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Thread: Elon talks on his first divorce

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    Elon talks on his first divorce


    "Apr 18, 2021 by Relationship Advocates

    Elon talks on his first divorce

    These are Elon's words but obviously not his voice!!

    This is not a gossipy channel, but I have posted this video to be fair to Elon due to the other video I have posted about Elon wife's testimony about their divorce.
    The purpose of this video is NOT TO DISPARAGE ELON. I LOVE ELON DEEPLY. The purpose of this video is to highlight to people that money and intelligence quite literally does not ensure a good intimate relationship. Few of us will be able to achieve what Elon has achieved. To sacrifice ones intimate relationship, the most important relationship you will have in your life, for the HOPE! of money and success is wrong. And not a decision you should take lightly. Nothing should take precedence over loving your partner. Whatever time you have left over should be spent on changing the world.

    please watch this video before you trade you life, relationships and sanity for success.​

    I made this mistake and lost a lot in the process."

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