Syria...The fifth, sixth, and seventh campaigns of Thutmose III were directed against the Phoenician cities in Syria and against Kadesh on the Orontes. In Thutmose's twenty-ninth year, he began his fifth campaign where he first took an unknown city (the name falls in a lacuna) which had been garrisoned by Tunip. He then moved inland and took the city and territory around Ardata, the town was pillaged and the wheat fields burnt. Unlike previous plundering raids, however, Thutmose III subsequently garrisoned the area known as Djahy, which is probably a reference to southern Syria. This subsequently permitted him to ship supplies and troops between Syria and Egypt...

    Now it's starting to make a whole lot of sense as to why I picked up Syria with indignation in my voice.

    But the peripheral view of this image says a whole lot more. This image is a whole lot more than just a star map. I'll show you why.
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    In this tomb is the False door for Senenmut. In all the false doors I've seen this one is multi-layered

    Three to be exact as I can see by the image. Three dimensional door to the underworld.

    Lucky guy eh?

    On a three dog/door night:

    Wash away my sorrow, wash away my shame
    With the rain in Shambala


    On the road/Path/Ptah to the
    Land of the Gods...

    Do you know what particular God of the Nine/Ennead is depicted here?

    Do you know what should NOT be there in his tomb?

    I do!

    How does your light shine in the Halls of Amenti/Shambala?

    Whoever made this knew some pretty sophisticated "language" of not simply the past but the present. You might want to tie a pillow to the back of your head before you end up like I did.

    I'm going to start from the top on down.

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    If you look at the image it has plenty of Gods depicted.

    From the top on down.

    Whoever commissioned this knew some pretty sophisticated theory and science. Not that of the average Ancient Egyptian culture. This to me suggests someone/something had present/future knowledge of some extremely complex theory and data. The language alone speaks volumes. Not simply the 24 hour transition of the measured day and date system either. There's a whole lot more than that here.

    Just looking at it you see:

    Divided into two sections representing the northern and the southern skies. The southern - upper part shown in the picture above - is decorated with a list of decanal stars, as well as constellations of the southern sky belonging to it like Orion and Sothis (Sopdet). Furthermore, the planets Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and Venus are shown and associated deities who are traveling in small boats over the sky. Thus, the southern ceiling marks the hours of the night

    Decanal Stars are 36 groups of stars (small constellations) which rise consecutively on the horizon throughout each earth rotation. The rising of each decan marked the beginning of a new decanal "hour" of the night for the ancient Egyptians, and they were used as a sidereal star clock beginning by at least the 9th or 10th Dynasty (ca 2100 BCE.)

    Because a new decan also appears heliacally every ten days (that is, every ten days, a new decanic star group reappears in the eastern sky at dawn right before the Sun rises, after a period of being obscured by the Sun's light), These predictable heliacal re-appearances by the decans were eventually used by the Egyptians to mark the divisions of their annual solar calendar. Thus the heliacal rising of Sirius marked the annual flooding of the Nile.

    Eventually this system led to a system of 12 daytime hours and 12 nighttime hours, varying in length according to the season. Later, a system of 24 "equinoctial" hours was used

    In the middle you have hieroglyphs which depict the nine flags of the Ennead. The central line which is wider than the other four registers bears together the titles of Hatshepsut and some titles as well as the name of Senenmut. The text reads from the right to the left :

    "Live, Horus powerful of kas, Two- Ladies flourishing of years, Horus-of-Gold divine of appearances, king of Upper and Lower Egypt, Maat-ka-Ra, beloved of Amun-Ra, living; the seal bearer of the king of Lower Egypt , the steward of Amun Senenmut, engendered of Ramose (Ra-ms), justified, born of Hatnefret ."

    The northern - lower part - shows constellations of the northern sky with the large bear (Ursus major =depicted as a bull with an oval body in which the name is written. The tail ends in 3 circles connected by a line and the 3rd circle is located a the top of a tall triangle) in the center. The other constellations could not be identified. On the right and left of it there are 8 or 4 circles shown and below them several deities each carrying a sun disk towards the center of the picture. The inscriptions associated with the circles mark the original monthly celebrations in the lunar calendar, whereas the deities mark the original days of the lunar month.

    4 + 8 = 12 months

    Basically measuring time. Well that's the basic explanation given to this image.

    But there's more.

