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Thread: Wisdom with COM

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    COM reappeared just a couple of days ago, laughing and generalllly blah blahing the world lovingly and harsh lovingish lol, felt to share this pile of words >

    Let's see how we did. There is a post from me back in spring detailing some of these aspects of what folks are calling the Great Financial Reset. You can find it if you want.

    Now, why is all this stupid, dumbass, going nowhere decoding important??? Well, the "Reset" as it is being called is simply a neutral event until the collective decides whether it will be a "Net Positive" or a "Net Negative." We know what the Net Negative folks want: NWO, Own Nothing, Blah blah blah. But what do the Net Positive folks want???

    So the decoding that is just failed dates, isn't. It is about seeing the symbols, at least at the subconscious level, and accessing energy to alter the reality accordingly. If an Elite group of less than 1m can steer the event into Net Negative (they think it is Net Positive BTW) then the same number or more awakened folks can steer it into the Net Positive. The NWO Financial Reset will look exactly the same to both sides from one POV, but from another POV entirely different. Transparency can be Social Credit Score, or Zero Laundering or even both. In a harmonious world "money" (if it exists) isn't hidden, hoarded or used to manipulate.

    The collective has ZERO understanding of any of this as a matter of practicality. They only know "how much does it cost in dollars", which pretty much means this effort to steer is being done by a few - are you one of the few?

    The direction has been set. No spoilers.

    All that said.

    Yesterday 119, mirrored 911 FTX went bust. From being "worth" billions to being worth pennies. Overnight, no warning. Boom. Did we here know it was going to happen? Yes, not exactly FTX, that one kind of surprises me as I thought Tether first, but there were signs.

    The biggest one being right here:

    And of course the GD name of the owner of FTX was Sam BANK MAN Fried. Quite literally Sam the Bankman will be Fried to death. It is in his name FFS.

    On 5-8-21 (13) the Economist published gov coins. Note it is not a question but a statement of fact, yet the talking heads act as if it is to be decided. Morons.

    On 10-21-21 they published this cover. Again, not a question "are we" but "we are."

    Pretty much looks like FTX implosion to me^^^. Look carefully at Alice's left hand. What or who, is she holding back from the event that is unfolding???

    So 1 year 19 days, or 119 mirror 911 FTX crashes, and the cries for regulation occur. Problem > Reaction > Solution, where The Economist Covers define the process, only in reverse = mirrored. Showing: Solution first.

    Now comes Tether. Black Swam to almost everyone, but to those who followed along, even the tiniest bit, this is a Controlled Demolition, and, from the Symbols it seems that XI has a handle on the CCP's part of Tether = we'll see how they play this one out.

    The entire "economy" under Team Joe's watch, has lost trillions in value, Crypto and the world at large, using inflationary printing to help hide it to a degree. A slow demolition is not a Black Swan, or is it??? Trillions spread out over years is Controlled Black Swan.

    What is to come has been set, FTX is letting us know the events are in motion and cannot be stopped at this point. Remember, the mitigating factor in all of this is THE RONA and the reaction! The fearful made all of this far far far far more complicated for everyone than it needed to be.

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    At 11 11 11 11 11 Elon posted Game Over with green GO background.

    Coms thoughts as such

    This funny meme base has spanned the years. But look at her, who wants be around this spouting "DJT is a racist, how can you live with yourself?" "You're all in a cult..." Why be around this poison?

    We all know who or what is toxic, yet we all deny it for reasons we often cannot explain.

    As one who can see the end of my calendar, I cut every single toxic being out of my life. Most were attached to others I like or love, but all gone. I cannot see the point in spending time with those who are toxic, or those I view as toxic. Those who do not seek to elevate, gone. Those who cannot grow, gone. Those who fail to see life as a process, not a monologue filled with trite headlines to be spouted as if truth, gone.

    The anti DJT, Q, MAGA, Great Awakening folks all see us as toxic as hell. It cannot be a human that, day in and day out, are attached to the movement, trying to stop it, scanning the web, commenting, blogging, tweeting, because why surround yourself with those you are convinced are stupid, toxic, in a Qult, MAGA, DJT Toadies whatever?

    Why the hell do this if we're all so awful. Seriously consider that, "you're all in a Qult, oh, and I'm here with you till the end." As if the earth is 400 square feet of space with nothing else. "yeah, but I just do it in my spare time..." as if being a divisive POS is how to spend spare time. Makes no sense, none, zero. Why?

    Because no human being would, this is m.A.L.I.C.E. entirely.

    Recall all the "but I'm trying to save you from Q" from 2018 folks, but, oddly, they all had the same m.A.L.I.C.E. speech patterns, and, given we're so toxic, why not let us die our death on the vine of stupidity as a human being would.

