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Thread: Max Spiers on the Music Industry

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    Max Spiers on the Music Industry

    Info covered, Crowley links to the firm, any who is knighted is untouchable and more.

    "Bases 37 Part 4 Max Spiers on the Music Industry

    Miles Johnston

    Uploaded on Jul 26, 2014In a highly controversial interview, Max Spiers discusses the Music Industry ,and its now publicly known satanic and ritual;magic connections.
    Max is from a prominent English acting, long established family,and discusses how you get famous, Max cautions against painting "All" but clearly shows that bargains with demonic types of beings are made, "if you want to get on" The Music Industry is simply one huge satanic cult.. "if you want to get on" But again "all" being big a word.

    Recorded during a heavy rain shower. Its gets a bit dark in places. Reference is made to one of Casbolt's lists, and the tragic death of a music industry figure's daughter.
    Held is s conversation style, Max says a lot."
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    Interesting connection he makes between Putin and Rasputin.

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    more from Max Spiers

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    These bases videos were among the first 'alternative' videos I watched. The music industry stuff is of particular interest since we listen to a lot of music and I like to watch music videos, still. The experience isn't the same now, can't help analyzing while watching.

    Growing up, I thought the worst thing going on in entertainment was the 'casting couch'.

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