    Pretty fancy stuff for Senenmut depicting the measurement of time in his tomb.

    Notice on his false door the center door is draped with not one but TWO eyes.

    Two Eyes/observables

    Observer ~ Phisics

    Eye of Horus/Time

    Eye of Ra/ (to be discussed soon)

    In this image in his tomb one particular god stands out above the rest.

    In the image your observing Time measurement. Yet I pick up on War with Syria.

    Partially expected due to the campaigns run during this reign.

    What God of Egypt stands out on the image?

    That would be Set

    God of the desert, storms, disorder, violence and foreigners.

    Set is not, however, a god to be ignored or avoided; he has a positive role where he is employed by Ra on his solar boat to repel the serpent of Chaos Apep.

    Depicted as:

    the Set animal or Typhonic beast. The animal has a curved snout, long, rectangular ears, a forked tail, and canine body; sometimes, Set is depicted as a human with only the head of the Set animal.

    It does not resemble any known creature, although it could be seen as a composite of an aardvark, a donkey, a jackal, or a fennec fox.


    A Chimera


    He was also identified with the hippopotamus, crocodiles, scorpions, turtles, pigs.

    Now view the image again:

    This should not be here!

    During this time and reign....Turtles were not allowed in Tombs!

    Two OBSERVABLE turtles on the top. Yes I know there is a tortoise constellation, but here you have TWO.

    Two observable things in this image come out. Especially if you know a thing or two about Chaos theory.

    Turtle is depicted as Set/God of Chaos

    The line of gods center to the triangle beaming above. The two gods closest are one a crocodile/man on one side. On the other side a man and a crocodile....Again Depicting Chaos/God Set

    The gods are facing toward the triangle in what looks like they could be getting ready to do a tug of war game.

    But these Egyptian Gods are not play an ordinary game of Tug of War.

    No, they played this tug of war in:

    Chimera States born from Chaos theory.

    In part measuring metronome swings/time and chaos theory.

    states in which synchronisation and desynchronisation co-exist

    Researchers report the first purely physical experimental evidence that an invisible and chaotic tug-of-war known as a chimera state can occur naturally within any process that relies on spontaneous synchronization, including clock pendulums, power grids and heart valves.

    Chimera States are REAL:

    Princeton university

    Chimera states can occur in simple systems that have not been explicitly designed to find them—is an important one,” Abrams says. “Before this work, the only experimental examples of chimera states were in fairly complicated systems with computers in the loop. Here the authors have constructed an extremely simple mechanical system that shows a chimera state.”


    Chaos theory?

    Did you know the catalyst for the development of chaos theory was the electronic computer?

    If you get a simple calculator and do some basic multiplication/division/addition the circles in the image will result in some interesting figures.

    Particularly; 32 bit vs 64 bit.

    Did you know:

    Three-body problem / Three door observable Chaotic planetary motion observation:

    Researchers refer to these states as chimera states, alluding to the monster from Greek mythology of the same name. The chimera unites incongruent parts: it has a lion's head, a goat's head, and a serpent's tail. In the world of oscillations, this means the coexistence of the incongruent states of synchrony and asynchrony.

    Read more at:

    Time Dependent/Dilation

    "chaos" means "a state of disorder"

    Set is a god of disorder.

    How do you repel the serpent god of Chaos Apep?

    In the world of oscillations, this means the coexistence of the incongruent states of synchrony and asynchrony.


    Now is all the really depicted in this Tomb? How could current Chaos theory be depicted in an Ancient Egyptina tomb? And where's the code? You'll see.
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    Now for a moment let's go back to some number in those circles on the bottom Then we'll get to the stars and planets on the top...and the one that is missing.

    Let me do the math for you quickly


    now that's an interesting number

    Order from Chaos

    3 + 3 = 6

    Six degrees of separation

    96 + 192 = 288

    Divided by 6 = 48

    Chaos Control

    As I added earlier:

    432 divided by 9 =


    9x9= 81

    81 - 48 = 33


    46 + 2 = 48

    42 + 6 = 48

    6 degrees of separation...


    Messier object M42 = Orion Nebula

    There are 42 principles of Ma'at, the Ancient Egyptian personification of physical and moral law, order, and truth. In the judgment scene described in the Egyptian and the Book of the Coming/Going Forth by Day (the Book of the Dead (which evolved from the Coffin Texts and the Pyramid Texts), there are 42 gods and goddesses of Egypt, personifying the principles of Ma'at.

