John Todd (1950-2007) ranks with Svali and Benjamin Freedman as one of the most important Illuminati defectors.

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In Defense of John Todd

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is in regard to my association with John Todd.

I first met John in 1973. I found his information on the occult fascinating. We worked together on a Crusaders story entitled, "The Broken Cross." Since its publication I know of witches coming to Christ through this story. A police captain visited a friend of mine and told him the book was the most factual he had ever read on the subject.

John Todd began winning young people out of the occult. His ministry started growing. When John took these young people to a church called "Melodyland" in Southern California, I was told they announced from the platform that no witch could be saved. That was disaster to John's ministry. He was involved with churches and Full Gospel Businessmen and all of them were of the charismatic persuasion. John was promised support that never came.

When attempts were made on John's life, the Christians shied away from him. In those years witchcraft was avoided like the plague. Everything turned sour. No Christian would touch John, so he went back to the only thing he knew, the occult. He and his wife, Sheila, opened up an occult bookstore.

I kept calling John, telling him he was saved, but he believed the Armenian doctrine that once he went back to sin he was lost forever. I kept at him. He pushed the occult religion at me, but I wouldn't give up and I told him he still belonged to Jesus. I called him my brother and he told me to stop calling him that. When I almost gave up, John called me and told me that he and Sheila had come back to Christ.

John remembered when he was training for the position of a Grand Druid priest that a huge sum of money supposedly was passed from the Illuminati to the organization called "Melodyland," and John believes that is why his ministry was hit.

Since coming back into Christian work, John has had many attempts on his life, verified by his wife.
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Todd's links to the Collins family blood line and false imprisonment.