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Thread: The Immortal

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    The Immortal

    The Immortal: True Accounts of the 250-Year-Old Man, Li Qingyun

    In 1927, General Yang Sen invited Li Qingyun to Wanxian, China, to teach about health and longevity. Li Qingyun was reported to be 250 years old at the time, and his visit to Wanxian was big news. In 1970, Yang Sen compiled a book of his and otherís accounts of Li Qingyun, titled An Authentic and True Record of a 250-Year-Old Man, which Stuart Alve Olson started translating into English in 1982

    There had been some people who were told to have survived for ten thousand of years or more , walking among humanity unnoticed and disappearing out of sight again ..

    they are very rare to meet , especially in this type of modern civilisation ,

    i think they all mostly also prefer nature and solitude ..

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    i wonder if they know that they are different from others in their lifespans and how they are mentally able to cope with their knowledge?
    are they trapped inside their body ,unable to leave?
    do they accept and just go with it?
    do they help others in their life?

    it would be a situation i would not like to be in.
    how many loved ones would you lose?
    seeing society change time after time.

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