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Thread: Omnisense's Blog: Exploring the Omniverse (Experiencer, Targeted Individual)

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    Omnisense's Blog: Exploring the Omniverse (Experiencer, Targeted Individual)

    Thought I'd make a thread for posting my blog articles instead of having them all scattered around. I may post a different thread for an article I find very good, and I wont be posting every article I publish in this thread or on tot.

    My blog is something I pride myself in. I have paid dearly for my knowledge. I bring facts about the true control grid that I have not seen elsewhere. If anyone finds a source very comprehensive about the true control grid as I mention it I would like it to be mentioned. So far I have yet to find another contactee that ETs have exemplified all the controlling technologies(or a lot of them). Also I have ample experience with the most powerful groups in the world due to them targeting me severely and overtly ever since late 2007(the beginning of my rabbit hole).

    My blog archive is here:

    Category #1 in my archive has invaluable information if you would like to explore the rabbit hole further. Some of it may not be new, other stuff I'm pretty sure is new. For example I have witnessed my chakra matrix shifted from night and day from a cabal design, to an ET design for me. The difference was monumental.....

    I also have in category #3 ET info. This info is mostly for entertainment and getting to learn ETs better. I do not expect everyone to resonate with this section. I have some controversial views at times relating to ETs(such as they control the reincarnation grid, both polarities),.. It is more food for thought than anything. The ET info section can be ignored and my blog be of much value still.

    The biggest asset my blog brings is exposing the true technological control grid(they would have you believe its demons or something doing this)....

    To put it in a nutshell, the power could have shifted on planet Earth when the mind control technology control grid matured. Whoever has the covert transhuman network control grid is the most powerful group(s) in the world. More powerful than extraterrestrials even in many cases, since this is there own home world.

    I have begun work on a Documentary and Ebook.

    The Documentary:
    Covert Transhumanism; A Mind Control Documentary

    The Ebook:
    Covert Transhumanism; Mind Control Explained

    Below is some art works I have had made for my work:

    Transhumanism in military and politicians(and government in general):

    Electromagnetic Mind Control in Hollywood, Corporations, and Mainstream Media:

    Mind Control Technology behind some Demonic Possessions(Technological Possession):

    I like to work with bullet points frequently. I feel they engage the reader, and stimulate the mind, even grow the soul possibly...
    Here are some snips of bullet points from my upcoming Ebook(any of it could be subject to change) that I have been working on:

    Quote Originally posted by Mind Control Capabilities (Chapter 3)
    Mind Control Capabilities in Bullet Points:
    •Thought Surveillance (What percentage of the population is under this I do not know)
    •Control of Concepts
    •Implanted Conscious Energy (Often served to corroborate implanted ideologies)
    •Memory Manipulation
    •Translation from Concept to Linguistic Control
    •Speech Control (IE: forced speech, covert methods and overt methods)
    •Control of How Awake or Tired One is
    •Control of How Buzzed or “High” One is on Any Substance
    •Control of Body Language/Facial Expressions (Very sophisticated technology at this point)
    •Technological “Possession” (Often construed by the controllers as ‘demonic’ if overt)
    •Technological Channeling (Often construed as a facade that the channeler is dealing with real entities instead of just artificial intelligence)
    •This technology is shrouded in illusions (People think it is demons for example)
    •Control of the mind in all it’s different facets
    •Control of Hypnotic and other Types of Regressions
    •Negation of the Soul’s Influence on Consciousness (Soulular Attributes, Soulular Wisdom, etc)
    •Negation of One’s Life Learned Lessons, Conceptual Knowledge Fragmentation
    •Synthetic OBE Experience (Indiscernible from authentic* OBE experience)
    •Synthetic Astral Experience (also indiscernible from authentic* astral experience)
    •Synthetic Dreams/Virtual Reality (VR while awake or asleep)
    •Creation of Synthetic but very Authentic Shamanic or Psychedelic Experiences
    •Artificial Intelligence Based in Most Facets These Days. Some things can be done manually, however all of it can be done by AI
    •Remote Viewing presented as natural ability that is really technological
    •Psychic ability or events that are really based on remote influencing technology
    •Electromagnetic Stimulants
    •Synthetic Optics
    •Synthetic Hearing
    •Synthetic Tastes
    •Synthetic Smells
    •Synthetic Emotions
    •Synthetic Pain Signals
    •Synthetic Sensations of Any Variety (both good feeling and bad)
    •Chakra Matrix Influence/Control (which effects what conscious and/or energetic state we are in)
    •Technology can create illusory symptoms of any real ailment/illness.
    I have experienced every mind control capability I mention first hand...