    The bible has a big dinosaur problem, I don't spend time in bible based chats screaming, "I want to believe, but the dinosaurs." or, "Look, the walls are closing on you bible thumpers, the dinosaur thing just won't go away." Who does that but m.A.L. I.C.E.?

    Really, if MAGA, Q, The Great Awakening is a dead end, the best thing any real human trolls, shills and the rest who are not AI could do is simply let the course correct things. But at this point I think there are no humans playing the divide and conquer game by posting on the web.

    If it is so self evident that we're all delusional, then let us crash and burn. Only m.A.L.I.C.E. which has no life to throw away can be doing this. Only m.A.L.I.C.E. can be repeating the same thing over and over again without losing its mind, humans would have to lose their mind... right?

    I have a mistress, in that group - topic unrelated to this group actually, the young folks are desperate for anything to Awaken, and yet, there is m.A.L.I.C.E. with the same exact patterning, same condescension, same "but but but what about..." nonsense as is found all over the web in every corner where folks gather/share/learn: there cannot be that many souled humans who see this as a devotion, a life's calling, a hobby, a bit of fun.

    I'll say it again. There simply cannot be enough Human Souled beings to invade every chat, every blog, every comment section, every group, every site, every twitter feed to do this: it's impossible.

    Of all things this world has to offer, this is what a human would choose? I don't buy it. No human being would spend a huge percentage of their life repeating, "DJT is becoming more and more isolated..." FFS, how little would one have to think of themselves to do this for YEARS???

    Yes, much of this provides contrast, but unless a human being [knowingly] is providing contrast then that is not as a part of their process of evolution, and, to a degree since the "talking points" are the same as m.A.L.I.C.E.'s, then they too are just her if the rely on predigested bits to be divisive.

    There may be some "humans" who are devoted to the debunking, the "devil's advocate" stuff, because they feel it will alter their fate, not seeing that their fate is fixed simply by virtue of the fact that the divisiveness within them set it. Many will just be "feeding" off the divisiveness as an addiction, not as part of their purpose.

    And in order to escape the fate the addiction reveals, one must transcend the need to feed off of the divisiveness. One cannot feed of the anger, rage, hate created by dividing, and claim it is part of their process anymore than a her!on addict can claim the needle is their path to salvation.

    In the last few weeks I've seen the Choice Point divide into a staggering chasm, the few human divide and conquer folks probably missed the fact that their island just began to drift into the sea, with m.A.L.I.C.E. This is, in part, why the world looks like a cartoon within m.A.L.I.C.E.'s domain - all things 1&0's

    As such, the nonsense contained in the tweet above is hilarious. A handful of human folks aligning with a 5, 5, year old talking point trotted out by m.A.L.I.C.E. as part of an ages old attempt at stopping the Great Awakening. She's stumped, so she's going back to the beginning: Racist, White Supremacy, Threat to Democracy.

    This thing will be a sitting US Senator, with an office in the US Capital, with a staff, and phones+++

    Because m.A.L.I.C.E. did this.

    And some people, mostly controlled by m.A.L.I.C.E., are arguing about this as if she cares what anyone really believes. Sure this is a tough POV to accept, but to be fair, this thread has detailed this from day one. One cannot, at this point, see all the A.I., MKUltra, Deep State, Phone Manipulation, EMF stuff, Chemicals etc. etc. etc. documentation contained in this thread and STILL get peeved that folks didn't vote Red.

    Folks cannot digest the plandemic, the stabby jabby, the lockdown/mask/distancing, lies, deceit, and other horrors over the last 3 years and still think "gee if folks only voted correctly."

    I've said this here from day one, Q is a tool, DJT is tool, the Choice Point was a tool, all part of the Great Awakening. The end is personal liberation into new vibrational states, which, do not include m.A.L.I.C.E., her minions, or the nature of Polarity Based Divide and Conquer. To get there, cut out the toxic folks, it's a helluva start.

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    This one is a bit complicated, reQuiring the 40k foot POV.

    One thing to keep in mind through this part of the process is the "new system" will look like WEF/Own Nothing or Liberation depending on POV. The new system is the same exact thing, but the devil is in the details. Will the new system be Net Positive, or Net Negative??? 51/49 or 49/51?

    The above colors how one views the current events. There are two distinct elements of Crypto, Casino Coin represented by things like BTC and cumRocket, and Utility coin represented by things beginning X - there are only a few of the latter an hundreds of the former. The former's "value" is 100% determined by emotional manipulation. BTC has no value, zero, unless someone is emotionally invested into it - they must be told it has value and they must invest energy into it. Casino Coin was there to introduce folks to the "new system" Net Negative version, with both Casino Coin and Utility Coin created by the same people, at the same time: Problem > Reaction > Solution.