    42 Negative Confessions (Papyrus of Ani)


    42 is the number with which God creates the Universe in Kabbalistic tradition. In Kabbalah, the most significant name is that of the En Sof (also known as "Ein Sof", "Infinite" or "Endless")


    Magic numbers used by programmers:

    The glyph, or character, corresponding to the number 42 in the ASCII character set, is *, the asterisk, commonly known as the wildcard character.

    In the TIFF image file format, the second 16-bit word of every file is 42, which is used together with the first word to indicate byte order.

    In the reiser4 file system, 42 is the inode number of the root directory.

    In the military IRIG 106 Chapter 10 data recording standard, the hex value 0x464F52545974776F (ASCII "FORTYtwo") is used as a magic number to identify directory blocks.

    The GNU C Library, a set of standard routines available for use in computer programming, contains a function—memfrob()—which performs an XOR combination of a given variable and the binary pattern 00101010 (42) as an XOR cipher.

    42 is the result given by the web search engines Google and Wolfram Alpha when the query "the answer to life the universe and everything" is entered as a search.

    Tiling a plane using regular hexagons, which is honeycomb in appearance, is approximated in a topological sense to an accuracy of better than 1% using a stretcher bond brick pattern with bricks of 42 squares (6 by 7).

    The password expiration policy for a Microsoft Windows domain defaults to 42 days.

    In Judaism, the number (in the Babylonian Talmud, compiled 375 AD to 499 AD) of the "Forty-Two Lettered Name" ascribed to God. Rab (or Rabhs), a 3rd-century source in the Talmud stated "The Forty-Two Lettered Name is entrusted only to him who is pious, meek, middle-aged, free from bad temper, sober, and not insistent on his rights". [Source: Talmud Kidduschin 71a, Translated by Rabbi Dr. I. Epstein]. Maimonides felt that the original Talmudic Forty-Two Lettered Name was perhaps composed of several combined divine names [Maimonides "Moreh"]. The apparently unpronouncable Tetragrammaton provides the backdrop from the Twelve-Lettered Name and the Forty-Two Lettered Name of the Talmud.[citation needed]

    The Gutenberg Bible is also known as the "42-line Bible", as the book contained 42 lines per page.

    The Forty-Two Articles (1552), largely the work of Thomas Cranmer, were intended to summarize Anglican doctrine, as it now existed under the reign of Edward VI.

    Sutra of Forty-two Chapters


    Historical note:

    1954 before the human diploid number was confirmed as 46. Chimpanzees (the closest living relatives to modern humans) have 48 chromosomes (as well as the other great apes: in humans two chromosomes fused to form chromosome 2).

    Chromosome 2 presents very strong evidence in favour of the common descent of humans and other apes. According to researcher J. W. IJdo, "We conclude that the locus cloned in cosmids c8.1 and c29B is the relic of an ancient telomere-telomere fusion and marks the point at which two ancestral ape chromosomes fused to give rise to human chromosome 2.

    46 + 2 = 48

    Cioncidence? Lets see....

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    6 degrees of separation:

    6 x 32 = 192



    the point at which bifurcating occurs... the act of bifurcating : the state of being bifurcated

    bifurcate: to cause to divide into two branches or parts

    Bifurcation theory & Chaos

    In a dynamical system, a bifurcation is a period doubling, quadrupling, etc., that accompanies the onset of chaos.

    384 = 192 + 192

    The primary split of the holistic parameter 384 into two 192’s represents a bifurcation or — more accurately —a polarization of the system into two complementary but polar-opposite sets of elements. For the case of sacred geometries, it divides into two halves that are either mirror images of each other or related by spatial inversion.

    What about the 64 notation:

    192 divided by 64 (bits) =3

    In the beginning we were one:

    Vesica Piscis (1)


    But things changed. We began to think we were separate from each other (2)

    The ultimate goal:

    All in one (3)

    64 grid tetrahedron ~ Better known and the Flower of life...Imprinted in Egypt

    64 hexagrams of the I Ching table comprise 192 (Yang) lines and 192 (Yin) broken lines

    Now...Do you see the pattern in Chaos within the image I posted from the tomb and the Chimera state as depicted?

    Not yet? hold on....

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