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Thread: Healing scams

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    Healing scams

    As someone who has been dabbling with various healing methods and knows quite a bit about the subject, I find myself aggravated by scammers who take advantage of the vulnerable. There have been popping up things like this for example which work only on the basis of placebo. Yes, belief actually does heal us, but not these expensive scams. It is totally unethical to sell people such nonsense, but people with alternative thinking are suspicious of normal doctors and I certainly have many issues with the normal medical industry, yet bunk is bunk. Things like reiki do work as I've tested it on myself and others, however I would not ask money for that. I don't think it's unethical to ask donations for that, but overall the integrity of the practitioner matters. Also: A Skeptical Look at the Spooky2 Rife System


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    I've been duped several times...once with an automatic refill policy. I called them and said I wanted my money back as I didn't authorize the refill. The person I spoke with politely said he was unhappy that it wasn't working. I told him he knew damn well it wouldn't work and to just give me my money back...They did. Never again...end of story!
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