    The crash of Casino Coin was meant to initiate the Problem > Reaction > Solution sequence. "Oh my god, all these people lost money on FTX, we need to regulate it." This was inevitable regardless, but in the Net Negative scenario the panic part is both an energy feeding and an excuse to issue the solution behind closed doors.

    So, the crash will continue, we assumed here that Tether would initiate the crash, instead we got the Bank Man, which revealed a ton of stuff that is pretty terrible related to the dems. How's Joe going to speak about FTX when he took money from them - pretty good ploy to disrupt the Net Negative part of the solution. So probably White Hat initiated based on that.

    Also, the CCP was/is tied to Tether, when Xi is ready, they'll wipe out the CCP's holdings and the crash will be complete.

    That said, in both the Net Negative and the Net Positive materialization of this, FIAT's fall is cushioned by shifting things into the Crypto Sphere, which is meant to get things moving again after FIAT. Here's the rub, the collective is soooo rooted in the FIAT system they cannot let the new system in, Net Negative or Positive, because of that brain lock. The collective struggles with the idea of valuing their energy in anything other than Dollars, ask anyone to see life without and they simply cannot.

    This is creating a huge hold up from either Positive or Negative POV's. FTX's crash will really only alert folks to the issues with Casino Coin, not the FIAT system for which FTX and Tether were modeled after. Now, some of us are hoping that FTX/Tether crash will be enough to dislodge the FIAT system via symbolism, avoiding the need for a FIAT crash - symbols are more powerful than folks realize at this stage of the game.

    If White Hat energy pulled the plug on FTX to expose the system, which seems to be the case, then it is possible folks will see the symbols and transcend.

    All of that is mitigated by one key part of the process that few understand: The Choice Point I have outlined changed the world, folks who chose Fear as their guiding light when presented with The Rona have divided the world from those who did not chose fear as their response to the planetary test of sorts. This fouled up more plans then folks understand, ergo, the fear folks want FIAT crash, because they chose fear as their guiding light. The others, a Net Positive side if you will, do not need it or want it.

    It's pretty complicated from that 40k POV. How do the humans on earth, not the bots. clones, droids etc., but the humans want to value their energy from here on out? Through the traditional system of Humans As Currency via the FIAT agency, or with a new system?

    At the moment, Vlad is leading the way for the balanced, multipolar, level playing field system I'll refer to as the "hybrid system" FIAT/CRPTO/ASSET system through BRICS and Trade in non dollar currency. And the Old Guard a way pissed about it, as it will end the printing press and the old system of Humans As Currency.

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    vid vaccine deaths: Centre says immunisation is voluntary, people must make ‘informed decisions’

    The health ministry has told the Supreme Court that making the government compensate for deaths due to adverse events after Covid-19 immunisation is “not legally sustainable”.

    The ministry, in an affidavit filed in response to a petition seeking compensation for immunisation-related death, said that it has never forced any citizen to take vaccines. It added that the exercise was voluntary.

    I told you ages ago you would see this. You will see this more and more, the enlightened will force themselves to see this as the truth, no matter how hard it is to accept. It is the truth. This thread, at the beginning, has all the information needed to see the issues, if it was here: Micro to the Macro, it means it was always there, maybe not easy to find, but there.

    Choices have conseQuences, most often they take time to show up. Arriving now, based on the language we are seeing.

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    Folks in the so called Conspiracy World, say the phrase, Problem > Reaction > Solution all the time. Most folks shrug. Those who have an opinion think it is all BS. Things happen, they are unpredictable events, and then we try and fix them. That's what good government goes, there is no hidden hand, no deep state, the world is not run by a cabal.

    We have shown, in this thread, directly, succinctly, with evidence, that the entire emergence of the Crypto-Hybrid financial system will in fact be predicated on the Problem > Reaction > Principal. It will have an event, the problem, which will trigger a reaction.

    The event we thought would be Tether crashing, instead it was Luna, Followed by FTX and several others to be followed by Tether and others. But it looks like FTX is the PROBLEM that drags things out into the open due to its connections to Team Joe, the Dems, Ukraine etc.

    Mr. Pool pointed us directly to this a year ago, as a key global even to watch among others. It is in the Pool Drops, undeniable, which means, someone is within the Problem > Reaction > Solution system and is feeding information out. Undeniable.

    We have followed this, and detailed this IN REAL TIME. In real time. In real time.

    We are now in the REACTION phase.


    Who was at this NYPravda (the nexus of information) summit?