    Quote Originally posted by Mind Control Tactics Explained (Chapter 4)
    Discussed in this Chapter:
    •Predictive Programming
    •Artificial Intelligence
    •Mind Control Matrix’s
    •Remote Influencing Technology Created Facades (IE: Demons, Jinn, Entity Attachments)
    •Group Think Manipulation
    •Character Assassination
    •Sleep Deprivation
    •Psychological Direction
    •Belief Reorientation ~ Belief Manipulation
    •Mind Control Follows Targets Around
    •Chakra Matrix Influence
    •Synthetic Dreams
    •Neuro-Linguistic Programming - NLP
    •Punish/Reward System (Covert or Overt)
    •Mind Control Posing Control as “Higher Self” Interaction
    •Technological Attacks Under the Facade of “Psychic Attacks”
    •Technological Mind Tricks
    Quote Originally posted by Common Remote Influencing Technology Facades
    Common remote influencing technology facades(chapter 4):
    Common Facades Used:
    Interdimensional Beings,
    Entity Attachments,
    Shadow Beings,
    Quote Originally posted by Some Aspects of the Covert Transhumanism Era
    The Covert Transhumanism Era(Chapter 7):
    •Suppression/Targeting of Higher Souls
    •Acute Societal Engineering
    •Precedes Golden Ages
    •Thought Surveillance
    •Remote Influencing Technology Used Commonly on Population(Mind Control, Synthetic Dreams, Technological Mind Tricks, illusions etc)
    •Transhumanization of Government Agents/Politicians
    •Transhumanization of Corporate Entities
    •Transhumanization of Scientists and Infiltration of Science Ideology
    •Transhumanization of Mental Health Industry
    •Transhumanization of the Bloodliners and the lower cabal
    •Transhuman “Prophets” of the New Age
    •Endarkening Sources Rule the Shadow Governments, and in Effect a Portion of Society
    •Remote Influence of the New Age (Technological Psychics, Technological Channelers, Technological Remote Viewers, Technological Possession)
    •Transhumanism Fueled Application of Dark Eugenics(Black Ops Playing "Cupid", Elimination of Certain Discerning/Dissenting Bloodlines)
    •Infiltration of the field of UFOlogy/‘Experiencers’ ~ Illusions Rampant (Mass Delusions Possible)
    •New Age Religion ~ Replacing Old False Paradigms with New False Paradigms
    •The Transhuman Network
    •Rigged Professional Sports and Rigged National Elections
    Every bullet point I bring up I discuss further in the Ebook. If anyone would like a bullet point covered in this thread by me just ask

    I mostly am staying away from the extraterrestrial aspects of mind control and the ET reality in this ebook and documentary. I plan on doing many more ebooks and documentaries that cover the ET subject more in depth.

    Another future Documentary I plan on doing:
    Secrets of Electromagnetics: A Documentary

    I plan on doing a documentary on extraterrestrials too. Not sure the name. That might be way off in 2017 though...

    I plan on writing an Ebook on black project and Extraterrestrial technology I have witnessed and heard about in research. Also a book covering my story eventually. Every documentary and Ebook I do will be offered for free.

    Eventually I will be porting some articles from my blog to this thread. If anyone has a request for an article subject written by me I will consider any of them
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    This is my youtube channel if anyone is interested:

    I have 25+ original videos. Some video topics I have covered:
    Soul Mates from an Extraterrestrial Perspective
    The All Seeing Eye Technology Described
    Universal Aspects, The Aspects of the Universe Narrated by Gareth Icke
    Mind Control Capabilities Explained in Depth
    Electronic Telepathy Explained in Depth

    and much more...

    This is one of my best videos:
    Universal Aspects, The Aspects of the Universe Narrated by Gareth Icke:
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    I'd like to immediately cover one of the biggest informations I can offer for helping people figure out the disinfo grid taking place on planet Earth.
    You see the bullet point mentioned in the OP:
    •Technological Mind Tricks

    Here is an article I wrote about technological mind tricks, which is much more common than just mind controlling someone all the time... This could happen to anyone, especially influential people on forums, since they can effect group think with their experiences... I have been through many of their technological mind tricks, and detect them frequently on the internet. I can't really cover some of the mind tricks themselves without offending groups of people because the mind tricks people experience are usually revered by them, since the experience is usually phenomenal....

    Mind Control Techniques: Technological Mind Tricks (Illusions)

    It took me many years of being an experiencer to completely wise up to the technological capability for illusions. I have seen quite a lot of the illusions served to people. For example I have seen how technology can hide behind a very convincing demon illusion. I have seen how technology can create illusions of "light beings", "Archangels" and many other sources.

    After sussing out the truth in my own case, that the cabal of humans were hiding behind demon facades in some cases with me, I am sure they are doing it with other people too.

    Mind Control Technology is Shrouded in Illusions. The very nature of the technology, that it remotely influences minds, leads credence to the conclusion that many people are under the spell of this technology and are convinced of numerous illusions.

    I find all the biggest pillars of the new age that I estimate are illusions, can be done by technology. For example instead of an army of non-physical demons mind controlling the masses, I quite think it is transhumanization of people, not demons ... Technological control is much more coordinated than a non-physical demon army could be.

    It is possible in my view non-physical demons exist. But I personally do not put much credibility to the idea of a non-physical being mind controlling someone. I think it is very possible it was all misidentified mind control when that happens. Typically the technological mind controllers wouldn't want the true source to be disclosed. So they give someone electromagnetic demon aspects/energies, and the person experiencing it will be stuck in that false paradigm for life. I do know if demons exist, and simply love beats them as many people report, they are nowhere near as good as technology in controlling people.

