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This quote from that 1st article by M. Lee Hill states…
"Ar Bordon (pen name) is the most public individual node in a network of people who have had direct contact with various individual extraterrestrials and groups, both of a human nature and non-human nature. This exopolitical network, in which Ar is a part, has direct face to face and telepathic contact and communication with ETs but is independent of National military and intelligence groups. Its parallel is the emerging exopolitical community that is much larger, but mostly without the extensive direct access to extraterrestrials as does Ar’s network."

IF this is true then, A.R. Bordon may have 'died' only to be able to continue in a different portion of the 'game' under a different name.

It is a common enough scenario…

agree , this is more plausible than him dying of cancer.

when people of noterity wish to go underground they often fake their deaths. Elvis did it , and is one of many that have ,