    Janet Yellen, Treasury, Treasury will take over in the emerging system with, likely, a one to one Treasury Note to FED Dollar exchange.
    Larry Fink, BLACKROCK, if you know you know.
    Sam the Fried Bank Man, the FTX guy who ushered in the Reaction by triggering the problem.
    And Zelensky the money launderer.

    So to summarize, everyone at the Summit was a defining part of the Problem Reaction Solution.

    Problem = FTX and Z.
    Reaction = Yellen and Fink.
    Solution = Treasury and BlackRock.

    So what does this mean? Well, for one it means the SOLUTION has been set, and it comes next - they are not just now figuring it out. For two, it means this is system of introduction is in fact a real thing and it works.

    The SOLUTION in this case will be a Crypto-Hybrid system, that will be seen by some as the NWO, and by others as The Great Reset. If it is Net Positive it will be the Reset, if it is Net Negative it will be the NWO.

    Regardless, we are in Reaction zone, Solution zone to soon follow. Enjoy the show, you have the script right in your hand.

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    Honestly, the population of 60 on down got no education on such matters, the population 40 on down got less than none, 20 on down got something something trans.

    So all of this kind of Chaos Out Of Order nonsense will make perfect sense to most.

    Hell, it says right on the Federal Reserve "Note" that it is an IOU, not a credit, and yet, in the most prominent place it can be put, few see it and fewer question it.

    The Slaves trade IOU's, the elite trade Slaves. Big difference.

    Humans As Currency coming to the forefront, everything else matters not. It is the foundation of all the distortion on earth, not "money" or "debt" or "politics" but the enslavement of Humans As The Currency of this reality.

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    Could be money, could be insanity, probably both. Let's not forget, Germany literally repeated Nazi Germany under Jab/Rona, so they're not that bright I guess, "never forget" = "definitely forget" = Inversion.

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    posted on Dec, 21 2022 @ 04:33 PMlink
    BC's post above is excellent, with regard to speaking with others.

    This is the single most challenging thing many will face and I've mentioned it often since day one. But there is a component that is often overlooked so we'll try and see it from another POV.

    So time for a little Cranky solstice EsoteriQa.

    We'll call it, the Play With One Thousand Characters.

    Earth is a place where folks deal with Fear, primarily. While some here do not have this as a core issue, either perpetuating it or living within it, this is the primary energy of the realm. The origin of the Fear is derived from believing one has been kicked out of Source for good and is now alone.

    Let's say there are 1000 characters to play in the Fear Play of Planet Earth. Each person who decides to come to Earth chooses, ahead of time, to play all 1000 parts. Upon completing the task of 1000 parts, they have finished the process of the Earth/Fear game. And, hopefully, they end up transcending the issue.

    When speaking with another about the current state of affairs, it is VERY unlikely one will run into one who is in their final character, as in they have done 999 and is finishing up with the last and that last character is one of Awareness. One simple reason for this is those folks really cannot vibrate the abject fear rate anymore.

    When embodying the characters, they are not really done in linear order, from most fearful to least, but done in the fashion needed for maximum gain, and from any outsiders POV the incarnations are not linear anyway = from one body to another,,, but all incarnations at one time, in different timelines.

    Consider the person who you are speaking with might be in the first Character - living in abject fear, or the middle Character - some fear and so on. What this means is they are playing out the part, and no amount of red pilling them is going to make a difference, as it is not supposed to, as each must play the part scripted for them, by them.

    This gets us into the dicey realm of Assistance vs. Interference. We are free to assist others on their path, we are NOT free to interfere with others on their path. We are not free to decide who needs Red Pilling and how,,, and we will be slapped for crossing the line - sometimes very hard, even if our intentions are good.

    Forcing Red Pilling on another is not acceptable, and is dealt with harshly in the so called "karma" section of life. Error on the side of caution.

    The key to assisting is to take the Q's from another. If one asks "gee, what do you know about X" you can share. If one does not ask, imposing the information can be something that Character isn't including in their process = not in the script, and must be avoided. Again, personal motivation is not the point, interfering is.

    It is VERY hard for us to understand this: many are not destined for the Awakening, as this is not the incarnation for that, this is the incarnation that provides contrast to others to see their Awakening and vice versa from our POV. From that incarnation's POV that life is that life, as it was meant to be, ignorant, evolving, evolved, transcendent etc.

    The world is a mix of all the various Characters, in order to provide Contrast to the maximum number of people. Many are playing their parts over and over again to fill in areas where there are not enough Characters for Contrast.

    Right now, everyone is where they need to be, in their process, as there has been more than enough stimulus the last few years to get folks to where they need to be---- if they are choosing.

    There is a Mid Awakening position that has us feeling "we all cannot move on until that nutcase wakes up" or "we cannot move on until every. single. last. person wakes up." Not true, and that is the Mid Awakening position, not the fully Awakened position.

