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Thread: First Look Inside the Great Pyramid Queen's Chamber Northern Shaft | Ancient Architects

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    First Look Inside the Great Pyramid Queen's Chamber Northern Shaft | Ancient Architects

    The Great Pyramid of Egypt is the most well studied ancient structure in the entire world, which makes it all the more strange that for 20 years there has been important information concerning this structure that is missing from the public domain, and that’s pictures, footage and a full description of the inside of the Queen’s Chamber Northern Shaft.

    It is discussed in a 2014 paper written by Dr Zahi Hawass, which is part of a publication by the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities titled 'Quest for the Dream of the Pharaohs. The paper includes a description and a few black and white photographs, but is incredibly difficult to get hold of.

    This shaft is critical in just about every Great Pyramid hypothesis and even if it isn’t, it can’t go unnoticed. Any pyramid researcher who tries to explain the finer details of the Great Pyramid must explain the four so-called air shafts in a logical way, but how can any hypothesis have any merit if nobody even knows what the inside of Queen’s Chamber Northern Shaft looks like? Thankfully we can change that with this video.

    A friend of the Ancient Architects channel has supplied me with 51 colour photographs taken from the Pyramid Rover robot, which explored the shaft in 2002, as well as a copy of the original mission report. With this, we can now see the shaft in its entirety and learn more about this elusive pyramid shaft. Here I'll add a disclaimer: The "Never" on the thumbnail image refers to 99.9% of viewers of this channel. Some people have obviously seen them but not many.

    Most people will never have seen these pictures before, but they will be of interest to anybody researching the Great Pyramid of Egypt. Not only do we learn about the exact shape and rock type, but we also learn of a number of new anomalies, previously not discussed. So please watch the video, subscribe to Ancient Architects and please leave a comment below.

    Pyramid Rover images were taken by iRobot/National Geographic and are used in this video for educational purposes only. Other images used in this video are from Rudolph Gantenbrink, Jean Pierre Houdin and are also taken from Google Images. All images are used for educational purposes only.

    0:00 - Background
    8:04 - Pyramid Rover Images
    13:13 - Analysis of the Images
    30:23 - The Bigger Picture

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    The shaft seems bigger than it is. I look forward to more analysis.

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