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Thread: Russell Brand on Palestine

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    Russell Brand on Palestine

    Here's Russell Brand doing what he does best (arguably) and as you can see from the second video his comments have upset Fox News Presenter, Sean Hannity, considerably. This spat could run and run but imo Sean Hannity should quit while he's ahead.



    Sean Hannity sounds like an Irish name to me and he looks Irish as well. He may remember that when mainline UK suffered bombing attacks at the hands of the IRA in recent years, Dublin was not bombed to the ground in retaliation. Why not? Because it would have been the wrong thing to do, that's why.

    Indirect talks between Israeli and Palestinian representatives are taking place in the Egyptian capital Cairo today.

    They come after a four-week conflict in Gaza that has claimed more than 1,900 lives.

    Egyptian mediators are shuttling between the two delegations, relaying each side's demands.

    A 72-hour truce is now in its second day in Gaza, the longest lull in fighting since the conflict began on 8 July.

    US Secretary of State John Kerry has urged both sides to use the ceasefire to move towards broader negotiations.

    Mr Kerry told the BBC that the situation could "concentrate people's minds" on the need to negotiate a two-state solution.

    Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of displaced Gazans have been returning to their homes.

    The BBC's Jon Donnison, in Gaza City, says many people have found nothing left.

    Even so, let us all hope and pray for a workable solution that will bring peace at last to Palestine.

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    The only "evidence" I've seen of human shields being used shows the boot on the other foot.

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    Quote Originally posted by norman View Post
    The only "evidence" I've seen of human shields being used shows the boot on the other foot.

    I'm glad you used speech marks for that.....

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