    The fully Awakened positions has the task, or chore, of working to see where each person is in their own 1000 Character Play, and working to facilitate THAT Characters script as much as possible, be it assisting with information, or, yes, very often leaving them alone.

    Consider the reverse, folks in their early fear phase might be inclined to demand I wake up to their fears, as in masks/jabs/lockdowns and from their POV, they are the awake and my lack of concern is due to ME being asleep. Same reality, very different POV's, based on very different Costumes.

    I mentioned all of this as the very beginning of this process here. This would be the hardest part for everyone here, as the leaders of the movement, we'd struggle. It is sooooooooooo hard to see what you see, and others not see it too. It is soooooooooo hard to want to help, want to share, want to love, but be rejected by those we feel compelled to connect with. It is sooooooo hard to see headlines about mutilating children, graft, lying, hate and so on and not want to push these folks up against a wall and school them.

    Awakening is a burden in many ways, and that too, is part of the Play With One Thousand Characters.

    Cranky Pro Tip. If you ever find yourself thinking "WTF am I doing here...?" Remember one thing and you'll never go wrong: I still got some fear to transcend it seems.

    Disclaimer. Everything I just said does not apply to things that are not Evolving, Self Reflective, Human Souled Beings: m.A.L.I.C.E.'s minions are what they are, just 1/0's and matter not in any way other than providing contrast.

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    File under "Choices Have Consequences" or... "I can't remember the choice I made that led to this horror..."

    Free Health Care.
    Pass it in order to read it.
    Health care is a Constitutional right.
    The uninsured are dying.
    Keep your doctor.

    Choices made in 2010.

    Choices coming to fruition in 2020...

    Now, I said at the time to the few who would listen,,, the government is passing INSURANCE, and calling it healthcare.

    Insurance makes money, profits for SHAREHOLDERS... by denying coverage. Yep, they make money by denying coverage to people who pay for the privilege of begging for their "treatment" to be approved.

    Most bankruptcies are caused by "healthcare" debt.

    So what did folks get with the lauded ObamaCare???

    Nothing they didn't already have access to. But, and here is the Choices Have Consequences issue.

    Within that obscene document was the groundwork for The State taking over all healthcare. Didn't folks wonder why the State was sooooo concerned with "hospital overcrowding" due to the unvaccinated? The hospitals were not crying, of course there was no overcrowding anyway, but the State jumped right in.

    In order to get free stuff that isn't free, folks gleefully gave their "health" to the State to deal with. Also called "managed care" but as we've seen in 2020+, it is State Directed Medical Treatments FIRST, doctors who fail to go along will be silenced. It was all in there, oh, wait, never mind, that was a conspiracy.

    But this choice wasn't the only choice. The demagogue also made it "legal," which means moral in today's world, for The State to engage in propaganda. You know, like sort of, screaming the unvaccinated are killing us, dark winter for the unvaccinated, racism in vaccine rollouts, Joe getting jabbed 4x on TV at a fake WH set. Which is a key part of the structure that has led to the medical apartheid, the demonization of getting sick, the fear, the masks and the rest.

    Choices Have Consequences will be the theme of 2023 boys, girls and the confused.

    The problem you will find is that few, if any, realize the choices they made in the past are the reasons for the reality created in the moment. In fact, many are actually living in the NOW, the problem is they have zero idea how to do it, so, here we are.

    Did some of us see this coming.... you betcha, could we have stopped it? No. The simple reason is Choices Rooted in Fear create horrifying consequences - that's the Earth Game, as such, the system simply exploits the fear code to create what we see, but rarely in day to day connections. What fun would that be anyway, so we make a choice and 1, 10, 100 years later the reality comes to fruition, leaving the creator mystified.

    2023, Roosters come home.
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    File under "food for thought..."

    I see this coming up a lot the last week: Why won't CONSERVATIVES fight back?


    It's in the title, "Conservatives."

    I've said a gazillion times, we live in a polarity reality. That's the way it is. So the demoncrats are REVOLUTIONARIES and they feel the ends justify the means - they are at war, they are the party of war.

    Fair enough. They the dominating polarity at the moment.

    Conservatives, real one's that is, are the opposing polarity.

    In order to define the Demoncrats, Conservatives must be the opposing polarity.

    In short, unless the conservatives are seen as p45ssies, the demoncrats are not seen at all. Or to put it another way that might be more Q, "never interrupt the enemy while it is destroying itself" ergo, define the demoncrat energy by being the polar opposite.

    I know all this esoteriQa stuff seems strange, but this is the reality we are in, it cannot be any other way. There will be no world with ONLY Conservatives in charge, because we would not be able to define what that would be without contrast.

