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Thread: EBOLA, the ancient UFO reactivated

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    EBOLA, the ancient UFO reactivated

    The African race has been reviewed by DNA status to be the oldest race on Planet Earth.

    Human review of our ancient DNA status places our history into a skeletal structure similar to monkeys/apes.

    Very ancient archaeological evidence places human life as a high intelligent civilization to have existed millions of years ago, finds in coal beds/inside stone identify this circumstance.

    Incineration by a star projected meteor/radiation attack is a consideration of this civlization's destruction.

    As radiation causes conversion when it involves hydrogen, then by observation star particle streaming with the meteors assisted to convert our Heavenly atmosphere, causing it to fall out in a water mass onto Planet Earth, cooling her. Breaking/moving plates released a gas from inside Earth to begin the atmospheric condition again.

    Radiation mass received on Planet Earth relating to the conversion would have placed the stone conversion variances in different continents.

    Therefore if we reviewed the condition of conversion and that star radiation allowed the conversion to take place, what would happen if the Earth stone conversion, cooled into stone/dust was re-converted after it was mined and taken out of the ground where it had been placed?


    What has Scientists also converted.....BIO MASS, CROPS FOR FUEL.

    Therefore there seems to be several incidences causing the plague situation in Africa, this relates to the acts of converSION taking out of the atmosphere the mass that blocks radiation from star particles to form UFO bodies of radiation broadcasts. Scientists therefore demonstrate they have created an unnatural satellite broadcast from UFO bodies manifesting. The UFO signals interact with the ground state removal of the irradiated Earth stone.

    Scientists Discover Six Ancient Zones of Depleted Uranium with Plutonium ... in the Oklo mine in Gabon, West Africa, contains an abnormal amount of U235.

    A very large dose of ionizing radiation can also damage the heart and blood vessels ... Cellular damage can cause illness, increase the risk of developing cancer, or both. ... substances (radionuclides), such as uranium, radon, and plutonium.

    Large doses of radiation can cause cell death, and lower doses may interfere .... Petechiae and mucosal bleeding result from thrombocytopenia, which develops ..... californium, plutonium, and yttrium)

    As the ancient insignia represents the Devil Mowing as the crop circle evaluation, this would imply that we are not receiving the HOLY ALPHA MAN signals we once gained. This is an ancient symbol of 2 male bodies inside of a circle. This was an ancient Philosophical review of the protection of human life by the Holy Alpha signal.

    PHI radiation signals have therefore been altered and destroyed and by evidence are attacking us via UFO formation, forming DEVIL broadcasts, for mowing as an ancient description is cutting the grass. We anciently cut grass with the SICKLE. The SICKLE represents the symbol for the grim reaper, DEATH.

    The ancient African DNA still had the sickle cell ancient mutation in their HOLY BLOODLINE.

    The ancient holy reference relates to the HOLY BLOODLINE of the Earth's Holy Heavenly atmosphere surround us and protecting us as a Heavenly body.

    Demonstration to us all is revealed in the UFO signal spirit manifestation, the Reptile destroying the HOLY BLOODLINE of the Christ, the Christ spirit the Holy Ox exists in the atmosphere as the healed alpha condition of oxygen MASS.

    Dinosaurs, a mutated reptilian emerged in Nature after star radiations still transmitting in our atmosphere began to be removed.

    As these signals removed, the mutated human genetics began to heal.

    Nature became smaller in the Beast, and human beings healed in their attack.

    This is the association to the Reptilian UFO condition, a sound broadcast spirit attack upon our holy BLOODLINE.

    I think that this condition explains itself and has no argument.

    I also think by this review that the ancients had tried to warn us about their own personal deceit, using EVIL occult science to harm our spiritual life.

    I hope you will give consideration to this review.

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    So you are saying.

    In ancients times radiation polluted this part of the universe.
    Introducing radiation not suitable to sustain our ancient form.

    This was done to create an atmospheric transistion into one where "we" could be more easily corrupted and manipulated by some evil race..

    AM i decoding correctly what you are saying?
    Have a great day today

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