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Thread: Bill Ballard's update

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    On Bills fb >

    Bill Ballard All in all it was finding tge Payseur as well as the 1605 Treaties that really got my historical attention with the Q drops as THAT IS WHO OWNS USA above The Rothschilds.

    The telling of history before it happened time and again with Q was remarkable even months ahead like to the day John No Name McCain was executed foretold to the minute 6 months in advance.

    Psyop??? Hell YES Q was a most magnificent Psyop and in the drops mentions clues to JFK Jr although put right says he's not alive. Why did Jesus speak in parables??? Haha

    This whole show, since I, Bill Ballard actually did write the book called Tge Great Awakening published in June 2012 telling of the geopolitical Awakening of the planet, and Q calls the same The Great Awakening and all my Archangel Michael channeling speaks of the Majic of this time... ha. Ha Hahahaha

    Again More Popcorn Please!
    Many Many Smiles

    and >

    Bill Ballard And YES! I do believe for a while that one of the Q personalities was JFK Jr. As many Anons recognized the Q personality changes. Like how I speak and write in comparison to how you speak and write. Several things were stated before JFK assassination papers were released by Trump. That's when this whole Jr thing began.

    Cool Beans Peeps!
    Yes it does in deed appear that JFK Jr has been on stage and in tge audience on several occasions at Trump rallies. Facial recognition of he and his partner match Jr and Carolyn.

    The coolest thing about Anons is it's all open source but our names and between us and our research we've got all the tools and skill set required to shift this planet!

    Hell Yes or rather Heaven YES Q was in deed a psyop! Best thing ever to happen to this planet!

    And yes you can find tge numbers on kids being rescued. Search

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