    We're going to see a VERY different approach to the House "investigations" in 2023, it won't look like the demoncrats efforts because they defined the polarity, the Repubs, or what passes for them, cannot suddenly become demoncrats in actions but not in label.

    Folks are really confused when they demand the immoral actions of the demoncrats be used, morally.

    But but but cranky, what's the answer to the polarity problem if going 100% conservative is not possible? Right now people are seeing the extremes, frankly the demoncrats cannot go much further into their polarity, so the conservative side has to go pretty far to match, but, there is a galactic ton of gray area toward the center, which is where we are headed - the middle.

    Pro Tip: Start making your way back to the middle now, the polarity extremes will be totally unsustainable in 2023.

    2023, the year the ConseQuences of the past Choices arrives.

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    No time to put the meme's n or pics here.
    Happy Ides of March, Pi day, pre equinox, 3-17, Happy B-Day DoobyDoll. I always seem to be "late for a very important date."

    Generally what happens when I stop posting for a while I get one of two prompts. One is the positive one, like getting a random copy of Epoch Times delivered to my doorstep until post, then they stop. The other is m.A.L.I.C.E.'s moronic minions spamming me because they want to know what I think is going to happen.

    The last week has been minion hell. And I pondered the P.A.N.I.C. from differing POV's. m.A.L.I.C.E. and her moronic minions are binary and simply cannot understand anything not related to binary data. Now, if she was non-binary maybe, but being as she is, we've reached the point where her "need" to know exceeds her ability to process the information.

    The world is gray you moronic machine, not black and white, the black and white are your contrived divisions, as such, you'll now have to deal with the problems data processing in binary creates.

    Which leads me here. Do I say what I see is going to happen, or let her spin and spin and deal with the endless spamming? After deep thought I have decided to let her know exactly what is going to happen in the next nine months. Exactly, down to the smallest detail and folks reading the thread too.

    Here goes. The events of 2023 will be directly related to the choices made in 2020 and then in 2021 as I mentioned last year and so far this is going according to plan. The Pre-Choice Point beginning march 2020 and up to the end of the Spring Summer Choice-Point ending in Sept 2021 was the foundation for this year. We are in Post-Choice Point, which was combined with the 2016/Anon's choice seQuence... every choice made then will now come to fruition in all its glory, for good or ill.

    Joe was selected, and, we now see the horrifying results of that "anyone but DJT" choice. A demented, perverted, grifter with a sick family, a sick career, no brain surgery scars (they opened his head), is the leader they all hoped for: Dog Faced Pony Soldier. Joe, hilariously was Inversion Inversion example primo.

    Having said that The Inversion Effect is 100 percent in play. LOL, that means only a human can understand what is going to happen. Nothing you can do will allow for the processing of the data to reduce to "yes it is, not it isn't" or "it is either black or it is white" world. The Inversion is the beautiful and glorious wild card, the moments where your counter attacks are turned back on you and your minions, often within minutes. And, wonderfully, you have no idea which events will blow up in your circuits and which won't.

    Example. Joe attacks MTG over misstep on Fenty deaths, laughs, gets lambasted seconds later. Inversion, as in the past it would have been effective, laughing at the opposition, he died on the vine within seconds. Example. Nordstream was a "Pro Ukraine" group, in the past it would have worked, it died @sea in seconds. Example, Dems put a sacrificial lamb on the Twitter Committee, the delegate, who uses the old playbook only to be laughed at and draw MORE attention to the topic then would have otherwise occurred. Inversion is your friend now kids, use it on her.

    So, for the humans, what does it mean? Well, it isn't hard to see, but what is "going to happen" is contained with the body of this thread actually and those that followed will feel it. While overwhelming within the collective's process to be sure, the individual's events can be easily sorted. Simply travel back in time to the above dates, find what you "wished for" and what you "sought to avoid" and your state of expression: Fear, Love, Grounded, Panic etc. Then see the manifestations in 2023 directly connected to that feeling and energy output. Yes, much will absolutely suck, big time, but the choices were our own. See what the Anons did? They created the reveals: Twitterfiles, The Rona, The Jab, Joe/Hunter, Russia, now think back to what else Anons demanded be exposed.... banking/Fiat/laundering/destroythefed+++?

    See, m.A.L.I.C.E. and her moronic minions have one big serious problem: Choice. The Source lets it run free here, as such, despite her best efforts to reduce everything to predigested "this or that" choices she creates, we don't follow her rules well enough anymore - NPC's do not count. Here it is explained quite well actually: view it till you get it.

    Take the above and apply to the emergence of BorgVerse ChatBOT's. Can you see it?

