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Thread: Lakewood Lycan and other Dogman Sightings

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    I attended a public speaking by Kewaunee Lapseritis earlier this year. He is a Sociologist/Anthropoligist who has gone native for sasquatch, he's pretty freaking cool.

    In the speaking engagement, Kewaunee stated that the Sasquatch have told him that the Dogman is a chosen guardian for portals and or stargates.

    This makes a lot of sense when you consider the dogmen seen on SkinWalker Ranch.
    Skinwalker Ranch is 100% a stargate/portal zone or I'll peel every potato in Ireland.
    never considered that they are gatekeepers. been looking into this dogman thing from lack of
    understanding them. i can also see how they would be an ultimate gate keeper as well. guess
    i got my answer here but still want to know what the akashic states about them. the dogman
    has been around for a very long time. so, its nothing knew but only forgotten.
    here are a few vids that share some herstory/history about them...

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