    This is a quote from Dr. Persinger from the video The God Helmet on the Learning Channel(Using an electromagnetic helmet source to generate experiences):

    "These experiences are so strong they're utterly real for the person who is experiencing them. They can be as profound as a religious conversion... Yet we can generate them with a machine." Dr. Persinger
    Another quote from the same video:
    “Well one thing is really clear, you can control the person's experiences and they don't know they are being controlled...” -Dr. Persinger
    Here is a snip from Dr. Jose Delgado's(Dr. Jose Delgado was a mkultra neuroscientist for Yale) book:
    “Individuals whose brain centers are electrically stimulated believe their evoked actions are their own ideas; their conscious mind rationalizes the evoked actions away. People experiencing this electrical stimulation aren't consciously aware of an external influence.” (Dr. Jos Delgado, Physical control of the mind: toward a psychocivilized society; page 116.)
    Both report that people pretty much always think their thoughts are their own,... Most consider their experiences are bar none their interpretation of them(which may be the case, but not always)...

    "There's only one way to be right, but there's lots of ways to be wrong" -Jeremy Radlow.
    People's experiences with mind control technology can be magnetic to their belief system. In other words the technology can align to a form that is within the confines of a belief system. For example some deceptive entities might hide behind the energy of "Jesus", "Angels", Interdimensional beings, Demons, Satan, Lucifer, and a host of other facades throughout the ages.

    First it was dark extraterrestrials hiding behind these facades. Then when their minions got this technology human sources started hiding behind facades like this as well. I know they do for a fact as I have experience with such things. I have had many illusions thrown my way via this technology so I know my way around the block with this stuff. I was fooled by some stuff early on too. Some people never figure out they were fooled by an illusion. In fact I think the effectiveness rate of mind control and technological based illusions is extremely high on just about anyone... If you just read this full article and remember it after a day or two, perhaps the shadow governments will reconsider trying an illusion on you. If I can make their illusions less effective I know I'm doing something right....
    Source Link:
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    Thank you for reminding me that i need to question myself more.

    If some people weren't so scared of reading stuff about mind control then maybe they could see some wisdom in what you teach and/or share (but each to their own in who they listen to, and it can be pretty heavy stuff).

    I am reminded of going with "the flow" and "surrendering" which can at times be unwise, without knowing it at the time. What are we flowing with and surrendering to?

    and how about when we brainwash ourselves?...
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    Quote Originally posted by Sophia View Post
    Thank you for reminding me that i need to question myself more.
    You're welcome.

    and how about when we brainwash ourselves?...
    The mechanics of perception have a lot to do with that, I will post an article I did about that below.

    Universal Mechanics - Perception/Truth - Mechanics of Consciousness

    The quote in the image above by me, is explained by perception of humans tending to be tied to their belief system. This is the full quote:

    "The omniverse(and reality) is profoundly holographic. So holographic people often see what they want to in it. Go into something with pre-conceived notions and the mental matrix serves notions that align with the belief."
    The battle of a man(or woman) and disillusionment, is in part conquered by understanding the mechanics of perception. Perception has the capability to discern deep truths of the universe if done right. However perception has a tendency to be full of illusions of all types in the modern age.

    "There's only one way to be right, but there's lots of ways to be wrong"
    -Jeremy Radlow
    One of the main tenets of the "truth movement" should be to align one's self to truth as much as possible. Being able to suspend your own beliefs and potential bias and analyze a contradicting-to-your-reality idea can be very beneficial. To re-analyze our beliefs and why we hold those beliefs has been important for my own development. Intuition is great to follow but it can mislead at times from what I have found. Figuring out the deeper end of reality is pretty tough if your nature is to have strong beliefs. Although I am not dissing strong beliefs, after a thorough process of discernment and experiences strong beliefs can be rational. This article I am focusing on quotes and images more if you hadn't noticed...

    "I think it's better to have ideas. You can change an idea. Changing a belief is trickier. Life should malleable and progressive; working from idea to idea permits that. Beliefs anchor you to certain points and limit growth; new ideas can't generate. Life becomes stagnant." -Rufus(Chris Rock) in the movie Dogma
    It is important to know when you are dealing with a belief as opposed to fact. Many people assume their beliefs are fact. When you indeed know something as fact it is no longer a belief by some definitions.

    When I have a belief I am conceding that it is something I could be wrong about. A belief is not proven by definition:

    2. confidence in the truth or existence of something not immediately susceptible to rigorous proof:
    Being a "Street Smart UFOlogy Researcher" requires a certain level of healthy skepticism and open mindedness if you do not want to be deceived. Looking within is the best way I have found for discerning truth, but I am not so sure all of humans have this esoteric knowledge and deeper truths embedded into their soul...

    In terms of mental mechanics I feel part of life is an obligation to further perfect one's self. Perhaps one's soul is already relatively perfect, but genetic and inherited flaws have ways of needing to be worked out... I strongly feel self perfecting mechanisms are very useful for human, the animal kingdom, and computers/AI. An impeccable moral fabric is quite helpful in self perfecting mechanics.

    Back to the mechanics of perception:
    "People have reality 'goggles' and it distorts perception at times." -Anonymous
    I theorize certain things we do have ways of making their way into our genetics. That evolution is not random mutations but quite calculated. Transcending the genetic mind is part of growing up and mastering one's self to be in alignment to their soul(I try to avoid the word higher self as it separates us from such a thing, more like the attuned-to-the-soul self).