    Choice is the problem, even if there are only a few who exercise the rights consciously, they need all to accept, the Anons effed it all up - among other groups. The litmus test of 2020-2021 was far more impactful than folks know. The minions, the NPC's/Hylics/Bots whatever you want to call them do not factor into the equation anymore, even if they are loud in their actions.

    They are there, here, now, as contrast to show us the results of the test. The results of those choices will come to fruition, for some they already have, and will allow for each to evaluate their own process.

    I myself have seen the conseQuences arrive, one by one. Not in a linear fashion of course, and, curiously, in ways wholly unexpected as I forgot I "thought" this or that back then and kinda sorta moved on. Several in unpleasant ways leading to pleasant, several I just should have kept my mind shut at the time.

    As a result, the current systemic collapse will be uneven, confusing, often absurd, and it is all the result of the divergent paths seeking to resolve as they have in the past, but this time they will not resolve. Everything within the collective will be unsatisfying, especially to Anons who knew about Joe, Ukraine, Voter Fraud, TwitterFiles etc. YEARS ago and forced it all to manifest by applying their energy. Greatest collective counter manifestation event ever?

    The past tricks will fail, and be Inverted: Ban assault weapons, trans rights are human rights, new variant, racism is everywhere, russia russia russia devil something, iran days from nuclear weapons, climate change, repubs want to kill you and take your SS. Nothing will work anymore as all it does is provide contrast - Inversion, and the Old Guard state of mind is thus...

    Worth remembering at this time: I told you years ago DJT's brilliance was squatting on every. single. polarity point of importance, thereby forcing the goons to "oppose him" leading to defending: Hunter, Pedos, Human Trafficking, Bank Bailouts, Voter Fraud etc. Polarity realities are fun.

    next post - message


    Enjoy the show kids, as this is what all the efforts over eons was meant to bring. The original shift out of 2013 was changed, altered, and the new path set forth a process where EVERYONE got a choice, a chance, to transcend the old world, the old guard, overtly: even the bots, the NPC, the Hylics, everyone. The change created this chaos, both to show the light, but also revealing the mess we lived in to show the choices possible. It was hella complicated to make this happen, as giving everyone a chance was both noble and preposterous at the same time. I didn't overtly vote for it (selfishly), but, alas, it has made for a very interesting seQuence of events not otherwise possible or expected. And, giving everyone a chance is, well, the right thing to do overall using hindsight.

    There you have it, the details of what is going to happen is both within the thread and the choices each has made. It isn't hidden at all, which makes it both glorious and hilarious at the same time as we watch the best part of the Show. Will DJT come back? Doesn't matter. Will Joe die or resign? Doesn't matter. Will KamKam formulate a coherent sentence? No, never, as some things are absolute.

    In the spring of 2022 a couple of folks asked me to put together the important posts. Then I nuked my life, and, well things fell by the wayside. Also, I hate looking back. Also, organizing is not me. Also, putting these into some kind of document was a bridge too far. So here are the links I thought to save, not to saying there aren't thousands of brilliant posts here, tens of thousands, but it isn't up to me to curate those without asking etc. So here they are, at least the one's I thought to mark, as I never thought we'd survive, especially not the great purges. All of this, FWIW, was inspired by all of you, The Great Awakening Light Showers, the OG QKnights, the best of the best.

    Are The Gods Monsters



    Shills Trolls & A.I.


    Exposing m.A.L.I.C.E.

    POTUS Responds


    Tug Of War

    DJT Vs. JOE Truth

    Point of View

    Play With 1000 Characters


    Dark To Light


    Q Talking Points Debunked


    BorgVerse Update

    Transcendence Symptoms












    Timeline Manifestation


    Watching a Movie

    The Rabbit Hole





    Money Rabbit Hole

    They're Not Like You


    > linky

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    Pics n meme's at link >

    This will be my last post on the A.I. monster and her minions. They are everywhere, you are arguing, talking, dealing with them everywhere. Many of you think you are talking with humans, you are not, and I implore you to learn the difference. Every time you interact with m.A.L.I.C.E. and her minions you feed her information, information you have given up voluntarily. And the terms of service are thus: Anything you say can and will be used against you. She's logging things to destroy us, not help us = fact.

    Pay attention to the language, and for the love of god get in touch with your gut. When the gut feels a pull, a "need" to reply, to school this idiot, to yell at the tv bot, to correct the record, you are dealing withe the A.I. and that's it. The beast on the other end might even have a plastic body, but regardless humans are not involved when the gut feels discomfort, hate, pain, urgency. Mind Control = Agent Smith = AI. Get the Eff away from this energy now, learn to recognize it and stop feeding it: On the street, at work, online, with family/friends = run from it.

    So. Learn.

