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Thread: Arizona UFO like Oregon's

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    Quote Originally posted by jimmer View Post
    just so understand, you are saying that the recalcitrant photographer was lying?
    The person who took the the original photo back in 1989-1990 chose to remain anonymous. Then, suddenly, more than ten years later, a guy claims that he was the one who took the photos and that he forged them. What do you think?

    Quote Originally posted by mojo View Post
    Nobody really answered the OP question. A similar craft hundreds of miles away, what can we gather from that?
    Tying this in with the Belgian UFO flap and the fact that one craft was seen taking off from an empty field, and that they were obviously scanning the area with a kind of "orb", I'd say that they would be beings who were exploring the planet, and who may still be doing that now. I do not believe that this was a human-made craft, even though there was a guy on Above Top Secret a few years ago who claimed that he was the pilot of a US Navy-owned spaceship, and he also stated that the black triangles were strictly USAF assets. Of course, there is no evidence whatsoever whether the guy was telling the truth. He could have been posturing, or he could have been a planted disinformation agent.

    I also don't think that sacred geometry has anything to do with the shape of the craft, because they are not actually perfect triangles. If you look more closely, then they are actually trapezoid in shape, and their appearance in our atmosphere is quite evidently a recurring phenomenon that has been going on for decades already.

    As for the lights shooting off in different directions as the craft darts away, I think there's a very real chance that this is an optical illusion created by the warping of space-time around the ship. Light travels in a straight line through space-time, so when space-time itself is being warped/bent, then the light will be following the curvature of space-time, which may lead to all kinds of optical effects.

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    Quote Originally posted by mojo View Post
    A similar craft hundreds of miles away, what can we gather from that?
    I think the takeaway is that these things are all over the entire planet.

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