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Thread: The Mosuo Matriarchal Society of China

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    The Mosuo Matriarchal Society of China

    It is often said that we are lacking the 'feminine' aspect in modern society. There are matriarchal societies which still exist today. Can we learn anything from them?

    I and others are becoming more and more aware of how important it is to reclaim our personal sovereignty lately. I believe we are at a crossroads at the moment where we are being drawn to take the road to complete sovereignty and responsibility for ourselves.

    Alex Collier once asked Vassais, an Andromedan sage, for a definition of what was going to happen to our race on Earth. “He said that he couldn’t tell me because there were too many probabilities. But he did give me a definition of what freedom really is”… “Responsible freedom of self-determination, becoming self-confident and free, to be unconditionally responsible for oneself without being coerced to accept some higher authority.”

    It is probably not surprising that the Mosuo live in the south-west of China on the borders with Tibet when one learns of the tolerant stance taken by Tibetan monks regarding matrimony and whether partnerships be monogamous or not. The Mosuo is one of the few matriarchal societies which have survived after the advent of the patriarchal society some three thousand years ago.

    The Mosuo believe that marriage is an attack on the family and publicly deride any form of jealousy. At 13 years of age, a Mosuo girl is given her traditional costume and a room of her own. She is also pronounced to be an adult and is allowed to entertain her lovers with absolutely no interference whatsoever. Her space is considered sacred. Any children born to her are part of the mother’s family and brought up by her and her brothers. Men are not considered inferior, however, and have a respected place in society. I may cause some controversy here but it seems to me that this is quite natural and that we have these past three thousand years been ‘kicking against the pricks’ in expecting men to tie themselves down to one woman for years, something which often goes against their natural instincts (and I suspect for women, too, with one hundred per cent responsible freedom and security in a matriarchal society). The reasons for marriage as our society perceives it today are usually the result of the desire in some cases to keep money within family groups and protect women in a patriarchal society from the perils of being alone without any physical or material support and of course as we have become aware in recent years to control the bloodlines of Cabal families. I suspect that marriage, at least marriage as it is today, like crime, is a reptilian invention and, interestingly, domestic violence does not exist in Mosuo society. (Here is Italy there has been an increase in violence against women including many cases of the murder of girlfriends, fiances and wives which could be symptoms of the break-down of our patriarchal society.)

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