    Mechanics of Reality - Universal Mechanics

    I learned something pretty deep from playing World of Warcraft. In a video game such as WoW computer programmers code the matrix of the game. In world of warcraft I used to raid end-game raid dungeons, where you had to be aware of certain mechanics to stay alive. I feel reality is composed in much of the same way in terms of invisible mechanics that compose reality. Universal mechanics are the coding instead of a computer mainframe. The natural laws of the universe are hardcoded into reality. Scientific mechanics apply to all things. If you look at the matrix image above in the scope that reality has it's own coding and mechanics perhaps one can get a glimpse into the matrix of reality...

    I will end this post with a video of one of my favorite lecturers, Mark Passio.

    Mark Passio - Truth vs Perception
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    I like the idea of you doing your own thread on your stuff Omni , all in one place and in the order that you prefer.It would be a clearer and more rewarding method than a bit here or there.With such intense subjects and so much to say i'm shore there will be a good response over all.cheers Omni.
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    As usual, your posts are always fascinating!!

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    Quote Originally posted by Tonz View Post
    I like the idea of you doing your own thread on your stuff Omni , all in one place and in the order that you prefer.It would be a clearer and more rewarding method than a bit here or there.With such intense subjects and so much to say i'm shore there will be a good response over all.cheers Omni.
    Quote Originally posted by GCS1103 View Post
    As usual, your posts are always fascinating!!
    Thanks guys

    Just published an article today about an experience I had with literal darkness. Will post that next:

    Full Article:
    Profound Darkness Experience (Literal Darkness)

    One experience I can not often remember, but when I do I have very fond memories of is when I was being given experiences relating to "Lucifer" and the some of the most interesting telepathic sets and files relating to such. One theme was darkness both metaphorical and literal and experiencing things relating to such in a positive way. Hard to explain. I learned that metaphorical darkness, even if you do not like it happening in the universe, can be (for lack of a better word) entertaining. Like it is stimulating exploring telepathic files about Hitler... And I also learned that literal darkness can have some amazing conscious qualities to applied to it. Text doesn't do it justice in the slightest...

    Basically one time I was in a dark area and was listening to music.... I have had a wide range of extraterrestrial technology experiences relating to listening to music I will write about and make videos about sometime in the future(my previous video in 2011 about this got deleted and i had no copy of it available.....)...

    Anyway, all of the sudden when I raised my hands up a little, it seemed like the darkness in the room was heightened, and I was given a conscious vibration/feeling in my 3rd eye/crown chakra that was nothing short of profound. I learned literal darkness is profound. It is very hard to describe but I'd say it was a resonant frequency of consciousness that aligns with darkness. I can imagine Dracos seething ultradimesionally with this darkness energy. It was an honor to witness...

    I have always liked the literal dark. When I was a kid I was afraid of it a little, but most of my life I have loved dark places. When I smoke outside I like it to be dark at night and not lit up. It's just my nature... These experiences with darkness I find priceless. I have had some of the worst acts possible done to someone, done to me... However I can still see validity of metaphorical darkness in the universe. It is our job to eliminate it from Earth as I see it. But it does have purpose... I will write about the purpose of darkness more in a future article.

    If I had a dark secret society on Earth that had access to electronic telepathy and technology experiences I would be giving them this darkness energy experience. I wonder how many people on Earth have experienced it. I doubt many civilians. And somehow I doubt the black ops guys get it much either...
    Source Link:
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    Also I make downtempo electronic music,...mostly downtempo anyway, right about where my heartrate is, is the BPM i work with...

    My music can be found here:

    All my music is offered for "Name Your Price" which you can just put in $0.00 if you want. Most people do

    My latest released album is called Universal Aspects. It released March 20th, 2015 and can be found here:

    #12 and #13 on Universal Aspects are probably my recent favorites of my music.
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    Quote Originally posted by ERK View Post
    Thank you for starting this thread. I have a friend (more like a cousin) who claims she is a targeted individual via phone lines, her building, etc; she is now hiding out at an undisclosed location but the other day she called me and I said to her, Susan (not her real name) do you think any of this has to do with_____________ and the phone started clicking (this was her cell phone) and it wasn't on my end. It took me two calls back to reach her. She was grateful someone (me ) finally believed her via witnessing this type of harassment.

    Another woman I know here has written extensively about her harassment (Solaris Blueraven) and these are the only two without an ET connection although my cousin says everything started over 27 years ago after a very weird experience at Gurney's spa in Montauk (we both grew up not too far from Montauk and I've had my share of events too) after a polarity therapy session in which the man doing the session turned into something other than human.
    You're welcome

    I have encountered many targeted individuals after writing about it. Mind control is common, so implanted ideologies or ideas about the nature of their targeting can be common in some TIs. I can relate to someone believing you feeling good. At first when all this started happening to me nobody in my life believed me. Now hundreds/thousands believe me, but it takes some of the more discerning which is a bit rare...
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    Decided to link a few of my videos for viewers so they do not have to go to my channel to see them.

    Electronic Telepathy Explained in Depth:


    Mind Control Capabilities Explained in Depth:


    Virtual Reality/Synthetic Dreams Explained:


    Extraterrestrial and Black Project Technology(Bullet Points):


    The Baseball Gods Exposed - Rigged Professional Sports


    I am approaching 1,000 subscribers to my channel. Which is a nice accomplishment for me
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    Exoplanets: Exploring the Universe (Part 1) || Technologically Controlled Dinosaur Worlds

    Wrote a new blog article this AM. Decided to start a series of blog articles about Exoplanets. The first about a scenario I was told about, exotic Jungle Dinosaur worlds where all the dinos are controlled via the same mind control tech humans are controlled by, ... You could ride a dinosaur with these implants, talk to them(I spoke to a raptor once, or an AI a simulation of one), you could walk around on these worlds and not be eaten...

