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Thread: Must Read: Mind Invasive Technology

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    From the article I shared in the original post,

    Although forced entry into a mind is by definition obscene, an abbreviated assessment of the effects that mind-invaded people describe testifies to the perverted nature of the experiments. Bizarre noises are emitted from the body, a body known well enough by its owner to recognise the noises as extrinsic; air is pumped in and out of orifices as if by a bicycle pump. Gradually the repertoire is augmented – twinges and spasms to the eyes, nose, lips, strange tics, pains in the head, ringing in the ears, obstructions in the throat, pressure on the bowel and bladder causing incontinence; tingling in the fingers, feet, pressures on the heart, on breathing, dizziness, eye problems leading to cataracts; running eyes, running nose; speeding up of heart beats and the raising of pressure in the heart and chest; breathing and chest complaints leading to bronchitis and deterioration of the lungs; agonizing migraines; being woken up at night, sometimes with terrifying jolts ; insomnia; intolerable levels of stress from the loss of one’s privacy. This collection of assorted symptoms is a challenge to any medical practitioner to diagnose.
    I bolded the specific symptoms that I experience. My major frustration is that I don't have anybody to discuss these things with. I have to just talk in public and hope that I eventually find somebody to connect with.

    I'm so overwhelmed with so many things to say and I don't know where to begin. I've tried so many times to create a blog but I can't do it. Even now, I'm having a very difficult time trying to select my thoughts and express them. So laborious.

    Spiritual people talk about "ascension" symptoms and some of those, like the tingling, are on their list. I honestly don't think any of the symptoms are spiritual or ascension, and I certainly don't think they're "mental illness". There is no so-called mental illness that can produce bizarre noises in the body. I don't know what other people have experienced, as far as bizarre noises goes, but mine were electric or electronic. That's technology, period. I do not think or believe that any of it is human technology. I'm 99% certain that it's definitely space aliens.

    The puffs / blasts of air in my ears, mouth and vagina (sorry, but it's true) are very annoying and mentally distressing. I also have clicking in my ears (and sometimes in my sinuses and in my head). I actually call this thing "Clicker" and I'm convinced that it is an actual entity of some sort. I first "met" this Clicker entity when it had been clicking my ears and sinuses. It was almost painful. It was trying to get my attention, which it did. It was very rapid, very intense clicking. There simply is NO "mental illness" that can do that. And no disease that can do that, either. It's definitely an intelligent entity, of some sort, and there does seem to be a component of technology involved. The thing is, when I think of these things as human engineered and human driven .. my entire being resists and says a firm NO. It's just not human. That's my experience, anyway.

    I could go on and on with so many details about the multitude of strange, weird things I've been experiencing. I'm just so, so tired of being so isolated. I'm so, so tired of not having A LOT of people to connect with to talk about all this stuff! And I'm tired of how complex it all is.

    Anybody else have any of those symptoms specified in that paragraph?

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