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Thread: CHEMTRAIL and FLUORIDE link!

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    Hi TOTers,

    Not sure if anyone has made this link yet but I think it should be widely known.

    I recall watching a documentary in which a whistle blower confirmed that one of the constituent parts of the Chemtrails consisted of a large amount of "STRONTIUM".

    I often wondered why, then I was sent this information last week, it talks in brief about how Fluoride will "LOCK-IN" Strontium in our bones and therefore cause our DNA to become damaged overtime due to the increasing levels of radiation that cannot be removed:

    "The Secret War and the Fluoride Conspiracy by Dr Geoffrey E Smith, LDS, RCS (Eng). (1997)

    Dr Smith’s book was published posthumously in Australia in 1997. He felt
    unable to publish during his lifetime because he had signed an Official
    Secrets’ Act declaration many years previously when living in England. This
    extract deals with the potential for fluoride to lock radioactive Strontium-90
    into the bones. Due to the large number of experimental nuclear bomb tests
    in the 1950’s and 1960’s, the background radiation level had increased. Dr
    Smith’s experiments were carried out by a research team in the Glaxo
    laboratories in 1968.
    “We did a number of experiments [unpublished] exploring the Soviet claim
    that fluoride could prevent the build-up of Strontium-90 in bones. Only one
    needs to be described and I’ll do that simply.
    There were four groups of male mice involved, 24 in each group:
    Group A mice were given a normal diet supplemented with fluoride;
    Group B mice had a normal diet supplemented with Strontium;
    Group C mice had a normal diet supplemented with both fluoride and strontium;
    Group D mice had a normal diet and acted as a control group.
    The results of the study demonstrated convincingly that in the Group C mice, the fluoride ‘locked’ the
    strontium into the bones for an appreciable length of time. In 1986, about 18 years later, a French team
    of scientists1 conducted a very similar experiment which was reported in the journal Metabolism. Their
    findings were the same as ours.”
    Despite knowing that the risk of osteosarcoma was heightened in the 1960s and 1970s, HM Government
    continued to sponsor the introduction of water fluoridation. What was going on behind the scenes in
    Whitehall? Geoffrey Smith discusses the role of the British Secret Service elsewhere in the Chapter.
    The mechanism whereby fluoride ‘locks’ radioactive Strontium into the bones was suggested by J.M.
    Faccini2 in 1967. He refers to an earlier piece of research by M.J. Purves3 who treated patients with
    Paget’s Disease with fluoride and he used radioactive calcium as a ‘bone marker’. “The experiment
    showed that there was a reduction in the loss of radioactive calcium from the skeleton of patients
    receiving fluoride. It seemed that the fluoride ‘locked’ the radioactive calcium into the skeleton –
    presumably because the normal processes of resorption were disturbed.”
    Faccini stated that “Fluoride can replace the hydroxyl radical in the apatite lattice; and the resultant
    bond holding the fluoride ion is stronger; this explains the greater insolubility of fluorapatite in water,
    and may also explain the greater resistance of fluorapatite-containing dental enamel to the
    demineralising effect of caries. It is equally possible therefore, that fluoride, in producing more stable
    (or denser) bone mineral, renders the fluoride-containing bone resistant to the normal processes of
    There is a crucial difference between developed tooth enamel and bone; in enamel, all cellular activity
    has ceased. But in order to fulfil its structural and physiological roles, bone must be in a dynamic state
    and there is a constant bone remodelling in both the growing and fully mature skeleton. Hence, normal
    bone is in a constant state of dynamic equilibrium with both the matrix and mineral being constantly
    removed and replaced. Yet Faccini and other investigators were suggesting that ‘fluoride-containing
    bone’ was ‘resistant to the normal processes of resorption’.”
    Is the failure of fluoridated bone to remodel a contributory factor in the incidence of fractured hips in
    the elderly?
    Marie, P.J. and Hott, M. “Short-term effects of fluoride and strontium on bone formation and resorption
    in the mouse. Metabolism, 35(6) 546-551, 1986.
    Faccini, J.M. “Inhibition of Bone Resorption in the Rabbit’, Nature, 214, 1269, 1967.
    Purves, M.J. “Fluoride and Bone Disorders”, Lancet ii 118, 1962."