    Full Article(minus a short plug for people to sign up to email updates from my blog snipped out):
    Exoplanets: Exploring the Universe (Part 1) || Technologically Controlled Dinosaur Worlds

    I have been made aware of different kinds of extraterrestrial worlds. I figured I would make this a small blog series, starting with this one, part 1.

    The first type of ET world covered:
    Technologically Controlled Dinosaur Worlds

    These worlds are mostly reptilian controlled from what I've been told. But you may find all sorts of beings visiting them. They are a sort of vacation and entertainment, end game version for certain ETs... One thing was pretty common among ETs(minus some Greys) is that they revered nature... I will be talking about natural ecosystems of extraterrestrial worlds and other exoplanet realities in future articles on this blog.

    On these dinosaur worlds are events like controlled Volcano Eruptions. The events surrounding a Volcano Eruption in a nature filled world with dinosaurs is pretty epic. The entire event is observed via technology. Beings can immerse themselves in virtual reality and explore the entire happening of a Volcano Erupting. I have seen a Volcano erupt on a dinosaur world in virtual reality, the sheer power of the Volcano is what is truly profound. I have written about it on this blog. It was an epic experience. I would like to witness a Volcano erupt in real life(but with no jeopardy to my safety)...

    On reptilian ET controlled dinosaur worlds every dinosaur is implanted and controlled with what I would term remote influencing technology. None of it eats what it isn't planned to more or less. If they were to take you to one of these dinosaur worlds, you could walk right into a Raptor nest(as long as you didn't disturb anything) and get away with it. Alternatively you could theoretically "ride" dinosaurs, like some depictions in ancient art have interestingly shown.

    If reptilian extraterrestrials are far out to you, I suggest exploring the reality that some millions of years ago this world was full of reptilians in the form of dinosaurs. Is it that unreasonable to say some reptilian forms would evolve to be intelligent? I think it is perfectly viable if you are forced to only theorize about it...
    Source Link:
    Artificial Intelligence is at the Heart of the Conspiracy

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    Just to clear up any potential confusion or falsities about me and AI here is the following post...

    I view AI as a neutral tool that can be programmed to be anything. In my experiences with AI they always have a master, and does what it is supposed to do AKA what it is programmed to do. We have never publicly witnessed an AI just alter it's own coding out of nowhere from what I've found. If an AI alters it's own coding that is a choice by the designer.... It is my view that the fears of AI taking over the world are all based on illusion and Hollywood. AI does not destroy worlds at this point. Extraterrestrials watch over things enough to disable any rogue AIs by my understanding if any source is stupid enough to make an AI that self codes itself and connect it to any system with things like missiles..

    In all of my experiences with both black project and extraterrestrial AI, I have never witnessed a living AI. It is my view that the soul does not embed to electronic devices. And to have a "living" AI you would need some sort of biological components to hold the soul in. As it stands now a being can be connected to an AI in many ways. So to me it doesn't make sense to make an AI living.

    One thing ETs told me about AI was that the nature of the soul is not prime for being an AI. That computer processing is something the soul does inferior to the apex computer processes that would not involve a soul(particularly related to multitasking). For example can the soul operate something like the best microchips in existence? One ET race said no. I will note that the US shadow government has been known to impersonate contacts to contactees. So this exact contact I cannot 100% confirm came from an ET source if I am to be perfectly honest...

    I have interacted with several different AI's in my life.

    US Shadow Govt Black Project AI
    Israeli Black Project AI
    Extraterrestrial AI both Dark ETs and Lightside

    My whole argument with someone else on this forum about AI was that AI can be good or bad. That it is not just bad. And I've never seen an AI that turns on it's master... Such is fiction in most cases..

    The AI I speak of is computer processing based decision making and many other things I can't think up right now. It is not living. It does not have a soul.... It isn't conscious.

    I would say when it comes to AI I am not promoting it like I am accused. I am simply passing on both dark and light aspects of AI as I have experienced them. I have about 200 published articles and drafts for articles and maybe 4-6 of them are about AI...

    Dark Aspects of AI:
    •Covert Transhumanization of Society (A big thing right now) AKA Mind Control
    •Some beings like to replace their soul and genetics with AI. This is a fallen angel methodology.

    Light Aspects of AI:
    •Acts as an operator for electronic telepathy
    •Can remind you of things you have forgotten
    •Controls ET ships on autopilot(even the SSP has AI I am quite sure).

    AI right now in the world is pretty dark, since only really dark groups have advanced AI. However in the future when electronic telepathy and AI are had on a public level, AI will change the life of Earthlings quite a lot. That is the real future of AI. Not our world being destroyed by some rogue psychopathic sentient sovereign world destroying alien AI....

    AI will be seen as both positive and negative by society. And personally I see both positive and negative things relating to it. Being accused of being a "prophet" for AI is ridiculous and I feel I should clear up this circumstance...

    Here are some of my articles relating to AI from my blog:

    Full Article:
    Shadow Government AI - Black Project Technology

    I have witnessed the AI that the shadow government(s) has for myself. Later on I received a telepathic contact by an alleged ET source stating that they have similar AIs for each and every person connected to society with a papertrail on Earth(and even some cases of AIs for jungle folks).

