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Thread: Bases Definitive: Humanity Sleep Walking into the Cyborg Age

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    Bases Definitive: Humanity Sleep Walking into the Cyborg Age


    "Nov 11, 2017 by Miles's Bases Project

    Rerun of Miles's Probe UK Conference lecture in October with Vital new data on Thule Island,where the UK governement recovered a secret "Black Goo", or Sentient fluid.

    The connection with the original Bases One through to the present day, and the supersoldier program, the artificial intelligence's predatory nature using computer technology, the use media and those in being nefariously programmed, Pirate Radio in Ireland, the Djinn, Fairy and Greys..the whole lot all brought together, as Robots are now in the mainstream. The warnings by elite industry leaders that we are facing Imminent Extinction... this and more...

    The now mainstream newspaper coverage on Humanity's sleep walk into the age of the Cyborg, "Read all About it"

    If you wish to donate to the project please use the donate button on
    or via paypal to "

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