    Strontium and Fluoride as two toxins that are being dosed heavily to the Human collective now make much more sense as they work together in counter acting our genetic evolution especially at a time when the energies we are receiving are trying to repair and and advance our DNA as a species. One wonders how long this has been in the pipeline when you consider how long illegal fluoride dosing has been taking place.



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    maybe we exceeded their expectations and this is their answer to dumbing us down and maybe a culling!
    but if they are gonna spray us and let us injest all the toxins this would mean that there is a cure or they are immune to it!

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    It is becoming almost closed circle now : chemtrails, fluoride, GMO crops, mass social brainwashing through fear, economic collapse, hunger, etc. Soon all the food will be polluted because the chemtrails are so intense in the last several months that there is no doubt they are present in our soil, in the air and in the water. In addition biological weapon called Ebola is reducing good amount of African population threatening to escape Africa and spreading elsewhere. It seems that all this i not enough but to add the war state that is paralyzing middle East plus Ukrainian conflict that is widening and bleeding more and more.

    What is next I don't know so much fear and darkness, it seems we are reaching the bottom but not there yet. I am convinced that in order to become free all this has to go and current world situation just shows that we are heading to a new beginning. I am optimistic though, we can overcome all this and will transmute the darkness into light soon.

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    To go along with this,I was told yesterday, that as a matter of course, to ask my Angels at the end of every night to remove the toxicity from my skin, if you have Angels with you then it wouldn't hurt to ask them to do this for every member of your family.

    They have also been making a bit of a study of small children from aged 3 + and they have been discovering that what they are tending to do is to want to eat the most toxic of foods, then becoming intolerant to those foods. If you are intolerant to certain foods and don't know it, these are the foods you will want to eat a lot of. For yourselves, even if yyou know what foods you should eat for better health, then be aware of those you feel you realy would like to eat with almost a craving and these may be the more toxic foods on the shelf.

    They have also noted that the children are often wanting to lie on or wear the colours of deep cold blue or reddish pink, which they believe could be the colours they need to heal themselves, so you might if male try wearing or lie on the blue and if female try the reddish pink and see if it helps you at all. Just a possible for you, take with a grain of salt or see if it might work for you?????
    You are what you are, no more, no less. The fact is, that all is not what it seems to be, some may be great, some may be small, but to your own want to be free, I say, you never were not free. It is what your own Self, gave yourself to be in, that's what makes you what you are. Loving kindness be upon you and yours.

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    Small changes are beginning to happen - mostly due to the internet.

    Remember Fergueson! . . . well, Anonymous (remember them) broke into the Fergueson police's website and released the name of the cop that killed Michael - and then they issued a warning that if this brutality didn't stop, they would release much more information from the website.

    Then: this bill was sent to our Congress:
    In the wake of the shooting death of an unarmed black teenager in Missouri, supporters of a “Michael Brown law” that would require police to wear a camera have successfully petitioned the White House for a response to the proposal. The petition on the White House’s “We the People” website had attracted more than 148,000 signatures by Wednesday, exceeding the threshold of 100,000 within 30 days to prompt a reply by the administration.

    While this is a small move forward, it does show people can and will get involved.

    ANOTHER SMALL VICTORY: Here in the US the NFL (National Football League) is huge. Recently several players have been accused of domestic abuse. The League slapped them on the wrist - - until somone (don't know who) released a video on the internet showing one of the players knocking his pregnant girlfriend unconscious in an elevator and then dragging her out. Well, the public reaction was huge . . and then sponsors began pulling their huge contracts from any players with domestic violence records (turns out there were more and more coming out to public attention). . . Public responded again and demanded the NFL Commisioner (Goodell) resign. Suddenly Goodell changed his mind about the slaps on the hands to these offenders and much bigger penalties were applied against them. In some cases permanent suspension from the league.

    This also brought the issue of domestic violence to the forefront in our mainstreet news and the discussion of the problem began. . . These 2 incidents were both the result of the web.
    So keep posting guys. I know sometimes its hard to read, watch and be aware of the nasty things that are taking place, but the more we bring them forth, the more chance of change.

    Also here in US, 400,000 in NYC alone turned out to march in front of UN building, calling for action on climate change. That's a lot of people! 2,000 other cities around the world also held similar marches.
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