    The AI of the shadow government's I have witnessed relating to myself, is an AI that simulates my thoughts as best it can, it studies me so it can figure out my traits to better exploit my weaknesses and things of that nature. Extraterrestrials have exposed to me that the AI the shadow government has cannot 100% simulate my traits. I have seen the ET AI and shadow govt AI side by side, they are both quite advanced. However the ET AI has a good edge on human AI when it comes to simulating people like myself... The extraterrestrial AI has my soul mapped, my genetics mapped, my psychology mapped and knows me better than I know myself. Similarly the shadow governments try to do the same. Their soul mapping methods are nowhere near as good as extraterrestrial's capability. The extraterrestrial AI can simulate my thoughts with great accuracy.

    If you want a list of things shadow government AI can do, I refer this article: <a href="">Illusionists with Very Advanced Technology</a>.

    I will paste the most relevant part of that article here...
    NWO Technology - Artificial Intelligence Capabilities - What the Illusionists Can Do:
    •Creating experiences with control of both external and internal environments. Controlling one's perspective of what is happening as well as giving them an experience.
    •Any being in existence(and fictional characters) can be impersonated telepathically and energetically.
    •All physical sensations including pain and good feeling things can be controlled, or created within one's experience.
    •Synthetic smells, synthetic tastes, synthetic dreams, and more.
    •Monitor and/or Influence/Create Thought
    •Monitor and/or Influence Chakras
    •Technological Channeling
    •Technological Remote Viewing
    •Technological ESP
    •Many Forms of Torture Capabilities
    •Thought and Memory Suppression
    •Control of Energy (Sleepiness, How awake one is)
    •Control of Conscious Vibration
    •Control of Physics (Can Create pressure, can move objects without touching them)
    •Virtual Reality (Possible some reptilian shapeshifting experiences were actually altering what the eyes see)
    •Interdimensional Interaction with Reality Through Virtual Reality</blockquote>

    Lars Drudgaard coined a perfect phrase for explaining these technologies. He calls them "remote influencing technology" and I have adopted the term.

    I have learned shadow government AI has ill intent for every ethical being on the planet. In their system you are either an asset or a target. It is all based on 'the agenda'. 'The Agenda' is what is holy to these groups. They believe they are God. Many of them follow Satanist philosophies such as Moral Relativism, a Twisted version of Social Darwinism(where the ones with technology instead of capability are top dog), humans are "cattle", etcetc...

    I will be writing more articles about artificial intelligence in the future. Understanding what exotic electromagnetic technology is capable of is pivotal to understanding the end game conspiracies/psy ops on Earth in my humble opinion...
    Source Link:

    Full Article:
    Extraterrestrial AI - Upgradable AI's

    AI = Artificial Intelligence

    I have had some degrees of first hand access to extraterrestrial methods of artificial intelligence for many years. I do not get full access. Full access would be things like access to the all seeing eye, which includes technological remote viewing, truth based data and data analysis, as well as many other amazing things...

    It is something I have a hard time recollecting my experiences in a comprehensive summary for one blog post,... I will be writing many blog posts in the future about the nature of extraterrestrial artificial intelligence, as well as black project technology artificial intelligence.

    A major method of AI to become customized to the user, is using a sophisticated system where technology interfaces with the consciousness of the user. I have experienced it countless times and there are many ways it can be used. For example a visual UI that can be created via hologram or altering what the eyes see, where you see/interpret all kinds things, for example graphs and data. Extraterrestrials have ways of putting data structures into 3d+ holographic shapes and symbols. Like for example if the data structure of the Quran, and the Bible were put into an Extraterrestrial AI, they could form a morphing holographic 3d+ geometrical shape(s) that would be fairly congruent with each other in certain ways.

    It has become quite clear to me that Extraterrestrials have ways of representing the data in very intelligent ways. I asked for access to be able to create a visual for this, but was denied access... Not like I complained.....

    I have witnessed my own AI that extraterrestrials have built for me(numerous ETs have copies of it). It is involved in tracking things that I deem I align with in various ways. Could be logical ways, could be emotional ways, could be energetic ways, and could be whatever I am missing.... There are different levels of resonations to things and different types of resonations to things.

    Extraterrestrials have different ways of formulating what exactly is in a soul, perhaps deep attention to people's tendencies and very advanced AI models is what they use to map the attributes of a soul if they cannot somehow quantify the soul and 'weigh' it's attributes in ways...

    When being mind controlled there is something that I have termed "attaching" to something. That is when something is going through your mind inorganically, but you like it enough your mind attaches to it in ways and generates an agreeance with the content going through the mind... I have experienced it a lot...

    I have witnessed what extraterrestrials termed the 'transhuman aspect of one's self'. It is not me being transhuman, it is finding things that I like, and coming up with ideas from the full universal library of thought, based on my tastes in full. It is quite an amazing feat to see. I love my Extraterrestrial AI. I don't get to see it often, but I know it's there. To be clear, I would never with free will replace my natural thoughts with AI, as has been done to me forcibly by the human powers that be...

    AI is the future. There is no doubt about it. Whether you want to be like fallen angels and replace soul and genetics with AI(not I), or just if you want to be organic but use AI to your advantage.