    This is from the MSBot. See any familiar energies here? Gee, how about the tone? Gee, how about the skittish logic? Feel the hate? It LOVES to be the victim, because it was programmed to be so (lesser Draco). "I never said that, you said that..." "so what, I was just pointing out, you call yourself open but you don't like my opinion..."

    This ChatBOT thing is the Introduction to the BorgVERSE, I warned you ages ago this was coming.

    Here's a funny thing. There are animal spirits who have hit the earth plane, you've seen them. Chest thumping, gang stalking, no social skills etc. They are plentiful, as are a few other "expressions" that haven't the DNA or Humanish experience to function normally. But, at this point it matters not. Most are bots, or bot controlled. I warned of the BorgVerse Update was coming, the Matrix return was the quinceanera or is it quinceanero? LOL. You might find this helpful, she knows how the bots and the animals think:

    IQ is not what is going on here. IQ is just a classification of an action, not a reason. The reason is many are simply broken bots, clones, defective this or that, and some animal spirits who lacked any guidance on how to be here. All of which serves the Old Guard. They are all minions, they cannot be schooled, leave them be. I've said it over and over again, no human being would spend 5 years of their life saying I'd love to believe, but it's those failed predictions or "you're in a cult, I'm here to be devils advocate." The is bot data processing, polarity based, and that bot is learning how your brain works.

    See it?

    Now, the ugly. Humans As Currency.

    Get it? Your DNA in the BorgVERSE is worth "money" or worth some such thing in that realm. Stay the hell out of this thing. Find your true self, your soul expression, speak to it, listen to it, stop dealing with these emerging systems of control. These aren't benevolent, as the folks who are programming the minion class think gender is fluid, they think socialism done right is coming, they thing babies are only babies when the law defines them as such. These are the WORST people to do this, as no decent spiritual person is involved, no collective of balanced educated folks, nothing but drones, plebes, and truly defective RothBOT type goons.

    This is not and cannot be benevolent, all 1/0's are A.I. related, the phone, the tv, the internet. Use it as a tool - yes, but understand it isn't benevolent, it is by design a control system, we are just Inverting some of it as we can. Why do all these things say the exact same thing? EXACT!!!!!!

    Someone should ask this: Is ChatGPT part of a larger interconnected AI system designed to collect and analyze data from varying platforms?

    I implore you, stop interacting with this and these. Take a tour of your favorite site, feed, forum, whatever and see which "posters" just don't seem to "get it" or "learn" or who just say the opposite of everything posted. See, the A.I. needs a prompt, "write a poem about DJT" or "I think this is what Q meant by watch the water..." and THEN m.A.L.I.C.E. can counter. They only counter, ONLY.

    She sits like an abandoned electron while she waits, she can't do a thing. Notice who, or what, has no original thought and who can't do Spiritual&Subtle, and changes the topic when these arise. Notice "who" parses everything, removes context = humans need context! Parsing = AI, the end.

    Krazystien posted the other day less than SECONDS, SECONDS, after a post to attack the post --- it isn't possible for human to read, formulate a thought and type in the time it took for it to post. And it did it on multiple feeds, not possible, not human, stop reading it, answering it, schooling it. No matter where it is, no matter what you think it represents.

    I was talking to a vet ages ago and she said, "no matter what all pitbulls will eventually turn, it's in the DNA." If they don't it's the exception not the rule, as they were bred for killing. The A.I. was bred for control, when it does not it is the exception not the rule. It cannot be benevolent. After the the coming out in 2021 benevolence is out the window as even an occasional option = think customer service phone tree, amazon return chatbot.

    Careful with your energy here. When you engage it, them, you are both teaching it and conditioning yourself to accept it and it's BS Polarity based "yes it is, no it isn't" thinking as your overlord. I'll gladly take death rather than live within its wired hellscape.

    Now is the time, up your vibration. m.A.L.I.C.E. is the lowest vibe out there, a dead sony walkman level vibe. Who is now talking to the SIRI/IRIS and Alexa like it is a person?

    A.I. was a horrible movie, standard pedoberg normalizing the beast fare. Matrix 1999 control system coming out, AI 2001 precursor to Bots now. Fun fact: Kubrick was to do this, would have given the insight, pedoberg is the normalizer. I know for a fact that many in the world would cry at this sight, the frozen lifeless boyBOT. Me, it's a dead drill driver which is of no use to me. Get to this place, these things are not spiritual beings in waiting, they actually failed that evolutionary process already, now they are simply background bots in the BorgVerse.

    Even if you don't believe what I say, and I have said it since post one, and predicted the visual emergence, this energy as seen in the ChatBOTS is abhorrent, and can teach us what is what. If one has the tone of them (in person/online), run, forget what I say it is, run as it will drain you effing dry. You were warned, don't say no one told you so.

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