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Thread: Each Year Makes More Sense

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    I don't think he's that far gone yet and they'll keep him functioning for a while with his drug-cocktails.

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    I don't personally believe Biden is on any drug cocktails. For a man in his eighties who is in such a stressful job, and who had a lifelong stuttering problem, he speaks clearly and logically.

    He doesn't use the word salads of Trump and Palin.

    I'm still amazed at how many people liked the word salads filled with dog whistles and talking points. I guess it makes it easier to hear what they want to hear.

    But, of course, what matters is the actual policy and outcome. And so.....we have a ways to go. It's only June. It's been little more than four months.

    Listening to liberals and progressives here, I see folks who are criticizing him regularly. There are very few who sing his praises. In fact, I don't know who they are. But I'm sure they're out there. Somewhere.

    For those who haven't noticed, the Democrats get the blame for most everything, regardless of whether they're responsible. They've been made into a punching bag. The Republicans need them for a foil.

    But that isn't working for Republicans anymore, since they utterly lost the plot.

    They're now loyal to a loser, twice impeached ex-President who's probably going to jail. Take note of the Grand Juries. Those are made up of Americans and they don't do what they do without serious evidence.

    One of our wings is very badly broken.
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    Frankly, I'm not sure it matters. What does it say when a demented pedo makes a magnitudes better POTUS than the golden one. I mean seriously that is just typically mean-spirited Bizarro world conservatism.
    “But those who have been under the shadow, who have gone down at last to elemental things, will have a wider charity” - Herbert George Wells -

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