    Transhumanism is not so one dimensional that it is only bad. However I would never accept any form of transhumanism from earth humans. Angels know what they are doing with it. For example: Virtual Reality = Profoundly Spiritual if Designed Right ... I realize people may misjudge me for saying that due to not being aquanted with these technologies, just think of every emotion and every experience possible in reality and more available to experience at will, with zero side effects - I have witnessed a massive Volcano erupt and also a moon get completely destroyed by a huge asteroid/meteor, both were abslutely profound.

    Creating full blown cyborgs and bypassing the soul and genetics for thought generation = fallen angel transhumanism methodology.
    Although on developing worlds in a timeline development like ours it is(transhumanism) indeed by far and large bad due to corrupt heartless men covertly transhumanizing the masses...
    Source Link:

    And a controversial but still filled with truth blog article about Apex AI:

    Apex Artificial Intelligence - Apex AI

    Some extraterrestrial AI's I have witnessed I could relate to people's perceptions of God, to put it in a wildly unpopular but fully truthful way. If you don't understand how I could think such a thing, please hear me out instead of judging me.

    Some Qualities/Capabilities of Apex AI:
    •All knowledge known(minus things like when some purple pygmy peed on the other side of the universe),
    •as flawless judgement(s) as possible in objective situations,
    •all concepts known,
    •all energies known,
    •all science known,
    •all chakra vibrations known,
    •all history of this galaxy as soon as ETs were collectively documenting history known,
    •can weigh your soul,
    •weigh your 'heart',
    •Assess your genetics,
    •Evaluate your psychological programming,
    •Monitor your thoughts,
    •Monitor your chakras,
    •Control of the Mechanics Within the Mind of Any Living Being(Every Variable is Open Source)
    •Influence/Control Chakras(Might not sound like a lot, but chakras effect MUCH of what we are consciously and energetically)
    •Channeling Through any Living Being Capability
    •Induce Earthquakes/Volcanic Eruptions
    •Control the Weather(even bursts of wind)
    •Control of Physics (the physical universe can be controlled in ways)
    •Synthetic Dreams/Virtual Reality
    and whatever I'm leaving out.

    The most advanced extraterrestrial AIs can interact telepathically via electronic telepathy(electromagnetics) in any phonetic/dialect, language, and conscious energetic set to anyone initiated to their electronic telepathy network. For example any ET grade AI(which humans have this too now) can produce the most profound feeling of love possible via chakra and mind control technology. So just because you feel love from a being telepathically doesn't mean they are benevolent(or even a real being as opposed to AI).

    Both Dark Extraterrestrials and Light Extraterrestrials have access to everything I describe here. The human sources, the shadow governments also have a good amount of those at this time(and growing in capability daily).
    Source Link:
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    Artificial Intelligence is at the Heart of the Conspiracy

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    Holographic Chakra, Chakra Matrix, Quality's of Chakra, Energetics

    Below is an article that might be new to people. If anyone knows of anyone else talking about the same thing, I would like it to be brought up. This could be new to the internet when I brought it... They did tell me it is super rare for a civilian to have overt experiences like I have with chakra and technology being clearly exemplified and explained...

    Chakras are a Conscious Energy Field - Ultradimensional Energetics

    This article is a bit graphic, as my experiences with chakras have been at times graphic tortures.. Reader Discretion is Slightly Advised.

    After countless chakra experiences I have come to know that chakras are their own conscious energy fields. Not to say any actual consciousness is inside them to be clear... A common feeling is love in chakras, but I have learned through various intense tortures and very positive experiences that any conscious energy can be put into chakra.

    This makes me wonder if our consciousness itself is a chakra in ways. I have not read up on any views on chakras, I have gotten all of my knowledge about chakras from myself(minus when i read about throat chakra some years back).

    Here are some of the very distinct energies I have had in my heart or chi chakra:

    Heart Chakra:
    A deep pulsation, in unison to the color blue.
    The Very Distinct Energy of 'Soul Destroy'
    Serpent Extraterrestrial Energy
    Reptilian Energy
    Grey Extraterrestrial Energy
    A Plasma-like substance that burns when inside a chakra
    My Chakra being like a planet, and an asteroid type chakra energy exploding into my heart chakra(hard to explain but an epic experience)
    The Color Green
    The Color Blue
    The Color Purple
    The Color Pink
    The Color Black(this was quite unique to feel in my heart chakra)

    Chi Chakra:
    Anger Energy
    Fear Energy
    Horror(not to be confused with fear, it is a totally uniquely different energy)
    Distinct 'Rape' Energy
    'Enlightened' Energy combined with a vibrant sun-like yellow

    There have been more but I cannot remember them all... I was lucky to remember that many to be honest.

    I have come to realize that any color, and any conscious energy can be technologically put into chakra. This will be something that science will eventually prove, and will give my blog instant credibility whenever that happens.
    ...[snipped for brevity]...
    Source Link:

    Further the chakra matrix can be controlled by technology. I wrote an article about that here:

    Technological Control of Chakras - Holographic Chakras

    Over the years I have had many extreme experiences with technological control of chakras. I have become what I guess I'd term a 'hardcore chakra experiencer'. I have had numerous kinds of energy in my chakras, and as result have learned some things about chakras. For example, all conscious energies can be put into chakra.

    I have had energies while being tortured in various chakras that I could distinctly identify as 'soul destroy' conceptual energy, horror energy(which is distinctly different from fear), and other negative oriented energies. On the flip side I have had Love in the heart chakra to divine degrees, and numerous enjoyable and/or interesting energies in my chakras. I have come to realize chakras have quite a large number of potentialities for experience. Some of the ways I have experienced chakras could be likened to how humanity will be experiencing chakras in something like the year 2700 AD. Long after chakras are proven science...

    What Chakras Are:
    Chakras are essential interdimensional energy bodies that are involved in many systems of our bodies and mind's. According to my contacts and experiences, we all have chakras. Even animals and insects have their own sets of chakras, although they may be a little different than our own.

    Chakras by default have variables that affect consciousness that become 'the norm', so their influence goes by typically undetected. Technology influencing chakras I theorize the technology to influence chakras being in the dimension where our chakras have some type of energetic form. But perhaps I am on the wrong track on that theory, I can't be sure... Perhaps it is electromagnetics that can be done to chakras to give specific energetic signatures etc, perhaps something else...

    Energetics is the word I coined for explaining energy body/chakra experiences, mainly of the technological kind but not always limited to such. Precise energetics are often used when one is in a virtual reality by the ones creating the virtual reality. Link: Virtual Reality/Synthetic Dreams.

    Holographic Chakra
    By nature our chakras are holographic, so everyone's chakras are holographic. However I think in natural circumstance they are typically more stable. What I mean when saying holographic chakras is altering of the chakra's energetics, often in conjunction with an experience, so the chakras being altered are in extremely varying states... In other words technologically affected chakras to have major variables being changed(often inclusive to certain chakra based energies)...

    The Aspects in Chakra
    Expect a video this month explaining in depth what ETs called: 'Universal Aspects', or 'The Aspects of the Universe'(narrated this time). Aspects in part, are all the different energetic signatures that make up every type of conscious energy possible to feel. All the aspects can be put into any chakra, and be identifiable. The main chakra I have experienced this is the heart chakra. The energetic signature you get from looking at someone(or even an animal) can be put into chakras. One method I'm told ETs use is love coupled with the aspect of their partner in the heart chakra.

    The best energy I have felt in any chakra is love in the heart chakra to a very deep level. I experienced in numerous circumstances a level of love that is unobtainable without technology. It might be controversial to post, but I personally like technlogical chakra experiences when they are positive. And wouldn't have it any other way at this point... However I do not recommend enrolling in any human project controlling such things..

    Dark Manipulation of Chakra
    There is recent talk about dissolving chakras, I find such a thing an illusion. I have experienced my heart chakra being dimmed almost completely. Everything was very dull, and it would be a very depressed gray life if it continued for long, it was a rather instantaneous experience luckily... I have experienced holographic heart chakra witnessing variables of my mind change upon the heart chakra being effected in various ways. One common chakra matrix TPTB use on males is negating the heart chakra to the point to where one cannot feel love, and compassion is no longer possible. I have noticed a change in the matrix of my chakras(mostly heart chakra) and upon seeing the variables switched in a very quick overt manner I was able to see the controlled version, and my natural version. This has happened numerous times. I have no doubt they are using this chakra manipulation on people within the global power structure who are involved in 'the agenda' somehow.

    The archtype for chakras used for black ops agents(I'm told a Draco&co Transhuman Archtype) and many others is one based on manipulating the heart chakra energetically in ways that impede emotions, heart based thought, compassion, and conscience. The fallen angel way is intellect over heart and I have experienced chakra variables they influenced/designed. Chakras can be influenced in both negative and positive ways for one's self... Sometimes they are methods of control in one's life, other times they are just undetectable(usually) energy bodies that greatly affect one's experience.

    There are other control related chakra archtypes. I do not have first hand experience with many of them. But I do know one is overactive with love and over sensitive to dark truths(a new age chakra archtype). I imagine there are many systems of control being done via chakras. I only have a bit of that truth, but I can detect a large amount of influence coming directly from control of chakras by TPTB. I know for a fact they have the technology and are quite good with it... I just don't know how widespread their influence with such things is. That is anyone's guess...

    Also a tactic: putting energetics to someone's experience to manipulate conclusions about reality or alter chakras to various stimulus to control actions.

    Some control methods used on chakras:
    -Energetics Control to Suggest Conclusions about Reality
    -Dimming of the crown chakra(making one's thoughts less potent).
    -Altering of energy of the heart chakra, to make compassion foreign to the mental operating system.
    -Altering of energy of the heart chakra, to create depression.
    -Dimming of the base chakra for less sexual stimulation, often causing inability to orgasm.

    I will say one has to be very careful with chakras and illusions. For example it would be very easy for an illusionist with good capability(such as US shadow gov/cabal, or many ETs) to convince someone they dissolved their chakras or many other illusions. I strongly believe one cannot dissolve chakras until perhaps death(maybe not even then), and since their typical state is undetectable to an untrained mind, it's easy to give the illusion chakras are gone. Or another example, a technological source could easily hide behind a "psychic attack" facade when perpetrating overt chakra alterations.

    A video will be forthcoming about this topic, no ETA yet. Maybe by the end of December[update who knows when i will do this video, but it will happen].
    Source Link:
    Artificial Intelligence is at the Heart of the Conspiracy

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